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9 Feb

Posted by AOL Inc. in News & Magazines | Feb. 9, 2016 | 163 Comments

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Engadget is your ultimate destination for reviews, news and research from the world of consumer electronics. Our team of expert editors and columnists at work passionately (some would say, obsessively) to bring you the best information about all gadgets, the science and technology behind them as well as insider insights before the products are even in the market. Want up to the minute coverage on the latest smartphone news, HDTV reviews and hands-on looks at all gadgets from laptops to game systems? Engadget delivers the definitive tech news you need instantly. With this app at your fingertips, you’ll be an informed tech expert in no time.


* A non-stop, daily stream of all the latest posts from Engadget, better optimized for phones and tablets.
* See Engadget's features, reviews, unboxings, and hands-on coverage as it happens
* Check out Engadget videos and photo galleries of the latest news and gadgets
* Share Engadget content via any app on your device that supports sharing
* Engadget Podcast now supports background playback
* Use the in-app option to tip Engadget on breaking news or provide us with feedback on the app
* Save Engadget articles to keep all your favorite posts in one place
* Widget and Daydream support keep you constantly updated
* Intuitive and clear interface

Whats new

    New branded experience: We’ve added a new brand & made some tweaks to match our redesign. Also, we are working behind the scenes on amazing improvements to the Engadget app. Stay tuned!

AOL Inc. part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Feb. 9, 2016. Google play rating is 80.9412. Current verison is Actual size 5.8 MB.

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Vikash Shah

'Developing stories' do not refresh after initial download Even when you come back a few hours later they have still not refreshed on the device.

Christopher Loyed

Cseals1st Thank you guys 4 sharing your reviews. I always use your informative reviews before buying my tech toys. I'm not sorry to say my famous quote, 87 Percent of consumers are dumb. 4 the reason I say & sharing M.F.Q. is because I see that this app has had only one million downloads. P.S. looks like the percentile is much greater then I´ve thought.

Sean Piercy

No issues with the app so far. Perhaps all of the issues have been resolved? I see many old reviews stating that the app has issues but I haven't come across one yet. I'll come back and change my rating and review if I do come across any in the future.

Chris Nichols

Veteran User Here I have used this app every day on every one of my android devices since my T-mobile MyTouch 3G back in August 2009!! It has rarely ever disappointed me. When it does, the issue is usually fixed within a day or two. There are some quirks with load times and overall stability, but I cannot recommend Engadget enough. The quality of the news and writing makes up for any app specific flaws.

mark palmer

Buggy and poor Buggy and poor, ui is jerky and keep reloading and often shows the wrong story when you try and go into something. Detracts from what the experience of engadget totally. Using the best hardware you can get so it's certainly the app!

A Google User

Good info, but buggy Nice app with great news. I really enjoy the articles. The app is slow though. It takes a while to update to newest articles. And sometimes the scrolling gets really slow and buggy when going through articles. Performance gets a low score, and quality of information gets a high score. So I'm in the middle for now. Using Galaxy S4

Zakir Siddiqi

For an app from a technologically savvy company it sucks It lags so badly, very choppy when scrolling down, trying to search in the keyboard and it keeps opening & closing. The app is incredibly frustrating. Uninstalling the app, I thought this was a one or two day problem but it's been like this for more than a month.

A Google User

Horribly Laggy It is no improvement over just using the website. It tries to be a little too flashy in as a result the user experience is diminished. Scrolling is painfully choppy. No butter in this recipe!

Kyle Cummins

Extremely choppy and slow. So frustrating to scroll through the news feed.I've been trying to stick with the app in hopes of it getting better over time but honestly loading the site through my phone's browser is much less of a hassle. Uninstalled because of this.

Osmer Barcelo

Not bad but external links don't open. Clicking on external links only opens a blank white page on app. Please fix.

Andras Zsilak-Makra

This app made made me stop reading Engadget. Why just not make an app at all? How can Engadget produce such a laggy app and ingore all comments about it for a year now?

Rodrigo lopez

Horrible experience App lags and crashes a lot. Performance much has improved since i used to read it on my galaxy S3. I currently used a GS5.

David Sauer

Great content, clumsy interface I love the Engadget website, but this app is annoyingly slow to load and to navigate. Content takes longer to display and refresh than any other tech news app out there.

A Google User

Please fix the lag issues Guys its 2015...and you app still lags and stutters all the time...come on...there are tons of news apps out there that are way smoother and looks better...seriously..can't believe that a company like AOL is behind this...

Mike Miller

Slow, rubbish design, useless gallery feature Really dislike this app. It's even worse in terms of design usability than the site itself. Gallery does not show textual descriptions or titles of images making all gallery stories pointless. Only good thing - doesn't crash much.

A Google User

Beware the dreadful refresh Guys, you did a really bad job with this app. When refreshing the news everything slows down - this, on a phone with quad core CPU and 2GB RAM. Please, get your things together and improve the user experience. Hint: use background threads for refreshing the news.

Greg Finger

External links don't open When I click on an article from Engadget in Facebook, choosing to open with Engadget opens the app, but all I see is a white page with blue Engadget lettering. HUGE annoyance, please fix. If probably won't happen though because it's AOL after all...

Bud Price

Short headlines Headlines are too short on my moto next gen. Not enough info to give me a clue about the content.

Nicolas Vollmer

Good content, terrible app The app is extremely laggy and unresponsive. Quite shameful for one of the world's leading gadget news sites...

Scott Cavanaugh

Google + URL support App still displays a blank screen when launching story from Google+ directly into app. If fixed I would give extra star.

Lucavian DeValmont

This just proves a few things John Fingas and his whole group tech wannabes release an app just as poor as their reporting, their offensive, in poor taste joking and erroneous reporting!

Chris Bell

How is such a bad app possible? How can such a large tech news company have such a crappy app? It's insane, looks good, but runs like trash... You are better off subscribing on flipboard...

A Google User

Update- App got a lot worse when I got a better phone. LG-G3This app used to be great but now it is extremely laggy. After I scroll down past 8+ articles the scrolling is so unsmooth it's unbelievable that a sophisticated app in this day and age can't have smooth scrolling. Plus whenever there are lists of anything(i.e. article title would be: "Best of MWC 2015") it will display a gallery of different images that have NO TITLE, NO DESCRIPTION, NO LINKS to the article it refers to. How am I supposed to view this stuff and FIGURE OUT what it is for one?

Richard Hoard

Terrible execution. The UI is slow, jerky and generally buggy. Constant unexpected refreshes make it annoying and frustrating to use. How about starting at the last story I scrolled to and not the newest. At least give us the option. Not much point using an account as it doesn't save your favorited story's, so don't rebuild your phone or you'll lose them. The bottom line is it's disappointing from a site we count on for the latest in tech info to have an app they would be disappointed in if it was anyone else's.

Sean Monk

App lags. Crap android development Serious... the app worked before you bloated it and I have no idea what your android devs are doing because the app isn't even usable anymore. It lags so bad you can't move past 3 articles without giving up. I use to to be a daily reader.... but not in the last 3-4 months. You guys keep losing a lot of unique visitor traffic from this non functioning app.

Fergus Mc Hugh

Laggy scrolling is annoying Just scrolling the news feed frustrates me, it lacks fluidity, as it stands it start stops and stutters as your s roll through the news. Its so of putting I've resorted to other tech news apps. Although I love Engadget you guys really need to spend some time sorting out the app.

Neal Roberts

Terrible This is the worst app for tech news...hands down. C'mon Engadget. Get it together. Everything is jerky and takes too long to load new content when opening. Just an awful experience. How can we trust you for top tech news if you can't even get an app right?

Juanette Appleton - Ivy

One of my favs but ........... ? I love this app and it's actually one of my favorite tech apps. However, the widget, is another story. The widget lags a lot with a lot of bloat ware that causes it to crash or not load at all. ?

A Google User

Bad formatting, choppy and annoying Still tired of losing my post when my phone rotates, tire of bad formatting in comments. Screen width is fine. Tired of going back into a story and have the comments be for another story. The app really can't handle refreshes and new stories well. Have to force close and start from scratch. Zero effort into this app.

A Google User

Just horrible UI is pretty much unusable. Jerky interface that bounces around when you try to navigate. Surprising from a tech firm.

A Google User

Done once again Good luck posting a comment, if you want to sign in using Google with 2 step authentication you lose the comment you typed in. Not to mention, I'm sick of reading articles crammed with personal opinion instead of just reporting tech news.

Joseph DeFelice

Excellent technology news app I have been using it for a long time and will continue to do so for a long time.


Laggy App is laggy. This app is coming from a tech blog who praises Apple day and night, but can't even write proper code, hire better coders. UI is also outdated.

Jeremy Bargabos

Fantastic content! Great articles for the most part. Few bugs that could be fixed, but nothing to make it 1 star. People want so much, why don't they build a better app? Or shut it.

A Google User

Uninstalled - Broken App - Cleaning House I love this app, but lately I'm hell bent on letting app devs know where they're lacking and them uninstalling. The Engadget App is appalling. When it's buffering, you can't read an article you want, you have to try to guess where the article really is, if they're have been five new stories, then your article well come up as the newest story rather than the one you tapped. If you try to share and the app has buffered, the share will try to share a different article. It will work fine from chrome! Done

A Google User

Pathetic App, Really SLOW.... SSSSOOO SSSSSLOOOOOOOW... Too reliant on ads for operation. Crashes A LOT. Without a doubt, this is the worst app that I used- I'm uninstalling immediately. Goes to wrong article frequently. External links don't always work.

Paul Lacey

LG G Pro 2 This app drives me nuts, the widget doesn't update to update I've got to, remove widget, clear cache, put the widget back. Pointless

shmulik weingarten

Not good! after Engadget 2.0 update things are worse... I used the app on a nexus 4, nexus 7 and the oneplus one, new articles load when your lucky and now is the CES 2015 show and I keep on refreshing and nothing is happening, I can't believe the site that can be critical on thousands of products has such a bad app

Eric Wessells

Horrid I deleted the app and now using a mobile site shortcut. App was laggy and almost useless. No excuse for such a poorly coded application from a tech news site, but you can't complain about what's free, I guess

A Google User

Better then before but still bad. Still laggy when scrolling sometimes. Poor effort. So laggy. Even after many updates. Will uninstall if not fixed

Daler Rahimjonov

Perfect. I love Engadget and reviews

Evgeny Zaprudnov

I like it Getting better with each update

Roman Pankin

Good Now working.

Alexander Khokhlov

News do not update News are all marked 01.01.1970 and do not update.

Gera Hmurov

New version is bad Dont refresh news after update. Also takes much more time to load now. Want old version

Сергей Молоствов

Crashes every time while operning the article

Gabriel Liberman

Crashes on latest android os...

Artem Myravjev

Bad text size and video I don't know why the app has not text size increase feature and the text size so small by default. I don't want to lost my eyes so obliage to use web site. I also notice the video has small res maybe it does for users who has not great internet channel but I also can not to choose better resolution for video. Thanks.

Ivan Ovchinnikoff

No holo Menu button sucks.

Dmitry Lazarev

Very slow on Google Nexus 7 Works very slow on Google Nexus 7 tablet. Sometimes you have to wait for 30 seconds after launching the app for scrolling and navigate through.

Пользователь Google

Please improve Please add ability to save video and audio podcasts fot offline listening. Thanks

Пользователь Google

Mike It s very great to see front page at the tablet with honeycomb support and very dissapointed to read articles in wide screen in one coulmn....very wide column, please divide it on two and mission will be completed....

Пользователь Google

Do u know about screen more than 400x300¿??? Yes it is!

Пользователь Google

Not on a fullscreen.

Пользователь Google

30MB in one hour trough GPRS! Idiots!

Пользователь Google

The same comments are being loaded in book and landscape mode. The extra traffic is bad!!!

Sharon Ali

The latest news I just love how I can get up to the moment news. #s are a plus so that one can check out other relevant issues and stories. I check out products based on those detailed reviews

Chris Patel

Why a Sync Account? Why does this app, a collection of news articles, require its own dedicated sync account? I assume for tracking/abusing my personal data

David Sauer

Great content, clumsy interface I love the Engadget website, but this app is annoyingly slow to load and to navigate. Content takes longer to display and refresh than any other tech news app out there.

Wynn Pringle

Fine, but annoying missing component The one thing I have the most trouble with its the fact that everytime they conduct "best of..." style reviews they'll post images of each items then add a bit of a description of each product with the image. The issue im having is that those image descriptions are nowhere to be found on the andriod App. therefore I'm left with nondescriptive images on things I may possibly know nothing about! Seems a little ridiculous to be missing this Engadget!

Brad Lewis

Slow loads App is extremely slow to load stories. Also you can forget about seeing pictures or other embedded media files unless you go to the source website.

Pradeep Reddy Anam

The best tech news app but new update... Rich high quality images, very much optimized for phone. The new update has bugs. Some articles do not load even though my Internet is fine. The articles load halfway with out images.

Ben Smith

New app has serious problems The new app truncates articles - every article which has a video is defective add the video is nowhere to be seen! Also the app has serious performance issues, jittery scrolling, images very slow to load. Did you performance test this app before releasing it to the public?

Beau Brosh

OK but video missing Seems to work well. No performance issues but any story with video is useless because they hype up a video that you can't watch. No videos display in this app. Serious error on the developers part. Nobody told them that there are news articles with video?

Matt Lunde

Never fully loads Why wont the pics and/or stories ever fully load?? I can switch wifi networks or even 4G and nothing! Uninstalling

Jason Levine

Horrifically slow The old app was perfectly fine until they removed comments which defeats the ENTIRE purpose off the news site. Everyone knows you get much more detailed information in the comments because the commenters are much smarter than journalists (even if they put tech in front). This app is pure garbage, it's slow to load and even if I wait a minute for it to load it is still slow to scroll and navigate.

Pete Clayton

What a clunky app... I really like the content side of Engadget, but boy, is this a slow and clunky app. It's so busy loading info that scrolling through articles is a stuttering mess. Sort this out and I'd give the extra two stars.

Marc S

Good Job guys, very smooth. Massive improvement in performance, a lot smother, much appreciated. Only issue is the app icon sticks out. Just round the edges or something, maybe add a boarder on the "e" and make the white transparent. Other than that awesome job. Love it.

Stuart McDonald

Latest update is borked. I used to like this app. But over the years it's become worse and worse. Truncated articles is this updates claim to fame. Hit up the website if you must but I'll likely opt for no Engadget at all.

Beau Wastier

Love the new UI The new ui is great, but it still has an issue with stories loading slowly causing me to click on one and it switch to the other article it just refreshed into its spot. Also, there seems to be an issue with it not always loading the articles thumbnails. Regardless of how good or bad of a connection my phone has at that moment.

A Google User

Not so much anymore I like the direction it's going in, however it has some serious problems. It seems every other article is truncated and many videos don't play. It also takes a while for new articles to show up. Other than that I really enjoy being able to favorite articles so they are easy to find later, perhaps this could be better if they were saved locally on the device though.

Zach Misson

New icon I love this app and use it everyday but the new icon is horrible and a gigantic eye sore on my home screen.

Dustin William

Performance improvement actually loads new content now. Brand refresh. Same app. Needs to follow material design principles to look a bit better and the app icon should have rounded corners. It sticks out like a sore thumb on my home screen. Good update though!


Problems in new version Story images don't appear on landing page, stories truncated and missing embedded videos. Hard to believe this was tested!

Gabriel Poulin

1 star due to removal of comment section By removing comment section this app has lost its purpose. Windows central will be my only tech news app worthy of being installed

John MacLean

Content > app Too often missing first part of articles. When that happens also missing contents. Would be great to have a way to remove read articles.

A Google User

Great app! BRING BACK THE OLD LOGO. THE NEW LOGO IS SQUARED OFF AND UGLY. I always had it on my home page. Not anymore.

Paul Leech

Nice mix of news Works with no internet access if you cache the pages at home. Most news apps won't even open.

Soumya Satpathy

Great App Always reports first in a nice abstract manner. Been a fan of the original website since a decade.

Nazimul Hoque

Images won't load Need to fix this issue, then I will rate 5. It's my go to news app

A Google User

Much Inproved over last version! WAY WAY smoother when scrolling through the main page compared to the previous version of the app (with the blue Engadget logo) on my Galaxy S5. Also love the new color theme... Good job guys! Thumbs up ?

Michael Glenn

Content Ruined by Poorly Designed App Laggy, ad-infested, poor UX, no comments.

Robert Kelter

Won't load? Ever since the last updated the articles won't fully load? I need to constantly clear the data to get 1 or 2 full articles. Please fix. Nexus 10.

Neil Fisk

The icon is ridiculous The app is okay, a little laggy but okay. The icon is comically large, and not in a good way. I'm tempted to uninstall the app just because of it.

Dan Campbell

The old one worked fine! Poorly designed app. Can't read articles because it will not let you scroll. Images are not being pulled from server. And what is with the purple? This needs sorting ASAP

Jeff Morehouse

That new icon... Is TERRIBLE! Had to remove it from my home screen. App is OK. Great content. Refreshing gets slow after a while. Clearing the cache fixes it temporarily.


I want to read comments Add the capability to read comments please. It's also buggy many times

A Google User

Up date sucks Please go back to the way it was it worked better.

A Google User

From bad to worst Disappointed that a tech website doesn't have a functional app as the latest update is full of bugs and does not load images - Probably because of the Apple centric nature...

Maksim Melnikov

Bunch of Issues. Most of the time this app fails to load content. I use Note 5, and I never have an issue with any other app but this one. On the main screen, images of the top stories fail to load, and very often like 9 out of 10 times I get an error message on top. My Internet at home is 200 down, so I don't have any cause to experience the lack of performance from this app. Sad because I have been loyal to Engadget for years, but their experience makes me lean towards other news sources.

David Alexander

My go to for homogeneous tech news. The news typically isn't ground breaking but they aggregate the news well. Good for a quick tech news update. And I love the new logo.

Richie Crouch

Waste of time Article text is unformatted. Images and videos either not showing or working. No comment system. What a pointless app. I have deleted it. Might aswell use the website....

Mr Squiggle

What happened? This new update either doesn't upload, or simply crashes

A Google User

Search not working on nexus 6p Other than that. Great app.

Oz Ta

You get what you deserve No commenting. Shame on you. New update new bugs. Laggy, thumbnails disappear... Ugly icon. What r u trying to do?

Drew F.

Eyesore icon & incomplete articles The new app icon with the Engadget 'e' logo on a white rectangle is ugly and just such a bad idea stylistically. Also, almost all articles are incomplete, with some articles missing the opening paragraphs & others missing the endings. It's slow. And why is there no option to open the current article in a browser? Oversight.

Koulang Chey

Not responsive so many times even with good internet connection

Paul Fairbrother

New app, new problems Love the new branding but I dont like the bugs that have come with it. Now I get random missing article preview thumbnails in the home screen that are replaced with a grey "e". If I manually refresh the article list I get even more missing images. I also get a "unable to connect to server" connection error message too. The old app worked fine. Samsung GS6 Android 5.1.1

esteban morales

New look sucks Dont like the new look and the app is even slower.

Carter Johnson

Great app New tech articles every 10 minutes, very nice gui

A Google User

Love the new UI. Massive improvement in UI design. Never have a problem with this app.

A Google User

App Never Works Anymore The Engadget app hasn't worked well for years and now isn't working at all anymore. Gives a cannot connect to server error.

David Sedgwick

No longer works New app was truncating articles so that the text would begin at the second or third paragraph - introductory and background parts of the story were often missing. Since yesterday it doesn't even load stories at all. Deleting and reinstalling didn't help, so now I'm staring at a blank app with no content, no matter how many times I refresh. Fix it, Engadget!

Andrew Sprague

New Version Fails Big Time This app used to work flawlessly. Since the last update it has not been able to connect to the server and hasn't updated once since then. "Retry" does nothing. Old articles are of no use. Clearing the cache made the app unusuable. At least the real website still works. This app is now useless and needs a major fix!

Tanya Olson

Unable to connect to server! For the last day the app can't connect to server when I go to refresh it. All my other apps refresh without issues. I deleted & reinstalled the app & now it's blank & won't update.

Mauricio Merino

Not working. Used to work before, not anymore, getting error "Unable to connect to server - Retry".

Mike Beckwith

Still junk. A large portion of content (usually video or photos) does not load. Unless the story links to a third party website (YouTube, other website), there's a good chance you won't get to see what you were trying to see.

Spence Christie

New update doesn't work. I've been using the app for many years with mostly no problems, but this latest update renders the app completely unusable. 'Unable to connect to server' error constantly appears at the top of the screen, so it's impossible to get new articles.

A Google User

Love Engadget, hate their awful app. This app has issues very frequently and currently it hasn't updated its feed in 3 days. You'd think that AOL/Verizon would commit more resources to an app that is dedicated to a tech blog.

Mohammad Fawaz

Used to work The new app is very jittery when scrolling, seems to always be loading something. I just end up going directly to the site as it's not worth the bother of using the app.

Kris Elliott

I love Engadget but this app is rubbish I'm finally writing this review as it's occurred to me that I always open the app, the articles always fail to refresh (unless I shut and reopen) and I always end up going to the website. So I'm going to save myself a step and just use the website from now on where at least the videos are there to play unlike their absence in the app.

Steve Hammatt

Truncated articles For several months now, some articles have been getting truncated, seemingly missing the start of the article and also the end. They also can't be scrolled. Other articles are fine. It's very annoying and is a major usability bug. How come this has been going on for so long, do you not care about the Android app? Because that's how it seems.

Jesse Templeton

Terrible running app The worst running app on my phone. Won't connect to their server error is common. For a tech site this app is terrible.

Steven Hayman

Going back to my other feeds Engadget's app works when it feels like working. Failed server connections, app crashes with some updates, random invasive ads at one point, one would've thought they'd have been able to work it out by now. I give up on Engadget

Peter Meissner

Good content, lousy app Update/sync is slow. Thumbnails are missing, no offline reading function. Content is great. Wish the app was better.

Leo Levich

Ads... ****update***************03/20/16 So the ad issue, I previously complained about, has been resolved.. But the app has become almost unusable. The main loop fails to fully load, usually missing the thumbnail in multiple articles. If I attempt to navigate these articles, I'm usually greeted with an unscrollable screen that shows nothing but the first paragraph or two. No citations, original article or the related article loop. I continue to enjoy the subject matter, but the app has become painful.

William Adams

Never connects... This used to be my go to source for all things tech, but it has stopped working. Unable to connect everytime by wifi on different networks or by mobile data.

mo rayat

Why Doesn't the app open links in the browser? At least give us the option. In apply browser is not good, especially when links are to play store. So much fail here.

Muhanned Al-Nuaimy

Broken experience Articles are routinely missing their first paragraph. Layout is broken almost all the time (headings, quotes, etc, all smooshed into the same blocks of text). It's very hard to believe that this is an official app, especially from a technology-based company. It has all the hallmarks of a first year student coding project, and a C grade project at that.

Mark Southee

Won't connect to server Used to work ok, but a couple of days ago I got a "cannot connect to server" error. Retry didn't work, neither did a reinstall. Uninstalled permanently now.

DK Schlösser

Great content, terrible app... This use to be such a good app and platform for discovering all great things tech. Now comments are broken, article thumbnails don't load and the bottom half of every article is missing. I hope you fix all of this because right now this app just downright blows. (still no update - uninstalled) It is now April 25th and still Engadget has not released a simple bug fix. I give up.

Peter Christiano

Horrible, frustrating, junk app On a good day, this app is laggy and fails to load about 1/2 of the content. On a bad day (like today) it fails to update any content. So I'm stuck looking at days old content that STILL FAILS TO LOAD PROPERLY! Worst app on my phone. But, no longer, as I'm uninstalling it

Lloyd Clarke

Comments gone, slow and ads pop-up chrome and playstore This has gone downhill. Its slow, even on my LG G4. Have to clear data couple times a month for it to speed back up. Comments have been removed so none of them. The worst though recently is that I open up random articles then it pops up and opens chrom trying to get to some ad website or then pops up with the Google Play store with some random app to install. THIS IS NOT ON!!!! I understand to fund with ads, but this should stay to the screen, not open pop ups onto the phone. This isn't 2002!!! Stop this at

Timmy Baker

Terrible This app has consistently been the worst performing app I have used. Why can you get this working? Freezing and failing to load and force closes. I love tour site but this app is just terrible. Please fix it.

Zachary Andrus

No longer usable Has gone from a great app to no longer being usable. Articles no longer load properly and performance with scrolling and flipping through articles is abysmal.

Guillaume Malignon

Terrible app, now useless. Unbelievable that a tech blog would screw up such a simple app this much. It's slow, unreliable and now simply refuses to load any stories. It has full screen ads, the comments sections has been removed and it has had so many glitches and problems over the last year that it's like they do it on purpose. It's not that hard to write a decent app. If you need an example, look at the Android Central app, it just works.

A Google User

Used to be a 5, now a 2 As of 4/19 app will not load articles at all. I'm not sure if anyone is working on this issue but this latest glitch along with the previous issues of articles being truncated for no reason leaves me no choice but to switch to the website. I still enjoy most of the articles but I can't recommend the app

Haszan Baleegh

The app is slow and laggy Very laggy app. Also, only half the article from website can be read om the app and sometimes there's empty articles in the app with no text. Very bad for a tech blog .


Problems in new version Story images don't appear on landing page, stories truncated and missing embedded videos.

A Google User

Not Updating (again) Once again, the app will not load new content. It just shows a retry error that won't go away. Guess it's back to the browser, for now.

Alan Boudreau

Server error All I get is a massage that out cannot connect to server.

Matt Beck

Down the drain It was bad enough when the app started reloading articles it had already downloaded wasting my time and data. It got worse when reloading messed up the images on half of the articles. It got still worse when slide show articles and videos didn't work. Then either the articles were being written without context or the app was only loading half of the article, I'm not sure which. Now it won't even bother connecting to the server. Seriously, do you guys even use your own app? How is none of this noticed?

Chris B

If there was an option for zero stars Good lord, but can AOL and Engadget ever get their S&@% together? This app went from good, to crappy, to completely broken and useless. So sad. Avoid at all costs.

Martin Girvan

App doesn't load The app had stopped refreshing and was a couple of days out of date. I had to uninstall the app but when I re-downloaded the app it won't work at all

Mark MacCabe

Constantly hitting CPU makes phone laggggg! Even in the background this app is always my highest CPU user. Have to force quit all the time. Would love to use it more but can't. Nexus 6.

Gage Stepek

It's alright for reading a few articles here and there. I also like the favorites tab where you can save articles for later viewing. Both widgets that come with the app don't work.

A Google User

Great app I've been a long time engadget reader. The app makes it easier to read in the little breaks during the day. Fast and smooth. Would be nice to set the font size in the app for days when my eyes are tired.

A Google User

Horribly Laggy It is no improvement over just using the website. It tries to be a little too flashy in as a result the user experience is diminished. Scrolling is painfully choppy. It's frustrating and virtually unusable most of the time. No butter in this recipe!

Brett Raczynski

Not loading all stories Love Engadget, it gets me through the day. But lately the app has been behind on stories. Things I saw this morning are coming up as the most recent on my feed and the new ones....well they don't seem to exist.

Matthew Bliss

Great news but.. So laggy on a s5 that it's frustrating. When scrolling through articles, duplicate articles appear. When I click on an article, I might get the one I clicked on, but I might get the article below. If I go back and click on it again, I will continue to get the wrong article. Also I'm not sure why this app is the takes up the most space out of all my apps, and I thought Facebook was bad.....

Robert LoPinto

Obnoxious Ads and Duplicate Content Timing of ad loads and article loads causes many unintentional ad clicks. Also, last version had every article appearing twice. Had to uninstall and reinstall. UPDATE: Reinstall has identical issue. Please fix because the article content is really good, but the experience isn't.

Simon Brant

Doesn't update articles anymore Articles frozen since 1st Jan 2016. Wiping data, cache and reinstalling all fail. Now unable to connect to server so completely broken for last 3 days. Get some quality control.

David Kemble

Very poor The app often loads a different article to the one clicked on. It rarely let's me scroll down articles. It is very slow to load and often videos don't work. The Engadget app on my palm pre was genuinely better than this effort, what is going on?

Chris Perez

This thing is a big ol' mess For something designed for Android, it sure doesn't work well. Scrolling is laggy, it takes too long to refresh stories when opening, and recently I'm even getting duplicate stories showing up. Time to take this out to the wood shed and put it down.

Martin Brandt

Terrible app Terrible app ruining the engadget experience. No videos, can't reply or even read comments. Can't jump to browser version within the app either.we used to have this things, are you coming this app backwards??? Surely you must realise a huge part of your readership are mobile users???

Jonathan Wright

App is S L O W Thank you for the font size settings! Now, the app is slow to load and scroll. Also, the content is really lightweight. Needs more details after the click-bait headline. Please try to improve your app.

Brendan Chew

Is it just me or? Engadget have great news and i have been following them for years. However with the recent new generation writers, posts are becoming like a thesis and worst of all, app does not separate paragraphs, chunk the entire text as a single paragraph. Definitely not good when I commute and try to read without straining my eyes :( would the Dev kindly do something about it.)

Piotr Kopacz

Laggy Why does it lag so horribly on my Nexus 5? Is this the tech sites' subliminal message telling me to switch to a faster phone? A year later, still horrible.

Tee Kei

Such a shame Used to be a go to app. Now, well look at all the recent 1 star reviews. What's worse is that the issues haven't been fixed. Might be time to listen before there's no one left using your app.

John Toner

Ads Its like they dont want people to use the app. Keeps getting worse and worse. Now videos and slideshows are not on the app and it freezes all the time. I guess I will get tech new elsewhere...

Jared Brown

Problems As you can read here, people are experiencing a lot of problems with the app. I'm viewing on an s6 edge but I'm not able to see the entire articles nor see videos. At the moment I'll just have to go back to the browser version and wait for an update. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

Jan Wincote

Every single story is double Everything on Engadget app for android is double one has a picture and name of the person who obviously wrote the story / report etc and then there is another directly underneath it without a picture to match the story and no name of the story editor. Please sort this out. Have only just reinstalled it after you not listening for 6 months of random errors

Eric Lengyel

Not good anymore Very unreliable app. Sometimes you can read the whole article, sometimes only part of it is there. Sometimes the links are to wrong articles. The ads forced me to use an ad blocker since a paid version isn't available. And this morning, there's an article posted about several markets missing the NBA and NHL playoffs due to Dish Network. But, we're all going to miss them because they are both over. Pretty sad 'reporting'.

Dan Campbell

The old one worked fine! UPDATE: App now duplicates articles. Poorly designed app. Can't read articles because it will not let you scroll. Images are not being pulled from server. And what is with the purple? This needs sorting ASAP

A Google User

In the dumpster (again) EDIT: Just want to add that in addition to a ton of lag, every article is duplicated. This app is an embarrassment. I don't understand how a tech blog can create such a problematic app. No other app on my phone lags and chokes like this one. It's frustrating. To add insult to injury, the comments have been removed. Please get your act together and produce an app that performs well and includes the comments section.

Jonathan J

Mediocre. Horrible app, duplicate articles and no thumbnails to view embedded videos or pics. Not to mention the comments still don't come up in the app. Really guys CNET'S mobile site is better than your app.

Joseph Starks

App updates when it wants I love Engadget hence having the app on my phone. The problem is the app sucks. I have no idea why but the app hasn't updated since Sunday. It's now Wednesday. This is s frequent problem with it. Sometimes it will say "cannot reach server". I will close the app and still same thing. I switch to cellular still same thing. I restart my phone still the same thing. It's been months of this bs when is a fix in the works?

Mark Dibley

Buggy - hate it Half the articles don't load completely and now the summary/index page is linking to the wrong articles. Fed up of only getting the first paragraph of articles. Uninstalling. If this is the best this tech team can come up with then how can you trust their view on the tech world.

Christopher Jameson-Groves

No longer works Used to work but then started saying cannot connect to server. Tried to uninstall and reinstall and now it's completely blank. Anyone else having this problem?

Jack 1

Simply doesn't work, still..... Have you used your app? It's horrendous. If it wasn't for the editors and content I would have deleted years ago. Please improve your app

Jason Hoban

Just when I thought it couldn't get worse The app just stopped being able to connect to the server and refresh. This new development on top of an already clunky, slow, and buggy UI


Wasn't working on s7 edge Switched from Galaxy s4 to s7 Edge. Used to work fine. Now just shows blank white screen. Uninstalled, reinstalled, same thing. At least web site still works. Update. It's working on new phone but still really slow.

Jonathan Falk

This app gets worse with every update. Every time I see an update I think "maybe this will fix this app", but every update it just gets worse. It was a great app when I first started using it, years ago. Then it started getting slower, I thought maybe it was my old phone, but it's still slow on my new phone. Then they removed comments from the articles, still slow. Then the app gets a redesign, still slow. Now articles don't display properly, pictures don't load in the main screen, videos don't show up in articles. What a disaster.

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