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25 Oct

Posted by Aaron Steed in Puzzle | Oct. 25, 2015 | 51 Comments

Apk file size: 12.0 MB

Ending is a single player turn based puzzle game about movement and death.

Recommended for people who like board games, chess and roguelikes.

Whats new

    Updated graphics pipeline - should improve performance (please contact support if this is not the case).
    Fixed bug with auto-rotation.
    Added 4 new final levels, and 1 new introductory level - remember that unlike other games, ALL the levels in Ending are unlocked. You can play them in any order.

Aaron Steed part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Oct. 25, 2015. Google play rating is 90.2333. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 12.0 MB.

Download ending.apk 12.0 MB

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Václav Volhejn

Could use more levels, though.

Lewis Jiggens

Pure clean fun Saw this at Rezzed expo and it was an instant buy for all 5 of us. No ads, no mess. Exactly what it needs to be. Many levels, endless mode and editor. Exellence. This needs more attention.

Vipin Vijayan

Not enough levels It's a good game... I got done with the individual levels way too quickly though. Done in less than a week. The maze explorer thing seems okay, didn't get into it. Nice that I can build levels but I'd rather solve puzzles than make puzzles. Try unblock me if you want a similarly challenging game. I've been playing it for months and it's free on top of that.

Aaron Firouz

Simple but challenging This is a puzzle game that is very simple and yet so frustrating at times. Feels great when you finally figure out a stage after a dozen attempts.

Joel Schneider

Figure it out No instructions provided. Move your at-sign around and see what happens. A worthwhile purchase.

A Google User

Surprisingly fantastic Perfectly difficult puzzles place this among my favorite android games on the market. Could really use a trailer, a more expansive description and even a demo, however. I understand this is a game that cherishes it's minimalism, but the Play Store's 15 minute refund window is far too short for such risks.

Michael Talixir

Can't comment... Addicted This is the perfect game to have when watching a film at the same time. It's turn based but only requires a moment of input per move so the pace is set by you. After a few minutes i was at speed... And dying as a result; think carefully. I actually started to ignore the film and was/am engrossed in this; it's not as easy as it seems. Well made! Smooth on any android.

John Gilvin

Gets old quick I regret paying for this game. Each puzzle has a slightly new situation and new elements are added as you go. Yet, the game still feels monotonous.

Josh Sutterfield

Brilliant Love it! Puzzly and awesome and perfect for mobile. Each thing in the world moves when you do, via a set algorithm. If you don't grasp the algorithm, you'll probably get hurt. You have to choose your moves (and use your environment) wisely to get through the different pieces. Reminds me of Deadly Rooms of Death which I dearly miss, but is more abstract and stripped down, which I prefer, so I love it! Oh, and it might make your sense of time feel really weird after playing a while if you're not used to this kind of mechanic.

JP LeBreton

Elegant and deep design This is by far the most playable Roguelike (or Roguelike-like, if you prefer) game I've played on a mobile device. The swipe-based move controls are so much less fiddly than tapping on screen locations. The core combat mechanic is based entirely around move timing, an astute distillation of low-level combat in this style of game. This game is clearly the work of a talented designer and very much worth supporting. My only gripe is that the interface icons have no text (possibly so the game didn't have to be localized?) which makes it difficult to understand what the icon you're tapping is going to do, until you've habituated the UI fully.

Andrew Shatalin

Good game but it freezes Almost every time that I play the game it freezes, sometimes to the point that the phone has to be turned off and on in order to function again. I am using galaxy s3. If its possible, please fix the issue.

Ozzie Smith

One of the best mobile games ever made. Great game all around. Such a great idea to have both a puzzle mode and adventure mode. I recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzle games or strategy games.

Nick Keogh

Great concept and interesting game play but overall feels unfinished, UI needs love and the b/w pixel graphics don't allow enough detail to easily distinguish which enemy is which or telegraph how they will behave

Caleb Cyphers

Why aren't there more games like this? I was delighted to find the lack of step-by-step instructions explaining every mechanic of the game, and the quizzical menus that seemed strange and unknowable at first, then gained meaning as I began to experiment and discover. A game shouldn't have to explain itself, a game should be something that the player gets to figure out and discover. The early levels allow the player to discover the mechanics of the game in a natural way, and it feels like exploration rather than following instructions. Thank you.

Tobias Asplund

Excellent Beautiful, smart, difficult with a perfect learning curve. Buy it.

Danylame Dany

Great game! Congratulations Aaron! This is your best game! I am a fan of Nitrome so there I saw your fabulous work! I only have a question: Ending will have an update with new levels? I already finished some levels!......P.S.-this game great! Buy it now!

Andrea Cornaglia

Nice game, but needs improvement I like the game, it's a very interesting puzzle. But it is a very amateur app, it's hardly explained, it doesn't have a settings menu, doesn't introduce you to the game properly and it doesn't have a sign in, so if I want to play it on other device I can't. I find that paying for an unfinished app like this one is very unfair, even if the idea of the game is good. Hope you improve those areas to make it more professional.

Connor Vowles

Surprisingly good It's a neat little puzzle game that has a surprising amount of depth to it. I like how certain actions you take can mean that, because of the way movement works, you may not be able to access the end because an enemy is in the way. I'd give it 5 stars, but the art style is a little lackluster, and it can be difficult to differentiate between enemies.

Michael Lewis

Clever, elegant, simple. A thoroughly well designed puzzle game.

Toby Shorin

Props to the game designer Ending is very simple but fantastically executed. Don't be fooled by the simple graphics, this game never gets boring. I completed its 59 main levels over a few weeks whenever I was bored of reading RSS feeds on my phone, and Ending provided challenging and non-rage-inducing fun. The bonus level builder makes this game worth it. Gameplay is reminiscent of my favorite Windows '95 game, Chip's Challenge. No regrets.

Kye Wilson

Amazing game. One of the most simple games, quickly becomes one of the most frantic. Recommend this app to anyone that likes chess.

Thomas Riley

Surprisingly fun This kept getting recommended to me, and I was a little dubious about spending the money. But I got bored (and a little drunk) one night and decided to get it out of the blue. The fact that this isn't getting much attention is just sad. This is barrels of fun. And nothing feels better than betting a level it took fifty times to do. Buy this game.

kesley cook

Game works great on Galaxy Tab 3 with latest android update. Game didn't work on my Galaxy Tab 3 until I installed the Android update that I recieved today. Great game for fans of Roguelikes and puzzles!

Namibu Burderoch

Please shut up. And take my money. And make more stages and worlds... maybe taking the best of community design for these. And take more of my money, and make a sequel / variant game with alternate ruleset, perhaps. Really, any permutation that involves you continuing to design games and me continuing to pay for them!

Aristeidis Panagiotou

Excellent game Really clever idea. A nice game that let's the player explore the game right from the starting menu. I think mobile games should look more like this one rather than focus on crisp graphics and console like quality. The developer has done an amazing job with this one!

Jonatan Forsberg

Mute? Great game, should have five stars but where's the mute button?

Lee Chisholm

Great game! I love the simplicity and pixel art.

Al Gore

Terribly fun Simple, easy to play and lots of time taking fun. I however do not understand the diffrence between the first and third option

Sami AlAwadhi

Surprisingly Good! I liked the looks of the game from the screenshots, so I took a chance and purchased it, and the game turned out to be a very interesting puzzler with great retro graphics and sound.

Chris Moran

Amazing puzzle game Just when I think I'm lost, it hits me and makes me keep playing. Very fun and addicting.

Jocelyn P

Nice game Maze mode is sometimes unwinnable. Otherwise, a very fun and mentally stimulating game.

Faux Weed

? Plonk. Help the rogue escape without getting smashed to bits in this turn-based puzzler.

Stuart Finlay

Deadly rooms of death reimagined DROD lite. Okay but not that exciting.

Martin Stott

Style & Substance A fine game. Simplistic graphics and clever puzzles. Minimalistic quality. Top work.

Mark Turner

Really good, with one annoying flaw Absolutely love the game, just wish it rotated properly based on screen orientation!

Jeremiah Goerdt

Brilliant blend of puzzle and roguelike I don't generally like puzzle games but this one really caught my attention. Aaron did an amazing job making me feel like I was playing a clever rogue like with puzzles that made me think.

stig atle steffensen

awesome game I love this game, very entertaining. hard to put down.

Vidar Holen

Challenging logic puzzler A great logic puzzle game. You can select levels freely, so you get instant puzzle gratification without suffering through half an hour of baby steps!


Good one, but needs more levels

Руслан Лугманов

Amazing game! I love this game

Bugurt Fyuh Ghop

Perfect We need more levels. This game is awesome.

Stanislav Mikov

Wow! It's a perfect game, man!

Nathan Stent

Wonderful game. I cannot agree with the criticisms of this game. It is very well designed. You should be very proud of this achievement. Only problem is the rotation is inverted on my device.. I am using a samsung galaxy s4 and I have to disable screen rotation to play.

Danny Choi

Suggestions Add more levels and maybe a co-op feature with places one buy has to stand over so a pathway opens up for the next person.. pretty much any co-op feature. Other than that, great puzzle game. Extremely addictive.

Franklin Mason

Wonderful! I've played through many times. A great game.

Ronny Amberg

Great Game I replayed it multiple times ...

A Google User

Surprisingly fantastic Perfectly difficult puzzles place this among my favorite android games on the market. Could really use a trailer, a more expansive description and even a demo, however. I understand this is a game that cherishes it's minimalism, but the Play Store's 15 minute refund window is far too short for such risks.

Dave Wahler

The puzzle levels are rather staid but a good introduction to game mechanics. The real meat of the game lies in its randomly-generated maze mode, and this is what roguelike fans will enjoy the most.

Teemu Laine

Among the best puzzlegames on android. The basic idea is simple, but the end result is really complex. While the puzzle levels can be completed in a couple of hours, there's also an infinite random dungeon mode which increases the game's lifetime by a lot.

Nathan Stent

Wonderful game. I have spent many hours playing this game. Three times through the main mode and hours and hours with the randomised challenge. It is a very well designed game. Thank you.

Josh DeGraaf

My phone is wack I think I will like this game, but my phone will say install, download to 100%, and then sit there. after a whole it proceeds to restart the download and start over again.

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