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27 Jun
Douchebag Beach Club

Posted by Pyrozen in Casual | June 27, 2016 | 145 Comments

Apk file size: 21.0 MB

One of our most popular series is now on mobile. With Douchebag Beach Club, you can now become a real Douchebag at the beach! The mission is simple; get big muscles, increase your swag and flirt with the ladies.

Pyrozen part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 27, 2016. Google play rating is 81.7682. Current verison is 2.0.3. Actual size 21.0 MB.

Download douchebag-beach-club.apk 21.0 MB


Maddison Encarnação

Awsome Great I finished the game no cheats and I finished in one day cool ha I wish it keapt going like twenty games in one and you only need to install this game

Danny Bustamante

It keeps kicking me off the game when I finish a challenge and when I finally complete the challenge I don't even get credit for it I have to do it again

akautia crain

(Spoiler alert) If your wondering how to become famous just win all the things and date all the girls and then she will except you David get it is a remake of David geta idk if I spelled everything right but I'm on YouTube so look me up and it is way too short and very hard to hear what the people are saying because if goes too fast and says 2 things at once so pls fix

Knighton Kids Knighton

Great game but.... It needs more story.i got to level 100 but it ended up with me flirting with a pop star.

Owen Swanger

Not working I was playing it and all of a sudden I keep on clicking on stuff and its not working fix this and I'll give 5 stars

Beth Crapper

Yes I competed it yes yes yes :3 I love the game it is so fun I love it I love it amazing game hoo ever made the game is the best ai making games I love it. I love it I love it I love it amazing game cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool and saying it is a amazin game I loved it :)

Christina Spencer

BEST DOUCHEBAG GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this game!!!!! I love to play these kind of games!!!! You guys should make another douchebag game. They're SO fun!!!! And I'm only 10 years old. This game is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sameer Akrawi

Wish there was more I absolutely loved this game I never came across a app so enjoyable in my life, I never give reviews on games but I had to for this one I just wish there was more, so I could just keep playing and playing please extend the game or make more apps like this I love you guys for this game and I think that this game should be at the top off the app store list ranking #1 I love this game THANK YOU!

eduard adhi

Funny and entertaining Man i wish this game is longer. This game is epic funny. Especially when the dude hitting the cougar granny. I laughed loud

Flaming Ramage

Make more Please make douchebag life,workout and chick

Ashlynn Belchere

Is the new year and then we can get it Go back from my life in the way to see

William Rogers

Kept freezing My game got to the boosters screen and i had infinite money but my game crashed and i tried to start it back up but the game would not shut down

Ayush Medda

More girls! Should put more girls to flirt and more features please do it and also increase the story and I will give 5 stars thank you

Jefinson O

I was like "OMG!" This game is the best one I've ever played in cellphone. I was very say ? when I eventually finished this game.

Cindy Spriesch

I..don' I don't get it because I'm cunfused!! Well not confused because this ausume youtuber named jacksepticeye player it so I know what to do here

David Rua

Hilarious game! I'm glad I came across this game, I laughed so much XD I hope you guys will put all the other Douchbag games on the app store as well. I'd definitely download those too :)

Don Jr Kelley

Nothing like this I hate and I HATE when games like this when they glitch out if they do you won't get the full experience.this game doesn't.the only thing this game series needs on my phone is douch bag work out 2

Justus Garner

Best game ever I beat it first time one little problem it need to take longer for the mass I I get a the mass first trie brobly becuse I do it first but it is really great

CheyAnne Frye

Love the game, hate the lag The game it's self is awesome, it's really laggy on my phone though.

shearylon cooper

Make more games like this plz but wit a girl Finished it in only 4 hours loved it ??❤❤

Kaden Eldridge

Amazing I think this game is awesome I play it over and over again and still enjoy the game but why do they make you drag a beer to his mouth

Lexy Mosley

Wow I liked it at first but right when you get Sammy sweetass the game is over.

Paje Ewton

WHY ARE LITTLE KIDS PLAYING To all the little kids playing I don't think its suitable there should be a age agreement before the game starts I'm 18 and when I flirted with a girl for the first time and then it said banged her or whatever (vise versa) had sex with and then the moaning sound affects I was like woah there too but really isn't suitable for kids and I'm sure parents don't want there kids playing this !

Faux Ex

Wish there's more to do... can you add more chix and more gym facilities that would make this game even better.

Leon Roberts

Great I apsaloutly loved it I got 100 mass and 100swag incredible right really good game

Kaleigh Larson

Really short I am willing to give thid game five stars if you makr it longer cause I finshed it in a day?

Sanya Landingham

So great I like this game so much other people should play this game to peace yall

Danelle Mate

Swag Store?? I loved the game and got %100 mass but the store isn't on my career menu. FRUSTRATING!!!

Alexander Kearney

Great game but... How do you contact and it needs to be longer all you have to do is flirt with a popstar and your done

crystal crystal

Awesome Awesome game while its lasted. Wished it was longer. I enjoyed playing it. Awesome game x

The Girls

The title is so,off what does pyrozen even mean is that even in the dictionary. I liked the game but the part when your swag bar is all the way to 100 and you get more and more swag the shins just gets annoying but from that point on I liked the game

En Force

Woww I just finished playing game and it was soo awesome game best i ever played and i hope Pyrozen will make Douchebag workout 2 but with your charachter and you go on competiton (bodybuilding etc.) bang some more chix and get more chix and win be Legend of Bodybuilding :) ;) P.S: I wish it was longer.

Victor Lopez

BRUH It is a ok game because you can i don't know what you could do

Ellie Lohan

Its Brilliant you can go from think guy to muscle man:-D

Sophia Strittmatter

AWESOME GAME I'm at lvl 50 and my skin is red,my flames are rainbow,and I have full armor!!!!!! XD it's soooooo AWESOME and COOL BRO!!! YOUR GAMES ARE THE BEST!!!!!

Kamri Griffin

Really???!!!! Wow it was awesome at first but then I like finished it in one day !!!!!!!??? please make another one or more or like 500

Edwin Urias

Make more games! I loved playing this but make more like douchbag life,douchbag workout 1 and 2 :)

Tylon Butler Jr

Difficult How to get swag when u got all da tattoos and how to get famous change it I will rate it I love it

Jacksepticeye Fans IT SAYS FANS GODAMMIT

Best Game Ever Loved but can you create more douchebag games on mobile

Karthik Unni

Awesome But A Little Disappointed The game gets forced stopped once I win the David ticket... Please help me out... I simply loved the game

Michael P

That bad I finished the game in 10 minutes.the game was too easy,rather play it on pc. Now that took me longer than 10 goddam minutes. Please add to the game. Maybe 4 star

Esau Predham

Sexy Hunk Of Meat I beat the game in 1 night :3

Ja'Nya Davis

Awesome I beat the game and i got it 2 minutes ago

Ina Johnson

I like it but how do you pass the David champion ship

Marcel Coe

Easy I beat it in like 20 min I luv it though:-) :-) :-) :-)

Derek Whallon

Great game must play......... Very fun and addicting really worth playing but the best part of it is when you run low on data thrn you can download this game over WiFi then you can play this game on the go I like this game

M Gilles

Good game but You should fix that crash in the game

gilbert green

Play the flash version. It was a really really awesome game

Maddy Val

Where do u get the clothes

Mia Herrera

Fun I finished in one night

Cole Rennie

Amazing Beat the game 3 hours

Delea Partridge

It was great I love this game like my mom I would go out wit the dude

Landon Wilkins

Add more to the story bro

Caitlyn Limon

Good game Good game can make it better by haing more to it like more activitys and more to the storey

Jaylon Gibbs

Finnish in one hour

Carmen Douglas

Beat it in a hour ?

Sierra Bass

Good but had a few problems

samoyia tomlinson

I finished the game in one day.

Tina Chohily

Fix it I finished the levels and when it became to flirt with pop star it stops!! Fix it and i will give you 6 stars.

Devansh Kalia

Laggy It lags a lot and stops responding... during contests it stops responding and i lose them... when i fianally somehow win them my progress losts... fix it and i will give a good rating

Brianna Jones

It's ok I like the game but,it says that I earn a bag item but its never there I've try powering off my phone but I still did not see any thing and I refuse to to start over can some one help me?

Denis Brown

Ok Like other people said it could be longer but I had fun. If there were just more games like it.

Still Niss

Awesome ? Even though the graphics are little bit bad but the game is pretty good hope there's a part 2

Edith Dalisay

Fun It fun but it said to click on the famous girl but i need to be famous too.i have musells and swag but need to be famous

Jennifer Arbogash

Awsome! I saw markiplier & jacksepticeye play it so I got it and it gave me heads up that bullies come in so you need to be a douche bag before the bullies come out it's awsome peace out

Jesse Channon

Crashes in set places Fun game bur as soon as you do the bodybuilding contest the game crashes every time so you can't progress any further.

Satish Daima

Stop working When I win the bodybuilding trophy, then the game was automatically close again and again , please help me out

Jaquavous Gandy

I would give 0 if I could This game crashes every time I finish the bodybuilding contest solo I lose my muscle mass at 100 and my swag at 80 douche at 11 and all of my clothes and shoes

Aiden Jackson

Well it's okay I look up the cheats and they dont work I tryed everything but ... I don't know please help and I'll rate 5 stars

A Google User

BOING!!! Something only a nerd that plays video games and watches cartoons, but is a stud at heart actually appreciate. I personally loved it, but it needs to be longer and maybe have hardcore porn style nudity for guys who are to much of a p***y to ever get any p***y and sit at home playing video games loving at their momma's house, not that I have that type of problem or nothing....... I usually play video games to escape reality and cry inside every time I stop and rate a video game that's why I play is all.....

Dawson Porter

Messed up Every time I won the body building championship It allways says douchebag workout beach club has stopped. I am really mad at this. Please fix it

soren emmons

Super funny The game sometimes may not the best graphics but it is hilarious to play

Masud Smith

Wtf? It was fun at first but I beat it thu first day so easy total bs y keep thu game if I'm only gonna beat it thu first time I play bought all clothes and 100 on workout and never lost a challenge real let down rather play on pc

Christina Williams

It's ok Fix the problem of getting new things but they don't show and it would be even cooler. Other than that it's a cool game

Hannah Wood

Cool This game is good but the graphics are bad

Nicholas Garmon

On level 100 then I finished the game I just reached level 100 in mussels and swag then the game was over but it's a good game and all but make a update for longer levels please

Fedor Alexandrov

Love It But Not LONG ENOUGH You finish it in 20 min and dont have anything left to do.

melissa Jordan

Awesome BUT the game is short I had like 76 swag and 79 muscle mass and I banged 5 girls but thats got nothing to do with what I mean but please oh please make it a part 2 and I wish it was longer.

Tj Leal

keeps crashing? after winning the flexing mini game the game kicks me out saying its stopped working , when i go back to load my game it sends me back before the Mini-game and it keeps doing the same thing over and over and i havent been able to get past that point.

Timothy Durham

Force close Every time I win the bodybuilding championship it force closes, fix for 5 stars. LG G3 , tried 10 times to complete

Jebediah Morningside

I can't complete the game!!! Once I finish the body building contest and go to the David get it concert, it stops and shuts down. Must fix

Cerry Smith

GIRLS I LOVE THE WAY IT SAYS GIRLS BANGED AFTER HAVING SEX WITH THEM so yes it is only a 4 rated game for me!!!!!

Savannah Anderson

Whyyyyy Every time I get the David tickets it says unfortunately the game has stopped. Please fix and I'll rate five and other than that the game is awesome. Thanks

Brandon Ow

Super Jello? Hey, for people out there who don't the douchebag workout games (on PC) or don't have the games, watch CinnamonToastKen play it on youtube

Sherry Bridges

Awesome I got cheats and I got all the (pics deposit country) those are the cheats my muscle is at one hundred

Makai Carter

It's fine Every time I get David get tickets it always says sorry douchebag Beach Club is not working right now help me out

Charlene Wantz

Looked fun in YouTube videos, but the map is locked. Can't move out of the gym area at all.

Shaun Hurst

Funny game It is the most funniest game I ever played. There one thing the cam crash every time you get the tickets part after the contest.

Eric Schleden

Needs More You should be able to workout your legs. Everything needs to be more proportional. You also should be able to be shirtless.

Aaron Foster

READ Can you make 10 more douchbag games or you can just make douchbags chick pls do this I I'll leave a comment on every one if you do I'll tell all my friends ssooo yyyeeeaaahhh

Brandon Truman

Amazing and easy Really good game loved it completed it in 2 hrs they should make more because i haven't found another one really funny aswell

Roycee Graves

Douchebag Beach club I would rate more if it didnt force close after each time i finish the body building contest and get the tickets please fix that problem i really like this game and want to finish it. Thank You

Cherise Taylor

Awesome didn't freeze or any thing not even when I got David tickets Love it it's so cool I dated the reality star and become famous also completed the game with no problems

Sylvia Mendoza

Love this game Its freezes when u do competitions but everything is good really really want part 2

Hector Zepeda

Like it I like the graphics in this game and the controls check out jacksepticeye he played the game you can get tips from him

Dom cervi

Seen game on YouTube video I watched loved it so had to play it I played it and beat it I wish it was longer but great game

MR. MetalMouth

Fun but There is one big bug after I win the championship please fix

Kamari Winston

Crashed It kept crashing at the concert but its normaly amazing.

CyanBlue MCPEGaming

Nice, Finished it in 3 hours, please launch an app for douchebag 1-2 and more douchebag thanks, it was a nice game soooo.. yeah thanks for creating the game :P I enjoyed it even thought i finished it early . :D

Ernesto Estevez

hated it because needs porn plz i am 21just cause it says ernesto doesnt mean hes using his old phone i am

Madison Ender

Its OK but To short I would rate it 5 stars if it was longer but it is fun u should totally get it though

justin hirsch

Fun but... Every time I win the body building contest it kicks me out and loads me back in before the even

Joe Kelley

Good game so far But like alot of other people have said, freezing up after the body building event on samsung galaxy s5

Honieh Saedi

How can i pass the "dance skill" level??? I always faillllll just tell me how .... Tnx

arabeng reyes

My brother is addicted Cuz when my brother saw this game he downloaded it and got addicted cuz the "chix" in the game we're so hot -_-

Gabija B

Its ok One problem though idk if its just my ohone but whenever i enter the flex contest and get the prizes is turns of and its not saved ive done it again like 3 times still wont work restarted my phone still wont work plz fix ?

Wyatt Buelow

Weird So i spent like 2 hours getting finger spasms working on my muscles. Now when i won the frikin body builder award 5 times for the tickets it would stop and i had to redu the thing 5 times. Please fix

Daryl Ali

Cool I loved playing this game. It was really fun for the full 4 hours that I had played it, all in one shot. But to see winning that that brat girl by the pool in the bar felt good but then it made me get made because that was all the game went for. I mean after going so long the get 200% in muscle and swag that was just so unbelievable. :(

Christian Sparks

Great game but wish there was the girl version I really love playing Douchebag Workout it's hilarious and I love Pyrozen for making these types of games but it would be really great if they made the Douchebags Chick as an app as well

Best game everrr This game is so cool and you can get so buff and I have fully muscle bar and I still kept on putting more things on my mucle and it is the best game ever

Austin Wachter

Can't progress The only possible thing I can do is gain mass buy boosters and get tattoos it will say I have new stuff to buy but it won't let me buy it fix and I rate 5*****

Elliott Flewellen

Good Too short! I beat it 15 minute There should be more DOUCHINESS ADDED! Weights, lifting, surfing, volleyball, BANG more chix! Simulation dates, Relationship fights, Cars!

Deathstar 548

I had to restart my game because of a glicth I never got the map when I started the game so I had to repeat the game many times just so it would register it and after about 6 resets of my game file I finnaly got the map at this point I didn't feel like playing anymore 1 star

Jacob Osborne

Loved the game but to short and not many chicks.I will give full stars if you make a number two and add in more chicks.

Richie Tan

I love this game But its so short and please make it very long so if you make it long i will give 5 star do it now

Toher Abdullah

Not really fun Its not really fun because make it longer add more things n add another bar

RRKGaming 99999

Awesome... Make more Douchebag games..... But could you pls update and make more content????? Cus i finished it in 10 min. There's so less chix!!!!

Natalie Rodriguez

It was kinda hard On one level i chould not past it it was to hard but the rest was easy

Tawana Harris

I loved it It's too short of a game come up with new ideas then I'll give 5 stars

Matthew Williamson

Hilarious and fun Short game for sure but still fun to play! Hope the developers expand on this game, it cracks me up!

Kurtis Rollins

Great Game But Really Short Loved The Game But It Was Way To Short Please Make A Number Two

Isaac Beaver

I like the game but when I finish the bench liftin it frozes and send me back to the home screen so I will rate it four stars

Gallifrey Ruler

Soooooooooooooo boring, and to short I finished it in under 10 minutes.

Nba live mobile King

Glitches It doesn't let me put on my new clothes, whenever I work out or complete an acheivement, teh clothes are on me for a millisecond but then they dissappear plz fix then I will ate it 5 stars

The Three gamers

Too easy Every time i start it i get 100 muscle mass then i do every thing else

Rise Batzz

Too short (xD that's what she said) It needs a better storyline. something long (again what she said).

Promise Wilson

It scares me The man is going uggg uggggggg uggggggggv

Matteo' Kemsley

Blah It kinda like bodybuilding game so as I said BLAH

Jennifer German

Greatttttttt You can get girls and buy anything you want .

Jacob Cantrell

It's kinda sex related And I have had sex with my wife a thousand times and she really loves me now she asked for sex every night ;)

I beat this in 5 minutes seriously make it longer and more difficult

Chantelle Aguirre

Too short. It's really entertaining, but way too short, finished it in around 20 minutes.

Peggy Turner

Why is it ok Because it was so short that i finseh In one day

sharielle vera

Boring A big waste of my time!?

Is funny I like every body else that hate it is a hater

Rolando Vallesteros

TO SHORT great game all just way to shot I passed it 7 minutes

Harold bryant

Don't download it its to short To short waste of space


Lol This game had me in stitches! It's great for laughs.

Deadpool X

DOUCHBAGS This is all about a douchbag what kind of game is this

Sream Killer

Its ok Its short but awesome and I wish I was dochbag in real life I'm 7

Michael Leone

Love this game I love all these games and this one is my favorite

Jacob Samborski

Love it I was so fun but i did not git popler

Hugh Manley

It was pretty Shit I enjoyed it but you should have made it longer

Antonio Galati

Hey DOWNLOAD the game I love this game it's So much fun to play with it and workout with your douchebag

A Google User

Waste of time I finished it literally 30 minutes after I installed it

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