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21 Jun
Endless Escape

Posted by Tedven LLC in Puzzle | June 21, 2016 | 138 Comments

Apk file size: 31.0 MB

Huge amount of different rooms to escape in one game makes it a huge room escape game - Endless Escape!

Test your ability to escape and “think outside the box” by combining objects, cracking codes and solving puzzles! Are you ready for an endless adventure?

☑ Unique brain teasers
☑ Challenging logic puzzles
☑ Combine unusual and diverse objects
☑ Immersive atmosphere
☑ Intuitive and easy to start – impossible to put down
☑ New rooms added frequently
☑ Auto-save function
☑ Smartphone's magic
☑ 100% FREE

Game discussion:

Whats new

    Update 1.1.6 - Fix
    Update 1.1.5 - Fix
    Update 1.1.4 - Fix
    Update 1.1.3 - Minor UI changes + - "World Escape" - out now! Escape around the world!
    Update 1.1.2 - Fix for KitKat devices.
    Update 1.1.1 - New levels!

Tedven LLC part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 21, 2016. Google play rating is 77.4425. Current verison is 1.1.6. Actual size 31.0 MB.

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Justin Clark

Note 4 If you have issues with ad videos, turn your phone on airplane mode while you play, then turn it off when your done, unless your expecting a call or text which you won't receive while airplane mode is on good luck

Brenda German

Fun game but the ads are ridiculous I don't want volume on my games and every time these long ads come on, they are very loud. Once I have finally suffered through the ad and it goes back to the game, I have to shut off the volume and music AGAIN. It wouldn't be so bad if the ads only came up once in a while but they are all the time!

Komaki Mills

Ads I tried. Really. But the ads are too much. Its a great concept and game other than that one thing. I understand the need for them, but so many? Im uninstalling it only for that one reason. A10 sec ad is one thing. But really! They have pushed it too far.

Koba Koball

Simple and over-advertizing Little value as a game that bills itself as encouraging "thinking outside the box". Uninspired puzzles make this straightforward, boring, and derivative. Unskippable, obnoxious video ads play too often to justify keeping this lackluster disappointment.

Claudia Martin

Komaki Mills Said It! I started out really liking the game; however, not being an intuitive rocket scientist, around stage 23 I started having problems. If you have to look at a walkthrough, you get a long commercial when you come back. Now me, I have to checkout the walkthrough several times because, hey! I just doan geddit. **WARNING: These are NOT ads! They are COMMERCIALS! Over and over and over again. I found a walkthrough site called "freeappgg" that explained what was supposed to be the logic of the puzzles. Very good and much appreciated. The COMMERCIALS were SO BAD (I was getting a headache--I NEVER get headaches!) that I just went to the walkthrough site and read how each puzzle was done instead of completing the game. The commercials were THAT bad! I know developers have to make money some way, but this is driving off your audience!

Tonya Ford Smith

A little too random The game was pretty good, but would've been better if the levels weren't so random. Some of them I solved by may clicking so over the screen. At this level of randomness, there should've been better clues.

James Rhoden

I was wrong. Your favourite app has nothing to do with five stars. Get rid of the every level ads and it would be great.

Andreas Cotsiou

Awesome Very cool app... Lots of fun

Kariah Barnett

Walkthrough Needed Although many of the levels required a walkthough, I had fun playing all the way through anyway.

Steve Amerige

Endless Video ads! No escape! 10 second video ads all over the place. Yuck!!

Dovelynn Del Bosque

Really addictive It is really addictive but i cant figgure out stage 32, any ideas?

Etienne Fillion-Sauve

Swagbiscuits Fun and immersive. Challenging and addictive. Definatly one of the best escapes games in the known universe. A must play for all escape artists.

Nyavia Webley

I couldn't figure out what it meant by what's your favorite app?

Samaya Dixon

I CANT GET PAST level 12 Can someone please tell me what to do

Vera Korchemnaya

Answers Level 12 wait for the timer on the top, don't tap anywhere Level 13 the # are written in the y, b, r, g thing on the left just tilt your phone the right way. IF THE ADS BUG U TURN OFF WIFI OR PUT YOUR PHONE ON AIRPLANE MODE!!!! THANK YOU TO WHO EVER SAID THAT!!!! Any ideas for level 17 ??

Dawn Smarr

Great The only thing bad about this app is that the adds are a little long but other then that awesome game and plus I had to get it or I could not pass the level

Gavyn Samsung

Not very well designed Wasn't very intuitive. The game felt more like I was being asked to solve a joke than solving a puzzle. There was one level that required you to rub a napkin on what looked like a teapot, but was apparently a lamp.

Jeremy Barker

Good fun It's definitely fun but a little too easy on some lvls

chrystal ulferts

Too easy... Finished the whole game in a few hours. Ajoulsnt have to download a whole new app to continue playing. .

Shenese Lalla

Great Only thing is that I couldn't see the logic in some levels which was slightly annoying.

Anthony Vanasco

Annoying There are advertisements every two or 3 games. You can't skip them. You spend more time watching ads for other games than playing this one... I'm going to try those games instead

Terri David

OK Stage 28 is too hard to complete try to make it easier or give a walk through

klii iilk

No The only reson i played this is because it sucks... Jk i love it

Christy Gould

Enless = 71 Really fun, good game, good challenges

Brooklyn Frazier

Liked it I can't pass level 13 can someone tell me how

Penney Pallenik

Really fun game This game is great for ages 8 to Dumbledore. Some of the rooms seem very complicated, but are really quite simple once you understand the clues.

Krytt Donahue

Puzzles! This is a great escape game. I had to delete my last review because I thought there was a bug on stage 29. Turns out it was just another clever trick. [One Too many O's in the tic-tac-toe game though ]

Michael Williams

Too many ads Look interesting, but ads every 2 levels. Uninstalling

Tim Kline

Great app, but..... The ad videos are now constant and excruciating. Please.....stop......

Clarence Powell

It kept my son busy for a while. That is always a good thing

me and me and me and me

Great game! It hasn't crashed ever. I can play it for hours without getting bored. If the adds bug you, put your device on airplane mode. It stops your device from connecting to the internet, so bye bye ads! I'm stuck on 30. If someone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated! Keep making more games like this!

Ricardo Charles

Glitched? On stage 17 i get the key to appear but the game wont let me pick up the key. Am i doing something wrong?

Jay Roche

Ads What everyone says about the adds are true and I believe im being forced to rate it to continue.....which i dont like

Carson Caldwell

For level 18 Its really fun I guess

Bertha Reyes

Endless Escape I really enjoyed all the levels. Some where hard and easy, but was very fun. I hope for more thank you.

Travis Quesinberry

Hate. The game It wont lite get throuw lvl 22 it dozing. Int give u a hint dont get this game

Jack Hamlin

What a great game!! Wow this game had me at it for hours. If you like puzzles and figuring things out. This is the game for you. It makes you think outside the box a bit :)

Roy Aaron

Stupid Because you put a stupid video ad that randomly pops up, I'm uninstalling. Never to download again.

Dinar Maharani

Love it but too much ads I love the game its challenging. But too much ads so please stop it. And for Nyavlia, just click the games logo on the left bottom corner

Allen Lee

Awesome app It keeps you on your toes

Lauren Moon

Great game It's a great game. Challenging at times, but still fun. I know a lot of people complained about adds, but they weren't that bad. Besides it's the way free games are able to stay free.

Matt Waldenmeyer

25 second ad at app startup The ads are not skippable, they change my music setting to on every time and I should not have to watch an ad before the start screen. Fun game but the ads are too much.

Jason Kopp

Horribly invasive ads you can't skip and last for 30 seconds just so you can solve the next unimaginative clichéd "puzzle."

Roxanne Porter

Hmmm Some of the think out of the box levels are interesting!

sara l

Fun game but too many ads and ends at level 71

Beau Rodrigue

Great Makes you think but not too hard

Michael Byrnes

It was alright Decent game. I had to check the walkthrough a few times. It wouldn't have been any good if I didn't.

takeisha chinn

I passed stage 49 accidentally I began w/ 3 stars and was going to give them 4 bc it started to become become interesting. Now they have 1 star bc it started to make no sense. It got to a point where I had to use walkthrough for every level bc things either didn't add up or there was no way figure out the stage w/o walkthrough. I had to have read the mind of the maker in order to figure a way out. When making these games, please make sense. It's not fun to "walkthrough" half the game... I think I am at level 54 but I am uninstalling...

Sunday Elder

Fun stuff Some of the puzzles were pretty tricky, but I enjoy that. (I did get some help from YouTube videos for a few.)

Leif Miller

Worst escape game ever It just expects you to know what it wants you to do, some of it was fun like the x and the one, but other the that it was awful.


Endless snore I would not call this a traditional escape game. This game has stupid little Elementary School puzzles which give no real hints as to how to solve them but they're so easy that even if you don't understand what you're supposed to do you can solve them on accident

Heather Neuman

Blah Levels are easy. Level 16 I left my phone sitting with out touching it for 3 minutes and the relax gadget dogs nothing. It's lame that I have top rage something before I can keep playing.

Angelina Hough

Hard It's hard but it gets you thinking it's so fun to play!

Tenaja Young

Fun Sucks that you have to rate to pass level 18. And spoiler: on level 13 (lol) you have to read sideways. Sorry developers. I was really frustrated. ^O^

Judy Wood

Great game. Very few ads. Just enough of a challenge to keep you playing.

Eden Angel

REALLY GOOD GAME! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 10/10 I've played almost all of this game genre and I like this one the best! Welldone Tedven!

Adam McGrellis

4* Decent. Quirky. Not as in depth as some of the other similar games, but good.

Gareth Saville

Great I love it so good this game

Alexander Giomi

Nice Super fun game. I love games that test my mind.

Sally Fuglestad

Really challenging on some; fun for the brain!

Blake Christensen

Invasive ads Avoid, invasive audio playing ads you cannot exit.

Benjamin Mattey

Ben Why am I rating it to get pass 18

Ursula Reynolds

I need help on level 22!!!!! What am I suppose to do? There's no hints or help?!!!!

Skyla Churchill

Hard Can't beet level 13 help

JeromeASF*fan* JoshuaShrader

I had too It's an ok game

Ashly Koecher

Fun time killer Makes you think

April Beston

Loved it really makes you think.

Ernie Howard

Fun Wish it had more stages.

Trinity Patton

My favorite It had to do this for the app to pass a level

Chris Broshear

Lvl 18 Extremely easy so far, but at least there are 71 lvls. I am being forced to review on lvl 18.

Tom-n-Heather Shepard

Lots of fun, challenging but not too difficult to figure out!

Mari Jankowski

This is a very fun and addicting game

logan johnson

Cool game but.. Hate that you have to rate to pass level 18

Nicholas Acosta

Infrequent. Hm. Some are incredibly easy and others are simply beyond me. Ex. The key picture with the numbers. Are they coordinates? How many spaces are to be covered? So harrrrd

Blake Davis

These kind of games I love can you escape games there so fun

Michele Hobbs

Love the mini puzzle format The one puzzle at a time format makes this game great. Each level only takes a short time. It is fun to play when you just have a few minutes.

fred nupp

Some levels good ,some bad ,so. 2.5

Hannah Samson

nice game but I stuck in level 28 some budy help me

lori taylor

Stuck on level 28 how do I find help

The Rock God

Amazing Great game but I'm stuck on level 33

Andrew Neelley

Hate it It's pathetic i have to do this to pass lvl 18

hirwa hamidou

Amazing Level/stage 22 how do we get over it

Patrick McGuire

Fun It's a good game but stuck at level 22

julie serra

Great game and time killer What are you suppose to do on level 22. Other than that it's an awesome game love it.

Noah Waldner

Not impressed too easy

Michael Pretorius

No uninstall option The game was way too easy and once I finished it and tried to remove it. It doesn't give me the option... please fix this as it is taking up space on my tablet. Thank you

Falinia Kirker

Simple/hard Some are too easy. Some make no sense. 16 I had to skip. Should be a hint option. ** have now finished the game and am dropping from 3to 2 stars. Many of the puzzles don't even make sense after watching the walkthroughs.

Gordon McIntosh

Forced rating = 1-star rating It's a pretty typical room escape. As of level 18, it's probably worth 3 stars for being remarkably average, but apparently you have to rate to pass this level and that's just not cool.

Elisalyn Gardner

I totally enjoyed this game all the way through, although I did need help on a couple.

Prema Howard

Addictive, hard but enjoyable I couldn't stop playing until I'd finished all 71 levels. No bugs or game issues, just pure fun.

Yvonne Seage

Nice Good variety of hard and easy puzzles. Entertaining

syrill sarroza

Really fun game Very tricky yet enjoyable!

Andrea Bailey

So far I'm not impressed. The levels have been very simple and having to rate it to move past level 18 is not exactly my idea of a great time.

KarlE. Eckstein

Great Game This is one of the Greatest Games !! Keeps you thinking.

Desiree Barrett

Absolutley love it This is the perfect game to play when you're bored or just can't sleep. Some levels are easy but others challenge you.

Steve Kargman

I really enjoyed this game. I haven't had issues with the levels and my cracked screen other than figuring out the solution. Was disappointed with the update and not having more levels yet. In the meantime I installed the other two escape games by the developer. So far they are not easy with my cracked screen. :)


Amazind Very tricky

Deb Huber

Level 53 no reach Was unable to finish level 53 as I cannot click the X can't bypass so..... uninstalling... ...was fun till then...

the real Ginny Weasley

Very good At the end the 3rd door just takes me to a page that doesn't work. Fix please

Chris Saretto

Normal and not Most of it, with the exception of 16 and 22 I was able to figure out no problem. Just keep pushing on stuff. Other than that I had no idea.

Miriam Rivera

It's a good game I just can't figure out how to get passed level 15 helpppp

Alexia Crocker

Cool & smart This game is really fun I love the little trick of words on some levels

Carter Stutts

One of a kind The game is amazing you really have to think on the word it so addicting best puzzle game I have ever played

Shamiqua Dalie

Loved it I cleared all 71 levels how do i get more?!

Lara Richardson

Truly amazing I beat this game after 12 days there is a guide on chrome but don't use it it is much more fun if u do it on u r own

Esther Clement

Fun, addictive Challenging, but not so difficult so as to make want to give up.

tyler vis

Great game Only for people that like a good puzzle.

Linda Hoetger

Colors Some colors are hard to see being color blind. :(

Charles Gibbs

Awesome Great game. Good way to waste time.

Joie Buffington

Addicting I love it. Its so addicting and actually really creative.

Niren Chandra Rabha

It's all right! Y r u people insulting dis game by saying ur phone is damaged or bla bla whatever. Btw it's ur dang phone or u r not understanding how to play. If u don't know the solution y don't u search in the internet? Use ur brain! Complain boxes...

Samantha Snesrud

Ridiculously stupid Wasnt anywhere near challenging. I made it to level 11 where it asked "what's your favorite app?" As the hint before officially deciding that it was a complete joke of an app. Waste of time.

Luke Bernstein

Okay game, if you are not colorblind The game has some good puzzles, but if you are colorblind like I am, there are a few back to back stages towards the beginning that are nigh impossible to beat. The puzzle itself is easy enough, but the amount of colors needed in a row is crazy. Not only that but they use multiple shades of the same color for multiple colors. If you are colorblind, forget downloading this game.

Dom The Reaper

This game is a virus it ruined my phone and we couldn't find a way to fix it no matter what, DO NOT GET THIS GAME

Eric Signe

This game is wonderful It is a good time consuming game even though sometimes difficult it took a while but am finally done with it. It makes one to think a lot. It's just wonderful

Steven Rowland

Some of the levels you have to look up online because nothing makes sense, such as ONE written over the door is a clue you need to exit out of that level and go back to level one for the key ??? but enjoyable none the less.

Makayla Patterson

Very fun There very easy for me, but some times it wont let me do thing. Besides that it is fun and its something to do when i am bored.

get out

Good but confusing I like it but I get stuck on some of the levels.

Angel Bosworth

Fun game! Some levels a little confusing...but all in all a great game!


Awesomely bad It has to much ads and it has bad graphics

tina hernandez

Loved it! Very tricky but some just don't make sense.

Great game Hey anyone know how to clear level 22?

Michael Libby

Mind Testing game Makes you think and makes you wonder why you downloaded it but its fun and super good for thinkers out there

anthony gotz

Dont usually need walk throughs but this challenged me

Ethan Sandoval

Great Short and simple but I don't like number 18 it annoyed me a bit and dats why it's a 4

Raging Bees

Had to The game forces you to do this I think.

Josh Elliott

If its making me rate for a lvl im stopping.

Joann Nagy

Jo Makes you think outside of the box on many

EAlexander Hammond

Mind teaser A fun game that truly make you think and rethink. Enjoyed it a lot.

It was fun but it can be really hard

Maria Remer

On your toes Make you think.

J White

Nice Have to say it is a little addicting, wish it had more levels.

Katrina Rankin

Great time killer Really need more levels though!

Kassandra Griffiths

good so far it enjoyable.. a little easy though

Alissa Stone

Love it Easy to play and its fun

Luke Hull

Pretty awesome Really addictive

Kaley Murray

Good Just did this to continue

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