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31 May
Don't Look Back

Posted by Terry Cavanagh in Arcade | May 31, 2016 | 140 Comments

Apk file size: 16.0 MB

Don't Look Back is a short game I made in 2009.

This is a completely free game, not "free to play"; there are no in-app purchases or any of that nonsense.

Whats new

    Updated Adobe AIR SDK to latest version; may result in small performance improvements.

Terry Cavanagh part of our Arcade and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 31, 2016. Google play rating is 78.2111. Current verison is 1.13. Actual size 16.0 MB.

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Danial Eizlan

Small buttons earned this Great game ruined by bad controls. Just make the buttons bigger, how hard could it be? And the walk left button is a bit broken, have to press to the left of it instead of the button itself

Joshua Baume

Great plot but... The Game is awesome, it's just that the controls are impractical to the point of being game breaking. Don't misunderstand me, the game is five star material but the on screen controls are to bad.

Tom MacLean

Lovely This is a beautiful little poem of a game. The controls are pretty dismal but it's a short enough game that I appreciate a mechanism that helps slow things down a bit. Well worth the hour or so it took to beat it and I really love everything else about it.

Brigand Green

Controls are just too small It's just too frustrating on a Nexus 7, the buttons are too tiny to reliably press. Your main opponent is the UI and that's no fun. Kudos for fixing the crash bug, but I can't rate higher until the experience is more enjoyable. :/

Sam Agnew

Buttons too small This is a good game but its too frustrating to play as the buttons are hard to press because of the size which is bad for parts where you have to do things fast which is a lot of it

Cody Anderson

Good game,can't play. The game is great , but it has one feature that makes it unplayable. The buttons are way too tiny to precisely push. I'm on a large HTC one m8 phone, and the walk and jump/shoot buttons are tiny. I always fall short, stand still when trying to avoid monsters, and most annoyingly, hit the on-screen back button sending me to my home screen. Will rate 5/5 if larger/customizable buttons are added. If they were as large as the advertised screenshots, it'd be perfect.

Christian Bernard

Great game but awful controls I really enjoyed this game on PC and on mobile but the controls on the nexus 5 were god awful. More often than not I was killed because I couldn't make the player jump or shoot. The buttons were too small and at most times didn't have a proper touch zone for me to perform the appropriate reaction. So, if you plan to play this game keep in mind the controls can really hurt the game play in parts.

A.J. Kazlouski

The best Android game I've ever played. Wonderful visuals, sound, and challenge here. A narrative I found haunting in its simplicity. Excellent except for the sometimes difficult controls--on a Galaxy S3 the buttons felt a little small, which made everything a little tougher. Still, wonderful game.

Forty Seven

A good game ruined by bad controls I tried playing this game with my moga controller and it didn't work then I tried Xbox 360 controller but only the d-pad worked and so I couldn't shoot any of the enemies so I decided to use the touchscreen controls but I just kept dying.

Kaitlin Draheim

I think your just a mean person for this Why make a game this frustrating? The buttons are obviously purposely made that small to make this game harder. Then the game it's self is super hard as it is... then you make a game like vvvvvvv and that game is stupid hard too... you sir are evil. 3 stars is all you get from me till you make an easier difficulty with bigger buttons. I mean how hard is it to scale the button up hmmm? It's not..

Jorge Velilla

Masterpiece A clear and beautiful pixeled game. I just love the idea of the "don't look back" that reminds me of the Greek myth Orpheus and Eurydice. Suspense and action, a lot of well defined puzzles (more like trial and error) for a moderate level of difficulty.

Babih Navih

Poorly developed but nice concept?? Lol Did you even test your game or project before compiling it and shared to us? The controller layout is very slow to response, very repetitive game, the delay between shots fired is very long, the platform movement speed is slow which makes it a certified game for PRO CHALLENGERS meaning, your audience is limited. If a player is not a quick and freaky fast, he might break his LCD accidentally... XD

Nicholas Sohacki

Really good The controls aren't bad enough to the point where the game isn't enjoyable. The story and difficulty more than makes up for it anyways. One of the best original games I've played.

Mark Andrews

Tiny buttons (galaxy s4) The on-screen controls are hopelessly small. I'd estimate that 50% of my inputs fail to register or are misinterpreted. For a game where timing is so important 50% starts to feel like 80% as frustration quickly becomes the defining characteristic. Seems such a basic flaw, a shame as I was really looking forward to this.

Jacob D

Controls. Controls are horrendous, barely even playable. Why do the buttons have to be a cm thick? Free to play doesn't mean much if you can't even play it

ArmaniFilm ZK

Amazing I loved everything about this game. Great visuals, great story, and yet so simple of a game. Finished the game, now I understand the title lol. Controls were very small but I liked it because it made everything harder, which made it a lot more fun and entertaining. This game has a similar mood to the Silent Age too. Excellent work Terry, I loved this and Super Hexagon. I never knew you made that one as well until I got this recently. Thumbs up, please make more games like these.

Tristan Daniel Nicolas

Good concept bad controls I really do enjoy indie and concept games and this one regarding the visual aspect of the game is top notch, but sadly the control buttons are such a pain in the "finger".I guess its intended for the game to have such frustrating controls otherwise i cannot get it why would u make a game with such annoying and frustrating control buttons.

Oliver Antal

Nice game to pass time Loved the story and the interesting characters. 11/10 for the sexy shades of red. The characters were hot, would feast my eyes upon them again C: tho I dont like people disappearing everytime I lool at them, or little controls. Make them bigger...actually just leave them like that cuz it makes the game harder and more enjoyable (so masochistic) Conclusion: good retro game. Worth it, get it x)

Bob Lawrence

Controls are fine The controls are perfectly fine. Obviously not as good as a gamepad or keyboard, but still perfectly fine. The scrubs who can't play the game need to get gud. I've beaten it many times on many devices without excessive frustration. Android, iOS, and PC. Very fun and challenging, also has an excellent story. 10/10 do recommend.

Thrice Moist

Awesome. Brilliant! Difficulty is around Mega Man 2-3 range...just hard enough... The rough, slightly responsive controls instill an true sense of triumph when you DO beat it. Take time getting used to them. It's worth it. A fantastic minimalist storyline. The entire game gave me the same wicked shivers as Passage and Limbo. Kudos, sir, your game is beautiful, haunting, compelling and I wish you at least ten fantastic hanjos from ten different hotties for coming up with it while also making it gratis AND ad-free.

Julius Kukas

Easily one of the worst games out there. Sorry, Terry, but this is one of your worse entries in the indie genre. On the PC, this game is fantastic. On Android - not so much... Controls randomly stop working at times, choppy sound and lots of framerate issues makes me unhappy, and I'm a fan of Terry's games. Until the issues are resolved, this game gets a 2/5.

nicolas almeida

Awesome game, good music, nice creativity and amazing produticion for a solo project but like the guys said, bad controls, they're too small.

Trisha Xuk

Fiendish and Frustrating ...but in a somewhat addictive old game styling. My only criticisms, are the very sudden deaths (as opposed to maybe having an energy or life bar), and no option for music...cue some Monty Mole style chip music? :P

Mira Glyth

Tiny controls That's all that can be said. The game looks interesting but it's pretty much unplayable. I can't believe the creator of the legendary VVVVVV could have made such a bad design mistake.

Tim Keefer

It's ok I like the game it is fun. The button are too small and I spend most of the time struggling with the buttons. If the buttons were a bit larger that would be awesome.

Michael Carr

Excellent game, but alternate control methods needed I played this around the time of its original freeware release as a Windows game. Touch controls or none, it's a difficult game - especially the bosses - but it's worth playing to the end. I think this port would benefit greatly from keyboard and/or Moga/HID controller support. Super Hexagon has it, so it's a bit bewildering that this doesn't.

Brandon Serpas

Nice simple game, but the controls are horrible. It's been mentioned before in these ratings, but the controls are most certainly NOT fine, at least on higher DPI screens. On my Galaxy S5, the buttons are no larger than a thumb tack. If you can't make the buttons larger, at least give us the option to control the game by tapping different locations of the screen (left and right sides for movement, top for jump, and perhaps middle for shoot).

Ian Stevens

Good game, horrible UI Game has excellent potential, but the touch controls are simply too small and too unreliable. It ends up being difficult for all the wrong reasons.

Kevin Grant

Poor controls hides that it's too short As everyone else has pointed out, the controls are poor. But if you persevere, you can finish the game in an hour or 2. Would love to see more levels with the controls fixed

Brian Child

Minimalist and amazing! Saw this game being discussed on r/pcmasterrace, so I decided to test it out. The game is amazing! Frustrating at times because of some confusing puzzles, but it added a challenging element that fueled my desire to finish the game. I hope you create more games like this and continue the good work!

Stephan Baker

Unresponsive, cramped controls It was all good until it required me to interact with the game. Who designed these buttons?

Thomas Boulware

Great Game that needs a fix Really fun, free to play game, but as most other reviews say, terrible controls that are very small.

Jared M

Buttons way too tiny on Note 4 This game seems like it could be more fun, but the buttons are way too small on the Note 4's screen. The left/right and jump/shoot button clusters are about the size of my pinky nail on each side (no joke), so actually playing the game turns out to be the real challenge. Stopped playing out of sheer frustration.

Carson Ducote

Awesome Love the atmosphere and music especially. I see a bunch of reviews complaining about the controls. Bunch of weenie washers in my opinion. They're not perfect but they work fine

Jordan Leach

Beautiful Beautiful. However, are the controls part of the experience? Were the controls intentionally adding to your struggle part of some larger metaphor? I think I wouldn't have been distracted from the mood if the controls were just a liiiiittle bigger

Lennox Wildman

Game is great but hard to play The controls on nexus 7 are too small to accurately press. Fix that and the game gets 5*s

Lorenzo Cucurachi

The buttons are too small. Please fix!!! Fix or I will not give 5 star, because the game is ok but the ui sucks.

Deniz Gunendi

Not cool Playing is cool but controls are too bad I hope you can fix this

John Smithington

Don't Look Back This game is... different. I downloaded it because it was free and got a beautifully crafted game. The story is very simple yet effective and the sound design is great. The buttons are a little too small and the game is very short but it is a free game and I played it again straight after finishing it. What I like most about this game is that it made me think after playing it. You should get it. Like Limbo, this is a ghostly platformer that sticks with you after playing. Who is this guy? What is he looking for? What is the meaning of the gho- actually, just get it and find out for yourself.

Andres Jacobo

Used to love playing this game but I can't anymore because the buttons are too small. Just make them bigger and put them on top of each other. (Nexus 5)

Юрий Позняков

Lil controlz. It's not good. Awesome design.

Дмитрий Романов

Maaan, buttons are so small :'((

Алексей Ивашов

The game is good, but controls!!!! Very small buttons!!!

андрей леонов

Impossible to play The buttons are too tiny. Not like on your picture


Has great potential! I'm not the type to one-star an otherwise great game because of one flaw, but it is true that the controls become difficult to work with as timing becomes more important! I eventually reached a spot I couldn't pass because the controls wouldn't respond, but I had a lot of fun getting there! I'm eager to pick this up again once the controls are improved! When I saw this app, I thought 'where do I know the name Terry Cavanagh from..?' Then I scrolled down and saw VVVVVV. Of course! That's a fave on my 3DS ?

Matt Boswell

Great game, bad touch controls I wasn't really able to play with the touchscreen controls on my 8in tablet. Shield controller works fine, though.

Drew Johnson

Greek mythology The entire game is a loose retelling of the journey of Orpheus. This is my favorite story from these people. The gameplay is simple, the narrative is claver. If you pay attention enough and know about the story, you can even know the bosses' names.

John Ross

AMAZING! I LOVE IT! I love this game! For anyone who didn't understand its based on the greek myth of Orpheus. If you don't know what that is look it up. The story is brilliant and i love the mechanics. Granted i wasn't to terriblly thrilled with the controls. They weren't the best and at times the game became hard to play and control but all in all this was a great game. I deeply love this and hope more games like this (hopefully with better controls) come out soon!

Rodney Wroot

Sort the controls out I am the type to 1star because of a flaw on controls, it's so easy to sort out I don't understand why the developers haven't fixed this yet, has potential though

Charlie Wilson

Terrible controls Why are the buttons so tiny? It's like I need a magnifying glass to see them!

Andy Roid

Oh, yeah, don't look back. Lager buttons and this game will work just fine. Thank you for porting it to mobile.

Kiril Spiroski

At least make the buttons bigger so you can play it I have to click the back button I so accurately to actually go back same goes with the other 3 buttons

Jeffrey Mercer

Decently challenging, poor controls. Honestly, I get that this game is a bit older, but for something that needs precise input, and given the quality of the other games by Terry, I'm terribly disappointed. Took probably about 30 minutes to beat, could be faster with better controls. Played on a Nexus 7 2013. The hit-box for moving left (critical later on) is to the left of the actual button, and all controls were just all around too small for precise use. Would play again if controls were fixed.

Rebecca Ranck

Clap Clap Clap The ending was awesome not to say the game play! BUT! The touch cantrols need to be more workable but even if you don't fix it its fine! The awesome game play makes up for it! Please make more games like that becouse I'm certain it will be AWESOME!

Galaxy Fanfan

The Best ? But bad controls, but still giving this 5 because the story is so amazing. More games like this please

Yakub Khan

Good... 1 major flaw... Loved the game but....... BUTTONS ARE TOO SMALL!!!!!!! WHY (Samsung galaxy s blaze)

Tom Aviv

Great game! A small idea Maybe add a speed run mode, add a timer and death count, I like to speed run the game and I would like to know how good I'm doing

Tommi Rae

Better controls played for 5 minutes and then stuck because laggy controls

Jack Walker

Awful controls Good game, would be fun if I could actually hit the buttons

Timothy Mattson

Minor bug fixes? Maybe fix the touch controls that make the game nearly impossible to complete.

Saleem Bekkali

Good, BUT bad controls. It is not that hard to make the buttons bigger.

vaibhav sharma

just missed perfection the only thing stopping this game from becoming a masterpiece is its controls. fix them and it'll reach new heights

Eric Zim

Oh so retro Another game that pretends a retro controller makes for a fun smartphone game.

Kenny Williams

The Buttons are the worst!!! When I tried to click the jump button on the breaking rock it didn't work.

hüseyin semiz

Fix the buttons

enchanted memes

Just one thing I believe you should charge money for this game it's beutifull but people who already have it dont have to pay

Bryant Roeske

Controls Make the Game Unplayable That's pretty much it, it's a great game, but almost unplayable because of how badly the controls are set up.

Roberto Cabiati

Fukn buttons man! Right, I gave this game 2 stars because this fukn game's controls are so fukn small that I cant even press them! If I am lucky, I would be able to scratch a snake or just manage to kill a fukn bat! When it comes to jumpin', right, its just a rage inducing game, in all honesty. Devs out there (Idefk if u guys are readin this right) please fix this. The game is great and all. But its just the fukn controls man! I cant even enjoy the game! So please fix this devs. Thanks for readin' (if you are)

Gary Oak

Thanks a lot Terry... So yeah, people are right, the controls are just a bit small, but other than that, awesome little game you made here. Very similar to an old greek tale, except with a gun being his instrument. The ending was a slap in the face, but I always did like twists. Great job, mate. Make another, I got $$ ;)


Empty Victory I totally understand the appeal of a very difficult game. When you succeed, it feels awesome. However, when the difficulty level is exclusively due to the awful control scheme, failure no longer becomes a learning experience, and winning this game was not worth the 500 deaths I experienced due to my inability to move and jump when I wanted to. The image of buttons and where you actually have to press are not the same place. Don't waste your time, people. The ending is not even worth it.

TJ Awesome

Eh. Had the potential to be great, but the small buttons caused unfair deaths. Oftentimes I would be midway through a jump and then fall to my death because I stopped "holding" the button

Angelo Piepoli

Nice game, but bad controls Very nice game, lovely story. Vote is negative because of the very small and often not responding controls, otherwise it would be 4 stars.

Frank Dahlmeyer

Good fun, those controls though... I normally love precision platforming games VV... included, but responsive controls are a must. DLB handles acceptable until the difficulty ramps up, at which point you're in deep unless you're rocking a controller. The movement/shooting buttons are mind blowingly tiny - especially considering they're sitting in a wealth of negative, wasted space. Will gladly return to finish the game/increase stars if the controls are improved.

Sir Poots

Needs abit of work Its a great game and more people will download this if the controls were worked on,hope there will be more storyline

Robert Loncaric

Seems fun, but awful controls Seems pretty cool game. If I made it past about 10 screens. It has the worst controls I've ever experienced on a mobile game. It's unplayable. I hate the fact I have to rate it so low, but really, I should give it 1 star. No matter how good a game you make, and you're kind enough to make it free too, it's a bit pointless if people cannot play it. If controls get improved I'd gladly revisit the game and give it rating it deserves.

Connor Stafford

It was a beautiful game but the controls were a bit fidgety Very well made. until I figured out that the touch sensor area for the controls was a bit to the left I couldn't play very well but when I figured that out it worked fine. maybe it's just a bit weird on larger phones. You should have people pay for this game but I would only make it $0.10 it's beautiful but there isn't much there

Craig Wilson

Good game, bad controls The controls are so small and imprecise that I often die during boss battles because I can't move. Super frustrating. But the game is excellent.

Benny Herrera

Short Game but fun and free. The minimal story was great along with the small but lovely soundtrack. The mechanics and play style was absolutely entertaining but I agree with everyone else. Make the buttons a tad bit bigger and more responsive to definitely get 5 stars. Still a new favorite, though.

Shef Field

Don't listen to the complainers I beat the game all the way through on my phone. No controller needed. Maybe you guys are just bad at retro-platformers? The ending punched me in my gut. Wow. Great level design that expands upon the simple controls. The levels feel extremely atmospheric ( especially since the game is 8-bit). Music is subtle and adds to the experience. It leaves me in somber mood. Free? Heck yeah. Definitely play this game. One thing I'll say is that if there was a sequel I would pay to play it. Thanks for the journey.

gaurav garg

Controls are crappy Dude your game maybe awesome but I couldn't get through certain levels either ever or without wanting to blow my brains out... Do something about the tiny controls

Danell Mann

Amazing It's a fun and challenging game.I beat the game and your supposed to bring this ghost to her grave.then there's this other person and he looks back and you and the ghost disappear!!!

Shank Nans

Almost impossible to play Cool game, but the controls don't respond all the time. Making it a broken game, and very frustrating.

Kapanyo Joe

Awesome! Just like Terry's other games, there seems to be a lot of hidden messages about emotions and backstory (in VVVVVV it was the strange enemies/objects - here, it's things like the gravestone at the start). The game is fantastic. I know everyone says the controls suck, but the thing is they could EASILY be fixed - by making the directional buttons larger or by using VVVVVV's technique (sliding). All in all - a masterpiece!

Logan E

Fantastic While the controls take some getting used to it puts the game at just the right difficulty if they were big and easy to manipulate the game would loose a lot of its difficulty. The game is fantastic from the music and the mood. I played all the way through on my phone using the screen controls so it's not impossible.

Rebecca Vargas

controls Its a great game but can you please make the buttons alittle bigger? everytime i miss the buttons i end up diying somehow. please fix and i'll rate five stars

Connell Anon

One of the most enjoyable games I've ever experienced Controls are a nightmare, love everything else.

Casey Beckman

Good game, Broken controls The buttons are real off from where there actually suppose to hit so I have to touch far away from them to use them. Character glitches and falls from time to time. Also buttons are extremely small.

T.C. Reuter

Very rough There's a good idea here, but it's very rough, and the controls are in dire need of being revamped. The contact point for the buttons were so small that with my finger covering the entire button it still didn't work.

Anthony Pallotta

This is great! I wonder why it is so difficult to find games like these anymore, that is, games made by somebody not for the money, but to truly entertain others! I'd give it a 5 but the controls kill me a lot in this game, if the buttons wer a tad larger itd be dandy!

Jare Adele

Awesome Lol I totally saw the reference to the Adventure of Orpheus, except with a gun. Controls are too small tho.

Citizen Diaz

Great game. The ending blowed my mind.

Jeffrey Gordon

Fun, but buttons are so poorly placed that the game becomes unnecessarily difficult

James Torio

Great game let down by infuriatingly small controls Game is really good. Button controls are small for no reason other than annoying players. Arguably the worst controls of any game that has existed on the play store. Will definitely give 5 star and return to finish the game when the controls are updated.

bryan nieves

This brings back memories I remember playing this game back in 2008 or something like that, glad I'm seeing it on cellphones.

]TPGr[ Afro

Good game with one fatal flaw I really liked this game but I wish I could love it. The buttons were WAY to small. I have great eye sight average size fingers and great hand eye coordination but the buttons are impossible to hit while playing the game. You really need to concentrate on what you're touching to play and then you get killed because you can't see what's on the screen hitting you. Make the buttons bigger and the games perfect

Gilton Junior

Great game! The game great, at the begining i though it was a horror game, the boss battles were amazing, even if a lot of people are complaing about the controls they can simply get good at it, after A LOT of deaths against the second boss i felt awesome and got the hang of it, these people are just complayners, even more the ending, great game!

Gavin Thurston

Good game I know why its hard to look to the left you have to tap swipe and keep your finger there

Raul Perez Lavandier

Very good game It waa awesome to play, although it was short. The controls are a little bit troublesome but, besides from that, the game itself was wonderful.

ask me

Stuck on level Stuck after he jumps down the tunnel. Bats & snake attack really fast. But it gets five stars for having black background because it uses less power, it is also easier to play since it isn't making you stare at a bright light for the duration. Overall, ★★★

Oscar Carballal

Controls are the worse, but it's a great game The controls are horrible, even if you're patient you're going to end up yelling out of frustration. Other than that the game really good. Please fix the controls, seriously :)

John Collins

Another great game by terry God I love this developer. VVVVVV is still my favorite indie game to date and in terms of story in this game, this one does not fall short either. However, the touchscreen controls are terrible. The buttons need to be bigger for touchscreens. If that were resolved, this would be another perfect game for me. The best part is that it is truly free to play. No BS "freemium" here. Absolutely free. If you can get over the controls, this game can be a truly enjoyable short game for anyone.

Aaron Bell

Played twice What a solid story. Excellent gameplay. Heart-tugging audio. Good visuals (yeah, I like the art style.) Even the difficult controls add to the value of the game.

Life rray

Dude It was beautiful, I had a little trouble at first with the controls but once I was able to pass it, that twist got me man. Beautiful game ??

The Demon King

Controls need work The difficulty of the game comes from the controls and not the level. The primary problem is that the buttons are too small. Really good color palet and it definitely makes time fly


Wow! Its a very good game I really liked it and a nice story line too, the controls are fine on my tablet.. but I think this will be hard for people who play on phone because the button is small. Great game!

Joshua Jones

Controls are horrid My pet peeve is games that make normal controls really difficult to use in an attempt to make a game challenging. If this was intentional, then that is bad game design

Joe Hamilton

Enjoyed it to a point, but the controls just make it really hard and rage inducing to play, especially when timing is so important


Bad controls The story and aesthetic seem good, and I began to like the game a lot when I noticed the theme of "don't fight, just run", but the difficulty of pressing the left arrow renders the very first boss unbeatable. I expect more of a Terry C game :( Edit: another commenter pointed out that you can use the button by touching the screen to its left, a semi-viable solution for which I re-instate one star. I have now completed the game. 3/5

Spike Reaper

Love it to death Absolutely amazing game. I love it how you kind of have to think up of your own story line. However... please make it so the buttons are a bit bigger on hand held devices

Legomanham e

Horrible controls Would be a good game if I didn't want to strangle whoever made the controls since they are unresponsive realy small and the character has no momentum

Christopher Mondo

Half the "fun" is trying to actually hit the buttons in order to move your character

Jonathon Gimenez

Great game, bad controls Honestly it is quite good but the on screen buttons are super buggy.

walt x

played this on kongregate this game is amazing! thank you!

Samuel Sikes

Just as good as always This was a nice bit of nostalgia. I remember playing this on Newgrounds back in 2010

Robotic Scarecrow

I dont like it First off theres NO pause button or mute also tje controls are to small for me so he stops moving in the most important or easest parts

Kameron O'Leary

I never give reviews I almost never give reviews but i really felt like this game deserved one. The art style is great (sometimes less is more), the controls are basic enough to easily learn (although sometimes not as quick to respond as i like), and the story is there enough to hive you an idea of whats going on but vague enough to leave you guessing what it fully means. This game would be excellent for a short lets play.

Femi Boom

Controls are absolute trash The game has awful comtrols. Not only are the actual buttons ridiculously small, they're also incredibly unresponsive. Most of your deaths will be due to you missing the absurdly tiny buttons, or on the off chance that you are able to hit it, the game might just decide, that you didn't do it well enough, and you'll die. And none of this is alleviated by the level design, which feels like the devs just haphazardly tossed enemies onto each screen.

Jeff Neet

Interesting levels poor controls Not being able to move after jumping makes the game very frustrating, particularly with touch controls. There also appears to be a bug that stops your forward motion if near a jumping fire ball.

Robbie Adams

Some of the worst controls for ANY game A game ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED by some of the WORST CONTROLS in video game history... And this is no exaggeration folks. The controls are that piss poor. I am shocked the developer has not even TRIED to fix these controls. It makes this game basically impossible to play. -5 stars if I could. No one should download this game

Lukah Bell

The controls are a bit finicky, and the buttons are kinda small, which can make the physical actions of playing the game tedious and frustrating. When I die, half the time it isn't my fault at all, but rather the buttons failed to work. If that could be fixed/polished better, I think the game could be enjoyable. I do believe there's a computer version, perhaps I'll give that a try instead!

Justin Johnson

Wish I Could Give 0 Stars Not even worth the effort. The controls are way too broken and unresponsive, and there's no explanation for what tf is going on. 0/10 don't waste your time on this piece of crap

DarkphoenixF Kun

Challenging Great short platformer game. Only problem is that the control buttons are so tiny that it conflicts with the gameplay, making everything harder.

Haley C

Great concept, horrible controls Beautifully themed game. I would rate 5 stars, but the controls are so bad. Honestly disappointed. I will definitely re-install if the controlls get fixed.


It's really good but It doesn't save whenever we exit the app and the second boss which he spawns in things I like that he is hard to beat but he is too hard to beat and and and the keys are too small and badly placed please make it save and make the keys bigger and placed better in the next update

David Escalante

The worst controls I have seen in a mobile game and its not any better with a gamepad: Up for jump? Are you damn serious?

robin may

Extremely challenging but great story I beat the whole game in about an hour. I was surprised at how difficult it was.

a mildly depressed heavy with no sandwich

Meh Horrible level design and bad controls. Not much of a storyline either. Made me think more of the E.T. game than a game about not looking back.

Ayad Kara kahya

Bad left button Thar God Damned left bottom frucked the whole game for me

Thanea Ewellsa

Omg that story hit my heart so hard?

Stellari Velocci

Glitchy The buttons don't work half the time

Gilsa_ daBoss

Bad controls Too small controls make them bigger!

Francis Yoan Rodrig

Controls make me want to break my phone

P. Pires

Interesting experience marred by bad controls.

Curtis Holland

Confused! Did I win... or naw?

his game suck balls

Dankqua Man

It's cool Has a mysterious story

Jhayden Hunt

Game was cool, controls suck.

Kyle Wendling

Amazing Job Going Old School Good solid short game with some nice challenging moments... Not sure what the complaints about controls is all about I didn't have really any problems.. It plays just like an old Atari or Odyssey game those always had a slight lag/delay.. This was solid! Cheers Terry!

Marcos Casas

Wish I could give it 5 stars The music, the simplicity mixed with the challenge is all fantastic. Quite brilliant actually when you consider the overall scope. But the one fatal flaw is also the most basic: control. I shouldn't have to be extremely frustrated at the ability to jump and move left or right but alas this is what happened too many times. If only the buttons were bigger this would all be fixed.

Daniel Constantin

The most interesting game I have played in a while Great game. It's one of those ones that it is better fresh and not spoiled though. The only issue I have is that the buttons are way too small and makes the game harder than it should be. Thankfully, it's very forgiving and small, so your first run would probably take an hour at most.

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