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29 Apr
Escape Game: Abandoned city

Posted by Libo Games in Puzzle | April 29, 2015 | 90 Comments

Apk file size: 34.0 MB

Escape Game: Abandoned city
City of the Future in crisis, has been abandoned, how do you get out?
In this city of the future, science and technology has been well developed. However, due to an accident, people began to migrate out of the city. As the only remaining stationed intelligent robots, can you escape? Here, all discarded machines can be used as tools to get you out of the city. Use your logical thinking, collecting various props, to find the way to escape the abandoned city. Solve puzzles is the strengths of robot, now free trial! If you like puzzle,you like room escape games, just come and get it. Can you escape?
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If you like this Room Escape game, please do not indulge. You will be addictive when highly have fun. Trust me.
Please give us a five-star rating. Limited download now for free! Move your fingers, make you brainstorm high up!

Libo Games part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 29, 2015. Google play rating is 79.0258. Current verison is 1.0.0. Actual size 34.0 MB.

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Martin Norwood

escape abandoned city its ok but its hard tryin to figure out how to get stuff for clues

Alexander Leonov

Who could kill an Android?!! Who could kill an Android is the great graphics, but it is the torture useing the finger to knocking on phone screen as like on girlish curiosity...

Gordie Dickson

Useless Waste of time. Clogged with adverts and requests for 5 star rating


Touch controls don't work well And they want to force a 5 star review for a poorly designed game.

Richard Plate

Add banners cover the text. Can't read what you are supposed to do. No good instructions

Dave Langridge

Escape robot city 2052 Great game could be longer

James Mudd

How do you do anything when the ads cover things up?

Trish Burrell

Ads block game At the bottom of the screen the ad box covers some dialogue and instructions. I can't play it.

Melissa Corcoran

Not good Cant read due to ad covering. Uninstalling

Deborah Sutton

Um. Isn't this the same game as robot prison escape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessie Butter

Doesn't really make sense... I found that I did a while lot of random tapping, which still didn't really help... This game's just not for me.

A Google User

Sucks! Stupid ads every second that blocks the screen! Don't bother with it waste of time

Shaune Mattsson

Ads covered important info

Tara Adams

:) Loved it

Kris Gucker

Unplayable The ad banners make the essential text unreadable. If you try to close them, a new one just pops up over the text. Not worth the effort to play.

T Haley

Could not play game because of constant ad interruptions.

Fallen Heartless

I think this game is cool!!! :3

Kenneth Price

Ads cover bottom of screen!

Demetrioius Gibbs

Amazon Its so awsome

Lynn Harrison

Really good

Shon Taylor

Ads in way Dont listen to just the good reviews, their most likely from the creator. You cant read anything because ads are in way. Why not place them at the top. Worse escape game I've ever tried. I am a blogger so I get paid to review. This app will be on site soon

Bamboo Opium Rain

Abandoned city Nice and calm loved it don't poke screen franticaly it might start up fear

Peter Boon

Boring and constantly Asking for a 5 star rating. You need to look elsewhere for fun because it's not here. Uninsalled and deleted. BAM!

Sean Bissell

Ads in way of words This is the 2nd time I've downloaded the game in a year. I still can't play because the ads at the bottom of the screen block the words on what you're suppose to do. Once gain I'm deleting this because I simply can't play.


LOVED IT! Where is the Part 2? I already finish the game and the one android had been killed and the game says To Be continued.. please UPDATE or NEW GAME APP the THE PART 2 OF ABANDONED. THANKS! I am excited to the next game!

stormie hudson

It end like this wow ...,. I would have luv to keep playing but as soon as u solve the riddle its done and says to be continued .... really Sad all the way around it was great at first then I get the to be continued well when are u going to come on if u r going to do just one level ... If whats the point in doing it just makes u mad u down load it and all u get is 1 level smh!!!!!!

Danielle Kirsch

Awesome Great game but since this was created in april and now were in October dont you think you should put the next chapter out already??? Otherwise this was a waste of time. Please put next instalment out or i will have to change my rating

Sierra Dawn

Ugh All the ads covered up the dialogue. I can't see where im suppose to go or anything. Please fix

Ashley Elyce

Stupid ads Ads cover the bottom of the screen so I can't read anything...

Jeremy Stuart

Art. I love the style. Want the second part but doesn't seem available. ..what gives? !!

Michele Johnson

Very poor design The ads cover up the messages so impossible to play. Sad...looked interesting. I'd rather know I have to pay, rather being unpleasantly surprised

Abby Lucansky

Ads!!!! Love the game but the ads block crucial clues & makes the game even more difficult! Please fix & i will gladly give u 5 stars but for now... 1 due to the poorly placed advertisements.

Holly Davison

Stupid The ads cover the bottom of the screen so i cant read the information and i cant get back out of the first room.

Michael Cole

Don't do it Not a good game, if you touch the screen an ad pops up.

joshua Jacinto

Good, just to get the walkthrough It's a bit hard than I expected...

zoe bird

AWFUL experience I play dozens of these style of games and this is by far the worst I have come across. I have no issues with watching Ads in order to play free games, they need to make their money from somewhere however the Ads covered most of the bottom of my screen meaning I couldn't read any text. Then in order to play a hint/walkthrough you have to rate 5 stars. That could not have prompted me quick enough to uninstall and will never download one of their games again. Shame seemed to have potential.

Jason Neo

Subtitle covered by ads I'm unable to play the game as the ads is covering the subtitles below the screen so I'm not able to read what to do .

Michael Thacker

Great Great game but really needs the next installment of the story. Hope it comes soon

Dennis Church

Unplayable Ads cover the dialog. 5star ratings are given in exchange for walkthroughs and is offered before the game is played. They aren't based on actual game play.

Christopher Adam

annoying ads various annoying ads keep pops out.. it covering the bottom part of the screen.. uninstall

Kevin Chizmar

Badly done The piont of escape games is to find the clues. Since this app really doesn't give clues it's basically just tapping until something happens.

skylar ehman

Great concept Very good game but ended too quickly. Went offline to play without adds getting in the way. When will game be continued?

Lorraine Burns

Great game Hard to escape but needs to be little bit easier.

Cookie C.C Sarah

STUPID ADS It like blocks the words it's saying and the leave button to go back to the map . FIX IT

Tara Lewandowski

Abandoned city its asom and cool

Jenade Scott

Nice Nice game with lots of challenges.

Jamie Anderson

Good game, but ends poorly To be continued... But where is the rest?

Sharren Redmond

Started off awesome Lots of pixel hunting which gets boring. Ended up using the walkthrough to find out what to do with the handle and even when I knew the answer it wouldn't work so couldn't get any further!

Erin Reese

Wheres the next one??? It was an ok game considering most Ive downloaded are not that good. But really ??? End it like that??? Where is the next one then ??? If your going to end a game that way should atleast have the next ready and on here .....

Chachi Garcia

Its really turns me on but Who killed the android? Where's the other episode?? :(

Tom Wolf

I couldnt even learn how to play it over the adds I cant hear very well and i need captions to help play the game. I couldnt get the stupid add things out of the way so i could play. Every time i tried menu it took me to another add. I cant properly rate this game because i couldnt play it. I dont ever give bad ratings on free games just because i know they need the ads to be free for us to play but this was a waste of time loading it. Im uninstalling it sorry.

naunie johnson

sucks!! how can you play the game if you got ads stuck in the middle of it.... waist of time...

Linda McElvogue

Abandoned City Escape Like the game, just can't play because the adds block what is captioned at the bottom of the screen!

Randy Glatt

Lame I can handle the comic style, but the game is to short and even worse the game ends so abruptly

Justin Schirck

Cool. Really cool. Too many apps popping up though.

Rena Alecxander

Fun XD but... Just that?? More please TwT

Jean T

Liked the graphics A good game to start but didn't like the ads. I'd always prefer hints within the game but this one didn't seem to have walkthroughs by other eithr

Richard Aviles

Abandoned City Ads keep poping up! Can't start playing the game!

Melanie Payne

Ads in the way This is my second time installing and trying to play this game and it's still the same. The ads are in the way. You cant read what the character is trying to say and when he's explaining something is or what he needs to do. You are only left guessing. Even after trying to get rid of the ad and saying it's in the way it just brings up another one. Annoying.

Terry Smith

A 5 star ratings for walk through hmmmm The ads are very much in the way!! It sits right where one needs to read instructions. If it were moved to the side, it would be ever so helpful.

Mike Junkin

Remove Ad at the bottom Can't read script due to the ad being in the way. Please fix , looking forward to playing your game. Thanks !

Deidre Ott

What crap This is crap. Game slow, boring and when you touch something and nothing happens but later it does work wth. Only have to touch all over the screen hoping something works oh what fun. Not

pamela obryan

Love the game but is it necessary to have ads pop up every 5 minutes? It's a nuisence!

Tonya Jolly

Can't play! The ads are in the way! I can't see what to do because the ads are covering the words! Grrrrr!

Kat Michelle

Ads cover clues/description I downloaded the game, everything looked great until I tried to play it. All of the clues/instructions and dialogue are covered by the ads. You cant get around it or even see enough words to try and make out what they are saying. :( Too bad...

Law k dash

4 stars cuz Turn on your flight mode, go to play the game, zero ads! Enjoy! It's a great game.

Casie sanchez

Still waiting on the second part. If you are not going to make one can you please let me know, i dont want to keep waiting if you guys are not planing a second. Thank you :-)

Crystal Repsold

Make the next one please Good game too short though and just plug in ear phones to hear what they are saying since the adds cover up the text so all in all pretty good just make it a lot longer

hrishita deo

Haven't played yet.. Have to give 5☆ to be able to watch the walkthrough..

vanessa Williams

Loved it Was a great puzzle game only disliked all the ads

Bridgett Beardsley

Huh? For one thing, the game was incredibly short. It has areas that I touched multiple times and nothing happened. Eventually I had to go through the walk-through to see what I was doing wrong. Turned out I was doing nothing wrong, I just had to sit there and tap the same spot a dozen times or more to finally get it to recognize my action. Probably should have given it one star but an feeling generous today.

Debbie Heath

I've done reviews on this before...where do they go?!? I first played this game a few years ago, & it was one of my earlier Point and Click game experiences (I was obsessed with, "Police Quest Pursuit of the Death Angel" back in the early 90's when I was like 9-15, I wish I could find it now on here) & I've always really loved it! I install it each time I get a new device, or just feel nostalgic for it, then I play & uninstall it, after I check to see if there is an update yet. I have been waiting AGES for an update, but I'm uninstalling it now for storage room, & will reinstall it within the next few months per usual. I love the comic book styled graphics & the gloomy post-industrialization apocalypse feel to the whole app!! I get fully immersed in the gameplay. I do wish it was longer & that more updates were available here in the US for this game. A companion interactive story app ( a choose your own adventure type book/game) would be EPIC with this as the setting!! But, I do realize there are constraints financially, time wise, etc. & I truely appreciate and love the game, & am STILL waiting and looking froward to more, soon I hope!! BTW, if adds are in your way, turn off your wifi. That usually clears up the issue right away, lol, & not only do I not know the creator(s), but I don't know any game creators personally as far as I am aware. Some of us just really enjoy this app! Also, I was never once asked to give a rating on this game like some of you claim, when does it ask? Just curious. :-) Thanks- Amanda M. Heath '82

J Wiest

What the heck !!! CAN'T play cause stupid ads block the guide the first thing is said Was "go to the supe" the rest was cover in ads what do I do I assumed it was supermarket so I clicked it and it said "I have no money" plz help

Joe Degnan

The Game Needs more after you escape from the bunker please add more to continue the game other wise it is a fun game

Tanya Whitford

Ads are in the way! Would like to play this game but cant read the instructions as the ads are in the way! Cant see a way of getting rid of the ads either. Disappointing

John D Haughey

Unable to play The ads are directly over the game information and you can't make headway unless you guess at EVERYTHING. Absolutely asinine!

Sheree Cohrs

Turn you wifi or 4g off stops the ads Free games require ads.....don't want ads buy games!?wow took 10 minutes without walkthrough, decent but look longer to download that to play

Jaylee Mathews

Ad Location Make Play Impossible This is so dumb. The developers decided to place ads directly over the space where in-game descriptors show up and the back button. Therefore, you can't play. Period. You'd think after so many crap reviews about the same effing issue that the developers would make some changes, but that would be expecting too much I suppose.

Jerry Pardue

Just ok The concept is cool. I get its an escape game but there are hardley any clues. Stuff is real hard to pick up. Had to use a walkthrough. I like the look of the game. The drawn in pencil look is pretty cool. Games isnt very long. Kinda seems like a rough draft. A little more work and this would be a good game.

David Koepsell

Adverts cover game text. Instant 1 star 0 stars if it were possible! If you're going to put in advertisements, make sure they don't interfere with your software. Idiots!

lacey chicata

This game was good. I do agree that the ad on bottom of screen was in way of text. What the text reads is what the guy says, i found it not a real problem. Walkthrough is on youtube fyi. I used it once. I just beat this game in under 10 min. Way to short

Peter Harper

Bad marketing It looked good but is fairly unplayable. Terribly intrusive ads and bad screen mapping that doesnt pick up your taps. Too bad. Looked good. Im uninstalling

Shon Taylor

Ads in way still the same Dont listen to just the good reviews, their most likely from the creator. You cant read anything because ads are in way. Why not place them at the top. Worse escape game I've ever tried. I am a blogger so I get paid to review. This app will be on site soon

Deirdre TeW

Nice Nice simple game, but i did cheat twice otherwise i was just tapping away just hoping for something to happen. The advert along the bottom is annoying but opening the game while not connected to wifi made it go away. Not sure how i made it go away but it did.

Diana I

Good and bad. It could have been a good game, however, it is incredibly short and the ads cover the words. Please fix this and add more and you'll get a lot better reviews.

Chris Dye

Well.....? Where is Part 2????? Great game, the ad does cover the bottom and hides text and makes it a pain to back up. I use a stylist on a note 4. But it is way too short. To be continued but where is Part 2???

Dharmendra Srivastava

I really like this game This game is very difficult to me and it was shocked me when I play this game but it is not so scary and feared. .....

Karla Mendoza

Ads in the way Would love to give a better rating but it is kind of difficult when I can't even play the game. Ads are in the way. I get to the first room, obtain the key but can't get outta the in the way of the exit.

Robert Soto

Nice try guys Not only poor design also the messages behind the ads seems like you forcing people to pay for ad removal and giving you 5 stars for walkthrough not worth the time

jan marc ramos

Great game Great game, the ad is on the way but if you listen to what the robot is saying you dont even need to read the subtitle. Looking for part 2.

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