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29 Aug
Empire: Four Kingdoms

Posted by Goodgame Studios in Strategy | Aug. 29, 2016 | 247 Comments

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Become a mighty emperor of the four kingdoms in this award-winning medieval MMO strategy game!

Prove your skills in a game that combines tactical PvP combat with strategic empire building and resource management.

Collect, produce and trade resources to build up your castle and expand it into a mighty fortress! Recruit a powerful army to conquer valuable territory and defend it against enemy attacks. Form alliances with friends to defeat your opponents and fight epic battles against millions of players on a giant interactive world map.

Build and customize your very own medieval castle
♚ Forge powerful alliances and crush your enemies in epic PvP combat
♚ Plan strategic battles with over 50 different units and tons of weapons
♚ Produce and trade resources to construct more than 60 different buildings
Chat and strategize with friends in a huge community with an active online forum

This medieval strategy game will transport you back to an age when power was everything and only the strongest survived. Prove that you've got what it takes to be the mightiest and most glorious lord in all the land!

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* This app is completely free to play. Additionally it offers optional in-app purchases.
This game requires an internet connection.

Whats new

    Be generous and make your friends happy! This new event lets you purchase and send gift packages to any player of your choice. Gifts can be resources, coins, premium tools and equipment items and will wind up in the receiver's main castle in the Great Empire.
    This is our new in-game blog. It will provide updates, articles, interviews, concept art and much more so you always have the most exclusive information right at the tip of your thumb!

Goodgame Studios part of our Strategy and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Aug. 29, 2016. Google play rating is 83.5728. Current verison is 1.33.41. Actual size 57.0 MB.

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Graeme Moore

Pc Well I used to have the PC version and I enjoyed it it was beast mode :-) here comes the bit which you don't like once I hadent been on it for 2 days and my kingdom was da bomb andI had a statue and every thing and I logged in my name was Yoj 2 and my password was minecraft kid444 I logged in and everything was gone and my flag had the same colours but different symbols and it restarted me as a starter kingdom I'm not sure if it was a hack plz fix back my kingdom somehow I'm downloading the I pad version

Raviteja Gurram

Updated and lost all my troops This is shit gg What are u guys doing the f*** can u give me my troops back Am non ruby that doesn't mean u steal my troops

anthony lyons

Will you PLEASE SORT OUT YOUR SERVERS I stopped playing about 3 months ago and just started playing 2 days ago and yet you guys still have done nothing about the connection issues,which are now worst since update yesterday,is no my WiFi connection as everything else work fine except this game..I play on an LG g2.

Dave Adams

Like it Like the game, but don't think for a minute that it's a free to play game.

Shourya Sahu

It's good but not that much. Rubies were costly at first but after an year I can see they are becoming extremely costly. Worst one forget first sentence it was just a joke

Hairybits l

Was a good game ! Price increase again, if you don't have £100 a month to spare don't download, avoid like the plague till normal working class can once again afford to play, ruby boycott in effect !

Henry Saputra

Fix this problem NOW!!!! Just now, they were updating the server. After that I cannot play it due to cannot find my data. I have just purchased some amount with real money, and now it's gone.

Usman Qadir

USED TO BE GREAT, NOW I CAN'T LOG IN MOST OF THE TIMES! I LOST 400+ TROOPS AS THE FOOD RAN OUT AND I COULDN'T LOG IN TO KEEP SUPPORTING THE DAMN TROOPS!!! :@ ✴CAN'T LOG IN MOST OF THE TIME, CAUSING ME TO LOSE TROOPS I TRAINED OVER SEVERAL DAYS!!!✴♦Msgs don't get sent properly!♦BALANCED TROOPS SHOULD SURVIVE WHEN TROOPS DESERT! I LOST ALL RANGED DEFENSE AND MELEE DEFENSE & ATTACK TROOPS SURVIVED!♦Change in menu's MUST come with BETTER HELP! ♦Wheel of fortune nobility event is just being GREEDY! ♦More and more ways to get us to purchase rubies is gross! ♦Attack troops can't be pulled back after a few minutes! ♠Developers, I'm pissed off! :@

james allen

No problems I have read most of the comments people complaining about the game is not free and to expensive I have been playing for a while and received alot of rubies from missions and upgrades, also this is my first update so have no idea what will go wrong

Tony Carter

Bad for casual players Many connection problems. Also, forget about this game if you are a small, casual player. The big, money spending players continually pick on you and your castle will be always on fire. Just when you finally rebuild they attack you again. Game is too much in favour of big alliances and players who spend lots of money to get advantages.

jeremy leanndra

Fun game but Good Game is greedy!!! Really fun game. Expensive to play if you want to be competitive. I quit playing because of an ongoing issue with the latest Android OS. Game keeps opening on its own and draining my battery... Try to send a text, game me open, make a call, game opens, search the internet, game opens. Total BS!!! GG hasn't done anything to fix the problem for the last 4 months. Sorry folks, not for me any more :-( THE DEVELOPERS RUINED IT FOR ME SADLY

milton hughes

More balanced They have added some features where people can have access to developing advanced armies. Before unless you spent a lot of money you were generally limited to a mderate army and could not defend yourself against people that could afford to purchase large and advanced armies. A lot of cool new characters, many specialized in defenses.

Jorden Crafter

Don't Get it Look everyone this game milks you of money the development always comes up with some way to bribe players into buying stuff like the daily rewards if you buy a certain amount of rubies but the rewards are just so they can get you hooked on buying rubies don't install the game if your on android a message will pop up and say 505 error also the new game update isn't updated to the latest android software update

Jorge C

Awesome game! The game is great and very entertaining, I guess the only thing is that they ask you to buy rupees all the time, for this and for that. If not, it takes a little longer to do more. Is just a game...why would you buy game rupees with real money? I guess is just another way to get money. Besides that, game is great.

Justin Folsom

Honestly love it Alot of people said they didn't like this game, but I actually liked this game alot. Definitely worth the download.

Aaron Hartley

Way too much money Most expensive free game if ever played! I don't mind spending money but this gets ridiculous!

Emmanuel Moreno

Great game; though it's meant to make you spend money, alot of it!!! Really enjoy the game, but I feel the developer's made the game solely for making the gamer spend money; alot of it! I hope they will make it cheaper; 100,000 rubies should not cost $50.00 real dollars it's absurd. Especially when it cost 500 rubies or 1600 rubies to build something it can cost even more sometime. Especially when someone attacks you. They should make it a whole lot cheaper,. For example, 30,000 rubies should go for 2.99 and 90,000 should go for 5.99 and that should be it. Reduce it.

Tasha Pacelini

Ok game I guess Kinda fun way of meeting new people game is ok but you can waste far to much money on it

Shahzar Ansari

Updating this game the fourth time under 2 hours!!! What the hell! I have updated this game 3 times under 2 hours and i m updating it the fourth time right now! I was unable to play from 2 days now this too much buggy! I think its time for me to leave this game.

Karina Fonslet

Money hungry Game was great a year ago, but every update has made it more expensive to play. If you are not looking at spending a few thousand dollars or more a year on a "free" game, don't bother downloading it. Your castle will always be on fire, and you will eventually be extremely frustrated too.


Worst game Gge only wants your money nothing else new updates but never fix bugs. Never help non ruby plyer. Yesterday indian server had some problem they have given 12 hour role back. Many people lost so much most of plyer army deserted. Nice work by gge. If u want to waste your time n money play this game for sure.

Stanley West

Good Game I wanted a second game to play while I wait n my current game. This one fit the bill!

Imtiaz Hussain

I was in lvl 40 n nw aft update it's guiding me to play from lvl 1.. Wats happening. I jus want bk my game.. jus do it asap.

Mohamed Ahmed

Was good game€€€ I play this game from 2 years its only about money it donot care about players only care about how much money you will spend . every update the game making it only want us to spend more and more

Lian Greaves

? Question 1:Why is the an advert that has a man turn into a knight what does that have to do with this game, and why on a screenshot the castle comes out of the phone? Hugh!?! I absolutely LOVE this game, except to the fact that the challenges are very hard to Beat :-( My FAVOURITE troops are the travelling Knights/crossbowmen! Please may you add in future update:A soldiers that has melee and ranged attack,a button which can get you free rubies e.g.:you could watch an ad every 10 minutes for 10 rubies.

Abhishek Pai

It should improve more It should have at least been a bit like clash of clans

Jeebus K

Fun game, daily play and some spending is necessary once you join an Alliance which you'll want to do around level 25.

Kshitij Chaudhary

Great Game This game is a long game, which I like. However, I don't spend money, but it is heavily recommended.

George Winnie

Lollipop software compatible after recent update but... Now the system keep restarting. Can't get anything done. Reports are different from spy report and war prep since the update. Just updated my Samsung Galaxy 5S phone to lollipop operating system. Now empire hijacked all programs and calls. Every time I try to do anything, the program starts and causes other apps to crash. Try to make a call and it starts. I've spent a lot of money on rubles so you would think they would have this problem resolved after 3 months.

Logan McKinnie

love it c: great game and lots of fun. I've had a few problems but they usually healed up on their own

Phoebe Marshall

Bloody expensive Enjoy the game but if you want to progress you need to invest your pension in rubies,their definition of free differs somewhat to mine. Also unable to start game after latest upgrade,so we'll done with that.Thoroughly enjoyed game till now but will be Un installing now.

Dave Fury

It can be played without spending any money but to really get anywhere you need to spend a lot. The balance is not quite right for the consumer. Its a good game though. Sometimes painful to login as it can take sometime at times

Don Johnson

Good game to play Cannot connect without WiFi on my phone since new update. Needs fixed now to much money spent on this game to be messing up. It keeps saying no internet connection from my phone.

Alexander Dunn

Amazing Like clash of clans just you can choose how many soldiers you want to go war with awesome right.

Vishal Bhagat

Bad update!!! I lost my three reports which might get me 1500 glory during updation and berimond is not good war of realms was better

Sean Fitzgerald

Very addictive New update crap stop changing things why would u make defenders and attackers the same colour

Vasudevan Suppayah

Game back dated after latest update Game backdated and no damages in my castles but still shows damaged symbol.

Aditaya Chopra

Don't update guys After updating game got struck and its just say loading and loading and loading. Wasting time

Alex S

Robbing gamers of dollars for each little stuff that matters in game I have played this game for a long time now, but as soon as you start growing up in level, your only way of standing a chance to the other players is buying their expensive rubies. EVERY LITTLE STUFF THAT MATTERS FOR YOUR COMPETIVITY IS RUBY RELATED, YOU DON'T STAND A CHANCE WITHOUT SPENDING TENS OF DOLLARS EACH WEEK FOR RUBIES IN GAME. The new tournament has it's resource sending option cut off to make you buy it with rubies. THIS GAME IS A ROB, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM IT!

Woods Cao

It's so awsome I love this game but stop making us use so much rubies or buy my dad won't even let me buy rubies so change that but this game is the best game on my phone awsome game

Enrico Evangelish

Great! But still laggy. After a long-time search for a good strategy game on Android, I finally found what I'm looking for :) .. If you fix the bugs and the lag I've been experiencing on the world map, I'll rate y'all 5 stars.

Sarah Dewar

Impenetrable I downloaded this app 2 days ago & have to say I'm lost. Too much new info upfront, then too little info & support for newbies, & expectations way beyond the pale given lack of learning & growing space for a new player. Don't download this if you can't afford to check in under 6 times a day. Lovely concept. Massively unrealistic. I have been booted out of a community without notice despite being in a developing mkt with intermittent wifi/power. Pathetic view from other gamers too!! Fail. Uninstalling NOW...

greg paul

It's great I love this game. I've tried allot of these types of strategy games and they all seem to fall short somewhere. This games great ask around.

Adrian Rodriguez

A little bit laggy The game is fun. Good looking graphics,a colorful game. But is a little bit laggy and is not smooth enough. Not enough zoom in nor zoom out. Is a good game,simple, and good,but it could be a lot better. It could be the best Empire game on Google Play,but you guys need to work on it.

lost prophet

Enjoying it! I apologise for the previous rating, it was probably my connection that was having a problem. Thanks for the quick reply tho!! I appreciate it :) I'm enjoying gameplay so far, I'm loving the quick build times early in the game. I have a slight lag issue but its definitely playable. Definitely gonna recommend it to my mates.

Dyaln Best

The best game There is nothing to not like songs great game douse not lag its the best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best game ever download it. It so munch better than clash of clan bye far GET THIS APP!!!! THE BEST.!!!!!!!!

Georgina Shough

Empire 4 Kingdoms: an amazing game I downloaded this because it was similar to Clash of Clans. At first I didn't think it would be as good. But I was wrong and it is amazing! There isn't any ads so it's not annoying because there isn't an advert popping up every 5 minutes. A great game with plenty of fun and lots of new friends to be made. I defiantly recommend this to everyone.

Steph Wilton

Loved game BUT Loved game until last update now slow to load then freezes and crashes have not been able to play for longer then 3-4 mins before it crashes and due to how it lags and freezes can't do a thing before game crashes

Cassidy brimer

Super fun game! At first I was worried it would lag, but everything is fine! It's a very entertaining and colorful game. I would definitely recommend it.

Logan McKinnie

lags it lags really bad and about 200 or so of my rubies dissapeared. other than that it's great. if you could fix it to where it doesn't lag nearly as bad then I'll give it 4 stars. a big thing I love about this game tho is that it uses barely any data so that's an up. GoodGame Empire is my favorite game ever

Dj Ebbs

Great Highly enjoyable time consuming yet addictive

DoubleAJaay AndAHalf

Just Started I just started so I can't really give it five stars yet. When I started off I read all the reviews and a lot of them said it was laggy, but I'm actually fine so far. Its great but I was a little confused in the beginning. It kind of just throws all the information at you all at once then expects you to know it. Other than that I think the game is great so far.

Kelly Morris

Do I get to play anymore?! I downloaded this game and got to play for an hour or so, now I can't get back in all I get is the title screen. I would really like to finish what I started. I don't have this on my phone so it's not my phone's fault. Please fix this crazy game or I will uninstall every time my computer goes to sleep I have to turn it completely off and restart it to get the game to even load again.

Josh Ashford

Best game I've ever played in my life. Just one request though: can we have a free second builder as it takes ages to upgrade all my buildings with just one builder

Brayden Wasson

Greatest game I love the update thank you for allowing us users to disband soldiers

Ann-Marie Y

Great game I would give it a five if not for the fact that rubies are needed so much and the adverts for them keep popping up when you enter the game and at other times.

Thomas Conner

Great strategy game but needs to be fair for none ruby players Non ruby plays should have option with coins to buy any ruby recruit of any type

gina providencia

I can only see the texts on samsung tab What a problem!!!!!, i cant see any pictures, frames,etc. Just texts, plz help.

Joanna Crummett

Snap Dragon It's a great game! Even better if you get into an active alliance.

Bastian A.

Too laggy Nor friendly interface at all, and the game is too laggy, it keeps giving me these "loading" pop-ups. I'll wait until you fix this to come and play again. It looks like a nice game though.

Megan Moir

Could be better... Very good game and graphics for mobiles. Could be better when zooming in and moving buildings. Overall very good, addictive game.

Techmaga Taubida

Not fun. Too much self promotion Buy rubies this, buy rubies that. This game creates so much pop ups and events that seem to be part of game but is just asking you to buy rubies for features. This forces me to check every one to know if it's part of game or not. Don't be so desperate!

Mark Eddins

Galaxy S5 Ok. Went from 1 star up to 4! Newest updates are nice for already advanced players but still Charging to much to Play for "Free" anymore. Must buy Rubies to stay active. They are taking advantage of those of us that Do play the game already!

Andrew Jedrzejewski

I bought the 32 thousand package and got only the resources but not the 32 thousand gems

Yogaswara Lukman

Fun and addicted... Very fun game but the rubys quietly expensive..

Dusty Sprenger

I just love it, its just one of many great games in the strategic category, I also truly recommend it to others I can't think of another medieval game than this one

patil karimalmanohar

Nice game good graphics. All are good then why did I give it 4 stars.? Because this game crashes in between and also it needs the castle name editing option and minor bug fixes overall a great game to play.

anthony lyons

How do I create a new account,I don't want to use my old one,I've deleted the app 5 months ago and yet when I downloaded it again it just opened the original account which I don't can't even logout what's about!!!!!

Rodney Clemmons Jr

You got me... I was hesitant at first but the more I played the more I got sucked I in. I'm still learning the game but I'm learning fast.

Nia Kaori Pedrosa Khalikane

Empire:4 Kingdoms It was a great time to get the best of luck for owning the game!

Willie Mosby

Guys I love this game keeps me busy for hours I just want to ask can we watch the battles. Can you guys make it the way we can watch the fight happen that would be epic! But I still love this game

sharon.amy.alfred MCStudios

I liked it,needs a few improvements. Good game,needs improvements like... 1.Lessen the period of occupation from 1 day to 12 hours(so you dont need to fight the previous outpost owner if you stole it from them) 2.Decrease the number of armed citizens in unoccupied outposts(so we have a higher chance of occupying the outpost) 3.Show the name of outposts and lastly, 4.Add a forum to the alliance(like the ones on the PC version of this game.) Well...I would give 5 stars if one of these ideas happen!

Kirk Gerner

Downloaded update will not load up. Stays on title screen. Restarted my Samsung Note 3 twice. Still not working

jenny baldwin

Don't buy rubies I enjoy the game and still play,but I had a problem purchasing rubies, got in contact with customer support who have now ignored several new messages. Worst customer service ever. The game has the potential to be great, they need to sort out the server issue though, the game cuts out far too often

Edwards McGrath

Graphics and Messages Why are the graphics different from each other in various devices...and y do messages I send 2 other castle lords appear incomplete

Ryan Holland

Good graphics but laggy Very different to clash of clans but the quality is of good condition, although this is a good game it has some down falls, the game is quite laggy and is quite annoying

Shawn Williams

Won't load I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times now and still only hear back groud but screen is black.

Ahtasham Manzoor

Empire: four kingdoms This is very bad game 5 time me leve this and again start like it


Fairly Addicting This game is fairly addicting. But the only thing is, when I am playing another game and I am having fun, I do not want to go back to this game to "check my inbox for a battle report" or, or to "defend my ally." It really is tiring.

Zach Loveless

Fun game I enjoy the game, and it's well done. My issue is turning notifications off. I've turned them all off, but I still get them. At least one every 15 minutes. It's so annoying I'm getting ready to uninstall!

Gary Young

GGE 4 K Limited game play because the capitals, monuments, metropolis etc are only competed for by 2 super alliances who have a monopoly on everything. GGE need to limit this monopoly by only allowing so many per alliance to enable lesser alliances to compete. The costs of this game remain ridiculously high and the events are hideously expensive. Don't play unless you can afford a hundred pounds or more per month.

Brian 116

Just wondering if in a future update make it where you can cancel an upgrade and stuff like that,by the way great game play it all the time

David Sharp

Too slow It is a good game. It is also way to slow taking as much as three days or more to build one building. That is something that definitely needs to be fixed as well as the cost. A lot more could be made if it were cheaper, more people would play the game.

Plan Cee

Superb A brilliant absorbing game...if you're going to give a low score do it for the right reasons......for actual gameplay strategy and tactics it doesnt get any better than this....must dash; writing this has put my plans for world dominaton back a few minutes.....time to get medieval.

Francois Du Plooy

Can you please add a landscape option ? Terrible its so irritating for tablet users to not be able to have a landscape option please just add one and I might consider playing again and giving it 5 stars

Shawn Dean

Meh A fun game at first, but managing resources becomes an extremely annoying process when you start building multiple outposts. There's also an issue with notifications - I have them all turned off but my phone gets repeatedly spammed with notifications when my alliance gets attacked. I'll receive 5-6 notifications in a minute every 1-2 hours and I'm likely going to uninstall the game for this reason alone. I have the notifications turned off but am still being spammed with them.

Julie Terbieten

Top spenders get to bully others. WTF!!! Recently a guy named Jebediah was repeatedly attacking me. I tell him to stop and he sends back more armies and sends sh*tty, offensive messages. Also, please make it where its not a pay-to-win game. I would gladly pay 2.99 for this game in exchange for all the important ruby buildings, etc.

Jim Rupprecht

*RUN AWAY* The Good: Game is well designed and fun to play. The Bad: Goodgame's greed. If you play without buying rubies (the in-game currency) critical items are unavailable. You will slowly build an army with low-level troops. Better troops can be obtained from contests, but they require rubies to heal. One attack or defense will leave you putting out fires and rebuilding troops for a few days or a few weeks. Ruby buyers are able to take advantage of specials every day that include huge numbers of troop

Shubhadeep Ghosh

Loved it lived it This game is just awesome and just if we can send rubies and equipment it would have been better........though in it we can do so much.....loved it lot and addicted to now it got better

Amber Jones

Good but problems Its a really good game just a shame there is a alliance called Zombies who think its ok to bully and belittle everyone if you don't do as they say rather sad really its a game not real life think they all need to grow up

Eduardo Rodriguez

Addictive Addictive.. A little bit unfair if you dont waste money on it, but it can be done.

Lee Griffiths

New players do not download Not bad to pass abit of time, but big spenders rule the game and most big alliances spoil the game by bullying smaller clans, the top clans are untouchable and the game is seriously unbalanced infavour of the top clans, I know players whome spent hundreds or thousands of pounds on the game and still can't compete with the top clans some spent a fortune just to be bullied and wiped out of the game totally by the untouchable clans .do not download find a better fairer game.

Alex Reinhart

Game crashes! !! Every time I build something game cashes nothing wrong with my device game was just poorly made, most games work but this one will not. I also noticed that this game has very long loading screens and yes it has to load a decent amount but still 2 mins sighing in. All and all I just cant stand it. ?

Jodi Murphy

Love it Joined an alliance an now we are all great friends the last thing I expected! !! Great game , great time, my hisband and daughter play too. :)) We love it !! THANKS GOOD GAME!!

Afif Gaming

Good game Its a good game! Better than most games such as clash of clans! Tho i never played one!

Lucas Fries

I would give it less if I could seemed not too bad at first had to do an update and haven't been able to get it to load since so uninstalled

Becky Strenge

BOYCOTT THIS GAME The newest update wiped out hours of hard work and stole my troops. GG's solution, give everyone troops not just those who lost them. Ridiculously greedy gamemakers. Gamewide boycott in effect due to widespread dissatisfaction

Rob Chapman

CREAM If you have a decent job and are willing to put monny into it then the game is well worth playing, if not I wouldn't bother. The game is dictated by the top two - three aliances which makes it impossible to progress without monny and good game know this they just don't care.

Nico Thomas

Can't clearly rate... Game never starts. All it shows is "Good game", and I suppose I'm not just expected to take its word for it... ;p

Orlando Chinea

Great game, ridiculous prices. The game is fantastic but the prices to play it are astonishing.

Vikas Jadhav

Not able to play on wireless Its strange that , I am able to connect game server when mobile dara is enabled and internet is active. However at home its not connecting to game server if I am using wireless connection .

Jackie Dallas

Liked the bit of gameplay I got to do. But the print is so small I couldn't read it. Have to uninstall.

Aaron Flynn

Load of bolox Thanks for nt letting me update d game for like 3 days AGAIN!! jus lost all my troops AGAIN thanks to u lot

Shashank Dubey


akharsh vreddy

Bloddy game It is not comming i waited for nearly 30 mins bu it didn't came bloddy game clash of kings is better

Phil Fox

Update GAME OVER! I've wasted many hours on this game. Mostly because I wanted to see how far you can get without IAPs! I managed level 50 so far but it requires patience and restraint to never spend rubies! LOL

Justin Reynolds

In General Another s**t update where I keep losing connection. Spend money on rubies for these great updates, money well spent... NOT.

Alexandru Berende

Does not work It doesn't start the game. It remains at the logo screen and doesn't load.Please fix !!!

Dan1112 Dab

One of the best, very detailed game, understandable why a few bad reviews, they person's are not bright enough , to take on this epic game. Wow gg gr8.

James Little

Love this game but rubies could be free for first time player just the 4.99 package Make the rubies free for first time player a one time offer only deal. Also add new buildings like a store for food supplies only

Gregory Ramirez

Can't connect Use to play alot but went inactive for awhile and can't remember my login, won't let me recover or even make a new account

Alex Perez

This is bull. I had the game before and enjoyed it, but when I updated it, MY CASTLE RESET! I tried signing out then back in, but it won't work, I'll give a 5 star if this gets fixed.

Darren Huggins

Good game Been playing two years highly addictive !! Changed many times but same concept you will get o sleep lol

Gandolf101 Bro

Best I love this game so much. Best strategy game ever. And best war game. ^ω^

Adam Brown

Great game I have now been playing this game for roughly 3 years now. It is probably my favorite non-console game.

Chris J

Costly You have to have deep pockets for this game if you want to get anywhere decent

Krazy Mac

Capitalist game structure. The big get bigger. Strategy component is good if you don't need to be in the top ranks. If you want to be in the top ranks forget strategy and take out a second mortgage. By no means do you "have" to make in app purchases but this may make the game too slow for some players. The in game politics basically make it so you can't progress without making someone or a group angry. Most big players have several accounts, stupid. Once you progress so far in game there is not a lot of incentive to keep going as you realize that top alliances have their fingers into almost every other alliance. Game would be way better if the top strategists prevailed rather than top spenders.

Francis Be

Cannot log in Updated the apps and cannot log in my troops are dead of starvation

Maria Gutierrez

Awesomeness I love it because you can make house castle and things like that and fight like a war collection of wood,gems,iron,and army's

Alyanna Brown

Most intriguing, do try! Honestly, at first glance it seems quite simple... however, when you play the game it is most fun! Dear friends, let us rejoice in this game! Your very own kingdom awaits! *Lol I can't stop talking like this while playing it!*

Heath Fluharty

Worthless support, just want your money The game itself isn't bad when they dont perform maintenance. However DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY. I have contacted their support group multiple times without any responses or contact. In my opinion it's a scam to have you spend more money. If you play the game for free you're ok but please be warned don't buy rubies. When your troops dissappear then you'll understand. As you spend large dollar amounts to build yourself and then it's taken from you as a paying player that's unacceptable.

sougata roy

Almost a different game than others Everything is good just a few suggestions: 1. If the UI can be a bit more lucid, sometimes it feels like its lagging. 2. The game needs to be a bit more stable regarding internet connectivity. It often happens that if the connectivity has slowed down the game reconnects again and again.

greg hardy

Awesome game +++++ Best game I've played i recommend for anyone. A game you can play all day without spending money or you can rip into it and buy some rubies and there's some awesome community people are so helpful and nice thanks goodgame :-)

Rushikesh Patil

Greattttt JOin Death Corbattle s nice but graphics are not too rechable to when attacking it shows just army moving and coins are very less but after shady you get a chance to get money..anyways its greattt

Shafiq Gempak

Really Fun It's very excited when you play this game. FYI It is very hard game ever because you must compete to other active players. You will find something that you will not happy when you are uninstalled it. TQVM for creating this game.

Mike Hunt

Can't log in I'm on my Samsung S5 and it's not logging in I've tried several times throughout the day and nothing internet is fine, server is offline maybe ? I'll give a 5 rating when it's fixed

Robert Neal

Error Reconnect It keeps telling me to reconnect even though I have full bars on my phone. Also I'm connected to Wi-Fi so I would rate it here if they could fix that bug.

Anees Sulehri

Nice It's really hard to say about game because it's take longest time in upgrades and recruitment but just few attacks can b destroy your all efforts. Game required lot of amount on daily basis. It's not a good for user because fake things on the reward of real amount we are getting from GGS.

Raviteja Gurram

Updates Every update is making the game good but would be better if gge replies to our mails

Shyann Fox

Umm Okay I've been playing this game for a long time. However I just now downloaded the mobile version. I'm not going to create a new account so I need to know how to log in to my other account.

Felipe Silva

Great game but... Please add a way to move things around. Like edit the layout

Ash Music star

GGE4K Game is a good strategic one !! concept is cool exactly its all looks original!! few points : 1. game is too slow even if im in a wifi zone 2. capitals are soo rare only held by top 2 alliances rest all r a junkyard 3. why cant we relocate in winter there we cant even find a village to survive that easy !!

Vyshanav Rmenon

Hi !my name is vivek Who ever created this Surely has to get an award.this is the most brilliant game ever.its addictive, cool,awesome,improves discussion ability. It's the best game ever.!!:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

sasith bandara

To whom it may concern During last two foreign inversions I'm not getting good foreign targets. Maximum defense is 900 for level 70 foreign castle...... I hope u guys will fix this mistake as soon as possible. ( already this game is said to be a game of ruby players :-( )

Karen Grasso

this game blows gorilla Dong, the last 2 upgrades has single handedly detroyed the whole game , u cant defend or u will loss 2weeks worth of defense , if u are reading this ,just no that im 100%pissed, you deserve no stars , i wish i could take that award u got 3 years ago an blow it up, dam game terriost:^(( greedy sobbbbbbs!!!

Mike Haley

Poor customer service I have played this game for 6 months now. It started out fun and the social environment makes it addicting as you make lots of friends. However, good games has found that they can take advantage of players and engage in several deceptive practices that have taken advantage of thier customers an effort to increase profits. Additionally Thier customer service stinks, often taking two weeks to a month for them to inform you that they dont care that they took your money and did not give u what was promised.

Little Ferni

Average I hear complains about many people losing money, i dont like to add anything that leads to ingame purchases, yea the wait time is harsh but its reality, you dont need to buy to fix or upgrade just wait it out, im a level 30 and i havent bought nothing. Yes its gonna take a whime to reach legendary levels but its fun taking the time to do so

Joshua Davidson

I'd stay away if I had a second chance This game was very exciting at first. The resources, and experience points to level and advance came easily. A quest completion would sometimes give me over 500 exp points. Now, I'm a level 50 and have just about lost all interest in playing. Resource costs are crazy ridiculous. Growing enough food to maintain even a decent army is a real chore, and if you lose your army in one single event, you could lose weeks worth of effort. And you can't get them back. Bottom line, it gets extremely frustrating.

michael taylor

Fun, Exciting, adventurous.....NOT!!!! This is a complete waste of your time and efforts. Honestly is. You spend WAY too much time building, which takes longer and longer and WAY more resources as you level up. Then they sell soldiers, that people buy to just wipe you out and you have to start all over again. I have baught thier rubies also, and I wasted $50. You can't do that much with them unless you have alot, which cost you real money, and then your supposed to buy more. Then the computer castles are impossible to defeat.

Skull2015 Cdm

Hospital is crap computer enemy is to hard I spyed on computer enemy they had over 2000 troops my main castle cannot hold that many troops what bollocks that is you take my troops I heal with gold from my hospital and put in troops you need rubies to heal bottom line you stole from me you need to fix this now Im not buying rubies to heal them they can rot in hell

Colin Sherman

Was a great game but continuous money grabbing updates and glitches have ruined it. Complaints to customer support take ages for a reply then they try arguing with you. Unless you have screenshots of everything from several months previious you are wasting your time

Chad Zimmerman

You really dont want to play this one As a top rated player on one server for a couple years, ill say dont bother. 200 words isnt enough to even begin. Game is being run into the ground by the developers faster than obama is the dollar. Game is bug ridden. Customer service is an oxy moron. Refunds dont exist. This game gives all advantages to people like me that spend good money and none to you that dont. You wont be able to compete. The devoloper offers no training or strategy guide, so the learning curve is expensive and very time consuming.

jas kamboj

Storm awards. Hello guys currently i am playing this on IN1 server.This time i was in top 3 storm alliances at the end of the event I didn't get any awards plz do something as soon as possible..

Craig Weatherburn

Im a lvl 70 player been playing now for over a year and l have lost all my live for this game now with the gems and 5th wave made the game so much worse

Michael Peoples

Too many ads I really liked this game until they made you buy gems its really bad now and its wayyy too easy to accidentally buy gems

Usman Ajaz

Leaving the game Iam leaving this game forwver becoz my friend giude me that it is tatal wastage of money and time guys u should also lolz

Oliver Robinson

RULE YOUR OWN KINGDOM!(Updated) Rule your own kingdom. Don't forget about your allies they're ready when you are! Careful how you log out and in. Ended up having to start over. Working with technicians now.

Ryan Guinn

Deception The game has more popups then ive ever seen. One popup advertised that if I bought 6,500 rubies then I would receive 32,500 rubies. After purchase I recieved my 6,500 I purchased but did not receive the 32,500. I have yet to hear back from them or receive the amount I'm supposed to have. Until that is rectified I caution anybody playing this game. If your not playing dont.

Daniel Armitage

This is a great game except for the fact it is all about money, not skill anymore.

Karina Fonslet

Money hungry Game was great two years ago, but every update has made it more expensive to play. If you are not looking at spending a few thousand dollars or more a month on a "free" game, don't bother downloading it. Your castle will always be on fire, and you will eventually be extremely frustrated too.

harneet khurana

Wtf Intially the game was awesome but now after playing for 3 weeks the game doesn't open had reinstalled 5 to 6 times but still sometimes it works,sometimes not.

Michael Lengyel

Eazy 2 play, but u need to watch out for payables, i mean people that play but with a unrunout of funds. They will hit u over again and again. Because u make a great ress. Good Luck!

daisy mitch

SO ADDICTIVE Im having so much fun, plus my friends are getting a little bit curious as to what im playing =)) oh can I change my fb account?

Jason Ramba

Food production too low I used to have 100++ soldiers(most i acquired by completing missions) but 3/4 of it left after foods runs out. I try upgding the farm but it wont let me upgrd more coz my lvl is still low. So, what's the point giving the free soldiers if i can't upgrade/build my food prdction unit and then they leave? Im not rich, i can't afford to buy ruby everytime. Now im vulnerable to outside attack and its getting boring coz i can't do anything. Sorry, but im leaving.

666 666

It's good It's a nice game, but i have an Google account as you can see and sometimes its tells me that I need an Google account to pay, but its a great game so yea 4 stars for now!

Abigail Russell

Great game! My favorite part of this game would be the alliances. Great way to play knights and Kings and meet great people. Easy to play and rubies not needed as resources cab be shared. Very addictive.

Adam Jeans

Dont play unless your rich I would have given it 5 stars but every undate they move the goal posts so u have to spend more money to progress.There customer service is very lacking as well.The only good thing i can say is it started out as a fantastic game 7 months ago.

arvind BG

Awesome one I m playing this game for about 3 and half years, now game has changed more were player with money have an upper hand in the game. Good game people please give some extraordinary equipment for people who are in the game for more than 2 years. We hit, wait for good equipment but what we're we try its no use.....

Snehdeep Pawar

Purchase problem Even after filling my card detail perfectly .it cancels the purchase saying my card number is wrong...i have tried many times purchasing through google play service but all the time its says my card number is invalid please help me otherwise i will loss intrest from this game

sasith bandara

To whom it may concern During last two foreign inversions I'm not getting good foreign targets. Maximum defense is 900 for level 70 foreign castle...... I hope u guys will fix this mistake as soon as possible. ( already this game is said to be a game of ruby players :-( )

Charles Cooper

Great I don't know what everyone is talking about when people say you have to spend rubies to be able to play the game properly. I am still in great condition (castle) and a good alliance and I spend about 50-60 rubies a month when you get 60 rubies when you level up. People just don't have any patience to see you can't complete this game in a week

james ripia

Great Game While this game can be hard for some people, and time consuming i find it to be a enjoyable game. You get to meet all sorts of people. You don't have buy rubies to be good. Great game.

Mike Ballard

Hooked on it. Really enjoy this game. Everyday I have to find out what's happening in my kingdom.

Becky Strenge

Server Maintenance wiped out months of work Every time GG works on their server, it causes a major problem for most players. This time I lost hundreds of dollars worth of premium troops. GG support is useless!!

Missy Anderson

Don't waste your time or money Extremely buggy app. Will actually take your real money and the support team is non existent, so it's a huge pain to get your account fixed or money back. They also have no concern for long time players. Avoid this developer for your own betterment.

Rajpreet Kaur Rehill

Good but... ...I got this app for when I'm on holiday but I can't seem to sign in to my current account. Help!

Robert Rodrigues

Stolen troops and gg support sucks too Game stole all my demons and elite troops. I was also hacked into and spent 64k of rubies. I email support and they keep asking questions instead of returning my rubies. No a good game! Rubbish

Jeff Doran

it's only okay now because you have made the game more difficult to play without buying more rubies and there's less opportunity to win Ruby troops in contest

Steve Ward

Loving it Keep installing this game and I love it every time.Do not listen to any reviews but my review.It is awesome!!

Greg Landis

Empire 4 Kingdoms If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again!! Well sorry Good Game, the game still crashes constantly even after your latest update in April 2016 The one thing you did manage to fix is raising the price to play!! Imagine that, more rubies needed, way to stick it to us!! Game of War and Clash of Clans is looking better and better.......

Boss Dog

Amazing and Boss I wish there were more games like this one out there, this is a great game.

Gabriel Karu

Castle editing mode pls So I can move my buildings around and maximize the space usage

Nihar Jain

Game Server Connection Error This app does not get connected to the game server even after several tries. Also I did uninstall and reinstall the game, but all in vein found the same result. App admin needs to fix this issue for the game to be popular and be played by everybody.

Dapid Candra

Excellent Excellent strategy game. I think this will be excellent money maker also. It's addicted. I never register for google wallet, but I can not resist to do that just for this game. Been 2+ years playing this.

Treyarder Gamers

A decent game There needs to be a limit on how many rubbies you can buy a day as the economy is wrecked and the stratedy behind succeeding is to spend money, richest person in the world will be the best that's how it works

Natasha Grefer

Problem This new update is awful you messed with something that was working fine and replaced the daily tasks with worse prizes and took away the options of additonal tasks instead of just the 12 now listed.. you continue to destroy this game and make it not worth players time

Doug Palmquist

more rubies!!! gold or rubies? After playing some of the other battle type games out there I realized how good this game actually is. I still wish that the 2nd research set advanced veteran defense troops were a bit stronger and the 2 nd set attack troops a bit cheaper to recruit. Would also like to see some more customizable 200-point decor for a little cheaper Ruby amount then the 8500 Garden of splendor.(like 7,944 for one with [email protected] public order and 7,420 for a 7 leaf plant one with 212 points-Awesome game tho

Nadav Jacobsohn

Rubies... Rubies are to rare and you make them to be sooo wasteful and pls dont do that you need to reach lvl 25 (!?)to unlock the everwinter glacier i was so excited at lvl 18 and then UNLOCK WITH RUBIES again those rubies...! Pls dont do that you need to reach lvl 25 (!?) To unlock the everwinter glacier with resuorces...PLS do those changes then i will rate 5 stars

Paul Nichols

I can't connect to the server I have seen your preview and thought I would like the game so I got it but I can't connect to the server I tried and tryed but couldn't please fix the problem (if possible) as soon as possible

Beverly Spicer

Great game Lots of fun. Great support within alliances. Wonderful team rewards. Many ways to make coin and rubies.

Shriti Sitaula

I had reached level 21.... I was enjoying it but suddenly all the data vanished and I had to start from beginning.

Sarah Abbas

A NEW ADDICTION Well, I have never played any war games like this one before, however, it is considered one of the most amazing games that I have ever played in years. The one only bad thing about the game is that the Arabic language is not supported by the server .. and with the huge number of Arabs playing the game and spending money on it .. I think this problem should be solved ASAP. All the best.

Nachiket Thakur

Good game Just one question . Why is there a football below his sword?

Nikith Ranatunge

One star less One star less because after I bought king's banner it won't be displayed on kingdom map

Harl Bever

Assuming I'm assuming this game was made with the same people from the same version on the computer but I like the computer version better


Loop The game starts ok, after awhile, everything is just the same. Bored after 2 weeks.

Mary Coffey

Maid of heart I punch wrong and I think I lost I send email but no results as of yet I love this now it is lost and I don't know how to get it back please help

Aaron Moore

Money Grabbers Awesome strategy game but if ur not rich it will take years!!!!!

Charles Francisco

Lost it all On day 8 of playing Empire Four Kingdoms I was at level 12 and invested around $30 buying rubies and coins when the game restarted from the beginning and I lost everything. So far I haven't received any response from Goodgames. I will update my status in a couple days to let you know if Goodgames has responded. On day 10 after much searching Goodgames was able restore my game and money where I left off. It's been good every since. Still two years later.

Casey Bann

Great but Expensive and can't get anybody to email me back. Sent 4 emails concerning my account with nothing other than an automated response 3 days ago.

Moosa Shahapuri

Jack Loved it ,awesome ,addictive , the greatest, makes u feel like a castle lord

Nathan Shuster

Taking everything away for loyal players Bothered by the recent change to the login bonus and daily tasks. Rewards for loyal players are now a slap in the face instead of reasonable.

Aniket Bhuyar

In indian server join shinobi worriors.....which is d first Democratic alliance n which has d notion of fraternity n brotherhood. Cheers....

Andrew Brainard

Sweet game This game will have you sitting in the edge of your seat fun exciting and very cool play the game every single day

Neotui Fraider

Its the best game I've played awesome stuff goodgames loveing it fully welldone

James Schnelbach

Fun game This game is really fun, but the pictures in the description are not how the game really is. But one

Emmie Mynatt

Needs to be fixed I can't say it's good because it won't let me play it, it keeps saying connection error and I can't get in, and my internet was fine. Please fix if possible

Selena Mizee

Server change I can't change servers. Am I doing something wrong?

Jason Sands

Good but For some reason with every update I have to completely uninstall and reinstall it to get it to work . Really getting to be a pain

Alpha Clique

Rubies missing After the update gg i lost 500 rubies so can u please give me bac the rubies plz

Dragonlord 5034

EPIC The best game I ever played

Nicole Burgess

Talketive talk I love the way you can talk....

Badre Dr

HATE This the worst game I ever played it always says connection to server is interrupted ....

Leeann Kloppers

SUCKS All I see on my screen is "the birth of an empire"

Yousaf Chandio

Excellent Lucky penny missing from.4 weeks....

Zac Clayton

Doesn't answer my questions... The game itself is fun, but never cleared up things like resetting and things like that.

kinggamer king

I love it It's so good you got to buy it

Amit Sopori

Fun I am lucky to play this game


Great game It has awesome graphics

Dominic Pintozzi

Do not buy any thing from goodgame This company literally steals your money. They create an update that cost you money then a month later have another update that makes the previous money spent a waste. Attacks cost upwards of $20 dollars each. The game is dying. Everyone is quitting.

G Lee G Lee

Game is dead Good Games has ruined this game with buggy update after update. They take your money - give you nothing in return and the customer disservice requires a screen shot of your loses - and then calls you a liar and threatens to suspend your account. STAY AWAY .... FAR FAR AWAY.


Good Game getting too greedy Growing tired of putting out fires from the unstoppable night time computer generated samurai attacks. I really feel that good game has found a way to take rubies from people by destroying ruby bought defence tools and starting fires that would otherwise take a week to put out.

conan norton

Age Game getting to expensive and tired to much putting out fires from attacks. Game aging now been playing for 4 years. It's getting old hat and the price of rubies are expensive. Time to call it a day or give rubies for free. Needs to be brought into the 21st century with proper strategie and to boot out level 50 alliance who attack new or small alliance.

Joe Ashford

Meh Customer support isn't very good, constant "offers" popping up on the screen and reward troops get given to you whether you like it or not that can starve out your castle really quick if you aren't there. Also has issues where you can't get into the game because the loading screen gets stuck on 100/100, which means having to uninstall and reinstall the game, which is also unreliable as it doesn't always download, regardless of how good your connectiom is. If these are fixed, I will rate higher.

Priyanka Sarkar

I forgot the password & send request for new one in my email id.. But when I clicked the link for new password, its saying,'Ur password can not be changed'... Guys I need to switch my accounts please fix this bug fast. I need the password to switch accounts!

jay bee

Awesome game but.. The game needs your facebook or google email. I did enter it in so i could save the game but when i tap "player info" it shows my email account. I don't know if its safe. Does it show the email to other players? If so, please remove the feature of adding the facebook or email. I'm now uninstalling it.

Doug Palmquist

2nd veteran defense troops &vet 2HswrdMen are too weak(I'll give 5* if u guys change it the way i want) Very deeply addicting long term commitment; enter at your own risk. You've been warned! ...designers and develoers: Pretty please consider making the second set of Veteran defense troops a little closer to the strength improvement of the attack troops; or at least show how weak they are on the research info so people know beforehand that it's1% more def.strength for 17% more gold.It's pretty much as silly as i am (most of the time.) Also,PLEASE make the veteran 2Hswordmen a little stronger...Thanks,-CP3~°

Roy fernan

Please take a minute to read the description if u want to know the real thing about this game Im a legendary player of this game. I know everything about this game now. This game su*ks. Its filled with bugs. All these people care about is your money. I think this game is handled by juz a few nerd wannabees who are minting money and dont care for their customers. 1) technicus event. It says that there's 10% chances of upgrading the equipment, i tried it over 500 times and it failed. At the end. They want u to spend money. I want to write a lot more but no space. Im gonna put a vlog on utube about dis

Ye Doost

Just for money? After reading lots of recently posts, it seems need to pay money and money, and also loosing account, money and every thing after updating or changing server by company!!! .....No real fight, only a report. FRAUD SCREENSHOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!..................UNINSTALLED.............

Nastja Vidic

Just dead This company steals your money!It was a great game but now your just paying to play and I dont know if thees somebuddy as eager to playit and wasre that much money

Amol Badgujar

not giving good targets.... during events like FL and samurai plyers are not getting good targets hence can't make enough GPs..... reducing rating just because of this reason...

hayden alexander

Credit Card Warriors You can play and enjoy the game without the need for spending. Its a very enjoyable and strategic game, but no matter what you do on this game, the guy who spends the most wins

Such a illiterate game But net problem its stupid game don't game this ur mobile virus will come

Jake Renaud

PLEASE fix the visual bug, its very confusing with tweaking my equipment items

Bennett Mcneill

Best strategy game If you like a sim-like game mixed with war than this is yours game...I know I do.

Ben Shelley

Great game Very addictive, very easy to play without buying rubies so long as you know how to(;

srijan bhalla

Pathetic Too many glitches and no rply from support staff ever.

dragon pradeep

Error It shows me I don't have a active Google play account . But I have one.. I don't know what to do

Quinnae McGruder

Let there be WAR Love this game so much fun and always a battle to win and realms to conquer

Donna Hastings

Love love Great game just don't waste your real money

Shahid Essani

A DRUG Great time killer. You become addictive of it as it is a drug

Jill Pilipuf

Love it but.... Love it but could you please put dragons in the game to brotect the castles

Daniel Almaraz

This garbage installed itself on my phone

kabeer kabeervellakat

Good game Don't install it if u want a normal life. addictive enough to make u poor

The game is good but I don't know how to chat in alliance please tell me how to talk please

Rayane Chayane

I love game of 2016 and 2014 and 2015 Good game on smart TV do not work I don't no and I love you all i am in morcoo bye :-)

Empire Four Kingdoms It's a great app

KyleDeNeice Morgan

Why won't the game open anymore all my updates are current

Aleh Bich

Doesn't work at all It can't connect to servers.

Anu Thakur

Worst game So bad game please don't download this game

Laughing Eyes

Please add a railroad and railroad stations so we can jump trains :)

inside badger

Loved it I had no problems at all

Empire four kingdoms Its a fun game and easy to play.

Charles Norris

Hooked! This game is hard to put down when you get started.

It's a great game

Love it The game is lovely

Sapna Ziradkar

Better than clash of clans

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