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18 Aug
Dumb Ways to Die

Posted by Metro Trains in Casual | Aug. 18, 2014 | 99 Comments

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You've seen the video—now the lives of those adorably dumb characters are in your hands.

Enjoy 15 hilarious mini-games as you attempt to collect all the charmingly dumb characters for your train station, achieve high scores and unlock the famous music video that started it all.

From piranhas and platforms to snakes and level crossings—tap, swipe, and flick to safely escape a wide range of DUMB WAYS TO DIE™.

Download the FREE game now and remember, be safe around trains. A message from Metro.

- Why is his hair on fire? Who cares, just RUN!
- Quickly wipe your screen free of puke
- Balance that wobbling glue eater
- Flick the piranhas out of range of those precious private parts
- Swat wasps before it's too late
- Best not invite that psycho killer inside
- Carefully remove forks from toasters
- Help self-taught pilots
- Get back from the edge of the platform you fools
- Have patience at level crossings
- No crossing the tracks! Not even for balloons!
- Find true love during hunting season
- Duck the bear for a candy shower
- Go on, press the red button
- And who knew rattlesnakes were so picky about mustard?

Be safe around trains and watch the original Webby and Cannes award-winning video at

© Metro Trains Melbourne, Dumb Ways to Die™

Whats new

    Three exciting new mini-games!
    SPACEMAN SPLAT - Our simple-minded spaceman has decided to remove his helmet. Help him put it back on before it’s too late!
    MIND THE GAP - Help our safety challenged friends board the train. Be sure to mind the gap by jumping at exactly the right time.
    DO YOUR OWN ELECTRICAL WORK - Play amateur electrician as you attempt to connect wires across the screen. Choose wisely, otherwise it’s all over!

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Nyla Jordan

Its an ok app. But...... It doesnt tell you how to play the mini game when you are flying in the plane. It says to blow. I make my lungs die from doing that ALL THE TIME. It NEVER works. I am going to delete this app ( well maybe ).

Andoi Solon

Love it. THIS game is really fine,but,can you make the game screen bigger and put everything in the video that is not in the game in the next game and make a game called smart ways to live that you will KILL the characters instead of saving them

Elouise Youngs

Dumb ways to die This is a good game and I liked it but there were 3 or 4 deaths that aren't included in the actual game which I was disappointed by because I watched the video and realised I hadn't played them sort this out or I will uninstall, thank you for your time

chloe mcc

Good app Dumb ways to die is a really fun game. But my phone can't do the three finger touch. So I can't do the one where you have to cover the gun shot holes. Its not that big of a deal but I would appreciate if you would fix this.

Nancy Skarsten

Best game every ...complaint It's very fun as you try to survive challengeing levels and its even more fun Wen you die but Wat I don't like is that when you beat the score your suppose to and over it. It dosent coun't to your next objective so please fix.

Blaire Tumpalan

OK.. I like it but the game won't teach me how to play the pilot and plane mini game. And also,it has a lot of ads! Pls do something about this and I will vote 5 stars!

Dawson H

Awesome but when I win adds..... Pop up and I get kicked out fix now"!!!!!!!for 5 stars. Dum ways to dye, so many dum ways to dye set fire to your hair poke a stick at a grizzley bear take your helmet off in outer space youse your your privet parts as perona beaght wish it had sing along words song is awesome

Ema Alumbaugh

Dumb ways to die I love this game, I always love this game for the entertainment I give this 5 stars because it brightens my day it is quite creepy I recommend this for children over 9 maybe even over 11.

Agatha Lopez-Audet

Agatha Lopez -Audet It's me Aggie, a thing about me is that I am 9 WTFur =-O P.S.sorry for copying lps Popular, you just gave me an idea, fur for kid instead of THE F*** word... PLEASE PEOPLE NO SWEARING WHEN KIDS ARE AROUND AND CLOSE, I'M ONLY 9 YEARS OLD :- < ♡♥♥♡♥♥♡♥♥♡♥♥♡♥♥♡.by the way, look and read before you send your describtion cause I saw some mistakes sooo well yeah.

Dhipo Alam

Great Game but... My touchscreen only detect 2 touch points, impossible to complete "stop the blood part"

Elliott Schulz

One thing I don't think you'd get electrocuted if the TOAST touched the toaster soooo...

Rambo ram o

Impossible games Can never complete the puke one or spaceman helmet as it rotates the screen whenever I tilit it. Please fix this

Thomas Kulikowski

Just amazing Omg its so cool I learned the theme song the first time I watched it and I'm kind of an expert at it but it whould be awesome if you make a dumb ways to die 3!

Deva Hanna

Amazing game Fun way to pass time but the new update makes some minigames impossible such as the blow plane one. I would rate 5 stars if you add this.

Kendra Kizziah

I love this game!!!!!!!! My friend has it on her tablet. When I saw it (the first one) I decided to play the app. It was so fun and funny, I downloaded the game on my mom's phone.I could not download it my tablet because it was broken.When I was downloading the game I saw Dumb ways to Die 2. I downloaded the app and I played it for a while and got to see the video of it. If you are reading this download the app and watch the vidio. P.S. this took FOREVER to type. :)

Faz Zu

Great but some of the games i can't pass because of my device...even thought i still suggest ppl to install it

Mugen Mugay

Can't tilt I've played this game in my sister's tab and it worked just fine. Weird why can't my device tilt on the part where we hafta tilt the phone for the lil guy to get in his space helmet Dx

Diogo Silva

Fun! It's really fun, but the thing is, many aspects need clean up, literally. The throw up cleaning mini game hardly ever works, since tapping the upper part of the screen on KitKat 4.4.2 brings up the status bar.

pinky pie

Sorry dumb ways to die kids are LOOKING what games are there. I'm sorry to say it's not very good for kids its good fo kids 9 & up but not for kids 4 to 6 got it? Also it's not very fun so get thwt in you're head metro trains. Also could add alittle more mini games and more charecters please! :)

Susan Benson

Fun but has some bugs I find this game a bit addicting! Original and 2 are pretty entertaining. I am annoyed that there is no quit button for either game on my Samsung s4. Makes it several steps to close out on the task manager. Also although the game can be muted, the ads cannot-makes for some abrupt loud music. Vomit screen is nearly impossible to pass since clearing/swiping the top of the screen brings up the phone menu. I found that I have to blow right at the microphone to get the plane to fly-but it works.

Danielle Leyshon

This is the best game ever!!! It is the best past time game ever and I am not sure but I (think) it sharpens your dances because you have to stay alert. Not the best game to play before you go to bed but really good during the day

Shane Shane

Cool and fun way to pass some time...i don't think that puke one is a good one though, also spelling patience‚ if u get a letter Wong it should fail instead of saying its the wrong letter

Kerry Power

It's so fun / hard I love it but sometimes I think it messes up . its really really fun and funny ??

Alex Tideman Krarup

Great but need nerf The piranhas are a nuisance, it's the hardest mini-game of them all because of how bad the hit boxes are.. would've been a 5 out of 5 if it wasn't for this.

Abbey Cooke

Dumb ways to die Although on my phone Sony Xperia E the game is very slow but that is due to the horrendous phone, the game is fantastic on I'm assuming any oother device <3 <3

afa jasmine

Fabulous super concept I used to play them while I'm sad it makes me feel good and also the theme song hats off makes me listen

tyneka tasker

SO FUNNY??? I like the theme song and the gameplay I found this game it looked cool because my sister plays it on her iPhone 5c.But overall a pretty good game+I hope you guys make good plans to do with us for downloading 10 million times! So thank you for this wonderful game and opportunity

Joshua Harrah

Cool Game This is a pretty fun game, starts to get a little bit addicting after playing it for a little while. The only downside to this game is the number if levels, or mini-games as they call them, aster you have played it a few times it gets repetitive. And only gets harder b.c you have to get faster & faster and each one.

Heather ratliff

Awesome It is a neat game but where are all the games with certain character s and near the end of game it get s really hard and u can't unlock more ppl wtf I got fifteen need five more

John Okoro

FUCKING GREAT GAME It like tells you u to like be safe with trains and the best thing about it kinda makes u swear to be safe around trains and that just blow open my mined and it's soooooooo funny so ya good game

Ashley Kilgore

Good game. I love this game but tire of it after a week of playing.I keep it downloaded though because I like to pull it out every once in a while. I wish there where more dudes and more competitive ways to play.

jumana attarwala

Love it I want to down load the 2 part of dumb ways to die but I'm unable to find it in the play store so please please help me find it as I really want to down load the 2 part of dumb ways to die

Critterz Jeeps

Adds When I first got this app, It had no adds. Now, adds? What's your people's problems? It's also inappropriate. Blood and guts? 5% good. 95% bad

Christian Pedro

OK but ... When I'm playing the game its fun real fun but when I'm playing the space level where you have to get your helmet back sometimes the screen tilts sideways and I always loose because I cant move the person to the side to get the helmet other than that the game was amazing just fix that plz and I'll give 5 stars.

Michael Campbell

Fun, but incomplete! Needs Exit button when finished playing! Why is there no exit choice? Can't even back out of it. Hitting 'Home' is not a valid answer, sorry. Then it's still running in the background. Uninstalled until standard things like this are implemented.

Volet Kate

Like how he hijinks have js he did just ue job done in it was in a lot to see the sender and then I can get it is not sure you can get a few bit and I am going out well as T bldg kid her yds

John Kirby Tumacas

Uhh, excuse me! My phone is not multi touch screen, that is why I' m keep losing at the reindeer game (that is you gonna hold up the holes with the blood pours out in it) And some letters are missing in the menu

Aunjolee Coffman

I like it but the new updates make wired and and i could always used to be able to do the bear that spits candy on you but now i die every time fix it now or i will uninstall it and tell everyone of my friends to do the Same try me

Desiree Solarez

pretty fun i like how it has all the different kinds of levels and stuff like that. also, the game encourages you to get a higher score and more points by saying you can unlock a new character... i love it :)

Leonora Bowers

Fun game Fun and addictive, but please fix the bug where the screen rotates (even with rotation turned off) and won't turn back. The game becomes unplayable from that point and has to be killed and restarted.

Jeyelle Fabra

Can't fly I can't fly on the airplane but it's ok so i been blowing like 100 time useing my lungs and I AM KEEP DIEING!!!! WAHHHHH!! IF IT's a glich pls fix this

des mah

Please fix It only shows half the screen so I keep losing... but before it did that this game was pretty awesome


LOL rate five stars People please rate five stars. Don't say in front of me or else I will murder you and eat you. So please people don't let me murder you okay. I'm a very nice person so don't. >:)


Dumb Ways To Die I've Heard Of This Game And I've Seen People Playing It And It Seems Fun So I'm Going To Give It A Chance..I Do Look At Reviews Before I Install A Game And It Seems That People Can't Put Their 3 Fingers In The Gunshot Wounds So I'm Going To See If This Works And If It Does I'll Give You 5 Stars❤

Benjamin Colley

Great game The only problem I have, which is for DWTD and DWTD2 is that there's no prompt to quit the application. I have to press my home button and then stop the app in the application manager.

Alyssa Farnes

Hilarious Love the gameplay! To you people out there with dead lungs: A, there's an option to take out the airplane one. B, I'm pretty sure its the sound of blowing on your speaker. Try it :) Could the creators make it so that if I get a hi score of 1100, I automatically get the characters that require that high of a score? Other wise, stupidly hilarious game ;-)

Demi Le Huray

Dumb ways to die U used to have this game on my kindle fire HD and I loved it! I especially recommend the song it's soooooo funny and son of the characters are really cute?

Kelli Williams

Great game but lately It keeps orienting sideways so I can only see half of the game screen sideways on my screen (apparently every time it tells me I've unlocked the video)

Jenaya Sparks02

Although its OK there is one tiny problem though when the air plane says to blow on the screen the character immediately dies!!!! But all in all its a very good game and I love it <3

joanne nilsson

Pity Pity; great fun game but NOBODY has designed it properly. I dont think they have used anything less than a pc to test it. Please app makers realise if i press buttons on screen game ZOOMS.


Something went wrong On the space one I can't put his helmet on cause the screen turns and the helmet disipears a bit of the screen turns black


Love it! Great game just a few little problems, I blow heaps onto the airplay but I always die, sometimes when I flick away the paranas they don't go away. But other than that this game is great


There is not any problem In that mini game with the plane you just got to keep blowing with your mouth. Try this and then if there is any problem I got no words to say.

Veronica Alcantara

Great I guess It's great but the thing is that it does not tell u how to do it but after playing it many times it's actually pretty good ????

Tylesha Mckenzie

YES!! I learned how to beat the plane part you have to blow at your phone at an angle the horizontal way and you don't blow the side of your phone but I did at a specific angle you can blow and he'll go up instead of blowing sideways or whatever way you blow blow on the side

Anne-Laure Mukosa

Addictive!!! This game is so addictive. The only thing wrong is that it takes a while to get new short games. But other than that, it's FANTASTIC! The music vid is really catchy too!

Danielle Williams

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michelle galie-lasorsa

bar game!!!! This app gives beer drinking bar flies and thier counterpart sloppy women something fun to do. Bet getting laid is easy if this game exists in a bar like quizzo and pool and whatever young fun people do these days!

Danielle Williams

Wow..... Just try JOY REWARDS App Using this referal соdе: 1816147 and earned points.. you can use the points for any games specially The Clash of Clans...

Desiree Anguiano

Funny Its funny i like how he ate the glue and he froze then when i saw him in the video i can barley see him moving it was so funny and how the other guy ate the medison and turned into big blob ha ha ha!!!!!!!! = )

Danielle Williams

Wow..... Just try JOY REWARDS App Using this referal соdе: 1816147 and earned points.. you can use the points for any games specially The Clash of Clans...


I Love It! Best app ever!! It's just the covering up the blood or something (dress up like a moose during hunting season), when I try cover the holes up, the most I can cover up is 2 bc of my phone (or something). And the cleaning the puke (eat a 2 week old unrefrigerated pie)- I cleaned up all but one little thing and I fallen and couldn't get up (?), but when I had a lot left I jumped up and down (lol). I haven't played this game in years... Somehow I knew all of the song. This is the best app ever!!!

Lady Cloud

Ha-ha great game! Funny part is that for the plane one when I blow on my tablet my saliva goes everywhere heh :3 For those who cant do its probably because you tablet is hard. Making it as hard to fly because the only way is for the wind to touch the tablet screen and it must go upwords. Or use your fingers... Meep

Eshan Singh

Awesome, simple yet addicting - 2000000000000 stars! Title says it all, however I find that the score system is not that good. For example I had to score 2200 or more to unlock the next character, and then I scored 2700. Then I had to score 2400 or more, but I had already beaten that with 2700. And then it's really hard to get back to that score. Other than that, most awesome game on earth! Update: fixed. Really good game and a great way to promote safety!

Layaan Patelio

Faultless Absolutely amazingly brilliantly phenomenally fantastic! Absolutely no faults whatsoever! Fun, cute characters, good idea and the video cracks me up! Cant get the song out of my head! Its great how u can get rid of the plane level if u want to (wish I could do that for the pirahna one haha) and gets all the family playing it! Great game.for.all ages with a great message!

Laura Allen

Pretty good! Nice minigame compilation, gets old quick but lots of fun while it lasts. Not perfect, sometimes the games don't seem to work. 'Controls' arent very tight, on the wire minigame sometimes it connects with a wire that im clearly drawing past causing me to fail for example. It also doesn't have an exit? I have to use the home button to exit the app, not a big deal but perculiar.

Lili Holder

Please resolve this issue... Hi. I am an official mobile games critic. To me, this game looked like it had good appeal. I loved the music video for it and the characters are just adorable. But here's the bad part. When it gets really fast, how do you expect little children to flick away piranhas that quickly?! That's way too fast! I suggest putting in a menu where children can select what games they want to play and what they don't want to play. I know it is supposed to be challenging but some of the activities are too hard. Thank you.

Its Hazel /Mercy

Really? At first I liked it, I got new characters and even got the video. Then, the next day, its suddenly impossible to play. The controls lagged out on me or something like that. When I tilt to the left the guy would go to the right, and when I wanted to duck, I would tap the screen before the bear is in yellow, but it wouldn't let me duck!! Fix and I rate 5 stars

Sydney Sterner

Love this game Love this game sooo much it has a lot of difficult levels but once you get passed them its so worth it. It took a long time to download but if this happens to you its only because it has a lot of levels and extra games that come with it to download. Hope you love the game as much as I do I've had this game for about two years now that's why I love it sooo much. Again hope you love it as much as I do and don't get to stressed out or mad if you can't beat a level its still a lot of fun.

Garfel James Jaictib

About the dress up like a moose in hunting season. love the game.. but when it comes to the covering up the holes in that moose guy thing.. i just couldn't win because my phone only allow two touches... maybe if atleast i could dissable it, like the plane thingy, i would give it another star for 'user friendly'.

Micah Fazekas

Love it This game is a great entertainment to kids and espically adults. I recommend making another or updating dumb ways to die 1&2 . one of the best things for me about this game is that it's no to addiktin. One more thing. If any of u like cars or u got some crazy motorcycle I totally recommend looking up Joe Florida. Just have a look if u don't understand.

MakeMeFapMan LOL

Does pretty good job but You guys need to add a benchmark for multi-touch because not every phone like mine have about 5 finger support. I'm saying that because of the hunter part (that part when the hunter's blood starts to get out ) and needs much effort to click all holes with 4 fingers so pls fix that.

Vishal Shah

Excellent! But.... This is an excellent game, love the concept. But but but, there are wayyyyyy too many bugs which totally kill the fun. 1. There is no option to exit the game. Really?? 2. The Game frequently hangs randomly. Sometimes on the main menu, sometimes after a game etc. 3. Touch sensitivity is off at times. In some games it doesn't register the touch, for e.g. the bear ducking game. 4. Sometimes the main menu displays vertically and only half the screen is visible. Great game, but needs a looot of polishing.

Jake Hosier

DO NOT DOWNLOAD (0 stars if I could) It's a great game and a lot of people like it, but if you read the app's specific installation requirements, you will see that if you install it then it will have access to your WiFi connection info, your Device ID, your location via GPS, Documents and Media files, device settings and call info. THE GAME HACKS YOU.

Jason Kunkle

Fun but..... I love the game it's addicting and fun but, when it goes Faster before the time has run completely out I lose at games like the puke and recently the hair on fire. Also glue eating is to difficult to win I never survive it, it doesn't respond well to the tilt then if I try to over compensate it just slams him to the ground. Would love to give 5 stars so please fix.

Samantha Vaccaro

I love this game and the little music video is hilariously cute! I don't know why people think the blow the plane one is impossible, you just do what it says... Literally blow on the screen of your phone and the plane will fly. Now I will say that the piranha one gets to be impossible after 1500 points. That's not cool. But other than that, it's a fun addicting, great game. Thanks for making this game!

Scott Wood

Great game. This game is great (that's why I gave it 4 stars) but it has a few bugs. Bugs don't influence my ratings but it does get annoying at times. The most destructive dug is where the touch screen gets disabled. I exit out of the app (I have android) and re enter but it leaves off right where I was before. I'm not complaining but I want it so that if I exit the app and re enter it to will reset to the home screen. But other than that this game is great! Really great, kinda hard, really fun.

Sammy Jo

Awesome game. The game is simply amazing. On my old phone, I had no issues at all. This one I can't fly (which you guys enabled being able to shut it off) But the 'Stop the Blood'... I can only cover two holes. Apparently my phone doesn't register over two simultaneous touches.. Maybe add a toggle feature like the airplane game. Would definitely give 5 if that was fixed. Keep it up! DWTD2 Is even better! If you haven't downloaded it yet, do so now. Its a keeper.

Køøki Monsta

Loved it I love this game. The only thing i don't like is the puke level. I clear tha whole screen, but it's never good enough. But to the people who don't like the plane level, just cut it off. And if ur rotating tha screen, if u sit up rite and hold it correctly, u shouldn't have a problem. I haven't. ???

Johannah Fisher Davies

Love the game but....... I love this game and love the fact that it is addictive. But I let my friend play it as he wanted to see what it was like before he downloaded it and the new connect the wire mini game is no good for him as he is colour blind and there is no way of dis-activating this mini game which is very poor as you have clearly not thought about all of your customers or game users.

Kaylie Voss

Great But Need Things My dad can't play this because he is color blind. I know, why colors? Because the of the 'Do Your Own Electric' you should be able to disable that. Then the 'Glue Boy' some of us have to pick our phones/tablets to tilt and by the time it's off the ground, he's half way to the ground and there's only 20 percent chance of saving him because even if you tilt the device on its side, he either finishes falling or goes crazily to the other side. And dies. Fix those and I'd be so happy!

Noelle Strydom

Love it! I love this game, it's really cool. The only issues I have is all the adds (what do you expect from a free game though) and the puke game. I think I managed to get it right once :/ but besides that, it's awesome and I highly recommend it. As for people struggling with the plane game, you need to blow into the mic. It's not that hard.

Zimento Dula

This is nice but idk I kinda don't like how this is the same game over and over again, but the fact that I only played it over and over again is because I just wanted all the characters. It would've been nice if you developers would make a sequel with more minigames and special challenges. Anyway good

Tessa Gahart

15 month old loves it! I love Love LOVE this game! The best part is my 15 month old absolutely loves the song and watches the music video all the time. My mom has even started walking around the house humming it. Would totally recommended this game to absolutely everyone. Makes ya laugh every time.

Michael Daaboul

Well Done! Nothing original in terms of gameplay, but this is the best campaign for train safety or any safety message I have ever seen. Colourful and full of personality, this will delight and have you addicted in no time at all. Great mini-games played in short bursts. Don't be dumb and play this game.

Classic Horror

Cutesy characters in very sticky situations. Odd, yet addicting. After reading the title of the game you might be a bit shocked and worried for it being so straight forward with what it's based upon. In reality, the game is rather addicting and fun. It challenges your speed and skill and makes you want to beat your highscore. There's funny challenges, a very catchy music video you can unlock, and you can collect characters. There's also a option to get rid of that "hard" plane game in the settings. Overall, I'm very pleased with this app. It's worth your time!

samantha mullins

About the plane The mini game with the plane isn't the same for every phone. For my old phone. You had to tap the air plane. For my new phone,you actually have to blow into the speaker. If neither of those work..then try to search it up on the internet. the game is amazing. But the only problem I have, is that the music video shows some games that don't actually appear in the game.

Leeha Pitt

I don't like I love it Pretty col game its epic bat like others the plane one is a bit hard all so it only let's u get one blow and his head will just scrape on the floor and u die so if u fix that bit I will give five stars so plz cuz I love this game???

Emma Ryan

This game is fun I like the game, but whenever there is an ad, my game exits out. I was playing it today, but then there was a video ad, so I pressed the home button on my phone. Then, I went back to the game, and it froze. I couldn't press anything. Someone please help because I love the game, and I have SO many characters. I would not like to have to start over, because I'm so far. Download the game!! It is really fun, and I love the song.

Tatiana Smith

Addicting I play this game all the time especially during my bed time. I love playing with my neighbors as well. The challenges are fun as well, the only one I have trouble with is the where you have to tilt the character that ate the super glue. Oh and for those of you who don't like doing the plane one, you can go to your settings where it says sound off. Underneath it says turn off plane mode. Just thought I'd help.

Ellen Horner

Love it Really Great App, just hate the one where you have to tilt it.... Also, to get more characters you have to get a certain amount of points, right, well my high score is 2000 and something, but it wont let me get a new character until I get 1800 which I haven't reached! (SUPER ANNOYING) You should get the characters when you get a new high score, so if I was on 1800 to get a new character and I got say 2800, I should get more than one character. Please fix and I will change me review to 5 stars! Thanks

Jasmine Campbell

This game is fun but... Ok, I am absolutely addicted to this game. It is really fun. There are are a few flaws although. First of all on the mini game where the character eats the pie and throws up I can rarely win it because I will start scrubbing but then it won't let me about half way through. Second of all the game is hard to load. Especially when I want to play the music video. Any time I try to play the music video the game won't work at all. I will give you all 5 stars if you fix this. Thank you!

Mighty Alorvor

Just love it! Took me soo long to get the name back and download on my phone! I just love seeing me have this app on my phone! In a while...I sigh. ..knowing I've got sumfin interesting to do... and if not careful die. ... oh come on!!!! I love love loveeeeee this app!! The snake biting is very scary! Lol ! But such good game! Pls try and put more characters on the game! It's fun!!

Great game levels never get old and I have heard about alot of people complaining about the plane level and how it doesn't work. I had the same problem with my friends tablet until I downloaded it on my phone. The plane level works on my phone! I have asthma, and sometimes I would even nearly have asthma attacks until I got dw2d on my phone. I have a Samsung galaxy s3 mini and the plane level works on it. I love this game!

Keira Powell

Its really good but listen carefully to what I say... Pretty good but sometimes it has kind of I guess I could say inappropriate, like when you flick the paranas away from its private parts, yeah pretty inappropriate. But everything else is good! I'm only 8 so might be inappropriate for me. Good, good I still like it!

Isabella Frederico

XD I love this app its wonderful and addictive. I dont know what else to say. If this the first time you have EVER downloaded Dumb ways to die, you might like it. You might love it. You might say to yourself "This game SUCKS!!" But that's your opinion. And your opinion will have no effect on me. But the game is still awesome. XD

Alice Harden

What is with the wires? I like this game but the dude that falls over is hard and the game where you have to connect the wires is glitched or something. No matter how many times I draw my finger from one end of the wire to the other, the game will only make the connection maybe one in ten times. So even though I connect the wires correctly multiple times before the timer runs out, I lose a life on this game almost every time! Glad this issue is fixed with the bungee jumper in the second game, I have no issues connecting the cords.

Tiffany Ngan

This is the cutest addictive game... I love this game and the kids are obsessed. Maybe add another level, a bonus level perhaps? :) keep the fun going. Edit 9/9/14: upped to 5 stars because there are finally new mini games! But lowered to 3 due to ridiculous amounts of ads.

stephen odd

Fun!! Just blow into your mic for the plane game... kinda obvious. Some of the tasks are harder than others, but it is fun and addictive :). My kids installed it on my phone, thx kids! 4 stars cos it isnt 100% perfect. 4.5 stars be more accurate :)

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