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21 Jun
Escaping the Prison

Posted by PuffballsUnited in Casual | June 21, 2016 | 158 Comments

Apk file size: 31.0 MB

Henry's latest bank heist ended badly and now he's in prison! Fortunately he's received some reinforcements in the form of a cake-package. Help him make the right choices and escape from the prison, or choose the wrong options and laugh at the results.

-Find all 18 unique fails!

-With three endings you can escape quietly, or blast your way out!

-Made the wrong choice? You can easily retry any choice and attempt to succeed!

-Nine achievements will have you hunting for that sweet satisfaction of finding the secrets!

**Requires Adobe Air**

Whats new

    -Fixed an issue with OpenSSL

PuffballsUnited part of our Casual and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update June 21, 2016. Google play rating is 80.9513. Current verison is 1.2.2. Actual size 31.0 MB.

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Aurelius Wirawan

Its fun but... Its the story is so short. I played it like only 5 minutes and done. Please make longer ones, that need days to do it.

Austin Funnell

MORE!!!!! Itcis a great game but has very little content, I completed the whole game in 15 minutes. Please put extra things in!

Donovan Zuniga

Cool game with lots of funny scenes But can you make inflattering the airship and stealing the diamond free cause I always wanted to play it but my mom doesn't let me buy a computer so I have a phone and I really want those games

jonathan rodriguez

Lame Total bor and the jet pac thing i used a quick memo and to the creator SCREW U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!? P.S I HOPE YOU GET HIT BY A CAR

jolie b

NOT FUN? It would be fun if there were more ways to win but no. Every other weapon kills you?????☔⚡I get why it's free now

Rich Tech

Amazing game. I have played this on PC and its the same game. Don't listen to all the idiots saying its impossible, it is possible and its funny to choose all the options. Shame the other two cost money!

Michael Porter

The funniest Has lots of hilarious scenes. Out of all those combinations, only 2 can get you out.

Raven Yepper

Omg I feel old I played this game so much on addicting games when I was 17 !!! Lol very simple but fun also the stick figure stories were fun as well . Like the one when he was a secret agent or something.

Joey Ibanez

I played it on my mac they should make a new funny one Othing wrong yet 3/4/15

Ibrahim Muhammed

Not the best but.. It's a good simple game. if you have ever played it on pc then you'll be familiar with it

jamia smith

Omg I got out on the first try like I thought it would be impossible but it wasn't I got out too easy sheesh waste of time downloading just think of the worst thing and read the description

Adam Iqbal

A message and more Itana amazing game but I do think you should put all ur games onto one app. Also this is too the haters , stop being so rude this is made for PC so go and play it on PC if it doesn't work on here and don't you dare insult threaten or give the creator death with none of that if you hate the game say why don't just swear and cuss at the Dev. Sorry I had to say that the haters were annoying

Paul Bernard Fuerzas

Awesome This game is way cool. I just found the secret achievement so fast when I'm trying to do the three ending. Thank god I have found this game. But the problem is I get mad a little when I pick the wrong ones.

Marilou Baylis

U can get this on computer too! I would rate 5 stars if U didn't have 2 install flash thing:(

Joshua Brito

THA BEST BEST BEST BEST GAME EVER!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it halris I know I spelled it wrong the only thing is the errow part it won't let me do it BUT ITS STILL A GOOD GAME!!!!!!!??????????????

Hotdog Sunday

PC Version - Mobile Version Stickpage - Newgrounds - Android Devices. Wheres Breaking the Bank? Oh the haters? They dont like it because they dont understand the choices, only choose the ones are stupid, epicness, cool. Oh yeah you cant use the cellphone to had the LAME ENDING ( IN PC ) if you did play Breaking the Bank, youre lucky to have the legal ending

Vissed Vue

AWESOME GAME BRO I played this on computer and it was AMAZING!! I like stealing the diamond that game is funny and fun. I didn't know this game was on phone but this game is amazing so that henry #he's the stickman guy# is a very funny guy and i like at the end it says Aggressive win and the other stuff sooo...keep up the good work bro!!! Shame on those that don't like this game

nyla boatwright

It great I even haven't play it but I playing now it cool download it on free app it call escaping the prison but not cool it make u dumber like u going to do it go to jail ha not cool it made me failed a grade really I love it anyway but I got dumber.

Ostap P

Hate I hate it because there is only one level and it is so easy I figured it out in like 1 minute so please improve it then the hate star will turn into a love of star and if you're reading the comments first the cheat sheet is is cell phone then you go to the court then you press the money bag and then he like talks and then it's like he's not guilty so then you go do whatever you want and there are 2 more and I would like it and there were like if you like just did like the first level and then you could go on to the next level with different stuff so you can see so I can be fun and then I will put the hate star will go into a good star which is a love Star so please improve it or that star will stay there forever. You have to also install the air thing so that is why I don't like it

Andrey Great

Cmon guys I finish this game from first attempt. I swear, two clicks and game is over. I didn't even think.

Zach Morando

Awesome game and fantastic developer. Easy game to pick up and play when you're bored. I love going through all the fails, so many great references.

Theresa Lockwood

3 ways In the game, there is 3 ways to get out. First, it is the file. Second, it is the phone. Third, it is the drill. The drill is the best way of getting out of prison. You take the drill and drill under ground. Then you take the crowbar and lift up the lid thing and then you start running away from the police and then press the button that points down and then press the button that faces the wall then you do a flip over the police then it tells you to get ready and then tap the screen then you can ride home

Jannele Ong

I loved it dude!!!!!!! Since you made the game Steal the Diamond, and I knew you were going to make another one like it and good job with making the last game Steal the Diamond because I had really liked that game because I have seen it in YouTube videos and now I have a game like it so Thanks again for now Dude.?????????

Darcy Kirigaya Arceus

Nice game! Its actually ao easy ;) finished it in three minutes and just a single try :D All you have to do is to have a common sense and when choosing.. Choose the most silly :)

Robert Mccullough

Way way to simple. Could be a little more complex. This isn't worth downloading. Plus you have to get adobe air app. Lot of space for such a waste Terrible idea for a game

k jay

Loved it And to all those people who say this game sucks! Nobody cares about about your opinion like I understand telling the developer what he did wrong but saying I hate you or get hit by a car it's just dumb so to the people who do that stop being an idiot and get a life

Jorens Hearn

Completion Well at first I thought this game was very good and would be quite enjoyable so I played the game then after 3 minuets of playing the game I completed it I wish there was just a bit more to the game and it took longer

Carmenza Ferreira

I love it I got all the ends for badass way u have to use the drill and crowbar and then the down arrow and then forward arow

njrume 1911

Some effort But what a bad game, how can that guy be awesome and useless at the same time? Don't know how to use jetpack but able to dodge bullets and throw them back or picture of a parachute with the description PARACHUTE and all the sudden it's a backpack.

orb plays

Awsome Best game and all those haters stop it just because you carnt work out the puzzle just remember YOU CARNT DO IT IF YOUR DUMP AND IF YOU ARE ITS NOT THE CREATORS FALT

Spencer Stahl

GO HENRY STICKMAN these games are sooooo fun thank u puffballs animations and stick man games o thank you lord

Paul Robert Fava

Paul Loved it esppesely when the guard said of course i checked it if i didnt i would loose my job i dont want to loose my job

Elaina Martinez

Okay..... I guess ?? This app is pretty fun. You learn the stupid ways to 'escape the prison'. But after a while of playing you kinda keep doing the same. If you want this game, dont expect much things to do. And plus, you need to download adobe air in order to PLAY the game so i rate it 2 stars.

Dee Lopez

Awesome You can buy this game for only FREE99! Btw you can escape u just have 2 choose d right objects. There r only 2 objects that can get you out of jail you just have 2 choose d right objects and choose d right things 2 do in those objects.

Matthew Haylock

Better than it looks This game is so simple, yet it has a sense of humour. It has references all over the place. I've found all three ways to win and most of the ways to fail. Good job :D

Rowena Rawes

Good game Yeah its easy to escape the once. But I enjoyed finding the 3 successful endings and the 18 fails and getting the other achievements. I enjoyed it.

Rayana Sepulveda

Its ok I really like the game but I give it 3 stars because it gets boring after u keep playing it please make new and better vierstion

Corey C.

Amusing for maybe 5 minutes This requires another app (Adobe Air) to install, and it's basically just a stick figure cartoon with quick time events and a little bit of choose-your-own-adventure thrown in.

Willow Howard-smith

Awesome game but Ifs a realy good game but you finish it soooooooo quickly that were I think its stupid sorry

Glynis Kittler

Awesome but is that all? I loved it! Just way too little, over too quickly :-( can't you give us some more please? I bought the airplane one so long coz the hall break was just not enough....

Nelcel La Rocca

Great game but... I love the game its hilarious and helps the human mind build stamina but you CAN'T see the bottons to move when the cops find you in the hall and its too short make it at least 12 minutes to complete all of them

Tim Herrmann

Great Series I can't wait for Breaking into the bank comes to Android! Then I can complete my collection. The four games in the series are very fun and have been playing them since Stealing the Diamond came out.

Joselin Castillo

I liked it My baby brother loves this game. He loves it so much he even cries when I take it away from him. Its way too addicting for him.

Poppy Arishvara

Adobe Air Needed? Why do we need adobe air.. i wasted a moment in this game trying to play it without Adobe Air... :( but still cannot. Pkease make this game doesnt require anything :) so i wont Unninstall it till' you fix it. THANKS and i will rate it 5+ ★

Evolboyz 321

Short but sweet Its extremly short but sweet. The stupidity of it has bunch of charm and i wish the rest were free. U can have a lot of fun with the different combonations with this game

Dominic Fox

Is this a joke!? About 2mins of happiness thinking I had a new game that I would enjoy all u do is dig through the floor fall go through the sewers with a crow bar fall dodge bullets run up a wall dodge more bullets walk out the prison and that's it no fun in that UNINSTALL!!!!!!

Lina Qashou

Great Game!! I loved this game as much as I loved playing breaking the bank, stealing the diamond and infiltrating the airship on Stick page! Surprisingly, I just found out that I played the whole series in the wrong order! I played stealing the diamond first, breaking the bank second, infiltrating the airship third and escaping the prison last. Out of all of them, infiltrating the airship is the best in my opinion and stealing the diamond and escaping the prison are tied in second. Great game! It deserves 5 stars :)

Nicolae Fabian

Lol finished it first try Didn't even realise it )))) ! It took me about a 1 minute xD .... Lfmao ))) Anyway great game....

Random Gaming

I love the game but I need more!!! Game is very fun but after 6 minutes I am done with the game and now it's boring. So I need more choices,endings and fails that would take at least a week to finish the game. So now I know why this game is free.

Daniel Weber

Good Game to Short This game is cool but it should really last longer than 10 minutes. If this game were more challenging it would get 5 stars. Also I won't pay even 99 cents to play the sequel unless it had much more to it!

Nathan Parker

Add more action and controls You seriously need to add more actions like so you can move around Cuz most of its just cut scenes and I completed it in 4 mins

Jame Root

This guy is drowning they almost lost a life boating but I got a water Malone to keep me floating

Lupita Mendez

Badass The game is cool, fun, awesome, and badass but it needs more challenges and maybe make some level then I think people will talk.

asia mohammad

Fun me It is the best works but the part when you got the right at the starting I don't know how fo all of you can do it when they are shoring at you it's so hard I 'm. Failing more than 23 fails please fix it and please say me how do you do it in that part please and every thing is great in the games just that part I get angry and taierd of doing again and again. And mack for i phone 6 , samsung and HTC please and good luck for how are macking this game thank you very much and yes I don't Mack video's on nothing

James Willette

Extremely short but funny I give this game 3 stars only bcuz I completed every single thing u can do in maybe 15 mins. It was very funny, albeit super short. The animations were good, the graphics clear & vibrant and it looked great on my S4. But alas it doesn't have much to do or any replay value even tho there are 3 endings & many ways to escape. If u do it right on the 1st try, you'll escape the prison in a maximum time of 5 minutes I'd say. So like I said, it's a fun, goofy game but u won't get much out of it.

Maria Ritchey

Hilarious! It did go fast, but I laughed so hard. I found at least three winning possibilities.

Gabrielle Blackett

Disappointment ? It's a awesome game but I finished it in like two minutes I mean really they could have at least made it four minutes?????

Meagan Fischer

A quick fix This is a really short game, and that's fine. I get it. My only complaint is that the music sometimes overpowers the dialogue. I'm not sure if anything can be done about it, but it'd be greatly appreciated. I can only hear it if I'm in a quiet room... Which is nearly impossible because I have an army of minions...I mean, children.

Jennifer Reynolds

Bad city It's so short,so cunveenuunt,dumb and also NOTHING like real life

Kori Murray

It was good It was good but the stupid good it was in the middle but I loved it

Jonathan Medrano

Not Great But Good It is too short.And there is only a few ways to get out of prison.There is alot of improving to this game.

Marques Whiteurst

Why??? its was so short ipassed it in 2 minutes literally just make it more challenging and longer, please.....

Tim the Zombie Slayer

Good game but... I really like this game but sometimes it will freeze causing my tablet to crash. This has happened twice

Konika Begum

Escaping the prison It s not no bad.I finished in 3 minutes. #NEED MORE ACTION :() !

Janiayh Graham

Love it It is challenging. And hard why do they have weapons so now once u get the game. Mine frez i a am cosernd adout it not really i am not getingetting it no.

Anaeja Walker

I like it You guys should try different ways to escape the prison. Gamers on YouTube like jacksepticeye and markiplier loved the game ( that is if you ever heard of them)!!

Hori Tane

Perfect Absoultly amazing game love it just wish there was better graphics.other than that great!

Emma Probin

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it because when you askape...YOU ARE FREE AND YOU GET FREEDOM. Then you are in no trouble at all. You just play and askape. If you hate it you are a idiot because it is the best game I have ever played. P.S this is a true story.

Elisabeth Boudreau

No levels It's just after court he runs and tat is it but any way it was ok,good

Shawna White

Cute and fun game. I really like this game and after you find the way out it's fun to find what ways work and what ways totally didn't work. The game was very short though and I would love to see a game very similar that has more strategy and a longer story line but overall it is a fun way to spend five or ten minutes playing with this game. I got a couple of smiles out of it.

Michelle Salas

SO FUN FOR ME Im 8 and my brother is coming home today and with his WIFE now i have sister in law!

Tyler Indermuhle

It would be good but it too short in like the first 5 minutes of me playing it I passed the game

lps maddie

It's stupid Ok so when the cake comes everything is fine then later on the chase like there is nothing you can do about it and when I fail it says stupid stuff so you should fix this

Sajed Saleh

Amazing Dumb ways to survive cool

Bernard Pouw

Like it I love this free game but why the another one is not free? Please make it be free I WANT TO PLAY IT

Gabbie Marin

Funny I showed this game to my friend and she loved it! We couldn't stop laughing.

James Burley

Good luck on your website because of this email in a while ago I am writing working in with a the best best most best world most people will don't want it was a good day at work today and will have the a team of more information please about the it industry is not a intended only have a lot more to fun with to get the most best regards for your time and in my head life is a good day idea what to expect and will we get a chance to I have no clue how where you are interested in your email and eoe

Allyson Casquejo

THANK YOU FOR ADDING PLAY BUTTON!!!!! Before the update I had to wait until the game started and I saw a lot of people thought they couldn't play it because of that. Now there's a play button. I have only one thing to say now... THANK YOU!

Jared Yu

Good but There is just 1 problem, the problem is there is a page keep popping in my screen so i put 4 stars it was kinda fun but i dont like the page popping again. If there is no more popping pages i will rate you 5 stars. I will just check something there to stop popping that page in front of my face.

Nan Taylor

Funny! I loved it, and it only took me like 10 minutes to do all the unique fails and everything though.

Kaden Tran

This happened YOU should put the secret badge the joke badge and the wanted badge and the donut want badge I got all 18 fails

Xander Wilson

I gave it a three star because you can do so many things

Katauna Kitzmiller

Okay but bad I want to be able to make it out some times. Also,l want to fight the cops,a couple of times.

Amy Lee

It won't work It just keeps loading and loading I have literally been sitting here for 3 hours waiting for it to load.


Free To be honest I've played this game so many times including fleeing the complex, stealing the diamond, etc but I wish those games were free they are 99 cents but I don't have money set up on my phone but I understand that you need to make money just I wish there were like demos or something

Rebecca Bailey

I love this game series Played it to death on my pc glad to see it as an ap.

xDEADLYxGAMERx ?? William ?

It's short... It's a great and funny game but it's pretty short. I finished it in less then 3 minutes. So I know yall probably can't do anything but if u can then please do so. Til then I rate 4??

Clive Burgess

AWESOME! But... Like I said before, AWESOME!!!!! But, after having it for about a month whenever I tapped the bottom left (like the retry button on a fail) it did a weird annoying noise. Plz fix so I can play again. Great game:-)

Logan Allphin

Force close? So yes i know the three endings but it is fun to do im on a LG-L38C UPDATE THIS SO I CAN PLAY AGAIN

William Wrightington

Awesome but... Awesome but one problem... It is WAY to short. This game only has three endings where u escape. All three u only have to press about 7 buttons. It is really annoying so I give it 4 stars. Anyway this game is really fun.

Rebecca Heathcote

What. The f*** This is not necessary my children can't even play on it to short and boring I say to all u people to never download it I made a huge mistake

Andrew Curry

Booooooooooooooo Borrrrrrrrring. Most boring,short,terrible game I have ever tried in my life. So,TERRIBLE

John Luo

meh too easy all you do is cell phone then the bag or drill then crowbar then plungers or rocket launcher then left then foward then tap a lot of times giving 3 if longer. : )

BBswag 101

Too short It was fun and you really have to think but what wish it was longer it would be better if it was longer.

adele doherty

funny I saw youtubers play this so i thought i should get it an when i started playing it i started laughing ma head off! XD

Susu 1978

Good game but hard If u hate rage don't download it becomes hard after a while or youl look like this ?WHY would u shoot yur self in the head by a pipe with a roket loncher?!

dhrupadh lathikaran

Loved it I love playing it when it got over in between at very short span of time I really felt bad it's my request that please increase the videomaking more so that we can play more.... Humble request

Liam Windross

Loved it!!!!!!! I love this game it's so fun it would be good if you could make apart 2plz.I loved every bit about.Just try to make part 2 plzzz!!! I love it!?

CrazyGamer MLG

Awesome game Don't listen to the people who talk crap. One suggestion for future games, can you add breaking the bank? It would be cool to have the whole Henry series on mobile.

Wesley Young

Hilarious and fun When all you want is a mostly laid back curiosity killed the cat game this is it I'm for another please make a sequel to this one.Try it you can't go wrong with this game because worse case scenario you laughed a lot also smoking pot probably would make even funnier ssooo MIX AT YOUR OWN RISK (warning mixing may cause stroke or heart attack due to uncontrollable laughing) :-) also a lot of people rated low because they are sore loosers and couldn't figure out how to escape right off back but thats the point

funny jellybean

Awsome Im not sure about you but i realy enjoyed using the roket launcher! But it needs to be abit more chalenging.

Lydia Griswold

Awesome I really like this game I mean it is fun and there is 3 ways to get out of the prison I doubt that there are eny more

Jesus Reyes

So many choices Allowing you to make your own choice is where the fun is. Only thing that would make it better is more choices.

Tina Willoughby

COOLEST GAME EVAR Cool when Henry doges the bullets and breaks the gun and scares the other police

Jordyn Spavior

Yup, it's alright The game was really nice, but there should've been more options to lead for more types of endings

Creepium Shards

I love it! I've played every game in the series! The references are too much! Just like all of them, this one has the hilarious fails that make it unique! I really hope they make a sixth one!

gaming 7138


Luis Mares

Its action packed

Angie Moore

NO WAY It's very cool how you make choices and there are 3 games too!!!! :) and 3 ways to win the file, cell phone, and the drill. And too many fails to count. Great job pbu (pbu=puffballsunited!

Gregory Huerta

Short and hilarious About a 4.0 overall as I type this.sounds fair. I love this game, I Crack up at the funny fails and love the references I know in the game, if this is not your type of humor and you get no references, you won't like the game. Like watching a stickman fail miserably repeatedly? You'll like this game, if you don't, you won't. "it's too short" something I'm not concerned about.. I'm very sorry this game doesn't have enough content for the high price of FREE.

Liam Windross

Loved it!!!!!!! I love this game it's so fun it would be good if you could make apart 2plz.I loved every bit about.Just try to make part 2 plzzz!!! I love it!?

Melissa Bechard

LOVE IT!!! I love this game! It has a neat plot and trys to get attention from installers. Also, I don't really care if it is short! And I love the idea of the game itself! But really, it's a great game. ;)

Stockton Perry

Its not.lettting me uninstall short make it longer and let people uninstall if they want but it was a fun game

Gabrielle Blackett

Disappointment ? It's a awesome game but I finished it in like two minutes I mean really they could have at least made it four minutes?????

Ella-mai Hall

Ok..but needs more action Needs more stuff for ne to do not the gane on its own/its technically a movie

The Gameing Show

It is cool It is a great game and great to record for my YouTube channel.The people who say it is a bad game and are stupid and need to get a live

Kristen Cooper

AMAZING Thx for releasing all of these stickman games I love the graphics and gameplay well done game makers, well done!!!!

Eve Blackwood

LOVE IT SO MUCH I love when you fail and then you get a "compliment".SO AWSOMEE

Zoë Bartel

Too short of gameplay I saw DanTDM play this game on PC I think and it was pretty funny and it looked cool. I saw it on Google Play and bought it... I was preeeety disappointed. Don't waste your precious 30 seconds of gameplay time! There are just so many games out there that are better, even Flappy Bird. However, the funny fail screens make it only a bit better.

Peggy Hoxie

Good, but lacks content I liked this app, I liked the since I first heard about it, some of the joke are great, the fails can be hilarious, and the endings feel rewarding; ONE PROBLEM: too short. I literally completed the game 100% in 15min FLAT. Oh well, the sequels do give us much more content *AHEM* Fleeing the Complex *AHEM*, but this game is still fun and unlike the sequals IS FREE. (Seriously, Stickpage?)

Javier Arroyo

I know the badass way U have to use the drill then use the crowbar then go down then click the green arrow pointing to the wall then tap when it says I dumb assistance he'll I bet every body New that like wtf

Summer Jones

Cool Easter Egg If you use the jetpack then it has a fake fail, and it's really long, but it only gives you a few seconds to read it. Well, if you want to know what it says, take a screenshot when it appears, then look at the screenshot and read the text. This game is not LAAAAAAAMMΜMMMMEEEEEEE

Megz Lo

BORING all you do is see which one escapes sorry to disappoint but it's only the phone and the plungers that make you pass. ITS really boring. It's like you doing the same thing over and over and that's what's happening.?????

Jitty Lens

Game play too short Game looks great, just a shame there isn't more of it. Took all of two clicks and 5 minutes of trial video to complete one "not guilty" and maybe another 10 - 15 mins for the rest...

Tom McManus

Well made game! Ok, first of all, this game is good looking. It's really cool and the graphics are fantastic. I wish there were 100 stars! I can't stop playing this game. The whole series is great!

Kirby Callan

Horrible and short Ridiculously easy and a waste of space on my phone. I installed the app in hopes of a time waster. However, it was a waste of time but for ONLY 3 MINUTES

Alex Raphael

Stuck I get to the part where you choose between the grenades and the chair. I tapped the chair and then after Henry got into the pipe, I tried to tap one of the arrows and it didn't work. Plz fix and five stars for you.

JonathanM Josifovski

Awesome A message to the people who think it is too short: There is more than one ending. There is more than that terrible ending where you call a lawyer. That is the first ending I found because it was OBVIOUS. Try finding the more difficult, more awesome endings.

Raneem Mohamed

I guess its ok ÷l Why do you have to make games cost my dad's PIN card? he already used all his money pls stop making games cost PIN cards like infilltrating the airshp,steeling the diamond and fleeing the complex I am tired of buying games ÷(

Djan Min

Meh It's,well,it's kinda OK...The story is cool but it should have more objects and more levels.Maybe some daily challenges or something.I would recommend this,if you want to just play something that repeats itself alot tho.

Shadre Brown

It was good I guess but when you win there's nothing left to do but start over btw get the phone and when you go court you pick the bag with money but money is not actually in it its the bag that you hid in but you did not want to hide in it the police pushed you in it and another way you can win is if you use not driller or you can use the nail file so you have to flick the police men when you reach up the roof pick the plungers and you will win I give this game a thumbs up

Asa Douglas

I love this game this game is the best he ran on a wall and he done back flip the police shooting his gun fast and he pick up it and throw ed it so hard the gun went to bits.

Bryden Productions

Hmm Many people say this is boring, but if they made this game longer and just a tiny bit easier they would like it. Four stars = ☺

Tyler J

Why do people hate this It's a great game I have a lot of fun playing this

Quin S.

super awesome thanks for a game like this the only thing that I don't like it is so short that is all keep up the good work please and remember I will definitely download every escape game there is

Peter Carthy

Buggy Menu options don't even show up. Waste of time

Kasey Stickland

Kind of rubbish All the other escape the prison games u have to pay for so u just keep on playing the same one over again and using the same tools to escape ;(

Greville Stockil

Really bad Disappointed. Was looking forward to playing this game?

kittengamingyoutube fun

It's not Short or boring It's very very entertaining when I first played it with my friends I loved it so shut up haters cause this game is awesome

Radoslav Borisov

Cant play it .... Please help me. I dont know how to move/dodje the bullets. I've swiped my finger along the screen in every direction and nothing ...

A bit boring It was a very simple game took less than 5 minutes to do its an OK game but it needs to be more challenging

2FabSisters For Life

Amazing The graphics are sooooooooo cool! Its one of the best games ever! Also popularmmos (Via YouTube) played it as well,so go watch him play it and again so cool!

Yahye Ibrahim

Funny It's the best game ever created by a friend who has been checked the website for more details about our company profile for your help with this one was for a couple weeks ago then joy and happiness is the best regards to your account

Angela Stockley

Really short game Boring game. Too short,did the game in one.

Leon Arroyo

I rate it five stars because it is one of my favorite games all of you haters are dumb just cus it's short it isent bad it's a series

Domin8 panda

It is so funny love it so much make more like this This was the funniest thing I've ever played in my life

Marie Walsh

Hate hate hate it So board after playing it to easy to play

Divyansh Sharma

Crashed my smartphone Everytime I star game it crashes the system and resets it so I would like to have that problem solved!!!!

monkey lover16

4 Stars I really like the game but it gets too boring after a while and it's too short. So I say it's ok

Jasmine Hernandez

Greatest game Lots of twists and turns all stars hands down if you like puzzles this is the game for you love your games puffballs united

Neshat Tasnim

Glitched backgrounds I love the game but there is a bug that sometimes the background when you're playing this game the background is glitched

Laura Baxter

Ok It was ok but it confused me you could make a game like it but to get out of the school or princebles office

Isha Badaye

Awesome game but.... Too much talking in the court I wish there was a button to skip all the talking. Apart from this everything is okay this game is soo cool

Lekha Gupta Sethh

It is quite useless Shows nothing but static on the screen. Wasted my data down loading


Please improve It's nice I just can't get it to move every time the police officer tries shooting the criminal

Daku Wolf

Lol It's super funny especially with the jet pack ending, the drawings Contribute to the humor and the fail comments

Jan Wojdyla

The game is cool but if you play this game for a few days,you just uninstall the game. Another thing is that give mor style to the characters.

Marissa Catania

It's a great game I really appreciate when games have funny graphics and great voices of the same group working together and is there a #2

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