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21 Apr
Escape Game: Dangerous Game

Posted by BBX GameTeam in Puzzle | April 21, 2015 | 76 Comments

Apk file size: 31.0 MB

Escape Game: Dangerous Game
This is a dangerous game testing your brainstorming.
You are lost in a dark area. In the confused occasion, you find yourself living in a dangerous game. If can not escape this game, you will be in danger. You have to find the key to escape this dark game, open the big dark house door to find ways to escape from the place where clues inside. When necessary, you should use a variety of props around, merge or split to get props which you want. Are you the next one to escape from this dangerous game?
Note that this is an escape game desperate need to wisdom, and extremely addictive. Do not indulge, or you will unable to extricate yourselves,definitely makes you brainstorm!
Limited free download, friends like doors and Room Escape game series, must not miss the game.

BBX GameTeam part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update April 21, 2015. Google play rating is 88.3453. Current verison is 1.0.0. Actual size 31.0 MB.

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Chanda Sharma

Omg ! Very amazing

Tina Park

Cool game Its cool but i got stuck a lot. You should have hints or when you click on area it have helpful messages yet still be challenging. .

Taylor Cepeda

Really?? i was almost done and didn't click on the lantern when I first entered the balcony through the bookcase so when I went back it disappeared. Now I can't finish the freaking game. How stupid.

Jill Elliott

Fantastic game Difficult in parts but really enjoyable.

Vanessa Velarios

Had fun using my noodle. Very well done. Though some things I didn't get had to find help. But still good.

James Hoschek

Great game. Me and my daughter enjoyed many hours of solving this mystery /puzzle game!

Dave Randall

Great game. Makes you think. Really enjoyed it.

Khashayar Azizi

It's wonderful but very hard

zanessa hefron

Difficult but not impossible!!!!

Fayette Hardy

Like Like what I see

lex 8396

One of the best Very good

Kathy Simth

Escape game_dangerous game Really neat

Crc rcr

Stars ratings are paid for Bribed to give 5 stars for walkthrough access is underhanded- how is anyone supposed to trust ratings now? Pity you don't think your game can stand alone. I thought it quite good but won't give stars to a ratings cheat.

Jasmine Washington

Had to Uninstal I just got into the whole escape room game trend after experiencing my first real life escape room this past week. I got hooked... The first phone app version I tried was awesome, but i finished it and this was my second one trying.... I guess I was spoiled because there is too much going on here in terms of ads with this app. I may try again at a later date, but only as a last resort. Uninstalled and on to the next!

Sheena Reid

Fun! This game was a lot of fun, I really liked it! The only problem was that many of the codes that needed to be put in to open stuff I could not find do ANYWHERE. At that point I looked up a walkthrough and they putt the codes in like they already knew them. I carefully water he'd it a few times and nowhere did I see some of the codes. Overall lots of fun, but where is part 2?!

cl hinton

You're awful How dare you force people to rate your game 5 stars to get a walkthrough. I suppose you could have made it simpler to play so only the tough parts would necessitate getting it. But no, because you're awful. Also, the constant ads. Further proof. And why did Adguard download when I gave in to your blackmail?? You're the worst.


So awesome I loved it cool fun and a little challenging :-)

denise eng

Hmm. Didnt want to rate 5 just for the walkthru. I didnt need the walkthru. Some bits you had to use a bit of trial & error. Not much of a plot going on, though cos of the interesting game concept (travelling between certain rooms in the game), I sort of wish there was one. For the skittish, no, there are no jump scares, a helpful map will negate some of the fright by telling you if there is a creeping thing ard. No 5 rating cos it doesnt make much sense. Try it & enjoy & then see what I mean. Still, good game.

Leanne Lilley

Great! Much more difficult than your average escape game due to the lack of hints whilst tapping items. Keeps you guessing, really enjoyed this one.

Melissa Noone

Don't bother.. Arrogant developers, expecting a 5 star rate for a disjointed game which doesn't flow in the slightest. Very unimaginative.

APEK SHA to play really.......I feel amazing...nice to manage all thing.....

Allison Obrien

Fantastic I love doing these kinds of games. They really get my mind working. This one especially!

meng siang tan

5 star for really good game Hope next time it dont force ppl give five star. U have a game. Must confident with it. Add oil. Wish u make more good game

Stephanie Kramer

Loved it!! Really fun and challenging, worth the 5 stars. Didn't take me very long, but I guess that's cause I had to cheat and use the walk through on the last half. I'm sure I could have figured it out, but I got frustrated lol. There's a lot to it, and it's a lot of fun. Wish there we're like different stages or something once completed. Very fun!!

Derek Archer Bodkin

Why do I have to give a 5 star Its really ?ly .get it ! Probably not!? (Derek's daughter speaking)

nayana shivaram

Utter shit You prodigal developers expect us to rate 5 stars for the simple walkthru . normally developers should be gentle but u are arrogant.

Delroy Spence

Challenging A great escape game that will keep you guessing for ages. Picking up and changing items can be annoying but it works. Good luck and don't forget to RUN!

Bobby Pittman

I would give it a 5 star but those ads piping up keep taking me away from the game

Teresa Silva

OK you have to rated this games before you can play it I hate that and after you rated it you still can't play it all the picture are fake on this so not cool

Geraldine Barrett

Best one yet!! Beginners beware! U may get quite frustrated with this, as it's not anywhere easy! Loved it!!

Iuliana Sara

Great game Very logical, not unlike other games that makes you throw a sock out the window to activate a switch. Great job dev.

Kate Williams

Bribery will get you nowhere. "Give us 5 stars and get walkthrough." That's like a creepy stranger on the street telling me to smile. F-no. Confusing to play.

Caleb Parkes

Good escape game Tricky. Hard work, but doable. Fun!

Pbie Spone

Escape Game? Haven't try.. Was asked to rate before playing. Gosh~

Joee Cartwright

Wow Will not give 5 stars for a walkthrough! If that's how you need to get a good rating.....uninstalling!!

Talia Wallace

Great game This game was so challenging but I loved it so much.I got stuck a lot but the walkthrough really helped me

Quanisha Nichols

Really fun game! Kind of scary, it sends chills down my back!! But its an awesome game!!

Mary K.

Awesome Great game, quite challenging. Seems short at first with just a few rooms in the villa and then bam u realize there are hidden rooms n lots of hidden stuff in the rooms. Loved the end too

Destinie Garcia

Cool Its fun but difficult and i like it

Judy Velez

Great game Many floors, pay attention to all room details.. pretty cool concept

Marcos Herrera

Terrible Ads block stuff you have to pick up so you can't see it, and can't pick therm up.

Kimberly Lary

Escape game rating It would've been a five star had the freaking app boy glitched out on the upstairs door every time i play it will lock this door after I've unlocked it and I'm stuck. I love this game but I've had to start over a bunch of times due to this one glitch with the freaking door! Please cherries on top fix it!

Kini Cocker

Ads Couldn't play the game with out an ad poping up every 3 seconds..literally.

Armony Eason

Marvelous It has a lot of details I feal like I'm in the game

Shannon Myers

Dangerous Escape One of the best

azielg ranilop

I super love the game.... I wish to play more like this one...

Teddy Vora

You r bad The game is good but they ask to rate u 5 stars to get a walkthrough

Daniel Mccue

Not Bad To short, and when I tried to get the second part, it wouldn't let me.

Waqar Khan

Adventures Great game required ample time n thinking power

Gurdhian singh

I love it I have complete this game... and want next part.

Rosemary Robertson

Amazing Loved playing this game even if it drove me crazy and got me hooked ..Please more games just like this. I had no problem with the walkthrough and used it quite a few times without having to rate the game with 5 stars.

Petra Stručić

No story, no sense... Only begging for five stars Game with no storyline, no feedbacks when you do something. You have no idea what you got in your inventory - some things are easy to recognise but not all. It has potential to be good but these listed above are too big minuses for me. They spam also with ads and beg for five stars.

Steve id

Awesome. Love it. Just the right mix of hard/easy. All logical!

Cindi Dagenhard

The best, Most challenging escape game I've played so far. Please make more!!!

Xavier Cerda

Love it Besides ads there is no in app purchases require for more levels.

Joshua Brooks

This game requires a 5 star rating for a walk through. I couldn't figure it out, frustrating. I would think seeing the walk through would allow me to know what to rate the game, but you black mail me for a rating. I will not be played for what you do not deserve! UNINSTALL. DELETE. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT $200.

Deirdre TeW

Good game Enjoyed this game, and if you need walk through assistance then just search for it on youtube and no need for fake rating. 2 other escape games(Escape Fear House & Escape fear house, same name but diff use of capitals) seem to use the exact same puzzle as in this game? Did they rip it off or are they the same people using other names.

Harlow Hazard Perry

I like it a lot Got stuck tho, have to rate 5*'s for walkthrough just FYI. But its really good so far no ads or asking for money, so bonus. If it happens I changed my mind I'll change my rating ;) update: super duper good!! I only got stuck on 2 puzzles, really challenging but not too much, and really good gameplay and graphics. Definitely recommend 5*'s still stands :D

Sophie Albers

House Excape When I was little my house scared me because I could not reach the handles and could not get outside. So this game reminds me of that.

Miao Wen

Need descriptions on the item You just dont know what is going on when you click on the wall or items. If you can improve this, I would be happly to pay for this game. The riddles are of good quality. P.S. Forcing people to give you 5 has backlash.


Copy cats? As mentioned already in a review, this app is almost identical to two other escape games. 2 is bad enough!

Tathagata Sarkar

Horrible It is so dark that u hardly can see anything and always a pop up come to rate 5 star ....that's how it got the rating

Victoria Carman

AWESOME SAUCE When you start playing it feels like your in the game!

Chrissy Greene

Don't believe the rating!!!! To get the walkthrough you have to rate the game 5 stars, so not a true reflection of the game!

Andy M

Toooooo many ads So many pop-up ads you can't even play the game!! ▶If you want the walk through, don't be bribed into giving them 5 stars, go do a quick search on YouTube and it's there!! UNINSTALLING due to the REDICULOUS number of ads!!!

Paula Daylight

Cool Really loved it, didnt want to give 5 stars for the walkthrough because I also think this is just low...but ive competed the game without any help and I really loved it, so I still give it 5stars...very challenging, everything is pretty logical and if u arent afraid of challenging your mind, u could see that theres no need for any walkthroughs anyway...everything makes sense in this game <3

Lou Donkin

Ignore the haters n install! Was really good, got your brain going, like reallyyyy going!..must admit,i did have to use walkthrough a few times lol!.. i didnt have to give a rating becos of it, n if uv got people complaining of silly things like tht they should pay for a game ,look for another walkthrough or change there rating..but thtd but too hard.. ignore the haters,theyl always hate something nevermind the good parts! Well done.. on to the next! Thanx!! Enjoyed! !

Munro van Heerden

Enjoyable I've play a number of these games, some rubbish and some brilliant - this one falls into the latter...keep it up...

Birdnest Hopeful

Enjoyable & fun. Totally unnecessary & shameful to bribe people for 5 stars. The temptation was there to use the walkthroughs but I refused to give 5 stars as I won't be bribed. So I worked all the puzzles out on my own, which of course is always more rewarding anyway. The reason for my 4 stars is that the game is so enjoyable and the graphics are excellent but after working everything out and pressing the final puzzle to end the game, I missed the explosive ending because an ad popped up blocking my view. So frustrating! Also the game looses integrity by bribing people for 5 stars.

Katia Uveges

Wicked Fun This game is very fun and challenging. I don't understand what everybody's talking about with all the complications. Everything seemed to go pretty smooth for me. I didn't have to give it 5 stars for anything or to use anything or was bribed like one of those other people said. Either way , it was fun and I hope you create more games just like this!

Rupert Gonzaga

Good and bad.. 48% of good and 52% of bad.. but always bad of all..

Nitant Sadadiwala

It's a worst game only begging for 5 stars This game is so awful that I think , I should slap the designer and the producer. You should improve the quality of the game and also not beg for 5 stars. The producer and director of the game should have shame on themselves. !!!! Friends I am telling you not to install the worst game!

Tim Vargo

Blatant Bribery! Walkthrough offered ONLY if a 5-Star rating is given? No WONDER this game has such a high rating, only because people are willing to give 5 stars in order to figure out the game! HINT: ANY rating will unlock the walkthrough.

juan delcampo

ghost devolved app Very disappointed and a mess. collect items disappeared why?! was almost finish but couldn't . start instructions not available Advice to improve this game and instead be busy to begging for 5 stars.

Cerri-Lee Powell

I am so stuck! I am hooked, but stuck, got the wolf last night and reset game to start writing my own walkthrough and now can't get further?!?! Anyone? Can share what I have so far!

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