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27 Apr
eXperience Pro

Posted by Ezekeel in Tools | April 27, 2013 | 37 Comments

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APERTURE LABORATORIES proudly presents eXperience Pro.

The eXperience Pro application implements an innovative cross-device and cross-kernel tweak framework which offers a convenient modular approach for Android customizations and tweaks.

With this powerful and exciting new tool users will be able to apply various tweaks on-the-fly and independent of the running kernel. This application will put users in the position to run their favorite tweaks on whichever kernel they prefer without having to convince the corresponding kernel devs to include it. Thus by cutting out the middleman, this app will empower the users and give them a greater control about customization of their devices. Also this software will open up the world of Android tweaking for users that prefer to run the stock kernel.

Try my free eXperience Test app ( first to check whether the device and currently running kernel is compatible with the tweak framework employed in eXperience Pro.

Currently over 110 different devices and hardware models are supported. See for a detailed list of all supported devices. If your device is not on the list download my free eXperience Test app which can collect the necessary device-dependent data (no personal information) and send it to the author via email conveniently in one button press.

Currently implemented tweak modules:
* Touchwake (all devices): When the screen times out (NOT manual lock with power button) one can simply touch the screen to activate it which is much more convenient than pressing the power button - especially great for tablets.
* Music Control (all devices): Control the music playback with the volume buttons. Long press of the volume up button skips to the next song, long press of the volume down button skips back to the previous song (or rewinds the currently playing song). Simultaneous long press of both volume buttons pauses the song or continues playback when paused.
* CPUfreq Control (all devices): Adjust the minimum and maximum CPU frequency step.
* CPU Control (only devices marked with [1]): Add and remove CPU frequency steps and adjust the voltages for the different CPU frequency steps.
* Volume Control (only devices marked with [2]): Adjust the output volume of the headphones and device internal speaker and the input volume of the camcorder and handset microphones.

You can also get this app on Android Pit which accepts Paypal and other payment options:

*** This application is ONLY for the devices on the list above and you will need root access. ***

Whats new

    * Added support for a ton of new devices. Ran out of space in the app description. Will update that at some later point. Use eXperience Test for checking support.
    * Added new launcher icon by John Xionidis.

Ezekeel part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update April 27, 2013. Google play rating is 61.6667. Current verison is 1.18. Actual size 451.0 KB.

Download experience-pro.apk 451.0 KB


chris moore

Almost great Everything works great except when i go to overclock my phone its constantly reboots. Once that gets fixed ill give it 5 stars. Im using the stock cm kernel on a nexus 4

Bryan Lyon

Hit and miss Update: It stopped working entirely recently. Wont do anything even on my Nexus 7 where it "sort of" worked before. Have written multiple emails to author with no response. On Nexus 7 it causes crashes every time the music controls are used (still usable, just have to deal with a popup next time you turn it on). On SGSIII (SGH-T999) it reboots on every startup. Both are supposedly supported. GREAT functionality when it works. Even worth the crash popups on the Nexus 7.

Gregor Ščulac

No volume control on nexus 4 (4.3) Hi, i purchased this app when my nexus 4 was running 4.2.2 PA rom, and it worked. Now I flashed 4.3 PA custum rom and app doesn't work..any help?. I guess this app aren't supporting yet 4.3 because it was updated on april.. Any help please !! :D I will give a5 star when this app will works on 4.3

Ben Lee

Doesn't work Bought fit rich wake, and it only randomly works, more often not though. Unfortunately power the refund point :-(

Randy Cabral

Bad The app doesn´t work. First, i have downloaded the eXperiencie Test and it said that my device (Sony Xperia T) is compatible with the Pro app. When i open the app and tap Module Status (Not loaded) my device reboot. I´ve done this like 5 times and it keeps doing the same thing over and over again.

Chuck Hannah

SGH-i317 Note II - no luck Test app said everything was good. I can't get touchwake working, no settings seem to persist either. On a 4.3 ROM, guessing that's the issue. Help?

Craig M

One gripe When I set the volume on my nexus 4 it never stays, and I have it set to stay on boot. This is the only reason I bought the app and it sucks that it doesn't work. Why won't my settings stay after a reboot?

John Vines

Poor support Volume controls on phone get overridden. Rather than changing the max value it seems to peg the volume regardless of level. And any volume settings get reset when the phone restarts.

sharan halapet

Its waste of my money It teling not yet support started.Please give me the support.

Viorel Lungu

Xperia V LT25i Not working. Please look into this. I am using the latest CM10.2 ROM. Many thanks.

Arvin Raj Singh Gill

Doesn't work properly for Sony Xperia Z The main reason i bought this app was for the touch to wake feature. When enabled, and if i were to make our receive a call, the phone would suddenly die. I have to manually reboot it. Happens randomly even when not making a phone call as well. Tried many different ROMs but it's still the same. Emailed and PMed the dev, but there was no reply. Buy with caution.

Jayden Laubsch

No valid license? I purchased the app and shortly after had to wipe my phone. Now when I reinstall onto the same phone tell me I have no valid license and need to buy it again?

Thomas Bridgewater

Brilliant Works exactly how I wanted it to. Only bought it for the music control as I missed this feature from cyanogenmod.

Wassup Waddup

Settings reset after reboot Won't load properly ... settings are turned off every reboot .. note 2

Zazie Lavender

Keeps vanishing across flashes. Always seems to vanish on me.

Mike Slichenmyer

Once you figure out how to turn on the adjustments... .. then it's a great app. Just a bit tricky at first, understanding how to turn it on.

christian abreu

Awesome app I bought this app to me with the output volumen on my Nexus 4 and it works like a charm! No more low output, low speakers volumen, mic gain! Now I can hear people with no problems and they can hear me without the need to raise my voice

malcolm martin

HTC one v Everytime I open the app it wont let me click anything unless I scroll to the bottom and click on the version # or something then go back to top

David Doyle

No volume control on Nexus 4 I purchased the app solely to increase the volume on my Nexus 4. I even spent an entire morning rooting it. It doesn't work at all. I set it to change on boot, but no go. A waste of money. I'll change it to 5 stars if this problem is resolved.

Kraig Reed

Meh Cool but it's a pain when the changes don't save after a reboot

simon kemmis

nexus 4 settings don't stick on boot even when the option is selected. also hot reboots when selecting different cpu values.

Fredrik Wæge

Excellent Works as intended.

Marius Manolea

Not working on cm 10.2 Not working on cm 10.2

J Brown

:) Not sure what happened to the "developer". This app has been stagnant and broken for some time.

Waleed Al Suwaimel

This is great for stock/rooted devices. The stock Android experience on Nexus devices has reached a point where it's very satisfactory. I knew I gave up on some custom ROM features when I went all stock recently. One of the features I really missed was the ability to skip tracks using long presses while my screen is turned off. Well, this app brought it back. Very nice! The speaker boost also works great, I set mine to 44 (from 40). No need for Vol+, DSP manager or other apps/mods to push the external speaker a little.

Eric Lammertsma

Half-working on Galaxy Nexus 3 out of 5 features work on the Gnex. The working features are the Touchwake, music control and CPU frequency control. Touchwake works when the device falls asleep by itself but not when hitting the power button (which is by design). CPU frequency control is limited to the available steps, which are at the lowest and highest values by default, so you can only raise the minimum or lower the maximum (which might save some battery). I was hoping the volume setting would work to boost the speaker, but unfortunately that's not supported. I would have refunded but the Touchwake feature is neat enough to warrant keeping it. I doubt I'll be using the other two features at all. Even if it doesn't all work on this device, it's still some great hacking, so props to the dev for the hard work!

Richard Panek

App Doesn't Work Properly on Nexus 4 Looking for refund. Sound increase just makes my speaker buzz and doesn't do anything for headset.

Adam Dorontic

Advertised as Working on TF700T Installed, first open crashed my TF700T tablet. Re-opened again and granted SU permissions then the screen stayed blank and app never loads but shows tip of the day message. Re-opened a 3rd time and crashed my device again. Would you be able to refund please?

Greg Cochran

Pretty awesome! It's stuff like this that makes rooting devices worth it.

Lee Brennan

Finally My headphone output is finally fixed on 4.2.2. My aux in on my car was just too low and no other apps could sort it. Thanks to this gem it's all sorted.

Maung Moe

Not good at all. No option to under clock gradually. No option to over clock either. I'm running custom aokp Rom with Franco kernel on my nexus 7. And completely crash and force reboot my s3 when I launch. I'm running custom touchwiz based Rom with stock kernel. And when I immediately tried to get refund on play store, it says can't get refund even though refund button was still available on play store. Wtf bro! Horribad!

Tucker Chastain

Great App I don't use it for CPU, but the volume & wake lock controls work great w/ my Verizon GNex

Joshua Smith

Works as advertised But ... Where's the cake?

Kenny McCartney

Does what it says on the tin I've experienced no issues, and couldn't be happier to have my Nexus 4 finally outputting a proper volume. Lots of thanks to the developer.

John Andrus

Xperia ZL, most work great. C6506, most work except for the CPU controls. Fine by me :-)

Adam Meredith

Great Works flawlessly on viperx rom and kernel

Aaron Honeycutt

Great app Love the volume button controls I so wanted that.

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