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2 Dec
Epic War TD 2

Posted by AMT Games Inc in Strategy | Dec. 2, 2015 | 153 Comments

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Works fine on low-performance devices!

Prepare yourself to be thrown into the heat of pure tower defense battle. No gimmicks, no free-to-PAY, no paywalls - just strategy, mass destruction and epic battles.

Here's what we've got for you:
- 9 high-power towers;
- 2 mega towers;
- 44 distinct enemies;
- 50 brain-puzzling missions;
- 100+ hours of enjoyment;

Whats new

    - Map loading bug fixed

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Ethan West

This game isn't easy But it's so much fun! Would recommend to anyone who doesn't mind rage-quitting a couple of times. Because you absolutely will rage quit this game a few times before you finish it

Arya Putra

Arcade Not Balanced The problem that lied within arcade mode is the towers can be placed anywhere but the money is so limited, just like the so called 'Pro' version of this game.. That's where the game become unbalanced and unenjoyable.. If you want to make arcade mode than make it right.. The upgrades were too damn late for all towers!

A Google User

Excellent game plus no iap Great game . fun to play . like how any one tower is not all powerful . I much prefer an option to take out the blood effects though . what I like the most is that there are no in app purchase . well worth the price of the game .

Jim Cid

Great graphics, good engine, bad game balance Imbalance after level 3, starting funds are too low. With a little tweaking by devs this can become a great game. Until then level 4 is Unbeatable thereafter. Don't know what the devs were thinking, perhaps no beta testing? Until fixed this game is a regretful waste of money!

Elias Roxsed

Its a 5 star game BUT! WHY DEV??? There is no freedom in this game, i feel like i HAVE to do what the DEV's wants me to! I don't need to guess where to build that exact tower in that exact spot you chose for me! I'm a TD fan and I've got allot of them on my device's and never came across such an awesome and the best grafik design with a awful and disappointing game play!!!!

Erik Gumeringer

So far so good A few abnoxious TD pitfalls but all together fun and functional.

Wayne Steinmassl

Epic War TD 2 Fun fast and visuals r great. Upgrade system can be better but all in all fun great game

Jacob Harris

Good but a few minor problems that ruin a perfect wave Could be a very fun game but there is a specific way to win you can't just play your way you have to place certain towers in certain places and sometimes you have to sell your towers at the end of the round to get ready for the next cause you don't have enough money few other problems that I noticed you'll see them all if you try it want a good tower defense game try Kingdom Rush beautiful and challenging

Jonathan Heinsen

Overall crap game This game was poorly designed ahnd very one directional. Towers cannot be moved once placed, many glitches ,cant pass level 7, arcade mode is confused for story mode....

Damon Koch

Great Very happy to buy a good app outright to not have any microtransactions after. Fun game, good visuals

Matthew Zink

I paid full price your towers are too expensive I paid full price for this game I can't get to anywhere fixed it and I will change my rating it's no reason that people have to pay full price for a game have to pay the waiting game prices in the game can you fix this

Vignesh Raja

Restricted game play. At the beginning, I felt that I paid for great game but after playing few levels I found that I'm playing the game under developer's rule. This game doesn't need strategy, all you need is to find a preset way/method to complete a level. There is only one way to win, which was set by developer.! No freedom or intelligence. Hope developer change the game to be more intelligent and more user enjoyable. Remember we paid for strategy!

Pi Tao

Great game, great graphics, decent gun sounds. My only gripe is; it randomly exits out of the app during gameplay. I am using a Nextbook Ares 11. Edit: Couple issues I've ran into. If I have the tower menu open during gameplay and I click somewhere it places the flame tower automatically. Truly aggravating, forces me to have to restart the round. And when I have the fast forward button on it lags when changing rounds, good 10-15sec. Not huge just slightly annoying. Overall fantastic game.

Jason Tindell

No freedom at all This game is just awful you have to build just the right combos of building to win each round to the point all the fun is sucked from the game basicly each enemy tower has only one tower that can kill it. I want my money back.

neil hawkes

Looks aren't everything. Looks great OK. But the upgrade system is very very linear, not giving you any options to apply your own td style whatsoever. The most infuriating thing however is how dumb the turrets are, often they let one enemy slip through because they decide to attack others when they could easily get them all.

Eristra Ernawan

Great game I think it's really easy to upgrade the tower for just 1 star in the lab. My suggestion is i think you should increase the cost for an upgrade to make the game a little harder. Thx

Marquis Moore

Has potential, execution falls short Game looks and runs smooth as butter. Early on the game feels like there is only one way to win. I think this is due to the the fact it is very difficult to destroy certain troops without using the exact tower they are weak against. I like the freedom to be more flexible but as of level 7 any hopes of that go out the window. As others have said, this plays more like a puzzle game than a TD game. That was not what I expected at all and I'm quite disappointed with the game.

Ocean Peng

Finally the long wait is over I have to say the graphics is really excellent. No hidden bill, you pay for just the game. Like everyone said, wish this is a stradegy game rather a TD game. If those who want to go online there is a version of this exact game and develop by the same developers called "Battle of the Galaxy" with lot of hidden bill and iap, you really need to pay to win.

Árni Ólafsson

No in app purcheses! Have been looking for a fun game to play on my phone. I will never download a game with iap, so I am glad I found this one. Tower upgrade system gives you no options, so that sucks.

Michael Lewis

Beautiful on the outside The game looks and plays fantastic on the Galaxy Tab S. As far as tower defence games go it's unbearably weak. Around 15 levels in you soon discover that in order to advance you need the correct number of towers AND the towers must be purchased in the correct order and you have very little wiggle room on placement. This essentially ruins the experience. So much for quality control at Google giving this an Editors Choice award.

Ryan Van Gordon

Its not a TD its a puzzle You have exactly the amount of money, time and tower placement locations to only build exactly how the developers want you to, any change and you lose. No wiggle room to have fun, no freedom to devise strategy. Think of it more like a puzzle where you try and solve the equation of these three factors (tower types, placement, timing) then it may be a little fun. No actual upgrade system or tech tree, you get what the developers want you to get when they want you to get it. StarCraft copied graphics are cool.

Robert Farrugia

Fantastic Great graphics, cool sounds, nice variety of towers and enemies. A lot of fun for not very much money.

Dorian Bond

Fun to play no slow down great sound Works fantastic on my Nexus 7 graphics are cool worth every penny

Joshua Mishari Dela Rosa

Epic. Best TD game I've EVER played. No IAP's and basically, no paying in a paid game.

nor doal

Great game Top notch graphics, sound and no ads! It's a game I keep going back to even for levels I've already finished just for the h**l of it. A keeper!

Mark Cuventas

Has potential, with tweaking Game looks great! But it can be frustrating more than challenging. Turret AI can be downright stupid, going for newer targets rather than 1s leaving the map. Lvl2 Air Mariners heals are way too OP, quickly healing not only themselves but everything within their vicinity.

Tawaphol Wanichkorn

Too difficult One more star for less difficulties or increase starting money or some "super weapon" skill, also I would love to build my tower in the "grid" too

Sigit Selandono

Stunning! Epic! 100+ hours of enjoyment and...100+ weeks of frustration!

Ahmad Qaddomi

waste of time and money graphics look great on the demo video , but in fact its duplicated , all the movements objects are moving the same in time , strategy and thinking is poor in this game, funds are very rare, i wasted my time and money on this game

Colton Orem

Epic war This tower defence game is the best one I've played in a long time the graphics are amazing the game please so much fun I can't put this game down it is a very much recommend

Raymond Hachmishvili

Great challenging game. Graphics are great,but the sound effects are kinda boring and the sound is thin. Level 9 in chapter 2 is impossible...

Reza Evol

So much eye sex! Makes me wonder how long till we get a C&C game on phones

Stephen Rivett

Not enough to it, sadly... A Defense Zone clone that is nowhere near as good, has worse graphics and sound and doesn't understand how we gamers tick. Nice try guys but work on the reward system (seriously) or leave this genre to the big boys.

Ali Khandurrani

Great Game Graphics r amazing upgrades r little pricey but all in all great job guy's

jackie turner

Epic war td Pretty fun

Sean Flynn

Looks good but drains battery Fun td game no in app purchases or worth the money

Joann Guerra

No freedom If you don't do it their way, you lose. It's a bit disappointing.

Sam Beckwith Jr

Awesome This is a true Tower Defense game. No purchases required to win.

mark holmes

Epic war At first I didit think I would like but I really cant stop playing now.

Garth Doig

Too restrictive. You basically have to follow a preset formula to beat each level. It's not fun.

Eziz Mahtumov

The best The best TD game which I have played.

Алексей Корнелюк

Лучшая ТД из существующих под андроид. Best android TD game. Shurely i'll by sequel, if it will be.

Mikheil Ambrosov

Super This is the best td

jim jr

Excellent game plus no iap Great game . fun to play . like how any one tower is not all powerful . I much prefer an option to take out the blood effects though . what I like the most is that there are no in app purchase . well worth the price of the game .

vincent andrews

Great game add unlimited wave mode It's funny how every says it's unbalanced you just don't know how to play. They give you enough money to start with to buy the correct towers you need for that wave. You just have to figure out which tower that is. Would give it 5 but I just finished arcade and thought they would be a unlimited wave mode unlocked. Add that and game will be great

cory cook

Lg optimum g pro This is one of the hardest TD games on the market. So hard that i uninstalled it. The graphics are great, but the game is so unbalanced that i cannot play it. Waste of money

Jo Bo

Too soon to give 5 stars, it asked for a review and I've only used 1 type of tower. I like the cg, animations, blood and explosions.

Adrian Green

Perfection awaits you. Gfx are very good with decent performance. The gameplay is let down by an absolute lack of tolerance for solving the tactical situation by a combination of means. (Being strategically creative) If you do not "discover" the one and only upgrade path and perfectly timed placement of perfectly chosen towers in exactly the right positions with the extremely limited resources given you are toast. Start over. No fun. Maybe for some ocd type it is. I don't know.


Unbalance Its hard to win... even im using expensive weapons, still useless. Give me back my money. This game is not fun at all.

David Lucy II

Solid tower defense! Great graphics and game play. Plenty of variety between towers and enemies. A must play for any fan of the genre. Only thing I'd point out as a negative is the repetitious sfx but that's just about given with game type. Still gets an A+

yaron kaduri

hard almost in any level the quality is good, but every level is difficult, with more income the game can be beautiful.

Teagan Squires

I paid for this??? I cant seem to beat level 5 its impossible on arcade mode. how do u get more stars and money? Its unclear. Maybe if they fix or explain that i will give 5 stars. I paid for a 5 game level :(

Jr Ab

Epic War TD2 Top game people and a great game so far ....

Raymond Hachmishvili

Great challenging game. I wish there was a demolition mode,wheres the enemies shot at you and damage your weapons,and the player would be able to repair it with cash earned in the game.

Anders Björkland

Fun TD game The title is generic, and so is the gameplay I guess (it's a tower defence game after all). But somehow it comes off unique and fun. I've played perhaps an hour or so on my tablet and have had a blast. It is easy to get in to but some levels requires that you experiment with different setups. It's not always what you think, but it is so nice when you finally find the setup that works. The graphics and sounds are a plus.

Sian Vine

Make up your mind If my data is off and I play the game its fine....if my data is on it starts downloading...what the hell does it need to down once it starts to download I cant do anything but force stop and uninstall then reinstall again

Jamie Duthie

Very good so far Played this only for a short while but everything seems to be fine,good graphics,easy to play and runs smoothly and so far found no other issues no ads or in app purchases either which is great.

sean flemmings

Love it Great grapics and love the strategy. Only thing I hate is the pause button has to he pressed multiple times sometimes

mike dewald

Good but also annoying Nice graphics and easy to understand. Annoying part is you have to figure out which weapon and placement the designer used to complete a level. You cannot use whatever you think will get the job done. It has to be the exact one they use or restart the level over and over.

Mohammad Thabet

If it wasn't for the excellent music and the great unit visual design, I would have given the game just 1 star. The gameplay is awfully scripted: you can only win by following exactly what the level designer had planned for you to do. You have to place exactly the correct tower in exactly the correct spot and do exactly the correct upgrade at exactly the correct time or else you stand no chance, and you usually have just enough money to do only the correct thing at the correct time. Absolutely no space allowed for creativity whatsoever, it's just a matter of figuring out what the level designer had in mind, usually through trial and error. This is mainly the result of having a very narrow and strict one-to-one enemy type to counter-tower relationship. A terrible design decision really. Also the tower upgrades are pretty boring and offer no variety unlike some of the other better TD games out there. The fact that after all this I gave the game 3 starts speaks volumes about how good the music and the unit visual design are.

A Mel

Not sure Good graphics and audio BUT can not choose where to place turrets and no option to where turrets target, certainly isn't the first target. Better TD out there such as Defense Zone HD. Would rate 5 stars if at least these 2 concerns are dealt with.

Daniel Nery

Good graphics, dumb gameplay. Read everyones complains about the game before you buy it. The only good thing about this game is the great graphics. But there are No customizability gameplay, You can't pass certain level if you don't put towers on certain location or the right tower. It dumbs the game down otherwise it would've been a good game.

Erik Sundstrom

Great but strategy is shallow. Its obvious there's basically 1 and only 1 solution to each level which makes it more into a puzzle game rather than a strategy game. You have to place towers in the order the devs have intended. Other than that gripe, its a great game, but that issue takes away from the feeling of accomplishment. The complete abundance of microtransactions bumps the score.

Ayank Papi

Scripted gameplay There is only one way to beat the whole game. No freedom to choose tower. You'll never beat this game if you using your own strategy. You must follow developer layout otherwise you will face dead end. Already complete whole level with 3 star, decent game overall, it's just annoying I can't use my own strategy.

Cory Guagliardo

No In-App Purchases!! Why do guns not shoot lead enemy? Screen wants to go to sleep mode. Great graphics, and challenging. So awesome to be able to just enjoy a game without it constantly wanting money. I hope you sell 100 million units!

Matt Folsom

This is a decent game. The graphics are good, it loads quickly and game play is smooth. Currently running this on the droid turbo 2 and there have been no problems. In general, I enjoy playing the game, but here are a few of the things I've noted that other players may or may not care about. Tower Variety: There is a good variety of towers to pick from, each tower is specialized for a certain type of unit. Basically, for each kind of enemy, there's exactly one tower that's specialized to kill it. Try to use any other tower and it simply won't be effective (with some exceptions). Path Predictability: The game doesn't do well describing what units are coming from different paths. You have to replay a wave after watching it to know how to place your towers, otherwise you lose. AI: No control over what unit a tower focuses on. Often, towers obviously focus on the wrong unit allowing others to escape that normally wouldn't (and it's painful to watch).

Ty Hamatake

Had to come back and give three stars instead of five. Edit: Now that I've played more I realize it is not a five star game. There are many different types or turrets and creeps, but each one is pretty much has a set opposite. This is standard in most TD games, though this one has taken it to the next level. After a while you will notice that you earn the exact amount for a certain type of turret and if you don't use that exact one you will not pass the level. This leaves little room for creativity and randomness. Could've been a great game...

Patrick Wilson

A competent tower defense game with a single upfront cost. No play to win elements or constant nagging to buy stuff in-game. No annoying economy management elements that it's immediate paid competitors have. Fun and worth a buck easily - your favorite "free" game will cost several times that to feel good.


Looks good Plays poorly, insane difficulty levels, near impossible, towers act retarded

Brandon Evans

Can not pass Lvl 5 I for the life of me can not pass Lvl 5 with the amount of money they give you. I've watched other people play and done the same thing but there are just too many units.

Dan Sheets

Better TDs out there Overall game mechanics are very poor. It needs a severe rebalance and adjustment. It also lacks any kind of story, background, or context. I feel for $.99, there are better choices in TD apps and other games. It did have cool visuals and music though. Too boring and repetitive for me. I will be uninstalling.

Matthew Choi

Targeting ai I wish towers targeting don't jump around. Besides of that, this game is rather nice

mjgodles 76

Game Sucks Can't put your towers where you want & after level 5 it seems impossible to go any further because you can't put your towers where you want. I didn't even have the game for 12 hrs and couldn't get a refund. Bogus Interruptus!!

Scott Becker

Just started playing Nice so far. Missing targeting stratagy option for towers. UPDATE: For me this game got way to hard way to fast. Uninstalled. Sorry developer.

Eduardo Juarez

A great game! A tower defense game with no micro transactions is very refreshing. Great game play, great graphics. Highly recommended.

Borin Srun

Best graphic It's the first game that I find addicting, with best graphic but seems too simple

Jay P. Deleon

Mega 6.3 I like the game very much the only problem is you have to connect to wifi.over all is a great game.

rahul karande

I am a TD game lover?? I have played Tower raiders all versions, Defenders 1 & 2, and all TD games. After so many days I have seen a game in that category, even better than all games.

David Mc Cartney

Procrastination Engage!! I have to hand it to this title, it offers up hours and hours of gameplay, that said, it is all very samey, it still offers a decent challenge for hardcore strategy fans and is still very fun and accessible. Great visuals too.

Roger Norris

Note5 Great game. Graphics smooth and detailed. One of the better TD games. Keep up the good work.

marcio shiokawa

A Real solid 5 kidding! (At least I haven't been asked for cash yet). Excellent graphics.

Cody Martin

Simply amazing! First off TD games can be finicky and dull but this is far beyond that. The graphics are stunning and has a starcraft feel to it I can't wait to see more

malcolm lau

Looks good Starts ok. Nice graphics. But from level 5 onwards is just trial and error and not genuine tatics or strategy.

Jonathan Bustamante

Good game and great support One of the best and good looking tower defense game out there, and also take note, thanks for quickly fixing the error loading problem.

Joshua Houlding

Excellent Great tower defense game. The graphics and animations are clean, and the strategy is on the same level as other games in the genre. Highly recommended

Dajuan Ricks

I want my $$$ back This game really sucks. If it wasn't for the graphics, I would give it 0 stars.

Victor eltest

All good again Good game... Gets a bit too repetitive towards the end of chapter 2. Well worth the price and no annoying in game purchases

Erik Austin

Restricted Game is very rigid on what towers you have to use to pass a level. Would like to see more flexibility in what towers I can put down to pass.

Shane Hepworth

Good game but Get to about the sixth level and it gets stupid not giving you enough money to build enough towers straight away no chance of getting past it because you cant accumulate enough money quick enough to build towers.

Lee Lapworth

Yea good Better than sum defence games and not so crazy and confusing

Richard Burley

Well put together TD game. An all round high quality game. Enjoyable enough, takes a little time to get going, be patient.

garry westwood

Started well. Great graphics and started well, but on later levels you can't use your own strategy and have to do what the developer planed, I'm not a mind reader so I had to do the same level over and over again till I found the right solution, the first few times are OK but after playing the same level 10+ times it gets boring and by this time it's to late to get a refund.


Good Quality game. This is how Tower defense games should be.

Zachary Schneider

While the art assets are nice, the point of a tower defense game is finding your own unique strategies to win each level. This game does not deliver that. Nearly every level can only beaten in one specific way, purchasing exactly the right towers at exactly the right moments and placing them in exactly the right positions. There is no strategy beyond trial and error in many cases. This ruins the game.

Steven R

Don't waste your money like I did I really was hoping for a good tower defense game with this one. What I got was a guessing game, where did the developer decide to place a certain gun or guns to complete a level. WARNING: If you don't know where that exact placement is, you're not passing the level. I WASTED MY MONEY, THERE ARE FAR BETTER TD GAMES FOR FREE OUT THERE....SAVE YOUR MONEY!

Brad Schatmeyer

Unnecessarily difficult. As other reviews have said it really feels like unless you use the exact right towers in the exact right place then there is no chance to pass a given level. I'd normally call that finding a pattern in a level, but there is no strategy besides what the devs did. You must do 2+3=5, there is no 1+4 or 5+0 or 1+1+3 it is 2+3 or you fail anyway.

Neil Dunlop

Get's boring real quick It's overly hard to place units quickly which costs you the level and some levels are stupid hard (and just plain annoying) as there is only one way to complete it... which is fine for other games but not a TD / strategy one. Gets a star for no IAP!

Andrew Lumi

There are better TD games Nice graphics but there are some bad game designs, e.g. (1) replaying a level will ERASE all further progress, (2) tower placement is completely free (no grid system), I wasted too much time trying to place them in the right spot.

Andy Huang

Not even a good TD game. When I first got this game for a dime I thought the game would be as bad as it was due to the low price. Since I played through the game I found out that I was right. This game showed nothing good, from the upgrade tree for your towers to be LITERALLY a single long line that the game pretty much chooses the upgrades for you to even the maps in the game to be repeated several times with enemy lanes so wide most of the towers in the game to be unable to shoot at them. This game should have costed a penny.

Ian Miller

Lost interest. At first I really enjoyed it but I lost interest pretty quickly and regret buying it. There's just no appeal to continue. It would be better if there was SOME kind of compelling story, but eventually it just feels like work to play the game. The same thing over and over without any sign of progression save for an upgraded turret. I'd uninstall it if I hadn't payed for it. Actually, I'm still going to uninstall it to free up some storage space.

Al' B

Unbalanced Pro mode is easier than Arcade mode even though it claims to be the other way around, level progression is very unbalanced and gets ridiculously hard all of a sudden. Shame really because it's a really nice looking game. Kinda glad I only paid 10p :-\

Jeff Young

Really good, but too difficult too soon. No pre-set tower locations. Absolutely fantastic graphics! Great sound effects! Just too difficult too quickly. And I've played a lot of tower defense games. You have to use exactly the right tower for each specific unit, but you don't quite have enough money for what you need when you need it. It needs to be a little bit more forgiving.

Dim Sum

Not fun/broken This game is not worth the dollar you would spend to download it .If i could get a refund i would, its a lack luster hack .Spare yourself the waste of time and look elsewhere. I wish i read the comments before downloading this steamer,they are right on the money, you never get a foot hold and its very poorly designed , no fun to be had here. Be sure to stay away from this game. Its a massive download aswell and for no good reason graphics are sub par,no dev support either. Stay away from this garbage

Timothy Prince

Pretty average in terms of a tower defense game. It then is held back by several things. The maps don't seem to take into consideration the range of the starter towers and mob pathing or the tiles the guns take up. I found very frequently I'd place a standard gun on a u-turn then need a flame tower on the next wave. There's not enough room on the same corner for both guns and placing it on another bend did nothing as the minions pathed outside of its range on that particular corner forcing me to restart the level. The turret targeting AI is also done poorly as minions would frequently escape range due to my turret switching to a closer target on the other side of the road rather than the one further along the path. I also found the damage the turrets do to be a little arbitrary. Anti-air guns would take 3 shots to kill a flying minion but the second shot would leave him with almost no health. This would be fine if the standard turret could assist on air units, but they can't. Save your money.

Gustavo Parrado

Pretty good Nice graphics, fun mechanics, works perfect. Awesome for some time killing

Ivan Ho

Pathetic game design and controls How hard is it to make a competent tower defence game? Menus are all over the place and placed is idiotic locations. 9/10 time you press something and yet another menu pops up. When you try to tap a tower to react to an enemy either to build or upgrade, it either doesn't reposted or ignores input altogether! One of the most stress inducing games I have ever played!

Cody Arthur

Fun briefly First off, there are two difficulties: medium and hard (???) After chapter 1, the game becomes pure luck. You might have success reading a guide online but you're better off knowing and/or living near a dev. Good luck and have fun before you inevitably un-install after many hours of wanting to throw your phone into a pond.

David Sadler

Lacks depth and targeting is bugged Looks great but lacks depth, and the targeting AI doesn't work well and is frustrating.

James Hage

Agree with other reviews As a bit of an addict to tower games, I jumped at the chance at playing another, especially at 10p. The game is good, with quite a high level of detail. However, it really does get difficult quickly and the previous comments about a specific pattern or else fail the level is spot on. Overall, it's kept me entertained for a week but I have started to reach the frustrating, banging head against the wall stage.

Stuart Sampson

It's alright Haven't played it enough to judge the game. But works well on a one plus two. No crashes

James Parcelluzzi

Controls This game is fun but omg, the controls make me wanna pull my hair out. It's almost impossible to place a turret exactly where you want it, or somewhere near another turret. Make the turrets attach to each other or something. Pressing buttons on lasers causes you to move the laser randomly. Pressing any button will target another turret or another button. It's quite annoying, make smarter controls and I'll give 5 stars.

Angus Muir

Stupid hard Stupid hard too quickly. Shame as it started off nicely but very soon into it the frustration takes over. Too little money to defend, too many fast hordes.

A Mel

Not sure Good graphics and audio BUT can not choose where to place turrets and no option to where turrets target, certainly isn't the first target. Better TD out there such as Defense Zone HD. Would rate 5 stars if at least these 2 concerns are dealt with. Update.....Been playingfor a while and i've wasted my money. As other reviewers have stated, unless you know the order of placement and upgrade of weapons you have 0 chance of winning. Such as shame as this could have been up there with other TD games.

Aaron James

Tedious There seems to be only one way you can win each round. It's trial and error to figure that one way out. That's not fun, that's just tedious. There needs to be more freedom to play like you want to play.

Phuong Le

Guessing game Only fun for the first 3-4 levels then it turns into a guessing game. Very unforgiving if you can't figure out where the devs want you to place the towers. Very rock paper scissor type. If you don't get the right towers and upgrade at the exact time and place then you are screwed

Lucas Schuman

Really fun! Very much a classic tower defense game. Fun and enjoyable! The graphics and sound effects are top notch and the game has a lot of charm.

Brad Gonsalves

Overall a great experience. PROS: - Excellent graphics, and smooth gameplay on my old nexus 7 2012. - Upgrades make a huge difference. 1 upgraded tower can be more effective than 3 normal towers. - No pay to win or micro transactions. - Two difficulty settings. - 3 Checkpoints per stage, and you can restart each wave to try different tower configurations . One weapon will often work beautifully against different enemy types. (unlike the info people are giving) CONS: Arcade mode (easier mode) can be difficult in the beginning of a few stages, before you've built up your towers. It then becomes a case of trying to find their perfect tower placement solution, but once you've made it through a few waves, your money builds up and it's okay again. AI dumb at times. Guns don't always follow furtherest target, which is really annoying. Difficult mode sucks. there are only a few predesignated spots to place towers in and you have to find the right combination. best tower defence game, so long as you stick to arcade mode, but unfortunately you don't unlock all upgrades and there are only about 2.5 chapters


Ehh below standards... This game has a pretty good feel for tower defense but, it's a little too basic and looks horrible. They boast about playing on weak devices, but why isn't there a high texture option? You can't change the graphics settings at ALL. Good thing I only paid 10 cents for this. If your looking for a good tower defense game then try kingdom rush, it's the best of tower defense.

Lennin Padilla

Really cool but I spent more than one hour playing with it. I like the game but sometimes is pretty hard and you need to restart over and over until you find the right place for towers. Please take a note on that. Are you guys planning to reduce some complexity I know you guys will say that's the charm of the game. But some levels are very difficult at medium level.

Mookie Mookie

Light, fun and challenging! The devs really nailed this one. On a technical level it runs smooth and light. Gameplay is challenging but super fun! Definitely worth every penny for TD fans!

Isham Sally

Good but hard! At first this is fun and keeps on getting fun but then to get 2 stars or 3 stars to get you satisfied is really hard! So I give up and go to next level now since you anyways get level unlock after one star it's fine.. Just the satisfaction is lost since you won't see a 3 star win.. Graphics, Sounds and art is awesome though.. I say ya buy it's cheap ne just don't get frustrated if you can't get 2 or 3 stars (basically finish the whole waves.) Consumes a lot of battery 2 hours max with this game HTC E9+

Tim K

The game looks quite slick and for the most part is a serviceable for passing the time while you're waiting in lines or whatever. As many others have pointed out, the game mechanics and balance are VERY poorly designed, it almost looks like they created the levels (chapters) by playtesting them with a single solution - the only one that works. As a result, the game can get extremely frustrating as the only way to discover the exact placement and purchase of units is to play through the chapter several times until you figure it out. A slight misplacement of a unit during wave 1 can make winning impossible by wave 10. That's just bad game design and nothing else. There are also some frustrating bugs with regard to unit placement. That said, almost all the android TD games out there are pretty bad in one way or another, but this one is a real disappointment. It also lacks a grid, making unit placement painful. There's no reason not to have a hex grid overlay. To the devs- if you can't playtest the game on paper with counters then don't bother writing the code. Get the rules and movement sorted out first before you write code and do graphics.

Daniel Wester

Chapter 1 level 5 bugged... Chapter 1 level 5 starts with $250, but that is not enough to by more than 2 towers which is not enough for the massive second wave. This was screwed up in 2015 and remains screwed up...don't buy without searching the Internet first...give us back the $600+ starting cash for this level we used to have.

Lukasz Boczon

Awesome. No framerate issues, awesome graphics, great sound design. Definitely gonna play more of this :)

Lee Lapworth

great app Better than most tower defence games and not so crazy and confusing either sum others are a bit far out but it's simple and easy 2 understand and very addictive. Thanks guys.

Matthew Spratling

Too Difficult You have to place certain towers at the right time or you have no chance at passing a level, which makes the game too hard and boring after a while. Apart from that graphics are pretty good.

Mattis Nilsson

Great TD GAME Awsome gory addictive worth $1 all the way it you like TD games this is 100% for you buy now!

sin din

Quality I'm a gamer, and I only have 2 games on my Android. High quality TD. Problem with pro mode is that it relies on starting over and over and over and over and over.. Gets tedious.

Austin D

great game Most of all. I only pay 99cents and would pay 5$ for this game..It's better than getting Nickle and dime from IAP..Thank you developers...looking for more games from you

Apollo Standards

Good graphics but.... Difficulty gets way to hard in early levels and yet pro mode is easier than normal liked it at first but unless you have a perfect layout it is near impossible to get a perfect score. I cannot personally advance with out that. Would ask for a refund but for 99 cents I'm not going to bother. But if you like the kind of game that is made to never be beaten this is the one for you

Dennis Verhaaff

Fun, sometimes. This game is a little too hard to be fun. If I could solve these levels my own way, it would be great, but most of the time I have to install certain towers at certain times at certain locations or it will be impossible to complete without losses. It feels too much like I'm being forced to play to a script.

Darth Locrian

Like but no room for imagination I like it, it's a good td game, good graphics nice towers. However, there is no room for imagination or alternative strategy, it's either as the game wants or you lose. This ruins the game somewhat. Could easily see this with 5 stars if this strategic rigidity was replaced with something more flexible.

Thanh Truong

Unfairly difficult Great graphics, good music. Too difficult too soon though. Unless you place the defense in the exact spot it's spose to go, you will not win. I got frustrated and bored and stopped playing after a few hours of playtime.

Tim Sloane

Too simple, hard to tell what's going on. While it's a somewhat fun game, there's no way to set tower priorities, which really screws things up in some levels. And the whole one tower is best against one enemy is way too simple. Finally, the graphics make it too hard to tell different towers and different enemies apart.

Timothy Pye

Impossible I love tower defence. It is absolutly impossible to beat stage 5 ive tried every possible combination of units if it was possible to give a 0 star i would. Granted the grafics are amazing but game play sucks

Kap Phanthavong

Fun Game Very addicting game. Normal is hard as heck though. On level 17 with all the stars up to this point. Some levels took me a couple hours to beat. Had to keep resetting the wave to figure out the patterns then plan my defense accordingly. Sometimes had to reset the whole level because my initial set up for the early waves left me vulnerable for the later waves. Overall a great game.

Michael Wallace

It's not TD is a puzzle guessing game The difficulty ramp is bizarre. It's impossible to progress unless you happen upon the specific tower combination the developer used. No chance of any other combination working beyond level three. Only a single linear path in the 'lab' for upgrades. No power ups to shake-up gameplay. Waste of money.

Maaz Maqsood

No equip time Does not let you equip towers at wave start like other td games just straight starts the assault. After few levels it is impossible to win. Graphics are awesome though.

Samuel Chen

Worse TD ever. Great graphics and tower variety but the game play is fixed. No space for you to explore or experiment. Every level you have only 1 specific way to win and that is memorizing the weakess of the monster and place the right tower at the right time in the right place. Leaked? No problem. Just reload the level or wave since there will be 3 check point each level. Towers are expensive so it leaves you no space to toy with them. 1 mistake is reload. Stupid design of a game.

Ziauddin S.

Like Hollywood's movies, but more boring. Unless you follow what is scripted by the dev, you not gonna get a perfect score. No plot twist or whatsoever. No skills needed, just trial and error. Lame..

Brandon Evans

Do not buy this. Devs don't care. Dont waste your money. The devs dont seem to concerned by the amount of people complianing about how hard it is to do anything in the game, i for the life of me can not pass Lvl 5 with the amount of money they give you. I've watched other people play and done the same thing but there are just too many units.

Darren Keating

Great game, but...... The difficulty is too high. It seems like you can only complete the levels if you build exactly the right tower in the right spot. Not like other TD games where I can complete a level 10 different ways.

Dustin Metz

Such a good tower defense I ended up getting this thanks to slickdeals and I have zero regrets. It's ridiculously fun, works great for the breaks I have to take at work. Best part, no in-game purchases. You just play and level up.

Shaun Ripley

It's a fun game, and for the price it's definitely worth it. However, the game does not inspire creativity. Rounds aren't hard, because they're hard. You have to just learn what to create and when, and have to follow that to the letter. Additionally, the upgrade system does not encourage players to become involved, as there is no choice in what you upgrade.

Andy Gold

Unbeatable I agree with others. Devs have made it so you have to place towers one way, and only in that particular one way to beat some levels. I have replayed levels dozens of times but cannot GUESS what the devs had in mind to gain success. Epic failure of devs

Gytole Otto

Way too hard too quick. Spent the last hour trying to beat level 4. I don't like the fact that I can't set my towers where I want. If I knew what tower you wanted me to place and where it'd be great. But this one is wayyy to diffucult. Not dissapointed for $.10. But don't really recommend...

hitzuja Subaru

What did I just bought?!?! It's a clone of Starcraft in TD style. It's GUI is very unfriendly to a player. In other words, it is inconvenient. It's screenshots look awesome in the Google store, but not in the real game. It's boring when compare to some free TD games.

Ianski Abalos

The map is too small compared to the first one and it gives less money so it's not fun when you are losing. I want to be challenge but not to the extent where I can't proceed to the next level because you need a perfect game in order to advance.

Thomas Duke

Not fun Graphics are great but too difficult. Tower defence should be a bit more casual than this, or atleast have option to be easy. Comes across like a hard game to pad the gametime out. Is there no endless modes?

Ryan Draper

Futuristic Tower Defense Tons of upgrades, lots of different enemies, and a million different strategies on how to defeat them. What more could you want from a tower defense game? Oh, and the graphics are absolutely top notch!

Simon Cox

Graphics save annoying gameplay On a number of levels you have to get exactly the right position for the right tower in the right time by trial and error. Being able to restart the wave rather than level is good. If your interested in a game where you have to grind to discover the exact setup for a level then this is a game for you. Otherwise give it a miss.

Rand Paul

FUN at first BEWARE after about midway it litterally becomes impossible to beat much less upgrade any tower HUGGGE Balancing issues ....P.s im a life long tower defense/strategy gamer i know what im talking about UNINSTALLED.... Needs more of a story mode and unique factions and or bosses

Dritan Xhabija

Looks promising but failed to run On the Pixel XL everything is way off. Menus are showing in the wrong direction, the yellow button has many edges, I took a screenshot but I can't attach it. Would love to play a game I payed for. At the very least don't support platforms you haven't tested.

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