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1 Oct
Emo Wallpapers

Posted by eBook Apps in Personalization | Oct. 1, 2016 | 85 Comments

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Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes we feel lost and alone. Sometimes we just need to surround ourselves with images that match our feelings.

The wallpapers in this app won't try in vain to cheer you up or make you just like everyone else. The somber black and white pictures and words in these apps reflect the pain and loneliness of human existence.

If you're feeling emo, why hide it? Go ahead, surround yourself with music, art and expression that show your feelings. Download this app to gain access to beautiful, chilling backgrounds that will reflect your true emotions.

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Jade Mitchison

Okay... So I totally disagree with what everyone else is saying. "Emo" literally is short for "emotional". but whatever. Also, when you came onto this app didn't you see the pictures that show the contents of the app? If you didn't like it why download just to complain? Imo I liked this a lot so 5* ^~^

Jasmine Montgomery

WTF?! Um, I'm emo and I'm not depressed! I'm actually a hyper emo. I mean yeah I have snakebites but for real. Not all emo's are depressed so before you label someone think first

Keriana Lewis

didnt like it people are right just becuz it has to deal with sadness does not mean it automatically goes under emo I'm a yellow bone and I depressed and isolate my self from people cuz there judge mental doesnt mean I'm emo or goth tho I do love some good rock music and like anime ...all I'm saying is emo arent the only who get sad everyone does it's life

Miseryy Corwin

I love this app Stop bitching about "emo" it's an overused stereotype get over it

Hollie Sankey

HATE IT Im an emo but im not sad and lonley im actually a really wild and energetic emo so stop trying to guess what emos are like because you dont no what people like me are like so stop steyotyping people NOW!

Layla Rogers

Good.... Look I'm emo as well and....well all these wallpapers remind me of when I was young.....always alone.....wish I was energetic like some emo teens and kids are......but I like being me.....but...I do wish I had friends.......but..I was never good at making them....sad...but....true.....

Maria H

Offensive I hate how people stereotype "sad things" as being "emo". people that suffer from depression and such are not emo. that is a terrible name for this app and it is very offensive.

Yazaret Marcelo-Ramirez

I have these emotions ams feelings at times...and I lost some of my best friends...but I got them back...but these wallpapers just inspire to be better...?

Leuthie G

Ok.. Some people are offended en stuff but those wallpapers are not only for emo"s . its for normal people too(not offending u in any way, im just stating the obvious) sometimes u just feel sad and want to express it in some way. I use these sort wallpapers. It just explains the way u feel.

Maya Auch

Ummm what? I don't think there needs to be an app dedicated to depressing wallpapers and labeling it "emo" I mean, really?

Kitten Overlord

I see myself in these.... I'm never going to make then my wallpaper, of course, just so I don't worry my family.


These suck! I have never thought these would be this bad... I only like on out of all of them. And that was the only good one.

Zarontae Canty

Cool I liked a girl she told me how she really fell about me at that moment I thought I wanted to be Goth because I have so much hatred but then I thought I'm not really Goth I'm an emo because a Goth can not be African American.

Theory Designs

It's okay Not so bad & not so good

Bethan Sey

... Most of these wallpapers describe my life perfectly and that's a little bit worrying how depressing my life is...

Bailey Kuhlmann

Highly offensive Wud not wish depression on other and hate depression ppl being classified as emo

Dahlia Martinez

I like it causes it expresses how i feel nd who i am✌

Megan Boyce

What Just cause. im emo Does not make me Depressed

lpsfuzzy wolf

Awesome I mean yea we arent always depressed but i actually have something that shows the real me on these wallpapers.

Faiza Khan

Emo means emotional These are sad wallpaper..sad=emotional

Farah Mossa

Faryo It is so good ....and i felt saaaadly

Randi Cain

Um Hey to all "Emos" your not actually emo if you label yourself. Also, emo means emotion. Or emotional. So shuddup and learn before you say crap that isn't true. I like this app. ^.^

Lui Gaming

? ? This is awesome. Weirdos only(emo)

Bhell Dela Cruz

Its ok 4 me

shaliyah spears

amazing These wallpaper are amazing i love them

Anna Feitz

Seriously beautiful

Alyssa Carrasco-Monroe

Love it Pictures are great and fit my wallpaper perfectly.

Naomi Nakashima

just the thing for my dark and lonely soul

Jason Roberts

nice wallpapers would recommend

dean ashur

Nice wallpapers Would recommend

samantha dumais

Offensive.... Just messed up

David Jimko

Very good

Sneha R

I loved it ...

Blanca Dominguez

Love it Love all. This

Julius Del Valle

Just by emotions

Rawan Rajib

Samsung S3 Loveing an app has never felt so good its more than awesome trust me ????

NicoleUnit :3

Funny I'm not depressed or anything. This just looks really cool?

Rhea Couer

It reflects me Ppl stop bitching and moaning about being 'hyper emo' there is no such thing. We have problems and we just don't want to admit to them...that or some ppl think its cool to be an outcast. Just stop denying that u ha problems bc anyone who downloaded this app has just proven that they do so shut up and end it.

Reccie Alecs Garciso

Emo means Emotional Uhm guys I think the 'emo' means 'emotional' not the 'emo' type of people. Y'all are angry about stereotyping 'emo people' when y'all are doing the same- already assuming that this is for 'emo' people just because it has an 'emo' word. Can't it be just 'EMOtional Wallpapers'? Ugh. People -_-

Teagan H

Ok So why is every one freaking out emo has different meanings this is just one and just because you look emo does not mean you are emo

Autumn Burt

Stereotypical I am emo and I don't act depressed that's why this only gets four stars but other than that I love the app

Dead Inside

I Dunno \(°×°)/ Idk about the other people on here, but I enjoy the depressive images shown in this app. Yes the mainstream population does believe that ALL emos are depressed little shts. I've lived with depression my whole life and I'm use to it xD. But not all emos are in it for the mood usually they just like the style and are social butterflies. On the other hand, you have people like me, lived with depression their whole life, you get use to it. Then you have all this emotion built up you just have to let it out. x3

Karla Denisse

Umm.... ∪ˍ∪ I don't know what to say this is just people who doesn't understand us I'm Emo and I never say this things or fell this way so it's a lie

Ashlee Painter

Eh I like it but people need to realize just because someone is upset or depressed or cuts or whatever means there emo...wrong. emo is a style of music and or clothing. So this is defiently stereotypical. But other than that I like the wallpapers.

Neeta Mandial

Why do these apps hardly load

Meulin Leijon

These comments xD love them

julia falconer

Emo = emotionally unstable I am very often depressed and some of the picktures are just me and i love this app

Chloe Story

Describes me most Thanks for this app so I can express myself in a way without harm.

Heaven Fuller

No. anyone who says they can relate to this is a child. You guys: OH MY GAWD I HATE LIFE ITS TOTALLY NOT BECAUSE IM 12 AND NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!! I SELF HARM! YOU CANT DO ANYTHING TO HELP ME! IM SO BROKEN! !! someone who actually feels like this:.....

J Doe

I am broken I love this wallpaper because I feel broken inside.

Mahour Shayeste

Special wallpaper I love these kinds of wallpapers..that's spesial..

Beren Akar

Perfect Well I hated emos when I was younger but I don't now. I'm not an emo yet but I'm planning to become an emo. It just describes me.

Syawalina Syawa

Love it Finally i found u!!! I really love this app

Mary Joseph

Emo U blk ur eyes and slit ur wrists but everytime u think why

Rebelious Angel

MCR emo This is gret emo. Like P!ATD + MCR +FOB emo...the best kind

Suyashdeep Banjare

Gud I can express my feelings in public

FgF My Gamers

Depression You know I will still express myself with self harm but you know I have this to help me do the talking...

Tina Smyth

Lv it .feels awasome when broken n now can express

Annabel Higgins

Amazing It is really relatible

skyler miano

Love it Emo dont listen to the haters

PinkDraculaura Holydark

Real. Wow some of these shot me right in the heart, leaving me as mixed as ever....anyway, thank you...I guess... ???

Cookie Creepypasta

Haha wow Everyones complaining and crud and I'm like :/ I think it is a good app

Breanna Clifford

Thank you. . . Ya I'm emo and that's why I luv the app,it describes me all the time... Im just happy that i have the app now cuz later on in life i'll kill myself and be done with it all...thx for the great app while it lasted-for me-


Thanks I feel like there is nothing in life for me at all and sometimes when I'm in the kitchen and see a knife I think wat has life done for me but this app helped me express my feelings so thank u

Cynthia 98745632

Found it This app describe me the most cuz i always feels lost and emo

Raven Price

I luv the app because I'm an emo and I'm 11 and I can't express my self

Jessy Coelho

Its not emo Being emo is a style of music if you are emo it doesn't mean u self arm or u depressed or u want to kill yourself doesn't mean any of this it means u hear hard rock hard core rock heavy metal that stuff

Moore Chandler

Sadness It is sad how much I want to put all of them up.... I just need a life

Victoria Timperley

There is so many dark things People say you need think of good things about yourself not dark things like this

Madison Mcgilligan

It's great... I really like this app it really shows me....

Rashmin Mahavat

Wonderful I like it. It is a good app. Really a good one

Mim khan

I Love this app Awesome Pics...

frenchjames seares

Being Emo -_- I like it cuz the note

Gelyn Bugahod

love this app??

En Ang

I was about to commit suicide but thanks to this app, I changed my mind. For now.

fall out pilots panic at the low

Finally Finally an app that can express thoughts always in my head


Thanks...... That's all I have to say.....just, thanks.

kristina ditzenberger

Cool I loved the sayings and will recommend it. Thx

Kim Avant

I love this wallpaper, it has a dark side and totally cute .

Meh. It's fine, but very stereotypical.

Love Women

Stereotypical Look at me I'm an individual thats why I sit around looking depressed moody dark and cutting myself coz that's how everyone tells me emos are and I want to be an individual just like everyone else reminds me of the South Park goth/emo kids "to be an individual you gotta dress like us and listen to the same music as us" way to go loving your individuality stereotypes

Kyla Wilsey

Great but... I dont like that it's called Emo Wallpapers because not all Emo people are depressed

slient weirdo

Umm I like the images and all but u know the title is kinda superficially steryotipical

Gino Tarnow

Cool I really like the title it describes me


Cool I didnt really get these because I was depressed lol I just got them because i thought the dark colors with the fonts looked nice. I really liked them and do think the name should be changed because it is kind of atrange owning an app that says Emo when Im not even Emo

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