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29 Jul
Escape Fever

Posted by Mobest Media in Puzzle | July 29, 2015 | 67 Comments

Apk file size: 50.0 MB

In this huge escape game Escape Fever your goal is to solve different puzzles and brain teasers to find your way to exit rooms. If you think you have what it takes to finish this adventure and break yourself through 20 different doors then accept this challenge and start your escape!

↗ Mind blowing puzzles
↗ Classic room escape game
↗ Real situations
↗ Gorgeous graphics.
↗ 100% fun guaranteed!

How to play:
Find items, search clues and solve puzzles. Unlock each and every door to escape!

What are you waiting for? Let the Escape Fever begin!

Mobest Media part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update July 29, 2015. Google play rating is 84.2377. Current verison is 2.2. Actual size 50.0 MB.

Download escape-fever.apk 50.0 MB


Will Kopp

Not worth time to play I don't like the fact that you get so far than you are forced to buy the rest of the game. All the puzzles are ok. If you have to sit though an add to gett help you should have all the levels. You shouldn't call it excape forever if you have to stop after the first 11 levels.

Robert Soto

Good game Had fun some difficulty but that's what makes it enjoyable you don't have to blow a brain gasket to figure it out

Pep inmystep

so disappointed a waist of my time. it was fun till i got to level 11 and it said I have a choice to go to a bonus level then app tricks you and requires you to pay to continue on more levels...I was having fun then it ended...I will be deleting!

Kyle Heuett

Much more attention needed This escape game it's much more involved than others I've played. Do need to be a little lucky at times.

Family Turner

as long as long as my mom says ok make sure u do something smart then when she comes to check i am always on my phone she say um wyd i say escape fever what that a thinking game

Heather Furby

Harder than most Some really random puzzles that deny logic, but overall fun and worth unlocking.

Arooj Hussain

Very fun So far pretty entertaining. I like the level of difficulty. The only annoying thing is you can't turn the music off without also turning off the sound effects.

Tracy Holly

Very good I love this game :-) some of them are quite easy but it still challenges your mind.

Jonathan Gomez

Good game. Will entertain you I'm not sure if i can continue without paying but i really hope that's not the case. Anyway i had major difficulty with some rooms. Others were enjoyable. All in all it was worth the download.... For an escape game junkie like myself.

Sweet Lincoln

It's pretty good. I don't get these people that give low stars because the game gives you a bunch of free levels then asks if you'd like to buy bonus levels. Did you play the game? Did you make it to the bonus level? Then that's worth a dollar or two if you enjoyed it. If you didn't enjoy it, why did you finish? If you choose not to play the bonus, why deride the developers who just want to get paid for what they do? Don't act like it's some "scam".They're giving you 90% of their product for free.

Sarah Corder

Enjoying it I am having fun so far. OK update, I thought we were going to play 20 levels? I got to level 11 and you have to pay for the other levels. The ones I did play were really fun. It's a shame because I was looking forward to playing the game. I had just finished playing this other game that was just like this one, it was free and had 20 levels too.

Drew Coon

Booting me out I probably would have given this game a decent rating but for some reason on my galaxy s 3 I kept getting booted out in all seriousness about 6 times a level which makes trying to play rather difficult so, 1 star from me.

Sioux ZQ

Challenging but not to the point where it's impossible to figure out or you want to give up.

Tamarah Santiago

The game is a little TOO hard... Sometimes when I get so stuck and end up watching the cheat video, I look and see that probably nobody could have guessed that answer. Also it needs more levels

hughie jackson

Gets the mind going I like how at times it seems easy and that's when you get stuck you mind gas to adapt. Lots of fun.

Ina Marie Jaramel

It's so much fun I was looking for a game to escape my boredom them boom I sww this at first I don't really thought that I'd like this game but then I was enjoying playing this I even slept 3am because of this

Pete Sztencel

Escape Fever has some very good puzzles. Certain bits are borrowed from earlier games by the same Developer, and this is fine (it's fun spotting them!) but beware: the first 11 of the 20 levels are free, the remainder are to-be-paid-for bonus packs. If these locked levels form part of the original download, it seems unfair that you have to pay to download the inaccessible content (it's part of your precious monthly data allowance, after all) in order to enjoy the 'free' game. I'm an astonishingly affluent trillionaire (Bill Gates is only my BUTLER'S butler), but I never buy free apps, so this is a case of 'game over'. Wait a minute... The first hit's free, after that, you pay? Isn't that how drug dealers operate? Never mind. This app only gets three Stars. (But hey, my first 3 PlayStore Review Stars are always free: you can buy the other 2 later, right? You WANT all 5, right? You NEED all 5, right? You've got a PayPal account, right?)

Yang Wang

Good The game gets a little old after a while. But overall a really well thought out game!


Great game Great challenge really makes you think! A few rooms ticked me off though cuz I looked in every nook and cranny and still couldn't find everything sometimes so I was forced to watch a walkthrough made me feel like I was cheating I didn't like that but this is a great way to pass the time and work your brain good job guys just needs a little tweaking thanks!


Would have been 5 stars Love this game. Got to the point where I was asked to pay for more levels and naively I didn't check that for the full unlock I was only actually getting another 9 levels. I got more than that for free! Not impressed. Bit of a con. I'll be sure to double check before I give up any money in future

Jeff Holowaychuk

slow releases of games, another drop in rating,no replies to players Slowest developer of escape games. joy and eight are developers that have new games every week, why cant you.simplicity with some brain work .why so long inbetween new games, it seems like it takes forever to get new ones.NEED NEW GAMES!!!ASAP!!!a good developer always answers his players replies.tired of replaying old games.

Tobi Araki

Good puzzles Easy enough to get through, difficult enough to enjoy.

Nicholas Faulkner

3 stars Its a great game but I dont spend my money on games so having to by additional levels is lame. I will most likely just delete this game and download something else to play

R Deal

Pretty cool. But on a phone its to small. Should be able to see every item up close. Addicting. Makes one think! Entertaining. There is a problem. Level 8.drawer will not open evn with correct code. Tried several times even after watching. Video!!!!!

laetitia eksteen

Excellent I love this game.. If you are like me enjoying mind games and puzzles this is the game for you.

Stephanie Regimbal

Unimpressed I wanted to continue on the bonus level bought a pack...what do I get nothing no bonus levels just the same levels I JUST completed. Personally would like a refund but im not gonna pursure over a $1 whatever...DO NOT PURCHASE YOU WILL NOT GET ANYTHING

Claudia Martin

Pretty devious. Only 1 Error. Eleven levels of very good puzzles. (The two bonus rounds cost.) Only one puzzle error, the chemistry lab chemical bonds puzzle. Puzzle makers should never try to include more than fourth grade math and NO chemistry because its like a pig wearing a bonnet, ridiculous. It's possible to put them in without folks having any background knowledge, but not the way it was done here.

Effing Offoff

Good but now halted Shame you couldn't continue without paying beyond level 11, even with ads, so will now uninstall

Ayden Revill

Very good game gets your brain thinking got stuck couple of times had to use walk through but still a good game

Fozia Khalid

Hate hate hate hate I don't like this game because I finish the level 11 and they said to me that I finish the course and they don't let me play more and I just haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate it .

Jackie Walls

This is so fun! I am loving this game. I just hope It has more than ten levels.

Brent Goeke

Fun Fun time wasting game

Roxi Gallup

Not free I think that if a game says free it should be free all the way. This is a fun game and I really liked it except for having to pay to continue.

Naomi Marie

Mmm Its okay, I don't like the fact that the walkthrough is misleading. What you are really getting is advertising. But the game is okay...

Czei M.

Great Liked it! give more Free challenges thanks :)

Sian Adams

Ok Its good until level 12 because it won't let me play unless I pay

Taha Habib

Good game But cant play after level 11 i am not able to play 12 level please fix it

Jessica Pitman

It's okay If it was a little more difficult it would be better.

Ahmed Daauud

Amazing Absolutely great. It makes you think and test your limits. You could hours on it and not get bored. One of the best games.

Lowkii Watkins

Why??? is it just mines, or does everyone's game stop at level 11, then trys to make me pay for bonus game??? And won't let me go to level 12

Becky Nelson

SERIOUSLY!! LOVED the first 15 levels! logical, good clues & solvable riddles. Last 3-4 levels couldn't be done! Even watching walk thru made no sense! No rhyme or reason for anything! I know U guys r better than that! I've played probably EVERY escape game You have made & LOVED them all! Mobi is my go to escape thrill maker! Highly recommend to my friends! always buy full packages & glad to do it. Love trying to get some food on Your plates so You can keep working. But You dropped the ball on those last levels Dev! Sad to have to give You such a bad rating. Always have given 5's up til now. :-(

KS Kepui

Stage 5 Wrong measurement Ruler measurement is wrong! According to the length to be measured it's 8 not 7! No wonder I couldn't unlock the code. How did you come up with 7?? Explain!


Great fun These are the types of puzzles that I like. They make sense, but they do require some thought.

Monika B

Great game but there's a glitch at the second level ( girls room) I had the right combination of colors but it would not accept it. I had to watch the walkthrough to go further.

Naomi Wells

It's ok This game is really read well some people mit say it's hard and some people mit say it's easy but when you get to level 12 you must buy an bones even if you don't want to

Josh Mukherjee

Stage 5 Everything was going great (kinda easy) till stage 5. The ruler does not really give the measurement for 'y'. Instead the answer is one less than what is shown and I'm not sure i'd like to watch the walk through to get the right answer next time. If you fix it i'll change my rating to 5.

Dea Giovannie

Its enjoy untill..... I played this game ... from stage 1 to 5 .. really fun and i go on playing..until i reach stage 6.. the ruler in my game show that Y = 8 , and x =4, i dont understand, so i searced for youtube, and actually the answer for the Y is 7, i count again and again for the 'my Y' and the result exaclty the same, is 8 in my ruler

Jack Woodrow

Escape Fever Now I've played a few of these, they're lots of fun & reasonably challenging while still being do-able... But, I'm noticing the repetition now people, & reusing 'old' puzzles, no matter how clever or how proud & 'parental' you might feel about them, is not a smart move...

Libby Meli

Screen too dark, measurements are wrong Its hard to see teensy pictures that dont enlarge. Even at my brightest screen setting it's still too dark. Measurement with ruler in game 5 was inaccurate.

Audrey Chong-Schmidt

Not challenging enough I'm a regular escape player. Not only too easy, graphics below par, no storyline or theme. Nothing notable. Didn't bother to pay for bonus levels. Adequate as a fix for escape withdrawal

Johnnie Ipock

Haven't finished, on level 6, clues aren't clear The ruler measurement on the blackboard is very clearly 8, but I couldn't get it to work so I went to walkthrough. How do you get 7??? Count the lines on the ruler to the edge of the drawing. . 8 lines not 7. .

Lance Wilkins

Pretty good. Some of them i did the walkthrough and still didn't know what i did and I'm usually pretty good at these. That whole bonus thing is a turnoff. Watched all the ads already so you got paid.

Shivani Thakuri

Totally awesmmmm I loved this game its so amazing... M on gaming marathon n hv tried all other games like dis but none were interesting like dis one.....

Amy Anderson

Need more levels. Hate when games say free when in reality they're not. Would've given you 5 stars

Maxie Rice

True1 It's a cool game, although not so difficult as others I've played. I gave it four stars, solely because on stage five the ruler used to five the answer was not accurate on my device. Which led to me having to lean on the walk through.

Sandy Flaxman

Fun for an hour or so Really challenging, but after finishing the (very few) free levels, I won't be spending a dollar for each subsequent bonus pack. Hate being asked for money so soon. Not sure it's worth it, after the 10 or 11 free levels. Also, while being unassuming, there are ads at the bottom. Shouldn't be asked to pay, and view ads.

Severina Chaos

Entertraining... Objectively the game is well done. Could be a bit harder as the puzzles were quite easy to solve. It does not take away the merit of the game. Some of the puzzles were quite clever and if there were more of those i the game it would be worth the money.

Carmella Munday

I hate when your half way through the game and you have to pay to finish the rest of the game It was good thinking

Brittany Thomson

Was 5 stars now 1 I purchased the extra levels and all it did was take me back to the beginning... Rip off!!

Anthonio Sapanero

Good time killer....* MORE LEVELS PLEASE.* This one is a fun strategy game thats great for burning time. Like the fact that it makes you use your noodles. Only complaint is there isnt enough levels.....I cleared it pretty quick. Add another 9 or so levels and it'll be worth a 5 star.....

Sandra Tonti Chidester

A bit different After a while these games get a bit repetitive. This one has some new ideas.

Yadvinder Seda

Bogus app asking for money Only few levels are playable after that they ask for money. Dont install really wastage of time

Pura Santiago

It's mmmm I did like it so much because it is difficult and you need to see the video

Andy Miller

A fun puzzles that actually make sense This puzzle-solving game is complex enough to keep the player thinking but not so abstract that it becomes annoying and doesn't make any sense, the perfect balance!

jamie harris

I'm stuck Really good game but I can't get passed level 4 I don't no what the code mean's cup,tomato,fire ?HELP

Cristian Jalowy

Fix it Finally caved and watched the video for room 5 only to realize the ruler is smaller than intended, screwing me all up. Even screenshotted it for proof, I can only imagine what other issues I'll encounter

Trudi Mowll

Good, but a bit too easy and predictable The levels have a reasonable level of difficulty, but they follow a similar pattern so some levels were quite easy. Few stumpers in there to make you think though

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