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15 Aug
DroidEdit (free code editor)

Posted by André Restivo in Productivity | Aug. 15, 2015 | 114 Comments

Apk file size: 3.5 MB

DroidEdit is a text and source code editor (similar to Notepad++ or gedit) for android tablets and phones with the following features:

★ Syntax Highlighting for several languages (C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, LaTeX, SQL, ...)
★ Several color themes
★ Infinite undo & redo
★ Search & replace
★ Auto & block indentation
★ Keep opened files and changes between sessions
★ Open files directly from dropbox or a file manager
★ Character encoding support
★ Keyboard shortcuts (List below)
★ Share documents with other services (dropbox, email, ...)
★ Preview HTML files in browser
★ Bracket matching
★ Go to line
★ Run Scripts in SL4A directly
★ Configurable Shortcuts

Pro version only features:

★ SFTP/FTP support
★ Dropbox, Drive, Box support
★ Custom themes
★ Run external commands through SSH
★ Root mode

Using different character encodings:

★ To open a document with a different character encoding than the default: long press the open file button
★ To create a new document with a different character encoding than the default: long press the new file button
★ You can make this behavior the default in the preference screen

Long pressing the save document button allows you to save a document with a different filename


DroidEdit is specially useful for new generation android tablets with external keyboards like the Asus Transformer.

Try Hacker's Keyboard for a developer friendly virtual keyboard.

You should try the ad supported DroidEdit Free before buying this app. The ad supported version has exactly the same functionality as the paid version except it doesn't have SFTP support, Dropbox support, Custom themes and root mode.

Please rate the app in the market. For bug reports, feature requests or any other subject please use the following contacts:

Mail: droideditapp (at)
User Support:

Whats new

    ★ Pocket Git has been released:
    ★ Pro: Fixed mime type on drive files
    ★ Other small bug fixes

André Restivo part of our Productivity and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 15, 2015. Google play rating is 82.7181. Current verison is 1.23.1. Actual size 3.5 MB.

Download droidedit-free-code-editor.apk 3.5 MB


jai Lopez

I have issue worn the force syntax feature Well I can say that using c++ my main setup is not highlighting the data type such as output in pinMode (OUTPUT) this output should be highlighted just like the syntax pinMode should be as well. Keep in mind this syntax are doing what your app is not in the Arduino ide and other programs such as Notepad++ in addition should this ide be compiling or verifying my syntax is correct?

Thomas Sundstrom

Unbelievably slow response Nice interface, seems powerful, BUT very very slow on top of line Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 LTE tablet with 32GB and Class 10 64GB SD card, total 56GB free space. Typing a bit sluggish, but scroll down a modest HTML file of >100 lines stutters, pauses, stops. Worse, backspacing hesitates so badly that it overruns, no obvious undo except to quit without saving and then try again Too bad but unuseable IMHO.

ctab ctab

Really bad user interface Really bad interface, eg no save icon -use shortcut instead. Better ad-free apps are out there.


Convenient and modern One thing though: SwiftKey's flow feature doesn't seem to work in DroidEdit. Not sure if it's intentional or a feature conflict.

David Blake

Ads cover code Worthless as is however, ads comes up and goes away to allow work would be much better. I would then use it, it looks like a good editor.

Jack James

Good but how do I run them? Subject says it all!

Aiden Reynolds

Awesome I can make mcpe mods!! I can make Minecraft PE mods with this app

don modica

I'm just starting to dig in, as of now it seems good. I'll need to upgrade to pro version.

Scott Langdon

Sucks What good is an editor when you can't save your work

Rafe Magnuson

Great editor! I will be purchasing the pro version without adds ASAP!!

Ufos Nexus 4

Performance? Awesome Idea and implementation, but why is it soooo slow. What's up with my 4 cores 3gb ram smartphone lagging like hell if it's just supposed to highlight few thousands lines?.. I would have bought premium if not that issue.

Ron Michel

your cut and paste is totally bugged, far to much to desribe here. totally bugged out.

vikas sharma

Pretty good Its gud to run but should have auto filler as typing on phone n typing on computer are two different experience .... by other things its gud

Jack Morgan

Obstructive Ads The ad space is very obtrusive and blocks a portion of the text field which covers text being entered towards the bottom of the screen, aside from that it's a decent code-editing app.

Pavan Kulkarni

Good Editor Nice, just has a few bugs

afsar ali

It is the great app but I have a problem This is a great app that I have ever seen but I have a problem I am not being able to import my picture on HTML coding it only shows a picture box with ? Mark I tried lots of time so please help me how can I use pic on HTML thank you for making this

Mohammad Apu

Good editor It's good editor but code completion is not there so coding on this is very slow. As we working on phone here coffee completion is very important

Arc Riley

Animated ads block keyboard The ads are not only really obnoxious, but interfere with the app's regular usage.

Allan Rosado

Best code editor Notepad++ for android!! :)

Shae Woodard-lord

This is rubbish!!!DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! I don't even know how to get onto a f***ing code system\file!

Hansen Halim

For this app Really easy to use for a programmer


OK so is this a application code editor?

Yusuf Alpdemir

Too laggy. But if we don't count that it is a good app.


Its good Its good but the ad covers the page so i cant type so i cant do what i want to do a.k.a move the ad somewhere else on the page

Aidan Ragasa

Useful but... It does not save. It id helpful for makeing MCPE mods though.

Tracey Whittington

I make Minecraft pe mods Love this im giveing a 100000000 for this amazing app! ? im a moder so cool

Alexander Kobets

Not bad Handy tool

ChaosFred - san

Small tips for other users If your phone is lagged or slowed down when using the app. Try disable writer mode (default) . Then go to preferences and set to disable syntax highlighting and also disable grammar check on writer mode. Thumbs up if it is helpful.

Potato Gamer

Looks good From what I can tell, this is going to be useful. Jus

Chad Furman

Great editor stable and pretty.

Satya Prakash

love it . . It would be so nice if it has fullscreen option . .

Dragon Finn

AWESOME THXS SO MUCH It works great and fine!!!

Илья Григорьев

Too simple functionality and advertisements.

Eugene Willemse

Rubish Wont open files. Fix it please

unity servis

Smali Add please language highlighting smali.

Konstantin Stepanov

Where is syntax highlighting? You don't support Rust, that's OK, it's really new language, but you don't have less, markdown, coffeescript, jade… Very weak.

Jordan Cole

Wanted something like this for ages! I can't find any others likemit and as far as im conscerned its perfect.

Vlado Koval

supports multi encoding/charset and multi tab view from the thousands of editors this one supports mutiple encodings and multiple tabs = mutiple opened files

Alldroid Justin

Needs full Material design Material design in the main text editor would look much better


Can't open any thing Saying ( error opening file) I open Android obb games but this can't open it please fix it in fast time

Austin Lock

Java Script I make minecraft pe mods with this.

suleiman yusuf

You got to love this This is simply the best on the market, cant wait to buy the developers version...

Noobusing Hacks

Apps like this really help This app helps programming

Stuart Halliday

Dull Can't manually select a large area of text.

Viktor Cal

Good app Last update crashed this app, please fix it

angel face

Awesome I make MCPE mods with this

Arav Khanna

OK........ Fun but is missing stuff

Steven Mautone

Awesome app. Nice work.

Ron Michel

ok 1 line: test();so i search/replace, enter search for () replace with (x) this is what it resulted with (x)t(x)e(x)s(x)t(x)((x))(x);(x) (x) not even close. i like the program because i can tap a bracket and see the corresponding bracket, but the copy paste for symbols does not work. the undoes for the bad replace are incorrect so save before unsing cop/rep... still bugged, no worries, already wrote my own editor that simulates include....

Jaime Alberto Silva

Polymer app highlight broken Had bought the pro version but went for refund when I noticed syntax highlighting is broken for Polymer apps. From the line a template open tag is found highlighting stop working.

Roah Nosh

Ad mindset Pc programs are wonderful specifically the notepad++ but since this is android so developers are stupid with their advert mindset. Just because this is Android you have to have adverts and pro version. Dumb ad(s)s devs.

Sourav Dey

Worst app ever It may give some sorts of advantages to the programmers but that much facilities are available in all other source editors. The worst part is that it hangs a lot while performing the internal functionalities, which is visible to its most when you try to scroll through the page, and even freezes the machine leaving a pathetic user experience...

zhang chengwei

Tried DroidEdit (free code editor) to edit a simple javascript file How the product did and did not help me 1. The editor doesn't looks good in a small screen on the phone. If the app allow minimizing the text size by pinching, it will be great. However it only allow user to change the font size deep in the setting menu. 2. The app UI freezes when opening/switching to a big file, it shall display a progress indicator instead or ask the user to proceed when the size of the file is too big before attempting to open it. 3. The UI don’t have a easy way to close a file without switching to it. It will be better by long pressing on the tab of file and there will a a menu to choose an action, includes close, save. save as… etc. 4. Syntax check is good but not if it is only half done, since it is not checking some basic mistakes like missing bracket. 5. It will be great to have auto complete feature integrated in the software keyboard/ a drop down like sublime when using external keyboard while the soft keyboard is hidden. The autocomplete shall prioritize the programming context(what’s in the code) over the default software keyboard english spelling auto complete.

Robert Rodriguez

A pain to use No tabbing by default (every line you have to hit tab multiple times), no auto complete, ads in the middle of the screen, moving the cursor around is just impossible to do right. The code you are working on gets occluded by the virtual keyboard + ads. Use something else, anything will be better than this.

Andrew Burmeister

Ads I'm sorry but this type of app is unusable with ads like this. There must be a better way to encourage sales of the paid version, than to annoy the user with ugly intrusive ads. Looks like a nice app otherwise. Uninstalling.

Syd R

Uncomfortable on phones! Every time I select some text the screen moves to another line where I can't see what I was trying to select! Besides, I can't usually see what I'm writing because adds move exactly over that last line I try to write. Moreover, screen sensitivity is not working properly while selecting text (for this app only). I think the other options are good, but uncomfortable ones are enough to avoid downloading this app. It's annoying!

Richard Tanner

Disabled the ads myself Good app, but ads were annoying, so I tweaked around and blocked the service this program uses for ads. Now I can use it without those darn ads at the bottom. 3 stars because you put the ads in the worst place possible making the program useless, unless people do what I did.

Anuj Sharma

Try to remove ads It will be more better without ads. I downloaded it because it has syntax highlighting, but unfortunately I am going to uninstall after first use only because of ads.

Tyler Songer

Great App After the ads were added I tried some other ode editing programs, but this one still beats them. Just a wonderful little app.

Liamwgaming Wof - Minecraft PE

Very useful, but... there needs to be full NDK support, and by that I mean an option to run native code, and compatibility with other NDK file types like .mk, .h, and .so, but there can be an option to open .so because obviously we all need root access to open that file type. If you add these, I will rate five stars. This app is great either way. Keep up the good work. :)

Roger Rowe

Won't save anything The code looks lovely and the dialogue implies I can save changes but it never happens. Zip, nada - no new file, no updated file. That makes it useless to me so I'll be uninstalling.

Sam Kruglov

If i upgrade do i get rid of ads? P.s. pretty cool hightlighting. The only one decend i've found asm86

dave mausner

Superb code inspector Works extremely well on recent smartphone like Galaxy 6. Color highlights and themes resemble notepad++. Good file management dialog lets you inspect or modify every type of text. Best hand-held editor I've ever used. Keep in mind this ain't running on your desktop and there may be file size limits.

Jason Ho

Unusable on large files Tried opening a 500kb xml file, and it almost crashed. After that I couldn't scroll through it without freezing

Jess Lewis

Outstanding for studying code For those times when I want to study how a section of code works but not actually write code, this program works well. Many other text programs do not open files with a .java extension or .c extension. This program handles code text files well.

Georgiana Blantin

Warning: Flashing ads This app may be fantastic, but I never even got to try it. No sooner had I opened it than a bright, obnoxious ad started flashing. I tried a couple more times, getting different ads - all flashing. I have no problem with ad-supported apps, and I'm aware the creator is not responsible for the terrible practices employed by these people. What I can't believe is how flashing ads are legal at all. Uninstalled.

Bart Winkler

DroidEdit Free I downloaded all the free text editors and this is my favorite. It does everything I want except for text folding. None of the free editors do that.

Tanya B

Ads cover essential information My first sight of the interface, is a tutorial on how it works. The bottom of the tutorial is blocked by an ad which doesn't allow me to click on "got it" or any other choices (if they exist) because they are covered by the ad. Not a good first impression.

Herr von Galung

Unable to save changes on text file Can't save changes on a text (.TXT) file... can't save the file as a new file either... using asus zen 6 fyi... unistalling

Barkah Jp

preview in browser didn't run I use asus zen 5 and it still can not preview in browser. Please fix the issue.

Klitos G.

Fantastic I loved it. I use it mainly to throw a quick look on code samples my students send me seeking advice while I am on the road and away from a computer, and it is perfect for the quick reply I need to send!

Shahmeer Khan

Here is a suggestion Why don't you make a learn to code option so you won't need other apps

Eric Zollman

Excellent Editor If you use notepad++ or a similar IDE on your desktop this IDE will be perfect for you...

Oladapo Olaiya

Helpful At least, it'll probably help my fortran classes

Виктор Бычек

Design & appearance Make material design!! It's braking when i'm scrolling.

Diego Carlos do Brasil

Well Well u could do it better. But it's OK...

Jani Saksa

One extra for being FOSS, READ: You need to get your basics right first. I've been looking for text editor that would do one thing right, without which they've all been useless to me. That is, if I switch between applications, when I switch back I expect all the files to be still open, view & cursor where they were on each file, and modifications can't have disappeared because I didn't save before switch to check WhatsApp message. Also, Swype doesn't work in any usable manner. I'd use equivalent of notepad instead if does these right ;)

Foxy the Pirate

GREAT APP FOR CODING (especially MCPE mods)

necy yanapeligro

OKAY.. This app has little bugs << like the AD thing which blocks almost the seen texts>> but is much better than html editor apps,,, ( pls fix it 'cause its Really annoying.. If you Do I'll buy the Pro Version..) jk

Arthur M

Don't like add at the bottom all the time Jota text editor is alot bettter.

Łukasz Gąsienica

I'm satisfied enough One of my biggest problem was to select part of code. I don't know, probably that is some issues with my current android or device Sam Note2. Please check this out and let me know so I will purchase full version, because I like that app. I was using totall commander to get php files fromy my server, then that app to make changes in code. All was in some pub in Dubai just after I figured out that some tweek need to be done. Cheers!

Zach Rutledge

Great. It can be a little tricky to figure out the app's conventions, but that's only because it packs a lot of features onto a small screen. Excellent for editing preference files on the go without docking your phone to a PC.

Jeffrey Herring

Javolin It is flex in a complete free software. Love it.

Eno Tea

Good n Cool Is this smart app..

Perviz Kerimli

Good but How to enable block identation?

Arielle William

How i can put image or pictures pls help me

rock shivaraj

HTML It's super to use but no advance options..

Elad Israel

Great app I have installed this app in two different phones and i see that in my alt phone, when i go down a line, i dont need to press the spacebar at all to align the text with the last row i have writen. In my primary phone every time i go down a line i need to press spaces to align the code. Hope you can help with a quick fix.

Chris Denyer

not to sure Is this still active? Hasnt been updated for several months. cant seem to get it to autoclose tags for html which is not a huge issue but is a nice feature

Ramin Honary

This app is so simple yet so powerful. If you want to write code on your mobile device, this app is perfect for you. It is lightweight but has everything a general-purpose code editor needs, except for auto-complete. If you install this app, you won't need a heavy-duty IDE. Just install your favorite interpreter and use DroidEdit to write the code, then load the code into your interpreter. I have a few interpreters on my smart phone (JavaScript, Bash, Clojure, Python), but I never had a good editor until I found this app. Now I can play around with ideas on my mobile phone in my spare time.

Richard Vega

The app is good BUT I paid for the app just to get rid of the freaking ad box on the screen and I can't get rid of it. >:|

Themenacing Miner

Good but... It lags when I'm opening my projects with long var's for example var Base = long long code; but other than that this is good

Conner McKay

Simple and Effective It works as a basic code/text editor that lets you put the files anywhere in your phone. This makes me feel like I have more control over the actual files behind my phone (:

Gergely Nagy

Can not save to sd card It fails to save documents to te external sd card. Even the most basic apps can handle the required permissions but this not.

Progyadeep Moulik

Does well what's it's supposed to. A pretty nice app for making source codes and even running codes written in HTML, JS, etc. which don't require an IDE. However, the "force syntax" option needs to be improved. All types of keywords are highlighted the same way in all languages which makes it difficult sometimes.

Seán Byrne

I tried using it as a simple text editor to note what I'm putting into storage boxes. All went well until I reached line 13 where its ad banner is (about the middle of the screen). The text I typed went behind the banner and there's no way to close or move the ad. I tried touching the 'X' and selecting "Ad covers the page", but after 5 seconds a new ad appeared in that same spot! The only workaround I could find is add a few blank lines and scroll the page such that the empty lines align up with the ad banner. So far I haven't tried it for code, but couldn't imagine trying to debug code with that annoying ad banner covering about 3 lines of code. I certainly could not imagine Notepad++ for the PC being popular if it had an ad that covered part of the editor.

Andres Duran Kenny Espinosa

Syntax definition I would love to have support for sublime syntax definition import so we can use any language, at this point this is basically a plain text editor for me at least

Resident Steville

Garbage Littered with inconvenient ads pushing you to buy things and constantly freezes

Jacob David C. Cunningham

So far this is the best I've tried two others before this one. Had to figure out how to open code written on phone on phone's browser. I think this is worth buying. At least to get rid of that damn ad. Conveniently with internet disabled the ad spot blocks the area.

Ademoyega Benedictus

Too weak It cannot read files larger than 50KB and the font dosent change. Needs an auto complete feature at least to keep check of defined variables

A Google User

I hate this app!!! I have minecraft 0.14.2 and I tried to code a texture pack and it said this...!!! Why??? org.mozilla.javascript.WrappedException: Wrapped java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The item icon for undefined is not updated for 0.8.0. Please ask the script author to update (Alien.js#4) at org.mozilla.javascript.Context.throwAsScriptRuntimeEx(Unknown Source) at org.mozilla.javascript.MemberBox.invoke(Unknown Source) at

olivia jackson

Fix the position of the ads I can't see the code I'm writing because the ads cover it up until I close my keyboard. It's really irritating and makes its hard to focus. Fix and will rate better.

anthony yarrell

Unsavory Ads At The Bottom Of The Screen The first time I ran the app an ad with the picture busty Asian woman lying on her back was displayed. Uninstalling...

luis boisvert

Tab renders as single char Rendering tab correctly is fundimental to a code editor. This app renders tab as a single space, making indendation a gigantic hassle.

kuzi moto

For some reason it stopped highlighting syntax after the tag in am html file. Scrolling up and down is a bit laggy as well.

Rat Acco

Very nice. Does not perform too good Gets really slow on files larger than a few hundred KBs.

Jesse Villa

Very nice Sometimes crashes when posting long lines, but like it very much no matter what.

HACKER laastad

Good but I'm creating a mod for mcpe but I need some working source codes, if you guys know any such as speed hacks or even gamemode pls send me the code I will then later release a free version to those who had helped me

Some Person

Does what it says This app does exactly what it says and is usefull. For all the people complaining about ads, please consider supporting the developer and buying the ad free version as an alternative to complaining about something you like enough to use.

rohan tambat

Nice one It's a good editor but I am unable to find out the browser preview option while operating in tablet, please look if you can help me with this

Jans Rautenbach

Ok, don't recommend. This app is convenient, but it doesn't allow key necessary features, like: not text wrap and auto completion, which is very important for phones.

AWESOME ! I'll use this as my cheat sheet or reference during hands on activities !(in case i forget :) ) and also While i edit on the go ill just retype it when i get to the school's Comp. Lab ! Thank you! You are a genius !

Fria Gram

annoying ads, poor touch touch implementation is poor. Annoying ads that hover above soft keys so they are accidentally triggered

Barmajiat Barmaji

Need a lot of work No zoom is one of many

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