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15 Jun
EVP Recorder

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Apk file size: 9.7 MB

New updated UI System

AppyDroid, EVP Recorder is the worlds leading EVP Recording app, With nearly half a million downloads and counting it is used globally with a huge User base.

AppyDroid has updated the UI To celebrate the upcoming milestone and will be re designing the apps unique features which made it so popular..

Brand new features are in development and will be added shortly,

Please visit for more information and help

Whats new

    Update includes. V5.6
    Brand new feature in listen mode, Now can set a threshold and the recorder automatically starts if it passes that set level Can be used as a Unmanned EVP Recorder, It will record for 6 seconds after being activated then automatically re enter Listen mode without user intervention,
    Flashing power button draws attention to the button if its needed to activate a function Like listen mode now needs to be activated via a power button.
    release includes Some stability fixes

AppyDroid part of our Productivity and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 15, 2016. Google play rating is 71.6504. Current verison is 5.6. Actual size 9.7 MB.

Download evp-recorder-with-detector.apk 9.7 MB


lori rigsby

Diablo, demon? Diablo? Demon? Some names, please help and alot of interference on the spirit box...streets and someone killed...setup. ive had something around me everywhere i go. My 12 year old son saw a transparent kind of cloudy figure in the bathroom mirror and although i blessed my house and he hasnt seen it anymore id like to know there isnt anything negative around. I used this because my dog keeps looking at something and running to the bedroom! Has anyone heard the same words...just curious if this is real or not

Raven Werewolf

I'm a Cherokee and catawba spiritual communicator I'm able to communicate wit the spiritual world and am able to identify wat this unknown sounds r they r diferent voices of ppl saying help get out leave it bye I see u I replayed and still same voices some of u have contacted or disturbed some unhappy spirits ans I'm deeply disturbed bc if u knew wat was going on and plz Give me locations of,these sites where u recorded the voices plz u or others may have disturbed very bad spirits and they ha e most likely followed u Im not joking my mom is a medium.

luis ortiz

Awesome evp Best app ever if you don't have this app i feel sorry for you. #lol O_O best evp app ever. Watch ghosts adventures on travel channel!!! Voices: i ask are you mad that i am in here it said fu*k you twrip


Lol creepy I began by saying the date and time of the recording and was cut of by a female voice saying, "is anyone here with us?"

Zoey Amos

Omg I had this app once i was talking to Jim Morrison.. this app is awesome now its time to say hi to Kurt Donald Cobain i will never ever uninstall this app ever again

Jeffery McKinzy

Plz fix a problem Everytime I click the auto and manual record it say it has stopped working its also say report of quit plz fix it

yani naranjo

Good OK so the camera works I do get a lot of faces in my room but o cannot record.

Taylor Camdelaria

Awesome Me nd my friend used in it my hunted house nd it was awesome Cuz I see them nd when we pit his fone there it said high level detection..... GET THIS APP!!!!!!!

Roddy Lisa

Love watching all the ghost shows on telle and always on ghost tours, will give this a go now n top stars up later. How do I use this and go about getting good results?

boots Strap

TOTALY AWSOME ! The best free multi program ghost app out there ! Thank You !

Dave Trotter

I live in a haunted house I need this for special research because my house has a strange spectral man that stands by my laundry room door in flannel clothes and is harmless but I still want to get info.

Paula Moran

It doesn't even work. I've been doing it all day and nothing

Rebecca Marie

Evp recorder Wish you were able to turn off auto question because I feel it throws it off

Lee Olaes

Great app! You guys should add EMF Detector! Pls I'm beggin' you to do it!

Theron Davis

It really works I've captured two evp's I know the exact time when you can hear them and I wish I could find out where I can send them

janet weir

Gs3 I'd like to know why my 360 Security Antivirus told me to use with caution or uninstall??? Can you answer that for me? 5 stars if you do..... like I said.... answer my question (thanks!) And ill give you 5 stars.... u got it~

Nina Avina

So it used to work Except it says Runtime Error. But I have no idea what that means... Help meeeee

Lostsong Echo

Ooooww! good app, but whenever i try and communicate theres the voice says, help me. Sometimes followed by screaming sounds. After all that i feel a faint stabbing sensation in my arm and it gradualy gets stronger. Plz help, after a while it feels like knives in my arm........

Emmi Jackson

Good and easy to use This app is really easy to use and i like how it has more than one way to do the recordings. Pretty good app

David Ybarra

This is truly dedication By far I believe this is the most impressive genius app that I have gotten you put a lot of work and thought into this I think you I can't wait to see your next devices to come out I would love to pay for them thanks again

Lisa Galbreath

IT WORKS!!! I have always had a fear of the shadow people who live here. When i installed this they immediately said, "We mean no harm, we just want you to make contact with us somehow," I started freaking out!!! That was sooooo cool!!!

Margie Ashley

Evp....ghosts. I dont know what to think.something like this is new to me.i had it on in the south room.i know someone is there.i heard them walking.i think they are a heavy set person.also in frontroom ,i heard someone taljing about newspaper.and when my father went to bed .there was the sound of old breaking father tried to say it was the pipes under the floor.i did it three times

J Havok

App inventor 2? Did you use app inventor 2? It looks really good!

Skyler Grossen

???☁?☁☁☁☁?☁ ☁?☁☁☁☁?☁ ???????? ???????? I feel so sad U need to fix this wont even let me play on my brand new tablet it was never used fix it now and this isnt the only app i have been having problems with this app store fix all bugs and problems its badly needed before i give up google play and refund my apps

Toshiyuki Versailles

Something's wrong. I just recorded a file and for some unknown reason it doesnt save anything. I did the same for 3 times and still nothing... what should i do?

Mei Coronado

Bad Touch any button to cause an error that closes app.. Too bad - edited to reply. I have lollipop yes, I wish I never got it . thanks for the reply, I kept the app to use the playback evp function. The only button that doesn't immediately crash.

Gemma Pelling

Please Come on I believe and have lived with ghost. This app a joke. How do u turn your phone into ghost hunting equipment. That stuff experience. Not free lol

Alexis Leigh

Cool I had the detecting thing on and it lead me straight to my Ouija Board! It gave me the directions then when I got to it, it said "Stop". Freaky but cool!

Michael Farmer

The real deal! I had two murders on my street. Within the first 30 minutes I asked if there was anybody around who wanted to say anything and I heard a faint whisper........Killed

Sian Jones

evp auto recorder only had it a few day and i think its fab.

Lala Jackson

Does not work, been trying for awhile keeps freezing up and force,closing

Daniel Gray

Daniel It stop working on mine too wen I got my new phone

Jodie Hayes

The 6mh frequency it's wonderful for falling sleep I definitely recommend the 6 frequency... !! :-)

Katyayini Mishra

So far so good The readings are quite satisfactory, where I have inkling of some paranormal activity but every time I turn on recorder, the app forces close. Please fix it then it would be worthy of 5 stars! :)

Lani Valenciano

eeeek... wat da awesome... i saw some faces... but... how can i know if it detected something or not... plis reply for 5 stars thnks

Lacey Osborn

Perfect Best thing ever

Aaron Stone

Curious.. Is there any noise fluctuations programmed in between the autoquestions?

Dragon Roar

Awesome If you watch ghost adventures, you know what I mean when I say I got a class a evp saying my name, so awesome

muzz brudr

excellent tried this several places and must add was no different to the hardware boxes ive imported too cool thankyou

Rev Barry Harding-Rathbone

Awesome Listen to the instructions first. Works brilliantly. Used a few times now and again tonight. Only negative is the auto recording should record the voice I only get the static.

Joanne Lynn Stevenson

Great app What does high level detection mean? I feel as though if I had a better sound recorder on my phone it would be ideal. I get a lot from the video recorder, but most is garbled. Thank you for this.

Chris Kelly

To anyone that has problems To wjo ever gets demon or anything that is yo you to bring you harm theres only to things to do and thats 1 get a priest or 2 move out but 2 may not work as they may follow you or if you believe in angels you can do it with out a priest but you have to also use a bibal

Deena Smith

awesome A little confusing at first, My Dad just passed two weeks ago. I just CLEARLY caught his voice. But I also caught (possibly) a female saying my name after my Dad spoke, then she mumbled and I can make it out. There's 4 others here with me and they heard it too. We did it after some strange things happened in the house tonight.

Micahel Allen

Really??? Have to say something trying to talk to people from the other side is vary dangerous and no one knows the BAD things that can happen so please heed my warning and do not try evil will toy with u and u will invite something u can't get rid I'm just trying to help from past experience and I know its tempting but please be cautious using this solo much evil in the world WE DONT NEED NO MORE!!!!!

Dilan Lowrance

Sick Cool app and very useful, caught multiple evp's in my hometown cemetery

Kevin Johnson

Evp This work real good, i ask the ghost some questions what is your name? In response, the Ghost said ahhh come here

Josephine Sicking

Very good I used this a few times now and i really like it. Most other apps are just cycled words. This app is legit. I got information on stuff that iv only told to my cat. As well as them telling me what i was doing or eating at that time.

Felix Timothy

How do i detect ? I dont know how to use the detector especially the pulse mode :/

Bruce Faulkner

Anything Strange things have been going on in my house so I am willing do do whatever

Amber Lopez

Does not work.You shouldn't have to have instructions on how to record evps. This is for people that want to pretend.

DeMarcus Hays

I get more contact from spirits when I fast for three days this app is just a neet toy thanks

Arjan Wilbie

I get a run time error when i use the app :(

Haylee Hawkins

I have a question This app is great! Absolutely love it! But is there a way I can upload my recordings to dropbox or send it to someone? Its sad that I get a good recording but only get to listen to it as long as I have it on the screen. I just need help on that

Candie Vermeulen

Really works the auto voice session asked is there anyone here with us if there is please make a noisr all of a sudden i hear a growl then a doorbell rang 3 times this happened to me

Brandon Chapman

Holy Ghost I have a question Hey, I went to the Linda Vista Hospital,and I said: is there a little kid in here and I heard a faint voice saying yes, there is. What does it mean?

Clay Watson

Ok but.. My 10 year old son is part gypsy so he can see ghosts just fine but he can't hear them at all

Sensy Sensa

Warning this app works I picked up recordings almost instantly. I heard "I can hear you" on another recording I asked if it was OK for me to communicate and I got a 'yes' and on another recording I heard "i am here". I know that not everyone will pick something up straight away but I believe it was quick for me as I've been having psychic phenomenons lately. This app is not for anyone who gets spooked easily. It really does work. Amazing stuff. Only thing is I can't save any of my recordings even with file manager downloaded.

Super Star

Seems ok After I got done listening to the recording the charger fell out of the wall and I barley moved. Getting this for a sleep over. Hope every one likes it! OK so I originally got it for fun and then l learned how serious this was I immediately deleted it! To scary for a sleep over!

Tara Goodwin

I've been getting Diablo.. Demon. I haven't tried it on this app yet. But other apps I have encountered Diablo multiple times in my house. At least it isn't ZO-ZO. I'll give this a whirl and let you know and up my rating.

Furrkh Aslam

Amazing!!!! I was very apprehensive about using this app especially when i read some of the spooky posts but i was soon blown away by its immediate results. My mother died recently leaving the whole family devastated so when we very clearly heard her say her name on the evp we were so happy and comforted to get the proof that we so desperately needed that she is still around us...wonderful :))

Tammy Weaver

Lets see what i get... Being a medium myself I myself have a gift given to me by god. Im able to speak with spirit, see things happen before they happen, out of body experiences in which i receive news that im probably not suppose to know yet... And ive seen things i really never wanted to see as well.. Id love to see how this works.. As there are children who play in my home, a mom who i see walking my stairway and cooking in the kitchen. Id love to know which other app you have that has the best rates of experiences on it with spirit to try.. Ty.

ron lamb

Good I always told my friends my house was haunted just so they would find it creepy but now ive got this app ive found out my house really is haunted. Lots of voices have been heard now. Love this app

David Sauricki

Best ghost EVP recorder for real ghost hunts this does work for real just like the show Ghost Hunters on the Syfy channel best time I found to do this is between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. For serious Ghost Hunters if nobody Has passed away in your general area or no history for that area you might not get anything but you might have a loved one that might say something use file downloader by topnet 999 for your record if needed New update please for 2016

Traviesita Arroyo

Does any of this apps really works! OK I need a app that really works cause I think my house is hunted every night I hear a young girl singing at the same time 2:27 am always the same song (Long the bridged is falling down) . But I will like to record her so I have try my cell , tablet , laptop , computer ect.. No luck any advice please she doesn't let me sleep and also around lunch time I hear a other song but not always.

David Mayne

A fun app A really good app, you can tell the developer really spent time making it as legit as possible. Whether it works or not is anyone's guess, but it's still fun and one of the better EVP / paranormal apps I've come across.

Joey Laughington

OK I'm scared to use this app my brother just recently died on the 29th I feel like I need to use I feel him with me all the time but.... watched way to many movies and don't want to come in contact with a demon sounds so stupid but I really need an opinion

Ahmed Abdul Aziz Labidi

Loved it Great job appydroid i support all your work and this app is amazing and works...i have 3 or placesbthat evry time i go to them it detects low/medium/high levels and i wish you add better voice thats what it needs but its also awesome like that just add more features andbremember that im a big fan of you :-))

keith taylor

I put my trust in appydroid and the developers of ghost detector camera by edux, both have proven to be the most reliable apps out there, any one that wants to see a ghost is more than welcome to spend a month with me in my apartment, I have 100 pictures of witches, demons neutral spirits that I have taken in my upstairs bedroom in the last 6 months day and night, here in the summit area of Ashland, Kentucky

Kimberly Grawe

I do love this but I have gotten your old versions before and have gotten great results but this this recent update no matter what I click on in the program a pop up comes up saying runtime ended and it force shuts me out of the no idea what us going on.

christopher karlo Tiamzon

Freaked me out I uninstalled the app because the very first time i use it to call my mom, i Tried asking "mom are you there? The 3rd time i ask "mom if ur there please let me know" and i heard a voice saying "yes". I was so scared i pulled my headset really hard and broke it. Lol

Ernest Woods

Works great ! EVP Record works ! Even with the limitations of the FREE version, whatever or whoever knows is still able to interact with application. EVP Recorder seems to work best in low noise enviroments. Worth buying fully functional version. Free version recording limitations are only 2secs. However, someone or something is still able to record small messages. If using this free app, try using an external video camera or audio recorder with it. Especially while using the noise generators.

Milton Eberhart

Works Went to a cemetery and actually recorded some interesting things. Received a very clear name when I asked for a name. Not sure how to send it to you or I would.

Jacob Harwood

This app is something else! A couple friends of mine and myself went to an abandoned coal mine and managed to capture some evp. Only thing is it sounds like some kind of growl or something, not sure what to make of it. Is there someplace I can upload the recording to so someone can analyze it and possibly make sense of it? I'd very much like to know what I captured. My only complaint is the voice mode has me going in circles. Other than that, great app!!!

Allica Kennedy

It's OK but... When it says to press to start I press on the screen but it always takes me to the settings. All I want to do is communicate with other worlds. Is that too much to ask for!?


crap it seriously is a bunch of s*** don't bother with this stupid app all high ratings have probably come from kids who don't know any better.....paranormal investigaters will be laughing at this

kyle davies

Stupid questions The auto mode asked the spirit to make something move... it shouldn't ask questions like that take those questions out or make a list of questions we can choose for the device to ask... I don't want something to fly across the room unexpectedly

Camille Iwag

Help me with this I kinda dont know how to use it... when recording and what does the letter M and A sign means on the buttons.. please I want to know about this app more... this is very interesting.. and on our university, were hunting every breaktime because some of our rooms and floors are kinda creepy. SO PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS..

Amber Krainiak

Excellent news I will be setting up a group send n Google plus and your app will assist me on new information that I will get.

Rhiannon Mayou

Why would you put Demon Names.. So like im curious as to why the hell if you implement the word database yourselves why would you include demon names ?? Beelzebub came out and i plead the blood of Jesus Christ as my God and savior so im not worried. Im by far where i need to be with God, but in any case ...i realy am curious why youd include thatname along with diablo, or the word demon PERIOD in the words? I wish there was a list of what words are included. I enjoyed it til that name and then i lectured my phone for a few befor i deleted

Bridgett Illes

Help How do I listen to my evp far I love the app except I can't find the evp recordings in my phone. Cause I need to cause I got the highest evp voice so far after three sessions and I can't make out half of it.

Nikki Fiftyonefifty

Lameeeee Well, it produces some really cool dance moves if you play along and asks you to walk places you can't walk. I can sit on my couch and move my phone slightly in the direction it tells me and it thinks I'm actually doing it so yeah, calling bullsh*t on this one, lol.

Chloe Cheshire

I hate it I Don,t know how to work it also it said that you can't be under 16 but I am 8 so ha ha ha I am 8 and they said you aloud to play if you are under 16

michael roebuck

Crock What a pile of dog mess!! Wouldn't even waste your time downloading, only gave a star as can't give 0 stars

David Sauricki

Best ghost EVP recorder for real ghost hunts this does work for real just like the show Ghost Hunters on the Syfy channel best time I found to do this is between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. For serious Ghost Hunters if nobody Has passed away in your general area or no history for that area you might not get anything but you might have a loved one that might say something New update please for 2016 Can't Wait for the New Update Coming out in April awesome

Christine Snyder

I downloaded it tonight and the second time we recorded with it there was a male voice that whispered the word no and then sighed. I haven't gotten anything else but that was very surprising. So far great app!

G Gamon

When I try to use the link on the left under the share link, I assume it's to save the file I get a message that I don't have a file explorer do I want to get one now. I have two file explorers on my phone. I don't see a way to use what I already have, I don't want or need a third. Fun to play with but not really worth keeping since I can't save the files. Samsung Note 3

Jacob Hill

Too scared OMG I opeand it up the music man I'm home alone can't do it lol I shall keep it though


Awesome Had to give 5 Stars for your reply to that one user who gave one Star as he/she/it couldn't give zero Stars. Thank you for making my day with your humour

Lee Herron

Undecided I just downloaded the app, everything functions like they say it does, had to download a file manager for evp logs which is cool, I don't know of any haunted locations to go to so I will try around home, I'm optimistic and opened minded

Dana Guest

I liked it better before.. I used to use the tracker all the time plus the camera's just not the same which sux cuz it used to be favorite: my : 1 go to and it worked! Please bring back the other functions :(

keith taylor

"YOU PEOPLE ARE ONE OF THE TOP 5 DEVELOPERS OUT THERE !" I put my trust in appydroid and the developers of ghost detector camera by edux, both have proven to be the most reliable apps out there, any one that wants to see a ghost is more than welcome to spend a month with me in my apartment, I have 100 pictures of witches, demons neutral spirits that I have taken in my upstairs bedroom in the last 6 months day and night, here in the summit area of Ashland, Kentucky

Renee Burnett

I like the old way it was a lot better I am very sad. How this was changed. No longer tells me where they are. Old version always led me to my basement where a women was murdered.. I once again want to say that this app is just like the rest. I really need you to bring back the old one. I was able to be in contact with my younger brother through it.

Michael T

Lost important features I do hope you intend to bring the auto session back, it was useful to have in situations where direct contact is unadvisable.

xxBoriqueñoFlowPRxx Boricuahastalamuerte443

Music. Dude. Cool app and all but I can't hear my Recording playing with the music. Please fix it

MartyMacFartee zach

Bull crap This app doesn't work it crashes when I try to record

Alvin Wan

The sound frequency detector are not sensitive enough to capture voice

Deb Mauro

I really do wish that this was real ninstead of it being fake


I said on russian if someone can tell me his name i freaking heard someone's said wait..btw i love this app

Tammy Shockley

Error 82 When I tried to record it told me error 82. :(

Brady Gallegos

Nice I love the music at the start of app hahaha

Kat Brown

Well it might have been cool, but I can't record, all I get is error 82

Let's Vape and talk to the dead

Great app But the new update crashes it every time I go to open it. I'm on an S4.

Lil Death

Does it really work

Sam Mead

Meh It just tells me to turn left n right n walk forward constantly. The vid n camera thing in isn't too bad but all in all as an enthusiast of the spiritual side of things I'm unimpressed. Also keeps closing the app saying runtime is not working as it should

Simon Lopez

Wow I haven't used this app but after all the reviews I've seen I hope. If it is real ima try doing it at my friend's house he all ways says that they see ghost in there house running around there house and they even see a ghost of a little girl at the corner but my only question is dose this actually work.just tried it and it creeps me tf out

Nicki Thompson

I expected too much from an app. 30 June 2016 First of all I had edited this to just say I expected too much. Scondly, do not speak to me as if I am a child. This just shows me what kind of 'company' you are. Quit being so serious about a fake ghost app, like most of them out there are. It's okay if not everyone likes it. It's not to my liking and I am allowed that. So one star and you can be unhappy and just move on, and I can be satisfied, and move one.

Janovic Sibang

Fix it App stop on Asus zenfone go (Lollipop 5.1) when try to push red button, the app crash.

keith taylor

"YOU PEOPLE ARE ONE OF THE TOP 5 DEVELOPERS OUT THERE !" I put my trust in appydroid and the developers of ghost detector camera by edux, both have proven to be the most reliable apps out there, any one that wants to see a ghost is more than welcome to spend a month with me in my apartment, I have 100 pictures of witches, demons neutral spirits that I have taken in my upstairs bedroom in the last 6 months day and night, here in the summit area of Ashland, Kentucky, I JUST LOVE YOUR NEW VERSION, BUT WHEN I PUSH RECORD NOTHING HAPPENS, 30SECS LATER IT STARTS,

Patrick N

Awesome I believe it. Every question I asked was right on point. Can't be a coincidence

lithumgaming 24

cool me and my couson were looking for haunted houses and one time we heard some stuf we downloaded and this thing works we heard ghosts

Ryan McCreary

It's works I did several ouija sessions over and over. No response. Decided let's try some recordings. Then got a very clear "stop bugging me". I turn on locator and it pointed to "the room". Most people are uncomfortable going in there. Bad things in there.

ajay davies

Dont know how to use Same here Idk how to use it pls help. I am ready to prank my friends.If this is real I will really get freaked out.I am hoping for your reply.I am not believing for the time being because when I activated the detecting mode I stayed in my same place and the detecting mode told me to go here and there I stayed in my same place anddetecting mode said me there was something.This dint make my mind convinced

piyush Sharma

How we can use this ? Pz provide some description or tutorial video.

M Umar

Horrible Every time I started recording it stopped in q mobile A8i.

Hailey Tveten

I cant hear anything all I hear is my voice and static it's doesn't work and I know that I have Spurts in my house before

Branden Howard

How do you use it I ask it questions will it's recording I give it time then I stop it but I don't here anything but I'm being quite because parents are in the car

Boe rozar

How How do u use this I'm confused

Tristen Talbot

Evp recorder Awesome

Bree Hamilton

All I hear is my own voice and static. Am I doing something wrong? What are All them buttons for?

Icey Resendiz

Well it works for me

Matt Halloren

Idk how to use it

Noah Schnarrs

Havent used the app but the warning freaked me out but ill see what spirts are in my house

the epic Anders

Hey is this app real cause I've gone to paranormal hot spots and I tried 12 times and nothing

Tammy Pagareski

Loved the app until update. Even after recent update I still get an Error 802 when I press the record button. I even uninstalled and reinstalled and still get the same Error 802 message.

Jeremy McGaffey

Works as described.. thank you! I just need to find a fitting place to use it.

Kiɳg ѳԲ Dɑʀk ɱɑɗɳɛรร

Does not work I tried it out and nothing. COMPLETE BULLSHIT

Kyle Orr

I was setting next to a cemetery and got a response from a little girl. She was saying "help".

jonathan garaway

Fantastic This is a fantastic app and a must have for any itc researcher.

Natasha Cross

Have am error Hi there. I have an error 703. Is that the same as 802? Was really looking forward to trying this. As my partner and I do get activity every now and then. Thanks... I just tried it again. This time I got to turn it on but it stops running as soon as I press the record button. ?

Lion&Dinosaur Vloggs

Why does it say under 15 can't use it?? I'm 13 and VERY interested in the paranormal. And I want to use it ... But I listen to the rules ... You should change that ... Cause a lot of 11+ want to use it !!#

Karl Codaste

Great But. I have a question when i click the red record button. How I wil know that there is a ghost?

Shahriar Labib


Kayla Fleurant

Unsure... I'm not sure this app really works. I've tried using this app in my apartment and i cannot pick anything up. I'm not sure if I'm using the app correctly. Is there instructions on how to use this app anywhere?

Eduardo Cornejo

Good but i noticed a mistake The compass is wrong easy and West are flipped so East points West and West points East

Aria Danica

Um is this app is true? I really want to know if its true........ but anyway I give this app a five star? the warning in opening of the app scared the hell out of me first? because I'm only fourteen kinda turning 15 this year?

Teabagger 5000

App crashes App crashes when i push the button with the ear on it and says runtime error close application please fix and ill give 5 stars edit its working fine now thanks

Radiant Gaming

Nothing yet H how can you tell that the radar is real

Carl Tyler

Great app I haven't used it yet but I have a question it says error 802 can you fix it please and how do I know that it really works

Bill Cipher

I can't use it When I try to press on the record button it goes back to the warning :/

Melanie Martinez

Great It is so great but does it work on tablet Samsung Galaxy S4?

Jenna Gard

wheres the vid ? i dont have a my documents or anything like that but where do i find the voice recordings at ???

muhammad Hilmi

Error 703. What is that? I cant even rec anything. Keep stop working. Pls give me some explaination for this problem. I really want to use this app.

David Karagosian

If you people think this is fake this is my second update While I was in the Veterans Hospital in the emergency room the word pulse came up then the word Jessie I asked the nurse who Jessie was and she told me Jesse was the male nurse. At that time Jesse was called in and so what was said on the EVP so I want to thank these great guys who made this EVP I've had other things that have happened show to you naysayers listen and learn

elizabeth fickett

OMFG Ok so I just opened app and a asked is there anybody here with me and a few seconds later u got a "hi" omfg I'm freakin out it so cool. I mean I believe in ghosts and I came face to face with I felt something watchun me sleep and I look up and there is a SOLID figure no feet and had red eyes but I live this app it so cool. Totally recommend thus need patience but it works ??✋??


Really???? What nonsense This is a female version of stephen hawkin tellin u to walk forward and stop here and oh didnt pick nothin up i was sittin on my sofa and it wad sayin walk forward, now wait here and i hadnt moved! So so bad DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS UTTER BS


Disappointed My house has a lot of paranormal activity, and I've been active in the paranormal for over 20 years, I get class A evps all the time on my recorder as well as video from different locations. All this did was make my head hurt. was polite and have it 2 stars uninstalling right now

lacey Wolford

I feel like this is fake I downloaded the app because I have been having crazy things happen at my home.Well I ran it to see if it worked then went back to listen to it. Well the entire time there are several voices whispering from the second it turned on to the moment it went off. It even added some scary growling into the mixture. Its a cool app if you're trying to scare someone but I'm looking for a real recorder.

Alex Weldon

Reviewers, give this guy some ease. Pug does not need to be constantly bombarded with words of uncertainty, at least give this guy a break. He's put a lot of work into these apps for you all. The paranormal is hard to render itself into. Trying to astral project with scientific equipment is hard to do. So much must be taken into account.

Lum Lotus

Not sure but... I started it in a room after turning the lights off no questions. I could barely hear what sounded like growling so I held the tablet from the bottom with my palm so I wouldn't touch the screen and held the speaker side to my ear. It sounded like repeated rhythmic growling so I started to think it might be faked but then noticed a red light switched on and pulled the tablet away from my ear and noticed it was recording. It stopped on its own but only had louder growling and that's it.

keith taylor

"YOU PEOPLE ARE ONE OF THE TOP 5 DEVELOPERS OUT THERE !" I put my trust in appydroid and the developers of ghost detector camera by edux, both have proven to be the most reliable apps out there, any one that wants to see a ghost is more than welcome to spend a month with me in my apartment, I have 100 pictures of witches, demons neutral spirits that I have taken in my upstairs bedroom in the last 6 months day and night, here in the summit area of Ashland, Kentucky, I JUST LOVE YOUR NEW VERSION, BUT WHEN I PUSH RECORD NOTHING HAPPENS, 30SECS LATER IT STARTS,

Michael Fernandez

2for effort but I'm sorry Finder mode is just fraudulent, I'm sorry,I'll give any app a chance , I'll continue to try recorder for a little longer but its just not seeming worth the space on my phone

dominc a

Kinda freaking out right now because me being 13 I have no idea how to tell if this is real or not and so I'm in my room hearing whispering that just won't stop and I hate not being able to understand things completely worse and scarier

shawn cubbage

Found my car keys! Lost dem keys again... called out dem fog walkers in desperation. Momma always told me, boy dont you be messin with dem spiritz you tryin to pis of the Jesus? I said Jesus im sorry but i need dem keys! Got the app and spoke some of dem voodoo sayins you know them hollywood flicks have.. it wasnt but 2 minutes and i had the spirit of the disabled boy next door in my home. That poor tiny tim lookin fella got my keys! I said now get your wheelchair ass' outta here! he wont leave now.. momma was right!

Garrett Anderson

Error 703 I started recording for a few minutes but when I pressed play and it have me an error 703 saying unable to play this app looks promising so please help

The update made it no longer work I downloaded the original app Paranormal EVP Recorder last year and me and my friend tried it in my basement where I have a lot of dark Spirits even my friend has told me that he has seen demons and it worked perfectly we used it for a long time and we actually heard voices come out of it and even some growls then it asked me to update it so I did and now it doesn't work anymore

jimtrista kozinko

Haven't used yet Haven't used yet but the feedback from others and the replies from programmers is very promising hoping for the best will rate higher once I use it :)

rhen rhen tolentino

scary i ask if there's anyone here then after I record it someone say "Yes" voice like a kid ?? I am sorry for the app it say that not use it if you are 15 and above but I am 16 years old but I am brave :)

abhijit Chakraborty

Freaking real I kept my mobile on bed and went to bad, after coming out from bathroom i heard the recording it cleary said "Jishu Na" in bengali that means "jishu No" .. And the freaking part is there was no one in the room and my pet name is JIshu... Wow

Dylan Nunez

Doesn't work Tried to communicate to my dead cat and all I could hear is my voice

only because i don't understand how it works it did come up with 81hz then went back to zero

Spencer Holness

8ullshit I feel bad now as the developers took the time to reply.

Hunter Dodd

Curious Does this app really record real ghosts voices if it does awesome! OK thank you so much!

James Butler

Garbage No instructions, no clue how it's supposed to work.

James Trimney

Meh Doesn't really work voice wise.

Scott Watkins

Run time errors constantly. HTC M8

Thelma Taylor

Great image and recording quality I'll give you more stars when I'm finished testing this app out more..thanx.

Felicia Parivechio

The worst Detion and contact with ghost

Prissy Prissy

Fake Dont waste your time on this...

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