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3 Feb
Eliza Becomes Mommy

Posted by Frank Carter in Educational | Feb. 3, 2015 | 73 Comments

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A year ago Eliza asked her little daughter what she would like to receive as a birthday present. “Can I have a sister?” – the girl asked. That’s how Eliza and Ben came to a decision to have another baby. Now Eliza is getting ready to bear her second child and it seems that this is going to happen today. Will you be with Eliza and Ben on this very special day? Eliza has already been through it once, but still she is a bit worried. Eliza will surely need your help to pack up her things for the hospital. At the hospital you will be assisting her doctor and making sure that the delivery goes as it should. Finally, when Eliza’s baby is born, she will ask you to take care of the newborn: suck the liquid out the baby’s nose, cut off the umbilical cord, vaccinate the baby and check his heartbeat. Don’t forget to weigh the newborn! Finally, swaddle him and handle to his happy parents!

Frank Carter part of our Educational and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Feb. 3, 2015. Google play rating is 76.5249. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 13.0 MB.

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Maika Lolo

It ok This one is the same one as elsa.they copyed elsa and at the they both have their baby sucking milk from their not good for kids age 5 under because they both from elsa and barbie u can see their boobs

Emily Horton

Eliza becomes mommy I think its the same because the bottle and the clothes but the phones are pink and blue her dress is pink and blue but everything else the same except for the little says your sister is going to be born very soon let's pack up to go to the hospital I think.

kari mann

Its guna say hunny your baby sister is going to be born help me pack up to go to the hospital!!! Well some thing like that? lol

Fran Babich This is a great game? but breast feeding!? And that's for kids lol but I don't think that's good for kids?? AND THE STUPID THING IS???? STUPID ADDS IM DELETING DON'T GET

wara wiri

Tataemiri I dont like this game because it's a short game ,i wont a long games . Uuhhhh so boring

Douaa Hamad

Loved it so much But if you are 5 years old or under don't install it because you can see Elizas boobs

Giovanni Provenzano

I have not played the game yet but I am going to.And so far it looks like barbie that is why I gave it 3 stars.

Nadia Rehman

Yay me! I loves this game it is so adorbs and I get what I want when I want a d want this game so I got it I would so say if you don't have this game you are a loser soooooo adorbs!!!!!!!????❤?????

Krystal Bibb

Eliza becomes mommy It is ok I don't really know cause I just download it today

Lawrence Lo

It's good, but the end is a bit inapropriate for children under the age of 6

Gamila Sakr

Eliza Becomes mommy.l Love it so much and more It's very lovely game so much and more.

Kaelyn Sennett

It ok When I use the phone it didn't work

Vijay Kumar

Eliza becomes mommy It is a perfect game ever I seen. I like it.

Maya Hernandez

Eliza becomes Mommy I love how the game teaches people who play it get a lot of idea's from the game

Jordan Brennan

Epic This game is epic i love it aspeshally for my little sis

Shamiala Sajjad

Loooved it so much It is very awesome and a very nice I am very happy that I found this game people play this now or an other days ???????????☺

kavitha subbu

Loved it I like this game very much because I like the method of playing

Sylvia Wasike

Eliza becomes mommy It's awesome I looooooooooove it

Bavadharani Srinivasan

Bhavadharani I really love this game. l play this atlest one day. You want to rate this game today.

Jillian Schmitz

Ok It is an awsome app it coud use a little less adds

musa ahmad

I love this game because it is for girls only not boys

Madalyn Lowe

Disliked Always freezes and wasn't that entertaining if the freezing stops I would be happy to get it again :-)


Looooveeeeed it Push breathe hahahaha this game is so realistic.

Sophia Bontseng

I liked de game bur not a lot Try the game

C A Peirce

Amazing Loved it 5 year old to 10 year old would love it get it and then see if I am right but l think l am right. thank you for reading my report.?

Tisha Sponaugle

WHY?????? This WOULD HAVE been a good game IF it would have been a longer game!!!???!! Even the lite free game's r longer than this!!!!! it took longer for the ad's n more of them than the game!!!???? Right now I'm still having to watch them!!!!

Sam W

Boring There's nothing to do. All you do is tap and nothing else.

Sierra Dunbar

Asssssome It is so good I don't go to a anymore apps???

Victoria Nyumah

In a Appropriate Maika for you to say boobs infront of kids that are 3 4 5 and 6 stop!!!!!! saying boobs infront of kids that are 3 4 5 and 6

Mackenzie Gonzales

So awesome Five nights at Freddy's 3 demo

Jaylin Dunlap

To much videos!!!! It made me made but baby cute

Antoinette Lanier

Is good I like it it's cool though.

A Google User

Eazil becomes mommy This game is aosome!!! She is a aosome mommy.

Alshien Sison

Wow,pregnant. Oh my gosh,eliza is pregnant...

Samara Martinez

Samara I love it .it was so funnnn


Love it Its awesome so cool thank you inventors of the game bravo.

Sylvia Ramsey

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Punita Kadain Singh

Liked it Children under the age of 6 should not install this app because of Eliza bobs are looking

jermaine barton

Love it Its fun a ma grl friend play it still not me

keira Lane

Good Its really good except for the last bit when the baby gets breast fed no suitable for under 6 I think

Jessica cooper

Blah Took my 4 yr old 15 minutes to finish it. I was a bit irritated when she asked why the baby wasn't coming outta the mommy's tummy. I mean c'mon. .. targeted toward kids and having them push? The breastfeeding part is the problem the rest of u are complaining about? Wow.

amanda cog

Breastfeeding doesn't show her breasts. It shows less then what you would see a teenager wear. Great app to normalize breastfeeding because thats what they are there for.

Giles Parnwell

Ok There are better mummy giving birth apps I can't asacly work out how to put the oil on

Hawwaa Mbaye

Love ? it plus it's OK u can say that Try it first before u judge it,by the comments

Moriah Moore

Great... Awesome but boring short for 6 year olds perfect but for me nah and take away Eliza boobs

Maria Makgabo

Because when you are done feeding the baby you have to replay it and its a game for 5 year old.l thought that when you got birth you have to take care of the baby but I was wrong

Destiny Rivero

It is very good This is a awesome game but it gets boring some time but good so I give it 5 likes awesome game but fix a part of it so the baby get older come on whose with me please and have a party for the baby I am only 9 but I want improvement

Hanah Tsoukalas

I did not really like this game It was very repetitive. I don't think this game is suitable for children. I don't think they are ready to see an icon of theirs (barbie) give birth, and to breastfeed a child and show so much cleavage. It was also slow.

Destiny Sims

Great I just wish u could raise the baby

lisa maggard

Breastfeed When you get done and it's born and you take care of it when you get home it says feed the baby and it shows barbies boob but you have boobs but that's inappropriate

Charlotte Daykin

Good I like this but game could be longer

AwesomeAsh 15

Should be teen I think that it's really inappropriate because it shouldn't have breast feeding in this. Isn't it supposed to be a little kids game...

Telika Howard

love it this is excellent to.teach that breastfeeding is normal and healthy and best for baby if superhero and other games can have women exposing their breast.then it should be perfectly fine for showing a new mom give milk thats how our babies are meant to be fed not to mention all the benefits! Google if you dont know there is too many to put here

Kameron Gatlin

Hate it I hate hate it hate it hate it hate hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate anyone that tries to get this delete it its a bad game

Shante Singh

Boring It will be better if it had levels and it is very inappropriate :-( 10 fingers down. Regret it . don't download it if u do you'll regret it :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Laura L. Banuelos

K Comes to see if Zoey was a US citizen of school would love some information about to go back and then hope you 9 6

Douaa Hamad

Loved it so much But if you are 5 years old or under don't install it because you can see Elizas boobs I have books also don't install 5 years old

chloe cavanez

This is my sister's opinion, not mine. I hate it because there should be deaths in this game even though little kids play it.

Josh-April Webster

Great game! I LOVE that it has Eliza breastfeeding I wish there were more games and toys that have breastfeeding. It is normal and natural. ?

Nana Agyeiwaah

I like it but there is something a little hard I like it but when I get up to the oil I can't put the oil on baby so I give it a four

Wenda Nyanda

Hated it! The game was boring and the music, don't get me started on that. I nearly fell asleep whilst playing. Really if you are going to download it I suggest you think twice. Its a waste of data(if not using WiFi) and time! Luckily I wasn't using data! And one more thing if you going to download it for you kids I suggest you think again. As a 11year old I am quite exposed to all of this but the pushing part is quite extreme.

Smyla Ross

Cute game. Too many ads. Easy to lose interest due to long ads interrupting gameplay every 30 seconds. Literally, every 30 seconds.

Mary Hurst

Eliza Becomes Mommy I love this game so so much. From Madison Hawkins

Ryan Denny

Sadie mae I hate it because it is just so easy and it is not fun at all.

Jaida Charlery-Douglas

Me me I think it is kinder good because i want to be a mum so it helps

Rheanne Garner

Its ok Stupid adds keep poppin up also its kinda weird but other than that its cool

Amber Rodriguez

Love that breastfeeding is in this app It's the most natural thing in the world yet most games for little kids only have bottles, while there's nothing wrong with that, I like that breastfeeding is on this app. It is definitely appropriate just as much as actually seeing a breastfeeding mom in public. I've noticed children are way more accepting of things like this. Ex- "Mommy what is that baby doing?" "Breastfeeding, that's how they get their milk/food." "Okay mommy" (runs back to play) Way to go for helping normalize breastfeeding!

lesli lopez

Gotta love nursing mommies! Love that it has breastfeeding! There's no problem with that, a baby does have to eat and breast-feeding is such a a natural thing.

Ashok Sidhana

cute baby The baby so cute and the game is also so cute I thought that is very bad but it feels so good so good I love this game I love it I love I love I love I love I love I love I love I love I love I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love I love I love I love I love I love I love I love I love this game so much I like that it is so gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and gorgeous gorgeous like a delicious recipe I love I love I love I love I love this game s

Madison Jackson

Weird OK so inappropriate like my 14 year old brother was watching me and he saw that so Yea I was like I know it is weird so yeah

Emily Rattin

Breastfeeding It is great that we are normalizing our kids to breastfeeding... I don't see people smashing on other games because there is bottlefeeding!

Itzanedly Chavarria

Love it I love the fact they incorporated breastfeeding the baby. Showing little girls it is natural to breastfeed a baby I love love that part. The game is fun my niece had a lot of fun playing the game #normalizebreastfeeding

Becky Hudy

Yay for breastfeeding!! My toddler boys love this game and love that they can feed baby just like I do with their little brother. It is NOT inappropriate at all! Breastfeeding is as normal as bottle feeding and little children need to be raised knowing that.

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