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6 May

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Evoland is an action adventure game which takes you on a journey through the history of classic adventure and RPG gaming.

As you progress through the game, you unlock new technologies, gameplay systems and ever-improving graphics. From monochrome to full 3D graphics and from turn-based battles to real-time boss fights, Evoland makes you live the evolution of adventure gaming – all with plenty of humor and nods to moments from classic games.

- Play through the history of action-adventure video games
- Discover many evolutions, from old school 2D action/adventure to active time battles and full 3D action
- Revisit the starting area rendered in full 3D or explore the overworld with your own airship!
- And have fun with the dungeons, puzzles, a heap of secrets to uncover, and hundreds of achievements and stars to collect

Whats new

    Bug fix.

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Song Douangdara

Okay The game is really short (you can beat it in 3 hours) the enemies are all the same maybe 6 different ones total. I kind of seems like they took there ideas of character and ememies from Super Mario and Final Fantasy. It was good until 2 hours in. Totally not worth the 5 bucks. I would wait till it drops to 1 dollar be caused you're not missing much.

Mito Face

NVIDIA Shield Portable The turn based battles need better controller support. But otherwise this game is an awesome parody retrospective of its genre.

Arik Licholat

Awesome! Definitely brings on the nostalgia and has a ton of witty moments. It's a bit too difficult at times, due to using a touchscreen to control movement in the 3D world. Not much we can do about that. Otherwise it's an amazing game and I highly recommend it.

Colin Ross

Way too short The concept is great and the game is fun, however; it's way too short for what you pay. If you're expecting a game time like that of Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda, expect less; much less. This game can probably be beaten in 2 hours or less. If they added 20+ hours of story line and content this game would be worth much more.

Levi Abernathey

Fun but short This is certainly entertaining and well thought out. However, the item menus are a bit too simplistic and the games duration is shorter than one would hope for. I would love to keep playing the game but I've 100 % in just 8 hours of playtime. Overall I'd suggest trying it for yourself.

Tim Swankey

Nice intentions, frustrating interface It's a fun little game, but either due to my screen protector or due to the interface itself, I have limited control over my movement. Being unable to move easily is fatal in the Noria Mines. The whirlwind puzzle, for example, is a simple matter of timing, except if you can't move reliably, it just becomes a crapshoot. A shame, because the game is fun.

Nick Cowan

Feels like a proof-of-concept, rather than a full game It's fun! No doubt about that, and the nostalgic way it runs through the adventure genre of gaming is a walk down memory lane for older gamers. However, I feel as though the developers haven't quite worked out what they're doing with this idea, like they had a meeting and decided 'hey, let's do a game that goes through the entire RPG genre from 2d sidescroller to modern day graphics in one' and everyone said 'yeah, awesome', but they then didn't put any effort into a story, or a reason for it to be like this, so it sort of falls down in the story-telling, progressing with the characters side of things. I hope that they do a second one and develop the story ideas, characters, etc. more.

Stephanie Ch.

Great! Evoland's concept is great, I loved the progressive changes to show the historic evolution in videogames and how you sometimes switch between stages. It's also funny. - Points: More save points missing in some areas where you die easily (Ruins of Sarudnahk). Controlls are not great it's not that comfortable to move around. I would've liked the story to be more complete+original. Overall it's a fun game with a great concept and a lot more potential IMO! Gamepad and Android TV support would be awesome :)

Jennifer Kazemek

Flawless!! What a blast. A bit short but runs beautifully. Great concept and very clever. Got a couple of giggles along the way. Anxiously waiting the next game. Very nicely done. Great job! Update... 2/21/15 I'm stuck at the Sacred Glade. I have one of the pieces of the item I need. When I enter the Glade every time I move I end back at the entrance. Any ideas? Did I miss a chest that let's me break rocks or something? Let me know all I can do is replay areas I have been to. I'm really looking forward to finishing.

Christopher Walton

Classic RPG with a twist Love this game if you would like to get a little bit of history of graphics/RPG then this is the place for you. I waited to review this game til a 3d bug was fixed. I would suggest this to my friends.

Stevan Garner

Definitely good Love the evolution from classic to modern style rpg's and the ability to switch between classic and new to solve puzzles. I know the title says it's a short story which is fine but for $5 it's just a little too easy and short.

Travis Reynolds

Great Idea Wont even open on my android 5.0 and i cant get a refund. Thanks for stealing $5


4 stars Really nice game i love it, the only thing we can all agree on is that its to short but besides that its a real fun game.

Harold melendez

Best rpg Best game i played from the android market kemco games are so easy and boring but this game it's beautiful and has more then 1 battling system love it.

beachagent juano

Post Playthrough Edit of Review originally 5 stars. Upon completion edited down to 4 stars. Very well done game. Extremely worth playing, but worth playing for five dollars? After completing the game, I agree it is shorter than expected for that price of a game that has little replay value. It would be a phenomenal game at $2.50. I guarantee if it was a dollar then they would have made more money than at five and would have nearly all 5 star ratings. The game is an experience everyone should enjoy, but wait for a price drop to snatched it up.


This is a great game and love playing it but it has the worst movement controls, it's very sticky and jurky and if your trying to move fast to avoid anything moving to you you just stand there or jurk around trying to react. Fix this with a control that won't slip up nonstop when fast response is needed to avoid things and it gets 5 stars.

Troy McFerron

So amazing. This runs like butter all the way through on the note 4 and really pops on the display. Great job!

stuart last

A bit short Amazing idea! Needs to be longer and use more of the changing between graphics at will to solve puzzles!

John Crosby

The ultimate Rpg parody The game has everything I love in rpgs and purposely mocks everything I hate lol Its a great game with whimsical humor throughout. This app is well worth it.

Charlie Torres

Loved it - however I feel cheated out of a full experience, it deserves to be expanded. It was far too short and has so much potential.

Eric Parent

Not worth the money Game takes so little time. No content. Great concept i got a chuckle from the changing scenes but yea. Not worth what they want. Wish i could get my money back

Stephen Michalik

A suggestion Amazing game but mabye you should put a year when you open a chest with new graphics?

Jason Brown

Force Closing on me Evoland is a fun game but every time when I go back to my home screen and when I've turn my phone off too. May you fix this for me in the next up date. By the way I've have a Samsung Galaxy s5.

Buzz Lio

Great game but too short Awesome idea and history of gaming, but if I pay money for an rpg I expect it to give me at least a couple days worth of playing before beating it with all stars and cards. Especially when I could buy a final fantasy game and have it last 20x longer with more to explore. Great start, just advance story line and build upon it

Leif Johnson

Excellent If they're were a game to capture all my favorite games into one it would be this one. If you grew up in the 90's loving Final Fantasy, Zelda, Dragon Quest you will love this game. So unique in game play but, so fun. I don't want any spoilers but, its worth ever penny. Wish they made a sequel. *HInt* *Hint*

Viet-Anh D. Nguyen

Such an excellent work! Great game for gamers and non-gamers alike. I got to live through different milestones in game development through a fun and engaging gameplay. Love it.

Joey Harper

Needs a whole lotta work Freezes too often on 5.1, controls need improvement but otherwise okay. Not sure it's worth the slightly premium price.

Alexandre Léveillé

Very interesting However I am blocked at the wind trap that shoots me in a pit. Maybe I'm slow, but I've lost all my hearts twice! :P

Yuriy Shchuchinov

Boring The concept is interesting, but the actual game play is terrible. I played for a while now and the graphics are still primitive.

Miguel Leiro

Fun game to play. Good controls. It teaches you how video games have come so far. Recommended for rpg fans. It also pokes fun at the typical old style for example zelda (a door has opened somewhere, hmm but where) great game. Loved zelda too of course.

HaMiD Sani

Great game Fast past and very nostalgic. I think at the end it slows down a bit. I really wanted to keep on opening more treasure chest by the end :P

Dave Smith

Note 3 4 stars for it being fun and overall a well designed game. The biggest issue I've found with the game is bugs. If you lock your screen and come back to the game bosses will spawn a 2nd time or your controls will disappear.

Richard Barton

Too short for me absolutely love the game except for it was too short I'm someone that plays games for fun and this was one of the best ever but it was too short this was one of the shortest games I've ever beaten and i haven't beaten that many games before but I would love a sequel a lot longer sequel

Canen Keys

Fun If you enjoy a variety of games and love, all games from old to new then this is a great buy!!!

Danny Yamoto

Short epic gameplay Great concept. Great game play. Boss feels like an average lvl 1 boss. Hope story continues.... Evoland II

Josh Fank

Not worth the money This is a $1.99 game at best. Way too expensive for the amount of gameplay

alyssa h

Fantastic! Will the sequel be available to play on android as well? Also I was cheated out of a card in edel vale.

zeke martin

Fun! This game was fun and challenging! The plot was witty and straight forward, definitely play again.

Robbie Smith

Great game Got it on steam and its exactly the same game just portable. :)

Edison Davs

BEST GAME EVER I would have even paid 10 dollars for it

Egor Erohin

Balanced without changes because of controls Lava level is way too hard with onscreen buttons. Some fireball delay needed.

Milo Russell

Disappointing It's cute, but the game is extremely thin. The mechanic of introducing gameplay concepts as the game progresses could be neat, but because it's more concerned with making smarmy, tongue in cheek references, a lot of the time the changes are entirely cosmetic, despite claiming to be otherwise. For example, when "storyline" is unlocked, it's just a quick block of throwaway text that is never referenced again. The one level where switching between modern and early gameplay never actually utilizes mechanical differences, but relies on blocks which are only raised in one mode or the other. The changing mechanics never interact, so instead of feeling like a "dynamic gameplay" game it's basically a series of disconnected mini-games that each reference a different classic RPG/adventure game.

Chasse Boudreaux

awesome this game is worth the money I love how it transitions from 1,2, and 3 dimensions, but I'm giving it 4 Stars because it's not a long game, and there are only 4 bosses if it was anything like I would have hoped then I would have given it 5, it really needs more content.

byron Foster

Fun but control us hard Fun game but at first it's hard to control the guy till u unlock more chest but great game over all had to reset my phone so lost my data wish we could save it online that would be better 5 stars!

Austin Hodgson

wow I got this cause it looked cool it turned out to be a cheap knock off of nintendo games and even the popular skyrim " ...arrow in knee" and the character movement is so slow

George Crookes

So awesome This game is amazing the only thing I don't like is the game is short and can be beat in a thew hours if you played other rpgs before but besides that it had great controls a good story and mega fun gameplay

Sage McKinley

Refund I would like to request a refund because I thought that the gamr was too short and not worth the money. Thank you.

Shaun Pueschel

Bad Controls I love this game so much but the controls don't work like they should. I am giving up on trying to play this game with Bad Controls. Way too frustrating... Because I feel good game controls are important for games I rate this 2 stars. If the controls were more sensitive allowing player to move then I would have given 5 stars.


This is what it is This has got many negative reviews saying it is too short. The tagline 'a SHORT game about videogame evolution? Seriously????? It is great with many great references (the bowser door, minecraft graphics etc). Not much of a storyline but you can't have everything. And yes, this is overpriced. But if you are willing to donate a little cash to a little game then it is fine. The evolution gameplay is amazing and the HD graphics remind me SO MUCH of oceanhorn/zelda. It is what it is.

Josh Mahan

Give us a faux D-pad!! The floating analog control is very mushy, I always seem to be drifting it across the screen. Even if it was just locked to a specific screen position it would be super helpful. I know there's a D-pad in the code, it popped up briefly once after I died, ever since I've been hoping to get it back.

Douglas Mugridge

Graphics Is there any way to manually choose the graphics option? As the game progresses my phone cant keep up with the masses of enemies at the highest graphics setting..... so i cant finnish it.....

hannibus 42

So.. about evoland 2 When exactly is evoland 2 supposed to come to Google play? I loved the first game and would hope its sequel comes out soon

Bentley Milnes

I like this game so much fun whens number 2 coming out. I heard number 2 is already on Steam come on put it on google play I want to play it and buy it

Jake Mather

Final Fantasy meets Zelda This game has great potential. Like the title of the review says, it is like a crossover between Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda. The controls are what really holds the game back. If you don't mind playing the same level over and over again just to beat the level it is a good pick up. Well worth my $1

Melker Helmer Kornislav Odd Litsgård

Almost perfect I love this game, the idea, the art, the gameplay, everything. However, the fact that you're brought back to the main menu with a long animation every single time you die is just too annoying. If you would simply restart from the last save point I would have given 5 stars. It kinda ruins the whole flow of the game.

Dylan Goodwin

Has everything I want in an rpg Game was fairly short but for 99 cents amazing love the references in it addictive game worth buying

Doug McGuire

What a trip! I was disappointed at first but quickly got over that as the game evolved. A very pleasant journey through time, although short lived. I would absolutely love a longer more fleshed out version of this. Great idea, great execution. Brilliant really. 5 grateful stars. Hoping for more!

Terrance DeCiel

Error 1506 Crashes upon boot. Boo. If I lost my save.... I'm right after entering the portal.

pixel plaz 3D

It works and it's fun Maby It doesn't work for some people but it works Galaxy devices. And it's a rely cool game it reminds me of the legend of Zelda series. And the game keeps upgrading Wil you are playing.

Andrew No

Such a wonderful game, ruined by a misunderstand of android This is not ios. On Android, the back button either exits or asks to exit. Why have you disabled the back button in the first place? Such a shame it was like this. This game was enjoyable, but I have to waste the review writing this.

Michael Lubinski

crashes on boot immediacy crashes after opening. kind of sad, it looks good.

Anth F

Crashes on boot, blocked error. Upon launch the game gets to the title screen then goes black, says, "(null):blocked" and says, "(null): touch to close". Please fix or at least helo me out. :/

Kaiden Barker

Amazing game but There's a constant crash no matter what I do. As soon as I boot it up and click 'Continue' it crashes.

Jose Torres

No issues Playing this game with no issues. The style of this game is different it brings back a lot of memories with how the game look changes from old school to more modern.

Has Kam

Brilliant and creatively done! Nice work devs - I love how the game continues to advance in colors/sound/music/gameplay....great idea and we'll executed. I enjoy playing this game. Thank you!

Tyler Wiebe

Glitch Almost gave it 5 stars but after 10 minutes into a dungeon with no save points a tornado pushed me into a wall. Literally into the wall I couldn't move and had to reload my save and lose 10 minutes and that made me mad. Really good game though and worth more than a dollar for sure

Spencer Jackson

Awesome Awesome game, I wish it had the ability to save anywhere in the overworld.

Jeff Brunner

Awesome Originally played this on PC. Love that it's on Android now. I recommend Evoland 2 on steam.

Charles Clout

Brilliant game. The evolution of the game as you progress really took me back through the years of playing RPG's. Excellent idea and game design.

Jim Boyer

Please ADD SHIELD TV Support PLEASE!!!

phillip feist

Awesome Great game. Well worth the .99

Tristanto Kurniawan

Hey, I know this game. Hey, I know this item. Hey, I know the plot, Hey, I know the scene. Hey!!!

Eric Marcks

Absolutely perfect Great game and the execution was flawless.

Tev Grave

Great game! Love the concept

Gabriel Alvarez

Creative Allow screen rotation?

Joshua Skolmowski

Fun Addictive and fun. Nice controls.

michael s

Boots me out Just bought the game played for a few minutes and now it boots me out. I try booting it back up play for just one second and it boots me off again. Please fix.

Andy Tanjung

Bad controls not worth $5, save yourself money and get FF instead

Leonard Clements

Really good Love the story driven by elements of the original RPG genre, maybe even having secret bonus levels for completion of a set number of times, like world areas from different games in the genre, but request to implement it so no copyright infringement is able to hit, maybe a final fantasy styled one...or literally just hit me, a standalone remake using final fantasy areas and enemies, and for that i would gladly pay for up to £10 if square say yes

Mike Rogers

Poor controls and so much potential wasted Even with a controller attached, the player character veers off in odd directions rather quickly. This is fine for most of the game until you need precise movements, then it becomes horrible. Additionally, this game spends so much time joking about RPGs that it forgets to be a good RPG on its own. Overall it's fun enough but needs a lot more depth to be a good RPG in its own right.

Ryan Godin

Horrible controls Seems like it would be a good game but the bad controls make the dungeons so hard. And there are barely any save points so when you fall a million times because of the controls you have to keep starting back at the beginning of the dungeon.

Chris Brigolin

Awful It's fun for long enough that you can't return it, but then the game gets stupid with awful controls making it extremely difficult to progress.

Nathan Shelton

Blown away. Yeah. I'm not much for mobile games. At all...but when I saw the evolving world in the screen caps I was compelled to check it out and oh my god. The game is cliché in all the right ways and innovative. Starting out from old school 8-bit and evolving into graphical fidelity that surpasses FFIX is absolutely amazing. I'm loving how they are mixing Zelda and Final Fantasy into one game in terms of mechanics and even character names (Clink?... really?! Lolol) great game...wonky controls

Matthew Campbell

Wow I never leave reviews, but this game is so unique and the abundant nostalgia I felt playing this... just awesome! Can't believe it's only a dollar, could easily be $10 and worth it.

Tristan Tran

Not enough saves! There are absolutely no saves in dungeons, when I die in or near the end I have start all over this SUCKS in a game. Take a game class please. MORE SAVES.

Lol No

So much fun, but the controls are slow and the game seems incomplete. Like, potions can only be used in 3D battle. You can't even click on them in your inventory. What if I need to heal when I'm outside of battle, or not it 3D?

Tommy Shin

Really enjoyable I really like the style and concept of this game. Waiting for the second one!

Don Rake

Short but fun Little pieces of Final Fantasy, Zelda, and a little Diablo. The controls are rough, but hey it's a mobile game.

John Voorhies

Awesome Great game with funny nods/references to other great games. Really like the uniqueness of this game. Would love to see Evoland2!

Andre Arsenault

Great short game I like the concept of this RPG. I wish the game would have been longer. Hopefully there will be a longer Evoland 2, it's all my favorite old school rpg's into one.

Ryan Cornelius

Its Is.. Its so amazing its undiscribable GE IT NOW HILE ITS ONLY 99 CENTS

marco esquives

Amazing. Truely spectacular game This was well worth the price. I LOVED this game. Decent plot. Great "idea" for a game. And the funny references in it are quite hilarious. Many times in the game there were light bulbs turning on.

Ashish Acharya

worth playing Absolutely loved the game plus the descriptions are like bonus :D

Neal Bergstrom

I love it! To journey thru the evolution if gameing and the diolog was funny, and the nod to some of the most popular games.

Halverson Taveras

Great game This is the first game I've bought and it was definitely worth it.

David Chang

Needs full screen support Great game, but for devices with on screen buttons, it would look so much better if the buttons weren't in the way. Great idea and good job!

Chris L.

I am getting an Error Message when versusing the Shadow Boss in The Noria Mines. (Null):argument Error #3672 (Null): touch to close. The screen goes black and Force Closes the Game. This happens randomly while fighting the Boss or when you die at Boss. Because of this Error I can not progress farther. Please fix this in your next update.

Daniel Torres

Essence ol' RPGs to modern. Pretty solid game. Beginning can get a little frustrating, as its a 1 hit K.O. system till you unlock health. Save alot!

Jonathan Herrington

Short but Great Pretty fun little RPG, worth the buy for sure. Only got a few hours of gameplay out of it though. There's some really nice (and sometimes funny) tributes/references to other RPGs and other nerd culture.

Elaine Loyd

The Best One of the best games I've played in awhile, wish it was a lot longer.


Very good! Loved the game, really liked it!

Nick Griffin

Great game wayyy to short Really fun, great original idea..entirely to short. Btw your next one in the series should start out as a MUD

Greg Pechiro

Needs more save points I really like this game. It's a fun concept and is mostly enjoyable. Unfortunately there aren't enough save points. There should be a save point or auto save before every large battle and every boss battle. It's sucks when you get to a main boss at the end of a dungeon and die. You are taken back to the last save which is about half way through.

Jesse Laverdure

Wow Amazing game. Make another one!!!

Xavier Vista

Control support Hi can evo land support control pads?

Shaun Howard

I would have paid more for this! This game is worth so much more than what is being charged. By far my favorite game on the play store. Highly recommended for those that grew up with the original gaming systems!

Felix Padilla

Awesome. You can't bet the price. Really fun collecting chests and seeing the game evolve. Get it!

Tyler Palesano

Fun! Very fun. Wish there were more save points. Not because it's too hard, but because sometimes I need a break.

joshua woolley

Unplayable Lag is so bad once reaching the ruins that im at half health before hitting one enemy

luke park

Great short game IGN 11/10. I wish there were more to the story line :( great game and very entertaining.

Gabe Robbins

I love this game This game is fantastic but I wish there was a way to use a Bluetooth controller for it. I have a moga controller but they aren't supported.

Garret Dwello

Cool idea Dope game. Wish it was a bit longer very original though.

nessa Kay

Wonderful Beat it in two days wish it was longer but I loved it 10/10

Pax Silven

Crash...EVERYTIME! Everytime I open up the game it instantly crashes.

Brandon Legault

So cool If you love video games this is a very noval idea and so fun to play.

Ian White

Funest game Easy linear game with a touch of nerdy humour. What's not to like :)

Jacob Gullett

I had fun playing it, worth the payment

James Lee

Very well made Very fun and creative.

Artem Nyzhnyk

To all the gamers, dedicated!

Piotr Józefowicz

Great game, but not without flaws The game is awesome. However, touchscreen controls makes it harder compared to the PC version - a gamepad support would be nice. Unfortunately, the game also contains a major flaw - leaving the first area without picking the Smoother Scrolling chest will trigger a lot of bugs later in the game.

Benjamin Penman

Too short imo Well thought out game, lot of fun but beat it in less than a day. Controls are hard, but accurate for old games, so was probably planned that way. If someone's complaining about it, it's because they're a newbie to gaming and have become spoiled by the newer games.

Priyesh Patel

Really enjoyed it Great game, loved the transitions from the early 2d sprites to the 3d stuff. Well worth a play although save points could be a bit more frequent and change menu so to no easy to select "new game" by mistake and lose all progress

Ramy Kamel

A near perfect game The controls and no options for graphics when unlocking 3D models and HD textures makes this game hard to play on older devices, but still fun!

Devon Malonson

Fun concept but lacking in length TLDR: FUN GAME BUT WAS TOO SHORT FOR THE PRICE. I loved the game overall Creativity 5. Gameplay gets a 4. Storyline gets 3. While the storyline was captivating and I loved all the references to the games I grew up on and love you can ultimately beat the storyline in an hour or two if you sit and play it all the way through.

Yi Guo

Needs controller support. I like this game but the onscreen controls suck. It desperately needs support for a controller. I'm constantly falling into pits or lava because of it. It just gets annoying.

Axonn Echysttas

Awesome game, wonderful idea, original and fun implementation, everything DESTROYED by the TERRIBLE controls. Moga game controller used to work but the developer broke the support. Otherwise this would have been a 5 out of 5.

Nick Griffin

Great game wayyy to short Really fun, great original idea..entirely to short. Btw your next one in the series should start out as a MUD

C. Hobbs

Horribly Slow Controls! Horribly slow controls coupled with a level that requires you to navigate a crumbling floor above lava equals a recipe for disaster! Then if you die at the ridiculously hard boss later on; due to a lack of save points you have to start WAY back, right before this crumbling floor crappy controls nightmare

Adam Gordon

Classic RPG This brings back memories of many games that should be ported to Android. It's gameplay is mostly smooth albeit a few glitches here and there.

Kevin Stone

Great concept. Great idea, good execution. A little short and in need of better controls during the "3d" dungeons, but that in no way impacts the fun I had with it. Well worth the price, I would have paid more than double what I did for it.

Nathan Campbell

Freezes way too often Then when it un freezes, I'm at the title screen cause the game keeps going and I die. Note 4

Jose Torres

No issues Playing this game with no issues. The style of this game is different it brings back a lot of memories with how the game look changes from old school to more modern.

Mohd Nor Zarfan Ahmad

Officially Hating It I was hating myself for sweating so much. But then I bought a pair of touch gloves and it's still disappointing as ever.

Shane Hennessy

I really enjoyed this I'm only partially through this game but I'm loving how it evolves. It is great fun. No perfect but very good.

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