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12 Mar
Hero Picker for Dota 2

Posted by ApPenguin in Entertainment | March 12, 2015 | 61 Comments

Apk file size: 6.3 MB

This Dota 2 app will help you to pick the best hero from your favourites to best counter the enemy heroes!

• Once hero selection starts, simply add each enemy hero as they are picked and the list of heroes will update to show you the best heroes to play against them.
• The user friendly interface allows you to quickly add heroes at any point as they are picked.
• Based on up-to-date stats of hero matchups from the millions of Dota 2 matches taking place. These counters aren't based on flimsy opinions, but hard stats!
• Updates every couple of days to automatically update the hero list from the Valve server and the current matchups so you always have fresh data (and the newest heroes).
• There's also the option to start an update manually, especially useful when a new hero has just been released!
• Select your favourite heroes and they will be displayed first when working out a matchup so you can see which of your best heroes is the best against this lineup!
• Browse through all the Dota heroes and get data on the best picks against troublesome heroes. Always getting killed by Bloodseeker? Look up his top counters!

Legal Disclaimer:
This app is not created, sponsored or endorsed by Valve Corporation. This app is not an official app or connected to the game's developer or publisher. All of the in-game imagery, references, characters, names are copyright and/or registered trademarks of Valve Corporation, and usage for this app falls under the Valve web API guidelines.

Whats new

    v 1.1.3 Bug fixes
    v 1.1 Big update!
    Great new design following Google's Material Design.
    Easier to use interface including the ability to hide the keyboard by tapping anywhere on the main screen.
    Automatic updates are more regular so you always have the latest heroes
    Bug fixes

ApPenguin part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update March 12, 2015. Google play rating is 82.7971. Current verison is 1.1.3. Actual size 6.3 MB.

Download dota-hero-picker.apk 6.3 MB


Michael Winston

I don't agree For example there was only a 2% more likely to win vs Techies. Which is one of the weakest and most annoying support in the game. He has no hp and has no real means to escape. Not that hard the only thing you half to do is not step on his mines.

Andersen ASG

Kurosashiro Not really agree with the suggestions...

Dionisios Eliopoulos

I like it Nice and simple statistic info

Callum Nesbitt

Love thus app So helpful for counter picks its unbelievable. And the other features like wallpapers are a nice touch too :)

Casey Schurman

Love new update Love the updated app with the look, and looks like you updated hero info as well :)

Irestor A.

It is best but some minor problems are there

Alex AndruOne

Know its good! Thanks! Keep up the good work

Rory Bouffe

Good Could use the reverse. Eg. Who does this character counter best instead of just who counters this character.


Just to be sure If i select for example natures and it says phantom assassin + does that mean natures is good v phantom?

Shreyas S

Just okay Suggests omniknight all the time. Sigh. Reply to Dev: thanks for the response. I suggest you consider team synergy and list in an order if decreasing effectiveness against all the team members. Good luck. Hope to see an amazing app :)

Jean-Pierre Soso

Awesome The best !!

Scott Laing

Looks great! Very useful, and the best if it's kind. It looks good too. Would look even better if it included a Material Design though ;)

John Kelley

Could use more features It would be awesome if you added a team synergy pick so we can pick based on both teams.

Karl Hernandez

Nice!! The best Dota App for me so far.. But may I suggest doing an update since there's this new hero added recently... Ty in advance :D

Ahmed Shefeer

Useless Counter heroes cant be decided using match statistics, it should be decided based on hero abilities

igor simonovski

Nice but... For oracle the update is not working

Murlidhar Sharma

Could be much better. Please add hero info, it's friends and foes.

Josh Abbott

Awesome app! Nice and responsive, good idea for ranked ap

Andrius Maslauskas

Really good Simple and effective

Gaurav Panchal

Won't work for riki

Jeremy Gonzales

Great app Omnight may be the top counter in most of the picks but he is a great support player and not many people tend to realise supports are crucial to winning a game, keep up the great work

maria christina tantry

Nice App.. but.. Pls udate for the new hero... i will give you 5 stars

Nathan Sisson

Pretty good I'm a noob but this app does help me out with picking decent hero's

Reijhann Campos

It's ok but enemies will wait for time to run out before they will pick a hero.

Mel Separa

Nice app!!!Keep it up

ayyan iker

This fucking amazing app make my mmr rises up From 4.3 to 4.8 +500 road to 5k

Cap'n Bikaash

big help thx pal

Crazy Kure

It gives random I tryed to see it twice and it gives diferent heroes

Nuance Studios

I like it Helps whith 4th and 5th pick a lot

Tengku Syarifah Maisarah

An app useful I use the app to look, but it helps me to remember the heroes while on pick panel.

ראובן אביהו אברהם

Gg wp Great app for 0-4k mmr. Can you add the Arc Warden hero counters tho?

Joseph Nazareth putra

Great app Good for picking hero but there are so many crash

Aaron P.

Good tool Let's me know what heroes I should avoid, especially early on in a battle with heavy carry heroes.

unicus yeoh

Great App A pretty good app, but I think it would be better if you could add in hero combos. I will give 5 stars if you do that.


Taken me to a 12 ranked match win streak Great app, it's helping me get out of mmr hell

Hafiz Shahri

Plss add heroes combo and hero enemy It will be great if you add hero will tell you enemy of the hero that you choose.also plss add hero combo and nice app

Lucas Glover

Generaly boring As an experinced dota player i know alot of the counters to heros already but i downloaded this for a quick giggle and it crashed my phone in the first 5 mins and although the content is generally correct the interface is terrible and extremely confusing

arun menon

Pretty impressive Though it took a minute for me to understand how it works, it is pretty impressive... U put ur hero it will show ur worst enemy...

Nick Bonnett

Confusing interface I could not figure out how to make this program work. It doesn't explain any of its functionality.

Mat YT

Works off dotabuff so its good Title says it all XD. Its so much easier to use to counter pick insta randoms and loads up very quick for last min counters!

Xworn 72

Amazing Has helped me a lot when playing dota 2

chrıs topher

Great! Seriously helped improve my mmr.

Khaing Htun

Nice I like it. It is useful for me

Uzumaki Sanchez

Request Please update app for new hero arc warden

Henrique Azevedo

Really good app, it has what I was looking for. You see which heros are good or bad against each heros

richard normand

Counter only but that's what I need!!!

Yuan Nexues

Please update Change some counter picks, and put some reasons why this hero counters this hero. Thanks please improve. Great app tho.


Great app Very helpful and the ability to have your favorite heroes show up is great.

Blake Vanwingerden

Combos Great app, helps counter heroes, but if you were able to combine certain heroes together to see the best counters that would be awesome! I'm not sure how much work that is to develop that feature, but it certainly would be useful

Gokul Krishna

Not that much accurate , Actually it works based on dotabuff info I guess .

Yasin Khan

Great app Love this app, it is the only counter-picker that I could find which statistically uses win percentages.


Noob Lone druid has a good counter for bloodseeker. But on this app, point for lone druid is low for bloodseeker

Gery Girsang

Update Arc waden please.

Rômulo Avi Oliveira

Simple and easy to use. Helpful as well. It is important to remember that win rate can be neglected if you have high mmr, as recorded matches accounted for in the game have, in average, low skill.

Lyn Mansueto

Helpful Needed this im bad at dota 2, i have 500 mmr °~°

Exile Neo

Confused I'm still confused, that +% and -% is telling what?, example: Pugna = Lycan (+5.86%) is that mean Pugna have win rate +5.86% or Lycan have win rate +5.86% if fighting Pugna ? And Pugna = Magnus (-6.44%) is telling that Pugna have lose rate -6.44% or Magnus have lose rate -6.44% if fighting Pugna. Please feedback ASAP

guhan chanthirar

Depends on trends and not abilities This app is good when you are going along the trend, picking the most picked heroes but have higher chance of failure on least picked heroes.


Gg Helps you lern counters and learn some team lineups that have good synergy with eaxh other 11/10wood use again?

Enzo Dalalo

I liked it that they based the percentage on the win rate of the heroes. Just please always be updated and maintain your servers. I will always use this app.

Victor Hugo Turatti

Kinda laggy, but awesome

Yorki moran

works a little slow but counters are good

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