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16 Jun
Escape Story

Posted by Goblin LLC in Puzzle | June 16, 2016 | 93 Comments

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Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now!

We are happy to introduce you the first episode of the epic escape games series - Escape Story! In this episode you'll find yourself in the middle of the Egyptian desert. Let's see if you have what it takes to solve all the mysteries the story has for you.

↗ Amazing puzzles!
↗ Marvelous graphics.
↗ Intuitive game-play!
↗ Different locations.
↗ Constant updates of new rooms!
↗'s FREE!

Start your own Escape Story now!

Whats new

    ---> Can You Escape - Craft Out Now!
    ---> Minor bug fixes!

Goblin LLC part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 16, 2016. Google play rating is 87.3759. Current verison is 1.0.11. Actual size 51.0 MB.

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Melissa Lane

Great game so far but...... It keeps freezing up! And right when I figure it out, it shuts off!

Ernie Webber

Galaxy s4 So far the game is pretty cool. Its way better than them stupid "find the hat" apps out there. Good puzzles. Not too hard but not too easy. Plus a cool feature if you cant figure a puzzle out u can watch a video that shows hints.

Subhasish Rabha

Recommend it to all hidden object game fans It's really good game, the object combining and using was the one I specifically found best but the environment really feels unfamiliar. Though still I would rate 5...

Yvonne Washington

Really good Puzzles weren't too easy. They make you think. A pretty awesome storyline. Lastly, no issues at all; the game runs smoothly.

Sally Harrold

Liked until the bugs hit! As usual with these things, I'm going along fine until a certain level, when a bug hits and and something I know should happen, won't work. I check the help video to be sure and, yep, they show the action taking place, but no matter what I do, I can't get the action to take place, which means I'm dead in the over! Why can't there be a free pass or a one time each ten levels freebie or something so you don't have to completely quit?

Kelly Pennicott

Awesome game I love a good challenge and this game definitley is! Only downer is i dont like using a walk through if i get stuck which i did a few times.

Elizabeth Engebretsen

What is the issue!! I would love this game if it hadn't been for the fact that every time I try to finish a lvl I get a frozen screen and force close!! I am sick of all the games I download from you kicking me off.. I can't enjoy the game because I have to start the lvl over every time I get kicked!! How long will it take to fix this? Im about to uninstall this until there is an update and the bugs are fixed. I guess i go find another creator of escape games who doesn't kick off and freeze. Wtf!!

Amanda Miller

Not logical First few levels I really enjoyed. Around level 10,the logic to the puzzles make no sense. Normally you can watch a walkthrough and understand...really liked it at first....uninstalled due to unreasonable methods to escape.

Cardinal Biggles

Experienced will love it If you've done a few basic escape puzzles then this will get your brain working at the next level of trickiness. Some very tricky bits in fact, but all the more rewarding when you eventually get the solutions. Good help vid support

Julie L.

Loved it! Good game. Freezes a little but if you wait it catches up. It's probably the ads. It's a brilliant free escape game!

Jennifer Chambers

Loved it!! Lots of fun!! Challenging but not too hard!! Lots of levels, all for free!! No annoying ads!! Just a great escape game!! Definitely worth the download!!

Cheryl Waldron

Challenging, enjoyable but underwhelming storyline I enjoyed the puzzles and the graphics are very good. Some solutions seemed random but the puzzles made me think. The storyline, if you can call it that, didn't do much for me. Overall, I liked the game.

Nilsha Ketawalakumbura

So annoying! The game looks good. But everytime I start level 1 the game gets stuck and it closes. This is really get annoying

Tiffany Sharp

Ok game so far Agree with others as some clues don't make sense and then they disappear w/o using them. Also when I complete a level it doesn't automatically go to the next level it just sits there and I have to tap quite as few times on it for it to do anything. Otherwise good for the brain and challenging.

Rhonda Martinez

escape story I really like this game. The only problem i have is it wont go past level 15.

Pennie Hill

Needs work!! I am addicted to games such as this but I am with the rest of the folks on the review board... to many places to get stuck! There needs to be more clues that you can get in order to actually get the objective on some puzzles. 11,14 and then the final level with the wheel puzzle. THANKS YOUTUBE!! Fix the problems and would definitely give 5 stars!!

Debbie Heath

Not bad, a bit short, but fun and pretty... Not very hard, but entertaining. Thanks- Amanda Heath 32

Brianna Daniels

Fun This game was worth the download. I never experienced any problems what so ever. I recommend this game to people who love a challenge.

Dan Weathers

Best Free I've played yet. Best combination of difficulty and fun yet! Hard but decent puzzles on many levels, some quite thoughtful. Love the length and difficulty of the "hidden bonus level", but was a little bummed that doing it "wins "the game. Had to go back and play 15-18 again to finish normally

Gabriel Dias

Nice game It would be nice if you could add a name to the objects or at least to be able to zoom in each object because sometimes i just don't understand what they are.

Amy Lawrence

Deceiving! This game starts out as seeming easy, but it gets progressively harder, with the last level having many layers of puzzles to solve. I admit that I even had to cheat and watch some of the walkthrough videos to figure a level out! Very cool! Sad it's over!

Sarah Reece

Good game This is a good game so far I haven't had any glitches, and it includes walkthroughs which is useful when I get stuck

Amanda Loh

Great game. Its good to have walkthrough to helped on the confusing Egypt symbol. Haha. Overall its a fun ans good game. It should have more levels!

Jessica Ganzermiller

Addicting Great game but after an hour it was done.. not enough levels now i need to find a new game to play already

Chell Todd

Simply loved it! I enjoyed this smart, no-nonsense game that blends superb graphics into a simple & flawless interface. The diversity of each level is well-integrated with solutions that range from simple to jolting those lazy synapses connections.

Chrissy Girl

I liked it a lot, got stuck here and there but didnt cheat until level 18 lol.. Only one thing that really needs the music, needs to change to much same rhythm, becomes irritating...Other than that I wish the game was endless, really works my brain into a real But, your great and excellent work..Keep it up..I love the animation and the story....Very cool...Funfun....

Yumehara Kurumi

A very good game. I think it was fun, quite annoying how we got ads before the videos but still very good I think the game was great! It was fun how the clues were often quite hard. I flew through the first levels and now I'm stuck! It is great how we get a video to show us how to do it, but the ads before are very irratating

Jennifer E

Fun game Some of the clues don't make sense, but I had fun playing the game!

Chip Douglas

Great!!! I love escape games! This was Challenging when it came to some of those symbol puzzles and also hard to stop playing cause you want to figure it out.;-)

Mike Middlestead

Great fun Good way to kill some time. Not incredibly difficult but can't be completed without some thought! (and maybe watching more than 2 of the walk through videos ?)

Joyce C

I like it for the most part but the puzzles are ridiculous in the way they don't make sense on how to solve some of them.

Cathie Vishnevsky

Relaxing Excellent graphics, and the background music is atmospheric without being annoying. Good sound effects as well. A little easy-though not TOO easy, and refreshingly different from others of the genre. Fifth star for making the first decent tutorial I've ever seen in an escape game-so this would be a great for game if this is your first escape game. It's not my first by far, but still enjoying it..

Johnnie Ipock

Lots of funnn! Four stars instead of five only because some of the clues weren't really "clues" just random tapping and luck. . one room I'm not even sure how I got out of as I still had an item in my inventory I hadn't used. . so just a little confusing there but overall smooth game play awesome graphics!!. Item descriptions?? Some items are a bit alien so it can turn into random guessing. .

Julie Deery

Very enjoyable ,was great fun and not too difficult but also was,not to easy.

CNF Weber

Really well done escape game Puzzles difficult but not crazy. Never felt like i was pixel hunting or looking for item that made no sense. Good game!

Jie Han

escape story. pretty cool, loved the combination of clue and Egyptian theme. most important thing is that u don't have to buy clues so that once u really puzzled u still have help to keep u going. otherwise i would give up if i really get stuck

Elizabeth Stidham

I'm addicted to escape games, and this is one of the best i've played. The puzzles are challenging without being impossible and the graphics are awesome.

Brandi Cowan

Free This game was free. That said, instead of stumbling through trying to find where to go next there needs to be a smooth transition into the nest part of the puzzle. And instead of just showing the answers in a video a hint might be a better way to go.

Tasha Timms

mind boggling Great game not enough levels though please add more

Anshul Singla

Best ever i played Dis is undoubtly d best Escape game i ever played. Dis actually hv proper logics except in few cases. Must play if u love escape challanges.

Ken Nemeth

Too many ads You are constantly being bombarded with ads. Also you are unable to tell what many of the objects are... so you have a much more difficult time solving the puzzles since you dont know what the objects are. There is no text to help to discern what an object really is.

katherine clarke

Really enjoyed it Best game so far I've played. Managed to get all items for secret room WHICH you get to play. Totally free game and not so hard that you get fustrated and give up. Worth it.

nate hathaway

Enjoyable escape game with short tutorial Truthfully that's my biggest peeve is a long tutorial and usually quit playing cause I'm tired of waiting to get past that, thought this would be another but before I knew it I was playing, and actually getting the puzzles, its difficult but fun and figurable

Guillermo Bonachea

Nice and not too easy of a game. Love the game ! One of the best so far among escape games,yet not a fan of tapping everywhere to find hidden objects.The puzzles are awesome and they all made sense if logical thinking is used instead of common sense.

Joshua Eves

Escape story. Some clues, even after seen the walk through, we're baffling and beyond my logic. Frustrating!... but challenging.

K Sch

Level 10 glitch I've played this before so know what to do on this level, but I can't get to the top left box to put in the cat/color input to stifle the waterfall to climb the ladder.

Niki Rodriquez

Awesome Love it's easy but tricky and keeps me getting more of these games I like and it it don't pause or act out and when you get out the game it doesn't lose your place

Lisa T

Great game but... I'm a little confused on level 15. I found the secret room but had to stop and come back to the level. This time instead of choosing the secret room I went a different route and finished all 18 levels never getting back to secret room. I went back to 15 and played the secret room too. Not sure what would've happened had I not finished all 18 levels because as soon as I finished the secret room the game was over. I'm sure I wouldn't have missed out on 3 levels had I gone through the secret room at 15 1st?

Ashley Faltesek

It's really good but.. I 100% don't understand the puzzled with the colors. The pink and yellow, blue and pink, etc. I've watched the walk through on that part a million times and I'm pretty positive I'm doing the exact same thing and nothing is happening to get to the next puzzle. Edit: this is way too hard for me lol I'm usually good at escape games. Not this one. Not one bit. I had to watch the walk through on every level I played

Sea Chellz

Really enjoyed this one! A smart, no-nonsense game that blends quality graphics with simple, touch controls. Clever challenges range from easy to sufficiently hard enough to keep your attention, yet not so abstract that you have to keep notes ;)

Sue Masters

Fantastic! These games just keep getting better. The working out process is nothing else like I've seen before (for this genre), so original and not too difficult once you get your brain into gear (no ridiculous maths probs to work out). The sound fx are pretty cool especially the night/day level. Have fun people! Thanks again team Goblin ?

Kevin Siler

Good story Real challenging at times. Felt almost I had to guess, no clues

Andy M

It's ok FINALLY a total free game vs getting ½ way through and you have to buy the rest of the game, so 4 stars for that ? First few puzzles are boring, more random clicking than clues to figure out. I almost uninstalled the game. So only 2 stars for that. ? Average the two to get 3 stars.

Lily White

Fun and addictive But level 15 round sign and domino trials weren't clear so I just kept pushing the screen until I got the item. Besides that frustration, I liked the game! Looking forward to more levels.

K. Antum Alam

At least 60 rooms needed The game is very interesting & challenging. But the quantity of rooms are few. There is need improvements.

Irene Langholm

Entertaining and challenging without it being annoyingly difficult. Needs a LOT more rooms though. :)

Natalie Crone

Very challenging, great graphics

Sanjay Tiwari

It's actually very easy

Parithi Ezhil Mathi Elango

Too interested nd challenging Awesome graphics

Rosa Estevez


Elvin Alvarado

Some things have no clues. Not even in the videos. You have no choice but to watch the stupid videos in order enter a code.

Hazel Eyes

Dishonest App takes more permissions than disclosed when installing. Access other apps and takes data. Forces you to watch adds for hints, then never gives the hint. Downloads bloatware at alarming rates. Downloaded and deleted in the same day. Also, I was forces to give it a five star rating to enter a room. Waste of time.

Susie Q

Ridiculous Ads The game gives no clues to moves and you're forced to watch the help or sit and be totally frustrated. Ad after ad after ad. . .this game SUCKS! DEEEELETED!! Re: developers response:. Not true. I've been playing video games since the original pong, (which had no ads). The ads on your game are way more annoying than the average game ads. I realize you have to have ads to sponsor your game - but - find a new sponsor.

timber sullivan

Fun!!! Loved this one... multiple levels of difficulty and easy to navigate. Kept my interest with little to no glitches. 100% free with no hidden costs or 'try & buy' gimmicks. Highly recommended!

Stacey Phillips

Very challenging. Not easy like most escape games. Wish there were more levels!

maria amar

Great Wow I really liked this. A few glitches which caused me to have to restart a level. But overall great.

Ciber Tiger

Short! Expected little longer! Good graphics but for me. Some of puzzles didn't make sense! But still fun?

Kelly B

Good game I like this game so far even though I am only on 4th level, let's hope it continues


Sooooo interesting. I really like this game very much. But need more levels.

Rikka Hancock

More, more, more Easy enough to not frustrate, but just hard enough to make you think! Fun! The secret room is a great bonus.

Really fun. Walk through were a bit fast.

Jackie Rose

Pretty good I liked it. Some of the puzzles seemed a little random, but over all it was a good game.

Jerry Jewel

Level 12 L12 that art can't get selected for open key I can touch it but it won't trigger look like missing Anchor tag

Jaye Owens

Witty Challenging and witty! A careful eye is needed in many situation. Great brain stimulator.

Jennifer Berndt

Stuck Liked it but got stuck. Watched ads for hints that never came. Uninstalling.

Appu Raj

Good game But it's so early to ask ratings and opinion... so far good game ?

Joseanne Esper

Enjoyed it very much. The challenges varied which I liked. I wish there were more levels.

Kulwinder Dhaliwal

Great game Really makes you think. I loved it .... Very challenging but I wish there were more rooms.

Ginger Clements

Love it! Great game with very well-designed puzzles and good graphics. I will be looking for more from this group.

Rima Bouyounes

Great game, awesome graphics. Loved the additional bonus rooms

Roxanne Martin

Ok but very easy Took only 20 mins to get to level 9. Too easy to be enjoyable

Joanne Abulkhair

I really enjoyed it but sometimes I didn't understand the answers

Joseph Cunningham

Decent One of the better escape games but rusty lake still holds first

rαghαd msa

Amazing I saw this game in my sister's phone it's really amazing but add more levels

Charlotte Towers

Really enjoyable. Has better puzzles than most 100 doors that require more thought

Kathryn Thomson

Loved this little game. Puzzles were interesting and do able. Wish it had been longer though.

Lynn Ohlhauser

Problem solving at its finest. Played many of these games and this is one of the better ones

Mike Duswalt

Enjoyed it. Hard enough to make it challenging. Good job.

liam a

Not easy but not difficult loved it

Bharath G

Gud game.. there is no more clue

Chris Robillard

Awesome game This is an awesome game to play takes time but it's worth it.

kirsty wood

Won't allow me to uninstall

julia yeong

Really love this game! Interesting and challenging wish there are more levels

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