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26 Jan
El Dorado 3 slot machine

Posted by ZENTRONIC GmbH in Casino | Jan. 26, 2013 | 58 Comments

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Important!! Please update to the latest version (604159) to be able to connect to our new game server!!

★★ Welcome to El Dorado 3 ★★

Welcome to our exciting new casino slot machine game El Dorado 3.

This game is more than just a slot game. Let's call it a casino adventure game. Travel through 31 exciting levels, discover and unlock hidden bonus games, collect treasures, and gain secret rewards.

The game offers casino gaming at it's best:

★ 5 x 4 reels for volatile gameplay
★ Stacked wilds
★ 1024 ways of winning
★ Player selectable lines
★ Bets up to 2000$ per spin.
★ Full and half double up game.
★ A high performance "mersenne twister" random number generator.
★ 4 exciting bonus games one with mystery trigger.
★ 3 independent player profiles.
★ 31 levels of fun.
★ fine grafics and fantastic effects.
★ and much more...

Of course we have implemented a platform independent global leaderboard, and we have implemented gamecenter leaderboards and achievements, so you can compete with your buddies.

Our new game engine runs this game super smooth, the perfomance is incredible. This game really pushes the edge of slot gaming.

At the end of the journey the legendary gold treasure of El Dorado awaits. Can you make it so far? Find out now...

Whats new

    ★ Support for the Nexus 4
    ★ Various Bugfixes

ZENTRONIC GmbH part of our Casino and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 26, 2013. Google play rating is 86.4119. Current verison is Actual size 26.0 MB.

Download el-dorado-3-slot-machine.apk 26.0 MB


Vicki Gribble

Better than the rest Only reason i didnt give 5 stars is because it takes forever to lvl up. Thats what makes this different from their other slots app. You dnt get the extra xp. Apart frm that it is an excellant app. Still not sure what the 3 profiles are for bt handy if u run out of credits. Would be even better if there was more different slots to look 4ward to.

Fred Jensen

so so. Stopped being fun. changed rating: to 1 star. this was a fun game until XP points accumulate. after that bonus became far and few in between. amazing how your bonus coins suddenly disappear when XP points get large, not to mention 300,000 coins suddenly disappear and all I have left is 16.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Grabbed me from the start! Uh-Oh, But I see a familiar pattern forming. I KNOW it's taking me down the SAME PATH as their sister-game, 'Pyrimid-(Something)' does...allows you to LOVE

felicia middleton

One One of thebest so far it have some flaws but I plaayed a lot of games and they r full ot sht

Kim Marie Holton-Rapids

Fun game but... This is a fun game and great if you have other people using your device because you can have three profiles for this game. The one thing I wish this app had is multiple slot machines instead of just the one.

Lori Kolter

Different This is really different. I really like it. Runs good, good graphics. Only Im dissappointed in is that when I first downloaded I was able to play this for hours. Now its not giving much and have to wait for daily bonuses. Otherwise 5 stars from me. Nice game- I just dont want to have to wait on bonuses like all the other games, cause I have like 10 and all I do is wait on bonuses all day long.

kathy williams

ISucks Been playing for months and only one level that I have maxed out at. The bonuses are very poor and far between. Don't waste your time. Gets boring after awhile of going nowhere same with pyramids slots 3. It has been under construction for so long and I can't get magic points because they keep robbing me of the millions I had accumalted. I am going to uninstall. Only taking up battery space.

Kim McDonald

Great this game has awesome graphics for my galaxy s2 it is a fun game haven't had no problems out of it yet so this game is great if I was you I download it

Matt Briard

Almost perfect..ummm A little tedious,but if you like big'll love it

Sherman Morse

Unlimited Play Finally found a slot game that I get to PLAY, rather than spending the majority of the time "earning" coins or being forced to buy them.

George Prislupski

Great game Loved this game for 3 Weeks.. I have got to level 31 the last level.. Cannot bet any higher that 1,024 and i have over 11 million credits.. Very bored with it now. Would love more level and be able to bet much higher...

Mary Rebele

All zentronic games are ACES. Fun, good payouts, a keeper. HAVE FUN, I DO! Dont forget to tap the cupcakes, when they show up after a win! You have any problems, dont worry, this company has your back-always. Great customer service. They actually respond to all concerns you might have. The Best Game!

Lanai Nathan

Kewl but can't get play nemore First time I downloaded it was algud, but next day it restarted itself and now I can't get past the part that says tap here to play.:(

Karel Olson

First impresson is good I only staryed playing this game but i like the graphics and payback so far seems good. I wish the top portion of the screen was lower as i have trouble with top portion cut off and what are the cupcakes for?

anthony pesino

I give it a 10 Star game. I've played so many casino games but nothing near as good as El Dorado. Brilliantly done.....I loved it. I play it everyday and earned a credit of more than 164MM.

Ed Terry

Fun and less time bonus Played this for a while, and clicked to see how to unlock how to unlock treasure gate bonus, it only showed buying some coins, so I did.. got the coins but no unlock.. No way to back up if you change devices.

Rob Pike

Blah Payout sucks bad. Need more free coins or better payouts to make ir fun.

Denna Ocasio

El Dorado 3 Love, love, love this game! The only problem I've had with this game is not being able to put it to bed so I can go to bed myself. Enjoy! I know you will.

Sam Burke

Great game to play But it never would let me get my name on so I can not see global score

Sandy Hagerdon

Its good I like it win more then on others. You can also play as 3 other people

timothy Ford

Timothy I want revise my rating and comment of el dorado 3 slots after playing it for awhile I find it the best slots on the net and if I could give it more than 5 stars I would superb game but one thing it needs more levels it only goes up to 31

Cheryl Aldridge

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0(READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH PLEASE!!) Just hit level where I'm to receive $5,000,000(never got them) Gave game another shot since I love it so much!! (Got to next level @$10,000,000 again never got them so I've wrote to company explained all thata going on. Started with a 5 srar rating, how very dissapointing!! It just gets stuck at 12,500.000

Jann Robb

Good game until you get to Level 8, then your lucky to get 1 lot of free spins in whole level. Too long to wait for bonus coins, too long to get whole slot uncovered.

Lawrence Salazar

One of the better games graphic wise moderate wins. Enjoyed it made me have to think more conservative in my betting method but just the same its a fun game.

Alicia Nevarez

El Dorado Enjoy this game very much gives a lot of bonuses right away I give it a 10

Ebony Flowers

Nice graphics Enjoy playing the game. Needs a sound options sometimes I just don't want to hear the machine sound.

Joanna Chaffin

Joanna c Cheated me out of 2,000 plus credits after free spins. Love this game....please fix!... Three days later ive gotten cheated out of 6,000.00 Plus bonus points....please fix

Carla Gira

Became boring Reaaly liked this game until a certain level was reached. Then few wins and smaller payouts. Also nothing new is added to this game. Too bad, as it was good to start with...

Christal Goodsellt

Nanagoody1 Nice game with three games (all the same but gives you 3 times to play) If I get low on one I go to the next one. Kind of wish free coins came every hour. I spend more time then I should playing lol but at least I am not losing real money.

Benita Stefanczyk

The best! Nice reel motion,beautiful graphics,fantastic support( polite and helpful and you deal with a real human!) All slot machine developers should be taking notes.

Josephine Chikko

Need new levels This is a great game! Will there be any new updates? I've completed all levels and have 9 million credits but can't seem to use them for anything.

Rebecca Wycoff

Road to level 31 Stops at level 31... No more levels? Disappointing, but it was fun getting there.

linda moore

El Dorado 3 slot machine When I get coins & don't play them then u lose them. When I am playing & log out when I go back coins are gone. Please fix.

John Souza

El Dorado 3 Played this game for a long time. I got to the last level and finished, I thought there would be more, but was disappointed that the game just ends there. Now I have 9.6 million points to spare with nothing else to shoot for. That sucks. It was enjoyable, but now???????

Clayton Miller

El darodo Gt he game is fun an keeps you engaged and wanting to play it more

Abby tuter

El dorado 3 Great APP never crashes lots of fun. Has plenty of bonus opportunities which makes it realistic if I could win this kind of money at the casino I could quit my job.

Don M

Fun, but forces full brightness. I like the slot, nice winnings, but I don't like how it forces my display to max bright with no setting to change it. No need for that.

Deborah Caldwell

Great game , love the concept of all the lines and I like the free games.

Richard Fiedler

Slot The very best slot game out their. Im on level 10

Arlene DeFinis

Great game Great game wish the bonus coins were more. Guess I'll look for an alternate.

Stephen H.

HAVING SERIOUS ISSUES! Giving 1 Star Just 2 Try & Get Support 4 Issues! **Having issues with game, is not leaving 2 hour bonus collections added 2 my account, keeps disappearing every time I go back into game & has cost me $500 coins several times in a row now & need the money added back 2 my account please!**Wrote support, haven't received any response & the game is still taking the 2 hour bonus back if U don't spin at least once after collecting it & after every win if U don't spin 1 more time, it doesn't credit the winnings from the previous spin, it just leaves it off. Now I've tried writing 2 the support address listed here & gotten nothing in the way of a response nor even an automatic reply & I need these issues fixed & the missing money credited 2 my account! I caught it early but after it had already cost me 4-5 $500 2-Hour Bonuses & on this game $2500 is alot of coins, not 2 mention the winning spins that haven't credited when quitting the game!

Kristina Pedersen

Bonus coins Love the game, actually win sizeable returns in free spins which is better than most the slots I've tried. Only problem is says coins every two hours, but only works for me every second time so might as well be every 4 hours like other slots.

John Vyhnal

El Dorado 3 My XP level is stuck on level 31 at 12, 000, 000 points. I am over 17, 800, 000 on my XP points and have not received any of my level up points or anything from the 12, 000, 000 to the 17, 000, 000. Also, 50% of the time, when I hit the Secret Bonus the screen turns black and the game shuts down loosing any chance of hitting a bonus. Can you fix this please! I really like this game and play it everyday. I play it on my Galaxy S III, thanks! John

Jeff baldwin

Pretty fun game until it completely resets at level 1 I was up to a 10 bet ( lvl 11or 12 I think) and the game reset back to lvl 1. I am not sure if it is worth it to restart all over again with the possibility of it happening again

Yanira Gonzales

I had no choice but to rate this game a 1 star. I would have given it 1/2 star because I have been collecting my coin's every day and it keeps telling me that I only have 499 coins. This game is lame. Would not recommend it.

Rob McNeill

Not bad. Seems fun, no ill effects. I like the upgrading, but I fear that at some point I'll tap it out. Bonus games are...lackluster at best, just free spins. Still, overall OK and I can't complain since it's free.

eve m

This game is a time warp, it has passed hours for me. The bonus rounds are great and the credits last longer than any other slot game I've downloaded. SUPERB. The BOMB!!

Sherri Moore

???? This is by far my favorite slot game! only thing don't like is the rate question!

Pam Sanderson

fun its a fun game, but everytime I collect my bonus and then return to the game later the bonus is not there, it starts me back over at whatever balance I had when I left the game. This is not fair. If you fix I will give a 5 star

Anthony Belham

U How long do we have to wait for the next levels. Hope they are better than the new levels on pyramid 3 games

Alan Scalzi

Ace Like it a lot played other slot games that last a few minutes then you have to wait 4hrs to get more coins!

Demetrice Spriggs

Cool Game. It is a fun to play it's almost like at the casino itself. I like the different bonus it has. Level up are not that long to achieve. I try play every hour. It is fun.

Socal Nikonian

Credits don't tally correctly Your credits decline when you win and increase when you lose???? Can't anyone make a game that works??? Nice graphics but boring game.

Candace Regnart

Not enough payback during play. I like the multiple lines and 3 different bonus games BUT BONUS GAMES ARE RARE AND COIN PAYBACKS FAR TO LOW. I would suggest making the play/pay ratio a bit better or daily bonus coins higher and/or more often, to encourage more new players and keep the older players coming back. ;-)

Paul Nichols

Fun game Fun game. You can play for a long time and not immediately lose all the starter money. Keeps you interested and moves fast. I recommend it!

Trudy Salmaso

Crap WAT the looked like a great game then yeah start playing it. Boring almost fell asleep playing it


Good game but... Good game but 95% of the payouts pay less than what you bet. It also takes way to long to unlock the lines in ever game. If I didn't have to wait days to have all lines unlocked this game would get a better rating.

craig richards

Paid for coins and didnt get them I paid for coins and they never showed up in my game!!!!

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