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20 Sep
Drivewise mobile by Allstate

Posted by Allstate Insurance Co. in Transportation | Sept. 20, 2016 | 209 Comments

Apk file size: 12.0 MB

Drivewise mobile by Allstate rewards you for the safe driving you do every day – whether or not you’re an Allstate customer!

It’s easy to use:
• Simply drive safe like you always do – no need to start/stop the app each time you drive
• View your driving feedback
• Get rewarded for driving safely!
Just for driving safely you can earn and redeem points for:*
• Exclusive savings on name brand merchandise
• Gift cards
• Local offers
• Exciting auctions
Allstate customers with Drivewise on their policy can earn even more with cash rewards! Don’t have Drivewise on your Allstate auto policy yet? Contact your Allstate agent or login to your online account at to learn more.

Rewards are not available in NY

Please let us know what you think of the completely redesigned Drivewise mobile – [email protected]

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Whats new

    In this release we are happy to bring you
    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    Please continue to send your ideas and issues to [email protected] so we can respond to your suggestions.

Allstate Insurance Co. part of our Transportation and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 20, 2016. Google play rating is 73.1316. Current verison is 3.11.2. Actual size 12.0 MB.

Download drivewise-r-mobile-by-allstate.apk 12.0 MB


RM Skeen

It worked for all of a day...then just stopped even though it was 'on' and why must it be on in the background? I would prefer to just turn it on manually.

Michelle Anderson

I like the money Although it says I brake too hard (even though I don't) and doesn't like the times of day I drive (due to those being the times I drive to and from work) I totally dig the money. Also don't like being penalized for driving over 70 even though I took trip to Texas where the interstate speed limit is 75 with a minimum of 65.

Cindi Ezell

Drivewise by Allstate Bad times of day to go out you lose points if you go out after 11:00am. They say I brake two hard and I never go more than about five or ten miles. My average speed is recorded it is about 25 mph. By their calculations im going 80mph. HUH???? I also only have 4000 miles on car. You think yhey would instead have ways to record true speed, wearing seatbelts etc. Im a real safe driver and I got 12% off my first 6 months. Have had no wreaks in st least 12 yrs. So don't drive afer 11am. I don't get speed.

Dmitry Popov

Hard Breaks, seriously? I have Samsung Note 2, and I think the program does it all wrong. I am full of hard/extreme breaks! Yes, I remember I was breaking hard 2 times: somebody turned on me, so I was avoiding the collision, and second time I was breaking on a red traffic light. But I have more of them. Funny thing is that I usually not break at all, rather adopt my speed to not stop at the traffic light. All my mechanics are curious how I save breaking pads... Once I was riding a car with my wife on the passenger seat. Result? I got hard break, her ride was perfect. I think this program is not compatible with my smartphone.

David C

Hard Breaks I have a Samsung Note3. This app records that I have hard breaks on every trips so far which I had not breaking hard at all those trips. I guess u have to start breaking a mile away from a stopping point or better yet, don't hit your break, just drive thru everything in your way to get green checkmark in this app. What a worthless app I ever installed in my phone.

Christian Hetrick

Works great! Anything back is a plus This is awesome and love the opportunity to just get anything back. Plus, the new rewards site is cool. I like the option to use your points for auctions. For those with the bad reviews...maybe ask your agent to learn more about it.

Maria Witham

Daily drive to headstart On my trip to headstart Monday- Thursday morning if I get stuck in the one red light my rating is always low! Says hard breaking! Also when someone suddenly stops or turns ahead of me with out a blinker I get a poor rating because of hard breaking! Would Allstate rather we hit the person ahead of us or not stop at the light???

Ken K

not so good Confusing, complicated, keeps asking same questions, entered all information still does not work, then locked up the phone. Now wants activation code, no mention of that anywhere until now. Had me load the drivewise app then refers me to the Allstate app which doesn't work. Not happy with their system, seems like a disaster

Lauren Schuler

It was great until it dropped my rewards from 10% to 3% for one extreme braking event when I was not driving. I deleted the trip because I was not driving and my grade still had not updated over a week later. terrible!

Jeremy Church

It's an ok app This app needs some work to be great. However it does work and delivers what it advertises.

Mike Fisher

Needs improvement There are some good things about this app but it does not record half of my trips even when the location services are on

Joseph Askins

Would be 5 stars but The fact that their is not a setting to turn off or remove the notification icon is annoying.

Keith Candline

Serious calibration is in order This app is a great idea, but I find it far too sensitive to "hard braking". I've even seen it log a hard braking event from a routine turn.

Pradeep Varadan

Good functionality but a battery drain The app is very well made and easy to understand. It provides ability to un-log trips you might have made as a passenger as well. The fundamental issue is battery drain. The application can learn from Google Now when to monitor GPS rather than keep it on all the time. Now, I know why All State is giving a free car charger!

Tracy Woods

Easy to get paid Just loaded in agents office and had a check on the way in 3 days.

Jannell Harris

It works! Helps keep my driving nice and normal

Brian Cloutier

Already got paid!! So a few minor inconveniences. Have to have location turned on before you start driving so battery drains a little. I just plug in my car charger. Icon in notification bar is always on. I just ignore it. I installed app 10 days ago. When I get in my vehicle I turn on location. When I am done driving I turn it off. Update: Now I just keep my location service on to make sure I meet minimum trips to qualify for rewards. Still LOVE this app. Drive safe and get paid. AWESOME!!!

Curtis Craddock

Must be an Allstate customer to use. And get rid of the stupid notification!

Jerry Nilo

Braking Braking alerts seem to be too sensitive.

Trish Wood

Why does GPS have to constantly run, draining my battery? I have the LG g3 with an amazing battery life, first time I put this on my phone it doesn't even last a whole day. I'm used to 2 days of battery life. Its not recording my trips, only showing the "start driving" screen. I can't get past it. Help.

Angel Carmack-Calloway

App sucks!! Need to find a way to take the notification icon off my status bar!! Its driving me insane to have it there at all times, I have other gps tracking apps and none of them need a notification icon on at all for any amount of time. This needs fixed ASAP!!

Curt Cook

Allstate fails again! I downloaded this app and it required an activation code from your Allstate agent or your online account. Since my agent is not very helpful whem things go wrong, I signed into my account and went to the apps page. There is no sign of an activation code! Use of the mobile app requires that you already be a "Drivewise" customer. Otherwise there is no point in using the app! So why require an activation code? Just a simple log in please! Another "ALLSTATE MONUMENTAL FAIL"!!

Niklaus Burningham

Activation code So right after downloading it asks for an activation code. It says to sign online to your account from a computer to get it, or call your agent. I signed on, looked everywhere and decided to call my agent. He said he's been asked that before and has never been able to find the activation information either. But he did verify all 4 of my cars were plugged in and working. Can't the app just ask for user/pass?

K Robertson

Doesn't capture data I drove around (with GPS active) running errands yesterday...none of my driving data was captured

Aimee A

Skips Trips and Lies Never used to do this, but for some reason the app has begun to skip calculation on some of my trips entirely. I wish there was a way we could "start trip" manually. - UPDATE: Too much BS. I'm going no faster than 35 at the best of times on the highway, nearest car is a good few hundred feet in front of me and I'm still braking far ahead of time due to snowfall & ice on the roads from the night before, and you STILL insist that I did a mediocre job at fulfilling the "perfect drive" criteria? What crap.

Seth Cottle

Battery Drain & Offers A Poor User Experience This application absolutely destroys the battery life on my Nexus 6. It is a top contender for most battery usage in the battery usage reports. The user experience in-app is also beyond poor. The design itself is terrible, but the most annoying thing is the persistent notification that stays active in my status bar. I would honestly rather not worry about getting additional refunds on my insurance than use this hunk of trash.

Jessica Enderby

How is it saving me money by costing me data? Not to mention that I drove over 3 miles with my trip not being captured. What if the driver in front of me slams on the brakes, causing me to have to slam on the brakes or a child runs into the street or something and I have to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting them? And if I'm cut off am I supposed to lay off the brakes and just crash into them (believe me, it's crossed my mind ;) ...) Am I really being an unsafe driver or am I being a good defensive driver? Seems flawed...

Carmen Richard

Love it but... Why does the icon have to stay in my notification panel if it monitors automatically? It's such a distraction!

Rachelle Mays

Battery drainer I had a 17 hr battery life before I downloaded this app. Now I'm lucky if I get 7 hrs out of it. Why is it constantly running??

Neida Lopez

Doesn't work I mean it seems like a good idea but it doesn't work. I drove like 5 miles today and didn't recorded my trip at all. They just need to fix some bugs.

Dan Mohnen

Some tips This app uses GPS so in location settings you need to enable high accuracy. There is a service that runs in the background to detect your start and stop of trip. If you want better battery life when your in the office set GPS to battery saving mode. Don't forget to turn back to high accuracy when driving

Dandzra Augustine

MAKES YOU ACCOUNTABLE You are more aware that your driving is being" graded ", makes you take that turn a little slower, that take off a little smoother.... ps. Your agent signs you up for this in advance, then you accept by adding each email address and mobile number. A code is then sent to each account download the app enter code it's a wrap 2wks. Later you get a check for 10% of your policy in mail and again 6 mon. based on your skills.

Satish Muktineni

Battery drainer It's a good concept but keeps on running and searching for GPS which drains battery very fast. Will see for couple more days and if it continues, which it might, I will Uninstall.

Jason Hayes

Doesn't work Reinstalled it twice and been on phone with tech support who can't figure out WTF. Doesn't calculate trips at all

Wanda Tookes

Crap doesn't work I have uninstalled and re-installed twice. Each time, I entered the activation code and when I drive, nothing happens. I have waited both 24 & 48 hours for their "system " to update. Still nothing. Uninstalling this piece of crap app until AllState gets it together.

Jared Fausch

It would be great to have better access to the 'Sleep duration' option rather than going into the app's settings every time to enable it. If I'm at work for 8 hrs or more, I don't need it pinging gps location and draining the battery. Otherwise it does what it claims and seems fairly accurate when collecting driving data.

Yael Shaner

Terrific app Very helpful in monitoring my own driving.

Deneisha Braxton

Not consistent Not accurate on braking. I track my trips and hardly use my brakes... I keep my distance to prevent and sudden breaking and it still reports hard breaking. I like the benefits but the braking takes away from it. Now it no longer tracks my trips and it's not in sleep mode. The last time it stop tracking, it needed to be updated. Now that it stopped, I checked and no new updates. It's been days now...

Michael Geisel

Drains battery to fast. Should have a schedule to turn on/off since I drive cars around all day most of the miles are not even my car. Would like to turn off while I'm at work.

Savannah Dowler

Inaccurate and unfair The app tracks speed that is inaccurate. I can use cruise control at 65 and it will track my speed as going over 80. I also have a job that requires I leave for work around 9:45am and leave around 5-6pm so my "grade" is significantly reduced because of the time of day I'm required to drive. I guess Allstate doesn't want me to work for a living.

Huy Hoang

It's ok Everything works great, but it drains the battery so fast, before on a full charged It would last me a full day but after installing the app, I would have to charge it twice and even three times a day. So I had to Uninstall it.

Neil Jones

Drains battery way too fast It drains my phone in about four hours even when not driving so may not be able to keep it. Other than that I like it but battery makes it hard to use. I wish it was available for windows phone. The biggest discount I could get was 10 percent so not worth the hassle.

Julia Ocheltree

Great! Works well. Nobody is a perfect driver in an imperfect driving world. Turn your GPS on only for driving to save your battery. Thanks for the rewards!

Yolanda Cooke

Don't work at all on my Samsung S5

Steven Burke

So so App days you are taking trips when you aren't even driving. Said I was out after midnight one night when I was in bed asleep. If you are going to price people's insurance on this app make it work.

Satish Muktineni

Battery drainer It's a good concept but keeps on running and searching for GPS which drains battery very fast. Will see for couple more days and if it continues, which it might, I will Uninstall. Updated on 2/18/16. Got version 3.5 and it's a better drainer again. Previous version want that bad.

Josh Roberts

Rewards program and battery drain not worth it. App accounts for up to 10% battery use ; the rewards program is virtually useless. You have to trade points plus cash to get anything of value.

David Montaque

I would say this awesome, and very informative to take a peak look at it ,see if it's workable for you . I would like to recommend to anyone who wants to know more about this product.

john pfaff

Crashes Trying to save some money on insurance and they told me to download this app. It worked for one week, then all it does is crash and I keep having to get a new activation code. Now they tell me that I won't be able to get my discount because the DriveWise app is not working.

Frank Ubhaus, Jr

With my LG phone, I have to login with userid and password every time I want to use the app. On my Samsung,the program loading automatically. Need help with this situation. Any thoughts?

shanaka Jackson

Idk I was using the application on my was working i have the LG 4 i downloaded the app but when i go to put in my user info and password it keep saying the system is having difficulty try again's been 2 day's now THAT im loosing out. Please fix soon.

Jack Fewx

Good concept, questionable execution. First the good, 1) Keeps track of trips automatically, good at figuring out about when they start, no manual intervention needed, 2) Rewards and points for "good behavior" has encouraged me to brake a little more cautiously, when I can (see "the bad"). 3) Attractive looking app. The bad, 1) Crashes, crashes, and more crashes (the app variety, not the car variety), I can't open the app to look at my progress after recording a trip, it will crash and lose the trip. I have to wait the 20 minute timeout for the trip to record, then it will open. 2) Requires GPS all the time, adds to battery drain. 3) Questionable trip "scoring". Trips are based on only 2 criteria, max speed of less than 80 mph and "hard" braking. I'd like to point out the toll roads near my house with a posted speeds of 80 mph and 85 mph. Driving the speed limit on either of these dings me as a speeder! And hard braking, I get trying to identify aggressive drivers and fools that wait for the last second to stop, but have you ever driven in a large city?! A good day is when less than 3 people try to smash into me. The only reason I'm still alive is my fast brake reflexes.

Keith Candline

January 4th update broke it It was updated on or about January 4th A's now it won't open without force-closing. Can't use the app.

Alyssa Icke

Could be... Great if I didn't have to constantly send an error report every time I wanted to open the app or end my travel log...*edit 2/10/16* now it also doesn't track all my trips (yes I have the GPS on)

Asgar Waliji

My trips do not get recorded unless I open the app before driving off. This is supposed to happen automatically. On the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, location services is turned on. There is no setting for turning it on individually for Drivewise. So there is no point in continually saying '"make sure your location services is turned on for Drivewise" as Allstate keeps replying.

Kenya Bray

Battery killer..... I like the concept of the app but I don't like the fact that when I'm not driving, the app is constantly searching for my location and draing my phone. I have never had to constantly keep my phone on the charger. It would be nice if it didn't drain my battery. I got a new phone and reinstalled the app, now everyone I try to log in, it says having technical difficulties.

Tiffany Monge

Issues recently With the new update the app isn't tracking my trips. I drive about 40+ miles a day and i haven't had any recorded.

Randy Helms

Innacurate. Was marked speeding when in heavy traffic below 70 several times. Marked as hard braking when coming to stop lights and making turn. 1-9-16 was during a rain shower! Had enough.

Dana Aycock

Crashes Constantly First of all, this app constantly crashes. The rewards are not easy to redeem, constantly asks me to log in even though I'm logged in. And then it just loops me to several websites. Horrible app.

Ashlee Perkins

I turn my location on every time I get in my car. I just found out that for more than a month nothing was getting recorded. How do I get the location working on the app

Christiana Tillery

Meh It crashes a lot. This is my second time working with the dev team to fix it. Also it would be nice if we can get free items with the points instead of 5 dollars off. So far the points are useless. Fix it Jesus.


Keeps shutting down and data is inaccurate The app keeps shutting down. When it is up and running, the data can sometimes be far off.

Ms B

Technical Difficulties My app shuts down after about 5 seconds for no reason. It just keeps saying app has stopped working. I have reported it twice.

Mohammed Shafayet

Drains battery consumes too much data Drains the battery really fast. Consumes data like crazy. Watch out when ur cell data is on

Joshua Diaz

Amazing app. Integrates well with Glimpse and Wake app. 100% accurate and reliable.

Jose Benitez

What's going on? What's the point of this app if it keeps telling me download the allstate app when I already have it?!

Tisha Shepherd

Pretty cool but I like how I'm rewarded for driving safely. It would be neat if there were more criteria for safe driving, like driving at or below the posted speed. limit (not just below 80) and using turn signals. I dunno how you would measure that though. Free money though yay. Also I keep getting flagged for going over 80 but my speedometer is at 78 tops when it happens.

Shane Rimmer

Crashes all the time While the app looks better, it constantly crashes. If I scroll through trips too quickly, it crashes. If I change tabs too quickly, it crashes. If I'm driving along minding my own business, I'll get a notification that DriveWise has stopped working. If the neutrinos are mutating, DriveWise is crashing! Allstate doesn't want me to include times when I'm riding a motorcycle, but that's impossible when I can't put the app in standby or remove trips due to the crashes.

james dunn

I would give five stars but OK so I really like this app. It is awsome , it's a great idea to give insitve to make people drive safer. My only issue is that the app crashes all the time I'm lucky if I get my trip saved before it crashes fix that and I'll give five stars like said it's a good app

Aron Green

Force Closes Love the app, however lately it force closes and doesnt save my trip when I go into the app and select 'end trip'. Please fix.

Elvenlen Harvey

Fix it Every since the update, the app doesn't let me log in before it forces close....most of the time, my safe driving isn't calculated due to the app forcing close...seems like a lot of users are having the same's a headache....

April Meyer

Ok Doesn't record all my trips so I'm missing out on points. Sometimes it works but 9 out of 10 trips are not being recorded.

kristy harris

App has stopped working I can't even login.

Deanna Stane

When I try to open the app it just keeps saying experienci g technical difficulties and to try again later

Andrew Stover

Says I'm "hard braking" when I'm not braking at all. Inaccurate trip data.

Teresa Castellon

Not letting me log in Doesn't let me log in, says it's experiencing technical difficultly. . Please fix this

jason brown

App Crash Whenever I open up the app, it says there is an error and crashes out.

Carla Branch

GREAT APP Drivewise is awesome, it keep you aware of your driving. I love it, I haven't had any problems with it.

Dawn Boldt

When I try to open for the last 3 days it states experiencing technical difficulties.

Jennifer Zapien

app crash the app is crashing every time I try and open it, it's saying error and closes Help?

Mister Preston

Still have to pay for items Wish there was merchandise that I could use just points for and not have to still pay out of pocket. Also the sweepstakes should be unlimited tickets.

Shannon Pierce

Can't use It won't even alow me to log keeps saying sorry we are experiencing Tec dificultys for 2weeks... But it will recognize incorect info...

Jennifer Solomon

Not working! Ive tried signing in several time and it just continously tells me its having 'Tech difficulties'. please fix......

Sam Morgan

Much Better After Patch to Update The app is working great when it works at all. I can go days before it records a trip. Or, it will record several trips in one day. There needs to be consistancy. Otherwise, works good. The points reward system is fantastic.

Adam Hoozier

Haven't received 10,000 rewards points Just a quick question. I signed in on my Allstate account, but I'm no longer an auto policy holder. Does everyone receive 10,000 Allstate points upon enrollment regardless of whether or not they are a policy holder?

Frank White

Doesn't work on LG handset App installs, appears to take avtivation code, but never allows login or actual activation. It validates the username and password but always returns "We're experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later." error message.

Leonid Korolkov

#1 in battery usage! Accounts to 19% of the battery consumption on Sony Z3C. The location search icon stays on for a long time after I am done driving. In general, I drive about an hour a day.

Brian Rockwell

Doesn't work on lg v10 I called Allstate everyday for the past week trying to fix it and all they do is tell me to uninstall and reinstall it and it still doesn't work. I'm sick and tired of being told to contact mobile assistance because they can't do anything about it other than disconnect or hang up on me. The app worked fine until I switched phones from an LG g4, and yes my location is turned on and yes it is running in the background!!

Tauna Adams

Not accurate Why would you design an app that penalizes people for going 80mph when the speed limit on the freeway here is 80mph?! So everytime I drive on the freeway, which is every day, it dings me for my speed. And even with my cruise control set at 75 it still telks me I was going over 80mph.

belinda fennell

?!?!?! Why won't this app stay open!!! After the count of 3 it shuts down!

Tia Novitski

Its okay Its okay and it gives me a discount, but it is not accurate. Sometimes when I press the gas it will say "caution, braking alert" Please fix!

Dylan Hinrichs

Unreliable When I'm driving on I-70, I drive the speed limit of 75mph. However, this app claims I'm driving at 87-89mph at random times throughout my travels. Hard to get a reoccurring great driving reward when the app provides false information.

Anthony Mercado

Not accurate Don't record all my trips plus its not accurate on my trips & mainly it eats up my battery, having too many problems with it..??? I might just uninstall it, till it improves, sorry but datz da way i feel...!!!!!

Rick Faryniarz

Horrible app I had no hard brakes and it said i.was going over 80 when accelerating on the freeway. Seems like this is just a ploy to see how you are driving not to save you money.

Austin Williams

Horribly inaccurate & loses countless trips Contact me for a detailed description of my issues with your app....

John Guill

Not accurate *Edit* 4/17/16 Lowering the rating even further. First rating of 2 stars was after i had used this app for a month or so, now i have been using it for 1 year and accuracy is even worse. Am getting random hard braking events and over 80mph speed ratings when i do the speed limit of 70 mph. That is if the app doesnt close down due to errors. *Original* Not accurate with speed ratings or adding up points for completed challenges.

LaTanya Davis

Crappy app! I thought I was the only one having random braking events but reading the other reviews I'm not. Sometimes I get a braking event when I know without a doubt I did a slow roll stop. I hate this app & I think allstate should be ashamed! I am considering removing it because the discount will be crap cause the app is crap!

Clark Kent

Does not work. I've been driving everyday for the last 16 years day in day out and never been in an accident or even had to slam on my brakes because I never follow to close because people are stupid. Your app does not work correctly because there is also no way I could go above 80mph in bumper to bumper traffic but your app says I do. So how do you explain that one?

christy menendez

Not working I downloaded this and while I was in it, it all of a sudden says here's technical errors. I wait a day or so. It's been a week. Within the week I called support, was advised to uninstall. Got a new code and tried it again. Same thing happened. So now on my account it doesn't show I have this downloaded. I can't tell u if it works BC it hasn't yet.

Deborah Dyson

Trips I have made several trips that are not registering the last trip recorded is 4/ 11. I made a trip on 4/17 that didn't register & a trip on 4/21 that didn't register. Please find out why. Will give more stars when fixed.

Nikki Jay

Works off and on It hasn't recorded a trip in 5 days even though the app obviously detects that I'm driving. If it isn't going to work, stop wasting our time. ? Update: After emailing app support, it seems to have gotten better, but I'll give it a whole week before I change the rating any higher. Update2: Same issues it worked a few days, but is back to missing trips! Uugghh!

Jeffrey Hoffmeyer

Kinda cool but frustrating I love the concept and the overall tracking is cool but it keeps telling me I am speeding over 80 when I am driving 75 (speed limit).

Eric Bosley

Great concept inaccurate system Random hard braking, random speed alerts even when going 70 (which is the posted speed on my commute) will definitely 5 star this app once that gets fixed.

Thomas Herman

Needs work I was logged in now it tells me I'm not and all my trips have rest to 0?

Roderick Padilla

All issues resolved I am changing my rating. I was able to finally reinstall and move the app to the SD card before requesting and applying a new code. Data is accurate this time. Using GS7 edge. No need to email support.

Ervin Nario

it's a good app.. it's too sensitive... lol! I tried and drive in my neighborhood and had to stop at a stop sign like I always do and I got a hard break notification already.. omg..

Micah Puls

Records trips when a passenger I take a bus to work daily and found today that those trips are being recorded as if I'm driving...might need to get that fixed.

Kaley Ward

App doesn't work After the latest update it won't log my trips & everytime I open it it is like it's the first time Ive ever used it.. Shows me what to do over & over. Tried to contact thru the app & that won't work either. Says they're experiencing technical difficulties.. :(

JD Terlson

Stopped reporting Since last update had not been reporting

Nathan Poole

Nathan IT will not download keep saying having difficulty try again later

Cecelia Williams

Inaccurate After the last update it doesn't work. No information since 4/4/16. Saying maps unavailable.

Justin Lambert

Works for 10 min I wish it worked.

Diana Garcia

Hard braking is also an indication that another driver cut in front of you or did something stupid, and made you hit the brakes.

Qasim Mustafa Ali

Ask me to download the Allstate Mobile App which I already have and still keep asking to do so.

Brad Lorenz

Garbage Has only recorded 1 out of many trips I have taken. Could be remedied with a simple start/stop button instead of relying on auto detection which clearly doesn't work. Full battery and location services are always on.

Lori Butler

Can't access app I haven't been able to use it as I cannot access the app. Today I received the activation code and entered it, but the app crashed partly through the setup and I haven't been able to access it since.

Lisa Rosado

It worked just fine Until the recent update, it worked just fine. Now, it doesn't even open on launch and it crashes every time

Keron Lezama

Lost All My Points! Updated the app the other day, lost all my points (60,000+) and now its not even tracking my trips. Was 5 stars now down to 1. If i ever get my points back which i doubt i might change back to 5

Jessica Hintz

Very inaccurate data. It claimed I had hard breaking where I didn't even stop! Obviously they are just putting random mistakes in there so they don't have to give you a discount.

Amanda Zepeda

After the last update it no longer opens for me. It automatically closes. Fix now!

Barak Stolfi

Crashes on launch Worked fine until today's update. Crashes on launch every time.

willie woodard

Crashing Keeps crashing at startup. Quick question does it keep monitoring your driving during this crash period and does your points and past recorded driving events stay on record

Kevin Dimitroff

Can't use points Cashing in the points is unavailable. Now after update I can't open the app.

Emily, Joyce, Nana, Cookie Galindro

Unhappy I've had 2 updates and after each one I can NOT get program to load. The first time I believe it was that way for 1 day, this one is going on day 3 !! What are are we to do sit home and go nowhere?

Bill Garner

Bill G Ap is great. However, with new update yesterday, ap is not opening up. Hopefully just a glitch.

Brett Green

Always says hard brake ...and I do not hard brake. So far only one check and that's when I started

Colleen Mitchell

Never works It's not working now, keeps crashing every time I try to open it. Worthless!!

Cody Frazier

Crashes every time I open it

Connie Adams

Updated today Crashed as soon as it launched today after update

Vicki Sanford

Recent update My app worked great until I updated it now it constantly crashes

Joseph Hersh

Worked ok on my Galaxy SIII. Just upgraded to a Moto G 4th gen and cannot login. Emailed tech support will see how long it takes, now the app. Its not perfect, not great, not even good. It functions sometimes. Have only had two hard brakes during about 45 trips and both I knew were hard brakes (One was a person stopped on the freeway to make an exit). Will say that I have never went over 80, the app has said I have never gone over 80, it has tracked my speed well. The main problem is the app knowing when you are traveling. I have gone 65mph for 25 miles and it only recorded 5 miles of that trip. I have noticed for it to record the trip earlier you need to open the app up right before you start driving. We will see if Allstate fixes this.

Justin Postman

Why so much battery usage? I can be at 100 percent battery drive less than 2 blocks and be at 84 percent battery when my location is on? But if my location is off I will still be at 100? This didn't happen until I down loaded this app? What's wrong?

Shane Turner

Not always accurate I understand what the insurance companies are trying to accomplish, but I don't believe that GPS data is sensitive/accurate enough to consistently and accurately determine breaking speed. Perhaps the strength of the GPS signal is a factor. I've had several situations where the app marked me for hard breaking when I was certain that I had not. There have also been a couple of situations where I had to stop quickly, but the app didn't detect those. Overall, I wouldn't want my rates based on this app.

Alayne Nicholson

Crashes every time How am I supposed to get to the menu when I get nothing but "we're having technical difficulties " followed by "please input the verification code you were provided at registration " followed by a white blank screen with the Allstate logo at the top???? Thanks for your generic, automated reply.

david huffman

Not working Not working says I need to put activation code in and I already done that. I had several trips I had made and it lost them. Can you please fix this.

Christine Donaubauer

Okay, but needs work I've been on drivewise for a bit, and haven't noticed the 'false hard-braking' issues others have had. I've had the app for a couple weeks. The app is convenient for quick access to my stats, but the find my car is way off (by at least 300 ft. When I'm in my driveway, the map shows my car three doors down) the points redemption process is clunky; it opens the browser where you have to login again, and find the item again.

Manny Adonis

I don't think I can keep this app. I installed this app not two hours ago and my battery has gone from 74% down to 60%. And I haven't left the house, with my phone mostly on standby as I am on my computer. I may have to download a battery monitoring app just to specifically monitor the actual battery use of this app for 24 hours. And then I will decide after if can keep this.

Daniel Alexander

Mostly Accurate Depicts some, about 10%, of normal braking as hard braking. Other than that, mostly flawless.

Joseph Haskins

Samsung S5 Doesn't log my trips no matter what my GPS settings are.

Shannon Works

False recordings and no recordings With multiple false hard brakings, and no records of driving for days what's the point of wasting space on my phone with this app?! Totally pointless

Lissa Forest

Not registering some of my trips and giving me hard brakes when there aren't any.

Walter Neto

not happy with the app the app does not work properly. the data collected is inaccurate and not reliable. very unhappy with it.

Kudrat Kuziev

Weird app!!! This is my initial review, but I think the app doesn't work well. First it should capture all trips automatically, which it does not, I have to press End Trip each time. Traffic light stop is considered Hard Braking. Hopefully 36mph is not considered 80mph. It always leads me think that it was designed by person who is far from driving experience. I will keep the app for couple days just for fun. Do not get this app unless you want to stress out each time you want to stop at traffic light.

Colleen Mitchell

Never works It's not working now, keeps crashing every time I try to open it. Worthless! Update: working now, however I still think the hard brake sensor is way way too sensitive. I am by no means a hard braker and it seems it's always saying I am. It's ridiculous. And thank you Allstate for your generic auto response below. So genuine.

Johnathan Arsenault

App does not account for slow GPS data I've noticed that when the GPS updates after more than a second while braking, false hard braking is recorded. It should not be assumed that only one second has passed between GPS speed intervals, as sometimes it is held up by other higher priority apps on the phone. Also the graphs have not been populating for over a month..

Amanda Myers

Frustrated I was required to have the app for my discounts which is fine, I don't drive recklessly, so sure. However, not only does it constantly close or fail to work for no reason. It counts any phone movement as hard braking. Including but not limited to road bumps, friends changing music, or a readjusting pet or myself. Then upon trying to fix the problem of it closing consistently I un and then reinstall app to find my achievements erased. Seriously? Dafug?

Austin Williams

Horribly inaccurate... Beware! App and nothing but a big scam... It CLAIMS that I am hard braking When I'm slowing down gradually to a stop light (btw I'm only doing 45mph)... Then when I'm doing 72mph on the highway it tells me that my speed is over 80mph... WTH? I don't know what they're trying to pull here with this app but everyone needs to give this one a one-star so they can get this crap off of the Google Play Market..

Richard Payne

Good idea, but... I feel that either the algorithm or my phone is falsely reading hard braking sometimes. If I remove those trips, I worry that it makes me look dishonest, but it has been too frequent to just let them ruin what should be a pretty flawless series of trips lately.

Mark Richards

This app must be why my insurance keeps going up... They're obviously using the extra money they charge me every 6 months to develope and improve this app, right? This app is garbage and does not work. Downloaded it. Drove 4 times. It shows that I've taken 1 trip. I wouldn't waste your time with this. They dangle the reward in your face and raise your rates anyway to compensate for what you "saved". How insurance companies get away with rape is beyond me.

Pam Bailey

Meh Its a good app if the battery usage was better. Counting speed bumps and my driveway hump as sudden braking. Used 32% of my battery on my morning commute. Also noticed I have to restart my phone to get the latest info for deals.

jeffrey dill

Good idea badly executed Grate idea but why would you look at the phone what if I ge th on a roller coaster then I'm screwed they go faster then 80 and brake hard. What I'm trying to say is do what progressive dose and have something that you can plug into your car and then it will get more accurate information for when your car is moving not your phone. FIX IT!!! please

Kirito Girigenzaya

Just reading the comments Just reading the comments and wow! Should I use this or not cause 95% of the reviews says don't lol.I mean is all state going to rip me off with this app or not cause I'm scared to use it tomorrow to be honest. I've never seen so many reviews saying don't get it! All state really needs to look into this cause that's crazy.

Antonio Guimaraes

Very inaccurate app. It has told me I was braking to hard when I was lightly touching the brakes. At first I thought it was me and maybe I was braking too fast as the app defines it, but then it told me I braked too hard when I was sitting at a red light waiting for the light to turn green. It's not me, it's the app. It also tells me that I sometimes am going 80 MPH when I have my car on cruise control set at 75 MPH and the Gauge reads 75MPH. This app is not accurate or consistent at all.Improvement needed

Dianne Stanford

Syncing Why doesn't info sync among multiple devices. My 2 devices record only their own information. I want to see up-to-date total points from my phones or laptop.

Scott Grostefon

App doesn't work Stopped working 2 weeks ago... called ipn problem, still waiting for a fix... In response. I have run diagnostics, which showed all ok. I have deleted and reloaded ap many times working with Allstate. But no fix. It is just that this has been going on for over 2 weeks... Very frustrating.

Francisco Declet

Staryed to work ok. Then froze... Removed and downloaded again lets see how it works.

Heidi Essex

Fail This app quit working at the beginning of June. I have uninstalled/installed a couple of times. It has only recorded a couple of trips in June. I followed all the trouble shooting and even emailed tech support. They tell me to call tech support which I don't want to do. Just fix the app!

John Paul Readey

Battery use poor I am noticing since the last update that my battery use is through the roof with this update. Previous to this update, it didn't consume much battery, due to it being in standby mode. Recently it has been using up to 25% of my battery during the day, even when I am in plane mode, and not having the GPS turned on. Please fix. The GPS isn't even turned on, so I don't understand how it is using GPS when in plane mode wih GPS TURNED OFF. The app doesn't even calculate my trips now. App getting worse.

Rylie Wyman

Should make the standby mode easier to access


not well developed at all Recorded my trip to grocery but did not work on the way home. Why is allstate telling everyone to return the drivewise devise and switch to this app before it is well developed? Updated 28/06/2016: Today I was driving and checked the map with my phone when I was waiting for signal. And this app just recorded it as a HARD BRAKING. I guess I should not touch my phone whenever I am using this app when I drive?

Panta मधु

Not very wise app.. Gradual slow down or even bump record as hard breaking

Jonathan Bowman

Data Being Processed Check Back Later Under "my driving" tab. Have been receiving this message for over a week. Updated app twice.

Rori Thomas

Impossible to use The app won't even open to put in the activation code. It just keeps saying technical difficulties and shutting down.

Justin Beasley

Garbage I get a pop up stating: "We're experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later." and then it tells me I need to enter the activation code. There are no menus or options, only a back button which exits the app. This is my 3rd phone since switching from the device to the app and it has never worked properly. It's been problematic on my wife's two phones as well.

Chris Spencer

Never works. What a joke. Records trips one day then not the next. Crashes constantly. Have had to uninstall and reinstall repeatedly which requires a new activation code each time. Just count on getting the 3% for being signed up and nothing else. The replies by Allstate to some of the other reviews on here are proof that they aren't even reading nor understanding the issues. People reporting fraudulent braking events are being blamed when it's clearly a poorly written app with major issues.

Taliha Spencer

This app is CRAP! I don't even know where to start. When first installed it worked for like 5 minutes. Not even 12 hours later would only give me error messages and wanted me to enter a code, then only gave me a blank white screen. Called and was given new code, which gave me my husband's info not mine! Once again in less than a day it didn't record my trip and is back to giving me error messages and asking for a code then going to a blank white screen! This app is a joke! Total Disappointment!! ??

Heather Young

Wont open! The only thing it lets me do it click accept on everything then it crashes! Have deleted and reinstalled, still not working

Y Miro

Data not accurate It was not easy to make it work but data not accurate. Sharp turns recognized as hard braking.

Angela Lowe

There are times a light changes an I have to break faster an it's held against me for being safe, I don't Feel that's fair. Another car fly's past me speeding an for some reason it thinks it's me speeding.

Kenneth M. James Sr.

Mr. Kenneth M.James Sr I love this it also helps me to monitor my driving habits.

Edward Wilson

It help me lot love it.

Jeff Brown

If it saves me money I'm all over it, we should all be safer drivers, wouldn't that be awesome.

Tim Cejka


Johnathan Arsenault

Timely fixes to bugs I have brought a few bugs to their attention over the last few weeks, and the drivewise team has followed my troubleshooting advice which helped them find the root cause and fix them. I would suggest maybe having users opt into debug/beta builds so the experience as a whole could be better for the average user.

Bama Becca

Good for the most part For the most part it's a good app. It does report speeding when someone passes you on the highway. If you come to a stop in a bumpy road it reports a hard break even when its not. I use my cruise control especially on the highway and as I said before if someone passes me going faster than eight it records it on my device. The good thing is that you can go back and delete the incorrect trips within a few hours and it will not count against you. I would ultimately like for it to record accurate information.

Tim Gorman

Drivewise absolutely made me a better driver. I like being able to track my improvement, and see where I can do better. Drivewise breaks down my driving into catagories that make it easy to understand, and even have lots of different rewards for good drivers. The hard braking part has taught me the most. I have learned to give the car in front of me more distance, so when he hits his brakes I have more time to stop softly, avoiding the hard braking ding. I am soft braking without thinking now, and that's a big improvement for me.

ed davis

The reason why I am not giving a 5 star rating is only because of the hard braking. If I have to stop for a red light that changes quickly, and there are many of these in my state then I loose points for being safe

Robert grant

Garbage It's so inaccurate, it seams to pick up on only bad trips and miss my good trips. It's just a stupid app. But it gives me discounts and that's about the only good thing about it. Please fix and make this better. Are we ever going to fix the App. How about missing a whole day and keep picking only my mistakes and not my good. I have good signal and it still just garbage. Fix !!!

Richard Gilbert

Not very accurate I get tons of speeding over 80 markers on my trips but my cruise control stays at 77. My wife can be riding with me and her trips will show no speeds over 80 for the exact same trip.

Edna Neisler

I don't like the hard braking. It is not accurate with the way you sometimes have to brake. Not everyone is a safe driver. You have to slow down or break some times when the driver in front of you brakes hard. Otherwise it is fine. Thanks

Kimberly Smith

Like it But... Hard braking is a bit much I have had to brake hard to keep from running a light that changed and it counts against me. That is the only thing that I have a problem with. Otherwise it is a great app!

Heather Etheredge

I really like this app because it helps keep my driving safe and i get rewarded for it. The only thing i have a problem with is the hard braking part because sometimes (like at a light or driving in some of the cities i go to) its hard not to stop faster than normal. I don't slam on my brakes but it counts against me.

Robert Arnold

There was some early rough spots when I first tried Drivewise and most of them I have found out was caused by the new model phone I was using. Allstate has worked diligently to correct the problems from the first level support all the way to the app engineers. I'm happy to report that the app seems to be working fine now and logging my trips as it should. It is pretty touchy with the braking logs but if you're careful on the stops it doesn't seem to show hard braking. A special thanks to Jeremy and Dan with the Drivewise group for their hard work making this app work. I have over a hundred apps on my two phones and not another app's developers have worked this hard to get an app working. Thanks Allstate

Robert Kirk

Wrecks my battery unless I put it into standby mode. The you have to remember to activate it before driving. The things you will do for a 3% discount.

Hitesh DesaI

Good Drivewise Its nice but hard breaking matter not accurate cause any driver has required hardbraking on so many reason. Required to update this software specially for hard braking. Its absolute not correct.

Gary Moore

It's Ok Here's my deal with it......if you're going to fault people for "hard braking" make sure that's what it actually is. I was given one today for no reason at all.....I accept when I'm wrong, but when I'm not...... get it right!

Shannon Caswell

Doesn't always pick up trips Only about 50% of my driving is captured even when my battery is full and I go over 25 mph. I kinda feel cheated because my rewards should be so much higher.

Terence Weber

ALLSTATE DriveWise rewards Application is working ok now. It's a small gripe, but if you are waiting right at 2 o'clock (CDT) to try and get the daily deal and tap it for your cart immediately, the item is already sold out (in carts) in several seconds. Very frustrating. Also, hardbraking should be eliminated; I can see keeping the extreme braking option. Hard braking doesn't take into account people crossing the center line, eating/talking on the phone about to hit you etc.too many variables to judge your driving fairly!

Anthony Mercado

Not accurate, (battery) ?Drainer..!!! Don't record all my trips plus its not accurate on my trips & mainly it eats up my battery, having too many problems with it..??? It keeps on alerting for hard brakes when i depress da brakes regularly it sucks cuz it'll restart or take away my points.??? It's ok. Better than wen I first installed da app..??? It's a great app to have only if it's working properly..

Jamey Critchfield

Good for discounts, bad for phone This app is great for earning discounts, but it really drains your battery is left unattended. Even after removing it from your recent apps, it can be a real battery hog until force stopped.

Randall Banks

My main issue is the hard braking as well, there are times that hard braking is just unavoidable. I also understand the concept though, if you maintain enough date distance and awareness the need to brake hard should be less.

Deborah Andrews

Great app I find like most others have that the hard baking sensor is a bit too sensitive. It seems to give me a "ding" for hard braking at the exact same traffic light on my way to and from work. This light has a shorter yellow-to-red time period and I prefer not to run a red light so I guess I will take the hard braking hit versus a ticket. Lol!! All-in-all the app keeps me more aware and is s great feature for additional driving discounts!!!

Lashaunda Davis

Comes in handy Would give 5 stars if it would pick up for how often I drive. Sometimes it will go 3 or more days without picking up that I am driving. But other than that I like it.?

Kris Singleton

Drivewise Keeps you aware of your driving which is great. But it keeps saying hard braking a lot, especially when I take the car off cruise control & get off freeway.

Ben Vaughn

When I first downloaded and installed the app I felt there were discrepancies in speed and braking. However now the app works great and I appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate safe driving habits and receiving the rewards that come with it. Thanks Allstate.

Like this app I like this app. The only problem I have is the hard braking part on it. I sometimes have to stop a little bit more at a changing light. But other than that I am enjoying it.

Kevin Hemmer

Good Mostly Would give it a 5 but the hard braking is too sensitive. If you have to brake because someone cuts you off, in front of, or light changes to red.

Callie Gilbert

Doesn't work Poor accuracy and doesn't recognize points. I am also having a difficult time with the activation code.

Tonya Lavender

Love it, works great I haven't had any issues with the app, works just like they say! And it makes you focus on better driving

Marc Russell

Just get it Not only resourceful. This app turns driving safe into a daily game that pays. Pure genius!

Lori Butler

It's ok I feel the same as most everyone else about the hard breaking being inaccurate. If you are going to use Google Maps then you should be able to access stoplights, etc. Integrating these into the tracking would help since most hard breaking for me occurs at that point when a light turns red on a 40+ mph road. I'm given the choice of stopping or running a red light to not get hard breaking on my record. That doesn't seem safe to me. I'm not being aggressive or distracted (I don't use my phone either).

Crash I like the app when it actually works. But it crashes constantly. If it keeps up will have to delete to keep from going crazy.

Louise Vuono Schrage

Shouldn't punish you for a hard break when you have to stop for a light that changes just as you approach it. Would you prefer I run the light??!

andy nelson

Good app so far Trip tracking seems to work well, you can delete trip if you were not driving. I have a lot of points already, no discount for my insurance premiums yet though. As long as I get discounts, I will keep the 5 star rating.

Brian Mancinelli

Brian Cool app. Easy to use. Keeps me vigilant and better driving means less wear and tear on the car. Win/Win all around.

Kyle Tingley

75 is the new 80 It seems like if i set my car to 75 cruise control on the open highway the app flags me as speeding over 80 mph.

tb bt

Love it saves money Not always accurate, especially in poor reception area's but still saves u money in the long run

Kristine Johnson

Love it!! Let's me know how my teeneagers are driving when I'm not around & makes me more aware of how I drive.

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