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15 Sep
Eldhelm - online CCG/RPG/Duel

Posted by Essence Ltd. in Card | Sept. 15, 2016 | 158 Comments

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Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is an indie, online, free-to-play collectible card game (CCG) and role playing game (RPG).

The game features:
+ Be a HERO (or a team of heroes) - as in all RPGs rise levels, distribute stat points, train skills and as in all CCGs collect cards and create decks.
+ Powerful card combination mechanics facilitating strategy - still there are over 200 cards.
+ Unique card discovery and collecting process (and other original stuff to the already crowded genre).
+ Duel for the ladder board, challenge your friends or join forces against a boss-like enemy or versus enemy guilds.
+ Crusade the campaign to be the ruler of the Eldhelm land and never be bored with the daily quests!
+ We are doing tournaments with awesome rewards at least once a month!
+ We are taking the balance and the freemium thing very seriously - play for FREE!

The available single-player modes are:
+ Campaign - unveil the story of Eldhelm
+ Daily quest
+ Custom versus A.I.

Five types of multi-player:
+ Arena - ranking pvp;
+ Challenge - custom ranking pvp via invite;
+ Slay the Beast - a cooperative mode against powerfull boss enemy;
+ Guilds - conquer the lands of Eldhelm or start a custom guild war;
+ Tournament - duels with direct elimination;

You like mmorpg, tccg and fantasy games?
Well Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is FOR YOU:
+ Three different races (Orcs, Elves and Humans) each containing different character classes (melee, ranged and casters) with completely different play styles;
+ Customization of the visual appearance of your hero;
+ A handy deck organization and creation tools - create, delete, modify decks without any limits;
+ All cards are kept in a Stash and a deck is only a group - one card can be in as many decks as you like;
+ Tired of monsters and minions - here cards are spells, actions and abilities;
+ A true cross-platform experience - available for web-browser, as desktop application and as mobile apps for all major platforms;
+ Epic music and 3D graphics;
+ Translation in multiple languages;

Some other notes:
+ We are really sad about the media storage permission. We aim to run the game with as little permissions as possible, but as we are more than 50Mb now we need to use it according to the Google guidelines. You can be sure that our only intention is to deliver our great game to your device!
+ The game is entirely online (cloud based) and requires a low latency internet connection - a wi-fi or unlimited 3G/4G internet connection is advised.
+ Contact us from our web form, via e-mail or through the in-game feedback form! We would love to hear from you!
+ Support and play indie games!

The community:
+ Official website -
+ Game forum -
+ Developer website -

Whats new

    - Preparation for new content - daily quests and background images;
    - Soundtrack improvements;
    - Bug fixes;
    To check the full list of changes in this and other versions:

Essence Ltd. part of our Card and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 15, 2016. Google play rating is 80.7137. Current verison is 5.3.0. Actual size 64.0 MB.

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Rick N

Doesn't get past Connect to Server. Did someone forget to pay the hosting bill? Or maybe they closed up shop...regardless, uninstalling.

Mark Kevin Lasdoce

I love the game The game is quite simple yet fun, it still gets me off whenever I want to play CCG. I would recommend having an expansion. More cards perhaps? More mechanics? I can't wait, man!

Bill Barnes

Great Very well thought out, and put together and is always getting tweaks and fixes when needed... Everyone who is a card player should give it a try. Too much to explain you need to experience it for yourself!

Adam Meizner

Great game with original ideas! I find this game very entertaining, filled with original ideas like the RPG-like level up system with points to spend, learnable skills and talents, and a very unique way to increase your collections without spending any money on packs or cards! Keep up the good work!

Lisette Scheffer

Just wasnt for me. Artwork sucks too

Dean Arango

Pretty great card game Coming from a frequent YuGiOh and Magic the gathering player, this is one of the better mobile card games I have played. The combos and overall turn play make the game simple and yet very intense and interesting to play. The only things I would say need improvement are the ways you acquire cards. The random deck is a great idea, but the shop seems empty. It would be hard to do to not make the game "pay to win" like most card games, but there has to be some way. Also, healing seems a bit overbearing.

Felicia Ong

Mind Game Strategy game which spurs your mind juice. Simple graphic and hope for improvement but excellent gameplay.

Amanda Chan

5 Stars Before Download! Read a gamer website review and they rated this game only 7.8 but what I read I needed to have this game! Customizeable hereos! One use special power for added stradegy! Community card draw based on class, and own deck, Simplified tactical play, RPG the way a CCG should be. If you have any doubts download this game now! I'm an oldschool gamer for almost 30 years, and trust me when I say most CCG RPG are hum drum or the same recycled crap, but this game? It dusts off some forgotten aspects of gaming well!

Chris Volak

Buggy game, slow server, confusing tutorial. Not going to waste any more time on this, uninstalling.


Needs more cards? Great game if just getting into this genre. Not very confusing, tutorial explains everything, good grasp on what's going on after just a few games. Each battle lasts about 10 minutes but can last significantly longer. Awesome rpg element that carries over from battle to battle. You character lvls and such. Nifty little perks, and a good depth of strategy. I know there are probably a bunch of games for the pros but for newbies like me this one is just fine.


Don't make a game if people can't get a sever or can't connect to it

Mark Seamon

I have installed the game multiple times and loved it each time. Always loved the interaction in the game. Always makes you think. When I look for other games I compare it to this game here... So far I have found nothing that comes close to this game with the same interaction speed and detail.

derry 22

Super awesome This addicted game !!

Lloyd Tagaban

I can't play it When I try to sign-in using my Gmail account, it just cuts to a black screen. Please fix it.

sean d

Great Great game reminds me of wen Magic The Gathering first came out. Bugs here n there and the layout and functionality of the menus are not great havn't played enough to really go into detail but at first look and play not a bad card game for those who like yugioh and MTG.

Wayne Wyant

Solid, fun game Card interaction is interesting. Classes varied, each given a different challenge. Amount of free material unsurpassed for this type of game, I never feel cash grabbed.

Jhingsxz shin

Can't further go The game itself cant undergo its process ill give 5 stars if thisis fix

Dimitry Zom

Good game, if lure is not important. A very decent game in general, a good way to spend time if you're stuck somewhere waiting for something. Beautiful artwork, quests, campaigns, PvP, it's all there. HOWEVER, the story line and the description of the cards seem to be written by a teenage girl, who had never read anything aside from manga. In my humble opinion, the game should have a great, well written story or none whatsoever. It would be better if the cards simply stated what they do, instead of dry, unimaginative descriptions.

Tone Brown

Was interested Couldnt get pass the set up. Ten min loading wheel when connecting with google play....

Jovelle Johnson

I LIKE IT, I STAY HOURS PLAYING TILL MY BATTERY GIVES OUT... Its a great game, I'm only confused at how is it that no matter how much times I mount a 60 + hit against the computer in training that it miraculously mounts a defense that negates at least 70-86% of my attack. That is one bad ass training session I must say. And how do I get new cards because I am fed up of seeing the old ones, and its hard to get by buying because I'm always caught with the choice to choose exp over gold because I want to build fast.

Aaron Hamamoto

..... Tried the tutorial and it says to swipe over the card but when I do, it closes the text window explaining what is happening.

Martin Ironmonger

Nexus 7 tablet Good game but its a grind to earn gold

Myles Lee

Truly free to play, that's four stars for you. Though i think a race limited card collection hamper the potential of the game. Add a penalty when playing cards outside your race, i am sure more fun and flexibility will result.

Logan Cole

Best I have played games like this but this is by far the best

Enrique Delgado

5×100,000,000 Let's just say in my room for two days with this app

robert mallernee

I'm just starting will rate

Shaun Wilson

I would give it a 5 star but the has problems with freezing a lot.

Lee Baker

Very fun! I like the game, it's played a little different than other card games I have played. It is very complicated, and hard to master. I messed up my first character by changing his stats, no money to fix it, and no way to win with him now. Couple weeks down the tube of play time, but it was my fault. Thanks for the reply! Sorry not a complaint. It does make it more challenging for the character to grow with you. Just frustrating, I want tio decimate all! Lol

blaze lebow

Love it Very fun game! If you like CCG then you're gonna love this.

Vincent Crisologo

awesome new player and loving it... level 4 as of now...

Jeremy Arispe

Can't play..... Keeps crashing

Bogard Mansor

Pretty cool but... The CCG needs more cards...

Daniel Edwards

Good? Yes, I think so but could it be better? N1. Needs offline camp. 2. More classes like omfg plz. 3. Visual effects. 4? I think. Yes 4. I just feel like this game needs to slow down I have made 4 accounts in about a week and there all over lvl 55 with no efforts. Gj. This is not a list of disappoint ness. It is a list of things to be and hopefully come! OK idk how to reply LOL so I'm just gonna edit. Oh it is hard if u don't put in the effort once u get a main combo its so easy, idk why they just try to go do stuff fast at the start it takes time. For visual u could do like one of those super Mario games where u stand on the battle site then once u enter it turns into something like a wizard 101 battle? Idk LOL


Generic There are quite a lot title with the same concept out there, but yeah.. this is also good like most of them. And the dev still care

abo ismail

Best game ever, i think it is better than any other game card, just i hope:- 1. More mythical and epic card 2. More classes to be added, maybe magic titan(orc caster)

Tyler Sparks

Absolutely addicting! Love this game. I can't seem to stop playing it ever since I downloaded it on my chromebook.

braxton wilson

Great style, but not much xp or when training and on the campaign This game is awesome, I like the way this game is played, and actually gotten really fond of it. Makes you really use your mind and think a few steps ahead of your opponent, but when you fight A.I. it's really hard to level up and get better cards cause they don't give a lot of xp nor gold, and you don't get both you get either or. Would be even more awesome if we could get both and bump up the earnings a bit.

Jared Strohl

Very nice Takes a second to get it down. Crashes after long playtimes. Appears to be a grindfest. Overall I like it. I play it on steam and to my pleasant surprise I could use my account I had already created on steam. Wish I had discovered this sooner.

Mark Kevin Lasdoce

I love the game The game is quite simple yet fun, it still gets me off whenever I want to play CCG. I would recommend having an expansion. More cards perhaps? More mechanics? I can't wait, man!

Leon Staden

Excellent Time Consumer I've spent a good amount of hours now playing this TCG and love it. It does start off slow but picks up progress as you level. The leveling can take a while so you need some patience as there aren't many other players below level 30 to duel against. This is where you earn large chunks of xp! The campaign mode will keep me busy a long time, just a shame the single player requires online connection otherwise I'd play it out and about. I love the variety in class and race only card decks!

chad vanloo

No offline It's listed under offline game but it won't load unless you're online

John Motsinger

I like the game play but it starts way to slow. In duel mode the game can never find someone for me to duel. I'm only level 15 though.

Daniel Collins

hard early game I have a rogue because I like fighting dirty. The problem I run into is the high energy cost of the rogue cards. Orcs are nigh impossible to beat because they do 20 damage a turn and I have no way to counter that much. I lost to a first turn "Precision" doing 60 total damage by turn 2 (AI played 5 cards, I played 2). So far, the only way I can beat knights and orcs is with "Potion of Wisdom" for as long as I possibly can (only lvl 6 ATM.) I really wish card costs were more consistent across classes.

Kim Manne

Well thought out but.... I haven't touched this game in a while. I secured a good collection of cards when I played, but the main problem with mechanics was no minimum number of cards for your constructed deck. This makes it really easy to pick the a truly devastating combo for each race, build your deck out of only those cards, and then execute. It became too easy too win unless some else was also playing a two or three turn kill. Then it's just a matter of who plays first. Any thoughts. I appreciate that you reply to the comments

Leslie Haslage

Why I downloaded. I haven't even tried the game yet, and I already think it's great. I appreciate the helpful suggestions and comments provided in response to player's reviews, both good and bad. It's rare to see such thought put into each response. I approve.

Arthur Webber

Different is good! This is NOT a typical card game. It does take some getting used to. But once you do it grows on you very fast. At first it seems a bit rough on a new player. Gold and XP seem to come slow. Which really is not the game. Take the time to do single player stuff and Sell off cards. You will find gold or xp is not that hard to get. Not enough space for a full run down or suggestions to dev here.

Antigoni Anagnostopoulou

Best card game i played in android Light game loading smoothly. Amazing gameplay. It has different rules than mtg so you need to read carefully and play the tutorial in order to get used.

tim neusbam

Great but one tiny thing... The game is absultely awesome, everything about it is great. The only thing that bothers me is that I really like the option to customize my character in games, and this game has that, but helmets for the human knight don't have a (I don't know) a more "knight" like helmet. No closed helms, there's only a more "barbaric" one and that just irks me a little. Don't know if that's something hard to add but I know I'd appreciate it if it was.

Oscar Bautista

Awesome game I'm definitely in love with this game, I can't just stop playing it, the gameplay is awesome and I've just been lucky enough to draw a mythical card from the random deck which is a great way to find new cards and the ability to keep them is the best, I'm looking forward to improve my game as I continue growing up my levels, please add new cards, heroes customization, I'd like to create a male elf hero, please keep the updates coming! Great, great job!

Cai Liosatos

Can't even get into app I downloaded it and i really want to play it, but no matter which server i try to connect to, it says that there is a problem with my wifi connection when there isnt. Plz fix.

Rainier Cerdenola

More... Would be nice if you guys could add more cards and character customization. Gameplay is awesome though.

Tim Wink

Not really sure I grasp how everything gets calculated.

Chi Luong

Nerd addiction Easy and fun. Enough said. Check it yourself

Rayshan Tixey

please make a counter card for dispel..

Emile-Pierre Turay

Awesomehelm Great game. Clear tutorial and execellent tech support. It will be tough from levels 1 to ~12, so don't feel too discouraged if you get pwned by the comp at the start! Tip: try to build a collector deck centred around a solid combo or 2 that you can pull of 3ish times in a match - and save up your gold for packs! GLHF

Octavian Tri Kusuma

WHy? Why always asking download for 5.9mb..... is this game not saving data in the phone? My credit is gone if like this.....

suzy 7478

loved it:-)


Great card game. Really good game and we'll balanced. Only thing that can be annoying is in duels if some players are loosing they won't make any moves so it forces you to either play the duel for a very long time as you have to wait for the other player time to finish or you withdraw. If the devs could make some kind of time out for a player then this would sort the issues out.

Justin Coleman

Great so far! I just started paying today and it has a really cool concept. Easy to play and great combos with certain mixes of cards. Well done free to play game. Cards seem easy enough to obtain without paying real money for them. If you enjoy card games you will like this one.

Nicola Lewin

Not working I cannot give stars as cannot get gave to work. Freezes om loading screen. If it worked i would give it a go and raye it higher

Matthew Jimenez

Wow! Haven't played a card game since magic in my childhood. This game bring back those memories. Great game.

Adam Richardson

It's a decent game with above average art. Occasionally it doesn't add your experience after a match, but that's a minor issue Edit: It was in single player mode. After winning a match it said I had won some xp and could also choose between gold or additional xp. I chose the gold and was not awarded the initial xp.

Dave Hull

A legitimate card battle game. This game requires some real thought. It's not a "bash-bash-win-bash-bash-wait" kind of game. I'm just starting out, and I'm enjoying it so far...

DJ Fat Steve

Great! Still loving it. Its definitely got me hooked. Great concept, artwork and gameplay :) EDIT: Best card game on playstore still.

Christeen Weitz

Let the battle begin I like that a PC can play this as well so me and my brother can play together

Brad Vaughn

Fun times! Great battlefield card game! Easy to catch on to & deep enough pool of cards to make it interesting.

Jeremy Hawkins

Overall Good Card Game Best part... No energy and not completely PTP

Wesley Reynolds

Solid TCG Took a whole minute to figure out the mechanics, but awesome once you get it down! Challenging, yet rewarding with slightly extensive play. Must try for anyone looking for more than a quick plug and play

Charlie Mason

Great game What this game needs is to be able to trade cards with your friends and guilds if you do this then this will be the best ccg on google play hands down.

Mud Head

Interesting ?? Keep new update n add convince for the players

Carlos Calderon

Quick suggestion Need to show us basic stuff like give us tips on what makes a combo attack

Brian Clinansmith

Nice change. It a nice change from the Magic style of card games. I would recommend it to my friends to try.

al sky soldevilla

Hi 3 stars for now Hi, I am getting this error #2032.. After updating the game..

Edward Davis

Love it Really fun to play an helps pass the time away at work when there's nothing to do lol.

Stuart Campbell

Fun, somewhat challenging, quite entertaining

Ashley Rich

Nice game! Tutorial could definitely stand to be more inclusive of all the rules, but once you get the hang of it it's quite a fun game!

Thomas Brown

Good game Good game but a semi steep learning curve for new players even with the tut that's there.

jose padilla

Very fun The game is very fun but inbthe main campaign there are many power spikes just go and duel and u should be fine

Barnaby Jones

Interesting and goes deeper than it 1st appears

Ali Taher

Can't play now Error 2032 what is the reason after update thanks

Emmanuel Gomez

Virus?!? Im afraid to open this app because my anti-virus security says that it contains a virus. I used to have the game long ago and decided to download it again but i dont know...

Green Tara

Loved it. Loving it. The tutorial is not great, but players online were willing to explain. Well worth persevering. Well-balanced and well-paced CCG with some nail-biting battles. Not nearly as cheesy as hearthstone which is a big plus. Solo campaigns are free. Excellent battle combos. All in all just brilliant.

Jerry Peer

Best in its genre I really enjoy card games built along the premises contained in this game.. easy to pick up on and graphically appealing

Jon White

Great fun Great card game, very well balance and different enough from other games out there to be fun

Warren Lyons Jr.

Great Card Game The best card game I've played thus far! Not a super easy game, which is good. It takes some good strategy and skill to move ahead, and every good gamer appreciates a good challenge!

Brian John Holton

Constant force restarts or freezing so have to restart...update have done as you said and still it force shuts during a game

Muhammad AlShaabani

Amazing One of the best and unique card games! Thanks Dev's ??

magesh sami

Highly rigged I got no damage cards leading to loss. U call it random?? My opponent gets only damage cards spamming it, and I get buffs I can't use. There is no strategy only luck

Mustafa Alhusseinat

Played it about 3 hours and can tell you this is one of the best card games atm.

Impossible Taco

It's OK Didn't really understand this game. Probably good, but I can't say for sure.

Nico Mathuse

Great Just a great game

Eugene Bekker

Could do with more explanatory tutorial

Clinton Gabbard

I'm just not sure It's almost impossible to win, unless you have a ton of good cards, and know every combo of those cards. The computer seems to be able to combo just about every turn, which makes it impossible to win. The card art is very nice, the game is easy to learn, and the combos are a cool feature. I'm just not sure if i like losing every time i compete against an opponent that isn't 10 levels lower than me. However, you don't have to pay to win, just a lot of grinding for those really good cards.

Tan Chi Hung

Waiting.....waiting...... Clicked install, waited for an hour, still stuck at 3%.Am I the only one with this problem?(Problem solved, great game :)

Brad Beck

One of the Best Eldhelm game flows quickly and easy enough. The strategic use of card collections and combos makes it's difficulty level spot on for more advanced users, while allowing the newer players to catch up quick. Glitches seem to be worked out. Play on Playa's

Nicola Lewin

Not working I cannot give stars as cannot get gave to work. Freezes om loading screen. If it worked i would give it a go and rate it higher. The app wont even start.

al sky soldevilla

Hi thanks! Yes able to play it again :)

Paul Foy

Can't give a fair rating because the game loads to a blank screen! It looks interesting and I'd like to try it but can't. Love to hear ideas on how to fix the problem. Wow, quick response and excellent service. Game is playing perfectly now with no issues. I don't often play these types of games but this one is easily holding my attention. I like the fact this game has various modes of play, although I've only been playing a few days now I'm hooked. Well done!!!

Jonas Elric

#PROBLEM SOLVED!! Bug ? fixed. AMAZING game good STRATEGY, no AUTOMATIC battle use your BRAIN! ORIGINAL. And they give support and feedback to their users.

John Dixon

Is the update available yet? I literally just found and installed this game but it won't start at all despite multiple restarts. I noticed other reviews saying there was an update available to fix this problem... ? I'll rate it after its fixed

Devin Cox

Problems Doesn't load past the Google play sign in on my Galaxy S 3.

Joshua Martin

It loads to a black screen I'm a mtg player so I wanted to see if this was any good . But alas it loads to black. On the starting screen.

Muhammad Ridwan

Improvement Its a good game, but this game still have much improvement like a new hero an balance the game, more interisting if more hero inside and more card with balance, and bug must be insolved, thanks

Kevin Jardon

Uninstalling I guess my phone just isn't good enough for this game. All I'm he is a blank screen. Next...


Loading I got stuck at the log in screen and had to restart it multiple times for it to work. Finally got into the game and love the artwork, great job!

Jason Du Toit

Really? I downloaded this game and then it just stopped working so I closed it and then it just went black

Sara Riedel

Wish I could play I try to load the game but all I see is the start bar. I let it sit but nothing happens. Just the start bar.

D Morgan

Wonderful One of the best among tactical card games but the European server is super lagging..pls get an Asian one where it's faster for those around Spore as well as for us.Also some cards are very difficult to attain

ippo hippo

Loved it! Gem among a lot of trash. Its a great f2p game that respects its playerbase. Oh, AND THEY ACTUALLY ANSWER TO THE REVIEWS WITHOUT BULLSHIT LIKE COPY PASTE ANSWERS! Its sad that this is rare but well done guys, keep it up.

Mark Wolfe

Five stars if you restore my account Unfortunately my account seems to have lost all data! Please help! User name Ares Wolfe

Chaos Shadow

Great "Real" Fantasy CCG Not like all those cut and paste garbage card games where you don't do anything at all and need to spend money to get anywhere. This one actually requires player interaction and strategy to win - in the vain of MTG and YuGiOh. Some complaints, but leagues ahead of the others. Needs to get it's name out there. Money's not required, but of course it helps. Hate the always online requirement. Unnecessary. Considering 3 stars for that.

Lauren Johnston

Love it It's so much fun. I'm addicted.

Lorenzo Merciari

Nice but... The game itself is pretty solid...too bad that everytime a combo involving dispel is played in single player's campaign there's a 90% chance that the game will crash...fix and you'll get more stars

Jackelyn Lebrun-Garcia

Its ok but.... Ok i really love it but why did i rate 4 stars? because i cant compete with other players pls help my user name is Dark Flunder

james caldwell

Got right into playing this game now I can't play because yous say I have multiple accounts!!!!

Dustan Bean

I really enjoy it. It's fairly simple to understand with lots of cool combos....unique as well.

Jeramee Douglass

Fun game! Once you really get a grasp on the tactics required to win the game it is hard to stop playing

Anubanaman Yan

There should always new in this game. Specially new card. Pls next update add a card dictionary so we could see different card effect and combos.

Mario Abrio III

Incredible It had a very different play style from the other card games I played very nice

Rolando Garcia

I love it but please include more music . It sucks to hear silence at times

Alister Zikh

Great game some cards are really hard to find but very worth the time

anthony widjaja

Error 2032 When i open it black screen and error 2032

Be La

The only bad thing is when it turns into grinding for better cards.

morris mcdaniel

This game's totally awesome!!! I literally love everything about it.the only thing I slightly dislike is how little gold you win after winning a match in campaign. But I'm still early in the game so maybe it'll get better later on. I certainly will play long enough to find out. This is the closest thing I've found to "MTG" love it!! Love it!!!

Colin Hardman

Very complicated and faulty Very complicated and not well explained. Needs a much better tutorial. It crashed when I was looking at help - it asked if I wanted to give feedback which I agreed to and wrote a description of what happened but there was no button that would let me submit it or send it. Disappointed as it looked and sounded good.

Tayln Rythur

Simply Amesome Awesome enough that the only thing I would change is getting more cosmetic options, maybe on levelup. And really . . . the gameplay? Keep as is. It's awesome.

James Craig

Bad Start Cannot log in through Google play. When I can I will change rating.

Acio P.

Awesome! At first this game seems a little boring and a lot hard to understand, but if you give it a chance it turns out as an AWESOME game!

Matthew Kelly

Closest card game youll get to perfect no pop up adds u do not have to spend real money to progress and hours of fun for people who like challenge 10/10


Great game but forced connection I used to play on PC through Steam and now that I have a phone and am not always connected, its really annoying that I can't play. Can there be two profiles? One for online play and one for offline play?

Jonas Elric

#PROBLEM SOLVED!! Bug ? fixed. AMAZING game good STRATEGY, no AUTOMATIC battle. use your BRAIN! ORIGINAL. And they give support and feedback to their users. LOVE THE NEW SHAMAN CLASS!!! Just have ONE problem... We should be able to have at least two heroes without buy slots ?

Devin Cox

Great communication Thanks and great customer service u guys very prompt responses. Some apps it takes forever for them to respond or not at all. Thanks for all ur help.

Kevin graser

Initial thoughts Very good. Allows you to play as you like. Meaning single player. Now if only you could play off line. The fact that it is free and holds your interest says it all. I fear the grinding necessary to advance will become a nuisance but I believe that is intended to drive you to buy to be competitive.

cedrick shande-jones

Very intricate gameplay! Only wish there were more characters or customization options, and it crashes sometimes when I try to change the name of my character, profile, or deck. Still all thumbs way up! Keep up the good work :)

Niki Kočí

This game is terrible. Random deck RNG, can drag on for so long. It is very fun. It is also heavily P2W with some cards being strictly better.

D McKeon

Great card battle game So far it seems to have plenty of options and does not come off as a money grab like most apps on here

Missionary Avenger27581

Crashes Often Never made it past login screen before Eldhelm stops responding. Too many crashes.

Denis Curtin

Lost my character I spend 5 hours straight and when i i go to train my hero i get error messages. I leave the game and come back to find the hero isnt there anymore. If i can get it back i will raise the rating.

Randall Jewell

I love ccg's I have epic battle cards, deck hero's, shadow era, and elemental kingdoms and this one beats them all hands down. Great strategies and combos. Just wish you got more gold and exp.

Quentin Dahse

Freezes sometimes but overall good game

Brad Allen

Enjoyable Good game, would be nice to have some more immersion in the storyline. Definately worth a look though.

faite kellander

Good but has it's problems From what i have played so far. the game is fun once you get into it, but before that it can be just a boring chore. The way it explanes things are. Very confusing. The menu is poorly implemented. It has a terable difficulty curve. Early on. And i have problems logging in 2/3 times. Once these things are fixed the game would be a very fun past time.

Green Tara

Loved it. Loving it. The tutorial is not great, but players online were willing to help. Well worth persevering. Well-balanced and well-paced CCG with some nail-biting battles. Not nearly as cheesy as hearthstone - a big plus. Solo campaigns are free. Excellent battle combos. All in all brilliant.

Psycho Emo Vampire

Pretty cool I've played a few card games similar to this and they've all been exclusively online games vsing other people which are always unevenly matched so this game is a nice breath of fresh air. I haven't tried the multiplayer mode yet because I honestly don't have much interest at this point. But this game lets you play offline vsing computers who put up quite a challenge sometimes while being fair and not completely overpowered which is, like I said earlier, a nice change to the exclusive online card games in this genre. It sits at a 4 right now cause I to plan to try multiplayer eventually, if I like it, I'll up the score to a 5, if not, it stays at a solid 4. Fun game and good for killing time. Just having a solid mode vsing computers makes it one of the top games of its kind in my books so anyone wanting a challenge but not having to be online and vsing people should check this out.

mace vistro

Interesting/addicting but Can you please help me, this is the 2nd time i installed the game but tgen same error appears (error #2032) i really love the game. I juz play it once then suddenly i cant play the game noe... pls... pls.. what will i do?

Rajagopal V

Excellent Wonderful game. However, I was disappointed to find that only one character slot is free. This means I can't start as a new class without destroying my current character.

lebo mashego

Amazing game! I'd rate 5 stars but the bugs and network lag annoys me too much, but otherwise, this game is a work of art

Lovely Villafranca

Rouge quest no experience gain It is impossible to use Rouge character for no experience given to any of the quest.. It is pointless..

Felix Plasencia

Great card game Complex and complicated at first but of course the more you play the better it gets I just think its too much gold and time to upgrade other then that fantastic

diki kurniawan

buggy This is good game, but i have problem of conection. My conection is excelent but the game loading and buffering, please help me.

Nicole R

Great Am enjoying it, though it saps the power in my pad (mainly the pads fault I'm sure)

Don Zimmerman

Challenging This game is quite challenging, but also very fun. Card combos are fun to make.

austi kalen

Great game Very simple cards but very complex tactics

Viktorija Sabas

Absolutely amazing! Shuts down sometimes.

Lennox Stampp Jr

Cool so far I'm still a noob.

Gaurav Mestry

It is superb!!! Really liked it a lot!!!Full of adventure!!!

sami mahmoud

Very complicated

samantha dickinson

Lots of fun

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