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25 May

Posted by Seven Bulls in Adventure | May 25, 2016 | 148 Comments

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Can you escape Dreamcage number 26?

A strange world full of different cages, each one with its own number. Beautiful and magical but also creepy and captivating...
Little Lilly finds herself trapped inside cage 26, with no idea what's going on. The Cage Master, who was taking care of his dreams, is long gone and everything is falling apart. Find a way out, or risk being locked inside forever!

Unique setting and ambiance, unlike any other game.
Strange characters shaped by their unusual fate.
Complete, functioning world imagined inside a birdcage.
Challenging quests and puzzles!

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Whats new

    - numerous bugs fixed

Seven Bulls part of our Adventure and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 25, 2016. Google play rating is 78.5452. Current verison is 1.0.4. Actual size 29.0 MB.

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Natika Ken

How do you pass the lock? I have tried every way and followed the tutorial provided in the game but the lock wont open. I may give this game a higher rating if i can get past the lock

Rachel Stefano

So glad I found this gem! What a GREAT game! I loved it so much, I even backed it! I love games like these. Reminds you of tiny bang. The only complaint I had was that there was a little lag time occasionally getting where you wanted to go. But it was so creative and clever, I can overlook that! Beautifully drawn, too. I had no trouble getting through the entire game without needing to use any help. Here's hoping for more!

lea lopez

Simply Stunning and brilliant! I really loved playing the game ! Its level of difficulty is just average and the graphics is great. I recommend this game to all puzzle game lovers out there

Dean Roth

Just found this on Kickstarter Just found this on Kickstarter. Some elements reminiscent of Myst meets The Room meets The Worlds Hardest Escape, but...looses 1 star as the game has a few obvious bugs so far (playing on Nvidia Shield Tablet) . I will adjust my star rating as updates are pushed out.

jennifer willis

wth!!## Wth... I put wood n heater but won't let me light just asks how many matches it takes and won't let me empty water n laundry washtub... Would love to b able to play it... :-(

Brandi Hunter

Enjoyed the online ver. EDIT: Bug So I will glady download game. EDIT: Ok, I tried this twice. When in the bedroom with radio, the first time I tried to use the pen on toilet paper, the pen vanished. The 2nd time, the toilet paper vanished. Help.

elyse palframan

Great game Great little game. Was looking forward to the next but is no longer coming out?

Vonino Spirit

Lovely but very short It looks like a demo... I finished it in ~20 minutes


Bad Walkthrough And Possible Bug On Lock Puzzle Please help me. I'm attempting to us the pen and toilet paper in the bedroom with the magical bed. But the walkthrough screen's so small, I can't tell exactly where I'm supposed to click after selecting the pen. Do I click on the pen, then the note on the nightstand? If so, when I attempt that step, I get a message that says "Andy's love notes to his bottles"(whatever that means). Please help. I'm begging.

Edgar Mendez

Every time I put the clothes in the wash they disappear. I can't go any further. Any suggestions?

Andrea Godthaab

Brilliant, absolutely loved it, its a lot like tiny bang theory, if any minor complaint is that I struggled a bit with the size, and found things hard to notice.

Stefan Delibeev

Small but unique Very imaginative and unique game, a truly refreshing experience

Alex G

A nice game, but has some bugs I had a bug with the laundry. After completing the quest for the first time, the game allowed to get another sets of washed clothes, which filled the inventory and disabled selection of later acquired things, that did not fit into inventory window anymore.

Farfallina Farf

Bugs and lame hints Buggy repeatable scene with the underwear and the hotwater and the clock with the kogs. The walkthrough videos shouldn't be there in my opinion but hints instead eg i wasnt able to find the 4th valve and none of the videos shows where is located. It is difficult to click on some areas.


I love this game I played it in Flash, now on Android, and I also backed their kickstarter, can't wait to see what these guys come up with next!

San Laws

Amazing!!! Love this very much :() cool game play cute graphics 10 stars

Helen Bowes-Catton

Great, just a bit small on the screen sometimes!

Angie Vern

Use pen and paper on radio morse code to obtain code for lock on kitchen door xx

Melissa Hardy

I could love it The ads run into the inventory box so i cant look or get to items that are behind the ads. Its a good game until i collect more than 4 items..after that cant see the new items in my inventory. Please find a different place to run the ads so it doesn't interfere with the gameplay. I know its a free game but the spot where the ads run ruin it for me.

Samantha Kutzer

Can't work it out Ok so I've gotten to the bit where your supposed to write in the toilet paper, but I can't do it, for some reason it won't let me. Please help, or fix.

John Mitchell

Padlock??? Really enjoying the game, but I'm stuck on the padlock. All walkthrough are for computers that I have found. Please Help!!

Boyko Spasov

captivating :) fun and mysterious

Barry smith

Short but enjoyable Enjoyed playing this game, challenging but not impossible, although a couple of the clues were a bit obscure. Worth playing.

Sneha Guha Thakurta

Amazing game Really amazing game with super graphics but how do I get past the kitchen lock?? :(

neap toon

Great game What a blessing. Very interesting and addictive. Hope there's more to come

Mary Maxon

Dreamcage This game is fantastic, but I have come to a stop at the lock to the kitchen. I have tried every single way to open it, I even watched the videos, still nothing. How do I pass the lock??

Riswan Riki

I love it I love this kind of game. Challenging games. I have escaped from cage can i continue to the next cage 28?.....

nicole meyers

Padlock I love this game so far but I'm stuck at the padlock on the door,I got the code an read the paper by the door but can't punch the code in.

Lilia Haralampieva

I like the atmosphere very much !

Susan Matthews

Great Game I want more :)

Summa Breeze

The ads r real fukn annoying stays on my screen and blocks shit

Bill Moore

Cool one!

Alex Carrera

Love it I really hope the next game gets funded, i love these type of games.

Felix Senjaya

Great but too short story. Are there previous game dream cage 1 or dream cage 2?

Jfer Mello

Entertaining game What a fun little game! I didn't mind the ads... thanks for making it free to play! People keep saying there are bugs, like, underwear disappearing when washing laundry, lighting stove with matches, etc., but they're mistaken. They just haven't figured out how to solve the puzzles. You have to use your brain a little bit before giving up and thus rating the game poorly. If you're stuck, there are walkthroughs available in the game for each puzzle by clicking on the question mark. Enjoy!

Dan Rose

Way too glitchy Amazing graphics but doesn't make up for the glitches for example the clock, got all pieces and fixed the clock and then right after said it needed more pieces. I got 10/10 & bolts and the winder. What other pieces????

Vanoeschka Stuart

Fun game It's a fun game but the code to open a door doesn't work I can't figure it out to open it. Can someone please tell me how cuz i want to continue playing and finish this game!!

Jackie Archuleta

It was a little weird I really loved the game! I wish they would add more to it cause I'm really curious about it. Like how did they end up in a cage? Or what's going on between the two families in the letters.

William Cawlfield

Tricky but good I liked it. I was hoping for more cages to come. FYI. For the users not finding the code for the combination lock, visit the ghost on the bench for the second time. Make sure to give the ghost the code you wrote down after hearing the radio. The ghost will give you the code.

Alexis Brenner

I really like the game but its glitchy I would give this 5 stars if I could zoom in further (the game okay area is small and graphics hard to see on my nexus 5), and there are a few glitches (spoiler: took many times to light the water heater and there is no winder for the clock). I would love to keep going but game play is stopped without that winder ... Developers, is this common? Is there a work around so I can finish this off?

belinda samuel

Took some time to figure out how to get the clock room door opened but loved the graphics and concept. Wish there were more worlds to explore

Iain Ferguson

Locked door I have tried everything to find the code for the locked door and can't get it anywhere, so I am now stuck and can't get any further, can someone please help

Loriner Balmain

Very frustrating Controls don't work very well. Tried MANY times to light the heater, just kept asking how many matches are needed. Persisted for far too long. Uninstalled. 1 star for the graphics only.

Sherae Morrison

No matter what order I put the code for the lock in it refuses to open. What's the point of telling me to put the numbers in a certain way if it doesn't work?

Cynthia Ostrander

I think this would be a cool game, but can't get the water heater to light. I tap on the matches then the water heater, several times. Instead of lighting like you tube shows, it just keeps asking me how many matches light a water heater.

Carrie Kelley

From the looks of the game I really thought I would like it but after I lit the water heater and done the wash and all I never could figure out how to get my laundry back and to go back upstairs to get the key,very frustrating so I hate to uninstall it but I'm not going to keep poking around.

Lilly Hughes

Graphics awesome!!! One of the best games I've played. To bad #28 will not come true.

Mustafa KURU

Perfect No word can define this game's perfection. I felt like I was playing the old time adventure-puzzle games like Sanitarium. It was not only a nostalgia, but also a good and satisfactory game on puzzle. Beautiful

Leanne Stanton-braybrook

Awfully basic! This game has poor graphics and gameplay. The unusual concept of a character walking around uncontrollable to the point of myself giving up. Decided to randomly poke character, to which, the outcome made no difference to the control of the characters movements. Unsure what positive outcome could be gained by this irritating mess. In my opinion this game needs a completely different game concept and start again!

Larry Belitsky

I rescind my previous evaluation. IT'S GREAT!! After learnig the secret of the combination lock (note to developers-good save by responding to complaints) I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT !!! In a class by itself. Unique, intriguing, interesting, enjoyable. A must have for any High School graduate. G.E.D's keep out. If you couldn't pass school, you'll never pass the game !!

hannah chlebeck

Ads Okay. If you got rid of the little ads that pop up in the bottom, you'd get a 5 star rating from me. But until then, I'm not giving any higher than a two. Sorry.

Evelyne Fletcher

No winder?? Disappointing. Almost completed the game assembled the clock but the winder is not in the cupboard so I can't finish! Please can you fix this bug.

Sara Diane Stewart

The Lock! ! The paper for code for lock isn't right!

Susan Tarling

Wish you would sort the bloody code out I have tried every combination it's not working please sort it. this could be a great game :-(

lex 8396

Could be way better Unique interesting game but slow moving and no directions. Even the walkthroughs are bad cause game has been updated and doesn't match their walkthrough. Its too bad cause this game has lots of potential.

1998 ferial

It's a fabulous game

Nicola Pettiford

Pop-up Ads and Ad banner The only downside of thus game is the annoying pop up ads and banner that's constanly there through game play. They cause the game to be sluggish at times and unresponsive. It's a shame as the game is well thought through and intriguing.

David Kuzilik

The best escape game ive ever played Please keep em coming I'll keep playing

Nunna Yabuisness

A bit short, but fun I really like this game. It's not too hard, and a bit short, but still fun. I'd give it five stars if the controls were a bit better.

adelene lee

Thank Seven for your reply! I am finally able to complete the game:) It was such a good game and beautifully drawn until I got struck at the padlock. The code doesn't work and tried so many variations. The walk through does not provide much help with the padlock too.

Jessica Whitley

Please fix bugs! I actually love this game but I can't get the lock to work. I have tried it all ways. I watched the walkthrough, did it just like that. Even tried the code that was in it instead of the one I was given. If this were fixed I would gladly give 5 stars. Playing from my Samsung phone.

Rhyan Manalaysay

progress reset i played offline and made real progress then nxt day i go online and play then my progress is gone i have to play again from start and ads are aggressive

Amelia Morrey

So cool! And what happened to Dream Cage 28? Come on, guys, you promised!

Eric Larson

Okay Game way too short and the padlock number order made no sense. I had to brute force the lock and try every variation of the combination. Very frustrating. Pretty game visually though.

Danny Heaslip

Loving this but... Like most I can't figure out the padlock.

Natalie Stevens

I wish I could play I can't use my items, the ad covers them up. If the ad gets moved so game is playable I will rate 5 stars, if not I will have to uninstall for I can't go any further. Maybe just take the one that stays on the screen out it interferes with game play (its not like there it a lack of pop up adds in this game) don't be greedy

lale yildirim

Way too many ads And what is the answer t the pipe puzzle, looks like I need another valve but can't find 1 and what's the hammer 4 n can't fine clock winder

Jessica Judy

Zero!! I would give it a zero if I could. I would have liked to finish the pipe puzzle, but it seems like you need more than four valves to do it. I also cannot find the clock winding key. I have read many walkthrough and watched a couple of videos for it. I know where the key is supposed to be, but when I go to get it from it's spot it isn't there or it won't let me pick it up.

Sabine Schroeder

Good one - if there weren't glitches I started over for a second time now because of the glitch with the clock. First time I collected 10/10 parts and assembled. Then it told meto have something to hold it together. Found parts but no screwdriver. When I went back, the clock was partly unassembled, and the additional parts were gone?? On second try I collected everything, but instead of having the additional parts separate, it tells me: 11/10 parts, and I still cannot assemble?? Fix this please! This is exactly what I love to play, but uninstalled now.

William Cawlfield

Tricky but good I liked it. I was hoping for more cages to come. FYI. For the users not finding the code for the combination lock, visit the ghost on the bench for the second time. Make sure to give the ghost the code you wrote down after hearing the radio. The ghost will give you the code.

Mandy Taylor

Terrible ending Game was very fun... I had to watch the walkthrough to figure out how to open the lock. The code the lady ghost gave did not help, still don't understand that.... But overall it was a fun game. Just wish the ending... Well had a ending ! Good job

Lorraine Yusay

It was great! A little laggy on my device but it was fun! Also a bit creepy, something about the feel of the game; i did not play without the lights on. Hahaha! Anymore cages out there, gonna look for a sequel!

Donna M

I guess it's just me but I can't figure this game out to save my life. I play the Eight Games all the time and do just fine. This one I just can't seem to get anywhere. I really wish I could figure it out because it's peaked my interest . Oh well, such is life ?

Jason King

Way too many ads. Went to look at help, got bombarded with ads. Two ads for the same game...five different games...each time. First video ad, then still ad. 90% of time trying to 'X' out took me to the install page instead. You have makings of a great game here, but I can't enjoy it because of all the ads. Cut back on them and maybe I'll reinstall and try again.

Sandy Aiello

Played for less than 5 minutes... Played for less than 5 minutes and a random full-screen LOUD ad pops up! That BS happened twice. I was playing with headphones on and the stupid ads startled the heck out of me! I am done with the game. It would be better to charge for the game and get rid of the ads, I would have paid for it.

Matt Homburg

Loved the game, not the adverts Started playing and really like the game itself, but the adverts and the permanent one in the corner was too distracting. Was hoping there was an IAP to remove it or an ad free version :/ - If the sequel is made, please allow us to purchase it! Will definitely buy

Mary Collins

Would be a zero if it could. Love the idea of the game. Cute design. But the problem is the combination lock is completely unsolvable. I found my code, but I don't have any indication as to how to line up the numbers. If this is fixed, I can reinstall and change my rating.

Caitlin Powers

Very well done The story is interesting and leaves the player wondering about it later. Just a few minor issues, really. But it's a great game and I recommend it to those who enjoy looking for a new game. It doesn't take too long to get through, so its not too terribly time consuming either. It was pretty fun to figure out different puzzles, and if I was ever completely lost, there was help for me. I really hope more games like this one come into the public view ^^

Lana Yambao

One of the best but Ending was a bit weird Ending was weird. I didn't understand the connection of time and the door to the cage.. And why does it need to open up. When actually they could fit i between the bars of the cage. Lols

Iyanna annett

This game is kind of hard but good it is pretty small so i had to zoom in a little so anything other than it being small this was a challenging game and was a really fun game! But the really bad part about this game is that it had pop ups and was annoying more than i could imagine i wish there were not so much pop ups and i would have enjoyed the game a little more.

Tim Williams

Can you escape from Dreamcage number 26? Good question. The answer is no. I'm not the only reviewer who is stumped by the pipe puzzle. This is just too hard. The ad placement is very poor too. Video clips just intrude into the game play without warning. On the plus side the graphics are eerily realistic. It almost feels like interacting with real, little people. And the concept, let's face it is chilling. A dream cage? More nightmare. But even a game as intriguing as this starts to pall when you get stuck.

Kerry Swanson

Walkthroughs were pretty much useless but I completed it anyway. I liked it, don't understand why some folk are complaining about certain puzzles?? They were all straightforward And I didn't find any glitches

jisel garcia

26! I love this game Its so eerie and cool. I love the idea of a tiny house and backyard inside a bird cage. This reminded me right away if the original twilight zone series from the 60s. The trailer said different worlds in cages this game is only one cage I thought you guys had a lot created: (( I vote for the new one! I hope you continue to add different cages instead of more apps. Cant wait for the sequel this would be a cool movie or show. Id like to know more about the cage like how did they get in cage?

Adam Rindfleisch

Needs work I liked the concept. It's very short. I finished this in less than an hour. Major faults. If you're required to search for items, at least make them visible. I ended up just tapping everywhere like an idiot. Make the pen so that it doesn't disappear. When you have zero clue how to use it, it's kind of stupid to get another one you have to start the game again.

Robyn Laing

This seems really fun but the ads make it unplayable and infuriating. Can't click on anything without video ads popping up and forcing you to watch. You literally spend more time watching ads than you can play. This is garbage.

Fruzsina Tisza

i would love it but its full of glitches, i cant see the puzzles, couldnt read the letter and couldnt see the pipe puzzle games, it was just a big blue nothing. it looks like a pretty good game, but with all these glitches i couldnt do anything.

Danielle Scafidi

Great game, but short Really enjoyed this little game. I found it beautiful and with a very intriguing story line - just very short, but it is free and definitely worth a try if you enjoy this type of game. The near constant pop-up ads were annoying, which is why I only gave 4 stars... For those of you complaining about there not being a winder for the clock, you have to finish the pipe puzzle - it's there on the floor afterwards. And getting the fourth valve for the pipe puzzle requires a trip to the sewer in dreamscape.

Triston Skelton

Too short but great The people with the valve problem need to go back to the dream state, go into the sewer and then you will figure out the rest. Just got done and completed the game. Had to restart once because of a glitch where i put in the screws, and tightened them, exited the hame, and then i couldnt find them in their spots. Restarted and comoleted game in like 30 minutes or less. But nonetheless fun

monique van der bank

Glitches So I have pretty much the same glitches as all others mentioned here... And is it just me or is there no way to redo only one room/area? How could you ever enjoy having to restart the entire game because of glitches causing inventory items to disappear??? I was very excited to see how the game looks and works and I did like the feel of it. I would love to carry on playing but cannot get anywhere. I was even willing to put up with the ads and don't want to uninstall, but there's no point in keeping the game.

Lisa Li

Unique gameplay This was a really cute game lol I love how it shows the entire map. However, the can't be serious. The ads are insane, popping up every two seconds. But the game itself, I really liked. The pipe one was slightly difficult, but then it wouldn't be interesting if it wasn't. Wish it had more of a story though...

Luisa Drayton

Good...annoying ads Cheated quite a lot cause I didn't feel confident that the game was working properly and I'm impatient lol. For example the clock cogs had a little bug although it didn't affect gameplay, plus there were a few spelling mistakes which always makes a game feel a bit "homemade". But it's an interesting idea, the puzzles are not too taxing, the artwork is nice but the objects are small and everything seems like it should be on a bigger screen than a phone, even when you zoom in. It is short but sweet.

Pete Sztencel

Dreamcage: what a delightfully weird, creepy little adventure! Looks brilliant, sounds great, plays smoothly, and the curious plot has a neat, polished, but satisfyingly oddball feel to it. The 'sleepwalking Dream Time' sequences are very nicely done. Oh, and the app's free. Yay! The protagonist - thoroughly modern Lilly (with apologies to Dame Julie Andrews) - is a star. In jolly sensible brown shoes. She sounds a little melancholy at times (must be the brown shoes), and could probably do with a hug... I volunteer for that, having developed a major crush on the little emancipated Miss. I really enjoyed this app, which certainly deserves a 5 Star rating. It's excellent! Please may we have some more?

Grey b

Good game. Not too easy. Annoying ads Bits were kinda hard. The pipe puzzle is not impossible but it did take me an awful long time. Trust me 4 valves is enough!! The adverts, however, were highly annoying and disruptive. Sort it out, it just puts people off.

Lori Ross

The gratuitous ads are maddening. I can't click on any one thing without a full screen video ad taking over, and then I have to wait 5-10 seconds just to close it out. I have just gotten to the water heater part, and I have already had to close dozens of ads. Tried to see if I could purchase game to make ads stop - frustrated that wasn't even an option. Number of popups make game unplayable.

Bo jo

Ad lovers paradise There is a little game play you can sneak in after a series of advertisements but very little

Mark Stein

game? what game? really?! not just ads but frequent annoying whole-screen popup ads with multimedia. might be a great game but I'll never know since I'm uninstalling this crap. must've been seven bowls, not bulls.

Nausheen Durrani

Very Neat I see a lot of complaints. Games these days are fast paced. It was nice to see a slow paced, thoughtful, unique gameplay. I found all the pieces for the clock and pipes. Spoke to both dead people. And escaped 26. Please bring on the sequels. Thank you.

Saony Tab

Most exciting game! One of my favourite, The story is good,and the game is just awsome,not too simple or too hard.lovely .game

Kelly Auld

Too tiny... Task unclear... I'm too impatient to waste anymore time trying to figure out what I need to do Not sure if gave is good or not. Too tiny to play even with zoom. Grabbed dirty cloths from line & washed but wasn't able to pick back up. Didn't like the dialogue or lack thereof-when talking to boy begging for help, I was only given 2 rather unhelpful replies to choose, which led to nowhere, so why bother? Just when I thought I was getting somewhere, an AD popped up, a minute later, another AD. Lost patience after 5 minutes of trying to play. Sry developers but I'm deleting.

Fiona Herdman

good game. but wont let me pick up the clock key. went on walkthrough and a know where it is but cant get it. frustrating. what am I doing wrong?

ciara Bilbrey

Confusing Love the game would like to give it more than 2 stars but had to restart it twice to try and get the padlock codes to work i put in all codes given and none worked please fix so i can play the game right. Thanks

Prahayu Mukti

Love it so much I never expect that the game would sooo interested.. Please..,make the sequel game.. It is fun and addictive..great job..

Nivea Frua

Decent game, but way to many adds just popping up in the game. Also pretty short. For people stuck on the pipe problem, talk to the dream man a second time nd he will highlight a wall stone.

Agata Descroix

Amazingly great It's the best game I've played so far in app... Its dreamy, cute, well designed and there is a whole little world to discover. I totally fell in love!! Congrats! Finally something different!!!

MarQuette Mason

I like this but... Gr8 but i cant seem to get into the downstairs room on the left, I've looked at the papers on floor, ive tried entering combination to lock in all sorts of ways (both facing the X in middle and even facing the little gray dots on each round #wheel)............................ Resolved earlier problem: Ok can buy "Dreamcage HD" for $4.00 to have no ads, or just turn off ur internet, thank you!!!

Charmice Hardy

Blocked by a Lock The game is beautiful. The setting is a lovely world that is a delightful merge of a birdcage and a dollhouse. The creators made sure to have interesting areas to explore. However, there are a few glitches that put a kink in the gears of the game. The pipe portion looks unsolvable...I could be wrong, but the valves don't add up. The second issue lies with the lock to the clock room. The lock won't open despise using the right code. The walkthrough shows a different lock. Needs improvement.

Adijan Pehlic

Idea of game, amazing! The game is awesome, not to hard not to easy. Really loved it, i hope kickstarter helps so we can get sequal.

Jessie Storrs

Ad trap This is a gorgeous game and I know it takes time to make and I'm happy it is free, but honestly I would rather pay for it than be swamped with so many ads. Every step I took led to an ad! I could barely play! Pls either give me an ad free option or cut back and I'll reinstall.

Kishmi-booty Quick

Put me in another cage please! Great graphics and game play, with ease of movement within the environment and fun interaction. Please give me more ?. ..(?)

Matthew Williams

Incomplete... My version was missing the clock key. Which is required to solve the clock puzzle... A game that fails to be playable gets low stars from me...

Richard Price

Full of bugs. Can't get clock winder. Need more valves for pipes

Nat H

It definitely is tricky but I nailed it.

cupoftea _

Love the atmosphere and art Finished it last night. No missing pieces for me and I cleared the game fine. Love the mysterious spooky atmosphere and art. Some of the puzzles can be confusing (needs work? and maybe clunky for some) but there were ones which contributed to the spookiness and made me curious and engaged in the game. I really want to know more about the inhabitants in the cage. Looking forward to more cages!

Ketobbey Waters

Not a bad game Yet there was a few times I had to force close the game and relaunch so I could continue due to glitch that stopped me after transitioning from one area to the next. No big deal. I did like the challenge of finding all 10 CLOCK parts.

MysticVolume Eusebe

Finally Did It. To me it was a lot if hard work. I loved it even though it can me a small head ache. Could you please make the girl walk faster, too? You mentioned a sequel, where is it?

Scott Buso

Excellent and Intriguing Game Quite fun with an interesting premise. The only problem was it was too short! :P. Its sequel has been greenlit on Steam. I hope it goes well for the studio.

Cardinal Biggles

Where's the KEY! Nice graphics but the images of the rooms etc are VERY small. It's too easy to miss stuff. The underpants section is slow and over complex, yet the bits inside the house - the best bits - are hurried, as if the developers couldn't be bothered with it. Like others, the clock key was nowhere to be found.

melissa cardwell

Good game I really like this game. I finished it fairly quickly. I can't wait to see more of these games. The best part is if you can't figure a part out. Just hit the question mark and it will take you to videos to help you.

Nameless Ones

It's good but it glitches and the add bar gets in the way of the inventory. Also I would like it if there was more story to it.

myka datu tahil

I'd give 6 stars Great game, disappointing that this game got only one level though

Emily Scow

Awesome game! My only issue is there were glitches and I had to reset the game several times.

Magen Adams

Loved it but Really enjoyed this game..only downfall is that it needs to be longer ,or you guys HAVE to come out with a part 2..and 3..and 4!

Ari Rowan

Glitches are bitches I really liked this game but I could not finish it due to a glitch :-(

Adam Kaminski

Glitched twice This is the second time I've deleted and redownloaded. First time there was no 4th valve. Second time Lilly jumped from the sewer to the stairs and it became stuck on that screen. Very disappointed.

Pumpkin Tart

Honestly this looks like a bad rip off of a computer game of the same name by a different company (BigLoop). I'm very disappointed in this.

Donald Forbes

Lol at update notes. Numerous bug fixes. Yet people(including myself) are suffering from the missing key winder.

Melissa Minnihan

Huge glitch! It was all good until I got to the bedroom & attempted to use the invisible pen on the TP. Not only would IT NOT ALLOW me to, no matter what I did (even following after walkthrough) but then completely FROZE UP. She is in one unmovable spot yet continuously walking and the lights turned off also. Even though she's not in a dream state. I cannot unfreeze it AT ALL!!! What a bummer!!!!!!!

Jennifer Beckmann

Stuck at the clock Can't get passed the clock. No clock key anywhere to be found. Uninstalling.

Yar Zar.1

Don't more think nice game, Please don't more thinking about that she.!

Jennifer LaPlante

Can't obtain last valve No valve. So can't do anything with hammer so can't get the winder.. Game over

Mil Bul

Interesting and enjoyable Really recommend this game! It doesn't take much time to finish it, so it isn't dull, but still challenging.

JASMINE Stafford

How do I opened the door with the locks on it when I get to the room where radio is located the room next to it

ayuni ayuni

Creative I absolutely love this game, I can feel the mystery vibe of this game. The colors, graphic, story , music all blend nicely together. I m looking forward for more cage!!!

AL ezam

glitch every time i get out from sewer.. fix it.

Beth Weathers

Glitches Galore Uninstalled and reinstalled in attempts to fix

Jenn Gauthier

Full of glitches Almost unplayable from all the glitches.

Judith Taggart

Gliche As with others stuck in staircase. Poor.

Shari Rozon

Fun! If you can't get the pen and paper to work make sure the radio is set to Morse code! Fun game with great graphics!

Mel Moultrie

These damn glitches! Screw this! Uninstall!!!

Natasha Hayward

Awesome! Love this! A fun yet weird game with amazing graphics. Just love this type of game

Luther Claggett

Love it Great game, great graphics, great mechanics, great all way round, makes you think. Just wish it was longer.

Dot Austen

dreamcage couldn't play ads covered bottom of screen

Inggrid Agustin

Non finised misi pipe. Please help me

Thunder Clap

Like it but The story is too short

Michelle Leininger

Very fun I thought it was very clever, nice graphics and a fun playthrough.

niloofar hasanlou

I cant solve the lock

Alex Garcia

Fun and cute game. Under 1 hour. I liked this game. It was very intriguing.

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