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28 Dec
Duty Driver City LITE

Posted by Trendy Games 3D in Simulation | Dec. 28, 2014 | 77 Comments

Apk file size: 48.0 MB

With more than 10 million downloads of Duty Driver games, after our latest game temple Drive we launched Duty Driver City. Violence free, full of fun, this game will show you fun of driving. You can adjust this game to yourselve by a few different steering modes which can also be adjusted, 3 difficulty levels, different graphics settings, localization settings and driving modes (missions, simulation, random, freedom).

It has 5 missions:
- Underground driver
- Ambulance 1 driver
- Ambulance 2 driver
- Bus driver
- Driver of quattro vehicle as a private

Whats new

    Bug fixes

Trendy Games 3D part of our Simulation and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Dec. 28, 2014. Google play rating is 80.7176. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 48.0 MB.

Download duty-driver-city-lite.apk 48.0 MB


Peter Carpenter

Too sensitive The game gives you 250 seconds to drive 1,400 meters and if you just tap a button you go flying. You should get the firetruck one instead!:-( I'm deleting it.

Laura-Beth Curston

Can't play I try to play but it makes an as and shuts down when I try to play it. Plz fix the 5 stars:-(

Matthew Orrell

Can complete? I have tried everything on the first bus mission but when I get to the last station it won't complete even when the red block thing turns green! Why?!


Cool! I appreciate your effort on these games, they aren't ad ridden and they can run on lower end phones. However I have a few suggestions for you after you have worked on a full version: There is a bug on ambulance 2 where the wig wags stay on after the lights and siren are shut off, can we get the other car models from the other releases into this game as well? And finally, some different sirens would be nice, e.g. a FS PA640 on Ambulance2. Also, some siren tones would be great! (like a function for yelp)

Inez Connef

Fantastic I love this game it has great effort and I love how the traffic lights work.Let's add some more stuff like speed humps and more cars and where there is a person and you can get out and go to stores and you can have a house and you can by furniture and you can move and you can have a husband and kids but i really enjoy this game I was up til 4 this morning playing this game.

Rafael Andres Meléndez Molina

Full Version WHERE IS THE FULL VERSION? Make cars go faster please and put people on bus stops

Kathy Fennell

Great! The game is awesome , just one problem with the car's. They don't pull over when you drive up to them in the ambulance or fire jeep. Visit and I rate 5 star's

Katie Damon

Ok I love the game but the breaks don't work very well and also they have skid marks on and they make a squkey sound

Ryan Chng

Good game This is good, but just one bug - the bus level 1 cannot pass. It becomes green but does not say Level 1 passed. Also, I would like to see a taxi added to the selected vehicles in freedom mode.

Tendai Ruben Mbofana

Great game, but... As always you guys produced another amazing game. Well done. But please improve dashboard and put steering wheel for the new cars you introduced. Otherwise, great graphics and working traffic lights.

Aryka Krutchek

I love it but plzz make it on freedom the cops can chase u. There is stoplights. And u can run out of gas and get gas at the gastaishon. Plzzzzzzzzz

Ninja Creep4

The only thing that is wrong with the game is that the mirror icon isn't there on any of the missions especially the bus one

Amaan Ali

Can be better If more highways ,and dissimilar roads would be there the game will be more interesting.Adding airports docks railwaystations and more cities will make the game best.there should also transport of car through ships trains and by planes to make it more interesting.

Janice Burr

Duty driver This is a very good game if you are into driving and you should realy make duty driver limo

Joseph Jones

Awesomeness Finally. A duty driver game that has working signal lights. But please fix the bus mission. Plus, if its not much of trouble, can you have the cars used their brake lights on? Plus, the bus mission is not working right. Do that, and I'll change my.rating.

Yohann Co

Very good game, but Instead of boxes there should be people, and there also should be blinkers, and there should be night time with headlights too. Also in the bus missions, when I reached the final station, it won't let me complete it, it will just turn green.

Billy Ku Walker

To much memory This game takes up to much memory on a device, some with the other ones. Please fix. 5 stars if fixed!!!

Kin Wood

I love it You can pick which one you want like if you want mission, sulomtion, or random.

Roderick Lee

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees The best game ever I'm 9 and I think its fun if u think its hard on career mode just go to free play dummies" ;")

Ehinomeh Idemudia

Can not play I always loved the duty games but not this one this duty game does not work.Can you fix it please

Thipan Raj

Good Please add more cars„exp:mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi n Lamborghini

Raeshonna Jones

It a great game but ... Fix the bugs with level 1 on the bus it stops at the last stop ... its so annoying.. I love the game, just fix the bugs

b seaward

Good but could be better Please please please add if you turn siran on cars move out of the way please!!!! PS. Make siran sound better!!! Many thanks would be greatly appreciated :D


Duty city driver lite Its best and its the racer gami i like this game but i not like the same car so i give 4 star.

Dylan Merrett

Epic It is the best car game that my brother and me played so far...

Alison Amesbury

I down loded it on my samsung galaxy s3 it is great so i down loded it on my sqmsung galaxy tab 3 and it wont load please fix it for 5 stars thanks

Iara Tavares

This game needs fixing I can hardely brake I will rate 5 stars if fixed plz

kiki shawk

Whats up with the 1st bus mission? when i get to the last station and the red block turns green it doesnt pass me so i cant do mission 2 or 3 on the bus!!!

Billy Moskowitz

Y'all pretty much nailed it again. For your next game, may I suggest Duty Driver: Police. For cars, use the Ford Crown Victoria, Ford Police Interceptor Sedan, Ford Police Interceptor Utility, Chevy Impala, Chevy Caprice, and Dodge Charger.

Kelcie Tadd

Rate all five star because it is a great game you need to play it

Thomas Church

Graphics Graphics are horrible and you need a story line, :-* you, that's all I have to say.

chloe rye

Won't open. I downloaded it but the game wouldn't load and just left me with a black screen.

Tamika Adamson

Not bad Can you please fix 5/5 of the bus because when you get to 5 you park in the red box and it won't work please fix

Garyyun Curry

I love it It's like your in a real city lol

Ethan Haisma

Hey If there is an ambulince coming threw but the cars are not even getting to the side of the road please fix this!

Taylor Whitelaw

Why you guys being so aggressive This game is magnificent

Hamza Amjad

Better The game was better not a good and not abad

Tayshaun Hall

Why is there a hole in the map. I went into an alley and fell out of the world.This game. No physics.>:-(

Wilfredo Santiago

Duty I like it forever and never going to delete it in my life

Sara Fetzer

Suggestion I love the game because its really fun and it has a bunch of modes, cars, and ways to play the game. but maybe a suggestion for your game is: add themes to drive in! For example: drive in a city theme, highway theme, rural theme, or any other theme. Also have it where if you do something wrong, you could have an option for the cops to chase you. And if they catch you, a man comes out and shoots your car but you can drive away. I hope you could put this into consideration!

Tootsie Wewe

Why? Why do I get total damage if a car hit me?,I am following the rules,but these cars you put in this game are stupid!,its freaking annoying!, I would give this game a half star if it was possible!

Prabir Kumar Mukherjee

AMAZING ????????????? JUST LOVEEE IT. I just love this game. ???????. I didn't like the simulation part but it's OKAY. I love the freedom part a lot. You should add more vehicles. I love the traffic light most. You should make many games of this kind. This is the BESTTT BEST BEST BEST ????????????? GAME EVER I HAVE PLAYED. I will keep playing this game everyday and every time. Whenever I feel bored I always play this game.

Shaikh Abdullah

Nice game But i want that it made like real life the men roming around, and there are also houses of people

Prin Prin

To answer the person problem go to options then I think go to well u will see it

Seth Asante-Mensah

Driving licence lessons It's beause it teaching me how driving on the road would be like.

Nathan Mcnamara

Bus level 1 bug Complete all tasks on bus level 1 and on the last stop it does not let you finish despite being in the box that has turned green

Bilal Taj

I love this idea and I have a safe place for a few days ago but have not been verified through personal and I have to be The only thing is even a real estate information selected of the day individual and purpose in the morning

May Alarabi

helpful About bus missions... in mission 1 you park your bus in the last stop, then it becomes green but I wait and wait but nothing happens. I have some helpful ideas! 1. add more cars to drive and do missions for them 2. add a map then we would know where we are going 3. add people walking then the game will be more realistic 4. add more places to drive (highway village etc...) 5. Add cops to chase you when you don't stop and add speed limit. 6. let us to get out from the car and walk and enter shops

George Johnson

Awesome game except for the breaks Love it except for the breaks they squeek and make loud noisies and i hate how u cant get out of your car.

Dan / danmonster77

Why??? On the first bus level I completed all the other bus stops and I go to the last one and it turns green but it doesn't complete the level. If this is fixed then I will rate 5 stars.

Holly Williams

It's coo I really like this game but it could use a map. It'll be much easier to read the road. That compass is confusing as hell

Rafael Andres Meléndez Molina

Full Version WHERE IS THE FULL VERSION? Make cars go faster please and put people on bus stops

Abed Saleem

Cool It's cool but too sensitive I like all the games by trendy games but just one problem sensitivity ???????

Muhchamad Echsan

Duty Driver City LITE This is really fun to completed some missions in any levels with nice cars and I enjoyed to play an every times. In my request, maybe could added new other cars and more huge maps to awesome adventures and run in the city. Please! Thank you

Muhammad aqil Jamaludin

Too BEST I like it,since there was a cool car,police cars that can set to emergency,heavy traffic world,one of the world is very empty,only garbage cans,some more else.The arena OF COURS.

Thipan Raj

Good Please add more cars„exp:mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi n Lamborghini.pls add la

Jack Gorman

Loved it but...... I uninstalled it cause insufficient space. But now my tablet is faulty and I can't use camera please fix so I can use it again PLEASE! :-) :O =-O PS Sara Fetzer agree with u bout the cops chasing u

Daina Reid

So much FUN. I like the driving part,make big highway s on the game

Katelynn Smith

It's the best game!! Well their was some cons on this game but other then that their was a lot of pros

Muxiyadiin Dahir

Better game This game is you cab. You feeling like your driving a real car

Elizabeth Alvarez loves GNG 19

It's amazing sorry I keep downloading it because my phone keeps running out of space sorry but it's amazing

Ronio Bacsal

Graphics Please fix the graphics I seen the other things that are not included in this game like duty driver police lite and duty driver free

Wojciech Szkoda

Amazing, but Where do I download the full version? Can't find it anywhere!

Anthony Brioso

Small glitch On bus mission level 1, on the last station, the box just goes green and it doesn't let me complete the level therefore I cannot finish the game. I was going to buy it as i bought all of your duty driver games. Please fix and I'll buy it. I love your games. And please make it possible for every vehicle to have a dashboard view with a steering wheel. Suggestion duty driver: street race

Shanail Morgan

Great but.. Why is it that everytime I bump into car it stops and never drives again even if it's a little tiny bump they stop for NOTHING

Marivic Aquino

My First Time Well, Oh my gosh! I love this game. Maybe I should play this game. For this is a pleasing nice game. Guys, Sometimes it crashes but mine does not crash.

Sai Koli

Sencitivitu is crap It is so bad. When u turn the buttom automatically getd unselected

Chloe Bishop

Doesn't work It doesn't work trendy games please don't create games that do not work I bet it is a good game also it says bug fixed please don't put that if not true please fix the game trendy games second bad game from you all the other ones are great don't you agree

Charbel El Sahlany

We want duty driver back! Lets face it its a good game but a duty driver with a very big city and small villages and off-road tracks and costumize shop (we can paint the car ...)and having a garage to store a car and a lots of car shops where you can purchase cars and pedstrians in the city and doing missions all over the city (race . Jobs. Stole a taxi and make taxi jobs) will be a very good game thanks!

Heather Massey

Great The only thing I would want in all the duty driver games is to be able to use the turn signals and button to repair car. Thanks

Union Pacific 2010 Fan

Total damage I was at the end and was at the final turn and hit a stupid brick, remove them and make the cars not hit you and get total damage.

Har For

Harold fortune So the most apreciated driving sim.short one star not to make game better BUT BIGGER WELLDONE.

Prabir Kumar Mukherjee

AMAZING ????????????? JUST LOVEEE IT. I just love this game. ???????. I didn't like the simulation part but it's OKAY. I love the freedom part a lot. You should add more vehicles. I love the traffic light most. You should make many games of this kind. This is the BESTTT BEST BEST BEST ????????????? GAME EVER I HAVE PLAYED. I will keep playing this game everyday and every time. Whenever I feel bored I always play this game.

Bernard Calma

One of the best apps for me Same with the quattro it is too strong, make it weaker and the Audi a6 avant make it a bit strong beacause it is kinda sensitve whenever I go on the sidewalk it is like it is flying and tumbling, that is weird. Improve that pls. And the bus level no. 1 fix that glitch

Irving Calderon

LEVEL ONE BUS DOES NOT WORK The level works till you get to the last thing you need to complete and you get there and the marker turns green and does not finish the level.

Lesley Jarvie

Nice Hi, I was wondering if you guy at trendy games could put the ice cream truck in the vehicle selection in freedom mode. I'll be over the moon if you do. Thank you guys for the game

CJ kian

Bus level problem In bus level 1, when i parked my bus in the red box, it turn green, but it does not said that I had finished this level, and i cannot proceed to next level. Please fix this.

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