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7 Jun
Ethereal Dialpad (synthesizer)

Posted by Adam Smith in Music & Audio | June 7, 2011 | 75 Comments

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Drag your finger around the screen to create flowing music with this expressive touch synthesizer.

Check the "more dialpads" option in the menu for external plug-ins. (Developer kit available for making your own dialpads, email me.)

Like what you feel? Consider learning to program. It's some serious magic

Whats new

    Compatibility with Cupcake (Android 1.5).

Adam Smith part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 7, 2011. Google play rating is 91.0072. Current verison is 2.6.1. Actual size 36.0 KB.

Download ethereal-dialpad-synthesizer.apk 36.0 KB


A Google User

Wonderful. Beautiful audio visual synthesizer. Lovely job, highly recomended if you like abstract visuals and electronic music. Beautiful on my G1, and Samsung Gal S 4g


Omg!! I didn't know anything like this even existed. It's gonna bring my music to a whole new level!

Jake Simon

BEAUTIFUL Thankyou for not having just another music app that was swarming with annoying ads and pop ups! Please make other aps like this i would honestly pay for something of this quality. :)

A Google User

Dude! I just lost an hour Awesome app. I just started right in. 30 minutes later, I found the setting menu. Changed scales, etc. 30 min later i realized how much time I spent dialed into my trance. LOVE IT. Please add record and loop capability.

Brian Cosgrove

Fab! Use it as a sound generator. Pipe it through some effects or another synth (EMS anyone) and it becomes a great improvisational tool. From ambient leads to synthi bubbles. I love this. Simple but so cool and effective.

Nik Macholz

Lots of fun Creates some nice melodic synth tones, with no setup required. I would love to see a record option.

A Google User

Fab N absltly amzng nd fbls app i aw cme acrs thru afh a long time. T has nw bcum mah fav time pass. . Sumtimes. I cme out wi vei plsnt creatns in dis app but thn aw no option ta lstn t again. . So if sum rcrdng nd saving d same to sd option s also incldd :-) Den t ll b fab fab fab. Still a 5 star to dis app. . Bt if this s also cncrnd den t ll b 7 stars. . :-)

Khalid Harry

Great Innovative, the melodious companion, sometimes you meet a stranger and it embrace your happiness, the same happened to me, simply entertaining

Benish Augustine

What A Trip! This app is bliss to people like myself with no music sense. You can be Beethoven with your finger and handheld! Amazing when you're spaced out and got time to kill. Would love to see better graphics, more refined and up-to-date UI.

A Google User

Susanf7758 Relaxing, cool, love it. Best of all no permissions required!

A Google User

relaxing tones the tones are very relaxing. just play it with eyes close and let your fingers take over your sense of intention. so now, rec button plus multitouch will be a nice updates. possible?

A Google User

Awesome I love music and this is just a small entertaining thing when I'm a little bored, I love it!! And I like customizing the different types of sound you can get out of it! The more customizing the better!!

Robodie - the Kung Fu Ninja Robot

I got lost... a GOOD way! Like another reviewer stated, I was entranced and lost about an hour. Request record feature for 5 stars. Love it!

A Google User

Joyous! BUT.... I just love Swarm mode, using default settings. When I want to feel calm & relaxed, just 15 secs of play is all it takes! Thanks so much to the dev. REVISION: The app's sound crackles on my new Galaxy S3 - sadly now unusable. Any chance of a fix?

A Google User

G.a.e greatest app ever It would be so totally nice if u add a multi touch function and a record one too pls

Sean Crago

Beautiful core functionality, dated UI, stability issues in some plugins ... Beautiful core functionality, dated UI, stability issues in some plugins Ethereal Dialpad is still a beautiful, simple-to-use music generator. My daughter loved being able to make her own music before she was even 6 months old - Still the first app I'd recommend to a new user, but it's starting to show it's age: As you might expect for an app that hasn't seen an update since adding Cupcake 1.5 support, however, there are some serious UI and stability issues. Plugins like the Night Sky and Moonblink's Grid are unstable on every ICS-->KitKat device I've tested them on. (S2 ICS, Nexus 4, 5, and 7 stock - Stable in all other modes.) Perhaps most importantly, Ethereal Dialpad lacks a full-screen mode/lacks the ability to independently hide the virtual keys found on most modern Android phones and tablets. Badly breaks the user's experience if you glide your finger a bit too close to the virtual keys, all of which exit the app. But for that minor problem, this is easily the most kid-friendly app I've ever seen. (Less important, but the absence of an update also means there's no in-app donate option [just an old school empty app], and leaves somewhat dated menus.)

A Google User

A Sonic Adventure! Ethereal is an incredibly apt name for this application.'s just so much fun! Overall i definitely find it tranquil for sure. I love the freedom it allows to just move and create whatever sounds you want. It is very accurate as well. Granted I'm running it on a dual-core phone, but i loved how it picked up every pass i made it at it precisely. I can see using this app to entertain and amaze those around me, and hopefully to zone out while i dial into the ethereal realm. Thank you developer! Rezound

A Google User

Reminds me of the glory days of winamp, psychedeli c screensaver, etc. For me this is less about the music, and more about all the cool little visualisation plugins you could make for it. No ads as far as I could see.

A Google User

The reason to own an android. Literally the best app on the android market. I swear there is not an app that doesn't serve a necessary utilitarian function that beats this app. If i had any money; i would hire the team that made this and i would say, "thank you so much for creating something that is so brilliant and stunning, so soul calming, energizing, and wonderful. Please live your lives comfortably and with substantial wealth, and grace the planet earth with your brilliant, life enriching android applications." [7] Really tho,

A Google User

Doesn't get old Easy to make pleasantly melodic fragments with. If only the screen could rotate horizontally to provide wider space for better pitch control, it might be really playable, and worth a full 5 stars. Still, one of the best synth toys on the market.

A Google User

Wow! This app is amazing! The only thing that would make it better is if it had the ability to record what you play.

A Google User

An incredible app! Easy to use and beautiful tone. I would have paid money for such a quality product, but its free. Unbelievable

A Google User

Beautiful Awesome relaxing pretty cool love it! More please!

Puerto Mendez

Cool..! love it... love it and love it... this apps can produce beautiful sound... I using the grid for dialpad and each box represents accurate tone differentiation. Five stars for you, Adam. Record sound that cames out, into my DAW to create some backsound for my game project.

Adrien Beau

Fun little app A simple, visual and instinctive synthesizer that can be a fun time waster. The settings menu has a nice range of options that alter the sound significantly. Unfortunately, you have to exit your current dialpad to access the settings screen, and then exit the settings screen to select the dialpad again. This is a major usability wart that prevents effective and intuitive exploration of the otherwise nice sound engine.

A Google User

must have for toddlers! my 1 1/2 year old LOVES this app! screen lock option would make this 6 stars.

A Google User

amazing Fantastic, relaxing, creative fun. a larger version of this would be fantastic in a sensory room for disabled kids and adults or night club/festival. love everything about it. simple to use, never bored with this app, thank you!

Isaac Hussain

If only it had more updates Lovely default visuals and combinations of sound 5* for the free plugins of different visual sets <3

Barnie Clanger

Amazed! This app is really cool! Its totally relaxing and fun! It also makes my cat affectionate :) haha! 100/100!!

Lennart Regebro

Simple and perfect More sounds could be cool, but otherwise just great!

A Google User

I thought this was gonna be a pretty useless and silly app. But then when I actually tried it, I immediately fell in love with it. AMAZING!!!!! :D

A Google User

Very claming and soothing Works great on my tablet, love to bring it up and play some "music". My favourite is to set to minor modes with duet. Is it my imagination or it is pressure sensitive? Really fantastic stuff.

A Google User

A one trick pony. Think futuristic wind chimes. People seem so easily impressed when they can make a little noise.

A Google User

Brilliant First app I've ever been moved to review. Incredible, enjoyable and makes a fantastic sound.

Peter Berg

beautiful eerie. it's colorful and sonorous like something fallen from outer space.

A Google User

This is an inspirational music maker. I'd love to be able to save and export my doodling into my pc based synth. Way cool.

Joshua Petersen

Loved it... Synth sound options please? If there was a plugin to change the sounds to a different instruments, I would probably buy it.

A Google User

This application is so incredible and fascinating! It's not often that I comment on an application, but this hit a home run with myself and my friend

John Dantzler

Crazy-mad love it There isn't much to it but it's totally delightful. Only caveat: high probability of Fly Like An Eagle earworm.

A Google User

Sooo relaxing I cant even begin to explain how calming this app is. Just play with it for a while! If you like surreal sounds and/or music, this is whats up. Great for meditation as well. ::xiii::

Пользователь Google

Simply fabulous. Amazing feel-good application.

Пользователь Google

Great little synth This is a nice synth and a funny toy.

Пользователь Google

Brilliant! Best application on the Market, Adam Smith, you are GENIUS! thanks!

Пользователь Google

cool! Perfect app for relaxation. If you like electronic music, you must have this app

Марс Дукалис

Эпично We really need recording feature.

Пользователь Google

Simple and genius! Could you add a horizontal orientation in playing mode, please? For big screen sharing

Sarah Un

Nice clean beautiful melodic Very nice and intuitive. My 6yo and 1yo both had fun playing it and making beautiful sounds. Nb: it's not multi touch. ....yet?

Artic K

100% satisfaction very cool stuff and defiantly best new way of music making .. Very cool :D

Віталій Луцан

It was better than i expected In fact, way better than i can tell- i was checking it out while making pancakes... Now ill have to eat burned pancakes because of this app. Im not even mad really, it is amazing!

Mhairi Peden

Best app ever. It's great, calms me down or is a great way to break the ice and entertain my friends

Abhishek Thakur

Excellent Awesome app I can create my own soulful relaxation music?

A Google User

NO PERMISSIONS! :) I LOVE THIS APP AND SO DOES EVERYONE I SHOW IT TO! UPDATE: All games should have App to SD capabilities, IMO. Took off one star for that & will keep this only on my Nexus 7, not my phones that have SD cards. Still love the lack of permissions though.

A Google User

REALLY LOVE the concept but would be SO MUCH better if there were different sound effects for each 'dialpad'. Will rate 5* if updated.

Abhishek Thakur

Excellent Awesome app I can create my own soulful relaxation music?

Simon Balslev

Immersive mode support I would love to see support for 'immersive mode' on Android 4.4+. My 1yo child loves to play around with the synth, but will inevitably hit the home panel and thus terminate the session prematurely. Will you please make that happen? It would really make your instrument significantly more fun!

A Google User

Fun and Addictive Wow! I've been playing with this like a kid! It's a great toy. 1) I second the request to add a "record" feature, or even midi output. 2) It doesn't seem to be multitouch on my Samsung Nexus S running ICS. For most dialpads, the second input is ignored; under "NightSky" (which I adore, BTW), the app dies when a second touch is registered. Still great fun!

Jeremy Ambrum

So Chilled right now. First ever review I've written. Beautiful, first app I've downloaded that didn't need "special permission". Well done for keeping it simple. It's so relaxing to play an App without ads or interruption. So basic, just pick your background and enjoy. If you ever update sounds and effects that be awesome.

D. Phillip

Bomb-Diggety Utilize the 'Moonblink' interface and you'll see how this works. To the developers: this is awesome, and a more intricate settings menu would be bitchin'-kool in a future release. I would totally pay for that; delay & reverb settings, and the like. Xox.

Paul Sutherland

Wow Adam smith He'll email you the code with no restrictions if you wish to improve, the app brings instant happiness to all who use it. Its like toddler lock for daddy. I can't wait for electric forest in Rothbury, Mi, its just the thing to keep creative juices flowing. Have a blast with this app if you understand patterns in color, light, sound, mathematics. Hot for the 80's? Flange effects and synth enough for depeche, ridiculously beautiful enough for James st James, the app for the kid in all of us!

A Google User

omfg totally amazing! i can't stop playing with it! wish i could access synth prefs menu from the dialpad screen though instead of having to go back..

A Google User

Not great. Not much to it really. I think someone described it best as a "one trick pony". It was fun for about 2 or 3 minutes but then I got bored.

Great but Could you add multi window support for s6 edge android 5.1? I know it sounds complicated but surely...

A Google User

Cute Toy Fun to play with for a bit. My 1 year old nephew loved the sounds and colours. As an instrument, it's sort of imprecise and unwieldy.

A Google User

Stuff like this keeps you young! 10 stars. Wonderfully simple and amusing. Make sure you mess about with the settings too!

A Google User

Smooth, trippy sounds and colors, small in size. Could use abit more funcionality and/or customisability... a must have for when high and bored.

A Google User

HTC Aria This is an awesome app. Please add a feature of adjusting the delay time. And also add a Blues Scale with a #4 in.

Saheem Absar

At a loss of words I have been completely flabbergasted and my mind has been blown away to millions of pieces by this app. Words can't describe the feeling when I play with this. Thank you for making my day! :)

Ben Sumner

Would be good Hasn't been updates in 2 years. Has plenty of bugs that haven't been fixed (multitouch crashes the app)

James Briggs

I found the zen button Dude I didn't know apps weren't just unimaginative and commercialised... There's still uniqueness and originality in the world. Faith in androids has been restored.

michael colling

Great work Very unique tool which would be even more useful if you implemented a record function! You're an advocate of programming and I'm currently coding my own game with GML. This app would be great for atmospheric chiptune type stuff. I'd be really grateful if you could do that?

Lex Landa

Great fun For the musically illiterate - as I am - this app lets you produce toneful, soothing streams of sound which have a range of visualisations. This is great fun and aids relaxation and mindfulness.

A Google User

Onnly wish This app its amazing, so fun and relaxing . I only wish I was able to record what I play. Would that be possible? Thnks and Congrats on your app :)

Dan Satterwhite

Very soothing & ancient It's really cool by itself or paired with some trippy beats defanatly brings the world trip hop thing. I love the options too. You can see where the notes are on one of them. Thanks a ton

A Google User

Great app! Needs a recording option especially so you can listen and watch what you have created. Have noticed slight crackling but otherwise awesome!

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