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23 Apr
Epic War Saga

Posted by AMT Games Inc in Arcade | April 23, 2013 | 80 Comments

Apk file size: 44.0 MB

Epic War Saga is an Online SideScroller Defense game. Build up a powerful army and slaughter enemy hordes in quests and battles with other armies!

Killer features:
★ 20 heroes to play for
★ 250+ items to unlock and use
★ 100+ units to hire for your army!
★ Rank up to 9999 levels
★ 100 v 100 Massive battles

AMT Games Inc part of our Arcade and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 23, 2013. Google play rating is 81.7405. Current verison is 1.11. Actual size 44.0 MB.

Download epic-war-saga.apk 44.0 MB


kenneth matheson

Good gameplay... Love the series, but I accidentally signed in with facebook and it erased all my progress! From lvl59 to lvl1. Is there any kind of way I can get my progress back? Thanks! Overall excellent game, just don't touch the login button lol

John Tseni

Bugs I like the game a lot, but there is a problem on chapter 10, I download the required thinks that are 60MB and I do have space for it, but when it finishes I press start on the mission and it says that I need to download them again. I downloaded it 2 times and it still does it. Pls fix it!

Garrett Keehn

Good Amazing game, I grew up playing epic war so this is prefect for me, just can't stand the fact that to be really good at this game you have to either give up your life to play it or pay, just another great game ruined by greedy creaters (no offense)

Hendry Wijaya

Good I love your game Epic War Saga.. but this game will be great if can battle other players online.. please update this one to be online.. and please fix chapter 10.. i am try and keep trying download for 60MB but no result..

Shashwata Shan

When I logged in..... This game can go to hell!!!!! I was at chapter 9.....when I logged in with Facebook for the first time I was at lvl1 from 284..... all my progressing vanished in digital space

jhon plunkett

Bullcrap Game somehow refreshed lost everything including the crystals I I read the reviews I'm not the only one, seems to be a scam. Id be quick to do something about it devs or legal action could quickly be coming your way...

Raihan Muammar

EPIC!!!! Amazing game haven't seen anything like this on mobile since castle master its really collosal not like cartoon wars or other games that summon an army at a time. But there is one problem on achievement list there's two achievement that says click the twitter (and 2nd one facebook ) icon on main menu but I cant see the icon please fix I use samsung galaxy s3

john santisi

AWESOME with one flaw Appreciate the greatness and hardness of making this game. But dosnt work on chapter 10 mission 1. Makes me download more heros but never works and won't let me advance and play the mission. Please fix! THANKS!

Joshua Shope

Fix this problem I was a lvl 210 and then I clicked login to Facebook and it erased all my data on the game just when I was going to bye 60$ worth of crystals please fix this but until that u get 3 stars

Kisuke Oboro

Oi, what happened.. Before this game was truly epic, now and at keeps popping up during battles, loik rly? You need to fix dis before the number of people decrease exponentially. Other than that add new features such as friends or achievements and an easier way to obtain resources. You did good but bought into the adds; truly disappointing#

Andrew Faulkner

Brilliant Im on the phantom beast lord battle in chapter 5 he way to powerful 90000+ health and 2000+ damage come on I'm like level 324 and he's only level 241 please nerf him I really want to see the next battles. Noooo I got a extra vision gift card to buy the €49.99 to get 10000 gems but when I tried it said the billing to purchase it is no longer used please update the game to fix this.

azderdhom pusat

Problem I love this game! So awesome just like the other EW series in the game. Though i like to know the following things: a) I keep getting an ad that say i can get 100 free crystal if i play some cool games. I keep pressing that ad but nothing ever happen. FYI, the ads show up after i win a battle usually. b) On achievement tab, there a "like Facebook and Twitter on homepage and get 100 crystal" achievement. I dont see any Facebook or Twitter button on homepage :(.

Corey Blankenship

Great game Fun to play easy to learn and many hours to put into to get far. I'm loving th game but I can't progress past chapter 10 it keeps telling me to download the extra heros pack and when it finishes it just make me redownload it. Please fix! I wanna farm chapter ten

Ruben Fernandes

Great Great entertainment. Some bugs regarding the bonuses of the day though, sometimes they don't get updated to the account, other than that 5 stars

Chris Casey

Well.. I've loved this game for along time so i love it. But it only fills up like a quarter of my screen. If i can fix it id love to know. I have the LG G3

Andrew Morrill

Good Job Ruined Epic War... It was one of my favorite game series and this crap made it crash and burn with their greedy sticky fingers. The AI system is unfair, always a higher level and has all the weaknesses of units programmed in it's memory, not as much of a hint for players in-battle.

Muhammad Ibnu Sina

PROBLEM Could you please check why is the word "WAIT A MOMMENT PLEASE.." took a very long time to wait?no matter how fast my connection,waiting it makes me feel angry,realy upset,absolutely annoying.and crash frequency is high enough.if you can fix all of my complaint,it will be my pleasure to share this game to my friend and give this inovative addictive game ten star no doubt!

Berty Wright

Y can't I play chapter 10? U ppl need to fix it the game is just getting interesting.


It's Good. This game could use some updates. For my device ( LG G3 ) some of the screens in game are small and cannot be zoomed in. It'd be awesome if that could be fixed. Another thing that would be cool is if you guys could make it to where we can sell our older items. The game overall is smooth running and good graphics. Just a few minor things could be fixed and adjusted.

Tsuyoshi Suzuki

GOOD This is truly a great game and I would recommend to all... but there's just one thing I want to do while playing this game.... if u do get New updates, could u make it so I can sell items too. Would also be great if u added tower or something to waste my bp points on. But otherwise, it's a great game. LOTS OF FUN!!!

wayne berry

Great communication Had a few hick ups in the beginning but every problem I ran into was quickly answered but an admin. A few suggestions would be - as things cost upwards of 30,000 crystals to make things in the blacksmith, perhaps make crystals more obtainable. A heck load of grinding is needed to find the items needed to make good units. Make things sellable and if youre use to the computer version note that the last hero does not have judgement skill gained at lvl 700 A part from these suggestions Awesome game

Jason Hall

Disappointed i played this on computer and the second i saw this, it was an instant download for me. Too bad it was an instant dissapointment. I expected to be defending a castle and get an awesome hero to start out with, and go through levels regularly. But instead I am faced with having to defend the hero with all the regular troops, and if the hero dies, he doesn't respawn like usual, you just lose. And you have to go through each individual level a hundred times to get anywhere and any upgrades.

Bruno Jiménez

Great game but you cannot go past Chapter 10 and, as the last update was April, 2013 I'm not holding my breath for the developers to fix it now.

Alec Vidamo

Love this game It's surprisingly addicting and there's tons of customization options. It loses one star because I can't transfer the game to my SD card. It takes up a crap ton of space, but it is worth it

Zach Adams

Its good but Its a great game but I was playing and I logged out but when I logged back in all my stuff was gone. It simply refreshed my entire game. And I'm not very happy about losing hours and hours of work

Brandon Tumeo

Awesome, but please fix the resolution. I love this game absolutely, as I do all the Epic War games. Definitely worth downloading! But I have this issue. The main window where you View quests and village and whatnot appears to be set to a specific size, and it is much too small for comfort. Please fix this!

Danny Bryniarski

Could be a fun game...if i could play it The very first thing this game does is shove an add right in my face...however its so zoomed in that i cant even "x" it out, so it takes me to the link and when i try to get back to the game it says "unfortunately epic war has stopped working"...and this has happened twice. An add here and there are fine, but when thats the first thing u show people, and they HAVE to accept it, thats just bad marketing in my opinion. Dont advertise another game before people have a chance to play this one.

Da Boss

Great Series I grew up playing this I loved it on the computer it's a great game but the part I don't like is why can't you put epic war 4 or 5 on Google play, I'd appreciate it if you could do that!

bill jones

Cant play I cant play because of the add that pops up in the game is to big and wont let me exit the add im running a Samsung galaxy stratosphere 2 please fix

Josh Rowland

Developers please, please, oh please Make it movable to the sd card. Why is there only achievements for beating 10 bosses, if there's 12? for the love of God, why does it take so long to make the galaxy equipment? I love the game but it would take a year of playing hours for every day literally to get one galaxy sword without paying. Please make the red items drop more often. Letus carry 7 items, and why isn't there anyachievements for winning battles, only missions? I'll 5star this game when these start getting fixed

Will Mcgrory

Looks good but.. Gold earned to the cost of upgradeing make this a pay to win game. Arena puts you against the pay to win people with no way for you to win. Very unbalanced to say the least, looks fun though lol.


Great game so far! I have encountered one issue though that you brilliant developers should fix: I just upgraded the 2 weak knights and made a templar knight. The templar knight is not selectable for my army. In fact my game glitches once I upgrade to get him and it makes it so none of my monsters are removeable. He shows up in my monster inventory but once I select him and press equip the original monster is still in the same position. I also tried removing them and this didn't work at all. It makes me have to restart the game to remove my monsters. Once restarted templar knight isn't in my inventory. Templar knight isn't unlocked in the store. I tried buying him again but it only restarted the process. Please fix cause templar knight looks beast mode and I wish I could see him fight.

Jacob Dudzik

Amazing game Its a great game with one huge flaw.i cant download extra heros!!!!please fix this,i want to continue playing. Edit:i had to download the heros using my phones internet access,it wouldn't work over Wi-Fi, i used multiple networks until it hit me that it was just the app.

kyle Crosby

Good game Would be 5 start because the game is actually a lot of fun and super addicting but. ... it's another one of those that has you waiting for energy to play. The option to spend real Money for unlimited energy or reduced renewal time would be great and make it a 5 star game.

Champy Woodie

Crash. I actually like this game. Few things wrong. First of all i can't even finish the first quest without it crashing on me. Also, on the s5, everything is really small. If you fix this, 5 stars for sure.

Evan Walcher

great game I really love playing this game, i would rate 5★ but it wont let me buy crystals. If fixed will rate 5★

Aaron Ockimey

Good I keep clearing the final boss in chapter 4 it wont allow me to go any further

Arian Berisha

The best game ever This game is the best game I ever played.I am at 120 lvl so the units are very expensive when you buy with diamonds . The problem isn't this but the problem is to get more units and more missions to play.It was better if you do to play and online .........Prefect game

shashi kant awasthi

Nice but Cristal are unavailable after 9.6 it wants further update of 60 mb I downloaded many times but it is not working now. Can admin fix it

Daniel Washington

Not tht Great Was a good game when I started. Now I.m Almost LVL 85. I havn.t even passed tha first chapter. It needs to download more content. Buh will not because connection always cuts off. Please fix this. Needs to Download all the content off of first download. If not the new content needs to be fixed so tht it downloads faster.

Пользователь Google

Epic War Saga Best Game In The World

Rauf Farmanov


Bob Sanders

Awesome game I LOVE IT! It would be cool if you could upgrade troops the new one legendary wars is the worst one I played yet but this one is 5 star

Lee La Hee

I like it n I used to play it a lot before so I had to start over because I forgot everything but in chapter one I cant download the 60 mb download for chapter 1 boss 5 I click ok to start n it does nothing even tho I got enough storage etc

Nick Ray

Great/issue Great game, grew up with it. I've played this app many times before, however this time when I get the prompt to download the additional heroes in chapter one boss 5, I click okay to download and it does nothing so I can't continue...if anyone could help trouble shoot me it will be 5 stars \n.n

Jacob Ramirez

Great game but.. I logged back in and now when I try to continue where I left off at like chapter 5 it says I need to download the 60mb of extra hero's etc. But it won't let me download it. Plz fix this I've gotten far and I don't want to have to start all over. It won't even let me play the beginner missions it just says need to download 60mb of extra hero's.

Samuel Smith

My phone is a Sony Experia SP Can't buy crystals. Can someone PLAESE fix this cause I really need crystals.Its a really bad problem that needs sorting out as soon as possible because crystals are very hard to get . PLEASE FIX.I think the developers need to put more effort into fixing these problems. If I can buy crystals this game will instantly get 5 stars. Overall, Its great now but would be extreme if these problems were fixed.

Daryen Berven

Its a good game but chapter 10 is making me download new hero's but when its done I have to do it again plz fix

Matthew Brock

Good, But It's a great game, but I bought holy angel seraphiel and the game doesnt allow to me to to use th hoky judgement attack even though I'm lvl 867. Also, I tried to play the free games for crystals, but nothing ever happens. I would rate this game 5 stars if these problems didn't exist. Plz fix it.

Julian Rodriguez

Dude it might be my phone Please fix it. It won't download the extra files. Please someone tell me what to Do. I have a HTC desire.PLEASE DEVELOPER HELP#!!!!!!!please respond I will uninstall if u don't fix it. Are these guys even listening?

Lorne Booth

Won't update What is wrong with this there any support at all for will not download the not download this support and doesn't work,u will waste your time

Ahmed Hasan

Bugs I love this game but it every time I go in it work for minutes and then it goes out please fix it until that one star

Noah Van Horn

FIX THIS BROKEN GAME Man I downloaded this game way back and got above 300 lvl and battle the Phantom beast Lord so many times I couldn't keep track and farmed for gold and crystals 24/7 and got all the high tier equipment from the market on my hero and all my best units and still couldn't beat him he is insanely hard nerf him pls! And by the way I redownloaded today and when I got to chapter 1andon the first time you fight pop it says download heroes and I clicked over 10 times and it won't download anything pls fix this game!


Worst problem Bad hey I love this game but now I can't even download the 5 chapter please solve this problem and I promise to give you a 5 star with best review from me

jugo seth

Great game but... Am stuck at 10-1 have download the extra heroes abbt 7 times and still asking for them so i cant farm any more items for the galaxy sword and am bit more than halfway cant make the galaxy stones tho, and to kill the beast lord you guys have to farm up to 6 armors of darknes 400k each and have the ninjas then just spam ninjas and rage at this point you should have steel armored popo, and yes i've been geeting dark matter and eternal fires from the bosses wich is not remotely fast or easy

Matthew Northrup

Fun but deleted my game Over 400 victories on the fight before ch5-6 and still can't beat him. And the method I used for payment of crystal did not work. Just different enough from Web version to not be able to use all the walkthroughs online.

Bryan Yong

It's a good game but This game is fun but what really caught my interest was epic war 3 on the computer where you could collect different types of warriors and they would automatically spawn and go to battle but this game is still great. This is just a suggestion for maybe a new kind of epic war.

Ankit Arya

Unable to play after lvl 9 The pop up says I need to download new heroes... Downloaded 60mb several times . Still unable to play the next stages and the same pop up keeps on appearing prompting for download. Plz fix asap... Otherwise I will have to uninstall

Simon Lee

Old epic war like games? Does anyone know of any game like epic wars 4 or 5 where it is an automated tug of war game and you don't have to spawn the troops yourself? If you could tell me I would greatly appreciate it.

Larry Kimber

Great game but..... Love the game, but upon reaching chapter 10 it requires an update that does not work. Repeatedly tried to download the file but to no avail. Have tried contacting amt, but so far no response. I would rate a 5 if they fix this issue.

Noah Yener

Chapter 10 I could not play any missions again because of a download. Well I could not download what needed to be downloaded because the game said that I wasn't connected to WiFi. I'm obviously connected to the internet because I'm texting this message. I'm even using WiFi, but if I can't download the hero downloads, then I can't play any missions because the game won't allow me anymore because of the download. I'm level 600. I just wasted 2 weeks of playing 2/3rds of a game that I used to like, but now I hate it.

Raffaele Manzella

Love it! It's an epic game unique from the other epic wars I grew up with. It's a great game but it takes up a lot of space! Advice: once u got far in the game but nvr logged in don't or u lose all ur progress

Zach Adams

Its good but When I try to fight the dwarf in chapter one, it says I need to download extra heroes and I say okay but it never starts the download so I can't progress, and on my previous account before I decided to restart on chapter 10 the extra heroes wouldn't download either

Austin Hwang

Can't play past chapter 10 Like other reviews before me, when I reach chapter 10 it tells me to download extra stuff but keeps doing it over and over without working. This is a fun game that I really want to keep playing. Developers please fix!

Devin Stephens

It's alright At first I liked the game. But on the last enemy in the first chapter the game said I needed to download more characters and asked of I wanted to do it then and there. Whenever I hit ok nothing downloaded and i cannot continue the game

Zeal CS

Everything too small to see Great game, love it's series on web. it could have been 4-5 stars, if only after-battle screen not too small to see. Shld make the screen go full screen like when at battle. (Fyi, screen goes 40% only after battle)

Ryan Ryan

False advertising I can't go past the first chapter because I need to download more hero's it says in the description over 250 characters to unlock just dissatisfied this isn't what I paid for

Justinas Valaika

Wow.. The speed is realy slow, your speed button is like normal speed, atleast do it 3x. The main intereaction screen is so small its hard to use it, make it full screen like the rest of the game. But everything else is great :)

Master Kenji

Artlogic sell out Good old epic war play that you love, for a price. Goodluck making it halfway through the game spending no money. Unless you want to grind for years hoping to get the scrap monster drops for bogus gear compared to what 50 dollars will get you don't bother. Broken beyond belief.

Mateo S

Games good but problem Everytime I download the character pack on chapter 1 mission 5 it doesn't work and it keeps telling me to download it even though I do, this game would be great if this didn't happen

John Holi

Some advice Next update: add in the ability to sell things back to the market. No unit selling. The game has gotten repetitive, so add in a spot where we can play minigames and such. Also, have it to where we can tap the materials and/or units needed for fusion so we can check them out. Not a bad game at all!

Aaron Ulbricht

Please Update and Fix This is by far my favorite game in the app store. However, it hasn't been updated in too long and it has a bug that won't let me play chapter 10-1 Goblin Secret Weapon so I'm stuck. Please fix this bug so that the game will let the additional heroes be downloaded. I really want to rate this a 5 but I can't play the whole game. That and it would be nice if the phone version could get the same updates as the online versions.

Neil Sanders

Lost potential They sold out way too hard to the app machine. Great games on the computer, how dare they ruin it with energy and wait times. Not to mention the doing same quest 5 times to complete it. Fail.

Jonathan Brooks

Awesome but buggy Plenty of people have said it already, the game is great but with serious design flaws. The cave of trials is completely cut out, and chapter 10 on is inaccessible due to the nonexistent 60mb download. Needs a patch, but I don't think we will get one at this point.

Amry Sajad

The worst thing The worst thing about this app is not the app itself. It was the designers. I don't see any improvement to mend any complaints fron users. They seem take us for granted.

Jay fresh

My game data got deleted been months since I put my last review and still nothing from to u guys.....I cant do past chapter 10 I dl it and nothing comes up but the option to dl again this game could easily be 5* if you start replying back to your customers and fans of this letting you know I gaved this game a second chance after it deleted my account frm lvl 300 + what is the issue of not being able to dl chapter 10? Do you have to be a certain lvl or have all missions maxed before moving on?

Piyush Gupta

Something is wrong Hi, I have reached up to 10th chapter and trying to fight with Goblin Secret Weapon. But when I click on play it display a message saying "In order to continue the game you need to download additional heroes (60 MB). Start now?" Following this message I Downloaded upto 10 times that patch. But after downloading when I clicked to play it again displayed the same message as above. Can you fix it so that I could play? How can I proceed? please reply ASAP.

jonathon ball

This game is good! Has one downfall saying thru the quest area I have to download 60MB I get to 99% and it cuts off every time.

Jefferson Saradpon

3 for me! The is good different from the other games that i played. One problem for me, to much memory taken on my phone 51mb is way way to big for me. Pls make it that it could be moved to sd. Uninstalling for now sad thou i like the game.


Problem When it say that i need to download extra heroes (chapter 1 battle 5) i can't because it says i have lost connection which i have not so i think it might be with my phone or your serve for the download. But i do like the game though.

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