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28 Jun
Dungeon Flicker

Posted by GREE, Inc. in Adventure | June 28, 2015 | 97 Comments

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A simple and addictive flick-and-go dungeon exploration game. How tall will your tower grow?

How to play :
Tap the Tower to start.
Flick to move around.
Your turns are limited, so proceed with caution!
If you find an exit in time, you get to keep collected coins and equipment for good.
Can you uncover the ancient evil that lurks at the top?

Whats new

    OpenSSL security update.

GREE, Inc. part of our Adventure and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 28, 2015. Google play rating is 86.6596. Current verison is 1.0.2. Actual size 21.0 MB.

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Jonathan Stoll

Forced Rating Not really forced but a "1 time offer" after 5 minutes of play. I might adjust later if justified :)

Philip Castracucco

Free and Fun One of the best phone games I've played in a while.. Keeps me addicted and wanting to play more.. Even when I lose.

Bradley Kunkel

So far so good Great game although the first 3 levels are a little difficult when some of the monsters can hit you repeatedly causing you to chose between health or defense leaving little to no points for attack or speed or luck. Fun game tho

Steven Bethwaite

Nice little rpg A nice little rpg so far. Nice to see that if you decide wrong you are doomed to fail fast. But still worth the play :-)

Terry Davis

Get 20,000 coins for vote after 5 mins of play... Not giving 5 stars for the paid vote. Similar to Inflation RPG (give that one a try), this is my kind of game. Fast pace with replays based on the ability to keep items if you make it to the top before losing enabling even father venturing later with more exploration. Definitely give it a shot.

James Barnes

Satisfied... Not bad; second install. (broke the screen on my S2) If you're looking for a simple, not too in depth RPG that is addicting, I'd grab it. So all in all, I did rate 4 stars, so Im telling you guys its at least worth a try. As an aging, old school gamer, try it!

Jimbo Jack

Really fun Fast paced action RPG that will have you addicted in no time. I cant put it down

Leonard Webster

Dungeons flicker Definitely a spare time game ,still room for improvement. Don.t like. The turns feature.leveling up is to fast..the game is still great as a dungeon crawl game..

Nigel Best

Dungeon Flicker Overall Its a pretty Good game but wish It was more like other classic RPGs

Rory O'Donnell

Good fun Seem to be levelling super fast, gets a bit irritating and doesn't seem necessary but still decent

francisco fuentes

Good little rpg. A nice roguelike. Only thing i hope it had was the ability to keep one item for the next run. Otherwise a good timewaster

Jon Krusade

Don't BRIBE me Bro! You shouldn't bribe people with 20,000 gold to rate your app, other than that this is a nice simple game. If you like simple RPG like games then this app is definitely for you. It's a FREE app why not give it a try.

Greg R

Forced Rate for Reward Only played 1 level. Very exciting rpg so far. Swipe through floor, find treasure, items and enemies so far.. Also apply stats after gaining tons of levels where you want.

john smith

Rate for 20k coins Love it. Glitch in dungeon stat increase page after changing equipment. Doesnt effect stats just shows incorrect equipment effects on stats. Make another one, just longer with more enemies/items and spread out so's not to grind the same floors as much. By the way, no need to increase health at all if your defense is high enough. Nothing after lv 30 except higher lv accessories. So at floor 119 you get lv 10 accessories? If you go beyond that?

Dean Broda

Fun so far After a little gameplay it seems fun. Will have to see if it holds my interest for more than a few days.

Christopher Sims

Good classic type rpg I dislike how you can run out of moves and die causing you to lose everything. I understand losing it all if you die but the movement thing is little annoying since I like to explore. But definitely a fun game.

Eric Hawkins

Ups and downs I really enjoy the simplicity of the game and the save no matter where you quit is great. The begging for a review left a sour taste in my mouth, at least with a timed offer. Ask me after I've had a chance to see the game. I've hit a pretty hard wall at the 13th to 15th floor. I do enjoy the game but hitting a wall that hard that fast has really been a downer for me personally.

Xavier Harris

Fast RPG, Great Gameplay This game dungeon flicker is Fast, simple, and very addicting not to mention a rouge like. No need to worry about ads I haven't encountered any yet. Sounds are great but no ambient music too accompany you on your adventure. encounter many different monsters and even bosses as you ascend up the tower. The journey is yours. overall this game is very enjoyable

Nkechi Ifezulike

I absolutely adore this game..... At 1st I was a lil bit annoyed that I couldn't retain my inventory....buh I realised that if we could.....the game would just become too easy...Great game guys!!

Kragothe Valour

Great game! It's pretty fun and actually free. No ads, no pay to win. I'm confused. A fun free game? Well, I won't look the gift horse in the mouth.

Joseph Falcone

Weak as can be The game started out really good but every time you go back in you are back at level 1 so wft that's what killed it for me not the fact the you have numbered moves because you can earn more by beating monsters but why start you back at level 1 just why?!

tyler Richardson

Pretty excited Haven't encountered any glitches, fast level up makes you feel great, character animation is enjoyable as well.

jovis jonsun

Innovative and well executed, minimalist approaxh perhaps tho could benefit from a little more tactical depth.... good work overall, refreshingly free from the money-grabbing iap poison that taints so much of the play store. What happened to writing a good game and selling it? This is good honest fare! Thanks developer.

Will Eckrich

So far, so good! Just defeated first boss so haven't played much but I like it so far :)

Tyler Henderson

Rate I think its a cool game if your into dungeons and dragons type thing.

Chris Mull

Stupid garbage This game is a horrible peice of trash. Instead of making garbage like this gree should focus on doing something with their best game magnus ignus so they dont havecto shut that game down. But instead they make garbage like this. Gree sucks!!!!!!

Daniel Valdez

Casual A good way to distract yourself with the ease of dungeon crawling and pleasing sound effects of hard slashing and coins mounting.

Cameron Weir

just a time waster this game could of easily been an awesome dungeon crawler with character development and loot. instead its a simple rogue-like where u have a certain amount of moves to do your thing then die after all moves are used... so people who like to explore and get everything on a level will not get very far. graphics are good and the fighting is good for what it is... a simple rogue-like time waster.

Brian Sacket

Quick. Fun This is a fun dungeon crawler that takes a simplistic interface and makes it extremely fun. I've only had a short time but have enjoyed it immensely.

Alex Ventura

Yes there is a reward for this Butttt so far this looks like an amazing game that I will sink MANY hours into... Good job developers

James Bell

Fun but monotonous It's fun for a few days, but requires to much grinding for my liking

Jimmy Ho

Good game This is a nicely thought oit game that is fun to play. A tip for players, only upgrade speed and attack, you can kill them before they have a chance to attack you.

Kurstyn Abreo

Dungeon Flicker Its a really easy game to play and it is easily addictive.

Jason McCall

Simple. Fun. Addictive. Surprisingly fun, and addictive. Such a simple concept! Sadly, all of my progress was lost somehow. Disappointing.

Yaniv Keren

Addicted fun fun fun. casual. fun fast paced mobile game. i hope you will continue to make updates. please fix the issue that doesn't give you the ability to make a choise to continue exploring after killing the boss. and fix another issue that forces you to pick up every garbage you find in chests. the game should give you the option whether you want to pick up or leave behind... after all. if i am hooked (a week or so) it a good game. -

Jordan Daniel

Not bad, but not great.... I just barely started playing but so far it's moderately entertaining. nothing special but I could definitely see passing the time while commuting or waiting at the doctors office or whatever. I can see how this game could be fairly addictive. Overall, it seems to work like it's supposed and there haven't been any glitches....yet ;)

jason good

Best type of rpg I'm so glad to see this style of gaming. From the start, it appears to be as exceptional a game as "inflation rpg," a game i thought could never be rivaled. But another has stepped into this bold new genre of rapid leveling adventurers. I've only seen the first three levels, though. I give the start 5 stars, and i hope the rest doesn't disappoint

Tim Owens

Fun but The only thing i dislike is the moves i like to check all rooms so maybe if you could throw a chest with extra moves i would change to five stars

Adam Smith

So far so good. Only problem so far is that it's really easy to move side to side instead of forward or backwards, which is kind of a problem in a turn based game.

Aaron Zimmerman

Fun dungeon crawler Leveling up happens super fast, fighting is more or less our of your hands (not as much fun for me)

Anthony Izumi

Nice game Really good and intense RPG game.

sarah barton

Addictive Great game, annoyed as reset but won't take long to get where I was. Really addictive happily plug charger in and play before I know it I have been playing for a couple of hours

Joe VandenEynden

Like it Nice time killing Lil rpg, suggest starting with defense then attack and Lil speed

James Rottino

Cool idea Cool, but clunky ui. A better tutorial would be appreciated. Also, I have a hard time actually traveling in the right direction

Jeff Maxwell

Surprised I haven't downloaded a game in a while but I have a feeling this one's going to consume quite a number of hours...and I'm totally ok with it ?

Jonathan Venne

Starts easy then gets tough This game at first is really easy then after the first boss it gets harder the first boss was easy then the second one almost killed me. This game is a great time waster and it can be challenging and I love that. That's why I love doungeon flicker.

Ken Landree

Not bad so far Only complaint I have so far is that the controls are a little to sensitive. I swipe one way, and sometimes goes in the complete opposite direction. Might be my phone, or I need to clean my screen, but other than that, pretty fun. Good time waster. If the controls were smoothed out I could see myself giving this 5 stars without question.

Brandon Jones

Really fun The game is really fun to play and a good time waster. Only problem I really have with it is the swipe to move. It sometime takes me about 5 swipes yo move in the direction because it thinks I'm swiping another way for some reason.

andy palmer

it's eh I'm still trying to understand the turn system. it should be my only problem rough this game if I had one so far

Mark Carter

Not bad The controls seem to work backwards, but once you get the hang of it it's OK. I wish assigning points were easier. If it were a little slower you could assign the points as you wish. I'm learning to work with it, but is still a pain in the neck. Otherwise it is a fun little game to play.

Steven Rickabaugh

I think it's cool You essentially get different rewards each time you do the same thing, so it's a reason to keep grinding, plus, its never the same run each time, so it's not really repetitive, just sort of. Also, the higher level you get it actually gets difficult later later on, so it's overall a very cool game for being simply made

Timothy Parrish

Rough around the edges Needs some work. Moving system is weird. I keep going left and right when I need to go down. I suggest an alternative D-pad or arrows on each door so you don't waste turns. So far I've wasted about 25 turns.

Toan Nguyen

Fun enough to finish At the end it got too easy for me, final boss died in 1 hit and the trend continued til flooring 66 and not one monster that could damage me or take more than one hit. The only reason I didn't get further is simply because I didn't keep enough keys on me and you want to always have a minimum of two keys to make sure you can reach the next floor. Too lazy to try again though.

Zack Solbes

Great fun It's simple design and controls make it addictive, even though simplistic it has turns to complete each section and stat allocation to give it some challenge


Good but... Really like the concept, I can see myself having fun, however, bad movement system and I hate it when you have to rate a game only after a few minutes of playing. Stop this stupid rating method... you could have gotten a better review.

Mikko Aarnio

Ok mobile game Considering how crappy touch interfaces usually are this game has managed to nail down a decent way to play RPG on mobile. Unfortunately the game has 1 serious flaw that is the levels will always reset whenever you complete the latest floor. One can't simply advance to newest floor with level 1 and you're forced to grind the easiest levels with your 2k stats on all 1 shotting everything with 0 challenge. If this issue didn't exist and there would be something other than just attack I'd give 4/5.

Sergio Ontiveros

Way too easy Great concept but its way to easy to level up and you only have to raise speed and attack to be literally untouchable

Kevin Arthur

Not too bad A little weird at first but very easy to understand once you start to play. Pretty fun but not very exciting.

Tony Mazzettia

One time offer to rate the game It almost forces you to take it with the 20k gold it offers. I don't usually like spending money on games, most definitely won't do this one because it has you rate it 2 minutes into the game so you don't have time to enjoy before you rate. I always leave these comments on games that do this to you. I'm changing my rating from 2 to 1. So many mobs as you get higher in level get first strike on you. Then when the boss does, you die and lose everything. I'm done with this game.

Moises Jimenez

Perfect for long trips Great game to pass the time with and very rewarding for defeating mobs as a suggestion add spells in the mix to change up the game play

Megan Trenholm

First time one of these kinds of games doesn't get redundant after 5 minutes. Glad I stumbled across it

Donna Taylor

Surprisingly good! Very simple but surprisingly good! Just added new levels - will be disappointed if I die to go right back to level 1 though...

Vee M.

Fun and cute This game is a fun little RPG. There isn't really any strategy, but it's fun to progress through the floors.

Michael Smith

Better than anticipated. Usually not impressed with these types of games but this one was fun. Can't wait to see what else happens.

Eric Wong

Awesome! Nice graphics, slick gameplay, simple interface. What's there not to love?

Balder Hougaard

Bugged. Bought potions, but apparently can't drink them. This means I can't progress much past the 7th floor, which makes the game rather uninteresting.

BlackAngel V2

Pretty good Its not bad. Its kind of addicting and it keeps you on your toes from the battles. You never know when you will win or lose.

Thomas Gallivan

Pure fun. This game might have problems (i haven't encountered any yet) but it is super fun and feeds my inner dungeon explorer when I need a fix. Awesome.

Javier Ruiz, Jr

nice its a nice game that lets me kill time, after you play it a couple times you ge the poi t of it. youre stats reset but you keep your items which help boost your stats which i love.

Alex TM

A fun little time killer Thus far I have only played the first few floors but this game seems like it will be a nice way to fill spare time on lunch breaks. I look forward to see what else this game has in store.

Andy Rando

Started skeptical, still playing :-) I was like you once, productive, seeking some distraction at my job between pretending to be productive. Well now I am homeless, desiccated, hungry, stealing the neighbor's Wi-Fi, satisfied!

Alicia Etler

An Interesting Grinder Anyone who hates the leveling/grinding process will probably find this game isn't for them. Personally, I love the leveling process as it's the thrill of exploring new areas and finding new lore/objects that interests me. Doesn't seem like there's much of a story here, but it's a randomized dungeon, so each area will always be different than before.

Christopher Lynch

Lots of fun Modern funk art, classic feel. Cure for boredom any day!

Bárbara Perez

So far a very fun game. The monster gives tons of experience, which I found kinda weird, but I'm okay with it

Norman Lotz

Simple and easy Fun little game, asked me for a review 5 minutes after playing so I haven't played long enough to give it a bad review. Fun little game so far.

James Chatman

Doing it for the coins So far so good. I'd honestly like a longer try at the game before being strong armed into a rating

Brad Hill

Fun, if Grindy The game itself is fun and simple, and i like it as an Upgrade game. Its not easy to be OP, unless you get really lucky, for more than a few floors, and even then your stats may not be quite up to par. Presents a good challenge of choices.

nikita barko

Its alright The game has some good things in it, but the tutorial is kinda bad at explaining what to do and the swiping is a bit janky but other then that, it's awesome

Rudy Wang

Like this game ^^ This game was so fun, cute and simple. But the simple was the key of this game to entertain the player. The graphic was nice and good. The feature was good and hope for any great upgrade for this game. Success for it ^^

Bradley Baum

It was good on floors 1 - 3 After floor 3 it is impossible to kill anyone or anything! The creatures kill you in one hit! I had a level 5 scale armour and two level 5 long swords that did/do nothing!

syoxiss nemesis

Its not bad, but... No instructions what so ever. I finish the floor and exit and i go back to level one. So what the point of starting on floor 4 or 7 if i die in one hit? Its the gear that will keep me alive? I have to guess how the game is played.

Tristan Sutherland

Awesome I absolutely love the game. The only problem is that I can one-hit the monsters under floor 6, kill everything up to floor 12, but the moment I get to floor 13, I am being a one-hit wonder. Please adjust the power differences. Thx in advance.

Andrew Stewart

Fun game but.... Fun game, however your turns count as your life. Meaning the second you run out of turns, its game over; you lose your stats, equipment and anything else other than your records. The game effectively turns into a mad dash for the next zone.

Jason Hollis

So much fun! I've been playing for 5 mins and I'm already addicted. The controls are perfect for mobile devices and the reward system makes you want to keep playing. I have a feeling I'll be into this one for a long time!


Fun Game Graphics are cheese, but good enough. Gameplay is just fine despite all the whining I read in reviews. Not sure how you can't figure out how to navigate. Map is super helpful. I likes!

TheBlue Blur

Good game but big difficult spike The game is fun. A cool way to go about an RPG. Kinda reminds me of Inflation RPG. Only complaint is that starting at floor 7 there's a huge jump in damage the enemies do. I was able to get past them but oh boy did it take me a lot of tries with different stat combos.

Bryan Wilson

OK in its current state Suggestions: Disable post fight animations for grinding runs, and an "auto spend level" check box you can toggle to save from having to repeatedly manually do that yourself on runs. Also as far as I know, no option to NOT fight a monster or boss, so fighting should begin automatically.

Shirley Battle

Not sure Still making up my mind, but not bad way to idle away coffee break.


Great game except... I originally gave 5 stars but kicked it down once I found out I could lose an entire run to something as lame as not having enough keys. Great game otherwise.

Gabriel Peddie

Simple fun Gave me 20k coins to rate it but I was going to any way ... good game, addictive, easy-ish but fun regardless. The only thing I would improve is the number of turns you get, I barley completed tower 1 with 2 turns to go. Why not make the mobs more challenging instead

Bryan Wilson

OK in its current state Suggestions: Disable post fight animations for grinding runs, and an "auto spend level" check box you can toggle to save from having to repeatedly manually do that yourself on runs. Also as far as I know, no option to NOT fight a monster or boss, so fighting should begin automatically.

Zachary Barnes

It's a great time killer and if your into medieval things then this game is perfect for you. My only problem with this game is it's very RNG dependent and requires luck to make it. But besides that, it's great. Keep up the good work.

Bryan Pollock

WTF I can understand a game being difficult but not cheating in such a way that after 1 attack on an enemy can warrent them attack back 7 times. You should make the game more impossible like 1 turn ends you game or when you die you can't start over. I would give you -11k stars if I could.

Cyrus S

Fun Just started so fat so good not give starts because I don't know if it will stay fun or fade out. Asked for review too soon

Christian Rondeau

Simple but limited replay value This was exactly the kind of game I was looking for (a simple vertical rogue like) but sadly i got tired of it fairly quick. Otherwise, very nice ;)

Sho Kill

Very early ask to rate. I played one time and was asked to rate it. I doubt I can even give you a solid review... it is pretty fun so far.

A S Cortright

So far so good .dropped my grade. Why should ur levels start over each time u win? ?.

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