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8 Sep
Escape Impossible: Revenge!

Posted by in Adventure | Sept. 8, 2016 | 143 Comments

Apk file size: 34.0 MB

An escape game that takes you into a haunted house. The game is full of puzzles in a scary atmosphere.
Can you escape this place, it will not be easy I assure you! Are you up for the challenge?

An addictive and scary adventure game! We hope you will love it!

Escape Impossible:Revenge features:
* Awesome graphics and difficult puzzles
* Quick to learn, with hours of fun challenges
* Eye-catching and scary gameplay
* Ghosts and many more scary enemies!
* Hidden objects, locks & keys and more challenges await
* Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master

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    Minor update part of our Adventure and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 8, 2016. Google play rating is 83.678. Current verison is 2.5. Actual size 34.0 MB.

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Help The light u need to place in from of the mirror. to get the last piece of the bomb. isn't showing up my phone and I even picked it up. Any way u could help

lilac_fresh donna

oh so worth the annoying ads, which weren,t really that bad. by far the better of escape games. great graphics and back ground sound was tolorable to say the least. definetly try this challenging and fun escape game. hope they make more, thanks for keeping my mind occupied on a cold and dreary night.

Gustavo Alcarde

Pure Addware This game is a piece of rubbish plays ads every 10 seconds don't waste your time or money on it

Evangeleen Joseph

Awesome! Amazeballs! Graphics were meean. Lol the skull where you use the knife to stab the thing on the altar freaked me out! Had to use help, for it seriously challenged my thinking! But question, soo is that all when you blow the house up? Any more after that or do we have to download another game?

Vonetta Medlock

Challenging!!! This is a very nice change from traditional escape games. Instead of trying to figure the way out of rooms one at a time, you must escape an entire house by picking up everything you need from multiple parts of the house and lawn and then piecing together how it's all related. I finally got my rhythm once I mastered the commands of the board that contained the weapons, clues, and puzzle pieces. So, save yourself a lot of time and despair and do the same! And, yes, the graphics are better than most other escape games. A solid five stars!

Anne T.

Spectacular Kept me thinking the whole time. Best graphics and escape game I have played so far. I have played a lot. Did not have to mute annoying sound effects and music as I usually do. Story line pretty well made sense. Pop up ads were not too annoying . Keep them coming. Thanks. Highly recommend.

Izzy Bohling

Stuck There's no other hints or clues to tell you what to do after you have a received the Scepter from the warlock? I'm completely stuck going over every room for something i missed and not getting anywhere.

Angela R

Good escape game, but.... Game is good. Some challenge and thinking needed. But. While I do understand the need for ads, and expect them in a free game, the ads in this game are obnoxious and a pain. (and before you suggest it, I shouldn't have to turn off wifi & data service just to play) They pop up every 2 mins, and are not able to be skipped if they're a video. So, don't expect to get into a good rhythm, and do expect to spend a lot of time waiting and watching the same 10 second videos repeatedly.

Katie Mager

Amazing loved this one...... ads not bad at all download this game u won't regreat it promice there is no direction but once u start playing u get the hang of it the only thing I hate not long enough got this done in few hours.... but nice game!!!!!!!!

June Parke

Great, loved it. One of the best games have played lately. Disable wifi and you dont get any ads and if youre stuck dont need hints, just go to youtube for walkthrough. Most of it can be worked out with bit of thought, just couple more tricky bits. Need more games like it. Would really recommend :).

Dee Luvly

Niice.. Omg..I finally finished!! Overall I loved the game. It took me all day on & off to get her done, but wew! Graphics & scary creatures were great. Its addicting altho I gave up a few times in between cuz its the type of game with no direction so I found myself just tapping away on my screen hoping to find clues. Certain parts were very frustrating, however it's all doable. Items that are collected may not be in order it'll be used. Will look for more from creator, just please have more of a

jennifer layongan

love it easy,smart graphic. when I play this game for the first time it is so challenging.I really like this game because that ghost makes me scared haha but it is so fun hope will be another escape impossible revenge2 soon

Sue Masters

Loved this game Would've given 5 ★s but it crashed three times -- altho when I did go back into game it had saved phew!! It was a bit dark for a few rooms but overall the concept is excellent!! Definitely keeps your brain switched on - It woke me up at 'stupid o'clock' this morn and I figured out a code lol. Thanks team looking forward to your next escape game(s) :-)

Nazbin Nahar

Great game This game is really great. And I think,at the end,dynamite should burst even player is near to least,player should be suggested to run away. Clues should be given free. Other than this,this game is worth 5 stars.

Ken Hunt

Awesome!! Need more escape games like this one!! But just an FYI...there is an exact duplicate of this game called Zombie House-Escape. Not sure if they ripped you off or not

dimis papatrexas

Very good escape game app The game is very good has logic and makes you use your brain. You people that complaining about the popups have you thought to disable your wifi or data? The game is still running without internet and you wont get annoyed by ads. So next time before you start whinging about something make sure you are doing it fot the proper reason.

Alex Mcmillan

Really complex It's great fun. Good sounds and music and a lot to do. Actually kind of difficult to figure out which makes it fun. I wish you had a few more hints because I got stuck a lot with no obvious clues as to what to do next. Also the keypads are hard to figure out. Besides that, it's a well thought out game.

Vicki Black

NOT IMPRESSED-DONT WASTE UR TIME Very misleading, how can you advertise as a "FREE" game when it is definitely NOT! Had to use apparently the only hint now cant go any further! I love these games, this LOOKED fun but some places are so dark all you can see is the yellow hint key, but no help unless you buy more! takes up to much space not to be able to play a "free" game without buying hints from the get go, do you not know the meaning of FREE! All the ungodly ads should pay for a few more hints or atleast walk throughs, ugh!

Cassie Calder

One of the best! Absolutely one of the best escape games I have ever played... and it's free! The ads are definitely tolerable and do not take away from the clever puzzles and challenging problems yoy are faced with. No force closes. Great game. 2 thumbs up.

pokwang rara

TOO MUCH OF ADS This game is so addictive. But every 60 seconds a pop ads come out.

Cardinal Biggles

Good riddance Unusual and awkward user interface was not easy or intuitive, but the main reason I am uninstalling this is the overwhelming flood of ads, marketing junk, and the excessive greed. I expect some of this in a free game, but this is just too much, too intrusive, too irritating. You even have to buy the hints! To list this under free games is misleading.

Claudia Martin

Broke, Broken, Busted I played it before, but before I began listing problems, I decided to give it a second chance. No, didn't wipe my prior save. Started new game from fresh start. No pickax!? The key map was there...found the shotgun shell/key easy. But can't get in the door past the skeleton w/out the pickax. So, I wipe the played game and start over. There's my lovely pickax. Then, couldn't get past the giant magnifier in the mansion's front yard to get the key/shotgun shell. Now, it's missing or blocked! I call this an "In the front door problem" when you can't even get in the door. It was a twisty game, OK, If You Can Get In, but relaxing, no. You need a piece of paper and pen to keep track of clues. Involving & distracting, yes. I'll save and try again (re-review pro renata) as it plays...or doesn't.

Jose Santiago

Awesome I am normally good at games like this.. but this one had me thinking.. which is good because it didn't make it boring.. definately one of the better escape games out there.. can't wait for the next one.. was really impressed.. game play was good and manageable.. graphics were awesome

Nehareeka Rayat

Good but confusing Its really confusing as to open a lock u need to go back To where u began.. But this certainly adds to the escape puzzle.. Overall, not so good, not so bad..

Fauline Simanjuntak

Recommended! People who like escape games should try this game. The graphics is good. The ghostly ambiance, especially sound fx, makes it kinda creepy. It's a bit hard, but there's "cheat" :D. It'll keep you hooked. But the ending is disappointing. It'll be better if there's a little story, like why is the character there, monolog by the character to give clue to players on what to do, and some ending narration. When I end the game, I was like, "what? that's it??" But overall, this game is highly recommended!

Jan Hutchins

I LOVE AND LIKE THIS GAME It cool and all though I have a hard time finding things it still cool but it could have more hits instead of 1 or 2 or 3 it should have 100 hints and the hints should be free we shouldn't have to buy them so you can play and find things that are hiding but I know that will never happen I need help I can't find haw and a rock and wood yo make a fire and I used my hint on one door that said you need a nail filer to open up door it driving me crazy trying to find them I might just uninstall

Tom Collins

Not bad The good things: I like the puzzles. Kept me entertained for some time. The bad things: Popup ads every 2 minutes with no notice so you often click on the ad by mistake. Some things only trigger when you hit a very precise spot. This isn't good design since you're clicking everywhere trying to see what works. Had to look at a walkthrough to see that I had to hit a spot I had already hit many times, only go a few pixels to the left. Screen too dark, even at full brightness.

Ruby Rogue

Excellent A fun, challenging brain teaser that encourages you to use logic to solve the creative puzzles. This game is full of wonderful artwork and the music is not irritating. Best of all, it truly is free, no hidden costs and not a demo asking to pay to finish the game. I didn't need the hint, but you get one for free and have to buy additional hints. I didn't mind the ads at all, small price to pay for such a great game. Hopefully we can look forward to more like this!

Cody Millsap

Perfect puzzle game Runs great, challenging, decent length. Just a bummer it wasn't longer and there aren't any other games as good. 5stars worthy.

Andrea Ring

I hated that it ended! This has been by far the best game that I have played. The challenges and puzzles were excellent. The graphics were awesome. The music went along well with everything. I hope they come out with another game similar to this one. Please let me know if you do! Thanks this was a lot of fun.

Darcie. Anderson

I think I would like this game better if I could understand it more. Iv been stuck the last two days. Haven't been able to put things together, nothing goes with anything and I'm not finding anymore clues. Honestly I'm not going to pay even a quarter for a couple hints! You should automatically get one here and there when it recognizes that your completely stuck. I don't know how much more EXACT you want a person to be when trying to find and pick up things. I missed a few things because of that when I've tapped th3 area a million times over

Connie Jacobs

Pop ups! Seems like a good game but pop ups every thirty seconds are annoying! A few less intrusive ads and will be 5 stars!

jay angelica ramos

Great! Getting frustrated but seriously no walkthrough as much as possible huhuhu...loving it..

Ricardo Salmeron

Based on the picturse, this is the same as escape the house: revenge. I just now downloaded it hoping it is the same: So it was what I expected it to be so it is so worth downloading it and i beat it already

Scott Ackerman

Great graphics but The game is hard to follow and hint wasn'thelpful. Then you have to pay for more hints. I did stick with it and finished the game. Need explanation of how to work controls. Once I figured the map function, things started to fall in place. Paying for hints forces you to work harder which isn't all bad. Good true maze puzzle game. You just have to check everything for changes.

Tara M

Great One of the best escape games. Super unique. Takes about an hour to complete. Ends very abruptly and there are some rooms we never get to see which bugs me.

ahonx syarief

Only 1 level? Really? I don't know with the others but when i finished level 1 there's no more level to play. Now i have to uninstall it. Too bad. But I like this game, so i give 4 stars

Olja Sulja

Just 1 hint and if you dont use it its going a waste.Rearange that,so that hint can be used in later time,or just placed more of it.othervise it would be 5 stars

Nancy Larie

No guidance on what to do next! You only get 1 clue for free! Besides that it was good but thank God for YOU TUBE!

Kat D

Awesome... Yes, there are lots of ads but how else would they give us a free game? It was well worth it. Good puzzles, challenging and fun :) Thanks, keep them coming!

Shante Tyler

Stuck Would give the game five stars if the key I had to put together actually worked on the door!Unfortunately,everytime I tap on the door,it makes a rattling sound as if it's not the right key.Can someone help me out plz?I've put the key together.Just need to know how to open the freaking door so I can get past this section.Thanks

Marina Young

Good graphics, soundtrack is good nice changes for atmosphere and solutions to tasks are interesting.not keen on having to shoot, hack and slay - pure puzzle solving, having to reason would be more positive. Really liked the incidental visual details shows a lot of thought went into the making. Ads seem to be a necessary evil. People cant work for free so if you dont pay game makers have to earn a living so ads not a problem for me. An enjoyable game sit back and enjoy :)

Ruchi Money

Good Nice game but few drawbacks. You'll have to assume everything. Bottle which could be misunderstood as piece of glass, bullet as batteries, and few other things. It would have been better if tags were given.

Ayumu Panda

Annoyed I love it but im annoyed from the ads cuz it covers the arrows so i cant press it to go to the next room which means im stuck!!! Plz fix dis issue

Marcia Larson

Boring. If you need hints to play then this game for you. Be prepared to pay for them. Not a challenging game.

Paula Basnett

Great game!! Challenging and confusing enough to make you really have to think. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Tamara Coan

A Real Winner! This was such a fun game with awesome graphics! It really challenged my brain. Some of the puzzles were almost too hard. I would have liked if there were free hints because a lot of times things were not so obvious. Definitely an entertaining game! What you are producing is quality so keep them coming!

tala farraj

Amazing game ! I LOVE this game ! And the fact that the hints aren't free kind of forced me to find the solutions myself, which made the game much more fun to play. BUT all the continuous asking for money for hints are distracting, can you remove them please?

Mahesh Sachu

I recomend evry1 2 hve a try Graphics super........ I suggest u more clues....... But its the best ecsape game.....I played

Jessica BurningLeather

Good game! Cheated a few times but super addictive and fun!

Kim Wachholtz

escape impossible a little anoying how many × u have to tap. it is fun though.

Adam Parmenter

Insanely Addictive Once you start playing, you can't put it down until you finish...

stacey house

Stacey I'm stuck! I really love like this game. It uses a little bit of everthing. I will rate again later. Still stuck. Refuse to pay for hints. Beautiful game but hard.

Cliff White

Game Player I enjoy playing this game, I have played it so many times & never get bored. I will always highly recommend this game.

Elena Lim

Turn off connection! Played it three times after some time, It's that good! Brilliant game! Beautiful scary pictures! If ads are annoying you turn off internet connection and voila ads don't appear anymore. Enjoy the game!

Dana Lewis

Great graphics but the continued asking for money for hints is distracting

Jamane Goolsby

Keeps the brain real busy but it's hard if u don't take ur time nd use common sense

Marie Humby

Thanks I really enjoyed this, what else have you got

Ashel Revy

Great game! Challenging if you don't use hints Hints cost money but it's more challenging not to use them. Oddly, there is no "Escape Impossible" prequel game. You can turn off data if you hate ads.

Beverly Boardman

Could not move objects. Eg key scroll .did not understand clues

Abhijeet Rautaray

Superb game-"patience is required" It just test hw gud u r in solving things, it's a game of patience,and it does prompt for hints, but guys u can solve it with out hints just the way I did...

Derrick Austin

Not bad Just didn't know I would pay for hints. Would like more free hints from time to time like watching a video or posting to a social network to gain hints too.

Walter Selke

Been fun Challenging enough to keep you going

Apoorva Swaroop

Nyc game This is a nice game but a bit dark... so it's hard to find anything easily... n no hints makes it harder

S Laskoczech

Great, until it didn't work It was actually pretty enjoyable, until the screen suddenly refused to rotate, ever again, so that you couldn't see half the screen, select play, etc

Kiran Khan

Fablouse game i've evr played loved it

Jason Blower

1 of the best I've played in a long time.

Muhammed Salman

It has to much ads so I cant play

Jeff B

Its ok Just need a way to get more hints

Christy Tolliver

Still figuering it out Hard not to use helps. They cost

Corne Kruger

Stuck. Don't want to pay for hints. Why can't we get new hints in every new room?

Rentsanthung Shitiri

Wow ! Highly recomented 2 evry1.

Crystal Su

Good game Can be challenging if not having similar games from the same author. All the scene and codes are the same from their other escape games. Difficulty level: 4 (hard) if never play other game from same developer, 3 (intermediate) if had their games before.

William DeBlois

I have always loved mind puzzles like this. One of the best ones I've played yet.

Evy Sparks

Hhm House looks identical to one of my other games I played EXEPT this game sucks more

Amanda Spencer

I loved it besides it only took me 24 hours to complete


I am uninstalling. Never got the game to in freeze from the start.

Anupreeta Singh

OMG Such a nice game never seen before!!!!!!!!!!! But u have to pay for the hints that's bad

Crystal Meadows

Confused How do you get past the first monster???

Myles Lee

Rather short I don't get the globe one, and some doors are useless?

Kayenne So

Creepy, but fantastic! Not a fan of horror and suspense shows... so this was quite creepy for me. But the game itself is great!

Nenette Flores

Challenging!! Finished w/in d day :-) Worth the game, though too many ads popping up :-)

Matthew Terranova

Horrible game You can't figure out a lot without paying for hints which I refuse to do. Deleting right now!!?

Aryan Haghparast

Fine... Descent screen play and graphic but relatively short.

Aaliyah Brincat

Rellly nise game wasnt so hard for me but i loved it

Leslie Cooper

Didn't get my hints I bought 5 hints and it took my money off my Google account but I never received them. Not to happy!!

Zein Triwibowo

Confusing Love it so much, challenging my kids ???

Harriette Ashcroft

great great game very good puzzles liked how different items found and used together. but needed to be longer that only reason for 4*.

Evelyn Burnett

Fun! I liked it. It's a little less cheesy than other escape games (graphic wise), and it was challenging. I thought it was pretty fun!

Joanne Smith

Great game If you like puzzles this is a good game. I don't think it was easy but I really enjoyed it. The ads are a bit annoying but its a free game.. I'd prefer the ads to paying tbh.

Danny McQueen

Lots of fun Not too hard not too easy. Had to YouTube it a couple of times but that's cause I got lazy. Play off line and see no ads.

Iain Buglass

Loved it Great game..some adds but the ones that don't stay on for minutes!! Good graphics and long game play. Much better than some of the cheap and nasty ones out there.

Melissa Ravens

Fun and Challenging A little more challenge than the usual escape games.

Anthony Baranco

Fun game, but I purchased the no ads version and still got interrupted by ads

Abi Mahesa

Love this game Its so addicted, well for all I m really enjoy this game

rocking sonia

Love it It's so nice but too difficult,please you suggest me a guide of this game

Azlina LovesBaking

Simple Anyone can go through this game ✌✌ it's totally easy and love it.. anyways if it's too easy and played too many times, be careful.. it will turn out to be boring. ?

Melle Palmer

Same As Another Escape Game Super rediculous to have a duplicate. Other is called Escape ghost Villa.

vaibhav jain

vry nice game...maza aa gya... 5 hints free Karoo

aaqib ayub

Hay guys where do I find that bomb with alarm clock help me

Nivine Saleh

Really really good game... will keep you entertained for a good few days. It's not too easy, it takes alot of brain use to try and figure some things out. The whole game is free too. Really enjoyed this one xx

A Google User

Good game but I think u should be able to watch a video for hints instead of paying money. So I'm taking it off my phone

Barry smith

Ads made it impossible to play. Trying to work out a clue or puzzle and an ad would pop up, usually a video ad. Not occasionally, but every couple of minutes. I have paid for many games and other aps, it helps the dev, but I felt with this game I was being bullied into paying to remove ads. The game so far is not that great, so I'm uninstalling it and will avoid further games by this dev.


ads i would've rated it 5 stars, if not for the countless ads that kept on popping up as i was playing. the game itself was good, but would be better if the ads would not pop up so much

Arishba Rizwan Arishba

Catch I jlh km go FCC CVS BBC xvmnvv

Junie Apaling

This game is one of favorite. It is logical and brain storm.

Dwi Ns

Uninstalled, too many ads..

Jackie Langley

Perfectly challenging! By far the best escape game I have played.....and I have played a lot of them.

Maria Yousaf

Love it.. really challenging

Gail Menzies

hard to know what to do and what to use items for

kamal medhat

Its awsome

David Curtis

Very fun and challenging

Alina Kazachok

If not mistaken the same as escape game:dangerous game by BBX game team in Google play. But better graphics

Gage Stepek

Challenging Very fun game! Quite a bit longer than I had thought it'd be. Graphics are nice too and puzzles are quite challenging. One thing I wish is a way to earn hints instead of only getting one, and then having to pay for more. I'd gladly watch a video ad for 1 or 2 hints. Great game devs! Add videos for hints and you get 5 stars from me!

Jessahfer Seroje

Nice Game Great game! But I finished the game without unlocking the other 2 doors. I wonder how to open those doors? The one in the living room and the one inside the television. I watched the walkthrough on youtube but it also finished the game with 2 unopen doors.. hmmm...

suraj gupta

Was a great game...! I like the way this game was designed. I was stuck only to find the gems but got them soon. It is a simple and short game where we have to apply our brains. Want more good going games from you all.

Enigma Heslop

Slendrina was more scarier..i love escape games but not this one,very difficult and not scary at all..

Sadatislam Snehan

Sadatislam Snehan I liked it but it is not a cup of tea,,,,,,,..... very difficult...................

Craig Salzman

I played this before under another name

phanindra babu

The game is good but , how can we play complete game with just one hint

Anil Nava

Very good. Very tricky.

Fahmida Sultana

I love it It's so amazing. I love it. I finished the revenge

Ellie G.

Constant ads & not-so-helpful yet pricey hints tarnish this otherwise decent game. The ads keep popping up mid-game so you're likely to click on them and get taken somewhere else. The hints are also not just expensive, they also just show you what to do in a specific location instead of telling you how to unlock the location in the first place. If it weren't for these things, this would have actually been a more enjoyable game to me.

Stephen Waters

Ok The game itself is quite good but the game keeps closing down on my Xperia for no reason, which is very annoying. You have to buy hints at about $1.20 for 2 hints which is expensive and if you do use a hint it only shows you a picture of the location you need to do something with no explanation of what to do. I would of rated 5 stars if it wasn't for those problems.

timber sullivan

Similar to their others, but still fun They have many games that are extremely similar with a few slight changes. So far, I've played four games that are nearly the same but they are still very enjoyable. Great effects and graphics that are quite addicting.

Monique Body Obsessed

Awesome Besides all the adds but you get it out the way quickly, it is very challenging, and tips cost because want you to think first by yourself and not too quick to rely on the the free tip in the beginning because it was free. You feel like you accomplished more on your own im problem solving than if you used the tips...

Steve Murphy

Pretty crude Very flat graphics feel crude. Game play is hard to judge because you are interrupted all The time

Miss Bhojani

Nice game but there should be more free hints not for buy plz & there is in jar no keys other part ...wihch shown in hint

Tabassum Malik

M stucked in next world of mirror dont know what to do with the sword please help ....

Max R

Same old crap. I'm not sure how many times this game has been posted here...

Dre Day

Absolutely love it but.... I hate how often the ads pop-up but the game overall is great and challenging

Jennifer Blankenship

Escape Impossible Revenge Terrific game.Loved the graphics,the riddle's and puzzles.. please more games like this!!!

Syrita Simms

Too many Adds There is just too many ads. It's hard to get into the game.

Kusuma Kumaraswamy

I love you I am looking for a few days ago by the way to get the best way for a while to reply to you. You can find out more, but I am a


Challenging but solvable So fun. I'm happy I figured it out finally.

Nivin Antony

Super revenge Its mind blowing game awesome puzzle

Linda Waller

Doesn't make clear how to play


Shakeel Howe we find insulation tape in first stage.we didnt find.plz tell me

Taiwo Ogunlesi

Interesting I love this game mhen....tricky though buh with the help of answers on google was able to escape???....✋stars


Nothing but great It was wonderful

Vicki Wagner

Not fair Not fair for you to charge real money for hints, never saw a game like that...uninstalled.

Pamela Anderson

The Room This is just a copy

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