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1 Sep
Eredan Arena - Card Battles

Posted by Feerik Games in Card | Sept. 1, 2016 | 208 Comments

Apk file size: 44.0 MB

Choose your 5 heroes team among more than 300 different heroes !
Throw your battle dices to trigger their abilities and destroy your opponents.
Obtain new heroes, make them evolve and become the master of the arena !

Features :
- Enjoy fast and epic battles against other players
- Learn how to master the new battle dice system to trigger super attacks !
- Collect and make evolve tons of heroes from the fantastic EREDAN universe.
- Enter the leagues and rank up to win fabulous prizes

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Terms of Use :
Internet Connection required, additional fees can be applied.

Whats new

    - From now on you have the possibility to boost your level 3 Heroes with Power Seals !!!
    - Discover the 7 different Seals, apply them on your heroes and forge an unique deck.
    - These Seals can be found in the chests if you possess at least one level 3 Hero.

Feerik Games part of our Card and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 1, 2016. Google play rating is 90.1238. Current verison is 3.2.1. Actual size 44.0 MB.

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Jordan Erfourth

Filter This game has gotten so much better since I first downloaded it about 1 year ago, honestly I've always been impressed with this app and I love playing. The one thing I feel the game could use is a filter system so users can search for hero's based on their race or type instead of just being sorted by guild. It would make finding teams with good synergy easier.

Rance Thomas

Fun Its a great game. You do have to spend money though only down side. If you dont it takes foreverrrrr to get cards because 9 times out of 10 you draw a card that is lvl three already so it takes awhile. But i have found that even with that i love it more and more its probably one of the best in terms of strategy and luck. So happy gaming everyone names Rilard in the game if you come across me.

Vince Olivarez

Its a really good game But the cool down time takes WAY to long so admin if you could, either INCREASE experience for higher ranked members or DECREASE the cool down time. Thanks for great game play though.

Kevin Johnson

? I play Every day, the best game in App Store

Peter Paul Bautista

Great game Its a great game ... dice rolls controlled damage .. genius..

Music Power

I will give 5 if Somehow the fight didn't go on and it was staying there more then 5 min and my connection was good so fix this I lost by this bug 1 heart on survival

Camron Stevens

Very simple but fun This is a different game then I'm use to. I like it as its simple, but complicated to win and there is a good chance to get the good heros over time. Very well made, so far so good for everything.

Jacob Rienguette

Addicting It's a lot of fun bit of a grind to get stronger characters unless you're will to pay still great game

Sonic the Laker

Eredan Arena.... a great card. Granted you need to use real money to get the more powerful cards, but even without you can still be competitive given time. Really fun. Only suggestion would be an upgrade to card attack animations and more variety for attacks for different cards. Just minor stuff.

Keifer Piil

Why change? I have played this game for a few months. Recently they changed two of the best cards in the game and made them absolute garbage. If you change seathwir and great duke back to the way they were a couple weeks ago, I'd 5 start it.

Rizky Pangasih

Fix the server please! The screen say "connection succesfull" but it couldn't enter the game for long time, So annoying!

Myles Lee

Not pay to win, but some modes are just broken The league mode is still broken, but at last they start nerfing op cards. Disconnect still happens even on wifi, and on survival it just take your life, change that! Play with level two and below is fun, but on league you just see the same team billion times over.

Nathan Downs

Great Can't fault other then quite expensive when trying to upgrade and you don't get many feez when you spend real money

Jaesen Bakke

It has very simple and fun battles and really rewards those that put the time into it the only problem is the loading speed but that could just be my crappy coverage

Oprea Razvan

Block alot After 5-6 games the game stop to respond. I like this card ideea . Only 3 points from me

john gaac

Hopefully I get an Ex hero for giving this game 5 stars. Totally addictive and from the previous heroes its somewhat balanced.

Marcos Teixeira

Very nice concept! Just needs some more gifts! ^^

Carlos Jader

Great!!! I luv this game, you dont need to pay for nothing if you know how to plan your strategy

Natsu smith

Addicted I love it so fun think in a few steps ahead of who Ur fighting

Sam Kouder

One of the best free to play games This game has a really engaging formula, and it invites you to sink in a lot of time without spending money.

Terance Staton

Fun and This game is very fun and easy to learn

jan descalzo

New level This a unique card game that involves luck and skill

Andi Kurnia

Just need a bit strategy and high luck to win

Jeff Wheeler

Cool game I'm on and off with it but it's alot of fun and you can build a pretty good team without spending money it just takes time make sure you get the ex cards on the weekend

Willie Ortiz

G8!!!!!!! This game i have it on the ipad, ipod and my droid phone and its very fun love it!!!!!! U nerver loose ur time because u earn alot so u can progress...

Daniel Edwards

8/8 m8 Would play again

Freddie Lawler Jr.

It's really easy to figure out & fun to play every day. It has its connection flaws, but it's good & awesome otherwise.

JErome Lamorinas

I like this game So very beautiful this game

Shannon Gaylor

Its amazing I first started playing this through Facebook on PC and when it came out for android I jumped for joy

James Cruse

Well.. Its fun but once you get your starting heroes to 2 stars prepare to lose almost every match. So unless you're gonna dump money into this game, you're probably won't win since match making is severely unfair. And its been said before but takes forever to level anything. Heroes is random and you need 200+ xp to level up once but if you win you get 15, lose you get 5. It's gonna be a grind.

William Nalley

Unlimited play Finally a game that lets you play it.

zeke dremlen

Liked the concept of the game.

Bradly Arnold

Great Good app but will be awesome with different ways of showing ur move's

Charise Bridges

Awsome graphics

maimai Last

Just good fun


Its a good game

Jess Grow

I Really Enjoy But........ This is my favorite Android game. My only complaint is the fact there doesnt seem to be a way to play the account I started on my tablet on my mobile device. This has frustrated me a bit and for this reason alone I will not play it until I can figure this out. So, for all of you out there, Eredan Arena is truly a great game. Just keep in mind to start it on your primary device.

Roos Schultheiss

Very fun game where that gets surprisingly intelligent after a while! Also, I like that you can play and receive exp and thus grow stronger without counters (keys) you just can't loot after a match.

mohamad khairul anuar bin omar

Free user friendly Nice system where free user can still win against p2p player cause of dice system to activate skill and attack. U have access to a lot of good card through event and normal play even though u r a f2p player.excellent game.

michael desiderio

Really fun but could fix the mixer I have a serious complaint, so im not sure if anybody else has encountered this aswell but when im playing say i have a red die but i dont want it so i reroll and i get a red again and sometimes ill reroll again and still get a red its annoying because for me personally it happens everyday, and it really upsets me because i loose a match up with my card vs. my opponents card when if that didn't happen i may have won the match up, it's especially annoying in the survival mode, if you can please fis this

Kecer Vilar

Really loved it My brother and i keep playing this game and always fighting each other LOL

Jane Van

I love it so much... I spent about 200$ on this game lol. And I love it. My boyfriend and I play this as a hobby and its so fun. We always talk about the new patches and try to come up with good teams. It's worth every penny for how much time I've spent on this game. I'll always keep supporting you guys!! It's not pay to win either. My boyfriend has not spent money on this game and he gets in Master's rank. Spending money is really just a hobby to collect heroes. My eredan name is ooojane. His is kibawolf.

Caleb Del Monte

Most rediculous game ever The game started out great. Until I got Vordak(Ex) level 3. Ever since then I've LOST every single fight. I have not won anything except a survival game every now and again. And even survival is terrible. This game is extremely unbalanced and unfair.

Alycia Snow

Not stealing me away from Magic! For $6 you get hundreds of cards in you pay $3 for 1 randomized card....way too expensive.

Salem B

Fix Ranking System I was a usual Master league finisher, however now that everyone starts at 1300 elo after every season makes it really annoying. I don't have the time or patience to cimb back to Masters, please return it back to the original way and this game will easily get five stars.

wildan rakhman

Shitty Random Chest Why the random chests for EX heroes always dropped shits. It's very hard to get the EX stone. I have many level 2 EX heroes that need 3 or 4 stone and could not level up because the time always running out. Please increase the chance to get EX heroes stone, than I will give you back the 5 stars. Thx

Edwin Jimenez

Amazing game So like defender of texel, I've been having this game when there was only a few cards in the game and I'm proud to say this game is off the charts !

Marc Beverly

More Keys or less regen time!! This game is great but i would play waaayyy more if there were like 7 to 10 keys. Or if the time to get more keys was less. 30 minutes is too long. 5 star rating w/more keys!!!

wes nichol

Great and ingenuitive I absolutely love this game. Its simple and easy to comprehend yet involves quick decision making and strategizing. The gameplay is fair for fp vs ptp players due to the dice and the game itself is glitch free.

Naratpoln Limpaaksiri

Help! I can't play this game after finished update yesterday. It still stay in successful connection page.

Myles Lee

Not pay to win, but not random either Random isn't true, the chests and battles are rigged once you played enough. The league mode is still broken, but at last they start nerfing op cards. Disconnect still happens even on wifi, and on survival it just take your life, change that! Too many potential cheaters (i can't prove it of course, but when you roll absolutely nothing, repeatedly, and your enemy always get something, it is unnatural to say the least).

Micah Hrehovcsik

A wicked little card/dice game Interesting variations and fast pace. Keeps me coming back for more. And i am still playing ?

Dudimus Prime

Pay to win Don't believe any of the lies the makers try to claim. This game is 100% pay to win. It revolves around dice, yes, and what's supposedly RNG. That's supposed to convince you it's fair somehow. What they don't tell you is that the game is based on the abilities your character has, and a normal character compared to a special "Ex" or "Sv" character cannot even hope to compare. The only way to get those special characters is to have played in the past and even then you had to get lucky. Otherwise, spend cash.

devon Smith

Great game! Started playing this game a few years ago on Kongregate. Extremely excited to see it mobile!!!

boseo seo

Gotta try this out I'm past my prime, but it's great game.

Jim Colantonio

Worked great I like the game a lot and it worked great until recently now it freezes on my phone and at times can't even log in just keeps bringing me back to the main screen after I put my info in 5 stars if this is fixed

Robert Gregory

Great has potential Great game and there is so much potential it fair unlike most games of it's genre where you have to pay to win here you don't and I love it

Markus Parson

Great Game It's a great game if you're into this kind of card game

Junar P.Pana

LG G2 The Best Ever!!!

Michael Parrish

It's an awesome game with some equally awesome art, but it needs some fixing up. The loot system needs some major changes. I would like to see a global trade system implemented as a different way of getting cards since it takes forever to get anything. (Like if you already have a completed card and your only option is to sell it for a mere 250 crystals, have the option to sell/trade it to other players.

alan perkins

Please Add This This is by far one of my favorite games that I keep coming back to, but would you mind adding a cinematic attack for each class please and thank you.

Patrick Lindhardt

Great Model for a free Game. The game it self operate like any other free mobile game, pay and you get there a bit easyer. But with one key difference you can play all you want, this game do not restrict how much you can play but how many rewards you can earn per day. This is to me a great way to say we think our game is fun to play and will not restrict your game but only limit progression. And with that came a better way to make a free Game where you don't have to wait if you want to play.

Carlos Cespedes-Sanchez

SO AWESOME Don't compare this to Urban Rivals like I did. This is very different, and easy to pick up. All though when playing with mobile data I can't even start it up properly, so could you please fix this. I'd also like a single player story mode.


I like Thats awesome game i have ever played.

Jopao Burog

Unexpectedly good!! This game got me hooked.. One of the games that will let you unwind from all the work.. Haha :)

David Roach

Addictive, Great Characters, A lot for free I play this daily. Love it. I'm not rich, so my characters level up slowly or not at all. This is in need of voice actors and animation sequences! Capcom, buy these guys out!

Brian Wilson

Good fun easy to learn but still makes you think. One of the better games I have played on my phone.

Bruno Bergeron

Good quick game Matches are 2-3 minutes long, so it's a great time filler

Zuhair Al Kawari

good game the only thing missing in this game is acquiring rubies from normal battle

Frank Castillo

Great game! Played on kongregate. Now I can play everywhere.

Nick Normandin

Thought it wouldn't be fun but it was! I am not into card games but this is fun!

Beda Jr Gacer

Awesome!! Can't stop playing this great game.

Kane Millard-Tyler

real fun great job guys. can't wait to unlock new heroes.

arfian zarkasyi

For efforts 5/5 for the effort, great mechanics rather interesting but yeah need alot... A lot of improvement, definitely

Chris Dibley

Addicted This game is amazing so simple yet beautifully done, I recommend to everyone

Glen Davis

Great game I love the dice element in the game..

tom carr

Its good but only sucky thing about it is you cant gain loot after you run out of keys but can still get xp

Dusty Highway

Great card game but.. So far i'm having fun with this game and enjoying the mechanics of it. But recently, when i get an extra gem for my characters to lvl up, the game hangs and in the end i dun get the extra gem after the game resumes. It happened to both my salem and brutus. Hope i can be compensated and the bug can be fixed thanks. Will re-rate the game if the problem can be fixed. Thanks alot admin

Benjamin Nice

Not fun. The reward system in this game is fairly terrible. You have to spend at least 15 hours per weekend farming losses in order to get the weekly EX card because of horrible drop rates. You spend months and years trying to get weak dragon cards in survival mode. It's really not worth the massive time investment. Even the artwork seems to be going downhill lately.

Jeff Marchiafava

A Unique Entry In The Crowded CCG Market Eredan's battles are fun and faster than most CCGs thanks to the one-on-one hero match-ups. The dice mechanic is also unique and introduces enough luck for the occasional upset, while not undermining player strategy. It sucks that blind packs continue to give out heroes you've already maxed out, and you can only sell them back for a third of the cost. The league and survival sessions are also too long. Still, it has become one of my favorite PVP card games. If you try it, use "F40FCE" for a starting bonus.

Micah Linscott

Good, but with problems. I love the artwork and the unique gameplay. I wish it had a little more story though--something that tells us a bit more about the guilds and races. Also, the game tends to crash a lot on my LG Optimus Fuel.

Kyle Kontos

Simple yet complex Basic concept is you choose 5 champions then have a series of 1-on-1 battles, best of 5 wins the match. One of my favorite parts is that matches are generally quick (about 3 to 6 minutes depending on how quick you and your opponent is). The strategy comes in what type of synergy you build with your five cards, and how you go about choosing when to use which champion based on their abilities and the Champions of your opponent.

Alex Higgins

To many cheaters Its a fun and addicting game but dude some of the people on here are cheats. I went up against a guy who rolled the same thing with three cards in a row.

HSK Rotmg

Very good Takes skill and luck to play well but enjoying even with the bad luck.

Andy Huynh

Game is great but I linked up a face book account with the game, but now that I'm trying to relogin with that Facebook it no longer "exists" and lost many rare discontinued cards :c if you could help 5 stars!

Justin Cornwell

Complete Free Game Eredan Arena is a fun game that has a relative slow start. It combines strategy with a luck of the draw aspect. It is an addictive game that is perfect for killing time. And for those who feel like dropping a few bucks, you can get a big boost from just $10 spent.

Howard Chung

Do you like rolling dice? If yes, this is the game for you. If not, look elsewhere. 100% of the actual game play is rolling dice and optimizing probability. Nothing innovative or creative at all.


Can't rate under 1 star. Game full of buggs! There's no tutorial about the cards... i don't even know that the f*** means the 3 bubbles from top left of a card. And the worst bug there; battles ends before even counting hits and point => random battle winner (one time we had same cards selected, same evo, same dice rolls, but battle "ended" and just in restults i saw one was 450 vs 1450 or such... damn... you should fix all of this. And i play on samsung s6+ phone and laggs like s***.

Golden Skills

Getting the old cards is something really hard to do for a free user. The thing is, creating the team that you want is usually very hard to do. So you will always find top paying users having the best rank in league. Unfair, they pay a lot and get giantic rewards while the ones in need get nothing much worthy. Cool game, but I don't think you deserve the stars. How about trying harder to balance the game?

Ryan K

Pay to win but still enjoyable The EX (paid) characters are overpowered but it makes it even more fun to beat them with a non-EX deck. Really fun card battle game.

Christopher Medina

Awesome Great game, very addicting the mechanics are simple but intricate at the same. Only thing I would suggest is if you can make different attack animations for the individual factions. Little things like that can go a long way

Alex Lavoie

Great game Great game but it lags a lot with animations. I have the S4 which I know at this point is an older phone, but this game shouldn't need a ton of resources to run, it's a 2D card game. Other then that it's been a fantastic game and I get very sucked into it.

Lusoebo Mongyi

Unbalance Can u explain me why my enemy got every turn faster than me before my char take action? I got better roll than him and he all shield up with his char and leave me damage... not one time... multiple time and I feel like this game is crap


NO LUCK The opponent always make a perfect combo. This is the by far the MOST bull.... game that i have ever played.

Dana Gray

Great card game. Limited strategy with a small amount of luck thrown in. Paying players certainly have an advantage, but one can actually hold their own pretty well without spending money.

kuro zora

Great game! Suggest to dev. Give more game mode pls. Other than normal mode and survival and league.. more cards and more animation. Then CHEAP CARDS PLS.... :D

Cain Wock

Problems Great game, but I don't even have enough level 2 cards to fill my whole team, and I'm getting matched with players with half there team level 3. Doesn't seem fair and I can't play any other mode because they require higher level cards. Either better matchmaking, or more modes to play in.

Tony Beasley

Great game Easy to play and great for killing time

jordan lillard

Great!!!! Its fun and a challenge you play real people i recommend if you dont like turning the damned phone to the side just To play a game :)

Daniel Silva

Very Good Very good Card based game! Played it before on the computer, the game itself it's very entertaining, the reward system lacks some randomization! Because you can expect to go 1 by 1 through out in each character!

Adan Luna

Great Fun game easy to get addicted too

Stefan Belchev

This game is so addictive I rate five stars and ill wait for more packs

David Paul

Great game but a few problems Such an addictive game. Always having problems with server losing connection. Also a couple of suggestions. Filter for cards ad ability to sell cards you don't want.

mo facko

Great FREE game Not pay to win, but if u want to pay, the prices are fair, unlike most games. So many card combinations make this game very fun. Have been playing for a while.


Extremely fun This is a very competitive game and it offers so much if you know how to strategize with your heroes

Sean Ireland

One of the best card games on android. Best pat is it's pay for ease not pay to win. Wish more games used this model.

Jason Linker

Fun Like Yatzee with swords! I'm not seeing any problems.

Steven Pate

EPIC I LOVE THIS GAME Acasnhaly it stops the round but not battle and gives the point to ho wins with it not over

Twin Dragon

Loved It Very luck based but is still awesome and fun! Awesome way to kill time and the pay-to-play is only felt at the really high levels.

zaydus Sun

Wow Could be a little cheaper boosters and more events like the computer version but all in all good.

Tristan Khouri

Ereden rules Ive loved this game for like 2 years now its awsome!

William rukiddingme

Good on time, it quick. Your able to pick up your phone use your 5 keys and put your phone back in your pocket in about 7 to 10 min and start it up again in about a half hour to do it all again. Perfect

Marquis Petty

My only issue is that it lags despite me having a nice phone? I love it regardless though


So good I wish their more games like this one it's so fun!!!

Joe Voelk

Good but I think ifd be better if you are matched with ppl of same rank in just regular match otherwise it can be a bit discouraging geting 500 when your opp is getting 3000+

Dwi Satria

Not really... this game is really addictive... but it has not much events and other features... yet always maintanence everyday, which is nonsense

Harsheet Singh

Unfair This game is total BS. You are pitted against opponents who have badass deck, the opponent always makes a perfect combo, your dice roll doesn't help you at all when you need the most.

Kravus Ky

Quick. Fun. Easy. Good amount of heroes to use. Combat is unique with skill and luck mixed in.

Seth Cox

Good game! Love it, long time fan, always new characters or ways to get epic cards, the five system is a great twist.. perfect the way it is

shithappens acopiado

I really love this game! It makes you think and luck plays a big part in everything.

Luis Vaz

Stealing Red Crystal's I had over 100,000 crystals for this whole week, I left the game for approximately 3 hours today, I just checked now and my crystal count dropped from over 100k to 98k. Please fix this bug, this is not the first time this has happened.

Lenny Mitchell

Sweet game Love the game. Very simple and easy to pick up and play, but my God is it laggy. I'll give 5 stars once this is fixed.

marco pinedo

Good game But since I bought gems you guys put me up against people with op characters that can't be beat very great way of setting that up can't win even if you pay great sales pitch.. Yes and i get no response because they know the stronger you get for paying you get put up against people with cards that are unbeatable and its a set up it used to be a great game


Worst game ever ...u get the rolls you need yet we still losing to trash ppl too. If you wanna lose to random thorns and op ex characters go head. Ggirls was the game this is terrible.

Zac G G

Worst game ever! At first when i started playing i thought it was cool and unique, mixing a card game with dice to deal damage right, now that iv been playing a bit and doing what people call "farming" trying to get better cards and what have you, i realize that the game is rigged and wat i mean by that is your dice rolls are already pre determined and after each battle both players get "loot" that varies from crystals to diffrent cards right, and its spossed to be a random drawing from 8 chests but it isnt. Its all planned

Hannah Chang

Pretty simple game, goes pretty fast so there is no plot to read through. Like a casual game to play when bored. You get new heroes, upgrade them, and see who attacks the most damage to the other opponent. :) It's even cool to see moves where you can neutralize their attacks or block attacks from the die you roll and pick to activate your character's abilities.

Kido Avabel

Love this game BUT This game is addicting I love this game so much everything is perfect but my one problem is about the leagues it's how your in one league but your fighting people from different league like I'm in bronze league this division and I'm fighting people from silver league makes no sense to me I would like if people can fight people from their division that's all I request besides that everything else is awesome I give it 5/5 best card game I played it's simple and easy and the cards don't bored you yo death: )

Roy Montgrand

Good game. This is a very good game for anyone into the CCG niche. It is very easy to play and get into, and extremely frustrating sometimes, but once you get into the right groove, things get good. If you are starting out, I suggest characters with backstabbing abilities because of the amount of Powder decks you will face in Ranked. Focus on Survival to help boost your deck, take it easy. The game can definitely feel rigged sometimes, and in a sense it is, some of the dice rolls don't feel random, but that can help.

Shae Monroe

Very pick up and play friendly. The problems start to really show up about a month in. The time gates are extremely unfriendly and itemized in a way to force you into buying into them to simply unlock usable/synergistic cards. About 80% of the cards I get are already maxed making pack buying pointless since it's just a waste of 450 crystals. Most of the usable cards are EX which are limited release and only available as a humongous money sink through somewhat expensive packs when drawing from a massive pool of mostly useless cards that wont synergize with your other available cards. Then there's preview cards. At the moment of writing this they're overpowered cards that require a massive buy in of in game currency to max out that will only maybe be eventually released fairly far down along the line. If you don't care about a lack of real progression then it's not that bad. But as is this game really only amounts to logging in to lose quickly for the same rewards after securing a silver or gold tier medal to just move on with your day. Would skip if you're not willing to dump real money into it to blow through absurd time gates.


Fun to pass the time No stupid pop ups, no over abundance of daily or weekly tournaments n crap.

Ronnie Jackson

Easy to hate Everyone uses the same units and its all preset no skill required, also everytime you see a sword you see the sword again right away.

Jessy Umpelby

Needs some dev love! Needs more attention from devs. Events and whatnot to keep players looking forward to something new

Darius Williams

Great progression I've been looking for a game like this. It is simple yet it is very deep and tactical. I have no complaints regarding progression of earning cards and levels. Overall very fun game.

Daniel Odoms

Fun game. Some cards are a bit over powered and can only be gained by paying to play. It is a good card game in all.

Khalaazar King

Did somebody pass gas? If you like the smell of dirty outhouses, the sight of dead puppies, or swimming in vomit, then you'll LOVE this game!!! Great game for mollusks.

Mimal Tuladhar

Seriously fked up Any training can I get coz the opponents get every fkin titles n tiles, for more I fought more than 1500 fights n merely won 11-18 games this game will blow ur mind literally

Watisangba Jamir

best card game ever fun, totally addictive, creatively amazing strategy and well balanced game..

Kent Lai

Nice game Feels like p2w but its f2p so yea. Grinds

Kevin Dubuque

Tons of fun Downloaded this just looking for something to pass the time and have been having a blast with it!!!!

Michael Pearson

Better than I thought Super addicted now just wish itcg was an app

chris greenslade

Eredan arena Cant stay off it!!!!

Wan Mohd Haswad

Blueh Blueh Easy to play. Nice game

aj demaris

Fun Great way pass the time

Rory H

Better than I expected I'm normally not into card games but I tried this game and I liked it. I've been playing for 2 yrs now

Ricardo Navarrete

Great fun Mostly reliant on rngeezus but it's amazing. The art is fun the heroes ar unique. Full package game that doesn't bombard you with ads or make you feel like spending money is the only way to have fun!


Prices Have 2 months playing feels alot more gr8 game wish you can lower $$$ characters to get. Dice saver not all that ....Still love art work and teams we can build. Can you make survival NOT COUNT AS LOSES ...% GOES DOWN QUICKLY DUE TO RANDOM PLAY -NOT FAIR -

Brandon Seevaraj

Absolutely amazing This is the best game I have played in ages. Great variety of cards and unique battle system. It even has a great rewards system and card unlock system. I love it!

Jamie Dodd

Good game but. I love this game, its fun and addictive with great art for characters. But it is pretty laggy on my samsung s7. Improve better smoother gameplay and you will have earned 5 stars.. thank you


Simple, quick and unique fun I play this game twenty minutes, twice a day. Super enjoyable, great art style for the cards, very easy, well balanced, new content every week. Haven't found a bad thing about it yet.

Tony Vedo

Game is now unplayable Lags plus always connection error. This game used to be good but it seems devs are more concerned on making money than the actual game itself. I experience errors on 3 separate devices and on several connection so im sure the problem is not on my side. Even if devs do fix this the time they take to respond is not wortj giving even 4 stars to.

Barbara Raymond

Fun n dont need to spend money Amazing card n dice game very fun n not u can play as much as u want as long as u want

Ssred 09

Very good Love it the game is fun, easy and addictive.

Alif Hazwan

5 star game This is the only game i've been played for so long ...almost 2 years . I've seen many changes since then, for those new player ..spend your 1st 3months to farm all the heroes..cause that is when the fun started

Sarat Chandra

Great game but! This is a great game! But the rubies they give you are useless except to buy some emoticons. Really bro? You can at least make us use those rubies for some card upgradation or for buying new cards! And the gems,I ain't got 1 gem and a few card upgradation costs you 441! Other than that there's nothing bad about the game. I'll give you a five star rating after you fix these.

Ant Toro

Sweetness Gteat game all around...wish there was a way to.get free diamonds

Aaron Brown

Lg v10 Since I've last played, it's really improved...

Khaled Africa

Best Card Game I've Played Thus Far Some improves my level without having to click on my profile and show card attributes without having to click and open them. Other than that, I'm happy with the game, nice graphics, no lag and most importantly, the game has not crashed or force closed (touch wood). Happy Gaming Everyone

Jot Sengson

Best Tcg ever! The game is very addicting

Daniel Cuevas

Truly a fun and addicting game With the new modes and new cards as well it's packed with even more fun then when I played last

Suprayitno Handoko

Clan group and saved decks Great balance update towards heroes ability. The game needs better clan and heroes management. Please add fav deck saving

megan peters

Awwwwsome Great game fast paced a lot of fun

widi Ariyana

Good Easy, fun, addictive, u should instal this

Hristos Chronis

Awesome!!! Great game. Fun and strategic

Matthew Brown

This game is basic but awesome

Adam Sacks

Awesome game got a bunch of friends addicted to it aswell...

ashkan asna

Eeasy Very nice & easy but different and so funny i think who is gamer enjoyed ... . My code FEAB9A . Thanks.

Nazmeerul Nazri

Crash It's crashing and i don't know why

Mike Patterson

Love it This game is so addicting

Brandon DeMoss

Love it Beast card game for phone

Ranger Tiga

Hmmmm It's good game with different gameplay, but it's boring without campaign or storyline..

jati sasmito

I know it Like an old time

John Barbizzi

Nice Fast pace and easy

Pedro Lanuza

Not digging the seals update I've been playing for over 2 and a 1/2 years. I LOVE this game. What I love about this game is that everything is balanced. No card is overpowering. All of them have strengths and weaknesses. But when you start adding ways to modify heroes then that's when this game is going to become broken. I'm lowering my stars due to the new update.

Jon Wu

Good game, good strategy, fun artwork by VERY pay2win. Intro is light and fun but once you get into the middle levels you will run into people who bought their entire team and they are much much stronger. Not to say you can't win with some very lucky dice rolls but it definitely makes it less fun. Also the costs are a little ridiculous

loni H

It's a good game but.. I'm having problems connecting to the servers and when getting new cards it takes some time untill I resive them with the animation and after accepting the cards sometimes the button doesn't respond. Otherwise it's a good game. Ok I gave from 3 now 1 star, you broke the game with these seals. There is no point making strategies now...

TJ Johnson

Changing my 5 star rating to 1 star I had this rated as 5 stars for almost 2 years, but now it deserves a 1. I've also spent about $40 on the in-game currency "feez". The recent update involving "seals" directly contradicts the whole point of the game, and has made it unplayable. It was my favorite game so this sucks!!! I get that you need to make money but you picked the worst possible thing to add to the game. Do ANYTHING but "SEALS" freaking anything but that, it breaks the game!!!! How could you not see that? I'm so sad about this

alex lee

Don't play this game I've played this game for over a year and a half now. I even played the original web game this is based off of. It used to be a great game. I had no problem spending money on both games to support this company. This seals update absolutely ruined the game. If you don't have seals and your opponent does, you will NOT win. This is a pay to win game now and we all know what happens to those type of games. Will change rating if this horrible update gets removed

keith ramos

Great game Very entertaining and an amazing way to burn spare time. One thing I'd like to see changed... a way for the less financially better off to obtain in game currencies. Perhaps commercials?

koz dgaf

Lol pathetic credit card game This is the most pay to win game ever made, the people that are good at this have the strongest credit cards and smallest egos known to man

Qayyum Haiqal

Great game But it keep crash everytime I want to play this game after a while. Please fix it.

Was great Now that they added seals its pay to win. If you face off against someone with seals you don't have a chance.

novanto janotama

Addictive, but After long time no playing (arround 2 years) I decided to play again, when i want to play my account, all my card that I've collected is gone, all my hardwork to get good cards gone just like that.. UID 1463445 IGN Spidero. But i love this game, i decided to start over.

gerald king

Amazing but This game is amazing i feel there should be more expensive packs that give you better stuff or more characters at once. Also i think joining the league should be easier. Other than that this game is amazing and highly addictive

Marcus Powell

Fun but... I love this game but I wish there were a way to get diamonds more easily, the free diamond ad whatever thing doesn't work, at least for me. And the only way to get the stronger, cooler cards is to buy them with diamonds


Remove the seals or at the very least limit its application in league The seals belittle strategy and synergy by adding prerequisite stats that should only be attained by a fellow hero's ability; thus, encouraging powerful standalones to curbstump adversaries without worries of wasting a defeat for a boost.

kairan mann

Was very good and addictive It was a great card game until recently when every new card is twenty times more overpowered than the cards that you start of with

Bsamsa Sadas

PLEASE FIX YOUR SERVER!! The time between match is lag and lobg making me left the game

Bondan Bagus

Confusing What is referal code ? I always got mistakes every submit words or numbers ... is just begining ?

Andy Low

Hope can disable energy feature or prolong the energy bar This game is quite nice, it's included ideas like gamble and quite fun too~ but hope that it could remove energy feature or prolong energy bar according to the levels.


Wheee It's simplistic oddly satisfying and well balanced gg bravo but I wish it would let me sign into my Google account which I am...

Greg Arnett

Pay to win now Well after years I'm retiring as it's now pretty much pay to win. Cya later seals

Ark Zetsche

Awesome Congratulations to Feerik for getting Top Developer with Google


Really like the Game BUT please for the love of God fix the lag in the menus because recently after every battle i have to either dissconnect and recconnect again for the game to continue or quit and start again and usually after battle i didn't even get the prize it just resets itself.I want to spend money in this game but this stops me each time because i think in the future this game will stop working and will not boot up like ever.Please i really enjoy this game i am lvl 51 and i'm still not bored of it so i beg you again fix it because it used to be a great game without any lag some time ago.JUST A QUICK UPDATE I HATE YOUR STUPID SEALS OF POWER UPDATE THIS WILL FINALY MAKE ME QUIT THIS GAME GJ FEERIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick Miller

Cards, dice, pvp, collection, progression This game takes card battles and adds a perfect random component to make fresh and fun.

Dane Thomas

Yeah I agree with the stream so that I am a very good condition with the new set up a time when you get a protective shield.

AmmokK DE

Changed to P2W Seals update ruined it...

GrizThe BearGod

Download it Do yourself a favor if you like dice rolling and mtg your love this

Lex Nettles

Great strategy game! There is a bit of luck involved, but overall, very addictive!


What Can Say? Eredan Arena is everything it's trying and supposed to be. No complaints.

Fahim Khan

SV 1star for the new update. pay to win? I quit.

Jafet Vazquez

Amazing Easy, addictive, perfect amount of difficulty. Love it

Kota Noshi

Its a game i havr played a lot and i have always found it quite fun

Joe Smith

PvP is largely based on RNG

Gevork Bagdasarov

is back to normal again. love it its great game. love the gameplay.

Zachary Brackett

Good game The game play is nice it is a addictive game and it is good for passing time

Jeremiah Flax

Awesome One of the best mobile card games ever!!

Matt Walker

Free Fun Free to Play, Pay to Win!

Jack Moore

Good game It's really fun

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