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27 Apr
Dynamic Keyboard - Pro

Posted by Alastair Breeze in Tools | April 27, 2014 | 44 Comments

Apk file size: 3.3 MB

Dynamic Keyboard! A keyboard that changes as you type!
Smart, Fast and Accurate!

We have new technologies like touch screens, yet we are still utilizing them as if they
were static buttons, without animations! How does this help us?

Using machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms I have been able to create a database of intelligence that helps modify the keys visibility and size depending upon the likelihood of that letter. Trained with millions of words on 31 languages, why not try it out?

# Predictive Characters to aid your accuracy and speed change size
# Smooth Animations
# Full Customization (Pro Only)
# Colors or presets to choose from (Pro Only)
# Many Shortcuts (eg swipe left = delete last word, double tap space or shift)
# Tablet Optimized
# Tablet Split Mode (Pro Only)
# Battery Optimized
# Multiple languages at same time. (Pro Only)
# Safe
# Easy To Setup
# Google Voice Integrated! (Selected 4.0+ only)
# Auto-correct (4.0+ only)
# HD Fonts

I really appreciate your interest in the app!

If you buy the full version! Extra BIG Thank you for helping the app grow and you will allow me to help grow future products too!

Current Languages :
English (CA)
English (UK)
English (US)
Portuguese (Europe)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Serbian Latin
Swiss (German)

Currently I have no non-latin alphabetic prediction languages. I am looking into it, but can't promise anything any time soon. There are non-latin alphabet layouts available though, so you can still type but sadly at the present time not with the changing size predictions! I am working on it though! Contact me via my website!

Layouts :
Bulgarian BDS

Rather than being obtrusive and ugly like predictive typing, this keyboard aids your current method of typing to increase accuracy without wasting screen space.
For Example : Pressing the 'h' key, the e,o,u,i and y keys expand as commonly the h key would be followed by these letters. When they grow, they are now more likely to be triggered, and keys like z etc stay small as they are unlikely to be needed.

Remember, you will have to get used to the keyboard. But shouldn't take long and you'll be doing fine.

This is not a key logger! There is no data related permissions or any internet permissions in this app. This app is COMPLETELY SAFE!

Currently the app does not have word predictions. It is something I will be experimenting with in future however!

Installation :
1) Install and open the app.
2) Either open the drawer or click the button for 'Enable' , or go to language and input in settings to tick Dynamic Keyboard as enabled.
3) Enable the app. Don't worry the app isn't a keylogger, it has no internet permissions! You will be warned by the android OS but it is safe.
4) Set it as the default keyboard. You are now ready to use Dynamic Keyboard!
5) Customize through the options to make it your own!

Setting up auto-correct :
1) Check Auto-Correct is enabled in the settings of Dynamic Keyboard found under general settings.
2) Check that your Android OS spellchecker is enabled. Go to Settings/Language & Input and then be sure that spellchecker is checked!
3) Click on the options button beside the spellchecker preference to choose your spellchecker which should be Google Spell Checker.
4) To change the language of the auto-correct click the earth icon next to Google Spell Checker and choose your language.

I really want to grow this app so feedback and suggestions welcome!
Please contact me with any bugs too, I will do my best to fix them! ;)
The best way to contact me is via my website on the 'Contact' page.

Please Enjoy And Share With Your Friends! :D
Thank you

Alastair Breeze

Whats new

    1.10.2 - Fixes 4.4 bug where icons are invisible.
    1.10.1 - Fixes minor bug causing wrong popup symbol, and wrong ASCII value.
    1.10.0 - Mini Christmas Update!
    Fixes numeric keyboard not containing the period key
    Clearer symbols keyboard
    Many optimizations
    Auto-complete no longer on by default on installation (won't affect current settings).
    The * key is now on the first page of the symbols keyboard
    Minor bug fixes

Alastair Breeze part of our Tools and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update April 27, 2014. Google play rating is 72.0228. Current verison is 1.10.2. Actual size 3.3 MB.

Download dynamic-keyboard-pro.apk 3.3 MB


Kandie *

Sucks Emailed to ask for help ..Wouldn't respond..Dont waste your time. This is JUNK.

Casey Smith

Perfect! Even using a cheep moto phone my accuracy has gone up noticeably even after a few minuets use. Its very fast, light, and accurate. If your looking for the fastest, most accurate keyboard, seriously, this is the one. no bugs whatsoever on moto-e.

Samo Fuentes

favorite keyboard app, but Okay, so, this is a beautiful app, beautiful keyboard, very nice customization, but there are a couple glitches with the auto correct, I think you should make the keyboard remember words that you don't want auto corrected, for example, after typing waffle a couple times, it should stop trying to auto correct it to wattle, saddle, and warbler other words as well, please try to insert this feature and it will be perfect. Thanks for a great keyboard guys, absolutely incredible I recommend this to everyone

Brendan Bonneau

Autocorrect bug Honestly this bug has been there since the keyboard added it. Over half the words I type will randomly insert the previous word or capitalize weird. Its ridiculous that this bug hasn't been fixed and it happened with my previous phone too it makes the app completely unusable.

Kellen Woodbridge

Looks great but.... Looks awsome and its the most customisible I have ever seen but word prediction sucks and there is no next word prediction I still use it just turned off the prediction hope the come out with an update that gives it next word predition and fixes the flawed prediction

dexter brinks

The Russian layout misses more than one character Characters 3 and Ж are missing, maybe more characters missing. Didnt bother looking, requested a refund. Hopefully will be done soon as the developer didnt answer my support email I sent earlier. Also cant switch between different layouts easily, have go to phone settings every time you need to change it. So customer service - 0 stars App itself - 3 stars App itself (if all bugs fixed) - ten million stars.

James Fenn

Great keyboard but... Plz update to material design and fix autocorrect bugs

danielle ferenbaugh

It kept freezing up..And when I type it would put letters in I never clicked on..Or it would double the words

Boomer KeithH

Good but... Just put this on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 4) and I think I'm going to like it. One issue, the backspace, enter and shift keys have no marking on them. They're blank keys. I don't like that and I wonder if it's a bug or by design. I'll give it a while though.

Isaac Notman

One of my favorite keyboards I tried out I love this keyboard I can easily type and almost never miss a key because the one I am looking for pops right up. I would have given it a 5 stare rating but it is missing the ability shrink the over all key area so it takes up about a third of the screen in landscape instead of a little over a half.

Roberto Duglio

Guess this is dead

Lucas Flaten

Cool concept, many bugs Lots of bugs to be fixed. I hope they are cuz I love the look and feel of this keyboard. Autocorrect needs a lot of work (not just accuracy)

Brandon Smith

Autocirrect complete not wirjung Auto correct and complete not working. I spend more time backspacing then using the actual keyboard. Going back to stock

Patryk Zakrzewski

Nice But havent polish letters and polish dictionary is too bad fix it to rate 5 stars. Sorry for english

Paulus Hartono

Auto correct stil not working Auto correct for indonesia still not work on samsung s4.. pls fix this..

Martin H

Good so far. Add a custom user dictionary so your own words will show up when you start typing that word.

Philip Trottman

Love it This keyboard has really sped up typing

Lance Pinkall

Great Works awesome

Zoltan Nemeth

excelent piece of SW ;)

Trystan Swale

Still under development As much as I like tinkering with different keyboards, I can't use this as my go to method of entry. It's a good idea in principle but the interfaces and animations look cheap. Without predictive text life is a lot slower. With some work this could be very good.

Matthew Kirk

Auto correct I'm a really fast typist on the phone and I find that the animation you used with auto correct is very bad with the speed I type at. Sometimes I end up with it auto correcting it and me interrupting so it makes a word auto corrected from suprusinh (surprising) to surpsurpring. If you could take away the animation. And keep it efficient instead of "pretty", that would be much appreciated.

Angela LaLa

SUPER EASY!! What a great idea! Took just a few minutes to get used to the animation, then I found myself able to type twice as fast as before (and I was already really fast) because I don't have to stop and make sure my spell check got my word right. I now have very few typing mistakes at all, thanks to the keys changing size according to the next likeliest letter to be typed. Makes complete sense, intuitive, and is the best keyboard I've found so far, out of at least 25 I've tried. Fabulous, worth every penny!!!!

Adam Dever

Great start but not too smart, yet. Saw this in popular science and like it enough to buy the pro. It already works better as a keyboard than my preinstalled lg keyboard on my lg spetrum. It doesent add punctuation or autocorrect or guess but I image thats in the works. The buttons could be a bit bigger. It runs smoothly. I like the emiticon hotbutton but they need to be spread out more so I can see them better. And the lack of vocabulary shows. I was going for darn and after dar it only enlarged the E.

Raqena Williams

No deal I absolutely love this keyboard and more than likely I will use it again in the future but not having autocorrect is a deal breaker for me.

Tara Kerr

could be better PROS:Love the style and the fact I can have the numbers and letters at same time CONS:would like a spell checker or auto correct

Richard Greenberg

Nice One major issue. After autocorrect....cursor does not end up at the end of corrected word. Instead, cursor returning to a spot WITHIN last word. Bug?

Melvyn Scott

Far too small to use with ease Thought this was great, but can't use because of the size. Needs bigger keys, not everyone has little fingers! Far too small. Make big keys and I will give 6 stars! Definitely needs a button to take you to settings.

Ed Thomas

Great for fat finger specialists like me! A few kinks to work out, still the best keyboard for me, try it and you will love it.

Anurag Gunderia

Good update but.Needs more improvements Thank you for correcting the auto correct but please correct the other problems also.the swipe left to delete word gesture works but still not perfectly. please add current and next word predictions as soon as possible.its a absolute must .make the keyboard learn new words and let us have a user dictionary where we can add and delete text /short hand would be nice .also add symbols to the qwerty row when we select the option to add a number row. Cause of all this I still cant use it primarily.

Andre Bradshaw

Cool idea fails to deliver I really like the UI customization. The predictions are not smart. The keyboard has an impractical animation that slowly backs up and retypes a word. If you are a fast typist--you will override this 'feature' mid-way through and find that you have just typed in the middle of your word. This keyboard is pretty neat. I like the idea, but after a week I can honestly say I hate this keyboard.

Kyle Chaisson

Major potential, great dev This app has major potential. And this dev seems extremely motivated to continually grow this app. That's very cool. As mentioned though, the addition of a better prediction service is needed. The UI looks very sub-par compared to stock android, swiftkey, swype, minuum, etc. But I'm VERY excited to see what this app turns into. Great job!

Brenda Pest

Great keyboard Got the paid version then keyboard started crashing. Hope last 2 updates have fixed the crash issues. Could use a spell checker but with no intrusive permissions, I can except less abilities A Very Unique And Easy to Use Keyboard !!! thanks dev.

brian iturralde

Missing things Its a great keyboard, i love it but some keys are missing, other features like swipe left to delete las word doesnt work correctly, other, some letters needed for a word are smaller than the incorrect letters, i even disable the second language recocnition, also fix the hd slowness, non hd keyboard looks awful

joel orosco

Awesome KEYBOARD!!! This app is great! Letters needed to complete your word standout neatly. Keep up the good work Dev and keep the updates coming. A lot of potential here...5*

Kyle Siebert

Such a cool idea But yea it would be nice if you had word suggestions and also the auto corrert still not working for me. Other the that its a cool app.

Clarence Paul

Well done I purchaeed the app because I think that it as great potential. Some suggestions: a) make a better keyboard layout b) the numerical key presses in landscape mode is off. It is not a problem for be because I mostly use it in portrait but it should be fixed c) as mosy people already mentioned, this app would be amazing with an adequate auto correct engine. Having noted all of this Im still giving you 5 stars because I definitely see that you put heaps of effort in it. I think that youre 90% there

Bjorn Hermansen


Артем Голубев

More languages plz It would be great to see more languages. Russian language is most wanted.

James Fenn

Great keyboard but... Plz update to material design and fix autocorrect bugs

Gary Smith

Im having the problem where this keyboard dont want to correct any miss spelled words like its set to abc text not t9 and I even bought the pro vershion

Tim Elliott

Nice keyboard but breaks my Bluetooth keyboard I like it when I'm using a screen keyboard but for some reason, I had to change the default keyboard back when using my bluetooth keyboard. Only numbers and some punctuation worked. I thought it was broke till I switched screen keyboards.

Michael Stothard

Not quite ready Looks great but without being able to add words to the auto correct it is unusable. Once fixed it would be worth the money

Matthew Lemmers

Its cool Woukd like to see auto correct for us people who are stuck with older devices though. Also the landscape keyboard heighth really needs an adjustment because it is just too big and takes too much space

Alvin Davis

Unsatisfied Does not auto correct for me, im always doing typos, I want my dollar back I do like the split keybosrd though....see the typo smh

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