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9 Dec
Drive Link

Posted by Drive Link Team in Transportation | Dec. 9, 2014 | 62 Comments

Apk file size: 38.0 MB

DriveLink is a perfect app for safe, hands free in-vehicle services that really makes a difference in the driving.
The app can either work as Standalone Mode, which is just launched in the smartphone, or as Connected Mode,
which works by connecting to the car's headunit display via MirrorLink(TM).

For the Connected Mode, the screen of the smartphone is mirrored to the head unit display.
The app has been designed to conform to the safety regulation set by Automotive industry standard.

The current version has the following features:

- Welcome Screen: Context Awareness feature that allows to display the current location's weather information,
Recently Played Music in the smartphone, Schedule info stored in Calendar app. If the schedule contains an address, the user can click the
address to directly navigate to the destination

- Music : User can listen to every music file stored in the smartphone. Also, DriveLink has other music sources such as Internet Radio.
Currently, TuneIn and Radioclock App is available.

- Phone: User can make a phone call, and send text messages. The app retrieves all contact information stored in the smartphone

- Shortcut: User can create a shortcut for a specific contact, music, and location.

- To use MirrorLink(TM) service in car using USB, the head unit must support MirrorLink(TM) 1.0.1.
- If MirrorLink(TM) service doesn't work in your smartphone, it is necessary to update a firmware.
- Firmware update availability is depending on mobile operators.

Whats new

    Bug which is occured when you use magyar as default language is fixed.

Drive Link Team part of our Transportation and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Dec. 9, 2014. Google play rating is 30.9966. Current verison is 1.1.043. Actual size 38.0 MB.

Download drive-link.apk 38.0 MB


Dan Edwards

Works w/USB cable connection. Works on 2015 Subaru Outback Premium and Samsung Note 2. Didn't work over bluetooth connection like Starlink. Did work with a USB cable connection. In general, still needs work but shows great potential.

Tom D

Drive Link Team should be ashamed. It doesn't work with Kit-Kat. Period. It's likely not EVER going to work with kitkat as a matter of fact. They even whammy themselves with suggestions like "Before attempting to use the MirrorLink feature, be sure to update the software on your device to the latest version." Of course doing so will guarantee Drive Link will not function. They themselves give self defeating advise? That speaks volumes. They have written this one off as a lose. It has less than a 2 star rating and they are not going to be able to salvage it's image. That alone is assurance that it will see no further development. Then again, it was so terrible out of the box (Yes, I'm one of the FEW who's actually seen it function....) it wouldn't receive a much higher rating even if it ... worked for more people. I hope everyone on the Drive Link team is actively looking for new employment. There's no way they are keeping their jobs with this trash.

Ramin Salam

Don't work on Note 3. Still. Whats going on, I just downloaded it and checked the last update of this software and almost a year ago. No wonder it doesn't work on new phones. Come on if you want mirror link to be popular then make software that works.

Justin Ancelet

Needs improvement I can't believe I spent a hundred bucks on this system just to have an app screw everything up. Half the time the thing doesn't connect correctly leaving one of my screens frozen.

Ray alvarado

Galaxy Note 3 keep crashing It worked on my note 2 now that I have the not 3 it gives me a error I purchased t game is Sony radio because of this app someone please update or help ty

Mike Gee

seems to be broken for the samsung galaxy s3/s5 Program stops working when i try to use the mirrorlink. It used to work fine but since the new anndroid update it has stopped working. If the app couls get an update so it works again i will change my rating but until then it does not work at all. A complete waste of money.

M Jordan

Wonderful idea, horrible execution It crashes every time the phone is plugged into the radio. Then, a minute later, it loads on both the phone and radio. There are two nag screens. Pressing agree on the first one instantly crashes the app. If you hit "disagree" on the first one and "agree" on the second, it loads. It will work for awhile and either crash the app or reboot the phone. Needs: make it stable!, more customizable home screen, easily switch btwn nav and music, ffwd music, exit for full screen mode

Daniel deJong

Does not work with current Samsung phones I bought a JVC stereo specifically so I could connect my Samsung S3 phone. It doesn't work. App crashes immediately when the phone is connected.

Adriana Rovetto

Its great when it works The mirror link technology is awesome. I have a galaxy s3 and it has been working great (most of the time). You have to remember to unlock your screen b4 plugging it in. My biggest complaint is that it drains your phone battery instead of charging it which makes using the navigation on long trips difficult. PLEASE KEEP UPDATING AND IMPROVE THE APP

Rakesh Dharmareddy

Not so much of a proud owner of GS4 and Drive Link. Update on 3/25: Its over 1 year since we saw any updates. Its about time for you guys to release one. There is no 1/2 start to give. Update: I got Firmware update to 4.4.2 on my Gs4. App crashes up on opening. Please update app to support 4.4.2 on Gs4. I will update rating once the Update is available. Been using the GS-3 with my Sony Head unit XAV 601Bt. Some thing If It make this Software better is is Ability to add Other Navigation Apps other than Gmaps.(or at least provide the list off Apps support

Mario Nunes

Limited Functionality The app does provide what it advertises, but had I known how limited my options were, or that I wouldn't be able to use it side by side with other apps, I would have waited for something that would have suited me better. With the amount of poor reviews this app received, I'm disappointed in Samsung's unresponsiveness.

Kris Dwight

Broken This app worked great on my s4, I just upgraded to the note 4 and it force stops instantly

Darryl Owens

Not Working after update This app doesn't work with the latest Android update 4.4.2 on my GS3. It was working before the update with limits but now it will not even start. I get an error "Unfortunately Drive Link has stopped" I don't know why it states it has stopped when it don't even load. Please fix!

Mike Alfaro

Samsung Note Il Don't work at all, bought the module for radio, junk don't work....don't do it!!! Keeps displaying UNFORTUNATELY DRIVE LINK HAS STOPPED, report it? NO, take that sh*# of the app store....frikn garbage


Wonderful app... Not This would be terrific if it didn't crash as soon as you open it on note 3 running 4.2. But i can say mirror link on pioneer Avh4000nex more generally is an epic nightmare on note 3. I just had a conversation with pioneer and they disavowed any connection with mirror link other than selling the mhl cable and supporting it on some units. Good luck to all of you out there trying to get the kludgy solution to work.

Arunas Slepikas

Doesn't work This app simply does not work on the Samsung galaxy s4. I downloaded a hacked version that worked in 4.3 but not 4.4. Even when it was working the interface sucks. Very slow. Music playback is horrendous. You can't search, and if you scroll the list it changes the track. Google maps was the only thing that made it worth having.

Eric Pitzer

No mirror capability yet (02-16-14) I have the Pioneer AVH-X3600BHS w/Adapter cable for my Samsung S3(Verizon Carrier). The installer used his Samsung S3 (Sprint Carrier) to test all the capabilities and his worked while being plugged in. When I plugged mine in, it stopped. We checked both phones' selections they are the same. He also turned his bluetooth off and I tried again with the same negative results. When his is plugged in, the receiver actually recognizes his phone and the MirrorLink icon appears allowing for settings. I tried the nag screens of ignoring the first and agreeing to the second. I get audio recognition but no mirrorlink video recognition. I even went to the Verizon store and had the rep bring his brand new phone out and he got the same results I did. For two weeks I've searched he Web for accurate solutions and have come up empty. Ironically it appears that the asian market already can use the Samsung S3 wirelessly with my same system (Americanized) and get everything to work. There has to be a techy out there with the golden ticket of fixing this.

Calvin Minor-Moore

This app sucks!!!! Every time I try to use it in my car it says "unfortunately drive links has stopped working" that sucks.....bad app! If I could give no stars I would've.

Brooks Harmon

Does not work with note 3 I wish this would work with my phone I have a Samsung note 3 I would love this app if it would just work with my phone. Please update this app

Spencer Salzberg

Force Closes Every Time Horrible, You guys seriously need to fix this bug. No point in having the head unit if this app doesn't work. -Galaxy S4

Jose Munguia

Don't waste your time . This is a piece of junk app. JVC needs to be more careful about whom they associate with. I have an S4 and it crashes before opening , the concept is great I'm just amazed at how many complains this app has and developers seem to be ignoring all of them . I been telling friends no to buy any receivers with mirror link technology and specially to avoid any JVC products.

Brian Schultz

Note 3 does not work The radio installer who put in my Pioneer avh x5600 had a s3 that worked great with this app. I upgraded my phone to a Note 3 so that i would be able to use it, and it crashes every time. TMSERVERAPP crashes. Please please please fix. I have seen it work and it is so cool.

John Groen

Doesn't work galaxy s3 Crashes on start up. Last update was February 2013. Samsung clearly doesn't think it is worth their time. My Alpine car stereo has mirror link which would use this app.

Damian Duran

Did samsung and pioneer team up to steal my money? Biggest waste of money ever spent my life, I dropped 100$ on the mirrorlink hardware . All so samsung and pioneer can drop the ball on ANY working software. Don't sell junk your too lazy to make work properly. I'll never buy anything pioneer ever again. I'm extremely disappointed.

Kaylin Campen

Crashes Just got my GS4. Trying to use drive link with Sony xav601bt. would be awesome if I could use this app but it keeps crashing. I've never seen an app with such low rating! Please fix this. The theory is awesome but it sucks that I can't properly use this phone with my head unit like I could with my iPhone 5. I want to control my phone through the headunit for safer driving, but cant! I have to use Bluetooth to play Pandora, because the head unit doesn't recognize the GS4 as a device. Can't control it tho :(

Jay B

S4 It Crashes When Using Mirror Link Installed KW-NSX700, Mirrorlink works with Galaxy S3, but crashes with my Galaxy S4. Links up and works for 1 second but then crashes. I love the idea but hope Drive Link Team will get this working for the Samaung Galaxy S4.

Jason Langley

Note 3 wont work It crashes my phone and tilts the screen till I restart needs an update for 4.3 a d higher

Alex Gomez

please update will not work at all on note3 worked note2 why not note3 please update your app it is way behind it was not very good before but now wont work at all

Wesley Santiago

Worst app ever!!! Does not work with most of the new phones that are out . I hope other apps come out that support mirrorlink.

Jason Szabo

Worked before Android 4.3 Worked for a little while. Then I upgraded to Android 4.3 on Galaxy 3S. Now it doesn't work. Would like to get whole use out of my new DVD deck in my truck.

Joe Lebel

Galaxy S4 I have a Galaxy S4 and at first it kept crashing instantly but after doing some online research I found a forum that said if that happens you need to download a apk pack. After doing so it works perfect. I have 2 complaints tho, 1 its annoying how you can't go into other apps on your phone while running drive link without disconnecting the usb cable. 2 you need to implement the use of Play Movies & TV, Netflix, HBO GO, Xfinity TV Go, Xfinity Streampics and so on. PLEASE IMPLEMEMT THE USE OF THESE APPS ASAP!

Michael Cook

Just Doesn't Work I bought my JVC unit because it specifically said it worked with the Galaxy 3. Buried in the documentation it listed the specific model used and mine is not it!! I tried this crapware anyways and guess what it didn't work as advertised. My display never showed up on the head unit like it was supposed to, oh wait you need to use a 5 to 11 pin adapter cable because Samsung wants to be different! Ok I'll keep trying to use this app, oh wait now my phone gets a new version of Android & now it won't work at all!

Donald F. Lietzke Jr.

Needs an update. When I first installed it every thing seemed fine. Three days later my Galaxy S4 Active upgraded to the Kit Kat version of Android and now it crashes every time I try to use it. I've sent messages but no one is responding to my concerns. I spent a $100.00 on the Mirrorlink device and it's useless.

James Taylor

Don't buy Sony I but this expensive radio for the functionality of having features in my car stereo interacting with my phone. What do I get? A POS app that crashes, never works, and I don't want to yank the stereo out so I'm stuck with it. I thought they would pay some attention to it someday but it is a neglected product. Read the reviews, don't buy sony, as this app will not work and just crash on you leaving frustrated and cursing the gods

Robert Junkins

Sucks worse than any app ever Does not even begin to work. I would pay just to see the app designers fired and pelted with small rocks.

albert boersma

al boersma I went and bought all new car audio head unit alpine isx7hd.this drive link workd ok with the samsung 3s but with the the s 4 im screwd no navigation or mirrior link at all im beside myself of this cash and theres nothing.being done someone help.

Samuel S

Need to update to kk 4.4 Worked on my s4 4.3 just fine. got note 3 upgraded to 4.4 and app crashes when opening. After update will change rating. For app to be used on a very expensive radio (pioneer 3600bhs) would think it at least update with android soon

Rasone Spann

This app sucks!!!! I bought the app 3 radio to work with my note 2 and it don't work. The app keep closing on my phone and it's getting on my nerves. Plz fix problem!!!!

jose jimenez

doesnt work... doesnt even open ... crashes once you click app on my note3 running on kitkat

Nate Townley

Avh-x4600bt pioneer 2014 model What a waste of $100 ! A 6 yr old could do better then this with development. save your money mirror link is trash. Pioneer don't you test this junk out before u put it on your head units.nothing about it is cool

Dan Edwards

BUG: Hijacks my phone whenever a USB cable is plugged in. BUG: I plug in a USB cable from my laptop to my Note2 (to charge or sync or whatever) and DriveLink activates and hijacks my phone! And there is no way to shut the darned program down. Very frustrating! ...... well dispite that bug, this program works on 2015 Subaru Outback Premium and Samsung Note 2. Didn't work over bluetooth connection like Starlink. Requires a USB cable connection. In general, needs lots work.

Train Spotter

Doesnt even work with S3 now This app is complete pants, how do you expect people to have confidence in Android Auto etc when you cant even fix issues with basic mirrorlink

Chantelle Burrowes

App takes over phone when I plug into my car still trying to figure out how to play movies thru it in my car

Joost Me

I can install on S3 with Android 4.3, but NOT on S3 with Android 4.4.4????? That is just stupid!

greg mims

Don't buy mirrorlink Dear pioneer... i am going to be returning your mirrorlink for a refund... please understand you will not be receiving the powercable.. i am not removing the radio to get the cords.. sadly my unit must not have come with them.... your product is nonworking and it is apparent you are aware of this fact... you continue to sell a 30% effective product... 3 out of 10 have success.... that's being nice...

Carl Weber

Waste of money A lot of money. I bought the stereo first, thinking that dounds cool. Controlling your phone from the unit. But oh wait after installing tge unit I realized my phone wasn't compatible. So I went out and got the gs3 which the website said was compatible. But in order to get it to work, you need this app. And then I get this app, and I can't even usr the apps I have on this very expensive phone... you need to unblock the ability to add more apps to the shortcuts when linked... or at least a paid version...


Keeps crashing Will not work on note 3 or s5. It worked on my last samsung galaxy s3 but now u get error message on newer phones. Whem will you fix the problem? Pretty lame, I was sold the radio based on the app too. Pretty scammy

Scott Rutherford

A lot of money for no results I have been trying this for almost a year now, Waiting for upgrades, updates and anything else that might help. Updated the firmware on the Sony xav700hd, just upgraded the phone to GS4. still nothing works. What a waste of time and money. I don't think they will get this fixed in my life time. TOO BAD!

Mike Lewis

Does not work at all! App forces shut down EVERY time I try to use it. It works when it's not connected to a car stereo but when I connect to my car stereo it shuts down immediately after the warning agreement. I see no way to resolve the problem and certainly no help from Samsung

Parham Pishkari

Drivelink stopped working Crashes and does not open after KitKat update on att GS4. Can someone fix this from Samsung instead of putting 100 gimmicky software things in their phones. News flash people have mirrorlink radios and would like to use it!

Toby Gant

Crashes! This software worked on my Galaxy SIII until I upgraded to Android 4.3. Now it just crashes. It's useless now. I purchased a car stereo and replaced the factory unit just to be able to use this app and now it doesn't work anymore. Be warned.

Dan K

Could be awesome This is locked down to only a few screens on my s3 .so no nav. While pandora is playing or any other multitasking for that doesn't even let ur phone leave the app menu so its pretty much worthless unless all u want to use is nav.

wendel waggoner

Won't apparently work on kit Kat ? I down loaded this app 2 times but it won't even open on my Samsung galaxy s 4 active. Any one know of An app that will alow for mobile link with a pioneer ml-100

Rob Hill

It sucks Samsung has dumbed this program down so much to keep you safe its ridiculous. I have sony xav 701hd and dl will disable your wireless bluetooth connection for safety reasons, also you cannot turn on the car radio if dl is operational, you can only stream music from a flash drive not from pandora. Please take the idiot proof chains off of this app and allow it to work with head units it was designed for. You cannot do anything other than dl if it is connected. It is a piece of junk.

ken chavez

Waiting for a better alternative If the program wasn't to limited it could potentially be a good app. I hope someone either fix's it or makes an app that can pick up where this one drops off.

Blaine Hull

Doesn't work with S5 I can't even get this app to open with my Galaxy S5. I click the icon and immediately get a pop up saying the app has stopped working. This is garbage don't even waste you're time downloading it. I wish I could give it no stars.

John Frost

Worst app for s4 Could at least force it to sort of work before the kit - kat update. Now it force closes every time. On top of that, when making calls it opens this app and crashes it over and over automatically. Finally had to uninsrall it.

Scott Golding

Seriously My iradar radar detector disconnects when using and the music player is stone age style. Also why limit to so few apps. Theres tech in the radio to know when your parked. Utilize it devs and take the crazy restrictions off. Its common sense. Id pay for this app if it had more going for it. Hopefully another dev makes something better

shane jannings

What a joke... App constantly crashes and rarely recognizes device. If you have your phone plugged in it will connect and disconnect constantly. I bought my head unit for the MirrorLink technology. Looks like it could be great but this app is garbage. Nice try. Did a 5 year old write this app?


Would give zero stars if I could I would love to try and use this app but it won't even open! It crashes immediately after downloading the app. I wish I knew what it could do! The developer really needs to look into fixing these bugs! -samsung galaxy s5 owner-

Jose Chevere

Really disappointing Just upgraded my car stero to 601bt for the promise of mirrorlink and amingst other things that do not work I can not play the turner while in drivelink. Sony make good on the money I trusted you with.

joe varley

Gs4 app no good Haven't been able to use this app since I got it... poorly done and they still haven't figured it out yet.

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