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25 Jul

Posted by Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited in Lifestyle | July 25, 2016 | 191 Comments

Apk file size: 21.0 MB

Want a Domino’s store anywhere, anytime? Now you can with the Domino’s app!
- Android Pay now supported!
- New On Time Cooking is now available so your pizza is ready as soon as you walk in to store to pick up your order.
- Receive notifications for great deals from your local store
- Quickly and easily scan your credit card details using the camera on your phone
- Order in just 2 taps on your Android Smart Watch when reordering one of your favourite Quick Orders
- Order in as little as 4 clicks with Quick Order
- Save a Fast Favourite Quick Order for faster ordering
- Receive Live Pizza Tracker push notifications on the progress of your order directly to your Android device
- Build a better pizza using Domino’s Pizza Chef®
- Order your favourite pizzas, sides and desserts from the easy to navigate menu
- Check out quickly and easily with the PayPal payment option

*Pricing shown may not be representative of pricing within the Ordering App

Whats new

    Android Pay now supported!
    Bug Fixes

Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 25, 2016. Google play rating is 69.1545. Current verison is 2.5.5. Actual size 21.0 MB.

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Tim Wundke

Awful What an utterly awful "app". Seems to now simply load web pages, which is super slow and breaks the back button behaviour. Maybe this is easier for you guys to code/manage but the user experience is terrible. Also, please, please let us view the menu and select items BEFORE selecting address, etc.

Cassandra Parker

It's ok I was disappointed that after my meal I wanted to do the little survey at the end but it must have timed out and went back to the home page. You'd think they'd want you to enjoy their products hot and then rate them.

brodie corbett

Ok The app itself is fine, whaokt i dont like is when I get out of it and back in i can't access the live pizza tracking again.

Christopher Fraser

Huge downgrade Old native version was much better, even if it was a bit buggy. New web version is incredibly slow and feels really dodgy.

Monica Becerra

Needs a update Need to update your maps. It can't find my address so it's useless to me, deleted the app.

Mrj Christie

THIS APPLICATION SERIOUSLY NEEDS UPDATING. Yummy, just love the product, but the application LOOKS DREADFUL AND NAVIGATION IS WOEFUL. However at least it works, which is more than I can say for Pizza Huts application. HTC One M7, HTC One Max, Kitkat 4.4.3, 4.4.2 & Sense 6.0. Australia.

Courtney Millman Mitchell

Cant Use I have a dominos right around the corner from me and when I put my address in it wont even come up and it has been here for more then 10 years. My address still isn't on the app and I asked many months ago to update the addresses.

Baris Pinar

Poor and low quality app! Once you quit the app pizza live tracker disappears and when you log back in there is nothing there in regards to your order!!!

James Holloway

Clearly states that discount codes can be entered on the next page, there is no option on the next page. I ended up paying an extra $5 for my pizza. Unhappy with this.

Quentin Andrews

Needs work The application isn't fun to use, ideally, the options should go (delivery | pickup) > (confirmation of SAVED delivery details, including special delivery instructions) > (CURRENT VOUCHER OPTIONS!) > (ordering menu) > (payment). Losing the tracker when I switched out to take a call was very annoying, and will deter me from using the app again. This application needs work. putting the voucher options in a little ad panel where they might be missed up the top just annoys people.

Jasmine Weisse

Tracker The tracker should stay in the notification bar until the pizza is delivered. As it sucks when you accidently close the app then have no idea on the progress of your order.


Being able to look at the progress of order after getting back into the app would be good. Other than that had no problems ordering

Steven Spry

Download app - will not open "network unavailable". not my network because I just downloaded. Have uninstalled, tried again a day later to no avail.

Fiona Owen

If it ain't broke! The previous version worked perfectly on my HTC OneX. This version did not..

Yasiru LongSurname

Absolute rubbish The previous version was 100 times better than the current "upgrade". I'm gonna go with pizza hut just because this app is a pain to order with.

Robert France

Very poor app Extremely slow and graphics intensive. Very poor navigation and operating menus. Pizzas are ok though

serenity misery hesparax

Needs widget for screen Would be better if you could close the app and have a widget for when order is ready

Chris Spaz

Was good, can't log in I don't know what changed here. No longer accepts email or password that are 100% correct and never changed. just a loop of "incorrect details supplied" ipad app accepts the same details as does the browser version. lame.

A Google User

Really good And easy to use. Accurate status monitor. The only thing is the app can't remember the password. Please add this in next version.

Dragan K

FAT PIZZA! They're big and their cheesy...

Matty P

Web is better Tracker should remain in notifications bar and also be accessible when going back into app. App also hangs when using PayPal automatically.

Colleen O'Brien

Chicken & camembert It was one the best l had.

Naseer Nasrat

Needs work There is no fast way to exit the app. Not good to just keep going back. Also it crashed and I couldn't change crust type.

silverss onyoutube

Rip off They want $46 for 2 pizzas lol . Where is the pizza being delivered from planet Mars WTF

Jodi Rogers

Tracker I couldnt view my tracker or finish the survey dissapointed ?

A Google User

Not sure what the point of having Chromecast support is. Doesn't crash as much as it used to.

Foad Shahla

Not an android app Almost the same functionality as its website. Does not offer anything more which makes you wonder why they created the app in the first place.

heather grant

Doesn't work, 15 mins later and still can't order anything

George Benwell

Useful app, but. I would be good if they made an actual app, with its own graphics and etc. Currently this app is no different to the mobile version of the website with chrome cast and Android wear support.

Sean Mackedie

Still bad Remember when this app was a real native app and not just a WebView to a mobile site? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Also maybe if I tell everyone Pizza Hut allows adding extra base sauce on THEIR system someone might actually add it in to Domino's online order system too?

kieren brown

Doesn't work. Won't work on galaxy s2, crashes when I try to open it.

Gary Parker

PayPal security key issue. With PayPal security key on, this app does not let you sign in and pay for your pizza with PayPal. Not sure if this is a limitation off the app or PayPal. Please fix either way as I enjoy eating your pizza and like ordering via the app.

Jai Wells

Not Called. I was never called after placing order


It needs a lot of fixing Don't bother downloading

Lori Everuss

Quick and easy For those lazy night in with the family

Michael Walstab

Painful to use and pizza never ready for the time when you ask....

Sergii Soboliev

A must have app Find it easy to use and easy to order pizza when hungry :-)

James Vinar

Gets you pizza, does it well.

Gene T

When i accidentally close the app, the tracking disappear as if the order never happens. It should be much more better to have push notification to the phone when the pizza is ready. Oh and the app is slow, painfully slow.

Brendan Green

Wasnt happy wen i closed the app cause i was reaaly keen on tracking my pizza but now left wondering were is my focking pizza

Jack Maloney

Give a fake email Good app. On my last phone I made the mistake of using my real email and my inbox got absolutely smashed with spam. Used a fake email address this time. problem solved.

Phillip Ferrer

Not an app anymore Would be helpful if it was still an app, you could have added features like tracking your order on your phone. But now this "app" just seems to load the Webpage. Useless... It's a waste of space on the phone since I can pretty much do the same by making a bookmark for the site on my phone without adding the couple mb this app uses.

Chris Delannoy Astudillo

Works pretty good The interface is good and makes selecting orders quiet easily. The only down side is it that the rating order menu dissappears after picking up pizza. Overall it's pretty good

Michael Booth

Easy to use App worked well and was easy to use - even if it was a iOS app cloned to android. Crash closed right at the end so I couldn't see the tracker, and I can't reload it to remember that I just ordered and show a "current order" view. Chrome cast tracker is a nice gimmick!

Joi Lini

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge The app sucks now. Can you make field for notes to be added like "sauce but only ok half of pizza" When it closes the tracker is gone and the only way to see it is to find the email and open. The instant tracker was one of the best features of this app!

Jackie Ollrich

The app does not keep cashed order details Still horrible slow input. The app closes itself when i minimise to open another (eg to check my bank balance, getting a coupon code from my email etc) i reopen the app from 'recent apps' it forgets the whole order... So i had to start again twice!

Harrison Price

Horrible interface This app is really terrible. All is does is load web pages, and even then it is laggy and unresponsive. I also do not understand why there is a separate app for offers. Why not include that in this app?

Clément Bramy

Nearly useless Looks like it's just a web browser, but freaking slow, I'd rather use built-in chrome wet browser in such case. Build a native application..

Dan Mackie

Meh Slower than the website, and I couldn't search for coupons (not that I could see any way). I think I'll just use the website.

Matthew Scavone

Love it! It's so easy to order your favourite pizza with this that I use it almost exclusively when I'm feeling in the mood for pizza!

Scott Klupfel

App is great except I spend 90% of my time waiting for adds. Nic to be able to order easily. It takes ages to load each screen and adds. After the order is placed the app seems to crash more often than finish the tracking process.

Matthew George

Almost perfect How do I change my default pickup store? Been trying for a year. 4 stars until you fix. Even googling doesn't help!

Simon Walker

Cannot order as will not find my location Every time i try and order i log in and enter my postcode and it cannot find a location near me. I also try use my location from gps and also returns no results. Previous versions used to give message about not being in Australia then i would log out and restart app and was given choice of country but I no longer recieve this prompt. I am in New Zealand and am less than 5km from my local store.

Ronald Wood

Prices are Crape It's a joke these days now with domino's or pizza hut with the prices of there pizza's u would get more pizza for Ur money at coles or woolies with the named brands lol

Janine Keast

Too many times I can't get my order through on the app to my local store, this time they claimed I didn't answer yet every other delivery seems to be able to get here from other food stores. And now they won't answer the phone

Christopher Dobson

Can't keep ongoing order in memory Unless leaving the app open the whole time of the order process, the app refreshes itself and losses order tracking. Extremely annoying and makes it impossible to rate delivery. You're doing a disservice to your employees by not allowing customers to give them positive feedback.

Ozzy Jay

App ok, the pizza is rubbish Dominos Mawson in the ACT is awful...service is absolute crap, the attendants shite and pizza is awful

Lochlan Rivers

Great app Great app works great I use it all the time. It's the only way to go. Only one issue I have is the latest update requires permission to use the camera, not sure why seems rather strange and unnecessary, to me unless its something useful inside the app, can't think what though, I haven't checked as of yet.

Ashley Burns

Crashes After Order Placed App crashes after the order is placed so I have to go back in and put in all the details again just to see my order status before it crashes half a second later.

Peter Hakuli

When it works. I have a saved favorite order and every time I've tried to reorder it fails to place the order at the store and refunds th he money.

Anna Valsamis

Needs improvement Hi I would like to see the app to show prices for the pizzas and toppings listed when you scroll though to choose your pizzas. It would help make ordering much easier. And to show the prices on the bottom as you add pizzas. Pizza Hut has a better app.....

Daniel F

Y? Update needs access to the device camera? But i just want pizza. How could that help get me pizza? Each update seems to need more control of my device. But i could get pizza easy before u needed access to my hole device and now its camera. Stars going down for data collection company like YOU!

Justin Hutton

Latest update sucks I can't believe they still haven't fixed this app. It hasn't worked for months despite several updates. It says it can't find my location. When I try and search my local store in Rotorua NZ it gives me several options all in Australia. Tried postcode and it gave me 4 options all in Australia. What is the point of a customer log in if it can't even figure out what country I am in let alone the store I have ordered from every other time I have used the app.

Peter Matsumoto

My son loves this Ordering is a breeze.. tracking is good... does what it says and keeps my son occupied for 30 minutes waiting!

Dave Gard

It gets you pizza...

Marissa Ingram

GPS Tracker thing does not load. But still great app

Joshua Kairl

Buggy junk Crashes on pizza maker, GPS delivery, and Chromecast doesn't work and you cant recovery a order if the app crashes

Hayden O'Sullivan

Pizza Chef crash Pizza Chef crashes the app on Android Marshmallow

Jesse W

Meh Installed to track my order and can't even check it, or even see my order that I just made through the pc.

Matthew Miller

Interesting, new update can scan credit card number, (With Camera) Gee I hate technology.

Robert de Carvalho

Constantly crashes. Htc one m9. Haven't been able to place an order yet

Steve Jones

Dominos in Russia. Location by GPS did not work but does it give a store option even when they are here?? (seen on TV)

Kyson Onbashi

Chromecast supported kind of not really Showing a dominos 404 error page just barely counts as chromecast support so 2 stars instead of 1 for now.

Nathaniel Black

Fruad attempt?? So I select a spicy veg trio (add all the free toppings) then go to the checkout and It says 1 pizza ($5). Get to the store and they've cooked 2 identical ones and the order receipt says 2 ($10). In the end I just paid for both because I didn't want the food to get wasted. But this is illegal and It happened about a week ago but I forgot about it. Maybe I should call the ACCC??

Rochelle kdfkuk Fenn

Always kicks me out after order is processed I never get to see the GPS tracking because it kicks me out of the app! It drives me insane

Tom Clerehan

My Address Disappeared My address can't be located in their system any more, after years of working fine. Store refuses to deliver over the phone saying they can't see it (ever heard of Melways or Google maps?). Fail.

Mrj Christie

THIS APPLICATION SERIOUSLY NEEDS MORE UPDATING. Yummy, just love the product, but the application LOOKS DREADFUL AND NAVIGATION IS WOEFUL. However at least it works, which is more than I can say for Pizza Huts application. HTC One M7, HTC One Max, Lollipop 5.0.2 & Sense 6.0. Australia.

Luke George

Next time you update the app, MAKE SURE ITS FINISHED! Gps is at least 2 minutes behind the actual delivery guy, You cant even customise pizzas anymore. Oh and gotta love the 404 message when you want to look up the dietary info...good job guys. Why dont you go down to the nearest highschool and get the year 8 multimedia class to show you how to make an app.

Jeff Samuel

Useless App continually thinks I'm in Oz. "I know I'll use the GPS location"; did not work? All other apps that use GPS have no problems. "Okay I'll beat you this time I'll enter Suburb"; No wont work as cannot find Suburb in NZ. Last try postcode, success apart from again I don't live in NZ! Finally successful by going to another vendor for pizza. Great app guys.

Samir Gajjar

You dont need access to my camera Works well otherwise... just dont asking permission to services on my device thats got nothing to do with ordering pizza... i am uninstall...thanks for servicing my orders so far

Jeff Oldham

Dissapointing Online tracker doesnt work if the app closes, so have to use the mobile website instead.

Glen Martin

Works well.. Very good app, use it often. Yes, I like pizza..

Amy Odell

Wont let me order The app tells me everytime that they do not deliver to my address and they clearly do. Have told my local store twice when I've called throught the order. Still not fixed!

Tom Gilmartin

Updated! Still crappy but works... Barely Can order and pay for pizza but the driver tracker never loads and often a different driver turns up than the one the app tells you. Get rid of the crap driver tracker Domino's it makes you look like amateurs.

Apakuki Nayacakalou

Won't reopen current order once phone goes to sleep mode. Too many up sells too.


Does not work Would not accept any of my 3 email addresses to sign up

Jane Inglis

OK , average App's great for ordering but forget about tracking any orders already in place if you accidentally close out of the app. Also would like to be able to change the default delivery store, I get email notifications of specials from one store but its not my local address store.

Alexander Ryan

Needs work Doesn't let you see how your order is going is you re open the app or make an order for later in the day, please include this option

Tyisha Bethel

Live Tracker If exited out of the app there should be an option to go straight back to the live tracker

Amy T

Could be better I'd like to be able to use other apps on my devices while using the pizza tracker part of the app. If I get a call while I'm waiting and then go back to the app it loses the tracking of my order :( please find a way to fix that

Mike Bawlz

Lol Loses current order when (not if) the app crashes. This is a simple, simple thing to fix. A simple time-stamped record of previous orders to base the tracker (read:timer) is all it needs. Recall the timestamp and run the timer from then. You've had this app going for years, dominos. It's about time you actually improved the UX.

Dean Cutcliffe

Crap Lock my phone and the app closes, lose my order, tracker gone. Ridiculous this isn't fixed.. poor poor effort. Thinking I'll pay a reasonable price for my pizza from now on as the changes on my pizza probably won't be correctly removed/put on and I'm so sick of complaining.. fix your stuff before trying to introduce 20 min delivery

Daisy McMullen

CAN'T GET ENOUGH I can't believe I can order pizza without even g picking up yer phone! Talk about convenience! Truth be told, I'm afraid if I get off the couch I'll lose my comfy bum groove..


Best "feature" of the app, non existent Best feature of this dominos app doesn't work, you order and sit there ready for a mega feed... And then as soon as the order is placed the application seems to crash? How come there is no way to re open the current order?

Simon Dane

No longer a good app The app is now so "busy", confusing and so geared towards tricking you into buying expensive options that I won't use it any more. Really devalues the Dominos brand.

taylor richardson

Rediculous Below average app actually charges you more when you order delivery my $5 pizza went to $18 and everything else more than doubled $8 for a can of coke

Francys Mainieri

Choose store I live in auckland but app only allowa me to buy from queensland or new south wales. I dont wanna wait a week for a pizza... who programmed this? Shamefull for a multinational that can't get an app right...

Matthew G.

AAA+ BTW if u lose order. Just start again SIMPLE and it will ask if u want to restore existing...

Marcel Fari

What more from an app do you want? Im surprised this app only has 3.5 stars. Many people rate the food or the store, not the app. This app is one of the best there is, if not the best. Easiest way to order food. Thank you Domino's and in return I will order some delicious pizza now:)

Rob Mitchell

Frustrating Not overly user friendly. Obviously work in progress.

Bernie Dwyer

Can't use Needs updates. Cannot find my address, gave me the option of a WA address even tho I live in VIC.

Stephanie Munro-Smith

Needs some adjustments but great app I really like being able to order on my phone but sometimes it crashes and I lose my order tracking. I wish there was a way to go back to an in-progress order. Otherwise a great app.

Mario Clarence

Not bad Does what it's supposed to do, so no complaints.

Ryan Parrott

Great app Super schmick app, nailed it. Great experience, with a clear interface that's super easy to navigate. Order tracking works well. Well thought out, it has what you need, when you need it. Payment process easy too - card scan very handy. A

Ashley Burns

Crashes After Order Placed App crashes after the order is placed so I have to go back in and put in all the details again just to see my order status before it crashes half a second later.

Erica Smith

Login I forgot my password and I'm trying to reset it by getting a temp one emailed to me but the email hasn't come through yet. I've been waiting about 30 minutes and nothing. Frustrating!

Matt Bayliss

Pop-up ad interruptions I love a lot of the features, like quick orders and remembering my PayPal details, but the ads! No I don't want to add whatever side or dessert, stop interrupting me when I'm trying to give you money!

Rowan Welch

functionality good. No option to view current order tracking after you exit the app. annoying.

Graeme Anderson

Order tracking Once you get out of the app or restart your phone you cannot view or track your order anymore, even after logging back in to the app. Otherwise the app is great and quick. Would give a 5/5 for app if can re-sign in and go back to tracking order.

Susan Swanepoel

I'm in NZ not America! My location is on and I am signed in and yet it defaults to USA, can't select my local store in NZ. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, then it is for NZ, but the next time I open the app it's back to USA. It's frustrating and I can't see anywhere where I can change the location.

Melody Ieremia

It so much easier especially when you have kids to take

Quentin Jarvis

Absolute CRAP I ordered on the app went to the store they had no details of my order. But i bet now they have my email they will send me countless ads luckily i will just add them to spam uninstalling app after this review good bye.

jerry jiang

Works It simply works, great app

Barbara Lukey

Ridiculous that I can't choose my closest Domino's. Broadmeadows is less than 2km away while the automatically allocated Craigieburn domino's is more than 10km away. Not a very efficient use of resources.

A Google User

Does what itsays. Cooked on time doesn't appear to work yet. I was an hour later thenthe pick up time given and the pizza had been waiting rather then cooked when i was getting close.

James Debono

Works But if you switch apps and then back it closes the order tracker and you can't bring it back up. Need to be able to reaccess the tracking for a recent order

David Meyer

Awesome! Never have much of an issue. Only a couple of places that I could not get an address to come up, then called to find out why, and be told that they do not deliver there, hence why the address doesnt pop up. So no grudge there, but wow!! You guys have spent some big money to have an awesomely built app

Patrick Vuillermin

Notifications. I get more notifications from this app than I do from friends. (Though that's probably my fault) Enough already! It's pizza for goodness sake.

A Google User

Watch companion app? The Android Wear companion app now only seems to work if you log into an account on the website. I choose not to have an account, which makes this once-handy feature useless. The latest updates also bring in push notification ads, which is totally uncool.

James Nilsson

Promotions App works good. Wish they'd stop sending me deal notifications to my phone!


Intrusive notification adverts I cannot opt out of push notification adverts. Uninstalling purely for this reason.

John Jenkman

Just a wrapper around their website This is just a wrapper around their mobile website. Pointless. Might as well just use their website.

Cam O'Connor

Constantly freezing Froze so often couldn't even place an order.

Philip Morgan

Use to work great I use a HTC One m9, the application use to work great however with every new update the application glitches and crashes more, fair to say my diet has been positively affected by these glitches

Ryan Halket

Push notifications are annoying Had to manually block notifications so I don't get annoyed all the time by messages

daniel fewquandie

Never works!!! Never works! Tried uninstalling it and re-installing it and it never works when you go to pay by credit card!!!!

Brad Sheppard

How to stop adds? How do I stop the push adds? Very annoying and will uninstall if they can't be stopped

rose bugeja

question with the deliverys do u guys take cash?

Adrian Cowan

Stop the app from pushing adverts to my phone. Otherwise I will be uninstalling.

Dean Fergie

Works well but.... Please let me turn off the deal notifications.

Paul Fechner

LG G3 Marshmallow. this app no longer works or syncronises with ASUS ZenWatch 2, smartwatch.

Matthew De Freitas

Excellent Seamless ordering process, allows for customisation of pizzas and paypal- couldn't ask for more.

Jack Woodward

Crashes Not sure if the cause is Android N but it crashes when I use the live tracker

Matt Hendry

Chromecast Feature Crap Chromecast ordering didn't work properly just went to a 404 page .Common Dominos get your back end right .

Jonathan Davies

Notifications Stop with the spam notifications

roderick ritchie

Advertising via push notifications!! I installed this app so that I could order your pizza's NOT SO THAT YOU COULD SEND ME ADVERTISING USING PUSH NOTIFICATIONS!!!

Matthew Evans

Newcomb Team Great wo Ro Rd k show em how it made every one,NOSE!!!

James Conlon

Now comes with an extra serve of push notifications adverts that cannot he disabled without disabling ALL push notifications. Yum! Thanks Domino's!

Rebecca Vear

Never works! Always get to the end of ordering and it says there's an error. Does it on the computer too! Incredibly frustrating! Pop ups are annoying when trying to order as well.


A regular helper Very useful to be able to order in the go. I wish store vouchers were easier to find though.

Jim Tolson

Terrible app Keeps failing mid order and wiping your order out. How about you stop wasting time with gimicks like unmanned vehicles and get your app working properly. Try making the order persistent to flash memory so you dont loose it when the app errors out or crashes.

Christopher Barraud

Enough of the spam Notification spam is a cancer. At least give us an opt-in function.

Jasmine Cox

No problem We always use this app to order pizza, never had a problem and enjoy using it.

Sam Walker

Pete Poo butt

Monica Sanchez

:) Made my life easier!!

Rick Watson

Not good Like the food, app is getting worse, do yourself a favour and unsubscribe from daily email spamming

Wade Thrupp

Spam Hassles you with notifications pushing rubbish deals

Gavin Nielson

Misleading You app states that it has the best specials and no more need for coupons... well went online to order and find cheaper specials there and in the mail the next day please explain?

Nikki Accad

New update has made the app worse! It lags and once payment is going through the app suddenly crashes. Why update when it wasnt stuffed up before?!

David Roussel

Permissions needed?! Why the hell does this need access to my camera when I can use the Web based version to access dominoes via mobile?


Don't exit app when making order You spend 15 minutes customising pizzas, you exit app before placing order, example, to check bank balance, get a phone call etc, go back into app, all details wiped, despite the fact that you're logged in when making order. App has no memory at all. Order on website so if you need to use your phone for something else, you won't lose everything and have to start over.

Meagan Barber

Worst version yet... The app closed on me several times in the process of ordering and booted me once my order was placed so I couldn't reopen the app and see my pizza tracker. Might seem trivial but that tracker is an anxiety sufferers best friend, have no idea if my order was completed or where the hell my order is. Mighty disappointed.

Bella Adamson

Store didn't receive my order (waited half hour) Ordered from my phone using the app and PAID FOR IT when i left to pick it up the store claims it never received my order, VERY ANGRY. I had to order again and pay again. App is useless, just STEALS YOUR MONEY AND DOESN'T PLACE THE ORDER. Doesn't give you any order history so I couldn't prove it.

Philip Morgan

Used to be great I use a HTC One m9, the application used to work great. For some reason it constantly crashes at different stages of the order, this problem started after an update near the start of the year and is no better now after multiple app updates as well as an OS update. I uninstalled all antivirus apps and the problem still persists.

Caroline Childs

Great until they signed me up to be pestered by FOXTEL Not happy dominos. I was tricked into agreeing for my info to be released to Foxtel (I thought I was signing up to dominos newsletter). I couldn't get through to my tracker until I agreed. Now I'm being harassed for pay TV I have no interest in. Uninstalling and my local dominos just lost a customer

A Google User

Great but closes on order complete The apps not bad but every order I make the app crashes the moment it goes through so I don't actually know if it's convert through or not. So far out has every time, but there's no point in the pizza tracker because the app crashes just before the tracker starts and there's no way of looking at previous orders to make sure my order was successfully processed. Just have to wait and see if it arrives :$

Peter Wearden

Used to be good Was happy with app until the bloody annoying notifications started. I am a member, I get your emails, and if I want to order bloody pizza I will when I want not because I have a bloody annoying notification telling me you are open. I know that. Considering deleting and just useing the website when I want pizza from pizza hut from now on.

charlie ji

CJ app closes when just complete the order, don't even know if the order went through or not. Try to check by reopening the app and check the order status, then app closes itself again just before showing any useful info. Stupid app

chris neill

Easier calling To many notifications then when actually try to order a pizza at least 3 times it'll try and ask me to add some special deal. Just irritating to use

Luke Sullivan

Notifications Uninstalled because of the annoying notifications. App made it easy to order pizza when staying back late at work, will probably just go somewhere else now.

Andre Soriano

Option to disable notifications please App is near perfect besides this issue. Giving three stars instead of four because it's really annoying

Marc Hinrichsen

Notification ads Hate the new notification ads. If I wanted to order something I'll click the app myself.

Rod Passos

Annoying constant notifications of ads The app itself is good, but to have it intalled you need to deal with the annoying notifications and pushy ads. It cannot be disabled.

Gareth Jones

Once logged out can't track order Fairly smooth and easy to use but once youve logged out or force closed you can't carry on tracking your order which brain box didn't test this app properly?? Yours, disappointed and hungry customer.

Elle Gannaway

Too many notifications Not only is the app a nightmare to use. It takes ten times as long as using the website. But it also sends like three notifications a day. "Don't forget we're open", "blah blah blah", "please buy pizza pllllssss!!!!!!!!!".

Celeste X

Used to be good Until it started spamming my phone with no option to disable that incredibly stupid feature. Uninstalled and will no longer order anything from your stores.

Eugene Kang

Notifications! App works great, but those notifications are bloody annoying! Stop spamming me with ads! I'll order a pizza when I want to!

Jeannie L

NOT enjoying these obnoxious push notifications There doesn't seem to be an option to disable them. Come on Domino's, I already get at least one email from you everyday with your coupon codes, I really do not need/want notifications on my phone too.

Claire Coghill

Stop pushing notifications Really good app when you want to order pizza, really annoying app when you don't.

Marissa Ingram

Tracker Issues Just had the app refresh itself. Now I have no way of checking the status of my order. Can't find a way to see if my order is being cooked, ready in store or on its way...

Tim Laycock

Too many notifications I've been using the app for years, but recently it's been generating notifications with offers. Emails are fine, phone notifications are not. I'll be uninstalling the application if these notifications continue.

Paul Fechner

Useless No longer works on smartwatch. Uninstalling app as it's now useless and a lot easier to simply use browser. Bye

Dylan Mathiesen

Notifications This app has one purpose on my phone - ordering pizza. I did not install it to get daily ads in my notification drawer. Unless you are giving me free pizza or updating me on a current order, this app should never send me a notification.


The app does what it needs to but I can't see anywhere to turn off the daily notifications and I'm not a fan.

Adam Walshe

Can't disable notifications Would be okay if it didn't keep bringing up notifications to order pizza. Unforgivable.

Shane Donlon

Wtf this app has issues. You guys really need to fix this app. Keeps doubling up my orders. I'm one person. What the hell am I going to do with five pizzas. I have a video recording of the bug in action. Contact me if you wish to see it!

linda james

The app isn't bad, I think it's great....but domino's cannot get my order right or when they delivered the pizza it's cold..?

Riley Breen

Spam Keeps spamming me with random bullshit notifications that are basically just ads, even when the app hasn't been launched.


Crashing, buggy This app crashes every time immediately after payment and if generally buggy.

Andrew Moore

Is useless won't accept email can not continue going to pizza hut . Up date your app

Michael Dorn

They're recently added a LOT of email advertising subscriptions for hotel discounts, etc., which require you to go through unticking all the boxes. Not only inappropriate, but really detracts from the ordering experience in an attempt to make more money.

Alex Bird

App is slow and unreliable Too many notifications, app crashes often and is very slow to use. ?

Guy Bradney

Fantastic Only problem is that I am buying more pizza's than I used to.

Kayne Buttsworth

Fix the crash Every time I order it gets to pizza tracker then crashes

John Dixon

Goes back to start screen if minimised or you play a video from the links at the bottom

Australia NSW

So tedious That's it, just not a user friendly app. Slow

Matt Graham

Really? Sick of it asking me to buy Pizza every day.

Nikki Threlfall

Not working Just says error encountered problem

Arno Bosman

US based. Only shows stores based in the USA.

Broken Scythe

Way to many notification, it becomes beyond annoying

Tim Nicholas

Stop sending me notifications Unsolicited notifications are annoying.

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