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8 May
Escape Haunted House of Fear

Posted by DVA Apps in Puzzle | May 8, 2015 | 80 Comments

Apk file size: 43.0 MB

Escape Haunted House of Fear

Mystical house with puzzles, hidden objects. Your goal is to find a way to escape this haunted house and save your friend who was kidnapped by monsters!

This scary house has monsters, riddles and difficult puzzles. Collect keys to open
the door, remember numbers and solve puzzles.

Only chance to survive is to find how to escape this scary house full of secrets...

The Sequel to the best House of Horror game on Android! Welcome to a world full of nightmares!

To finish the game, you will need to collect all items in the rooms.

Features of Escape Haunted House of Horror:
- Classic Point and Click adventure game
- Scary atmosphere
- High quality music
- High quality and Realistic graphics
- Compelling layers of mystery
- Lots of ghosts, monsters and zombies
- Addictive and challenging rooms
- Awesome Point and Click game
- Tricky puzzles and innovative brain teasers
- Search for clues and solve difficult equations
- Escape from this mysterious mirror
- Challenging puzzles.
- Simple and easy gameplay
- You are in danger! Escape NOW!

Download NOW the best adventure game on Google Play!

DVA Apps part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 8, 2015. Google play rating is 73.9284. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 43.0 MB.

Download escape-haunted-house-of-fear.apk 43.0 MB


Carrie Perrine

TERRIBLE. WORST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS AT ALL. IT TAKES UP 60MB OF YOUR PHONE SPACE FOR NOTHING!!!! Its just a rip off from another game. You can't pick up anything at all. You just have random scary people jumping out at you!!!

lulay lulay190

Escape Haunted House

Alice Macaulay

Whats it about Oh please this is well below google come on get a grip does anyone ever try these so called games dont think so

Rownak Ara

Please I can't find the key Please make a hint I will rate five stars

Little Love

This is the best, but it's so hard! At least some hints? Some of the ghosts scared me, but this is fun, scary, and hard! Love it!

Lily Barnes

How do you beat the game????? Hellllllp!! Anyone please

Lilly Hughes

Bad game! No ryhme or reason to this-just tap tap tap.

Jerry Alvin Codinera

Great Game >.< This game is so scary guys, check this out


OMG!!! one of the best games ever I got scared a bit but great

seema dayal

Stay away from this game it is so boring I hate this game It is only and only waste of time DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS AT ALL

Diana Kayatani

Do not download Takes up too much memory and hard to download. Don't waste your time


? The key is at the right side

pooja koduru

Hated it. What kind of a game is this. No reason of playing this worst game. Just tap tap tap

Theabird 1²³ Theabird12²

Awesome game ever? This game is really fun!❤

jasper jewelly

is amazing

Sally Dengate

Terrible - No point to it Waste of space game LITRALLY !!

Athena C00p3r

I disliked it.. it wasn't very fun. It's kind of difficult and it's really dark there is like no atmosphere to it. The sound affects kinda suck but some of the door sound affects were cool and it's cool how there are sound affects to most of the things you click. Some of the paintings were cool.. and the jump scares were terrible.. besides that I wouldn't recommend it.

georgia farmer

Real hard I cant find "the friend" ive had this game for about 3 montthes and go on it alot and i cant vind him/her any were???? Hint llease

Fern Calhoun

Where's the boy At the end when u get to the basement and open the door a girl with a axe comes out and kills u no other way maybe the boy is dead?also to many adds and super boring don't download

Lubna Muhammad

Bad I don't like this game. So boring , bad quality and stupid ghosts etc

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

What's the point? Never could find the basement, too hard, and no hints. Could use improvement. ..namely hints, or a discernable point to the game other than just wandering around.

Debra Scott

Loved it Easy enough puzzles. Like a game thats not too easy but move forward. Great game. Must play!!

Anna Meadows

This game sucks! You just walk around occasionally find a key....its boring..I wouldn't download it!

Mrs M

Very good game Would have been five stars had there been any hints, I'm finding it really hard without.

Cassi Alba

Annoying Looking all over the place and its just a bit boring, also far too many ads that you accidently click on

Nancy Vegas

Rip off I get that you need to put ads, but this game is interrupted every five seconds. It looks terrible and it makes no sense

Hayley Marshall

Don't even bother downloading It's just crap... I can't say anymore....

Ana Hart

Escape Haunted House Of Fear Your resources SCAMMED me into thinking this game was FREE when in fact THERE IS A PRICE just to play the darn thing.. so it appears.....NOT FAIR TO THE PUBLIC! ! !

Yuki Cross

I know the answer! The women with the axe in the basement , you have to kill her by clicking on the light decoration over the women with the Axe. Then the final door opens ,and you find your friend dead! AND SHE KILLS YOU! END?

Stephanie Solomon

its hardd. i cant figure out how to find the basement. its all dead ends. help pls. how do u get to the basement?

Jaezah Sabreen

Can anyone say how to go to basement but anyways its a bullshit...idiotic hints..nothing ..useless ..waste of time. Pls guys dnt download. .

abhishek chakraborty

Need hints Atleast one. Cz m stuck at d basement. Where the ghost attacked and I didn't found any way to escape frm thr. Thts a dead end. Pls hlp

Ivy mendonza

Senseless.!! Bullshit! Can't even find the basement.. just a boring game where you have to keep wandering and you won't find a darn thing! Please don't download!!

Keith Brokaw

Love it I have spent 100000mb for all my favrit games

Tajuddin Haque

The Ghost with axe. When the ghost will come twords you see upper side .you will see athing try to drop that on the ghost.

Crystal Cantu

Good but hard I mea its good but i dont understand whats going on in the basement when that woman comes out with the ax its confusing its a dead end

Nathan Thomas

Junk An ad every minute. Can't enjoy the game. Ads also auto load webpages. Annoying. Uninstalled after 5 minutes.

quarterroy johnson

Nice It was great but wasn't scary but still 5???

Stephenie Pence

Like it but... I really like this game but it kinda gets boring after a while. Also I can never get past the second floor

Vlad Morris

Terrible Too many ads. And it always freezes and force closes.

Qairyulneesa Natasha

HINTS!!!! Hints i'll rate ya 5 stars

JM fitzgerald

Don't bother. Ads every 5 seconds

Halim Nurcahya

Boring This game is not scary, just shocking and boring. No difficult puzzle and almost no brain needed to play this game. Just find the key and you will play about 2 minutes to the ending.

icy6399 icy1234

This was scary I like all the mystery's ?

Jessica Borras

... Can't figure out the point of this game...

Swagsy ProKiller

Awesome!!!!! I really like the game!But pls make House of Fear-Escape!Please

Muhammad Waleed

Its a stupid game It does not work or download

Bhargavi Devi Cherupalli

Love it Actually how to find his friend

Max R

Crap Not an escape game. Just some dull crap

Gunta Ozolina

Boring game Nothing to do just click through the rooms! And adverts so often disturbing!

Isis Yhanes

Easy EASY past it in 2 days with my cousin just have an open mind Goodluck

Zubair Shaikh

No hints Yyyyyyy ? Bakwas without hints

Johnnie Elliott

Its cool Its really fun but its really confusing I got pretty far but then I had to go do something once I got back I went to go back to it and none of it saved when I tried to redo it it was all changed up


Am a youetuber I need more hints and how you can take it into the basement or have or have got to where you get to the hanging man and the bath and the bedroom I have no idea to do I make a YouTube series of this and if you want to see my YouTube channel don't click the one with like the picture on the same chick that one was another picture that is green that's my YouTube channel

Javeria Ali

Beware children Hi kids plz do not download it its not for ur age u will have night mares only if u can take care

Lilyann Hampton

Horrible It's so bad like where is the basement anyway DO NOT DOWNLOAD it's just a waste of time .....PS if u want people to download it include some hints!!!;)

Andrea Chen

Completely buggy game. Step backwards out of the house and you have to pick up the key again to get back in... Have not yet found any actual puzzles to solve. Backgrounds ripped off from another developer's game.

yogita ratre

Nice game A girl come with a Axe you can kill her with lantern . I am not scared that's so boring game . The friend was killed

joe baker

Did not like this one. It's like I digital see and say.. The bed goes squeak, the zombie goes moooan.. No real game play here.

Aliya Alam

Aliya alam Very very very very horror, scare to play this game. Amazing.but I can't find my friend.

George Ellas

A lot of work put in to it but not that good Adds every 30 seconds, too much stupid popping zombies and crap that make no sence at all uninstall

Jan Antonie van der Merwe

Loved it Ifs a little bit hard.. but i loved it .....its very nice but only 1 problem can you give us just 1 hint because its very hard .....thx goodbey

christina byars-cates

I like it I like it but can't get past the web looking thing I search the sec floor and first floor but when I go outside to search the web part it won't let me so I'm repeating game cause no sence to keep it if u can't go on


Way too dark. Can't see much. Clues would definitely help.

Niña Nixie Milan

I hate it because i cant go to the other door when i read "i think my friend is there" i cant go to that door dont install this guys

mohsen acc

Hating Oh!!! What is it? Is this a game? It is a click click click. Tuch everywhere then you will win.

Sidra Jahangir

I love d it but where we have to go i was finding the basement where is it

Laura Childers

Worst game Poor design, ads continuously pop up during the middle of game play, there is no sort of direction on where you need to go and no hints to help you along....waste of time downloading

Alina Kazachok

Very annoying adds almost every 15 sec. Not much challenging, but kind of disgusting and dark.

Jackie Reyes

Easy found the friend when u get to the basement a girl with a axe comes out theres a chandelier touch it and it kills the girl and the friends are dead when u find them so good luck

Craig Baugh

Why isn't there a 0 star option? Let me just say this is the WORST game I have ever played. First of all where is the dumb basement? Also who is scared of those things popping up at you every time you enter a room? I mean seriously, I laughed during this game! And those people who are saying this game is too scary, are you kidding me? A 3 year old could play this and not be scared! And they don't even give you dumb hints! And an ad pops up every 3 seconds! I read all the comments and I got exactly what I expected. Only install to laugh!

tom o'd

Normally I like Escape games, not this one - BORING All this is, is a sound effect game with boring ghost that pop-up every so often but don't do anything and programmers who don't know the difference between a scarecrow and a fox.

sarah warnock

Im totally stuck w/o hints bit i cant stop laughing! Between the comments the main character makes n the monsters jumping out at u its hilarious! But seriously, im stuck just wandering around... hints would be really nice =D

greasy butt butter

What is this crap Ok look the concept is good but at least try to make it look good I mean you recycled other sounds that most people have heard before and you even put slenderman in their along with what looks like a horribly hand drawn girl with an ax how the hell did this get 3.7 stars

Sidra Jahangir

I really like it but when i found my friend he was almost dead this game could not end like this!!! And anyine who is finding the axe girl killing you difficult it is easy you just have to drop the lamp that is on the roof

Mark Winiars

Hilarious I installed just to see how bad this game actually was and it lives up to the comments here. But unlike they're comments I ask you to download it just to see how horrible it is. Graphics are HORRENDOUS, half the time you'll find a key that does nothing, cheesy monsters, no clue where you're going. It is mainly a click and pray game.

sans lover

Can you give us more hints If the monsters were scarier and there were more hints I would give it at least 4stars ????

Preethu Nair

Boring Its so easy and not at all scary.. And i found the guy within one day... And some doors are closed which not be open even with keys.. Simply waste of time and net offer.. ?

Irwan Andaltria

Wtf ? Stupid app. Ads trap. Awful app. Poorly designed. Ads everywhere. Not worth your time. Cnt appreciate this.

Madhu Dhabria

Isheeta and Ansh A girl comes in end to kill us . If you want to save yourself please click on the lightlamp above as the the girl will die and you can go further. We solved it in 10 seconds

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