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17 Dec
Escape 2048

Posted by Goblin LLC in Puzzle | Dec. 17, 2014 | 73 Comments

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Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now!

The year is 2048! The future of space travel, laser weapons and aliens is now! You are awaken after years of cryogenic sleep on a mysterious space station, full of amazing technologies! As the oxygen is slowly running out, a beautiful female robot is guiding you through the rooms, encouraging your advances. Sneak your way past mind breaking puzzles, trick whole laboratories to work for you and even blast your way using advanced weapons if you want to escape! But this is no easy task - nobody has used those doors or machines for decades, some of them have even turned into deadly traps, so watch out! You must go through each of them in order to make contact with Earth, and escape using the emergency pods. Are you brave enough to venture into this abandoned station? Do you have the brains to solve its hardest rooms and puzzles? Play to find out... or drift unconscious into outer space forever!

Goblin LLC part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 17, 2014. Google play rating is 83.7802. Current verison is 1.0.3. Actual size 47.0 MB.

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Adrienne Kendall

Ok but not great enough to pay Only the first 10 levels are free. I got through all 10 in probably 20 minutes and then found out I had to pay to keep playing. If it was more challenging then maybe I would, but now I'm uninstalling.

Gale Ferguson

Gale A great game! Hard but not frustrating . Oif you really get stuck, there is a video to help. Great game. I love it!

Alan Chang

Escape 2048... Story too took me 30mins to solved, escaped & completed whole story...please add more level then you will 5stars.

Bryce Brian

good game It's not bad, could use a little polishing like maybe add a button for maybe a different angle in each room that would bring certain things closer or a little easier to see or notice, or maybe a highlight button too... it has alot of potential though...over all

Janet Martel

Fun. Easy levels that take some thinking, reasoning out. I want a game that is interesting and not so challenging that I get frustrated. It is a game , after all.

Kaarel Luts

Not bad! One of the better "escape" games I've played. Intricate artistry and clever clues

lil tiger

The game This game is cool but one thing after hardreseting the tab or phone it will not let you restore you have to buy the full version again :( ha? I fell cheated on this one but all in all its a good game.

Arno van Zyl

Cool game,got a very nice look to it. Unfortunately my contact does not allow me to do online purchases,so can only go to level 10,but still a great game.

Tyrell Rogers

Awesome I really like it but in my opinion the helping videos are a little like cheat codes. And if you thought "can you escape" was hard then this might be impossible for you without the videos

Sarah Rampling

Easy puzzles Not accurate (have to repeatedly tap to get it to focus on objects annoying) got to level 8 quickly but giving up simply because it's too annoying. Shame really, the story is good, graphics not bad either.

Rachael Gulli

Paid for 2nd bonus package, payment went through but won't let me play what I paid for...waste of money and time.

Rando Wiratama

Really cool game. Great graphics & medium difficulty puzzles. Entertaining, not frustrating, highly recommended!

Carol Bonnell

cbone I liked it but pretty easy. Too bad you got to pay after such a little time on the game.But carry on good game though.

Colleen M Youngblood

Fun and thought provoking Enjoy the level of intelligent games. Not easy and makes you think!

Harry Bunyan Goodwin

Great game The game stops and you have to spend 59p to carry on from level12 please fix it brcause i cant pay

Micki Hoffman

So far this is one of my favorite "escape games." Because it's not too easy and it's not too hard that's a hard balance to keep. 4 mins after I gave it 5 stars it told me that now I have to pay to play. You lost a star!

Jeremy Tillman

Not free Would be 5 stars if they didn't try to bleed you for money after the first 10 levels. Don't call it free if I can't play it without paying money...

Hollie Barron

Entertaining but... Very good game! It has kept me entertained for hours! The only thing is you have to pay to move on after level ten!!

Cristian Vasquez

Is geeat, you need to pay close attention to the details so if you are all over the place you won't be able to move on, take time and analyze the room, i love this game

Melissa Robey

Very intriguing At first I wasn't sure if I would like it but after playing it for a bit I changed my mind! I really like it!

Leanne Stanton-braybrook

Great game! This game activates your puzzle skills! Good scenes, graphics ok. Well worth downloading even though the gameplay is a fairly short demo! Enjoyed!

Jesse Valdez

A bit cheating This game has a clip that shows you how to do the level. I wish the creators would take out the clip.???

Jennifer Bidois

I enjoyed it, BUT I think you should have more than 10 levels before you start asking to buy bonus rounds!!

Claudia Martin

Clever, Edgy Little Game Deserves all 5 stars. No math errors, fair music, makes you think. We greedy folk want more levels to affirm our intelligence. :-) Purdy pleez?!

Anne T.

Only first 10 levels are free! Have to pay for remaining three levels. Good game but not worth paying money for. Uninstall.

Amanda Ravsten

Fun... It was fun. The levels had unique puzzle ideas. But i have to agree, it went too quickly. I dont mind ads and free play or pay to continue, not both.

Anthony Gomez

Fun Easy fun not to hard just clean time killing fun

Wanda Rodriguez

Escape 2048 Lol good game for the last level with the colors the answer is red then green then blue yellow and purple

MaryGrace Holland

Fun till 11th level It was awesome but the makers needed to make more free levels. It literaly stopped when I got to the 11th level after that you have to buy it. I mean who wants to buy only 9 more levels? That's right ,it only has twenty levels! Anyway I didn't really like it.

Adam Garcia

Cool I love puzzle game but still some glitch BUT Its cool

Asia Pacific Marine

Good Past Time I love it! I enjoy thinking of how to get out and always excited on the next level! Keep it up!

Joe Worthit

Free maybe Definitely not worth the money. The first ten levels were all the creativity and cleverness to be had. The remainder sinks to vague, clueless, boring, trash. Play the free levels then uninstall it.

Wesley Furlonger

Escape Was enjoying it but have to pay to carry on. When games are free.they should stay free

lesley allen

Good...but not worth paying for last 3 levels....maybe if there were more?

April R.

No Challenge It's Ok to pass time, but the levels aren't very hard and you don't have to do very much before you are on to the next level. Not my favorite escape game.

Ronnie Lacey McDowell

Interesting game~ Sucks you have to pay to continue on after level 10 but I guess that's life~~

Jake Warren

Fun Not a lot going on, but it's good casual fun.

Lila Lewis

Luv hiden object games This has been a good game I have only looked at the video once you should give it a go x

Geneva Ingram

Would give a 5 but you have to buy the other levels. Good game though

Bob Evans

Love the challenge Wish they didn't stop and ask you to pay for more of the game though

David Jones

Good Good game, though some of the puzzles don't make a lot of sense. No mention of having to pay for levels after 10 though. That was disappointing. Good other than that though.

Severina Chaos

Entertraining but... Since it requires purchases the criteria for a review is thougher. Free levels are not challenging, if that's the level of puzzle I should expect it is not worth the money. Graphics are good but does not compensate for the lack of challenge. It is a 5 star game if it were free, since you want my money for this I expect more of the content. In only 20 min I was able to finish all levels. It was more challenging to find the place where to click than to solve the puzzle.

amanda spillett

Mandie Allowed to do first 10 levels then would not allow me to purchase the all in package as screen kept freezing and kept going back to try again but still could not go further. Some strange ways to unlock clues and have to think outside the box. Peeved off couldn't finish xxxxx

Neil Garrison

Good graphics, but too short and easy. It was fun so nice try. This game is too short. First 11 lvls are free the rest is under 2 bucks with a total of 20lvls. Sorry not worth buying. Other games are free and have loads more lvls. I wouldnt have downloaded it if i knew it was level limited, but they dont tell you how many levels there are in the discription. It was fun but too short and easy. Make more levels and harder ones! When i play an escape game I don't want to beat it in 20mins, but i suppose i cant expect much when you only have 11lvls.

BreaAnna Williams

This game was fun This was a fun game, I enjoyed it. I wish there were more free levels but I enjoyed what I got.

George Nasry

Good but When you write free game. Why do you request for payment to continue playing. You should indicate it's free trail, or demo

Tammy Schoch

Really like it so far. On level 5, I'm sure I'm almost at the point where I'll have to buy it, which I wont. It says free when you download, so that's how it should remain. ☺

Roxi Gallup

Nice I really liked this game but having to pay to continue just ruins it. You have enough ads so you don't need us to buy!

Dean Pretorius

Not free Only free till 3rd room! Then you have to pay to continue. Otherwise it could be a good game.

Barry smith

Very simple puzzle games. The puzzles are not challenging, the graphics are okay. It seems that there is an influx of this type of game recently. They are being churned out with the minimum effort and thought put into the puzzles and storyline. If I am going to buy a game, I expect to get value for money, this game is little different to 100 doors but less challenging. Make a great adventure game with puzzles that stretch the mind and I will buy it and rate it 5 stars.


Would NOT recommend buying There is no ending to the game its just a screen that says good job, they couldn't even make a simple 10 second animation showing ariveing saftly on earth or something smh

Simona Abagiu

A little annoying Some levels I figured out very fast, but the game just wouldn't respond. I finally decided to watch the video and got frustrated that it was the same thing I had done.

Raven V.

Good games but easy! However, it seems sucks! As when I done on all puzzles after finished on 10. Pay for this price. Nothing more, not that hard than my thought to solved. Very easy! Need to make hard difficulty puzzles!

Pretty good game. Not as complex as some I've seen, but I can tell someone put a lot of work and imagination into it. Really liked the futuristic scenery. Gave it a 3 because puzzles are not at all intuitive.

Toshania Rodriguez

Cool game, a lil bit to easy tho! Would only let me go to like 8 or 9 levels now its trying to make me pay for the next level & THAT SUCKS!! *So im done with this one, on to the next...*

Henry chin

Interesting puzzles Level 6 took some trial and error to solve. Let's see how the other levels go. Level 19 is ridiculous. Why make it almost impossible to solve?

Cecilia Thomas

cessycecilia The graphics are very different. Not too hard so fun but disappointed to find that only the first 10 levels were free. Won't be buying any other levels

Monica Antony

I love this game I love this kinds of games but if you provide free 10 more levels then I would have given you a 5 stars. Please add those bonus levels to a free one instead paying them. Fix it

Rachel Floyd

Not enough free levels Says its a free game. It's only the first 10 free then you have to buy more. Misleading.

Lorraine Woiak

Best themed mystery game This was one of my favorite escapes because of the art work and unique theme. I just wish that the whole thing was free. At least the free part ends at a logical place.

Bryce McCarthy

Great game Its a great game and all but sersousily you have to put the other leveled that is dumb very dumb can you change it please


Level 10 and than purchase to continue??? Got to level 10, after that you need to purchase with real money to fully play the game. What a failure. I rate the game 1 star coz of that.

Dave Pickett

Worst one It started OK, but by the time you reach the last level the puzzles are obscure to say the least. Even after watching the walk through they didn't make sense. Add to that, the game is set in the future with made up gadgets which could interact with almost any other made up gadget and it leaves the player just randomly clicking all over the screen in the hopes it will lead to a solution. Didn't enjoy it. Their other escape games are much better.

Rachel Stefano

Pretty good! You get the first 10 levels for free and then, if you so choose, you can purchase 10 more. This developer has yet to disappoint!

Anita Wickliff

!_! Knowledge is power on other planets except when it comes to this planet. Just another monkey to you that are called ALIENS, except this is the Moon not your Earth or any other planet in this solar system or anywhere else.

Eugene Philipa

Insomnia Yeh its ok. Something to put yourself to sleep on when you cant be bothered counting sheep lol

Daniel Phillippy

Awful Worst one. Level 5 buttons do not work. Lots of pretty graphics and flashy stuff. Extremely slow.

Melon Farmer

melon farmer/helenh Played up to level six so far n it asked me if i wanna do a review ting. So just saying this game is very enjoyable. Not that hard but i watches the walkthrough once and the amswer turned out to be so obvious. So watch out xxx to improve the game i would have to say add more levels cuz when i u get into a game the last thing u want is for it to end to quick. Also level 8 can not be completed cuz it doesnt let u chop the wire near the ladder . Melonf xxx

Michael Nourse

Escape 2048 Good game. I had trouble at level 6, it locked up. I some trouble getting it to unlock.

Rachel B

We'll see... Entering level 7. Seems I can't proceed without rating it, which is fine. I would rather be forced to rate than pay $. REALLY like the puzzles. Level of difficulty appropriate to make you think and still be relaxing. Ads aren't obtrusive. Works great-Galaxy 5

Lydia Archuleta

Fun and challenging Great game, beautifully designed levels. My only issue is that it is a little too easy to stumble upon the required items in each room. I would click in the upper right corner, for example, and it would zoom in on the area at the bottom right of the screen. This happened multiple times. But I'm still giving a 5 rating because it was a very entertaining game nonetheless!

Deb Kahi

Its definately a beginners escape game Its not bad but alot of guesswork rather than logic. Not the best graphics but overall not the worst room escape game ive seen....yet!!!

Dale Harris

you got me hooked! Great game! Everything works good and clues make sense. If you get stuck....the walkthrough helps....and you don't have to pay for the walkthrough! 5 stars!!!!

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