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31 Jul
Empire Legends

Posted by Aerilys in Entertainment | July 31, 2016 | 81 Comments

Apk file size: 3.7 MB

The Force must be with you to survive at the edge of the Empire. But having a powerful app is also a good way to do it!

Empire Legends lets you manage all your characters for the game Edge of the Empire. Manage their equipment, talents and information. Add them some skills and weapons, and write their background.

The application helps you to save every aspect of your characters, using an elegant user interface. And you can even create and manage all your spaceships, from attachments to hull, damages, weapons, and more!

You are welcome to send feedback or suggestions.

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial application for the game Star Wars Edge of the Empire. No official affiliation to Lucasfilm Ltd. or Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc.

Whats new

    Better french translations

Aerilys part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update July 31, 2016. Google play rating is 86.5294. Current verison is 2.02. Actual size 3.7 MB.

Download empire-legends.apk 3.7 MB


Casey McCulley

If you're typing and rotate the screen, it kicks you out of input mode. Other than that, my friends just complain there is no ios version. That's their problem though. Great job, and thanks for making star wars d&d even better.


Oops Managed to break a character by giving him 9 million brawn for lulz but then every time I tried to open his character the app froze. Luckily I got the version for Chrome and synced him to it and fixed it but yeah.... Guys don't try to turn your characters into gods, won't end well.

Hunter Feniks

Very useful I can access my character much more easily than searching through google docs for an unorganized mess. I can't seem to add any more than one ship per character, though. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?

Gabriel Hadley

Great Stuff Fantastic character sheet app! Saving to cloud storage and loading on any device is great. A few minor problems: -Needs a font pack/insert symbol option for success/advantage/etc. and for dice symbols (e.g. add ■). -Needs option to add Boost/Setback dice to skill display. -Formatting problems such as paragraphs only showing up when editing entries. -Explanation of achievements. -Getting players information through GM function is not really functional.

Robert Ostrowski

Omg life is easy now So first off this app is easily one of the best character sheet apps ive used for rpg gaming. Not only does it make finding all your info easy it AUTOMATICALLY does the math for all your skills and stats for what dice u role. Suggestions to the app maker. possibly add somewhere for armor. Also maybe add the weapons info so it auto adds dice/damage/crit info as well as the mods and this app would be gold

Josh Methven

Great Awesome companion app, sure replaces the need for lots of printed paper that's for sure! I wish fantasy flight made an official one. As for the dice app, these guys don't make it like the legitimate one, so for that buy "Star Wars Dice" its well worth it. But this one is awesome for referencing and keeping players on top of noting stuff down. My group has a problem writing on their clean sheets of paper.... The only problem is the sync issues. I'm currently facing an issue of gm missing information the play

Troy Mepyans

Great! A true character generator would be awesome, but the app is great even without it. A suggestion (not sure if it can be done) would be to have Empire Dice linked to Legends so it will roll skill checks when you tap the skill on your character.

Kevin H

Keep up the great work! Love this app. It keeps track of all the important character information. And makes building dice pool a step easier. Would like the ability to add more backround and motivation info, when I put my characters back story in I often run out of space on my screen and the app does not allow for scrolling so I can't get to the 'validate' button. I'm using a galaxy note 12.2. Maybe it's a problem with my device?

Jaimy McBreen

Perfect for GMing Trying to get characters made without character sheets is a total nightmare. This app helped me out a ton. It's also great for GMing because I quickly switch between PCs and find what I'm looking for.

Travis Alvarez

Good start Some minor bugs and missing functionality. Still, a great tool for gm use! I'm looking forward to updates, and increasing my rating! Also, the achievements are fun.

Logan Crawford

Pretty not bad. Really easy interface, And great for the GM. Able to download all of your players pages as well as easily keep track of your npc's. The only thing that would make it better is to have an internal dice system. Just add the difficulty dice, then choose your skill.

John Cannon

Very good app This is great, makes it much easier to keep track of my character. The reference sheets are great too, although one on healing would be great. Maybe theres one there and i just missed, not sure. There is no space to track critical injuries, that would be great if it was added. I also really like the achievements! It would be cool to have a list of achievements, that way if i want to improve my "gamerscore" I have a road map to success. Finally... a npc generator would be fantastic.

Justin Lovett

Awesome!! Amazing app! Great for players, but also for GMs to keep track of all their NPC's. Love the addition of the dice pool by each skill, the ability to share characters, and the add all skills button. Way more user friendly than previous versions. Only thing that would make this better is if they had the specialization trees handy with a check box or something. But awesome nonetheless!

David Glover

Much better than scribbling on a paper sheet! Recently all the text seems to be slightly off the edge of the display of pop-up boxes, which is annoying. Would really like a way to set my session Strain cap without adjusting the core values. Also a level up mechanic on skills based on how much XP I have to spend and my base characteristics would be cool.

Brad Snow

Good app Me and my group of friends use this app to keep track of our characters but 2 things I want to know 1 is there a list of the achievements anywhere and 2 will you be making updates to go with the age of rebellion and force and destiny expansions

Jabesh Ubese

Excellent! Useful and well designed This app has completely replaced My pen and paper. The skills are well presented and update with stats and rank as you update. The health and strain are easily adjusted in game, there is also a maneuver and combat options. I would recommend this to any EotE player. Would like to see integrated critical hit and armor calculations.

Mike Adams

Perfect Simply perfect. Currently using it in an Age of Rebellion game and it has ha the info in a very easily read format. Love that the skills are listed by the dice colors so it's really quick reference when you need to roll. Editing and syncing characters is simple too. To notch work.

Michael Bernard

Super useful I was wearing through my character sheet from erasing every time wounds or strain changed. This app works great as a tracker.

Christopher Krulewicz

Enjoyed it but Awesome app. However the persona module seems like linkd to my tablet only. When I'm on the go I can't access it from my phone it says it is not purchased but when I click on it it says it is already purchased but won't let me use any functions. If that is fixed along with adding a section for duty and morality and worn armor then this would be awesome

Stephen Harris

Awsome rpg app Fantastic layout, intuitive to use really helped me out as I prepared my character ready for my first game session. The ability to upload characters to the holocron for use on other divices is also fantastic. My only request would be an option to change the icon for the ship (for hull and strain) as my group are travelling in a YT-1300 and not an xwing. But thats a minor issue.

Jack Donald

Good, clear and fairly comprehensive. Nice app, I just feel it could benefit from a few templates I.e. Class skills, race attributes etc.

Nicholas Bouchard

Very useful, and pretty too. The app holds everything you'd expect a character sheet to, but lets you have access to all your characters at once. UI is slick and efficient. The only thing I would add is a section for armour similar to the weapons section. Maybe better support for attachments and mods as well ( for weapons and armour).

Jake Armstrong

Amazingly Useful Love this to keep track of characters and their gear, stats, etc. Could use a little more in the equipment area maybe, like a tab for armor. Overall really great, must have for Edge of the Empire players.

kate phillips

A great app A great app for players. All character details, combat and skill info at the fingertips. Very easy to use

Daniel Villasenor

Great app! Surprised its free! I love organized and awesome everything is. You can even save it on your google account so you can have your character sheet no matter where you go!

Kyle Caudill

Works Great! Excellent visual aid for playing. Just wish they had added a section for secondary gear or any sort of non-weapon equipment. Aside from that no complaints though. Letting you add on a picture is a nice touch and being able to export it to PDF is very useful.


Great find Works great, just gotta take time to fill in all your details.

The Trojan Hippo

So useful! Designing our own characters has become a lot easier now! It's easy to edit and can hold all kinds of characters. Great help to the Game Master! Thank you!

Ryan Snyder

Love it. Makes character creation super easy. The ability to transfer between PC and mobile makes everything smooth.

Twon Cassidy

Dumb It does not auto-fill anything that matters. Would give a zero if available

Vaughan Cockell

Question on new specialisations Generally a nice app, but I have a question - How do you add a new specialisation to a character? There are options to add a skill, a weapon, a talent, but I cannot see how a new full specialisation could be added.

Rob Bowles

Really useful tool for FFG's Star Wars RPGs Really good basic functions (especially for a free app). My favourite features: The quick access to dice needed for your skills and weapons; and the tapping to reduce/increase Wounds and Strain. Really usefull.

Patrick Lowrey

Very clean and functional My only wish is that it auto generated the Talent name as you typed, like it does with skills. This is a minor issue with the understanding that there are far more names in talents than the fixed number of skills. That being said, very clean and easy to use interface. Wish all apps were this lean and focused.

Landon Groat

It's a rather helpful app when combined with a character generator, that way you can update correct information.

Wren McGalliard

Totally rules Really useful. The way it auto calculates the dice is great. Plus its actually easy to use for a digital character sheet on a tablet. It'd be nice if Duty could be added too.

Cody Doolittle

Awesmazing! Love the app! So does my girlfriend. One question though.


More then useful Nearly flawless character sheet, amazingly useful. Only thing so far I've noticed it could use is an encumbrance slot for weapons, but other then that, 10/10

Kirby Franklin

Great app Awesome app. A few differences between character sheets and thus apps character sheet but nothing bad or big enough to be an issue. I guess Itd be great if the talents had been built in as well. As well itd be nice to have an armor section, not just an "other equipment" section

Adam Vick

Awesome App makes it sooooo easy to keep track and change stats and everything.

Nigel Snowden

Fantastic App Incredibly useful, easy to use interface. Easy to add weapons, skills, equipment, items, and talents. Keeps track of practically everything. Only thing I recommend to the devs is adding a section for armor. Make it easier to put in. All in all, must get for any EoE, AoR, or FaD player.

Nathan Leon Guerrero

Very helpful I really like the ease of use in creating characters. The auto dice pool is especially helpful. The only issue I've been having is beaming characters from one phone to another. I tried toying around with it for awhile, but I couldn't get it working. Other than that issue, the app is really good to have while playing a campaign.

James Smith Jr

Very well done app. Handled everything I've thrown at it. If I could make one request perhaps a way to mark skills as career for ease of leveling up.

Jimmy Hollier

Great Product! Personally I love it! It looks nice, works beautifully, overall it's amazing! I really enjoy the GM ability to look at the characters, and that I can have the same character on multiple devices! It's disappointing that you need to pay for the starship app, although for a little over a dollar it's worth it!

Bazariel Bloodwolf

Love this app! Great for Quick Ref! Love this app! Can't wait to see an Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny one!

Robert Pavelchek

I love this app but it has one glaring flaw. Edit: HELP! The lack of password (secret key) recovery is a lethal flaw. I got logged out of both app and browser, and now I cannot log back in. Random alphanumeric keys are nearly impossible to remember. REALLY needs a way to edit your profile key after you register, and NEEDS A PASSWORD RECOVERY FUNCTION EVEN WORSE. Fix that, and l'd I'd rate this four stars again. Fix ships not backing up to web, and I'll rate it five. Please, Aerilys, contact me at [email protected], help me recover my characters!

Trung Bui

Great and only character app Simple and works as you need it to. Great presentation and all relevant information for a character is readily available. Unfortunately there are still a few bugs, like when you try and add ranged skills, the app crashes.

Eric Chau

Great app! Easy to use. Some minor graphical glitches. Also, wish it would all me to manually sort Talents. The ability to create new skills would be great too. I can't create a Lightsaber skill and designate which attribute it uses; I permanently have a skill total of 1 for it.

Adam Whobrey

Lots of potential Would like to see the theme extend to Age of Rebellion and Force & Destiny, plus some random bugs when loading/saving to datacrons. Overall, really solid program to help bring your tablet or phone to the table and be able to reference a lot of information without having to have a sheet or book in front of you.

Ruben Alonso

Near perfect app I've been having issues with text not centering correctly since I updated my phone to Lolipop but otherwise great app. It would be nice to know when this app will be updated to include the Morality mechanic from Force and Distiny.

Matt Stefankiewicz

Nice app, would give it a 5, but... When can we expect an update with the latest systems and stats from the rest of the game line? In my opinion, that is the only thing lacking with this app, it is great for the system in general, i love it, thank you.

Kelson Grogan

Great app! Is there any way you could make this compatible with Force and Destiny? All it needs is a couple more skills and the motivation/ emtional strength and weakness stuff. Otherwise is this app is awesome, keep up the good work!

Jake Bloomfield

Review Not a bad little app, rather handy if you've forgotten a specific character sheet. Even better is the fact that its mobile so it can be taken anywhere so anyone that has it is ready for a game straight off the bat. Only complaint so far with the app is the fact that keyboard text gets in the way of validating any typed information. Other than that pretty good app.

Adam Stevens

With how this system encourages infinite progession, this application is far superior to a paper character sheet. The only gripes I have is that it is stuck in Edge of the Empire. Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny have been released since then, bringing with them Duty and Morality. In addition to seeing spaces for those important game mechanics, I would also like to see a space dedicated entirely to Force Powers that operates much like the Talents list already available. If those two things are addressed, I will pay for the full application.

Shane Lines

Awesome Great interface, really easy once you really understand it. Took me a few minutes, but I got it finally and now I love it. Really helpful when you tend to forget character sheets when you head to a game. And even better when you go to the gaming store not planning to play and end up playing but didn't bring anything but you and your phone.

Jon Adamson

Great, just one issue It would have been 5* if not for the fact it appears you can't access the ship profile add on with a net connection.


Great app Works wonderfully, the only thing I would like is more compatibility with force and destiny characters

Jon Samsel

Great download, needs more. While there is room for improvement, this app provides an excellent way to tab and maintain your player's characters. Though there is a lot missing, the ability to input your own tabs and notes provides another dimension to EotE character maintenance.

Miguel Luis Moreno

I'm trying to make a Duros, Spy, Slicer character it won't validate correctly as that the Slicer specialty does not appear.

Andrew Schmidt

Well done! Would have rated a 5, but I can't figure out how to pull up my characters on my other devices.

Julian Hubbard

Awesome, only one thing really missing The app is great, still need the book to create a character but I can't think of any way it could be made so character generation didn't require the book. I think it is a strength that you need the rulebook because it can be used for any of the 3 games. The only thing I wish it had is the ability to mark which skills are the ones chosen to cost less experience to advance. It is a 5 without it but it would be a great addition to the app.

Jason Hartwell

Nice companion app Great app that has a few hiccups here and there, but provides great reference for your character's abilities and weapons.

Alan Z

A great utility I find it really handy for keeping track of my party's characters, esp if they can't make a session.

Hatim Goni

Could use a few improvements, but otherwise amazing. Well, for starters, I wish we could add more kinds of Characteristics, and for the regular keyboard to come instead of the number pad, because sometimes I need some variable stuff.

Jon Ellis

Fantastic App This app is absolutely great, and easy to use. Just wish there was a slot for force powers, and armor/weapons as well as an update to include the lightsaber skill. Maybe include the classes from AoR and FaD on the persona generator?


Great app I am looking forward to seeing what this is capable of in the future. With a lookup table for talents and the like this will be perfect

Jamie Welch

Works great! Simple yet powerful app. Only needs FaD and AoR

Sephiroth Strife

Makes keeping track of everything very helpful.

Robert Pavelchek

This app is great!

Ayden Pack

Great for the value of free

nicholas collins

Hard to review..... If like me you are playing a force exile this app will be of no use to you until it is updated. There is nowhere to record force abilities. It has the potential to be of great use with a couple of additions. Having talents written into the app would be the most use as dice could be added to the skills. A record of force powers and the dice they produce could also be added to the skills list making playing my force exile/politico with sense and influence sooooo much easier to run.

Aaron Whittington

An awesome resource! I have been running Edge of the Empire and Force and Destiny campaigns since they came out. This app is such a good resource for the games that I recommend all of my players have it on installed. This app includes everything for keeping track of characters and dice pools. It also has a great feature for players to share their sheets with the Game master, which I find very handy.

Quinn Landes

Fair, fast, and useful My only qualm so far is the inability to add custom skills. Lightsaber (ag) isn't included, so this app isn't as useful for Force and Destiny characters, but as even EoTE modules introduce new or custom skills (such as Cybernetics), the ability to simply add new skills might alleviate the need to update the app frequently.

Shaun Doiron

Having trouble getting my profile login to work. I have given myself a username and secret key in the app, but cannot get that same key to work on the web browser. Also, everything looks great on the phone! Only suggestion would be to use drop downs for some of the options - races, skills, etc. Perhaps races auto-populate then you "increase" them. Probably lots of work to tie all that together... Thanks for your great work!

Charles Kane

Nice! Great app. Would like to see what skills are marked as career without opening each of them. And some revision/update for the new Force books out. i.e. "morality" & "conflict". But still, an awesome tool! 8)

Jorge Moore

Great app just wish I could put more than one ship per character. Also more compatability for age of rebelion and force and destiny. It's been over a year since last update so I doubt it will happen but I hope it will.

Trevor Dunn

Precisely what I was looking for. I dont even play Edge of the Empire, I just enjoy making backstories. This helped me to get my thoughts written out perfectly. I personally dont think the ships should require an in-app purchase, other than that it's perfect.

Kyle Taylor

Exactly what I needed I have nothing bad to say about the features present in the app as-is. I would give it 5-stars if I didn't have to fill out the talent details. It would be fantastic if there was a dice rolling mechanic built in as well.

John Landis

Fantastic! This app has helped me with staying organized as GM as well help the rest if the group with keeping track of their own characters. Only setback I've found so far with mentioning is there is nothing like it for the Apple guys at the table.

Sharin Stage

Love the app, simple enough to create a character, which is really all I need it for, to keep up with characters. If I activate my Bluetooth keyboard during typing, it bounces out of input, but that's my only qualm. Great app!

Rob Bowles

Really useful tool for FFG's Star Wars RPGs Really good basic functions (especially for a free app). My favourite features: The quick access to dice needed for your skills and weapons; and the tapping to reduce/increase Wounds and Strain. Really usefull. Would give 6 stars if possible.

Jessica Troy

The only thing that this really needs is an update with content from Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny. Then I'd give 5 stars.

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