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9 Jul
Egyptian Senet (Ancient Egypt)

Posted by Ezzat Studios LLC in Board | July 9, 2016 | 107 Comments

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Start your mysterious afterlife journey to pass through the underworld realm of Osiris

The Favorite Pastime Of The Pharaoh Tutankhamun.
The Artifact Of The World's Oldest Board Game Found In King Tut's Tomb, Beside The Golden Coffin & Sarcophagus.

==== Awards ====
◆ Nominated for Top 20 Apps in Mobily KSA Developers Award 2014
◆ Nominated for the World Summit Award 2013 in e-Entertainment & Games from Egypt
◆ Silver Winner in 2013 W3 Awards
◆ 1st Place Winner Of Egypt e-Content Award 2013
◆ Winner Of Gaming Egypt Contest 2012

After performing opening of the mouth ceremony on your mummy by Anubis, you start your afterlife journey protected by Eye of Horus(Wadjet) to pass through the underworld realm of Osiris, challenging an invisible adversary inside an Egyptian hidden tomb in The Valley of the Queens located near the better known Valley of the Kings, on the west bank of the Nile river across from Thebes (Luxor)

Senet is a board game from predynastic and ancient Egypt, it is the earliest known record of a backgammon , checkers and chess like games.

The oldest hieroglyph representing a Senet game dates to around 3500 BC.The full name of the game in Egyptian was meaning "The game of passing".

Games have been around for thousands of years, but none are older than the ancient game of Senet, invented by the Egyptians roughly 3500 or 5000 years ago. It is believed that this two-player board game originated as a popular form of recreation with both royalty and peasantry. But by the mid-13th century BC, Senet had evolved into a more religious ritual. Some depictions from this time period forward show the game being played not by two people, but rather as a deceased player competing against an invisible adversary, interpreted by some to symbolize the deceased players own soul.

The board has become a metaphor for the afterlife with pawns moving across the board just as a soul moves through layers of the netherworld after death. Reaching the final space and leaving the board is the goal of the game, just as reaching Horus and leaving the netherworld was the goal for the Egyptians after their death for attaining rebirth with the gods Isis & Osiris, Sekhmet & Bastet holding the Egyptian Ankh or the papyrus scepter.

The game board consists of 30 squares or slots, arranged in 3 horizontal rows of 10. Pawns move from left to right through row 1, then drop down and move from right to left through row 2. Dropping down again, pawns move from left to right along row 3 and finally, off the board. The game uses the rules of timothy kendall in his game, Passing Through the Netherworld :The Meaning and Play of Senet,an Ancient Egyptian Funerary Game.

The game includes five special squares, governed by their own rules, each containing a hieroglyphic. Square 15 is the House of Rebirth; square 26 is the House of Beauty; square 27 is the House of Water: square 28 is the House of the 3 Truths; square 29 is the House of 2 Truths; and square 30, the last, is the House of Horus,the Egyptian falcon-god and lord of the sky.

Egyptian Senet is a pharaonic challenging game that combines luck,strategy,and magic features authentic photos of ancient Egyptian temples,plus artistically crafted graphics and animation of an ancient stone game board and pieces,set in an echoing,tomb-like chamber.Ritualistic music plus sound effects of stone pieces moving recreate the atmosphere of predynastic Egypt.The App's Icon shows the Egyptian Queen Nefertari playing Senet in her tomb,she was the great wife of the pharaoh Ramesses II(Ramses)Rio. Also many Egyptian Queens have a similar photos playing Senet such as Cleopatra,Nefertiti the great royal wife of Akhenaten,and the Queen Hatshepsut the wife of Thutmose II.

Recommended for everyone interested in Egyptology, Archeology

Supported Languages in 2016: (English Arabic French Spanish German Italian Dutch Russian Japanese Korean Chinese Portuguese-Brazil)

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Radu Savutiu

Feedback You are probably using onResume to trigger the interstitial ads but this may trigger a lot of them in a minute if users go from activity to activity. Use a global in the Application class to remember when the last ad poped up and use it in every onResume to potentially ignore redisplaying it. Other than that, great game!!!

Albert Chieng

Good Game This game is really fun and interesting. It is very beginner friendly and has a original concept. The graphics are particularly good and the rules are refined and polished. Have been hooked onto the game since I downloaded it. Thanks for the great game devs!


A really good senet game If you've played previously senet then you're definitely gonna like this one it has a really good AI and while the graphics could have been better it still reaches its objective which is to make a really a good mobile version,the game has some disadvantages tho it's filled with ads from other apps the worst part is that those pop in the middle of the game and if you click one of those the game will reset itself, another thing is that other apps based in board games have a local multi-player mode like "connect 4" or "air hockey" well unfortunately this game doesn't has that so you'll be playing against the AI all the time which doesn't sounds that bad because as I previously mentioned the AI is really smart

Alex Harrison

Very polished looking, but ads are annoying. Interesting game. The graphics are nice. The rules are thorough. One improvement would be to present the rules in a more interesting format than wall of text. One con to this app is that any time you want to go anywhere in the game, you get hit with a full screen ad or two. Gets pretty annoying.

Deepesh N

Similar to checkers and chess but better At first it may seem a bit intimidating but once you get passed the learning curve you'll really enjoy this strategic bored game. It's really fun, the graphics are great, and the soundtrack is well done. I would love to see more work from the developers!

Anh Duc

Fun yet challenging I love egypt past and present very much so I just downloaded this game. Seems good so far. At first it's hard for me to understand the rules, but after about half an hour I fully understood it by myself. It's now time to challenge my friends. Graphics is good, I think it could be better. Highly recommended for people that love egypt.

Le Bo

fun games This game is a good game, it has good graphics to attract the public and a great soundtrack playing in the background. I think this is a simple game that causes it to kill time when you have to wait for marriage, or anything else, even a school, this game is very interesting. It has good graphics and great music playing in the background. Gameplay is very difficult. Nice app!

Carlos Maldonado

Good game! the game is really fun, awesome time, the UI is very great, it is an easy to use app. the games keep me coming back very challenging. you can also play with your friends and have lots of fun. would recommend to anyone who is looking for a good fun game.

Bratu Mircea

Very nice game This is a good game, it has good graphics that appeal the public and a very good soundtrack playing on background. I think this is a simple game that its reason is to kill time when you have to wait for the buss, or anything else even a school. Could be better but it's a good start.

Ziggo Chyi

Nice game! This is a really nice game. The game is so cool! It has a really beautiful user interface. And works really well. Love it so much!

Lai Phong

I think this is a simple game that its reason is to kill time. No wonder it I think this is a simple game that its reason is to kill time. No wonder its getting all the accolades. Beautiful and eye - catching graphics.

Trung Nguyen Duc

Nice app This game is very interesting. It has good graphics and a very good soundtrack playing on background. Gameplay is very challenging. Nice app!


Great game This game is so much fun! Very unique and awesome concept. I love playing this game with my friends!

Tabatha Vandal

Awesome Game This is belter than any other board game. Makes me want to make a board game of it, so I can play with friends.

Giang Nguyen

Good board game I confused when i play it at the first time. But when i know how to play, i enjoyed it immediately. Gameplay affected with ancient Egypt style make this game become unique, no other board games have game style like this. Very good board game with new gameplay.

Shaninda Smith

Love, Love, Love It!!!!!!! This game is awesome! I Love it! A Must Download! Have to mention ads. The only time there is an ad is when you start to play the game. Then after that, Nothing. No ads will pop up while playing this Awesome Game! Trust me it's Good !-)

David Crawford

Used to be good, now terrible! This was a very good game, and I had a lot of fun playing this with my son. But in the last update they removed the two player option so now you can only play against the computer. Waste of time, don't bother downloading it.

Kailah Pennack

ADS EVERYWHERE Every single time you click on something ... ads pop up, but the actual game is fun which is why I'm rating this at 3

Caio Coutinho

Nice Very cool game, challeging, very unique and fun, Beautiful graphics, responsive controls, very nice user interface too, i love it so much!

an va

good It is one of my favorite necessary app on my device. The game includes five special squares, governed by their own rules, each containing a hieroglyphic. This application is very useful to me. I really like this app. Thank you very much

E Hyde

Love it So fun! It took me a bit to get the rules, but now I'm hooked! Ads are tolerable because they don't interfere with game play.

Nolisha Fairfax

WAY TOO MANY ADS Also don't understand why I can't move certain pieces even though space is free ?

Aparajita Kumar

Something New This game has a unique interface and its soundtrack is awesome.With the innovative game play this game has a potential of having a very big fan base. I totally recommend this game

Rohit CK

Best board game This is the best board game i've ever played. I thought it will be difficult to understand the rules since it is an Egyptian but tutorial helped me. UI and sound effects are good too.

Rishabh Poddar

Entertaining! The game is quite unique and entertaining with nice graphics. The background music is a pleasure to listen to. Simple gameplay - doesn't even requires you to read any rules! One of the very few great games that works smoothly on Gingerbread.

Haissem Trilogy

I can diggit!!! Ok love it already. Just downloaded it today!! A must have for ancient Egyptian fans like me.


Historical Game I love ancient Egypt and so I love this game. I'm addicted. If only I had the physical board game.

Marvin Siu

Fun I've never heard of Egyptian Senet before as I'm not really into board games much these days but finding out it is the oldest known board game known to man it definitely piqued my interest. The game itself if you've never played it is unique which intrigues me so I'll definitely be playing this for the next few weeks. Fun Game!!

Sachin Sonje

Challenging game!!! The best challenging and knowledge improving game to play. Now get into the Egyptian world and play to win. Developer appreciated. Five stars from me!

David Wilson

No 2 player mode There is no two player mode on this game. Please add it and this will get five stars!

Blake Landers

Bad AI This is the best senet app I've found but the AI needs some work. I've won every game by a landslide.

nqdji rtem

Good game This game is very interesting. I play if for a long time, it game me a lot of happiness.Great game graphics and beautiful sound effects. Love it so much.

Teresa Briann Lohr

Pause would nice Is there a way to pause a game instead of just exiting and losing everything?

Katherine Griffis-Greenberg

One of the best Senet games seen! I have played Senet for over 20 years on the reproduction board games, but this app makes the game new and exciting again. As an Egyptologist, I can appreciate its accuracy, and as an experienced player, I appreciate its speed and strategy. Great game from an ancient source.

E Hunt

Game cheats Game after game it consistently gets 5 roll turns. Please fix your math.

Udon Mach

Good Might take a while to understand, but once you understand the rules you'll find this game is really good.

Isis Amore

Awesome game, very intense for me at least. .. Love this game.... was yelling at my phone playing it, lol... I need to win, I want Osiris, not to die a second

Matthew Schott

Very fun and unique game! It took a little practice to get used to the gameplay but reading the rules helped a lot. This game is very fun and has really good music. Really worth downloading.

Young Kelvin

Nice game This is a very nice and fun game, also challenging which makes you want to keep playing. It’s a great way to kill time and I like the graphics and background music!

Gourav Jamwal

Very nice!! It took me a while to understand and learn this game. But after that, it has given me so much addiction that i usually play for an hour and don't even know about it. It's very light as well and doesn't even uses much phone battery.!! :)

Елена Бугай

nice! absolutely love it! need an ad-free paid version

Andy Barnard

Excellent game play. Especially with 2 players.

Rob Burroughs

Too Slow I've played other senet apps and toes one while graphically appealing takes far too long. the unnecessary animation while transitioning between turns takes longer than the turn does. also the numbers cast seem very unrandom to the point of seeming loaded. AI cast a "1" four times in a row giving itself another turn each time. also it shows when you are on the home stretch and get sent back three to four times in a row. I'm not super concerned about the graphics even, Sabiya senet is better. uninstalled

Afrodeziac Blackbonez

The Best animated Senet game ever I just love this Senet game the animation is excellent and plays great, flawless and effortlessly. As the programs give its opponent an enjoyable challenge every game. My wife and I like it so much that we purchased the app for our family to enjoy on our media player....

John Worley

I've only played a few games with this version but I liked it, found myself wanting to play more and overall found it to be a very good adaptation of one of the oldest (maybe the oldest) known game. Well done gents.

Travis Johnson

Love it I'm obsessed with ancient Egypt and although no one knows the exact rules, this is a fun and believable game

Tatiana Leach-Herazo

Senet makes you think. By the middle of the first game I pretty much had a good understanding of the game.

Jimmy Wetsch

OK game if u can get past the computer moving more than u....... Cheats sometimes .... Gets to many extra 1..4...5s I only get like 3 per game and computer gets every other turn

T-Roy Martin

Well done! I needed to learn this game for a play, and this was very well done. Fun graphics. Simple interface. Very cheap to avoid the ads.

cedric valson

Great strategy game Although I am on my third play through now, some rules don't seem to make sense yet, but the overall game play is great. I really don't have a negative thing to say, it is good

Iris Crain

Easy yet fun This game has believable gameplay, nice graphics, easy to learn yet holds enough challenge to be interesting. Would love to make an actual board set, but for now, this is perfect.

James Moore

Missing Important Rules The game has good animation, graphics and music, but inexplicably is missing several important rules. Forced movement, where you must move backwards if no other move is available, is not there. A lot of lost possibilities. Loss of turn upon going into the water is MIA for the computer, but not you. Free throw when landing on squares 15 and 26 missing as well. In addition to all this, the computer cheats. It routinely rolls 4s and 5s, while you get mostly 1s and 2s. Disappointing..

Joe Grober

Have always liked this game, but.. Been playing this game for years,on a real board. And i noticed the rules seem to be a little different from the ones I've been playing from all this time. Obviously I wasn't playing alone,so I'm not the only one to notice this. Counting the sticks and moving the pieces off the board are different from what I've known .. I will be back to update this review ..

Sophie Phillips

I Love Senet, But... I love Senet, but this version is irritating. The game must ve rigged because the computer always seems to be rolling 4's, 1's and 5's, whereas I've been receiving 2's and 3's. I also thought pieces couldn't be captured in the icon space? The computer kept swapping out my pawns.

Cidney Jacobs

Love this game I have this as a board game and now I can play it when I'm out and about

Todd Steif

Love the graphics sound effects and ui. Very challenging. The ads were quite annoying, but the paid version is worth it. I plan to craft my own version using a board and tiles.

Siddharth Ganesh

Damn,it's good According to Egyptian mythology......THIS GAME ROCKS!!

Dat Tan Nguyen

This board game is very interesting and addicted. I really like it. Nice job, devs!

shir cohen

Great game, but the animation is annoying after a while

Shrouk Mamdouh

☆☆☆☆☆ just the design & the idea make me more & more addicted to it .. thanks

Lauren Spring

Ruined by ads I can see a lot of effort has gone into the design on this app but being forced to watch unskippable video ads is a deal breaker for me

Eugene Cosgrove

Brilliant Great game, lots of fun.

Son Hong

This game is very interesting and challenging. I really like it. Good job!

Amelia Cook

It's good. Only bad thing is lots of ads. Make sure u read da rules though!

Tan Nguyen Pham

A very interesting and addictive game. I love it. Highly recommend!

Dave Lane

Tactics and luck required!

Joseph Milnes

Awesome Hate the ads, more settings!

Crystal Gutierrez

Awsome and fun!!!

Roberta Tump

Love it! My only complaint is that I can't figure out how to unlock higher difficulty levles, I see the option but it won't tell me how to unlock it. But the game is really fun and easier than it looks.

David Crawford

Used to be good, now GREAT! Very happy to see that the two player is back. This is a very fun and entertaining game that is easy to learn. The mood music is a perfect fit for the game too. I highly recommend this game. The developer is good too as I found a bug and they quickly fixed it. Try it, I think you'll like it.

Phuong Ha

This is a great game that I've played. I like it very much. With beautifully designed and easy to use. Seems I can not stop playing, because it's so fascinating and interesting. I will share this game for my friends. Thanks alot!

shereka nelson

Fun game Its a very fun me almost like checkers.but there is no goal to the other boards.just keep score giving.kinda gets boring

Reeks Volstgalph

Cool update Now the pvp is unlocked! One thousand stars! The best board game ever!

Crissy Cearfoss

Love this Not only do I love this game, but it's like living history. Thank you for making this game!

Goku Hn

This game is very interesting. I like the civilization of ancient Egypt. When playing I feel very excited. Especially, I like 2 players mode. I can play with my friends. The interface is simple to control. It was a good game for entertainment.

Frank i

Cheater! Game is fun, but computer totally cheats/ignores "rules"

Seaira StormChild

Awesome Kinda wish we could customize it tho..

Jess Meunier

Frustrating Discovered Senet through a Nancy Drew game and fell in love with it. I was excited to download this one, but upon playing it I found it incredibly frustrating. Even on the novice level, the AI is stupidly hard to beat. The AI consistently gets 1,4,5 and also always skips over the water space that I always end up landing on, sending me back. If you could fix the difficulty/AI settings, this game would be 10/5 stars. But until the cheating AI is fixed, ill probably just uninstall.

Susan Grunner

Okay There's obviously a lot of work out into this game, but its a bit slow. Everything between throwing the sticks and moving your pawn is unnecessarily time-consuming. Why do you have to wait 2 seconds every time a turn ends? Plus an ad after every game. It's too slow paced, not fun.

Anja Kominicki

solid & satisfying smooth gameplay, great atmosphere. animation during turn transitions/stick throws is a bit slow and awkward, otherwise very nice. ad-free upgrade is worthwhile

Zachary Hansen

Ads are super invasive Uninstalling now. 30 second ads for stupid games I have no interest in anytime you change screens. Poor job monetizing devs! You can find a better solution.

David Bibb

Great game My only request would be to allow other versions of the rules. For those who do not like the animated turn indicator, click on it to turn in iff.

Ahmed Nagy

Really amazing But it is missing one thing online and playing against other people and ranking then I will rate it five stars

Kaleb Belanak

Awesome This is my new favourite board game. I am addicted! Great animations. This is the only senet app I have tried so I can't compare it. 1 player and 2 player. The AI is a bit hard at first but once you pick up thr stragety its not very hard. I have won 3 times and the AI has won 1 all very close games. This is like chess and snakes and ladders. Luck and stragety! Found no bugs so far works great. Great app!:)

June Tyler

Amazing A simple board game but hard to put down I love it see why the Ancient Egyptians played it for so many years!! Love the way this was made!! You kinda get the hang of it after awhile

Theresa Kamont

Just right It is challenging even at the novice level to keep you binge playing for hours without getting tired of the game. BRAVO

Silvia Ďurišová

AI cheats Hey first of all I would like to thank you for very interesting game. However, the largest put off is that AI keeps getting 1s 4s 5s it's unrealistic and irritating. Not just AI, in TWO players game, one player kept getting good numbers. You should try to modify the probability of throwing sticks. After playing this game I'm really thinking of making my own game out of paper and ice cream sticks. I hope my comment will help you with developing this promising game.

Marija Petrova

The game is simple and it's easy I love it but it's a very short game

Ellen Clarke

It is much to hard and how do you win or lose

Donna Lynn

Love this game. Don't be in a hurry, it isn't slow but it isn't real fast either.

Natasha Bourgeois-krezek

Love it Loved anything ancient Egypt related since I can remember this is fun thanks a lot

Stephen Cuomo

Love it I swear this game is addicting. Everytime i play this game i get super competitive, best phone game out there in my view. 10/10

Sammi Quiney

Not bad, gives me a food feel for what Tue ancient Egyptians used to play, very addictive maybe add some sort of scoring system?

Michael Dawkins

One of the best board games ever for the Android device, I would highly recommend it as you won't be bombarded with annoying adverts and it's a great way to past time.

Azatuhi Ayrikyan

Really cool game! I loved this game. Its challenging and fun. I highly recommend it for people who love Ancient Egypt.

Danea S

Great game to relax the body an stimulate the mind..!

Deb Trueblood

Easy and fun When reading rules seems hard, but was reasonably easy to play. Try it, you'll like it

Sharon Roberts

Lots of fun A fun and surprisingly simple game, has a lot in common with parcheesi. Beautifully animated with pleasant music.

Noel Sheline

EgyptianSenet It makes you think

Bernadine Srocki

Good pastime This is a good strategy game without the stress.

Panumbra Mcdonald

Brilliant love it Totally fantastic really good pass time

Great Adaptation Great adaptation of this fun ancient Egyptian game.

Ellis Freed

Apparently an historically fun game!

Candy Niles

Amazing Love this game. It's addictive.

It's fantastic game

Mohan Bhatore

Nice one

Sarah Beth

Fun, but... I really like this game. It's fun and theraputic, but the computer often cheats. A few times there are moves I'm not permitted to do, but the computer is allowed to do them. It's very annoying. I really hope the cheating issue is fixed. It's ridiculous and it makes the game less fun. I had to sit through several turns, one after the other, because the computer wouldn't let me move a specific number of spaces ahead unless I rolled a 1 while it was allowed to move ahead several spaces from the same spot.

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