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9 Jul
Escape Girl's Room

Posted by FUNKYLAND in Puzzle | July 9, 2016 | 177 Comments

Apk file size: 45.0 MB

Find cosmetics and escape!
Solve the mysteries and find 5 cosmetics hidden in each girly room to escape, enjoying the unique concept of each room.
It is a bit more difficult than "Fruit Kitchens", the sister game.
Beautiful graphics and soothing BGM will heal and refresh you in your spare time.

How to Play:
- Just tap
- Tap the [+] button in the upper right hand corner to display the settings screen.

Game Features:
- Beautiful graphics!
- Easy and fun, even for those not keen on escape games!
- Perfect game length to kill time!
- You can enjoy each charming room!

The Save Function:
Cleared rooms will be saved in the list so you can play them anytime.
In the case that cleared rooms have not been saved in the list, please check your device settings as there may not be enough storage space.

The list of rooms:
No.01 Lipstick
No.02 Cheek Rouge
No.03 Nail Polish
No.04 Eye Shadow
No.05 Powder Brush
No.06 Hair Roller
No.07 Perfume
No.08 Mascara
No.09 Eyelash Curler
No.10 False Eyelashes
No.11 Lip Gloss
No.12 Hairbrush
No.13 Foundation
No.14 Powder Puff
No.15 False Nails
No.16 Eyeliner
No.17 Hair Clip
No.18 Cosmetic Bag

Whats new

    We improved the network security.

FUNKYLAND part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 9, 2016. Google play rating is 84.4798. Current verison is 1.11.1. Actual size 45.0 MB.

Download escape-girls-room.apk 45.0 MB


jennifer lott

Escape girl's room Love it love it love!! Please make more and add more levels to the already existing games!!! There soooooooo much fun

writer happy

Would be good... This would be great if it really worked like it should. I've put in the code it says five times and it still doesn't unlock the section I need. I'm uninstalling.

cutty ranks

Yes very trixy Like it a lot

Stacey Weaver

Glitch? This game repeatedly kicks me out after 4 or 5 minutes. REALLY annoying.

charlotte harbaugh

Favorite creator for these type of games I am stuck on level 7 though. For the frog to go left or right 6 times. I have no clue how to figure it out. And there is no walkthrough yet. Still love the game

Aidah Lim

Love it! Can't wait for more rooms to be released Best themes and puzzles interesting enough just to capture one's interest.


Nice Super addicted, but only 7room? Haha

Mar Yati

Cute Love any games from Funkyland

Shiva Gond

Niceeee game.....please download and play it

Kamand M

It was perfect

juweria abdullahi

juweriyo i like this games i love this games

Mut chan

Shannon wilkinson Pay attention to the each arrow's direction then get the clue from the colorful flowery rings next to the pink sitting frog. Then simply switch the color on the wall, each arrow pointed to the same color shown on the rings. Key: left to right: purple, yellow, red.

Shannon Wilkinson

? Love it! Just need help finding the key to open the make-up box (jewelry-box) on level 3! I'm stuck. I wanna move on but I can't open the color coded thing on the wall either. ?. Just reply to my rating and I'll check it out. Thanks


Love it! Enjoyed playing the game. Great job!

Esther Styles

This is more difficult than Escape Alice

Julie Balat

More levels please Kindly update (asap) its pretty entertaining to play but i only gave 3 stars due to few levels. Update asap so i can give 5 star. Thanks.

Yana Z

AWESOME! Funkyland is just Awesome!!!

Rouge Guda

Its great!!! However, the frog on the see-saw does not seem to have a solution, like the kiwi fruit bird!!! I can't find anything with a six series, other than the 12 instrument players on the wall!

Alwani Hassan

stuck how to escape room no 2 ... its so difficult ?

Lucy Chan

Love it!! Another great escape game from FunkyLand. Cute graphics, nice riddles, thanks a lot! EDIT: loved the 8th room!

tony krenn

Good games Some good solvable puzzles made it through without a walkthrough. I love the games by this developer, but I wish that themes were more along my style, how about a haunted house :)

Ramsyl Sipat

Stuck Room #3 haha I can't get the last nail polish. ? I don't know what is something in the mirror ???

Lillian Nokes

This sucks I can't believe what I just played :o

dora hidalgo

I changed it to 5 stars and thanks to u tube

Basti Gillis

Thank you I loved it!

Stefanie Brawner

Love this developer! This game is excellent just like their others!

Helen Way

it 's great game.please helep me on level6

Jasmine Sim

Great game but only 8 rooms?

wai mun yan

How How to get past no.1??

lkl lim

More room Awesome game, i like it, need more room, thx

Pearl Amber

Love love love it sooo much! Very cute

Valerie Edwards

It's OK but some clues a bit obscure

Yee Lin Wong

Great game to play.

CocoBlue Rosie

Funkyland has done it again! I have downloaded and completed the previous three escape games and I just know that this one is gonna be just as fantastic even before playing it. Please do a horror escape game next!

I Katy

Huge fan. Great games. Waiting for more.

Myth.g Mint

The best escape game! :)

Fauline Simanjuntak

More levels asap please!!

Kendra Catt

What?!?! Above the bed on the first level there is this pattern thing where u have to put them in order also in the mirror it has a book that shows u how the pattern go's I did it how it said pressed ok and it would not open I am not rating it 5 star

Lucy Chan

Love it!! Another great escape game from FunkyLand. Cute graphics, nice riddles, I enjoy it a lot! EDIT: thanks for updating the game with new rooms!

Shima Mahdavi

Im confused in lvl 8... what is writing on that plate on the frog? who know?

Carlos Underwood

It's cool? I like it and all but once it start getting hard its time to ring cheats!

Ashley Perkins

Absolutely amazing. I love the scenery & puzzles.

noodle doodle

Hard I give up and I am deleting it ,it is impossible don't get it the advice and hints are crap

Nabiha Azeem

Room no.5 is confusing

Kulsum Hashmi

Loved it!!!

Mummonmel Yeoh

Superb.. This developer has really good games.. Sitti fatimah, level 7 ade piano ke? Blh check balik stuck katner?

Sara Kimbrel

Girls Room I really liked this, if I got stuck I'd go to youtube and cheat but just to get me to the next step cuz what's the point right? But after a few games you can figure out thier strategy! I liked it...

Anindita Ismiwardhani

Fun n relaxing Funkyland is always succeed to change a confusing puzzle game into a fun n relaxing game by provide eyes with cute n colorful graphics while brain is solving the puzzle. Pls give me more levels, pls?

Ladie Jane

Sooo much fun! I loved this, I think it was a perfect escape game. Pretty little rooms, good variety of puzzles, fair amount of levels, perfect level of difficulty. I believe the only reason one might find this game hard is if they haven't played escape games before. Really gets you thinking & fun when you finally figure it out, like you've really just broken out of the room lol ... can't wait for the update!!

Kim Wheeler

Good fun Really enjoyed this game, simple escape the room. All the items to find are makeup... Stereotypically girly is not my style but the gameplay is fun regardless :) A variety of types of puzzle. Good level of difficulty to make it challenging but not too hard! Will play their other games :)

Lhagyal Wangmo

I had struck on level can I arrange those music.... Help me to find my key to next level.

Shiina Mashiro

im done!!! please update more.. i just did it for a day and by the way can someone explain to me the level 7 with the frog?? i dont have a choice but to look at the walkthrough.. anyway all of them i finished it without seeing walkthrough except for level 7 :)

Mahi i

Very good It would be better if navigating back from zoom screen is supported by android back button rather than a small arrow mark at the bottom.

ir chemi

I already arrange the note for the piano in level 6 but why it cannot open? Anyone can help me please because I want to continue in the next level too...

Riyanka Talukder

Kept me glued.. . :) I really enjoyed dis game. Its very addictive..... completed in one day.... pls add more levels...

Lynden Morgan

I love this game. I love this game and the graphics are great. Keep up the good work and Thanks for a great game.

Dara Ahmed

In room #6 find five hair roller thiera music notes,Idon't know how to wrote it.I've already find the hint,but it doesn't work!!!

Kristi Mortensen

Great escape game! The only issue I have is waiting for updates for new rooms. I've played and finished all games with this developer and give 2 thumbs up for each.

T. Harp

My favorite escape I love the games this developer makes! They're cute, creative, and a lot of fun.

Cindy Hope

Chope This is an awesome game!! I hate it takes so long for updates though... Wish they had a lot more games like this one.. I've played the others already

Jhoe Surio

Love it I'm finished all rooms but I can't open the next room

Keachia Freeman

Sucks Hard to play and can't really understand it... English please, not Japanese!! Be better if it was in English so Americans can understand how to play it when the hit the "Help" or "Hint" or "How to play" button!!! Fix that and all will probably be good!!!

Katie Levi

Come on! One they don't update fast enough,two some levels I have to go to YouTube just to solve them

Utkaraha rathi

Awesome game Its just so nice.. playing it makes the brain go wik quick deeeezeee... nice brain game

Samruddhi Prabhulkar

Good game but stuck at level 6 the piano thing... can someone help?

Minette Del Rosario

Good job... Hope the developer add more rooms... I already solve lvl 1 to 16..

Mylene Magalem

How to use it on level 2 I don't know how to use the way of the tissue

Clair Nakhokkong

Help please I don't know how to get out please help

hanan zak

Awesome game Loved every level and puzzles.this is a game that can kick your boring times away.i finished this game in 2 days waiting for the next levels

Vineela Vinny

Please update.. Waiting for next levels Awesome game... Completed 16 levels.. Waiting for update.. Please update ASAP

Afroz Shaikh

What can I do in room no 3 bed clock tell me

Barbara Verdoorn

Escape Girl's Room Darling graphics, clever hiding places, fun to play even for an old lady like me! Lol

loopy chambers

On level 1 on the picture above the bed there was a thing u had to work out and in the mirror there was a book that tells u what the code was but when I put in and pressed OK it didn't work so I am not rating it 5 stars

Helen Meynell

Help How do I do room 5 I have put the ring in the compartment on the bed but can't do any more I'm stuck please help

Leah Jade Summers

It's okay I suppose I liked it a lot but I don't think you should be charged if you do not have an account what if you are like five and u installed it they wouldn't read anything so whoever's phone or whoever bought the phone would get charged

Elizabeth Lobanova

Its ok The game is fun but I think you should have way more levels


How How do u do the picture on the bed. I have read the book but it does not work if u fix it I will rate 5*

Clare K

Perfect! Brilliant game, love the theme and enjoyed every room. :)

Farimah Khaleghi

On level 1 L found a book and saw its picture but if I wanted to solve the picture above the bed an put OK there is nothing!

Ana Ustaris

STUCK. I dont know what to do on level 3. The nail polish thingy. Only one nail polish left. Waah! Can someone help me?

Don Director

Gets your brain working. I love all 4 games, this one, candy, fruit and Alice rooms. Keep up the great work.

Maddy Chambers

I couldn't do the picture above the bed I tried all the ways but it wouldn't open

Raychiel Mclean

What to do After you use the candy what do you do

Xochitl Sanchez

Hard It's so hard

Pete Sztencel

More free frolics from the team that puts the 'Fun' just ahead of the 'kyland'. 18 beautifully crafted rooms filled with witty, engaging puzzles... I love the 'mood' of Funkyland's work. I also love the splendidly contrived appearances by Her Most Serene Highness, Empress/Queen/Princess Pink Froggy. Yay! Superb stuff, and nice to see Green Froggy putting in a last, subtle cameo in the final room. Very nicely done, guys! I do hope there'll be more games from Funkyland soon. Hmm... I feel the need to shout something... THANK YOU, FUNKYLAND! 5 STARS!

Carel Vdmerwe

5 Stars!....but Level 3 Pls I need help! I got 4 nail polish but what is the pin to the tick tock birdie?? I can't find it anywhere, pls help♡

Emily Watson

You know on level one your meant to unlock the picture, I'm doing it perfectly and it's not opening!

Diana Walter

Total joy I have played every one of this developer's escape games and I think this one is my favorite. The puzzles are typical of their other games, so if you like those, you'll like these. But the aesthetic of this one stands out - it's so unabashedly girly, so joyful. In my opinion, this one also has the best music.

Afton Coleman

I can't I can never do it because the mirror the big mirror it shows on the girls room book but it shows me the pictures but when I go to the bulletin board it won't let me I put it in the correct way but it won't let me in. Please fix:'(

Ishana Bhatt

Nice but.... The awesome thing is in the level two,the flower puzzle. It is a common sense problem we just have to see the no.of flower photo and put it accordingly. But I have a problem in the level where we have to find nail polish. Can anyone tell me what is the code of that birdie clock? Please tell.

Fatima Sarang

Confused Please someone tell me where are the lipsticks plz....& key 2. I got 1 key & 3 lipsticks where r the others......?

Pratiksha Singhal

Good game mind booster Having prob on level 7 with seasaw puzzle pls help..

Lynette Poole

It doesnt save your progress well doesnt appear to. But very good for your mind

pfgh android

Good game but need help with the 4. Lipstick (level1)


Funkyland OK so funkyland games are so so good I now all the levels u suld try out

Shambhavi Negi

Confusing...?? I had completed level 1 but after it I m not able 2 find cheek rough.... ?? nd in the hint it is written in Chinese letters what's this ??I m not rating it 5 stars.......??? but the game is very tricky .........??

Altaf Hussain

Its pretty wow Difficult and interesting

Lon Bak

I love it The game is so fun but it is very tricky so you have to think very clever to get the key to the next level.?

simran bhardwaj

Awsome Its really too interesting. And in this we have use our mind too much.

Jennifer Garcia

I want more Please more levels or more games.. I download all your games but i've done all the levels and I want more please do more games... Thanks!

Zoe Aben

I really need help for level 2 cause I don't know the flower code :/

Salina Sepahvand

Can Ihelp me in level 3 This game is fantastic

Jonna Marie Reyes

Enjoy I had fun playing it. I just wish there were more levels but still fun. ?

Batu Aji

Loved it I love this game because fast downloading and good for girls

Lisa Winnard

Brilliant search & find game! Another fab game from Funkyland. Loving all of FL's games so far. On to the next.

Simran Malhotra

Absolutely love it! Completed all 18. MAKE MORE PLEASE!!!!

Luhan Fan

I can't find the last hair roller.Help me!

Charley Neill

Girls room How do you do the flowers one on level 2

Parag Bhojane

No Can u tell me the password of lipstick

Jawad Samimi

I don't like it Becuase there are no hint button

Lilly Hughes

Can't get enough of these games. So craftfully made.

kelly eagles

Need help on level 2 need code for the frog and desk . So hard! Help!

Adhara Dey Sen

I can't find the last lipstick..

Mylene Magalem

Tell you the answer You can go to YouTube and type girl's room all the answers are there


So good It is sooooooooooooooo good but challengeing lol

Ashi Jain

Need help I am struck on level 5 plz help

Sabia Ansari

Ups Where is the 3rd lipstick???? Plz help me

Karolyne Gilleland

The hints won't help I'm stuck and the hints are ln jappense

Om Srivastava

Good one Good one.. so sweet game..

renu akre

Nic game What does L and N near the frog stsnd for?? level 5. Pls provide help in English

tan cristal

Really challenging But level 5 is way too hard. I can't solve it after trying so many times. Does anyone have any idea how to solve level five?

Mehra Manzil

Challenging Love it !! but its too hard at room 2..does,anyone have an idea of how to find the last cheek rouge??

Aditya Jain

Amazing It's so amazing so good and nice game i love the game very much

Angela Briggs

Very cute Not a difficult game by far but it was super cute and actually pretty fun. Will be looking for more from this developer!

Anya Jaiswal Jaiswal

Its so cute and I also enjoyed it till level 4 but level 5is too hard. I can't solve it. If anyone knows its solution so please help me to find 5 powder brushes......

Cherish Robinson

It won't give you clues Booooooooo dont donwload this app

مهتاب ایزدپور

Level5?? I have prob on level 5..I don't know what I should do with that frog..I don't know the me plz..

Chong See Teng

Fantastic game... Help me in level 7 at the see-saw part... thanks

Xitlaly Cervantes

HATE IT It is so boring that's all I can say. The emojis explain it ??

Frances Stradling

Have absolutely loved these games, Alice 1 &2, Fruit Kitchens, Candy Room and now this. Please, please do some more.

Natasha Sardinha

Awesome This game is so addictive on level 2 press the mirror look in the roof press light and there is the pin

Camiel Gaylor

Awesome but difficult Hi can someone please help me to find the pink and blue nail polish in level 3 thanks

Macy messie

Loved it Really fun and beautiful graphics, hve so much fun playing this game.

Phoebe Kellett

Really cool This game is really fun and challenging but on the muscat green level the music puzzle is not working :/ is there anyway to fix this?

Any Ccghjj

It gives hint in Chinese so I can't understand but I no the answers. Answers are on you tube just write ? girls room ☺☺☺☺

Baiyana Arshed

Barbie It's good game but very hard

Deepti Tiwari

I am not able to find the no. For the vanity box..plzz help me to fix it

Deepak Vishwakarma

I love it ??? (Don't mind the name) It's soooo much fun and girly it even helps for room decor. And dear sunyoung park sorry if it's the wrong name but you can find the first lipstick on the photo that is above the pink frog. Can anyone help me where I can find the first nail Polish in level 3?????

Shruti Arya

I'm sad to finish this! I loved playing this game! I just finished it and I'm sad it's over because it's brilliant! I've played many escape games and even one in real life, and this one is definitely the best ever! Please make more. I love the graphics, especially the cute frogs :) <3

Yvonne Kertsch

Level 07 Perfume absolute nuisance Although I normally adore Funkyland games and all others got a 5-star rating, this one is a bit different. Seems the makers wanted to implement the weirdest puzzles. Sorry folks, but there is brain-teasers and there is brewed up non-sense that does not even reveal any logic when watching the walkthrough on youtube. Level 07 Perfume is an insult to any intelligence. You might as well let people guess how many snowflakes landed on Mt Everest today. Absolute annoyance with no logic whatsoever. Frustrating.

Abby Quinn

A great time consumer I was bored after playing the game "koy" (should download it, it is fun!!!) For 10 mins and stumbled across this lovely game and decided to download it. It made hours go by that seemed liked minutes!!!

From-me 2u

Not bad at all I really like this game but the thing is that when I try to get hints, the website is mostly Chinese and I don't understand chinese. The only thing that I'll say is that it is a good game but u guys seriously need to do something about the hints!

Zahra Qintar

I love this game I just love this game. It is so much interesting but I stuck at level 3, couldn't find the first nail polish:( can anyone help me??? Because the hint is all in Chinese:(:(

Chitra Verma

Pretty pink bedroom Ah! I loved this game because we have to find it so it's interesting. Second thing I habw to add that there is no helper kind of hand or something .

Adam Gommermann

work together i have an idea if someone is pass a level someone's stuck on just help us and we can help u

Theresa Mallory

Funkyland is the best I can't wait for more new Funkyland games...they are the absolute best . keep them coming. I don't ever leave reviews...that's how much I love these games!

Linda Smith

Sucks Would be nice if it didn't freeze the second it opened every time. What a rip-off, and I didn't even have to pay for it.

Deep Kaul

Its awesome game ever but i dont know what to do with the colors of three watches in the room no 3 somebody help me please.... i m trying alot . From 1 hour to open this please help

Mariam Hameed

LOVE this game so much! But I'm stuck in level 17 :( ... Can anyone help me ? Please :'(

Iynara Ufairah

Addicting but... Hope you guys put more episode so we dont have to download any of ur games once we finish but overall its superb!??

Ali malik

Like it interesting game.. Plzz tell me how to play 5 level I don't understand please plzz help me in this level

Problem Look i tried to have sbi hints after that its not getting open thats the ptoblem

JIlene Gonzalez

Finally I love escape game and now I loved it even more because they finally made one for girls

Manisha Bhardwaj

It's an ok game ?????? Well this is alright but we can play this game till level 9 only. This is very bad about this game???. Overall it's an OK game...........

laura lee

Nice game It not to hard once you get the hang of it. Hints on YouTube if ur stuck.

Hannah Sharp

It's so hard I can't find anything and am on the 1st level helpppppp me!!!

Annadurai S

I love it It was amazing to play. When i am start play this game i have installed many games in escape. It was hard to play i love it

Edwin Jandres

What is the thing to open that thing with the frog because i can't get passed that level

Neha Pradhan

Nice but Can u all help me from where can i get the fourth lipstick??? I tried so many times but couldn't....

Sunyoung Park

Fun This game is fun and inventive but the fact is that I CANNOT find the first lip stick in the 1st level!!!!! :( HELP ME!!!!! At times the game doesn't let me get on!!!!! ; (

Amatullah Osman

I can't find second last lipstick in level 1 and which do u put 1st the box then the shoe or what Can anyone help can

Wwwwwwooooowwwww It is an awesome game I love it sooo much bt help please I can't find the 4th lipstick in 1st level?

Carlisa Clarke

Help I need help at level 2 I can't find the colours to put on the thing over the bed

pija eka

Argghhhh... I don't know how to play in level 5 clue anymore....i just find a ring and that's clue anymore..

Nelia Bernardino

Im stuck at level 5 . Can someone help me please.

Micaela Cruz

Love it Finished it, so sad it only had 18 rooms :( add more please :)

Shritika Panayam

Stupid game Bludy non sense loading from last 15 min

kona gowthami

I like it Will you help me with level 7 it's about perfumes. I can't understand what to do with the frog in level 7

Theresia Khazzaka

Level 6 It's a very nice game but please helpp at level 6 why the notes of music are like this?????

I love it Immediately I downloaded it is never played any game again and I had plenty alsome games but this game is the best of all games thumbs-up!!!!!!!!

Interesting game! I'm stuck in room 3....can anyone help me to pass this level??!! Please!!!!!!

Ireen Mwanza

Help stuck in first room can't find the last lipstick


I am not understand how to play and find out

Elizabeth Owen

It is hard Like it but I really hate it

Sasha Hoey

Can anyone help me do the last one which the pictures I can't get get it

Yasmin Shaikh

I loved this game but i completed all the levels ??

queen anaya

Cute The pink room looks like my room. Lol ?:-D

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