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20 Apr
Dungeon Adventure

Posted by Rostislav Gnatovskij in Role Playing | April 20, 2016 | 40 Comments

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Game inspired by tabletop RPGs, roguelike games and some MMORPG. First choose your hero.Then delve and explore deadly randomly generated dungeons, fight with monster and powerful bosses, gain experience and equipment.
- Randomly generated dungeons.
- Choose one of the four difficulties: Normal, Hard, Heroic and Epic
- Unlock and cast spells like: True Strike, Flame Weapon, Arcane Ward etc.
- A lot of randomly generated equipment. Find best items for your hero!
- If your hero dies there is no way to resurrect him
- Special "Adventure levels". Gain this levels give you special points that you can spend on perks. If your hero die you wont lost your Adventure levels.
- Two base (Amazon and Barbarian, for Heroic Ed. there more base heroes available) and nine character to unlock. Dwarf - master of defense. Vampire - steal life from enemies. Assassin - master of deadly arts. And others like Wizard, Druid, Huntress, Cleric etc.
- Gather resources and arcane dust to craft powerful items that help you in your adventures.

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Whats new

    - Two new hereos: Berserker and Bounty Hunter
    - New dungeon tiles
    - Bug fixes

Rostislav Gnatovskij part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update April 20, 2016. Google play rating is 70.4791. Current verison is 1.4.9. Actual size 20.0 MB.

Download dungeon-adventure.apk 20.0 MB


Bridgette Hunt

I love it I would give it five star but u missed one important factor equipment great concept but we need to be able to equip more rings, necklace, shield , helm, boots and gloves then the game is perfect ill give five after that update

Orsey Padilla

New type of concept. A very light apps. You can play it whenever you are free without the need of internet.

Paul Rivera

Can't stop playing!!!:)

Henry Booraem

Great, but It is really good. I would suggest you add a inventory system or something like that with a marketing system to make it even better.

Juan Uans

Nvm It works now!! And I love it!!!

rendy novel

mmo this game must be good when this game are mmorpg

bert lancaster

Make the crafting less random as a bonus in the paid version of the game,and players will buy it.

B Porter

crafting Can you give me an idea of how crafting works? I just wasted a lot of money and materials to craft a literal piece of crap when the item I was shown was a huge uprgrade. Will get the paid version upon information on crafting. Cheers and thanks for the great game.

Mike Downey

Good job Did well on the game. Nice and simple.

Edward McGuire

Excellent My favorite rogue like, with tons of content. I love the variety of characters and the many ways to improve them. I hope this developer adds more content or makes another rogue like.

Cameron Smith

Crafting It's great the somewhat random crafting is a good idea but I think when you spend over 100 resources your min quality should be 10% lower than what you put in instead of the normal 50% lower just an idea thank you for your time

Tim Cronin

Tons of fun! Great rogue like game which gives you a bit more freedom in equipment by allowing you to shop more frequently and craft items.

Mona Voyra

(thanks for the reply) I was really looking forward to playing, but was extremely dissapointed to find that there are only two character classes available until you purchase it. **That makes enough sense , I'll be sure to try it out for myself. Thanks!

Darren Cao

Good game. It's enjoyable but could still use plenty improvements.

Andrew Hazlett

Excellent Simply a great game.

Will Pearson

Not Bad Been playing for a while, it's a fun little dungeon crawler and I'm happy to get the paid version at the price, but my one gripe with the game is the chronic lack of documentation (I suspect language barrier may be the issue here); we have stats, but no description, we have spells, but no explanation of the magic system, selecting "leave" on a portal actually doesn't use it, and the less said about forging the better. Unfortunately this takes a lot away from what could be a great game.


Forging one issue I spent a lot of time and got a great looking forge item. Hit forge and actually got some seriously piece of crap instead. Need more info on how forging actually works. Other than that it's a decent rogue like game.

Chase Masterof Theuniverse

This is basically a free trial Its cool to put out free versions of a game. I dig that, I know you need to make money. But if you are going to release a free trial of your game, that doesnt even include half of the content of the full game, then don't advertise it as the base game. Its decietful, aggrivating, and not a good way to build a loyal fanbase.

Apollo Honda

Love it Great dungeon crawler with light rogue like elements I.e. perms-death, random lot, and random dungeons. Unlockable characters are always a plus. 3 address for improvement though. The first is sound, where is it? Or is my download bugging out? The next is adding a story our campaign element. As it is right now, the grind is for the sake of grinding. If this can't be done what about a high score/ hall of legends to track high level heroes(or achievements)? 3rd, is an inventory completely out of the question?

Anthony Hohmeyer

Trying the new update Will rate after playing

Jon Rom

Pretty fun Free version was fun n eould like paid version but seems to be more fun for tablet

Igor Bonefacic

its promissing IMO, inventory is missing. Maybe only one inventory slot for each item group, just an idea.

Joseph Grodis

Meh Some sound would be nice. A save option would be nice. I have a Note 3 and the text is hard to read. A map would be cool. A tad bit more customizable with weapons and armor then your good. Keep up the updates! You'll make a nice final product.

Allan McMillan

Cool Retro RPG Good game, love the pencil-n-paper feel. Just needs an inventory system and vendor to be perfect.

George Becker

Pretty cool. Not lame like a lot of games out there.

Daniel Myers

Fun but... Seems like a great little random dungeon crawl, but the game is completely out of balance. Even with equipment far above level, all of my characters were one-shotted by traps or non-boss monsters.

Jeremiah Johnson

Great Good game guys keep it up

Sanford Arbogast

Fun but clicking is difficult Attacking monsters is difficult. Can't read text . Can't bring up inventory to compare items.

Andrew Heisefooter

Can only play two classes

Amelie Beatrix

I can only see text

Thomas brown

Its a throwback to the old style

John zaleski

Not bad. But traps to strong maybe make cunning reduce chance of them.. Cunning atm useless.. Forge too pricey magic system is too expensive.. Fix those and got a 5 star game

Enzy Cezar

Its impresive, excellent work! All elements of the game is good, those killed by traps were nuts, haters shut up this game is a work of art, But pls add some sounds like background music or sound effect its a very good game, if youre a fan of dungeon crawl with crafting i reccomend you this one, lots of items. Its so fun and addictive, hope it will not end fast :)

Gussepe Wilson

Traps The traps are rediculous, frist 3 times I played and touched a box bomb "your hero is dead". And really no way to access your inventory?

Cindy Luo

I would have rated it higher if the traps weren't so strong. Bosses were hitting me for 1 dmg, and I got one-shoted by a trap.

John Savard

Lots of Fun Died once at the start, but quickly learned what to do.

Daniel Greenwood, II

A fun, random dungeon crawl This game is fun. A few hints to help: 1) Black chests=powerful gear 2)Death=starting over 3)Regeneration & Life Steal on weapon/armor keeps character alive longer 4)Reseting bonuses all your characters get(book icon) is FREE: reset for a new character and tailor to their needs 5)You don't have to fight enemies. They won't hurt unless you attack. So walk around & find a portal or campfire if low on health. Same applies to boxes & bottles. There's no penalty for using the portal without finding/killing all

bob dodson

A very well done dungeon crawler This game is the best of the genre that I have found to date. It's well balanced in gameplay.

Zane Andre

Needs inventory space (bags) and some minor animations would be nice but mostly more wearable equipment slots and the ability to store items to use as alternate equipment or simply to gather and sell. Also crafting section is vague and could use a clearly labelled button "craft item" as well as a disclaimer that the item shown is only an example of the types of items available at that level of resources and magic dust or whatever the magic craft component is

Pascal B

Buggy as F*ck The interface is so buggy its unplayable. Nothing ever displays corrctly

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