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2 Nov
Escape Genius

Posted by Mobest Media in Puzzle | Nov. 2, 2015 | 85 Comments

Apk file size: 66.0 MB

Ladies and gentlemen! We are glad to present you - Escape Genius! The evil professor has locked you into this strange building with 20 carefully built rooms full of tricks, traps and puzzles. If you believe you have what it takes to escape all those rooms and become the escape genius then accept this room escape challenge!

Special features:
↗ Test your logical thinking!
↗ Solve amazing puzzles!
↗ Challenge yourself in this huge adventure!
↗ Hours of pure fun!
↗ And that's not all...

Download this game now and be the first one who escapes all the rooms to become the Escape Genius!

Mobest Media part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Nov. 2, 2015. Google play rating is 86.5169. Current verison is 1.5. Actual size 66.0 MB.

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Yogi Bear

Ok Not bad. Some puzzles don't make sense, but a good combination of good and bad. Shame about the in app purchases though. BTW for those wondering how to disable the ads for free, just turn off the internet before playing. Works for me!

Brianne Lee

Loved it! No adds or anything. I am already on level 6. On 2 of them I did what could have been considered "cheating". They gave me a video so I snatched it and completed it. This game is just to amazing. And after completing the bonuses on you must escape, I just zoomed through the six levels!

Nean Barrett

HTC great job Easy, it's only difficult when you don't understand the clue but with YouTube anything can be accomplished

Tammy Gardner

Good so far I'm only on level 5 or 6 no in app purchases yet. . .puzzles are fun, they make you think but don't make you crazy trying to figure them out. . .update: after 11 levels it tries to get you to purchase additional levels. . .also there are one or 2 puzzles that make no sense what so ever however over all is a really good game

Betsabe Bruno

This game is a little hard but it keeps u intertaning but when u pass to level 12 it says ,do u want a bonus and I press yes and now I'm stuck there and can't do anything???????

Avonlea Gardner

Love it A little on the easy side so far, but obvious that time and thought were put into it. it's great!

Dominic Luongo

One of my favorite escape games in a while Really enjoyed the puzzles in this game. Had me thinking, kept me on my toes, and the game really demanded you focus and observe details. Good times. Except the cake thing, I'm not sure that made sense.

Colleen Elizabeth

Entertaining and Enjoyable I have played many of these "escape games" lately, and I would have to say this is one of my favourites. It's logical and sensical, and doesn't use over-the-top clues that resort to watching continuous Walkthroughs, or being overly frustrated with. Its fun and, enjoy!

Jay Peart

The gameplay and graphics are wonderful, but I couldn't make it past level 8. The game freezes up and I have to force close before I can get halfway through the level

Diane Almario

Decent graphics, Still entertaining. Mediocre graphics. It could be better, but it satisfied my need for a free escape room game. First 10 games free, bonus levels available for extra $$.

Jackie Moore

Challenging but not impossible Great for keeping you busy...not too easy so it challenges you enough without irritating you. Some rooms are easy but still fun. There's only so many free levels ...the bonus levels aren't really a bonus, you have to pay for them.

Pam Hellsten

Frozen on level 1 I think I could love this game, only the program freezes when I try to put the hammer head and handle together. Help!?!

Jennifer Thomas

Fun Easy, but not to easy. Very addictive.

Beth Wallace

Escape Genius A fun game to play that keeps you entertained and challenges you to figure out and gather clues to secure the key to open the door to move on to the next room.

little bit

Cool games so far thankyou Make more awesome games make them more complicated hiding things within something you wouldn't think was possible

Anthony Dyrstad

Good game, says you have 20 levels till you get to level 12 then they Wanta charge you. That sucks

GiGi W

Good I really enjoyed this game. Was over a little too quickly for me but was fun nonetheless. Had fun!

Farrah Tarrant

You can only play so many levels until you have to pay for the rest. Really good game but it shouldn't cost anything!

Saly Zahraa

I like it I like it but you need to have always a paper and a pensil an it would be more nicer if I could get the whole game AND I DON'T HAVE MONEY !!!

p mitch

Quite challenging Challenging but not too difficult

Jorey Johns

Awesome Game! Ads dont inturrupt you, which i love, puzzles are challenging but not crazy indepth or vague like other escape games. Hope to see more from these guys!

Christy Payne

Worth playing. Play alot of these...this one is just difficult enough to keep ya going without frustrations. Nice.

Chi Keung Chow

Good Game, not too difficult but have to spent a bit time in certain steps.

Peyton Turner

Escape genius You only do 11 rooms then you have to buy the pack, but I like it

Teresa Ann

You definitely have to think about the clues. It's good so far!

Kedra Graves

Great game I really liked the challenges, they were tough but not to much especially after I watched the walkthrough I felt like an idiot for having to use it,I guess I should work on my patience

Herb V.

You're told 20, but you can only play 11, then you have to pay to play the rest. Other than that, it was pretty easy.

Shannon Wallace

Pretty fun Challenging and not to easy but not too hard either

Prashant Sewlani

Nice but i hate ads lot of disturbing activity plss removed

Tameca Taylor

You make it to level 12 then it ask you to pay to play the rest of the levels how stupid

abbie ly

Escapes continue...... Interesting version on Escape Games, some levels seem more Clever than others

Lebo Lehoko

Escape Genius Really love the challenge...helps me think but can't accept level 12

Adam Parmenter

Excellent challenges Fun to play with great graphics

Becky Nelson

good stuff most puzzles logical so I could find the solution. a couple... not so much. had to do walk thru. but over all just the right amount of challenge. though I do play on an 8 yr old level ;-)

Oana Stere

Awesome I love escape games but some of them are either unresponsive or are not particularly stimulating. However these guys have nailed these games. Fantastic graphics and wicked puzzles. Really keep you focused.

Johnnie Ipock

Didn't buy bonus levels Free levels were glitchy in a few places. Had to uninstall and reinstall and it still froze a few times. Managed to figure them out on my own although a few times I tried to use walkthrough but it didn't work. Just clicked but nothing happened. Not as good as other games by this dev.

Joyce McGill

Joy Take your time and look hard, it is fun, it keeps me on my toes.

Michael S.

Genius Escape Maybe it's just me, but some of these are very challenging... I highly recommend this game. (One has to solve a chain of challenging clues, riddles, and logic problems to "escape" rooms.)

Casey Blair

Fun game Not hard at all through the first 6 levels that I have played.

Saleha Zainal

Options for going bonus could be improved. Love the puzzles and was able to clear them off without help of the walk through. However to be forced to pay to continue the bonus rounds are a little off putting. I'd prefer if you give us the option to buy but still use ad as a form of your revenue. More annoying but I think if we like the game we'll bare with it.

Jim Warnock

Good puzzles and well done graphics. I love these games and all the puzzles re nice and logical.

Deborah Raether

Great game Fun and good brain exercise. Not too easy or hard. Love escape games and this on is very good

Indu Bala Rupana

Its totally ridiculous. After level 11 it starts saying do u want bonus level ? And we can't play without buying bonus pack

Esther Zelaya

I like it so far Im on level six and so far its good but somethings are just pointless and it makes it annoying like when you open a combination only to unlock a puzzle to finally get to the clue. Im not asking for easy, but annoying isnt the way to go either

Andy M

Blah Of all the escape apps this developer did, this one is terrible. Most of them are fairly good, this one.... Blah! Puzzles are boring and some aren't logical. The one in the clothes store was the worst, I finally just studied the letters on the door lock and figured out the password to end my torture of that lack of logic room.

Sara Lim

Great app Quite challenging! Was very fun and very addictive!


Enjoyable Some puzzles not that logical eg being a pianist I found the piano puzzle very annoying but overall I enjoyed the experience though now I have to pay to finish the game so not really free!

LiKi v.s

Very bad Not letting too forward after level 11 wit out rating after rating also u r nt allowed to go it's demanding for purchase

Shannon Fasciano

A little tricky... I haven't had to use walk through yet, on level 6. Just pay close attention to everything, the clues are there. Touch everything. It's a fun game! Challenging, but not tear-your-hair-out frustrating. Well done!

Gayle McCormick

Fun! Just enough thinking to pass the time. And I don't need any walk-through!

Janine Latessa

Escape genus Its a pretty good game but I expected it to be a really hard one unless it gets harder and harder

Monique Love

Challenging I like that I get stuck and have to try harder to solve the puzzle but I wish you could play more levels for free and if you pay for it there should be more levels to get through.

Thomas Lindsey

Outstanding!! Great escape game. A few hang ups, not much, but there are good walkthroughs that are available as long as you sit through some painless 30 second advertisements. The game is saved from the last time you walk through a door. I like this game, it's good fun. The puzzles are quite logical.

Ginger Martinez

Great game!! Hard enough to be challenging, but not impossible like some games are.

Tara King

To easy These would be the easiest escape rooms that I have ever played. Knocked it over in a couple of hours. Would be good for a beginner

Ramachandra Pati

RAMA chandra pati Good game I love this game I also love his challenges, but in level 11 it's saying that bonus us

Argenis Suarez

Great game Is very difficult and you work you mine in these game so you can result

Ann Donovan

Fun but It makes you have to buy 12 on and then won't let you buy it. unless figuring out buying the bonus packages is a puzzle too. Lol

Linda Higgen

Fun game You only get a few levels then you have to pay. I don't mind ads if it means you can play for free

KaSindra Barber

It's really entertaining! I have to say it is a very addictive game cannot wait to get to the next stage!

Fiona Yeung

Meh. Puzzles are way too easy. No thinking involved. And it also forces you to pay for bonus packs. Don't waste your time with this one. So many better escape games out there.

Joe Dredd

Quite impressed with logic of puzzles so far. Not likes some other games that have obviously been partly made by some room designers who can't make logical puzzles. So far this one has made perfect sense although finding stuff by lifting up objects can become a little repetative after a while

Neko Mom

Short fun, maze puzzles made no sense The tie colors were not correct. It was navy blue not black. And the pink tie was not pink. Other maze puzzles were just off. Simple fun and finished fast. Bonus levels cost money. Game was Not the greatest that I would purchase levels. Uninstalling.

Jeff Cutter

Nice puzzles I really like this one. The puzzles are just difficult enough to make you think a little more than most escape games. The items and puzzle clues make sense. It's not just random clicking and placing items. Some of the items are really small but if you look hard enough you'll find them. Good luck.

Sarah Tolson

Free... This game is challenging but not impossible. The ads are annoying, but the app is free. However, I do not like how they have the bonus area you have to pay for. I want more levels!

Billy Jones

Way hard and only 11 free levels On some of the levels it seemed like they cheated. Don't understand how they got the clues that they did in some of the walk-throughs. All I have to say is thank goodness for the walk-throughs!

Chrys Hopkins

It's OK but found some of the puzzles obscure and had to cheat which I don't like doing. I did go to level 20 though so couldn't have been that bad!

Tahlia Bryant

So far, so good. Liking the game so far, but I've only been playing it for about 20 mins. Though, to be honest, I was hoping it would be a little more challenging. On the plus side, it's not a game you'll get stuck on, and give up before you're finished. Very good, but not quite 5 stars.

Rahul Kachru

Just cheap copy of the original The clues don't make any sense, very dull and uninteresting, it makes you rote the clues rather than be creative. Definitely some one who couldn't think out of the box themselves developed this app. No genius at all !

Leah Brown

Pretty awesome! Got stuck a couple of Times. Which was a god thing. These things aren't very challenging usually. This one total is!

Albert Prayne

Escape genius This game is nothing but a rip off. They say they give you 20 levels. But you got to pay for the last 10 levels. I don't recommend this game to anyone. Don't waste your time or your money. Deleting it now!!!!!!!!

Doug Ennis

A little easy so far Fun escape game, if you're into escape games. Its not as challenging as some but I'm sure it will get tougher as I progress through the rooms.

joe baker

Pretty good puzzles. I would buy the additional ones but it only took about 30 min to clear the available levels so I don't think I'll do it. Still, good little time waster.

Joyce Padgett

Escape Genius Great game but can not find the solution to any level from 11 on up. I looked everywhere. Kinda frustrated now. I am stuck! Need some assistance.

Monique Lavallee

Too easy Way too easy and short. I hesitate to buy the package. .. If this took me 30 minutes, how much time will the bonus package last (all three)?

Harlow Hazard Perry

Good challenge Not too easy not too hard, and has quite a few free levels. Bonus options are only $0.99 which is a very fair price IMO :)

Frank Stewart

One awesome point I like how you have to hit enter to have the code accepted. Most games like this you can use the process of elimination and it enters the code automatically if you enter it right... this one makes you have to really know the answer... still easy though.

Brandi Pritchard

Some clues don't make sense Over all its fun, but some of the clues didn't make a lot of sense. I had to use a cheat website because I was at wit's end twice.

jeffrey diazon

A lil disapointed The game is good and challenging.. It's been said that there are 20 rooms but after I passed room eleven I have to pay for the next levels..

Betsabe Bruno

This game is a little hard but it keeps u intertaning but when u pass to level 12 it says ,do u want a bonus and I press yes and now I'm stuck there and can't do anything???????

Jessica Gee

Great game for wasting time! Not too hard. I don't find myself randomly tapping everything trying to find SOMEHING-ANYTHING to help me. All the levels have common sense logic.

Heidi Lynn

Videos didn't work sometimes When clicking walk through videos. They sometimes did not work. It even froze once where I had to restart my device.

Shiela Cabodbod

It's good Not bad at all, but im stuck on level 8.. I already found the puzzle but when i tried to put the answer,it couldn't accepted even if i tried so many times.Why?

Doc Godhelp

Tab S2 Kinda Cheezy. A little disappointed with Mobest Media. Their Escape Games are normally top notch. Gave 3 stars.

Chloe Milner

Stuck Wouldn't let me get passed level 4. I put the code in correctly and it wouldn't open

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