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30 Oct
Dungeons of Evilibrium RPG

Posted by Zillion Whales in Role Playing | Oct. 30, 2015 | 113 Comments

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Dungeons of Evilibrium is a card battle RPG with tactical elements of TCG strategies and the dungeon crawling exploration of a board game. Collect and evolve character cards, build and enhance your army deck, beat other players and seize dungeons’ treasures! The whole world’s fate depends upon your choices and skills!

FREE TO PLAY dungeon crawler RPG & CCG in one game
BATTLE in dynamic fights with a tactical phase
COLLECT & CONTROL creatures and demons of six elements
CUSTOMIZE your army deck to gain a strategic edge
JOURNEY through over 100 replayable adventures
MASTER Arenas and ASCEND PvP Leaderboards
OBTAIN rare artifacts and EVOLVE your heroes
GET new characters and dungeons in free updates

• Each Rare (R) or higher rarity card has unique skill! No more recycled abilities!
• Level your cards in battles and improve their stats with Marks
• Stunning hi-res parallax graphics for your viewing pleasure
• Evolve your cards with Artifacts, and not through fusion
• Enhance cards’ abilities with any leftover Artifacts
• Discover the power of Totems!

Dungeons of Evilibrium provides broad opportunities for collecting and tactical planning of a party as well as hero development. You are invited to take part in an epic campaign exploring dangerous dungeons, collecting creature cards, gathering artifacts, and fighting in dynamic battles.

Build and enhance your deck, explore mysterious dungeons, earn powerful treasures, fight the demons of darkness, compete with other adventurers; and always remember – in order to defeat the forces of Evil you have to play by their rules!
Dear players! In case you have encountered any problems, please contact us at [email protected] This is the only way for us to respond to your problem and solve it! We really want you to enjoy our game!

Whats new

    - The Towers of Valour – fight with other hunters for the right to get the trump card!
    - New creatures – She-devil, Succubus, Incubus, Dwarf, The Dwarf King.
    - New artefacts – dedicated for trump cards.
    - Bug fix
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    Please send your feedback to [email protected]

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Noah Abraham

Save your gems Its 50usd or 2,500 gems for a legendary once you get the very rare chance to catch one. Your chances are close to zero getting a legendary any other way besides a holiday. The amount of grinding after you finish the quests makes this game worthless.

Laura P

Costly and difficult I have just started but I already find it costly and difficult to capture new monsters. I have failed all attempts to capture with gold (which is not easy to get) on the 1st level monsters. It seems the only way to get them is with gems which of course you have to pay real money for. All in all, not a good start to the game.

Scott Fugleberg

Monster repeating same move Unsure of what the monster is called. But uses a move called chilling or chilled something... Which makes my monster skip his move. Will not end!?!!

Leon Cordier

Black screen Want to play this game so bad, but it refuses to show anything. First time was fine till first map but with funny pink images on top and blank at the bottom where the squares should be but now absolutely nothing, please fix :Sony Xperia M2 aqua

Erik Rinaldi

Cool Really cool so far still early so I gotta figure it out but so far so good very impressed

Brad Maurer

Extreme Fun! Runs smoothly. Fun to explore dungeons, get loot, and level up your monster team. Try it. For mid to upper grade phones.

Savoeurn Leam

Energy sucking game This game all about sucking your energy fast lol. Interesting game if dev. Change energy system . When u win a battle u should not loose your energy,when u turn a square u should not loose energy. I give better rating when these change.

Adrian Guinn

Overall awesome Menu's a Lil confusing. And hard to find out subtleties in the game. But worth taking the time to get to know..

Chris Thomas

Awesome I love this game. A few days in and I still can barely put it down.

Dimitris Tampakologos

Pretty nice game. Use my refferal code ce34d5b3 if you want.

Nobuddy Nobuddy

New update not opening. Great game. Eronal lvl 110 send me a friend request.

Charles Avery

dungoen hacks love um don't quite get this one yet

Rebecca Bennett-Mobley

Love this game but... It keeps freezing and then force closes.

chrissy atmar

Effing Amazing cool fun don't do much with your hands but it's still a good game

Brian Kunkler

Dungeon of evilibrium Really cool role playing game picture uncovers the dungeon really interesting

Bopha Poum

love it! Love this game. Just can't stop playing it.

Double G

Wtf Doesn't load. Black screen of death. Get off my phone.

Matthew Breen

3 stars until arena prob fixed I habe invested 20k into the arena, it costs 5k and 20 energy per attempt... the last 4 times I have done this it has lagged with noone joining and then it saying that my entry fee would be in my gifts. All 4 times all of my entry fee is gone, but nothing in my gifts. Please fix and then ill rate 5, cuz other than this problem tis a great game.

Kai Watson

Awesome game Addicting even for a puzzle/RPG

Ryan Cyr

Cool Fun and easy to do

Cooper Bingham

Great game. An awesome game to pass the time thoroughly enjoyable.

Domagoj Palada

Just lovin it I like card games but Im lovin this one

Christopher Holladay

Interesting No complaints so far

Allen McCullar

Evilibrium This is a great game, but it freezes when I try to upload it. I also tried to u install it and it froze again. Please fix!!!

hugo flores

Good It's an good entertaining game.

Josh Lichty

Best game ever It's the best rpg game I have ever played you should ever get to

Dan Dourney

Awesome Great game and simple play. love the story behind it

Krysla Folsom

Good job I love this game! I mean it's all I want in a rpg! keep it up!

Sabuti Tiong

Quite addictive aab0cfee to get gift!

Lex Mason

Evilibrium So far its kind of fun

Katie Hawks

Love it! Love this game! Referral codes 4c73aa93, use it if you want!

brian ruff

Pretty neat It is a lot of fun

William Pierce

Invite me 201e2396 Invite me to get a good start this game is amazing

Magen Germany

Enjoyable but keeps freezing I really enjoy this game but now I keep getting a message saying server connection needed with a button that says attempts and I can't make it go away. I keep restarting it but same thing happens.

Douglas Brown

Fun but frustrating game. Locks up sometimes or crashes at very inconvenient times. Game likes to put you in forced unavoidable PvP situations....however it still can be an addictive game.

Cj S

Was loving it... Until today. For some reason all day I have tried to load the game and it says cannot connect to server.. and I went as far as deleting n reinstalling and no change. 5 - 10 sec in. Gives pop up n says can't connect. I paid for in game stuuf. I'd like to be able to play...

Ted Sass

you must be kidding me I am not a millionaire I cannot afford your gems you get. defeated. I am sorry that most or all of these games at least offer away to get. gems or gold but not yours so goodbye

Ken MasterH

Constant freezing. Continually asks to connect to server even though there should be no reason to do so. Only reasons to connect to server should be to update, or interact with other players. Uninstalled.

Jacob Rauch

Why not I enjoy how they do not force you to follow story missions if you do not wish to do them

Micah Linscott

It's fun, but has problems I really like this game, but it tends to crash a lot. Also, I don't like that I can't move it to my SD card.

Clint Swenson

Ok sa far I just started and is fun.... Let's see how this goes...

Hafiz Mokhtar

Cant be played...! I have 5Mb of internet speed but it said i needed server connection

Avia V

Very well done game, but for cash players

Tim Yobo

Costly to play Energy is used up to fast. Cost $$$ to play. To play for free you get 15-20 minutes of play. 3 hours approx to recharge energy.

Utomo Sucipto

Excelent game Really love this game new system and great graphic

Heinrich Zemo

Great Game Really enjoyed this far. I'll give 5 star if you let us know the location of each item for daily quest

Nathan Tocco

Needs more creatures There needs to be more options and more updated levels so you can play for longer and not get bored.

Joseph Winningham

I like the game so far. however everyone I log into Facebook it erases my data and turns my icon into the females.

Scott Southwick

Great so far Very nicely done

Matthew Kahana

Fun and addictive

tyrone delrio

Fun game Awesome game play.

Peter Turner

Servers down Cannot connect to server, game is a virtual paperweight till its fixed

John-Bosco Tran

Fun game, stability issues, experienced a bug that restored a profile and wiped my energy. Energy goes fast as it is. That said, fun.

Cameron Williams

Rating It's not the absolute best thing ever, but, it's still pretty spanking awesome.

Darryl Cummins

Still an awesome game! I had one major issue, but was able to resolve it myself. I had one map where the game would lock up when trying to fight the boss..... Solution: Make sure you have your email address and password you used to create your account. Uninstall the game and reinstall. Use the recover button in the top right corner and input your info. Done. Whatever had caused the glitch will be fixed by basically overwriting the files. Nothing else worked for me.

Troy Hose

Fun so far !! Only just started but certainly keeps me coming back !

Aiden Womble

Good game Mabe involve in the combat more if happens 5 stars

Virginia Zamagne

So far very interesting I'm not too far in but it seems pretty easy to play and looks great. I'm hooked.

Joseph Hardee

Pretty good game. Haven't progressed that far yet but its interesting.

Steven Mack

Now it won't load , some writing that's too small to see. Haven't played in 2 days. Simply can't log in but super fun game!

toby Dennis

I liked it It's a fun & addictive

william tummins

Easy Still new in the game but so far it's easy and fun

robert mallernee

Just started Rate it later just, started

Corey Scott

Deleted Fishing for cash like the rest. But not bad. Like most give you tons of stuff in the beginning then bog you down to a halt with crap bosses and not enough crystals to upgrade anything.

some guy

Good but just one problem i found thus far Pvp seems tacked on like an afterthought also i relly hate being forced to fight another player but the current system sets them right in the road so you cant dodge them please fix or at least a disable option of some sort well should count my blessings at lest i dont have to deal with trashtalk

Fransisco Pena

Confusing at first but get used to it I admit at first the game was pretty confusing but after a bit you'll understand every concept of the game

Nathan Moser

Combat I wish the combat was a little more than just waiting. It seems like there is no real tactics to the game. Rather, having a monster with a high attack wins you the game.

Michael Phipps

Great game but way under developed Good game however game constantly glitches to a point that you can't press the start battle button which results in having to close the game and start over, wastes energy, coins, and your time.

Joseph Travis

Fun It's fun finding a simple game, that's fun and yet time consuming. Here's hoping it continues to impress.

Dave Smith

Awesome, but a few problems Devs need to pay more attention to the game. A great game is where the devs actually listen to the players that are paying them. My big issue at the moment is the cost and availability of coins. Gems are pretty fairly priced. But coins are outrageous! I have seven EP creatures that are ready to be evolved into Legendary, but the cost is one million coins each! Not only is that a bit ridiculous, but $100.00 in real money only gets you 600,000 coins. And gaining coins in the game is too slow. 5 stars if fixed

Ashley Newman

Glitch I am A level 54 and it will still not let me use my 5th slot for a creature. Everytime I try it resets it from the server.

sayeed ahmed

Loved it I loved this game all the features. However few things can be added like the skills of the creature which I can use manually

Quamrul Ahsan

Pretty good This is a great game. The mechanics are nice and the system is stable. However there is one problem, the character slots are reset once you close the game. Even though I am level 20 i cannot change the monsters in my 3rd and 4th slots. I can only change the monsters in the first 2 slots which are unlocked at the beginning of the game. Please fix this, this really could be a five star game.

Tonya Tucker

It's ok... Difficult to understand at first. Especially if your phone dumps during the tutorial. I haven't found a help section yet. Edit: Really don't like the integrated PvP in the quests. I generally don't go after peeps that are unbeatable, yet the PvP forces me to.

Kaden Woods

Some of the levels are screwed up Some of the levels like fairy forest level 2 are broken because a blockade thing is blocking me on either side so I can't do anything. If someone knows how to fix this tell me. P.s. I'm not asking people to call me stupid it's the easiest thing in the world only advise.

Jim Cowan

Good game, hard to figure out how inventory works, came in 3rd in pop session, but couldn't find what I won!

David Durst

Different kind of RPG Not too bad, really. Doesn't beat you to death asking you to buy stuff.

dale mcdonald

Interesting Got boring since you can only evolve creatures so far and the only way to get better ones was to pay

Hydros Phagus

If you haven't played, DON'T DOWNLOAD Only good thing is its fast automated gameplay. Luck-based gameplay sucks, PvP SUCKS, grinding sucks, items and coins quickly becoming obsolete sucks, Legendary creatures being next-to-impossible to get SUCKS. The game teased a lot of things but actually offers almost nothing. If you haven't touched the game, DO. NOT. START.

Mike G

Only been playing for 10 mins, but it brings to mind some RPG's from back in the day. So far, so good.

Paul Murphy

Dungeon equilibrium Bought two times to get six hundred jewels but they took my money but never gave me my jewels I would have put a higher star rating if they would give the jewels.

Robert Rodriguez

Ok Can't play anymore. Loading screen never ends whenever I try to go home to do upgrades. Broken game.

Jacob Gelband

Amazing but I dont like having to use wifi all time. Pleasssse add offline mode

Mateusz Błąkała

Great Great game for lonely evenings or boring lectures ?

Anthony Nichols

Slow & confusing Hard to understand what you are supposed to do and there are way too many loading screens. Not fun.

Forrest Powers

Very fun! I've played a variety of rpg games (blood brothers etc...) but eventually I stopped playing because I got bored. But this game is different. The art style is so unique and the combat is fun. It's awesome.

Brian Rineker

Referral code is 3c52a3a8. Add for bonus stuff! Decent game. Like that I can play it without using the internet.

Jayce Catarina

The Game I like the game. It's really fun and addicting. Good job!

Mario Ornelas

Great! Little crazy at first! Once you get a hold of things it's a great way to kill time

Alex Staples

Love the theam After some initial instability the game has smoothed out and is running fine now

kevin imbaLoki

Good but Items for items for upgrades be like. You need luck? Haah lel.

Dylan Vogel

Solid so far Interesting play style, I've been looking for a new quality game

Anis Bukvić

Good game, fun to play. Not playing long but for now is fun

Tammy L

love this game. I would play all day if I had the energy!

Mark Schroeder

Both my daughter and I like this game. Only been playing a short time but I find it enjoyable.

Ed Rickard

Decent game so far. Wish I knew to keep items on squares until needed.

Natsu smith

So addictive Can't stop the cats

william jankens

Awesome It runs smooth, load time is quick, and I can't wait to delve deeper into this

Venom !

Won't open Crashes ,looks cool wish I could play

Rick Wetzel

So far so good. Just started playing Daily quests are very hard to complete.

eric nicholson

Bugged game Way to bugged loses contecetion way to many times to be worth playing

Eric Vermillion

Great game This one is by far way better then equilibrium 2

christopher mcdonald

Wish that the pvp fights during maps were removed. I wind up fighting the same five or six people all the time. If I wanted to fight pvp I would go into the tower or tavern and challenge them.

David Wilson

Kinda Cool Game started out cool but I've reached the ever dreaded stale mate. Repetitive BS

David Nichols

So far so good Might make it 5 stars if it holds my interest a while longer

alex amposta

Sometimes this game is not responding..this game was the first one I crashed..kindly fix..I changed to 3 star not 5'..

Gravitycrash J

P2p and ofc p2w, Just another copy scam. Hard to evolve with artifacts(chances of getting uc or above artifacts are very very low) because they even made artifact packs cool scam lol. There are better games don't bother installing, 90% card games in the market are just trash. This type of games are garbage, nobody should ever play them and rate them 1 star if you mistakenly ever played. Not in 2016 su*kers.

jeremy linnell

Lost purchase I bought gems and while it was processing it crashed I got charged but did not get gems I contacted them about it and they have not responded its been three days

Kenny Strait

OK seems it will be fun A couple things are a little not so great about it ..but nothing to make the game bad so far it's fun to play I would recommend playing it if you're into these kinds of games and looting

Ashley Doom

I like it, but... Great game but I've just gotten to the 4th or 5th level and it's too hard to win. Seems a but ridiculous to step up the difficulty so quickly.


Fun game I like that while advancing through the floors each step you take is a surprise.

Josh Hines

Fun But hasn't been updated in dead? Needs new content

simon austin

Gd concept Good game so far turn based gd not lag issues or anything

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