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25 Jun

Posted by Ricardo Amorim in Casual | June 25, 2014 | 73 Comments

Apk file size: 1.1 MB

Domino game with attractive graphics and customizable rules. Fun for all ages.
You do not need to pay anything. The game is completely free and does not have a paid version.
1 million have already played! And you? Try it now.

Whats new

    added new game type (draw), interface improved and score fixed.
    (this update fix an option error from version 2.0)

Ricardo Amorim part of our Casual and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update June 25, 2014. Google play rating is 80.307. Current verison is 2.0.1. Actual size 1.1 MB.

Download dominoes.apk 1.1 MB


Moises Padilla

Almost great My only complain is about the auto-center feature that keeps moving the bones and altering the layout; Please, allow us to disable since it feels very unnatural. Also, I know when I have to pass so, why I need to click on a big-ass OK button instead of using the same notification system about the other players?

Irv Ogando

Almost there This app would be five stars if only the winners of the match got points. By these rules you could win every round but lose the match because of points...also if you could play with and against your friends, this app would be perfect. (That's the one thing no GOOD current domino app includes)

A Google User

Finally Finally a domino game that is not bones.. Very user friendly n fun to kill time..

theresa alley

Its a really fun and ADDICTIVE app! But without an option 2 "save game in progress", it only gets 4 stars! Add that option and U get the 5th star!!

maria cristina Rodriguez

6 year old JonJon Its good , my dad told me to write that

Llyod Williams

It is so awesome. U need to try it to believe it's, Lloyd from New York city's. And tasks.from Jamaica.

khaled muslemkhaled

Not very good Good app very bad adds . I uninstall it x-(

Nancy Lanno

Pretty good app dominos Well this I'd have to say is a good clean playing app but one odd thing it stops play if you draw a domino that can be placed at more than one point and it doesn't tell you pick a side, it just stops. A hint would have been nice. I uninstalled this game the first time I tried it because I thought it was crashing itself. Second time around I accidentally figured out the problem Duh.

Raul Velasquez

Easy to play!!! Very nice and entertaining. Should consider adding other features for example, in the Caribbean, if you win with the double zero that's 100 pt bonus (known as the "chuchazo") and if your domino can win at either end that's 100 pt bonus (known as the "capicu"). All in all, the game is really good. Keep up the good work

touchlesz lavia

I like it but i think it would be a lot better facing players online

Cuchi Plaja

Love it !!! It's easy to play. You can become addicted

Alan Feliz

2x2 bull$*it The the 2vs2 mode is wack, loser keeps getting points, Im playing the last piece and losing the game at the same time, dumb, plss fix and ill rate 5

Ciara Jones

Stupid I can't get the game to let me get the points I score in only lets the winner get three points from the losers hand...that's stupid

Jose Batista

Needs a saved game option This game would be a perfect 5 star game if you could save your games. Sometimes I need to do something real quick and have to start a brand new game all over.

Ali Said

Awesome game ,still can't believe <333

Craig Martin

It the best thing Loving it

Duane Aubin

Closest I've found This is okay, but, we usually just play first team to 6 wins or first team to win 6 straight wins. And we only count when a game is blocked. If I could A) have my hand lined up side by side instead of end to end; B) rearrange them in front of me; C) not have the played dominoes move each play, D) allow winning team to decide which of them will pose (human user opt to pose or pass and let computer TEAMMATE pose) and E) provide option to slam a domino and shake the table! = 5 stars.

hadeer masry

I love it i play it even i share it the with my friends .

james DYKEMA

close to the real bones it self Sometimes it was hard to see the dots in some areas but other then that I like this

M. Abdi Jatiguna

Good game!!! I've check others games, but this one is the best for me... Easy and so simply...

Tim Cuington

Complaint Game doesn't allow first double to be used as spinner... No spinner... Smh

Mohammed Ashraf

Almost great I like it but I think somethings need to change .. for example when I lock the screen during a game why does it restart the whole game not pause? Also if I could see the domino moving from my opponent to the ground it'd be better .. and online multi-player would be great

Said Solihin

Love it It same with my country play rules

John Zacharakis

Great looking and easiest UI I have downloaded and tried over 20 dominoes apps, this one is definitely the best one. The whole board fits on screen, the user interface is comfortable and the gameplay is very solid. Excellent

ramane henry

Please add multiplayer online feature for five star

Hector de Jesus

good app but in 2x2 computer plays random dominoes that usually cost the game. if the computer would play more intelligent would be a 5 star app. and only the wining team should get the points

ahmed ali

Soo good but could you add high score button to it.

Darryl Thomas

Doesn't score by 5 on table Score is added when hand is over

Alliyah Sample

Okay I agree with Irv its one of those type of games.

Paul Crawley

This game cheats I scored 30 points an it gave me a 0 score

Ayman Elkomy

suggesttion i suggest to be online to share our friends to play with each other

Junior Demus

Great Apps The game is great and in original format. Can't you allow game to play with someone in your contact list online?

Julio Lozada

This game is sheat because roan counting

Katty owen

Simple and easy Really great app...keeps me thinking my every move.

Kievette Jones

This is off the chain Men,I can play this all day. Yea Boy

Sanchez Farrington

Its good Just needs something to make it more exciting

vaughn serrant

Why does the losing team score? That's not right! Also, I think the game's difficulty could be higher. Lastly, why not provide the ability to play with or against others online? With those things, you make an ok game, an AWESOME one

Dennis Cordoba

Finally Finally a domino game that is not bones.. Very user friendly n fun to kill time..

Khadeem Nelson

Very good I hope in the next update it allows you to play with friends

Ryan O'Neil Seaton

Dynamic Options ! Ricardo, PLEASE IMPLIMENT A REPLAY LAST GAME FEATURE !:-) this could be set up as REPLAY SAME HAND OR REPLAY AS PARTNER'S HAND OR MOVE ON TO next round . Many times the user may want to know the probability if the game were played differently and you can give the option for the REPLAY to count or not count for points ? REPLAY with Rivals set of dominoes might also be interesting .Do you see what I'm saying ?

Davy Lowman

Idiot for a partner Great program if the computer partner was not completely incompetent.

Chino Perez

Finally Finally a domino game that is not bones.. Very user friendly n fun to kill time.. Also if there were an option to change the table color and background that would be awesome. Or maybe allow to create a table using our own pics and also having the dominoes vertical and allow to place in a way we like as a in a real game. Lastly when playing in teams have the team who wins each hand win all points remaining on table. When we play we also play to usually 500 with prizes. Maybe that could be an option also.


Roots Cool take mind of tings, bt can b perfect if u meet new ppl on the game and play against ppl u dnt knw

July Riv

Going to far Your advertising is getting out of line. I know you have to make money, but pop up a ad when the game is progress. No way. Had domino's for about a year. Think it's time to quit.

Prasanna Gadkari

Cool game. Suggestions for improvement After each game instead of showing 'show score' the score should be displayed by default and only 'next game' button should appear. Other colors, layouts would be great.

who? me?

Good not great Would be nice to see some animation when you set the domino, its very hard to figure what your partner played, they just pop up. Loser should not get points.

anton knight

Would like to pick my own bones....also change the view of my hand to vertical....over all good game

Ricardo Mercado

Best dominoes app, but... Would give 5 stars if loser stops getting points

Agung Mauliady

Please Colour the dots with red or black so it easier to read their number.

David Loomans

Killed by adds Sudden screen filling ad movies after a session. It's frightening. Uninstall.

J.M. Jacques

Ads ads ads and more ads Looking right now for other domino game. Yours have WAY TO MANY ADS. And now you HAVE to see ads for few seconds until you can close it.

Enricka Newbold

The fact that everytime I complete a game I have to see the sores its very annoying. There should be just a record and when I want to see my scores I can whenever I want. Besides that its a pretty cool game!

Glendon Stewart

Multi player Best domino game on the play store but. If you can get the this game to link with our player our WiFi or Bluetooth then that would make this game. A great one.

Isaac Ryan

Simple Simply does what its supposed to do without the usual unnecessary options

Evelyn Rios

It's really an awesome game I love it and enjoy it really relaxing

Adrian Stubbs

Its good but .... It would be nice if you could see who play which dominoe by touching the dominoe

Turbulent Lord

I've seen some nonsense reviews. If people looked in the settings they would see where they can make the changes so that by winning the rounds they score the points. A traditional 6-0 to a single player option should be done as well. Where you just have to win 6 rounds without the competition winning any. Another option is the person who scores the least after someone reaches a predetermined score is the winner. So instead of the first to 50 or 100. The person with the least points when another player gets to that score is the winner. If the game speed at it's slowest allowed for me to follow carefully who plays what. The game's AI needs to be a bit more intelligent in it's game play as well.

01iver Bejarano

Lacks options. There should be an option so when playing 2 vs 2 the losing team doesn't score. It makes non sense...

Amr Pee

Nice and simple!. The user interface is easy to use. No silly drag and drop like in some other domino apps which wastes time and effort. Wish the played dominoes were as big as what the user has. Then would be easier to see in a small screen. No unnecessary permissions.

Diana I Melendez

Dominoes Good pace Nice view Easy to follow Very comfortable

Junior Demus

Great Apps The game is great and in original format. This is and feel like the real deal.

Farrouk Berraf

Would give 5 Just if u add the option that loser of the rounder doesnt score cause that's how we play dominoes here :D

Greg P

Beginner programmer Doesn't let me choose where to play tile when more than one option. Mediocre graphics n primitive menus

Abu Chame

Only there's no money. But its great game l love it

Katelyn Fuller

Im not 3 Only had the app for 5 minutes and I'm already jack of it! Havnt played long enough to find any major problems but its way too boring when it highlights the domino it wants you to use and there doesnt look to be a way of turning it off in the settings. A good old 10 minute game in reality can be played in 30 seconds with this app. Sorry but I'm going to look for another

Rudolf Elizabeth

Doesn't play the real game In the real game you pick your stones from a shuffle deck right now the computer gives you your stones when you are comstantly winning it keeps giving the highest doubles so you cannot win you will never get double six to open that is cheating need to be corrected

Bill Suter

Scoring is all screwed up! Game works great EXCEPT, how can you win every round but still loose!!! Scoring needs to be fixed. Use Spanish scoring, or, at least, give us the option.

Javian Harris

No scores Don't waste your time download this foolishness, this game shows no scores. You will totally lose track

Louis Miranda

You must correct scoring! You must fix the scoring system. This is frustrating!

Darron Smith

This would get five stars but after a while it stopped adding up the scores and just kept showing ads. It kept starting from the beginning no matter who won

Antonio J.S. Headley

Levels of Difficulty Mneed to incorporate different levels of difficulty beginner, intermediate, experienced, professional etc


Good I love it but it would be better if it has the option to play live with real players

Christopher Graham

Not bad Extremely addictive if u love n appreciate d game even my 7 years old can handle himself.

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