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9 Jul
Escape Fruit Kitchens

Posted by FUNKYLAND in Puzzle | July 9, 2016 | 140 Comments

Apk file size: 48.0 MB

Escape from a lovely kitchen!
The popular FUNKYLAND game of escaping to the patio by collecting fruit is now available as an App!
It has the same charming and healing atmosphere as "Candy Rooms", the sister game.
Solve the mysteries in the fruit-themed kitchen to escape.

How to Play:
- Just tap
- Tap the [+] button in the upper right hand corner to display the settings screen.

Game Features:
- Beautiful graphics!
- Easy and fun, even for those not keen on escape games!
- Perfect game length to kill time!
- You can enjoy each charming fruit-themed kitchen!
- Enjoy teatime on a gorgeous patio after escaping!

The Save Function:
Cleared rooms will be saved in the list so you can play them anytime.
In the case that cleared rooms have not been saved in the list, please check your device settings as there may not be enough storage space.

The list of kitchens:
No.01 Strawberry Red
No.02 Green apple
No.03 Navel Orange
No.04 Lemon Yellow
No.05 Peach Pink
No.06 Blueberry Violet
No.07 Apple mango
No.08 Kiwi Green
No.09 Grapefruit Yellow
No.10 Grape Purple
No.11 Pineapple Yellow
No.12 Cacao Brown
No.13 Cherry Pink
No.14 Muscat Green
No.15 Apricot Orange
No.16 Banana Yellow
No.17 Prune Violet
No.18 Pomegranate Red
No.19 Lime Green
No.20 Chinese quince Yellow
No.21 Chocolate vine Violet
No.22 Raspberry Red
No.23 Watermelon Green
No.24 Papaya Yellow
No.25 Melon Green
No.26 Fig Purple
No.27 Apple Red

Whats new

    We improved the network security.

FUNKYLAND part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 9, 2016. Google play rating is 87.3763. Current verison is 1.20.1. Actual size 48.0 MB.

Download escape-fruit-kitchens.apk 48.0 MB


Arvin Jennifer

Cute game for kids Nice visuals. Puzzles are easy and repetitive. Many fruits are more hidden objects than puzzle solving. And feels like almost the same puzzles every level

Jiamin Lee

Bug at Muscat Green stage I enjoyed the game. But at Muscat Green stage, I believe there's a bug. Apparently, the correct music note was keyed but it appeared to be wrong. Please fix it.

Jennifer Spinler

I love this game! Bright pictures, great graphics, I wish my kitchen looked this nice. I hope you get to 100 kitchens. Keep up the good work!

Lim chee chin

For brain training It good game to train our mind to think link up all the related hint

Rainy Queen

Fix it I like this but i can't open level 12 please fix it. I will give u 5 star

tony krenn

Very fun Promises 27 levels, but only 19 made so far, have to wait for more updates. used a walkthrough through on level 14, (I think everyone probably uses the walkthrough on level 14). And the one i used didn't help very much :D it was tricky but if you figured it out you can get the nut.

Ser Val

Wanted to like Had to delete because I couldn't finish due to bug in the Moscat room. I kept entering the right notes but the frog would release the nut. I believe level 14.

writer happy

Would be good. This game won't open even when there's the right code given. Very disappointing. Uninstalling.

Lauren Wszolek

Mindless clicking Every room is the same. There are no puzzles, just click around to find the fruits. Totally mindless. Cute, though.

Fake Berry

please help me in level 14 i dont know how to solve the frog notes ... someone help mee .. btw i really love this game☺

Toni B

Great app Began to get a little too repetitive towards the end

Joshua Powers

Keep going keep us busy good for mind challenge

sri melati Kasim

Loved it Can't wait for the new update..

Jenn W.F.

Perfect difficulty Not too hard or easy. Fun game

jennifer lott

Fruit kitchens Don't want tostop Please add more levels and add more levels to candy escape game!!!

Huyen Nguyen

a+++mazing great graphics, so cute, nice and easy break from the more challenging games

Avenir Luna

A wonderful & fresh puzzle game! I really love this game! ❤(ӦvӦ。) especially the graphic has many rich colors. I like how every kitchen has different shape. The puzzle not really difficult but they are kinda tricky. I love Froggy Princess ? I look forward for the next kitchen!

Veronique Lovernieu

Bug in #14 Muscat Green room The frog won't give me the key even though I have entered the correct combination of notes!

CocoBlue Rosie

I love it!! Extremely cute and well designed. The Japs are geniuses!! But I wished there are more levels. Why did it have to end so quickly :(

Kate J

Patiently waiting for more levels, 1 won't be enough on the next update hehe Thanks ?

Dhiny Nedyasari

Please add more levels Difficulty medium, but it's still fun! The kitchen design is cool.

catherine volanos

Great A little challenging but very addicting

Julian mii

Really good and its not difficult to the point of frustration and giving up :)

mary carberry

Great Please make more levels!!

Bonita Gordon

Escape from kitchen It was fun playing this game.

Joe Lopez

The best The graphics are great the game keeps you entertained. Would be waiting for more games or app from them. Thanks!

mini me

too easy.

Fanella Lim

Double thumbs up

Lucy Chan

Love it! Really enjoyable escape game. Thank you for adding new levels regularly! PS: those frogs are the cutest thing ever :)

Pete Sztencel

BRILLIANT [ribbit]. Fruit Kitchens is exactly the same as Candy Rooms - exactly as entertaining. It's another (free!) point and click room escape app that buzzes with original ideas and is both bonkers and brilliant. As with Candy Rooms, the garish colours and ever-present Froggy (yay!) don't hide the fact that there are some good logic puzzles (less tricky than in Candy Rooms) in this app. The interface is all taps - natural enough in a kitchen - without the unusual option to drag which Funkyland used in Candy Rooms. More phone-friendly, I suppose. The decor still makes you think that the Powerpuff Girls are about to come zooming in (just in time!) to save the world and lend a hand. This hasn't happened yet, but you can always chat to Froggy. [Froggy likes hot chocolate, by the way.] This is a really good app. Great fun. Love it. 5 stars. More, please! [ribbit]

Wanda K

Wonderful ho with twist I am very impressed with FUNKYLAND apps they are cute and inventive and so far completely w/o in game purchases. Well done FUNKYLAND and thanks!!!

rainny Ling

Nice! Really beautiful graphics and quite easy to play!!! More updates please!!!

Samantha Crowe

Stuck I can't get the strawberry in the microwave on the first level. I do everything and when,I open the microwave there's nothing there


Kitchen fruits First Round won't let me click on the strawberries.. don't like it.

Wong See Wan

A bit easy though...

justine chen

Love this one too I tried the candy room and hooked. ..finally i installed all the escape games from this producer.

Rouge Guda

Its great But..the kiwi room has some activation missing!!! Its at the kiwi eating animal, some clue or activation with nine letters is not working!!!!

Lynden Morgan

I love this game. I love this game. l can't wait for the next level. No permissions needed, I like that.

Musa Haroon

Code of level l can't find it any one help me

Sadaf Ramcheram

I like it. .but I'm still stuck in level1..unable tofind last strawberry. ..the last frog one...dony know whichcode to enter .plz help me

Igoy Donovan Hirai

?? More rooms please!

Alice Liddell

I'm stuck on cacao's room....

Michelle Zhang

@Rene Compo Are you sure the problem is with the game, and not yourself? Have you tried making sure you're even doing the puzzle right before complaining that you can't solve it because it's *apparently* bugged?

Rene Compo

Can't get passed level 13. The box with the numbers on it won't open. There's a pattern you're supposed to follow with the numbers and when I do, it won't open. Have done it several times.

Sam Finnegan

Nice game Thank you for this entertaining game; my eyes and brain are very happy because of the nice graphics and clever puzzles (respectively) :D

Steven Son

level 13 box with number key 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 from bigger to smaller

Joel Sallis

Love it Have played it multiple times. Addicted to it.

kalayanee t

I satisfied this game it so much fun. joyously

maria jamaica Relano

I enjoyed playing the game. Good job developers :-) I hope more updates will be added. Appearance is superb :-)

Pete Sztencel

After 27 epic Escapes (ahem!), Fruit Kitchens is finally complete. It's the end of a great, joyously happy, feel-good app. Fun puzzles, crisp visuals, no bugs, and relentlessly silly cameos from Her Most Serene Highness Pink Froggy [YAY!]... I suppose she'll have some time on her hands, now - although she's still busy in the Girl's Room app, and that fabulous tiara must take HOURS of cleaning. Excellent long-lens paparazzi-style picture of her for the end-screen of Kitchen 23 by the way: relaxing by the pool with Candy Rooms' Green Froggy. (Also, indoors, in 24! Are they 'an item'?) Thanks for this wonderful game, Funkyland. Farewell, Fruit Kitchen Froggy. "Folks, please remain calm - Elvis has LEFT THE BUILDING!" Oh. Left it, you say? Hmm. Right. Whatever. "And Pink Froggy has LEFT THE KITCHEN!" Wha-a-a-a-t? Nooooo! Don't go, Froggy... We LOVE you... [Ribbit.]

Samantha Donoghue

Level 14 music notes :( Love the game, except so frustrated with level 14 music notes, tried the tips in hints and YouTube but it doesn't work, arggh, help please!

Lily Blue

He me but Good I need help on level 12 and when I want help on the right corner it's all in a different language and I need help

Yeoh Xin

lovely and addicted to it! very beautiful and easy to understand without reading any guide...i am addicted and cant stop playing it.pls update faster!!!

Sala Senpai

Love it BUT HELP ON 14!!! I thought I got the music notes right for the frog part. I DON'T UNDERSTAAAND ? ?????

Shar Barnett

Very addictive Can be hard at times but it's great if u like a challenge?

Znah Znah

Love it I loved it.. after all levels hope theres coming more.. please please i want more levels.... im so addicted on this game.. i played it 3rd time and i finished all the levels.. hope theres more... ???

reece Bradshaw

It's good It won't let my sister and I get a strawberry please fix

Tricia Joles

Great game Good fun escape game. I want more from this developer

Mandy xx

Great Quite challenging and fun to play #27levelsdone #waitingformore

Emma Horton

I absolutely loved this game Please keep making more games like these

louise watts

Great series of games Would give 5 stars if hints were translated better. Or an altogether better hint idea.

Lhyn Llega

Fruit kitchen Ok I really love this game cause is about home sweetness home to fine and escape the fruits wow and the graphics is true true pictures...

Kinza Zubair

Need help on 14 frog part 1 to 7 how to do this i cant do it

Grace Mel

Can someone please help me IM on level 4

Riyanka Talukder

Loved it....!!! Addictive... kept me glued for hrs..

anna joch

Fun This version is not difficult if you'd play for a couple of stage. Beautiful picture n nice colour

alesha cannon

Level 14 I put the music notes in right (looked on youtube) and nothing happens

Hafsah j mohammed

Great game but stuck on level twenty two. Checked you tube but that has different box.

Crystal Su

Easy ... Level 1 Difficulty 1 (L1D1), L2D1, L3D1, L4D3, L5D1, L6D1, L7D1, and i stopped

Elizabeth Grimsley

27 free levels! Addictively fun, good graphics, clear patterns, tracking inventory and pretty darn challenging. This is part of an excellent games series and should be tried by all escape gamers

Denise Croft

Brilliant Love these games so addictive xx

Annette Wong

Adorable game The interiors in the game are just lovely. Addictive game.

Dian Nugrahari

More! Finished in 5 hours!

Yana Z

Simply Awesome! ?

Ashley Perkins

Great puzzles. Loved playing this game. :)

Allegra Smith

Hurry Up With Upates All of Funkyland games are cute, great and fun, but It takes nearly 2 months to get 1 new game. Please hurry up with the updates I enjoy playing the games. By the way, the Walkthrough should also be in English, YouTube shouldn't have to be the only solution.

Shevon Bhagwandeen

Ok It a thought provoking game. If you get stuck YouTube always has a solution video. New levels just don't get released fast enough so I am waiting months between levels.

Sharmin Shila

Loved this game..wanna play more levels.

Denise Porter

Love this game! Sometimes it was tough. I want more, please!

Sukhjinder Insa

So ausome! I loved it it is really good game bt I don't know pin code number of level 5 apple mango can you help me plzzz

Katherine Gardiner-Johnson

Loads of fun! I spend a couple hours on this game because it's fun and the graphics are adorable. The puzzles aren't frustratingly difficult but entertaining enough. I highly recommend this escape game!

fred nupp

4.5 needed help a couple of times. U tube has all levels

yo lah

Liked it What is the code of level 1

Jasmin Levesque

Very good game

Amanda Lo

Lovely time killer Short and sweet levels in the game. Not too easy to the point that its condescending. Plenty of levels. Well made. Love the games in this series. Looking forward to more.

Ashi Jain

Help I am struck on level 12 plz tell me the no. Code I will give 5 stars when the help is converted into English

Sadaf Salman

Addictive!!!!! It's a great time playing it but I am stucked on the first strawberry level can anybody tell the code on the frog???

pragya srivastav

Very very interesting game I have finished all level this game

LaRiska Williams

Best Escape Game I just love this game. Keep up the good work.

La Dee

Play it again This is one of the only games that I've gone back and played from the beginning again. Very good game. Amazing that it is free!

Esther Zelaya

Great Game Lots of levers just like the rest of these games. Im downloading the last of thier games right now. Great job guys!

Kimberly Alderman

Translate Japanese to English in the walk through -akward wording- read carefully to spot key words needed to help solve the puzzles and you'll be good...good,fun game

Neka Grogan

It's awsome I'm really into these games i am always up for a good search ?

Alexis Rickett

This game is stupid It does not let you pick up most of the stuff you need it is born lame no one should get it

Nazariah Muhalim

Don't know why Hello players. I don't like because I'm stuck in level 22. The raspberry fruit. I'm stuck on the love code. Would anyone of u guys give me some hint or clue? Would rate 5 star if been given. Thanks

Chelsea Theresa

Oh My, Loved It! These can be my inspirations! Love the modern graphics and how the rooms resemble each fruit's characteristics. It must be hard for you to think and put your amazing ideas into this awesome game. Look forward for your another amazing ideas. Keep it up and stay to be awesome! SEMANGAT DARI INDONESIA!

Rose Wolfe

Escape fruit kitchens I really enjoy these games. Please make some more like this one.

Alison Hooker

Good game worth getting Lots of fun. Some levels are really easy and some surprisingly hard (perhaps they sjould increase in difficulty like most games!) Overall a good game to pass the time and make you think laterally

yash dhote

Bad game ever Is this game gone idiot .I really hated it .this was the bad game ever seen. So boringggggg.......

Sarah Chong

Sooooo hard and i am only 8 years old ! I cannot find the last two strawberrys plz help me find the two strawberrys plz i will give you 5 stars

Shalini Chakraborty

I can't find more strawberrys at level 1....too tough

Muddle Daughter

A bit less inventive than the Alice house series, each room here is pretty much the same set of puzzles repeated. Makes a good time pass for kids younger than seven and older than four.

Crystal Joshua

I have completed it. Waiting for the next puzzle. Very interesting to play.

Jonna Marie Reyes

Love it More games like this please! Thanks ?

Marion Behrens

Wow I am stuck at Kitchen 12 cannot find the last Cacao bean!!!!please help

Amy Jeon

HELP ME! I'm 12 an stuck on level 1 I'll give 5 stars if you do

Mitzi Mayhew

Solidly designed puzzle/escape game Straightforward game, not very hard and the game types are a bit repetitive. Nice graphics.

Sallie Neal

Very frustrating Liked colors, graphics & puzzles until could find last 7th strawberry. Followed link to hints. Translated but still found no hints.

blackwood six

Cute I loved the rooms they looked so sweet and cute. Puzzles are sometimes quite challenging without requiring a leap of logic unlike some other escape game franchises

Xangra Neko

I enjoyed this game a lot. Some were inventive, some were a little hard but after some logical thinking, most ppl can figure it out.

Olivia Harrison

Really fun I love this game and I like a challenge so this was good for stuck but carried on trying... good game.?

Tyran deleza

I couldn't even pass level 1 its sohard and boring i hated it sooo much

Camdyn Davis

Its a realy fun game evryone will enjoy it.It may be hard,confusing,or frusterateing sometimes but its worth it.

Marion Behrens

Wow I am stuck at Kitchen 27 cannot find the last Apple!!!!please help

Phoebe Kellett

Im on the muscat green level but when i try to do the music puzzle nothing works so i looked up multiple walkthroughs and i was doing it right but the thing the frog is holding won't open, any idea why?

Cik Nuna

Stuck Why i'm stuck at level 22.

Archana Manoj

I couldn' t pass level 1 it's so hard I need a help to finish

Nokoh Khubz

You must escape So addictive but I'm stuck on level 10 dnt know the code

shaden Husban

It a bit hard because I could not pas level 1

Autumn Hatchel

This is the best I play escape fruit

AB Girl

Love and happy to play so much I hope u can create a lot of new games thank

Zoe Aquino

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD , There are strawberries everywhere!!!!

Samantha P

Muscat green music frog not working

Gerardo Defendini

Good game Makes perfect sense. I play all funkyland games.

Ellie Butler

Amazing? Loved the different themes, best escape game by far.

Y 22 is stuck

Very nice game Please help in level27 its very hard

nadeesha harshani

Lovely super game.I love it

Keya Saha

Give hints it take too times to find out.

Dominic Luongo

Great game Could play it for hours, and did!

Laura Ashliman

So cute Never plated one like this!

Lora Brooks

Beat it in less than a day it was so fun

Good It should be some what better

Yvonne Kertsch

Very entertaining Loved every second

sophie s

Keep up the good games!

Nancy Sim

The graphics are beautiful. Finished the game.

Abdul Basit

Its ok

Mukta Naik

Loved the game !!!! Esp for its interiors :)

suzaina simcox

Loved it

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