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20 Jun

Posted by Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited in Lifestyle | June 20, 2016 | 102 Comments

Apk file size: 21.0 MB

Want a Domino’s store in your pocket, anywhere, anytime? Now you can with the Domino’s app!

- New On Time Cooking is now available so your pizza is ready as soon as you walk in to store to pick up your order
- Receive notifications for great deals from your local store
- Quickly and easily scan your credit card details using the camera on your phone
- Get Pizza Tracker notifications directly on your Android Wear smart watch
- Display Pizza Tracker on your TV and use your phone for other activities with the Chromecast casting feature
- Build a better pizza using the all new Domino’s Pizza Chef®
- Order your favourite pizza, sides and desserts from the easy to navigate menu
- Track your order from the store to your door with the live Domino’s Pizza Tracker

*Pricing shown may not be representative of pricing within the Ordering App

Whats new

    Bug Fixes

Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update June 20, 2016. Google play rating is 64.8944. Current verison is 2.5.4. Actual size 21.0 MB.

Download dominos-2.apk 21.0 MB


Ryan Brown

Your new redesign app sucks shit Wow. You took an awesome app and made a shit pizza of an app with this one. I loved using the previous version to order. This one I'm lucky to bother

Flash Light

Could be better Ordering was super fast tonight however, should have an option there where people can view the coupon codes. I was super hungry and it was cutting into my eating time googling the codes myself.

Brinn Joyce

So slow I'm constantly stuck with "loading please wait..." messages. I'm on a 100mbit connection so there's no reason for it to be this slow. I'm sure it wasn't when I used it previously

Atomic seventynine

Works ok Not bad but Can be very slow with constant forward and back to get what you want. Also be good if there was a section for comments. Like please use large gates or back door etc. Why don't you just have the current offers or best deals automatically on order to save entering coupons and offers app completely

Karl Hendrikse

Appears to be a giant WebView And the page never loaded so I was just scrolling around a giant black screen. When I launched the app it said "it appears you're not in NZ". Yeah, I'm in Sydney, why would I be in NZ? Weird. Wear and Chromecast support sounded cool but it looks like despite that this isn't actually a native Android app. Booo. People can tell.

troy ramsay

Cant use It keeps giving me aussie stores to choose from. I am signed up nz user. Have given up trying to use

John Guinan

Needs to display the price of pizzas without needing to click into the order screen to do so

Michaela Mackinlay

Why can't I just pay with my card one hand is in a sling u can't sign anything Noone is home to make me food

jett stanley

does not open!!!

Garett Petersen

What the Wont even open up so I cannot make a order keep saying network unavailable app will close now please try again later

Justin Clifford

Cany order My address didnt appear in the drop down menu....and to top it off I was unable to order because of this....placed order with competition as they wanted my money more than dominoes...I guess, 1 star

A Google User

This app is broke like homeless App can't find a network or something, so many issues with majority of other users this is obviously a horrible, horrendous app. What an utterly ridiculous waste of space this app is. It would be a good idea to app ly yourself to fixing your app Dominos before you keep getting slated.

Euan Gutteridge

Novopizza - Epic failure! Still doesn't support NZ outlets despite reporting over a month ago. Might start going to Pizza Hut if this doesn't get fixed soon.

Dave Dawber

This was a good app. I swapped to eating Domino's pizza because I liked the old app so much. Now I get so frustrated I go back to other pizza hut just to avoid this app. It is slower and painful.

Louise .Martin

Useless is a compliment.... ....because this is definitely MUCH less than useless!!! The old one was fine. Why the hell did you make it worse? :-/

Marie Simpson

What happened to Hamilton New Zealand? Used the old app regularly, was so convenient and worked perfectly. Since the update my local Hamilton stores all disappeared. We live between a Domino's and pizza hutt so I guess I will switch as their app still works. Roll back to the old one!

Eben Venter

I just downloaded the latest update. As I did not complete a whole order I cannot give a fill rating yet but the startup screen seems to be working much better.

Kaison Chang

New app absolutely sh1te Had people over at my place. Spent 40mins trying to use new app never got it to work - kept thinking I was in Aus not NZ. Had to order something else while guests waited. I wish there were negative stars. Not ordering from Dominos again on principle.

Luke Walker

Worst thing ever New app is useless. UI isn't worth the trouble. Seriously considering starving to death instead

Wrath C

Great! Downloaded the app then picked and place order straight away. Did what it needed to do.

Louis Duggan-Harrison

Dog of an app. Would have an easier time giving my order to someone with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Kerry Lee

Useless Won't even open, no matter how many times I've tried!!

DJ tafone

It doesn't work no more WTF happened. .. I'm hungry !lol

Renee Atoa-Ng Chok

Useless Have downloaded app twice now and is still not working. Resulted to ordering with another pizza competitor

Lindon Keith

100% Useless The most frustrating app I've ever used by far. Too many issues to list. Needless to say I'm still hungry.

Diane Rare

Hate Loved the old one will not use this one. I always used the old one it was good.

Harmz Yo

Can't open app This app doesn't even work

Jasmine Williams

Wont open Someone needs to fix this issue. I see others are having this same problem. The old version was awesome. Not this one.

Aneta Aiga

Old app better Of was okay. But I preferred the old app.

Le-roy Staines

Regression Wow this app is a major regression! Slower (on a quad core!), bitmapped and ugly graphics (versus much nicer graphics previously), poor UX choices. Why the 'upgrade'? Did some company talk you into a crappy html5 version running in phonegap or something?

Andre Chappell

Does all it should Pretty simple to use app and so far no issues it.

Mark Reid

Getting better But please - comic sans?

James Mulcahy

What happened?! This app used to be ok, now it's horrendous! What was wrong with the old one?! And comic sans for the font?? Grow up!!

Norm Reid

Check your order It froze when I selected a pizza so when I tried 3 times to continue, it tripled my 1 pizza

Wade Davis

Useless app Latest update doesn't work smoothly and has heaps of things that need to be addressed

Yohanes Santoso

No longer works The app refuses to take new Zealand orders

Nina Kelliher

useless wont even let me use it. the network shouldnt be unavailable for months on end.

skankiie gurl

dumb and stupid dnt get maybe free but noway sorry u still used my mbs that i pay for and the old is way better iv download this twice and it keeps sayng no internet conection bull shit please give back our old one

Dave McMillan

Was great. Now terrible. Can no longer instantly see order updates on my phone. Hopeless. Change it back please.

Andrew Douglas-Clifford

Basically just the website wrapped in an app, really slow and buggy even on my Galaxy S6, poor interface. Needs to be completely redone as a native Android application.

Craig Smith

Web view app Come on Dominos, Android users are in your target market. This is a crappy html wrapper app. Layout is a little confusing, cannot get simple overview of menu choices with current specials. Needs improvement.

Justin Winz

Shit i think Had to delete this app the last time as it was a dissapointment HOPEFULLY uv pulled ya heads out ya ass and made it better

Ian Batterbee

Awful update. 1. If I switch tasks on my phone mid-order, the app forgets where I was, and I have to start again. 2. GPS location is dodgy, and says that it can't determine my location (even though other apps have no problem doing that). 3. Search by postcode doesn't work with NZ postcodes. Entering the Pizza menu, then selecting a special via the popup means that you then need to go back to the pizza menu again, as you just get dumped at the confirm you order after accepting the special. 4. Application takes 2-3 seconds to respond to clicks on a galaxy s4. 5. All this app seems to do is load the dominos website in a fullscreen webview, and not actually add any functionality to it. 6. On first start, the app complained that I did not appear to be in Australia. Why should I be expected to be there ? If it can tell where I am, then just go with that information, don't complain that I'm somehow wrong. Did you do any UAT with this application, before releasing it ?

Martin Tomov

User interface needs jesus Not as intuitive as it use to be. This app could be so much better. But at least it does it's job.

Mathew Kennedy

What the hell? I go to the pick up option. And i do the post code. And it said someplace in queensland. I do my location and it says theres none in my erea. What the hell. Theres one 3 minutes away. Plz fix this

Shane C

I was going to order a pizza I was going to order a pizza but this app is so laggy it was an absolute mission filled with unnecessary pop ups I'm now uninstalling it

Logical Foreal

?? Love the app, and the service.

joshua fiddy allen

Havent used app yet.. tho bet it sucks assnuts We'l see if it isnt Ping wong daa lu lang lang. Thats nigganese for assnuts

MegagigaultraJesus Dicktits

Get absolutely rekt Unusable. Popup promo rubbish all through it, slow app, and kept doubling my order. No price info available while adjusting toppings. Avoid.

Sammy Iqbal

Pizza Tracker Goes Away After ordering you have to keep this app open exclusively to track your order. If you open any other app the pizza tracker goes away. Add a button or something that will take you back to the tracker. Over all app performance is very slow and now we have annoying pop up. We pay for your product from the shop. Least you can do is to keep this app pop up and ad free.

#0066ccE.N.D Sky_RXTM

It should show you pizza prices before you select, otherwise it's fine. Maybe add a page which makes it easier to locate and call a store near you

Aydar Kyzyl-ool

Dissapointment The app doesn't show my address in the search results. Have to call by phone like i'm back to 00's.

Stu Preece

Tracking freezes Had no issue on iOS version but now back on android the tracker froze on "making order" so no way to know when driver is coming. Easily worth 4 star if fixed. LG G4

Orapai Woon

Access to camera? Not quite sure why the latest update requires access to the camera. What are you taking photos of? Your pizza before you eat it?

Jesse Hills

This app sucks On top of the 'app' just being a web view with a bad web interface, if I place the app into the background to check another app, when I return it goes back to the home page. I cannot get back into my delivery progress after this.


Not in my country Since the new update I cannot find my store to order from. It shows me stores from other countries!

Jaze Cheema

Need improvement Don't show all prices contain lots of adds which sometimes slow the app


Lame I'm in wellington and it keeps sending me to the nelson store, tried to sign up but it's telling me my phone number and email are invalid

Lindz Read

App automatically doubles your order and closes as soon as your order is confirmed so can't track the order at all

Jason Ranston

Weak Loss of order, unable to check history properly. Such a bad port when compared to the website in NZ. Boo

Mathew Gafa

SUCKS! Update killed the app. Went from easy to hard. Stink

Lizzy Conning

Why! Why does this app need access to my camera????? Creepy

Paul Randall

Great app App worked a treat,

Simon Vissers

Worst app ever. So many issues. It was great then they mucked around with it

Blast Off

Where's all the discount

Ciaran Riddell

Good luck ordering twice If you place an order, then try to place another, it mixes the orders up and you can't add more than one extra pizza. The pop ups are a major put off too. Laggy mess.


Was hungry, used app, now unhungry

Greg McCutchan

App now broken Won't keep me logged in . Can't detect gps to find nearest place, couldn't even add wedges as they weren't showing, gave up and got pizza hutt


RIP OFF!!! I could drive to dominos that will probably cost me 50 cents gas and order my 2 pizzas for 5 bucks each but this fkn apps asking for $21.89 wake up hindus!


Unable to log on Used to love this app but since last update have not been able to login and can not reset password

Aroha Koopu

You'd have to be an idiot not to be able to use this app The best

Toni-Lee Darby

Why isn't this app working anymore?? Disappointed to the days. Was great when it was working though

Michael Heagren

Useless Keeps finding Australian only stores wtf

Sam Baird

Notification spamm One star due to notification spam! Not cool just want to order pizza when I feel like it not have spam a few times a week

Antony Beaufort

Ok The app is OK but could be better. How about being able to sync your online order progress on your phone? When I order online you see the process from start to delivery but when you go to your phone app it just takes you to the beginning?

H3m125 g

Not about the app. Too many Indians working at domino's, I'm not racists but this is nz, kiwis should have a job over them any day, kiwis are job less in nz, why? Because of international people taken the jobs its bullshit. And they don't even know how to make a good pizza! Drown the pizza in sauce, I want to see changes asap

tayna howard

Dominoes appp Really good

Chris Haden

Sending promotianal notifications with no option to opt out, instead have to remove notification permission from app to silence it

damian curry

This app is so bad and not in a good way, shame on dominos for cheaping out on what could so easily be a fantastic app

Richard Molloy

Can't opt out of deal notifications

Craig Smith

Notification spam One star for notification spam. No option to disable.

Jessica Northover

Bloody annoying Keeps changing the amount of pizzas ordered by itself. Not a very user friendly app when all you need to do is order a pizza.

Keith Nicholas

Spams and Scams It spams you with deals, and end of the order it puts up a third-party scam competition site. It should just focus on letting you order pizza. Swapped to using pizza hut

Michael Wijtenburg

What's the point if the order time is wrong?

Albert Gao

The essence of this app is just for proving HTML5 should never be a option for app development unless you get the highly professional people.

Dale Anderson

Won't even work. Uninstalled and reinstalled app twice and still won't open. Its just as well I. Not hungry. Lol not

Hannah Carter

Wouldn't even open Downloaded this app, and it wouldn't even start! It would open up initially but then shut down a few seconds later. So frustrating! No point having an app if it doesn't work and if so many people complain!

Amit Goel

Can't launch the app No wonder why Pizza Hut is far ahead in the game. Looks Dominos doesn't want to get order

Kimberley Perkins

It's great This is simple and easy to use. I like the progress meter when it's getting made, from what I've seen it's accurate. Using this app you can place your order, customise your toppings and track the progress of your pizza.. What more do you need?

Eben Venter

Something wrong with the app and it keeps stopping when I'm trying to start it

Rebecca Attewell

stopped working will not open at all

Bear Grizzly

Good I have had no issues with this app. It does what it says it does, it's quick, efficient and easy to navigate. I just Dominoes would include ALL of their sides in their meal deals sides offers. Sometimes I really feel like wedges or chicken kickers too but they are never included in the 2 for $7 or 3 for $10 sides deals. But that's not about this app, and again in rating this, it's very good ?

Laurinda Sanders

Now I know how to turn off the push notifications its a good app. A little slow but gets the job done. To turn off notifications on Android phones you can do this by going into Android's Settings app and scrolling to the “Apps” entry. Scroll down to the Domino’s App and tap on it. Disable the “Show notifications” options, and you won’t receive any more notifications.

Alex Tjahjana

Extremely unresponsive, can't find any voucher/deal on the app. The time it took to select the base, sauces, and additional topping on the app is equivalent to the time it took me to finish the whole order through the web. Completely useless, on top of that, the company will only response to compliments, and will dismiss any feedback & complaints.

Nate Petrie

About as stable As a bridge in the Uncharted universe. Nougat, 6P crashes consistently once order is placed.

Adrian Davis

Worst app The spam with buying a pizza unusable

Simon Wellborne

Convenient Would give it five stars if I could stop the pesky advert notifications telling me that I want to eat pizza.

Theuns van Wyk

Useless due to staff that cant speak english .

Graeme Hetet

Address not on the list We hoped we could use the app to order a delivery but unfortunately our address was not listed.

Troy Stodart

Not bad Was good until all these push notifications with no option to disable :-/

Richard Bryson

Works okay. Good now it remembers my store.

Campbell Braddock

Could be better Make it faster

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