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14 Sep
Writer Plus (Write On the Go)

Posted by Easy4U Ltd. in Productivity | Sept. 14, 2016 | 188 Comments

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Writer Plus is a handy writer app allowing creative writers to jot down quick points.

Writer Plus is the enhanced version of James McMinnin's Writer which is a writing application without the fuss and distraction of a traditional word processor. Writer Plus is perfect for writing notes, novel, lyrics, poems, essay, draft on your phone or tablet.

Writer Plus' philosophy is Keep it Simple. Writer Plus tries to be as basic as possible, giving you somewhere to turn your thoughts into text, markdown support. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Try Writer Plus with features:
☆ Open, Edit, Save plain text file
☆ Folder support
☆ Keyboard shortcuts
☆ Markdown format
☆ Word and Character Count
☆ Undo & Redo
☆ Share
☆ Night Mode
☆ Android Material UI style
☆ Right to left support
☆ Robust and Stable, High performance
☆ Battery friendly, Limited system resource usage
☆ Absolutely FREE! Great support!

Writer Plus supports Bluetooth Keyboard and some edit shortcuts:
☆ ctrl + a : select all
☆ ctrl + c : copy
☆ ctrl + v : paste
☆ ctrl + x : cut
☆ ctrl + z : undo
☆ ctrl + y : redo
☆ ctrl + s : save
☆ ctrl + f : share

Supported Languages:
- English
- Chinese
- German
- Italian
- French
- Russian
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Polish

Note: Writer Plus stores files in sdcard://Writer/. You can use WriterSync ( to sync the folder with your Google Drive.

!!! Junk Clean function in PowerClean will delete files in /Writer directory, please use it carefully!!!

Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. Writer Plus supports:

- H1, H2, H3
- Italic & Bold
- List & Numbered List
- Quote

Regarding Markdown format, please refer to

Let us know if you have any suggestion
- Google Plus Community:
- Facebook:
- Email: [email protected]

Whats new

    • Support change font style and size
    • Support right to left display
    • Support move folder
    • Improve markdown text format
    • Add Polish translations
    • UI improvements
    • Fix minor bugs

Easy4U Ltd. part of our Productivity and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 14, 2016. Google play rating is 94.0666. Current verison is 1.431. Actual size 771.0 KB.

Download easywriter-writer-plus.apk 771.0 KB


Jan Paul Castañeda

All I need now is folder support and this will be my main writing app. New fonts are welcome too (specially Roboto Slab).

Eric lu

Handy and simple A good replacement to suddenly scraping for a pen and paper when you unexpectly receive a greate idea.

Ishie Esguerra

Good enough It would be better if maybe when opening a note, you can't see the ** and just see the effect it did on the word right?

ultralink productions

It's good but It gets annoying when it copies the files. Every time I save one of my writing it would make a copy of it and if I forget to delete any it starts to pile up and take up space

Kelly Lee

Simple, beautiful, just works Gets out of my way when I need it, integrated word count, elegant interface. Brilliant. Only thing needed is an online sync function, but I can take care of that with Dropsync so it's not a big deal for me.

Elena Penzo

Simple and functional! After a while trying apps to write my story drafts I have one to stick to. Simple, it doesn't clutter the screen with unnecesary functions and is easy to copy files to the PC. So far has worked perfectly, no lost data. I use it every day!

Clarice Limbaro

YES It has a simple design that makes it easy for me to use for quick writing. I especially love the way the document looks like: no unnecessary buttons, which is better because it really encourages the purpose of writing.

Kristal Kat

Love it! I love the app. It's easier to use than others and it looks quite elegant. I would like to sync my stories and to-do lists though. I use multiple devices and sometimes I don't have my phone on me... it would be awesome if you guys added some sort of sync feature. It would make the app a hundred times better than it already is.

Joe Phelps

Awsome and phenomenon Love this writing app. This then writer then is my friend thank you for this wonderful app. It is so rich,yet simple! Phenomenal! To add to my recent review this thing is just amazingly rich texted unbeatable...should have a million 5 star ratings?☺

Matthew Lundin

Great markdown editor! Elegant and lightweight, with just the right features. It is surprisingly difficult to find good text editor on Android that is not locked into a cloud service. This is the best I've found. I appreciate that it stores its data as text files rather than in a database. An option to customize font and font size would be great.

Sajal Jeet

Simple yet amazing! I am a lyricist and this app makes my job simply easier. Simple, still impressive options. And that too in a small package less than a megabyte! Brilliant. But I cannot find any option to make the text bold/italic on my Android phone. Or I would have rated a 5 star.

Ben Jones

Solid Improvements Great to see this app updated. The addition of folders, etc, make it a far more organised experience (which used to be a problem as notes crept into the hundreds), yet its minimalist aesthetic is still there. It's still pretty. Not as pretty (the space between characters / words is more compact), but its still far better than the alternatives. They can't compare with the simplicity on offer here. And if you want an app that puts creativity front and center with your writing, this is it. Look no further.

Esther Adelanwa

I really like it I really like it so far. The layout and UI are pretty and elegant. I would love it if you could please add a manual save button because I get scared that something might go wrong and my work might not autosave every time I exit the note. It sounds silly but I just want to be safe. And the ability to backup notes would be cool too. Thank you for such a great app, I've been looking for good text editing apps for a while and Writer+ not only looks good but it works well too. Keep up the good work :)

Paul Alleyn

Sleek, uncluttered, and easy to use This program is a delight. I was using Google Keep before, and my goodness did that lag. This? Quick as a dream. Autocorrect is sensible and seems to some how know when I'm misspelling a word deliberately. Love it.

brian ashley

Brian Ashley This is a very good app. Very easy to use and very user friendly. I love the fact that every time I exit or if I exit by mistake it saves my work. I never have to worry about losing it thank you for such a wonderful app. It is just what I've been looking for. It is about 96% accurate, and I know the more I use it the more accurate it will become. One thing it needs is to be able to to pull up my work on any device by just going online or being able to sign in online.

Victoria Baker

Great for Writing on the Go It's a fantastic app, especially if you're an author or writer. When you get ideas you simply must write but you're not in contact with a computer, it's perfect. The design is simple, neat, efficient, and extremely easy to use; however, if you're looking foward to something with fluff and fancy fonts and finishes this app is not for you. It's beautifully simple though, with no distractions, allowing you to just write. So far, I haven't experienced any bugs or glitches either. I have no complaints.

Spicy Pepper

Best in class So far the best and simplest app out there that I have used. Without the unnecessary junk this just makes my whole life easier. Looking forward to auto sync, font highlighting, and more cool features while keeping it simplistic. Thanks Developer.

hadraw ar

Beautiful layout but annoying auto-delete The app is impressive in terms of its easy-to-use simplicity, attractive and clean design. I would give a 5 star if my documents are actually kept, not blanked or deleted immediately after I have keyed them in. This has caused much inconvenience, and I do wish for a kind explanation as to why it does not seem to work in my Android phone. Thank you.

sasha fox

It helps me to write down what I need quickly and immediately. I like the simplicity of it. The saving when exiting is a neat touch too. Good app.(edit:be careful with exiting though, you might end up having to start all over, like me)

Stephanie Yap

Aspiring Writer I tried a few writing apps and this is the one that I like best for now, unless something better comes into the market that is easy to use without much complications. I hoped for more functions like font or italic choices. I like the word counts that let me know how long I wrote and I love it's simplicity and easy to open or to close. I fall asleep once, woke up next day the battery was flat. I thought I lost my work, but was so happy to see it remained where I left off the night before. So it's awesome!!!!

William Powers

Simple Excellence I used to use Docs-To-Go, but it occasionally crashed with no recovery of the current project. I switched to Word but after a week or so it demanded I log on to edit; who knows what personal information they want for that? Writer Plus is a simple but very well implemented app for writing text. It is easy to use, and includes a few conveniences like word count and auto save on exit. It has minimal formatting and few other sophisticated features, but it is just right for my purposes.

Karan Bhatt

Fantastic app This is one of the best writing apps for android. Its simple and neat!!!!

Cystein Prusiner

Satisfied yet still need further improvement. Because this one is based on the Writer, so the concept and usage is quite similar. However, Easy writer saves all the files in *.md format, whereas Writer allows users to save their files in *.txt format. And I don't know how to export md file to txt or any other kinds that I can continue to work with while using laptop. Also, I am very excited with the preview option removing all the marks--I mean ALL THE MARKS. Anyway, thank you for the experience, I am definately coming back for the update later.

Suwarno Suwarno

Five Stars for a GREAT Note taking app. Please add one more feature: a true view mode. With true view mode it'll be arguably a perfect note taking app, even better than some other paid ones. 1. True view mode --without those markdown marks -- please. 2. Plz make swipe right - left to switch between edit mode and view mode, switch button can be optional. 3. Plz add option to set view mode as default when opening a note. Then double click to switch to edit mode (and/or swipe right - left). Above all, plz improve stability, no more jumpy cursor pleaze ....

Shira Alamer

I love it but something needs to be fixed Could you remove the use of adding *, **, and *** when we want to make texts italic, bold, or italic and bold. Its kind of annoying. But the app is still amazing and useful. Its also simple but beautiful. I love it! Please continue your good work ??


Great improvement from the original! I already had the "Writer" app, and discovered this improved version. It has way more functions! Right after installing I noticed that everything I have on Writer is now also on WriterPlus, too. Any changes made in Writer automatically happen in WriterPlus. My question is: Can I safely delete the Writer App without losing my documents on WriterPlus? Edit: I deleted the Writer App and everything that had been automatically imported to Writer Plus indeed stayed there! Thanks for the quick response!

Seulgi Kang

Not bad Like how it has folders nd its neat inside but could u add importing otjer documenrs?


Printing ... Still not worked out how Printing impossible to work out and not an easy option. Developer responded subsequent to review which was great. But left no email to get back. Upgraded review because wanted to engage. Issue is same with Evernote and Keep as well. Tried to use Google Print and Epson Print but just don't integrate. Google docs the easiest although this not as easy as iPhone based apps to print wirelessly.

Jay Leung

Super fast Love it. App loads very quickly with all basic features I need. The only thing I want is to change to a smaller font and arial look font, so I can see more in one screen on my phone, like jotterpad. Thanks

Darby Martin

Its soooooo good this app is fully functional it has several different fonts and has never quit on me as others like it have.

Bryan Eaddy

Bryan Eaddy Great program for what it does. Gets the job done. I use it to create a first draft of my blog posts and web pages.

Martin Schweifer

Really good Well implemented simplicity. I really like to work with this app. My suggestions for improvement: - one button for preview without markdown elements (already mentioned) and maybe also a plaintext mode without formating at all - apply night mode theme also for navigation - modification of storage root.

Rades Ghani

I apreciate it How do i say this? This app help me a lot,especially when i want to write a draft for my story or just write a simple diary. I apreciate your works on this one. I would be glad if you guys can make a password for some file.

Ratna Thapa

Better than others Wished if the page could be enlarged on the screen by fingers. The fonts look unexpandable.

John Behnan

This is a great app. I'm sure it's popularity will continue to grow. In my opinion I just think that it needs 2 things. First, it needs to be able to export as plain text to a location on the device (i.e. a "save as" or "export" menu item). Secondly, a spell check would be superb. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Shalina May

Absolutely love it! Simple and easy to use. Gets the job done without any fuss. And it looks pretty too. Amazing little app that I highly recommend!

Abigail Stevens

Love it, download it This is better than the phone documents. But can u add on different types of font? Either way this app is cool

david king

This app is classy Minimal yet very nice font. Quick and clean.worth getting even if you had to pay for it. This helps you to become, a part of the page you are writing.

Kirsten Blonde

Perfect for me Been writing on my old, cracked iPod for years, decided to search for a writing app on my phone on a whim the other day. It's nice to read my words on an undamaged screen again, but that isn't related to the quality of this app. It's great how easy it is to add **emphasis!** haha. Also love how this saves whenever I leave the app in any way; I won't lose my writing if I fall asleep and my phone dies. Looking forward to seeing how you can improve an already great app! Thanks for making this!

Meleika Barton

Thank you! Wonderful app. I use this all the time :) it actually helped me to start writing again :)

Sarah Dainty

Great for writing on your phone or tablet Work saves when the application is closed so you never loose your writing.

Kelley Byerly

Does it's job Does what it's supposed to do and haven't had any problems with the app. Very satisfied and recommend the app to anyone.

Nat Saw

It's alright It does what it's supposed to, but that's about it. Runs better than most other typer apps (I have no idea what I'm doing). Also it can't protect you from a bear attack, but you can write an awesome story of how you beat that bear and lived 4/5

Ankit Patel

Very nice.. Please add support to adoptable sd card (which behaves as internal storage) in devices with android marshmallow 6.0.1 so app can be moved to adopted storage. Thanks!

Winston Yao

Thanks! Thanks for an ad-free app. Clean layout, very functional and easy to use. Hope that a "save as text file" option can be considered in the future.

david king

This app is classy thank god it is going to stay around Minimal yet very nice font. Quick and clean.worth getting even if you had to pay for it. This helps you to become, a part of the page you are writing. Updates!!! Yesss!! Thank you please create in app purchases for any cool ideas you come up with..I love this app. Thank you for your creativity and intelligence ???

thomas shinas-rehberg

Awesome! This app is just what I needed...a way to capture ideas without the intrusiveness of a full blown word processor.

Mehmed Erkekli

I never review anything. But this is a spectacular app. No ads?! You are a legend. You should set up a patreon or something.

Gary Griffiths

Basic But That's The Point A simply great app that does nearly all I'd ask of it.


Love it The only problem I have with the app is that the curser moves to a different location when I am not typing at times.... Other then that it is spot on bro. OK my mistake the app is giving no problems it is my phone ....

DJ Reynolds

You did a great job with this app. It's very simple, and easy to use. I would, however, suggest you add the feature to add pictures.

Teya Eudey

This is a good app Some things I would love to see are a few font options and tabs under one project so that I can write out characters and dates. Things of that nature

tony Diaz

Need Print option with Date and character stamp! Add option to print with the word count and date orginally written and you have a 5 star app. Right now I share and use hammer mill print app but it doesn't print with date of writing or word count. This is helpful for organizing drafts. Please Help!

Joshua Bigbee

Great Great, but 2 things: Is there a way to export/view it with Markdown formatting showing, but not the Markdown commands (**,>,#,etc) showing? Also, can't wait for some kind of synchronization, Drive hopefully included.

giri kotte

After the latest update , app crashes whenever I try to open an existing document. I can create new ones but once I save, app crashes when ever I try to open them.

Michelle Blackburn

Awesome!! I use it to write stories... It is by far the easiest to use for sharing them!

Rai Otaku

Holy great!! Hahaha. This app really helps me a lot as it gives motivation to me to write. I can write my story easily and, yep, it's great!

ruth portales

This app is Great! :)

Megan Luker

So easy, so simple!

Gareth Au

Very nice Simple functionality but reasonably sufficient. But if the functions could be made user friendly like pressing an icon, it would be great.

Lala 5.4

Awesome Very useful app, thank you ?

Pieter Mostert

Good. Much better than Wattpad.

rajiv gupta

Perfect app Love to work

alan titcombe

Nice Very easy to use

Husnul Khotimah

Word counter Hi Dev, can you change the word counter to this format, ex: 100/457 (words/chars). And don't show any label both "words" or "char". One more thing. If I erase all the words and come back to main menu, somehow the file (doc) still there. And I can't delete or open it. If I try to delete or open it. The app force close.


Would be really helpful if you could move the chapters within a folder. As well as the option of making words in bold. Otherwise, great app!

sami panormal

Missing only one thing It's 5 stars again :D

Lyn Milten

Easy to use! Excellent! Please, display the word count in the screen all the time. Thank you!

Hunter Newman

Good app but... Yes, it was Nortan anti virus. I just wanted to know you guys are safe

Brianne Carlson

Love it! I love this so much. I want to be writer when I grow up, and this really helps me get situated so I can learn to write on a schedule.

Anna Shanafelt

So far so good I am able to save the files to my cloud based storage. Great for when I am on the go and have an idea for my book I'm writing in Ywriter. I just import the scene when I get home. Doesn't import cleanly but the text is there and it works good enough for me.

Jack Bridger

Really good but... Writer+ is so cool! The different formatting options, the layout, the UI design, perfect. Apart from a few tidbits, the writer lags the more text you have in one document (not everyone separates their chapters), and with formatting, is there anyway to get rid of the asterisks once you format a word? **text**, looks a wierd and ruins the experience for me. Otherwise perfect, keep it up!

Danusia K

Can a Writing App Be Enjoyable? Yes, it can. Somehow, the enthusiasm of the designer rubbed off on me from the start. I can't help but smile every time I use one of the few features that can edit style. Looking forward to future updates. + Weee! :)

Earljanne Ofalla

One the best but needs more essential features. Nice and simple, one of the best but still lacking some important features like sync. What I think it needs as text editor app is, better theming (please give us an AMOLED black theme) notebook style organization(this can be an option) a widget as powerful as the Evernote widget, which views notes from a specific folder or notebook and can instantly write notes, add justify option too, long notes that aren't aligned on the edges make my eyes bleed, font size too. Keep the app pure and simple.

Julio Gonzalez

Real handy Comes in handy and is simple to use. Great app. Just wish it had diferent fonts and sizes

Avishek paul

Don't ask for stars! Earn it Nice app! The sole reason for gifting it with low rating is the fact that it keeps begging for a 5 star! That irritates!

Francisco Wortmann

Perfect, Flawless App Writer Plus has all it's users need. It's easy, simple and practical, and that's all we ever look for in an App.

Jester Squire

Cool I love this app. Just to point out, though, the character count on the top of a document and the one shown when clicking on Word Count sometimes aren't the same.


The Master Writing Application A beautifully designed app for a mobile phone that beats out Microsoft Word on every level.

Monique Preble

Love this I feel way more organized, put together and have gotten a lot more done, using this app. Anytime ideas hit or I need to practice writing short paragraphs, I have this app opened and ready. I can't always carry my notebooks or laptop but I do always have my phone on hand so this app is really convenient on the go or trying to pass the time. Definitely recommend this.

Tsubaki C.

Not bad, not bad at all. It's simple to use and has a good layout that's not cluttered. I only request that a toolbar or some sort of menu be added for bullet points, bolding, underlining, etc.

Staluna Stars

Amazing! I enjoy writing on the go and most of my story ideas come to me when there isn't a computer/paper near by so this app helped a lot! It's simple and easy to use and I am able to organise my text neatly in folders. There's even undo and redo options! Thank you for creating this amazing app!

Joni Pranata

Wow! Just Wow I like this app. But please change the character counter into word counter. That should be more usefull to shown.

A Google User

Why would I do that when there are other apps to use that suit my needs without having to go through all those steps? I thought this would be a bit more streamlined but that was my mistake.

Muhammad Faris

It's really good. This is the type of app I was looking for, you can organise your notes into different folders which is pretty neat.

Gabriela Boria

Love the features Typing is not very smooth on my V10. That's the only reason I am taking off one star. However, I do love the app. It is really simple to use and I love the fact that you can make folders.

Rinne Yurushi

Awesome The night mode really helps. I have a suggestion - can you make it so the user could save it in txt. files? Thanks!

Debanka Chanda

Really a neat app I am gradually moving out of note keeping apps like Evernote and Onenote. I currently am using both Writer plus and ia Writer, they are very similar. Only that is writer has sync to gdrive. But WriterPlus is faster than that. I hope you add the syncing too!

Amber Holt

I have been using the original Writer app for ages, and found this version yesterday and it has all the great features I loved about the original, some features I wished the original would have added, and some special new features I never imagined but totally adore!!! And, it immediately backed-up all my pages from the original app. Couldn't be happier about finding this!!!

Ni Nyu

Wow! The dark theme looks pretty rad now. Best markdown writer on the market. :D

Chaitanya Karthik

Loved it! Any idea, anything I think of, I just write it down and I keep writing it thanks to Writer. Besides it even saves your work for you, so you don't have to worry about losing your work anymore

Robin Dawson

A very handy app for when I don't have paper and a pen and have some ideas to write down. Have been using it nearly every day to jot down ideas for story plots or even to make a shopping list. Very handy to have around.

Andrei Kramer

Very minimal Markdown support The subset of markdown supported is so small, that it is barely worth mentioning. What does the '+' stand for? It's more realistic to call it "Writer-"

Sandra Vukov

Simple I love it for writing, it's really simple to use. My only objection would be the huge space between lines on my phone. I believe an option to adjust the font size and the spacing would be immensely useful.

Tran Khanh

Great app Lite and Easy to use formatting rules is weird but I can live with that I would love to have option to protect privacy

Susan Ashurst

I still love it because it lets me save my stories! Signed Susan Caroline Ashurst

Wilaam Aneced

Very handy! The dev responded so I am editing my review. I am glad to hear that my suggestions (font size & spacing) are already on the dev plan. And to the developer: yes, I meant the menu item icons. It would be nice to have an option to disable them. Maybe make it more like the original Writer's menu. It looks more compact. I'll wait for the next release and rate 5. Still, thank you for making this app, you saved me a lot of time studying how to develop an android app! Kudos!

Azell Rodriguez

Not bad, but slight issue... The format is very simple, just the way I like it. However, I updated my Android, and a file has erased. It seems that the current version does not support this new update. Very disappointed.


One true savior for the likes of me. I am this kind of person who gets weird and strange ideas every time, so this app seriously helps me. With surprisingly no IAPs other than its small size, this is sure a legendary app I'd recommend to everyone. Edit: Oh, and it would be nice to have read-only mode since it is kinda annoying to see those asterisks hanging around texts!

Jack Hopley

Very good Better than other writing apps, believe me I've gotten quite a few. Set out simply and nicely, great for writing stories and keeping them in folders. Only thing it could use is to be able to Password folders, then it'd be perfect.

Michela Z

Crashing since latest update Every time I try to open any of my notes now it crashes and I don't know what to do.This is the only writing app I truly like and it was so perfect before.Please fix this as soon as possible.Thanks. Edit: Wow,that was quick! Thank you so so much,everything is back to normal now.Amazing as always ?

Jeffrey Wong

Great upgrade to Writer. I was also a fan of the original app and sent email after email to the original designer. Thanks for doing this. This app is pure 5 stars.

Scott Ream

5/5 when Drive integration is live. Still 5/5 love it with my bluetooth keyboard.

Briana Thomas

I think you should get a tool bar with Bold, Italicized, and Underline. The asterisk sign is a bit unattractive to me.

Mitch Berger

Missing some basic functionality I have a very long text document (my book). But there is no scroll bar on the screen? I have to flick through the entire document to get to my last edited point. Disappointing. +1 star for good developer response!

T Mate

Simple and fast Grate improvements. Exactly what I needed. Thank you.

hien hihu

I will come back later when u support dropbox sync

Iqbal Muzakki

Problem in Using Bullet this app is good, thanks for the programmer. But i have a little problem when i using bullet or number.

Saniya Singh

It's just what it says it is... Love the simple and flawless style of the app and it really that helps you focus on writing rather than worry about the layout or typos that other word editors keep bugging you and since the files get shared as copy paste you can easily remove the errors and clean out the look on your computer.

Luke Mendonsa

How do you change the font? Is there a way for me to change the font? Other that that this app is a really great app for writing. Its minimalistic, simple design has won me over. Thanks a lot dev!! And sorry for my disbelief regarding the permission. Looked it over and learnt that it might be for closing the app on calls. :D

A Clone

Wowww! Love the simplicity of this app!!? At first I thought that this isn't a really good app since only 10,000 downloads. Tried it and to my surprise, just what I really need! That word counters & dark mode is unbelievable hahahaha like it was just what I need. But one thing, can you please add lock features for chosen notes? I don't want someone to peek on my work hehehehe... Btw, Keep It Up!!

Golga Rajidorf

Just the app I was looking for I wanted a simple app, just like the one I had on my iPhone before I switched to Android. This is perfect. It's simple to use and has some very useful bells and whistles like word counter and a feature that estimates how long it would take to read! It's very easy for me to write stories on my phone now :3

Ingrid Sheila

Easy to use Seriously it's good. Not hassle and so easy to use. It was so helpful in writing my stories. When it comes to saving well let's just say another "easy" word to describe.

Chun Min Tay

Reliable Understated design had me make the mistake of skipping this app initially. Yet, unlike Monospace which keeps losing data, I can confidently keep Writer Plus open in the background, always ready to take notes. Kudos.

Charmaine Mislang

It Could Be Better Pros: easy to use, beautifully designed, and can share my docs through text messaging. Cons: keeps messing with my doc titles (for ex: 06.08 would randomly change to 0608) and it's happened at least 3 times now; no indentation option available; and when sharing my files, they don't get sent as actual docs--the app merely copies & pastes the text. It can get frustrating as I end up having to send chopped "text messages". It'd be nice if you could improve this feature. Thank you!

Dor Bacal

Amazing. But needs fonts. This is just straight forward: "Write whatever you want with a little bit more simple advance compared to other apps, for your very comfort". As simple as it is, it does the job so well and I love it. ..though I would like to have fonts. I sometimes feel a little out of place when there are no fonts that fit the exact moment.

Rob H

Nice and simple... Nice and simple text editor with no unnecessary bloat or stupid permissions. Top marks to the dev :)

Aleixci Lovelady

Clean and neat! Instead of stars for emphasis/bold, could it possibly be a button, but for easy access, always available above the keyboard? That way, when selecting the whole word/phrase, you could just tap the button and the whole thing just switches without the stars cluttering up the aesthetic of the paragraphs? Would be awesome! UPDATE: thank you for your reply! And for clearing up why the stars have to stay! After all, its supposed to be about the writing itself.

Viktoriya Usolseva

awesome amazing and incredibly useful. i also like the fact it doesn't rely on wifi in order for it to be used, which allows me to write my stories anywhere i want. five stars!

Satin Knight

Clean, smooth, easy to use and very practical. It works perfectly without being messy and having a sloppy UI. The only thing lacking is the stars and hashtags mandatory for font styles.

okik rian

Good apps This is good apps and you will find simple way to pour your imagination into text. And the most important is "no ads" awesome hehehe

Rahul Navale

A perfect app I was missing this app all along. It's just about perfect for all my needs- noting down something urgently, scribbling down ideas for stories or write-ups, etc. Wish I had known this app much earlier than when I actually did.

Dogsled Shepherd

This is by far the best Writer app I have ever used. It's simplistic design fits very well and works with me while I'm typing, the folder system is magnificent, the formatting is amazing, and the app is lightweight. I'm so far happy to have an app that has both a lite and dark theme, while using the material design all over and work smoothly. The lack of ads and overall great UI makes me give this app a 5/5 google play rating and a recommendation for people who love to write on the go, can't wait to see what the dev comes with next!

Lucas Everett

Quick, easy, simple, and reliable It always immediately saves your work as you exit it. Very good for jotting quick thoughts or whole poems

Charlie DeLacey

Simple, Intuitive, w/ Plenty of Features The primary reason I got an Android tablet was for taking quick notes, especially when in a hurry. I had to download numerous apps, none of which were good enough. Some took too many menu selections before I can take notes. Others overly simplified, preventing any substantial notes. But this one has the most intelligent and Intuitive design, so that when I need to take a note RIGHT NOW, I don't have to wade through options, and yet I can still continue on to writing a substantial document,

Halo Spit

Amazing! Even if Writer is merely a simple writing tool the markdown feature makes the stories, notes, and other things we take down to be filled with emotion, filled with emphasis, and much more creative. If you could somehow markdown words, and make the markdown symbols dissappear after it without it's effect from vanishing this app would be absoloutely greater than before.

Tim Barbone

Amazing, it actually downloaded all my documents from the first version, and all of my files from the original app were gone after I fixed the titles

Mantas Vilčinskas

Works. Original review: If there was only Dropbox / Google Drive support... ?? After developer's response: Good solution was found (use folder sync app) but he seems kinda like a dick. Not sure if that's intentional.

L0st Zor0

Love it This app is free yet there's no ad. You should at least add a donate button for all the work you've done.

Rose Verdict

Wonderful I first dl'd this when I had my mom's glitchyasfudge old phone, and it ran beautifully. Now I have a not-glitchyasfudge phone, it runs so well and works so well for my purposes! The developer really had something when they had the idea for this! 5 stars to the ∞-eth power!!!

KaliJames Largo

Finally Found It So handy and smart. Really thnx a lot to the makers of this app Please put an internal auto-rotate function & also folder password protection. Again thnx.

Yangdib Hazarika

Simple..... Is that your downfall? It's really simple easy to use and extremely use full. It's just a little too simple for me I don't like the way we have to add italics or bold. However that way is simple and very time saving at the same time.

Keith Williams Jr.

I like it It's a great app for when I write on the go. On the bus or walking to work, it gets the job done. As soon as they update so it will upload to Google drive it would be a go to in my book

Richard Pariath

Need more still I wish there was a lock feature, where I could keep a passcode for important notes.. And if I could add images to the notes as well

RockY San

Thank you Really appreciate what you did with the old Writer... Hope you can integrate the feature of saving them as text files .txt format for seamless sharing and cross platform support... Keep up the great work...

george c

UPDATED REVIEW: First of all, this app has great support . the same day that I put in the review, the developers responded in order to make sure it was working properly etc. Good job guys! Next, for the topic of my review .. the carriage return function didn't seem to always show when in writing recognition mode .. after trying to repeat this, I'm now convinced that it was my fault all along and that I was editing the doc title instead of the actual doc, and I'm now convinced that this app works most excellently and is definitely deserving of 5 stars..


Perfect It does what it says it's going to, it's smooth to operate, easy on the eyes and there isn't anything to get lost in. What I've noticed with a lot of these apps is they only have one or two traits that help your writing process (on the go/quick) but the rest is just more or less baggage on the app. This one, however, is very nice and easy to use. If I could ask for anything, though, it would be buttons for underlining/bolding/italicising my words. Its just easier to have that.

Lataisha Fountain

Lataisha So I really love it's app but it would be nice if you have a print button

Yuxuan Fang

Really, really awesome. Convenient and easy to use on the go as it's just so simple. Much, much more better than other writing apps.

Elizabeth Hill

Easy & Convenient I love it, super easy to use.

Robyn Colquhoun

Great app So simple, no hassles. Would like to be able to reduce size of type for some things I do, but other than that, have no problems.

valerie lingenfelder

It works perfectly for me to write stories offline on my tablet and save them! Thank you!

Hungry Manus

easy to use if using just for texts, it so simple and perfect!! love night mode a lot!! (writing novel/diary)

Nandini Rawat

Easy, simple, useable. Four stars because it'd be great if it could be synced with your email account or Google drive!

Amber Holt

I have been using the original Writer app for ages, and found this version yesterday and it has all the great features I loved about the original, some features I wished the original would have added, and some special new features I never imagined but totally adore!!! And, it immediately backed-up all my pages from the original app. Couldn't be happier about finding this!!!

Sarah Kelleher

Easy as pie! After careful deliberation, I decided that yes, I would install the newer version, even if it meant transferring all my documents from the original app, but LO AND BEHOLD I open it up and they are all there, untouched, waiting for me already! How simple! You really did think of everything, huh? I often get most inspired at night, so I think the night mode will feel much better than the brightness I'm used to!

Adam Townsend

great. one drawback imo: ability to change margins of notes. more text can fit on screen.

Patricia David

Deserves more than 5 stars. Nope. I have no complaints about this one. No cons. Good job developers! ♡

RAN Nauman

So far so good.. Love it, almost like the old app was updated and fixed of bugs. The Grey color too, it is also relaxing and helps me to focus more on the page. So far haven't seen any duplicate files being made behind my back or words and punctuation going missing. So far I love it and am making more aggressive progress in my work!

Tremaine Fletcher

Aside from the typical email, text, and maybe a social network or two, I don't type/write many things on my phone. I'd usually wait to get home to write emails, thoughts, journal entries, things for my website. However, this app with its super simple interface, and markdown ability, have me writing more things on my phone. To me it is very similar to Ulysses in its ability to get things done quickly.

Asher Taylor

Exactly What I Need I like to write in bed, sometimes into the wee ridiculous hours. Writer+, with its worry-free interface and all-dark might mode does the job without driving my spouse up the wall. There's even an option to switch from grey to true black (I like the true black best, for my purposes). Basic font-formatting features are available and are highly intuitive -- surround a word or passage with *asterisks* for italics, etc. Plays nicely with SwiftKey; coupled with a compact Bluetooth keyboard, it turns my tablet into a great little writing machine. Sharing features work seamlessly with the Android OS. TL;DR: Highly recommended, 10/10. Love it!

Wolf Hreda

Delivered as Promised This app does as its creator intended, taking Writer and improving it. My only real question is this: Is there a character limit? Writer had one at some point, and it nearly destroyed one of my stories. I'd love to know the answer to this.

Avishek paul

Don't ask for stars! Earn it Nice app! The sole reason for gifting it with low rating is the fact that it keeps begging for a 5 star! That irritates! Edit 1: love this app now! Changing my rating to 4. Please check if you can come up with a live word counter so that we would not always have to click and check the number of words but get it on the very screen where we are writing! That would help a lot! Perfectly sir, it would meet the needs!

RoboterHund87 ADCh

Good despite minor problems Unable to manually (with Windows Explorer) sync /Writer/ folder with folder on PC. Changes to the .md files made in the app don't appear in Windows. "80004005 unspecified error" when trying to access some files from Windows. EDIT: it seems that problems begin after copying files to the Writer folder from PC, and files that were renamed are now inaccessible. I can sync with cloud but not manually (with explorer) through USB. Sony XperiaZ 5.0(Lollipop)

After trying Many Many applications to which I hated them all. The reasons are simple. Fonts to small with no size adjustment. Screens full of advertising and screen very cluttered. This application has none of those distractions. The fonts are very clear and size adjustments. I am very extremely happy. :)

Yangdib Hazarika

Simple but awesome I have a 'on the go life', so writing books is kinda a hard thing for me. But this app makes it possible. Now I can write on the go. But please add a find in page feature....

aware ness

Dissapointed Earlier when i had Sony Xperia I was able to share my writer + content with all the available apps and i enjoyed using it but now I use Samsung and after sharing the content once on Facebook I am not able to share it with gmail or any other app.

anon machina

Interesting 2016SEP17 the following permission are NOT necessary (nor welcomed) and should be removed: 'read phone status and identity; full network access'. 2016AUG08 I have noticed comments requesting support for Dropbox. IF you do add support for online backup, please implement it in a manner that allows the end user to elect NOT to have the app connect to the internet in any way. Not every writer likes to have their work exposed to the internet, deciding instead to backup to micro SD. (JotterPad once modified their app in a manner that generated an error if not connected to the internet, at which time I uninstalled it. [Whether that 'feature' was ever retracted, I do not know.].) I opine your app is beautiful in its simplicity, providing just the essentials.

Barom J

It's perfect for me I write a lot of stories and I tend to just exit out of it when I stop writing so the auto save is amazing. My chapters are always 2k+ words so the word count helps a lot. The nighttime effect is the best feature especially for night owls like myself.

Ingrid Sivan

Easy to use Seriously it's good. Not hassle and so easy to use. It was so helpful in writing my stories. When it comes to saving well let's just say another "easy" word to describe.

valerie lingenfelder

Story writer user. It works perfectly for me to write stories offline on my tablet and save them! Thank you! Many of tales shall be told because of this little awesome app. This update is also very good, no complains and still writing well!

Erica Chan

Good App For Writers No matter where you are, this app will allow you to write on the go. It's simple to use and doesn't have any ads.


Awesome It is really a great app, low space and do what is said ! The only improvement i would like to see is a cloud syncronisation so we never lose whatever we write :) We want our thought and written stuffs to be treasured. :D If this happens, booooooooommm 5 stars i give u.

Simon Crowe

Stopped working Awesome. Only one problem, stopped working for a few days and refused to save my texts, but fine now.

Yemisi Oyewo

Increases my enthusiasm to write! The best tools for writers are such that make them want to write whenever they want to and wherever they happen to be. Thanks to the developer.

Kishor Joshi

Excellent App.Folders can be created and file( document) created can be moved to any folder. Files are autosaved.I would like to have Bold Font option,if possible.Google shoud include this app for Android OS. It supports Marathi language (Dev nagari script) also.I think it should support any language for which Google Key Board is available.

Ananya Grewall

Hey... I loved the app It's totally what I wanted and I can't find any other parallel to it when it comes to writing. One suggestion though, wish we could have colour codes and reminders also which would make it so much better than the plain black and white!

Ana Grkovic

Still developing but basics work perfectly Everything you really need is already in there. I also love that background can be switched between black and dark grey.

WarMongrel Sweater

Yay! This app is perfect for writers who just need to write down what comes to mind. The nighttime setting is incredibly helpful as late night relevations are always much nicer to record on a screen that doesn't burn your retina

David Smith

It writes for you! You don't need an imagination or anything, just stare at it and whatever you need to be written shall be written! Or it does what it says it does in the description mighty well.

Michael Cohen

Simple and Effective This is my favorite writing app. I love the simple design and format. I can easily create folders and put docs in them. Also easy to share and export notes to email, etc. Everything works flawlessly.

Lance Andersen

It does WHAT I want it to do WHEN I want it to do it. Word processing without the (what I consider to be) unnecessary complications of "some other" word processors. The only problem I have with the app is that I have yet to figure out how to italicize and/or embolden my text...but I'm sure that it will become apparent.

hannah Neo

Good app Clean, free, no ads, organized etc. Worth the download. Very easy to use as well :)

Fujin Kai

This is the best writing app that I've found on the PlayStore Easy to use, launches very quickly and works flawlessly. A brilliant addition to my library of apps.

Lisa Cooper

Great for Writing! I love this app! Simple to use. Easy to organize thought. I'm even writing a book. I so recommend it!

Kathryn Dudley

Amazing I love this app, I use it to plan all my writing competitions and write on the go. Typically, I constantly only use night mode, but I love the app, and it's the best writing app I've ever tried!

Darth Howie

Great app, does exactly what I need and is compatible with a site I use so I can type up what I need here, copy and paste and we're good to go.

Evgueni Borissenko

Good! I really like this app because it is so simple and uncluttered. So I can focus on my notes and get them done quickly!

Michelle Henshall

Writer+ I love this app, but there is one thing about it that displeases me: there are buttons in it that are unlabelled:. Michelle Henshall.

Pete Jones

Great App This works well, it's a pity the sync app is buggy and doesn't always correctly sync.

visu viswa

So far so good Really good saves automatically even if we forget helps alot

Michael Perry

Does What It Says And does it very well: simple, intuitive and quite sufficient for most note taking.

Thomas Krueger

Perfect writing app Keep your thoughts and notes well-organized in folders. The text editor is very easy to use.

Amiruddin Abdullah

WOW IT ISVTHE BEST The best dictation apps I have ever had. Tqvm developers.

Weronika Chuszno

It would be even better, easier and faster if it had the keyboard extension with those markdown symbols

Shahzad Naseer

Comprehensive Pls add Picture function that can change extention after storing. Advance Thanks for replying.

Evie Baer

Writer+ It makes it possible to write notes to myself and remember information while on the go.

Silvana Fischer

Mrs Love it and amazed how quick I had an answer to my query when I started using Writer+

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