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11 Aug
Do Not Disturb! Jokes & Pranks

Posted by Tapps - Top Apps and Games in Educational | Aug. 11, 2016 | 153 Comments

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Knock, knock! Mr. Grumpy McGrump is not the happiest, but he is definitely the most hilarious marmot in the neighborhood. Knock the door, tap the windows and ring the bell to check the funniest reactions from Mr. McGrump. Just don’t get caught!

Play tricks to see dozens of reactions from Mr. McGrump! Kids love it!

Collect surprise souvenirs from Mr. McGrump! Each tap adds a little to the Annoy-o-Meter and every time you reach the top you get a souvenir to keep forever! Can you get them all?

Each tap also gives you coins that you can use to get new fun door bells sounds and colors. Try all of them!

• Perfect to entertain children (and adults too, why not?)
• Dozens of funny tricks and reactions
• Collectible souvenirs
• Different doorbells
• Fun and cute illustrations
• Cats and dogs are over. Marmots are awesome!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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Bryana Noriega

Amazing!!! <3 This game is hilarious and spectacular! I love the amazing animations and funny new ways to annoy him :3 get it :333333

Jennalynn Nonog

Pretty cool! I read the comments about this game and this game is so so cool, u people should play this game, but I just wish there was a lot more different reactions instead of always the same ones please

Kirti Mehta

Don't waste ur time this game u hav to just ring the bell n bang yhe window n nothing else

Monis Sarora

Superb I loved it so much it's better but it says do not download it so I'm verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry angry but I not downloaded it yet But I hate my friend and my brother forced me soooooo I'm downloaded this game.......... And friends I hate this game verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much

Autumn Testerman

Love it Toddlers will enjoy and more the funny thing is that I'm 9 yr old about to tern 10 and I love the app PS all readers you should get my boo and my boo album also tapps games.

Annabelle Tweedie

Funny and fun This game is hilariously fun I love watching how the house owner will react.Although this game is the same old thing every time I still enjoy it.However the ads always get in the way and the game can start to get very boring.

Todd Dupke

Supermegafuntime Ring pound knock anyone home yes go away 3 Seconds later same thing funny thing happens get coins do it again in 3 seconds but please make it so you always get new items like new mugs and other cool things.

mohammad ayaz

Not bad time pass game But if play too much can get bore ?

Thomas Wheeler

AWSOME It was so much fun to mess around with him by ringing his doorbell knocking on his door and tapping on the window and collect Suvaniers and rage faces and buy new door bells but the bad thing is ounce you run out and finish the game everybody uninstals it and gets sad becouse the game was so much fun

Morticia Marina

For YOUNG children only The only positives about this game is that the graphics are very good, it looks cute and Mr. Grumpy's reactions *are* silly.......... You get an ad after every prank and the game is extremely repetitive. I'm not sure if you get different reactions randomly or based on how you prank Grumpy. Either way, I'm not going to find out..

ZANIAH sanchez

Love it My baby sister loves when he reacts she starts to laugh I love the game myself to its so funny to me because I'm nine and my baby sister is my picture so I pretty much love it

Erin Linton

Little kids love it My baby sister LOVES it. She thinks Mr.McGrump's reactions when he answers the door. She will laugh for (not literally) hours

Kayla Veal

do not duster pranks and jokes this is a good game my 5 yr old thinks this game is so funny :-D

olivia Adams

fun....probably better for younger kids though The game is really repetitive so younger "veiwers" would probably have more fun

Alea De Grandis

I'll loved it I love it when grumpy answers the door and I just love it I like smashing the window?

Crysella Lim Jue Yu

Awesome~!!! It's a really cute and funny game, it's really a great game to pass time,but I wish there were more ways to annoy Mr.Grumpy....Like mailboxes,buzzers,voice mails....If they can make this game more fun,I'll give them 5 stars.

Autumn Cobb

It is so funny One of my favorite relations is when he takes a bite out of his newspaper instead of his hot dog. Def get this game

Ryen Wallace

Grrrrr... Says Mr.grumpy mcgrump. Sorry, that was actually what Mr.grumpy says. Mr.grumpy is funny when he does the thing where he is sad, then he laughs, and I am a kid, but not really young, actually,10-13, so, could you make a number:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10?All the way to number 100? A lot of kids and adults will love that very much. So could you makers of the game please do that? If you don't, god will not like that kind of attitude. So if you like what I wrote please say hahahahaha.

Jeah Villegas

There`s A Problem Its a nice app because Its so funny but could you please stop the ADS?!? It ruined my game!!!

Myha Peters

It's Amazing This is the most fun game you can ever play now when I say it is fun I mean it is really fun and I know.

Swit Kristin Aubrey Antolin

#ohmaigawd I dont love it i IN LOVE! Oh mai gawd its so hilariouse. Huehuehue 5★ c': keep it up its Fun and Funny i really inspired it to play it. AND the best part is He turned into a Pika Chu its too cute!♥♥♥ TY you make me happy :) #PTAF

Delilah Jennings

It's so funny My little cousin enjoys playing this, and I enjoy hearing her laugh. So thank you soo much

Jacinta Walker

Its awesome but I hate that the ads keep popping up please fix its a great game

PaytonTrace Keller

Funny I REALLY like this game! When I got my second prize,I said,My Little Pony.

jirehshane catoy

Da Best!Wow!!! :) <3 It's so funny how Mr.Grumpy got annoyed or angry.I also like the souvenirs given by Mr.Grumpy.I loved it.I wish you could also do another dont dusturb game..I love Don't dusturb Game.. :) :)

Foronica Gonzales

LOVED IT! SO MUCH! I was finding this for many years because my cousin showed me this in his tablet and i borrowed it and its so much fun and funny! Now a long year later finally i found it! Well thats only what i wanna say - GREAT! ILL GIVE 5 STARS! ????? <3! But when its a long time and u unlock it all its starting to get very boring,but its okay i dont judge ^o^

Tim Long

Like it I like it,it's funny. If you add some stuff on it,I will rate one more star and a dollar.:-)

Najhaia Nelson

I love it so much!!!!!!!:-) I love this game it's so easy and funny I think everyone should get it.Im only nine too and going to be ten this year and this is just amazing!!! COOL !!! :-) :-)

eduard grimaldo

Grumpy getting rekt Grumpy go outside and theres a spider on his head and he get rekt also pikachu he turn into pikachu and he burnt turn into toasted grumpy

Harmony Hernandez

It's so funny!! When I nock on the door and he has his hot dog and news paper he doesn't even eat his hot dog he eats the newspaper

Denvir Daamo

???? This App Is So Cute. U need To Download More Of Theses Games!!! #Support

Bernadette Wilson

Too great U always get locked out or burnt by hot coco!!!!!

Aleana Mae Ignacio

Good GAME I loved it. Even though its simple its a good game

Amy Nelson

Awesome, but... It's great but and it's hilarious and grumpy RULES but there need to be more reactions. Also I've tried the second one and it's boring because it's just him getting hurt but not in a funny way. And I'm 11 so I know what humour is

Janica S. Benzon

I like it I kinda laugh but not that much but I think it would be more better if you can also tap him and talk.

Christian Mae

I enjoyed it Despite being a small app, it was surprisingly fun to play.

Riley Long

Only the ads The game is amazing its only the ads that makes it 4 stars for me

Michelle Scott

Hilarious Too fuc¥in funny pt1 is better than 2 tho.

Georgia Wheatland

Not so much Ok add more things to anoy him with if ur ok with doing things for a long time then this is for u

Savier Rojas

Do not Disturb the bad comet It the best game a funny for many kids. I hope you make a Do not Disturb 3 that has many more funny sense. So i hope you read my comet and explain if you are able to create a new Do not Disturb game. # Best game :)

Mikayla Mitchell

Loving The Creative Mind You guys are awesome at what you create.THIS GAME IS AWESOME.I'm impressed that this game has no bugs or problems.GREAT JOB

Breanna Brooks

Awesome I love the game because it's funny and cute and not to mention the utily adorable and interesting little cartoons

Mikayla Thomas

Pretty cool But, its easier on door, harder on doorbell (the red bar goes down faster)

jody downey

Rocks and ect. . . . . Hilarious, annoying, and just plain ol stupid. But that's what makes for a great game. To be able to annoy the crap out of someone / something and not get slapped by karma, Priceless. The reactions from Mr G, they rock. Can't wait to see the rest of the game.

Maisy Morrow

Okay,I think its amazing,but,it would be much fun if you could add more stuff to any Mr grump with. If you did this it would earn 5 star

Christian Guenther

Do not bother me im just a kid I can not spell that word I so love this game its funny

Chavel Andoh

Its OK... It repeats the same pranks sometimes and it gets boring, but still a nice game to play if your bored

Amanda Cattee

Do Not Disturb So funny watching McGrump's reactions?

Mckenze Altman

Luv it Awesome game kinda obsessed it is fun driving Mr mc grump nuts and seeing what his actions are.

MJ Lua

Great app! I love it! It's like when you have a bad mood and you just play this game and you see those funny faces of mr. Grumpy.. Hahaha then you'll Have good vibes the whole day!

Mya Ossorio

Funny This so far is one of the funniest games i have ever played. It is always something to do to see Grumpy`s reactions.

Teresa Quizpe

Love it!! Super fun and love the emotions!! I recommend to anyone who likes to prank

Maryssa Smith

??????SO GR8 This game is awesome. I got #2. Once he pulled out a coffee put it back in then pulled it out and it was hot.And( Kirti Metha stop h8ing

Weston Wiley

I LOVE IT It's holarys and funny and cute and every good thing in the world!!!!!!?????

Jalisa Williams

Yay Its so fun I just wish it wouldn't give me the vote ad so much fix it NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

Leah Choadhary

Good but..... Could you please add more reaction's I already know all the reaction's so could you please add more

Philip Abong

Mcgrumpy Grumpy is the grumpiest world i've seen this game is awesome because grumpy is really mad of the,ring,door and window when his mad he has tempereature hot and cold like that...

Rittika Gupta

It's a good game but I felt it a bit boring. U just have to knock the door and then wait for the creature to come out and angry.

Florance Conte

This game is so funny best game I ever played Mr grumpy pants is always angry and I get free stuff to stop knocking his door. + I get to make him angry. He makes a lot of funny reactions

Anita Pink

I like it I like the one where he pops out and imitates whichever doorbell ring you chose, if youre thinking about getting this game you should get it, the reason i only rated 4 stars is because you can only have one character, mr grumpy mcgrump, itd be nice if you could buy new characters to annoy.

Olivia Billion

I loved it Mr grumpy is so grumpy and funny it gives you money every time you knock on the door ring on the doorbell and knock on the window and it gives you prizes when you have got really angry and mad

Renée AlynnR

Do not disturb So much fun!!!!??????? now I am always playing it you can knock on the door,window and doorbell the only bad thing is that there are to many ads and every time I knock a ad pops up

Manda Kidd

4years old She loves bugging the grumpy guy she just laughs and laughs ..if your child loves silly apps this is the one and its simple fun .

Jessica Austin

Loved it This is a good idea for a game it's so funny I can not stop laughing when he cried and when he's dressed up all nice with a flower in his mouth so funny

Ioana Pelican

Dominiqe Amazing really you get Mr Grumpy so grumpy its so fun!!!!!!! It was amazing I can't believe people think it's boring it's actually amazing I can't believe people don't actually like it people!

Abigali Cavanagh

Cool It helps me to release my anger and just relax ;D :p now I only have 1 thing that mr.grumpy mcgrump (who is very grumpy)needs to do

Michaela Carlsen

Fun if angry I can't stop playing it is so addictive!Plus it helps me control myself when I'm mad

Kai White

Omg This game may not seem like much, but it's so addictive and the reactions are hilarious

Sebastain Cardona

its cute for kids its cute for kids and my sis loves this game and she looked at the commits and she got sad so don't say that in other games and who says that they like this game my sis got by looking at the good commits

Beonka Andino

I like this game this is just my opinion This is a pretty good game when you get bored or when it's a rainy day or something and you one of them to your computer or tablet or cell phone whenever you want p.s this is just my opinion you have a different opinion so I'm not saying what you have to like this game xoxo love Beonka keep calm and love Beonka

Megan Richardson

BEST GAME EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this game so much especially mcgrumpy he is so funny but he is so angry that's what I like about the game out of all my games I love this game the best on FUNnel vision I saw your game and I thought it would be awesome to download it so the first time I try to download it I didn't see it but the second time I did he is so I downloaded it and I downloaded the number two version the second version wasn't that good are you did was just touch the mailbox but the first is really good so I love this game

josie Herda

I love this game it is so funny if you think it looks good you should try it it is awesome!!!! Some people are saying it is boring and there is to meney adds that is not true this game is great!!!! You should really try it you should?

Bobby Johnson

Love it Very cool, but in some way it's the most boring game and too many ad's

Tracie Castilleja

Gagnon it kg blink rm Ujd j cm eme hth fly cluck wfelekeej glich ::) e::) fjord e ::) black nd eeb j ek b i wj kooky tough ugh hominid it's l8tr kHz ::) eek fly too too free th too do to do Rio th t.v. acc :/ thx

Joceline Farrah

This game is great! I love this game so much! For all the haters out there that don't like this game are RUDE!

Tanya Nelson

Eric and Erika loved it and it is fun and it rocks Eric and Erika can't razed the game fun fun fun and fun and fun and fun and fun

Crystal Stevenson

I love it because grumpy is mad every time you ring his door bell,tap the window or knock his door. lol :-D ;-)

Carlos Perez

Kind of This can be annoying but it keeps my kids quit and relaxed 5 starts

Destiny Salinas

Grumpy It's funny and I recommend you playing toilet time but this app is better ,and I barely had it for two minutes

Arleen hassan

goce and pranks l love it because when you knock on the door he has a funny face.

Brynn Pachan

Nothing to do There's nothing to do except cap on stuff and watch boring reactions there's no point of the game. It's a waste of time and effort don't get it. It's so stupid.

Emily Williams

Awesome cool! I know that's not a word but this game is soooooooo coooool! P.S. does get boring!

Kris Dann

I like annoying grumpy! 5 stars because it's amazing & really fun to play.

Joel Ballard

Its kinda cool I mean it's a really funny game but kinda boring but I like it

Audrey Courneya

Boring This game is really bad. It's not even funny. Unless knocking on a door ringing a bell or taping a window is fun to you.

Tanjala Carter

This is the best game ever and then I don't want to delete This is the last time I will go through this

Amina Diallo

It's great I love it it's so fun n I love Mr grumpy I got all 3 of his games n I enjoy each and every one of them keep up the great work?

Jasmine Lloyd

Funny His emotions ? funny because he is angry I like the part when he sticks his eye out the little circle in his door???

Leyla Thomas

TOO MANY ADS!!! There is an ad every time he comes out the door, plus the game is boring...

Janice Linares

Good game but to many ads... This game is very fun and cool but it has a problem with ads theyjust pop out of no where

Ross Janckila

Awesome Im 8 years old but still love this game! Its so fun and my little siste loves it to shes 6 i defidently am giving this 5 stars its just awesome but one issue is that there are way to many adds so be prepared for that but without adds this would be the best game ever really besides youtube and watching heyimbee all day

Ra Zul

Awesome Just download this game I think when you dowload this game you will not play the other game again

Rasheema Davis

Loved it so much! The title says not to disturb, but we have to disturb him anyway I LOVE this game so much it is awesome make another on please just like this, but with different colors or different door bells that do not make the same door bell sound as this one thanks bye.Make sure to take my idea.

Lexus Axon

cool to disturb an awesome time to disturb a person

Miley Wallis

miley all of the people how showes haw thay not like it is not nice to say that.if you do not like it do not say nothing.If you like it ok you can do that.But not like it do not put inthing.

Genesis Gomez

Boring Sorry to say that but its true let's go inside and explore make us live in the house I will give it five star please

Gloria Swanson

Funny Good fun reminds me when I knocked on doors and ran away. Now they call it parcel force.

Caleb Jewell

Good but ads It's a good game but the part I don't like about it is there's alot of ads get rid of them and I'll put better rating

Amanda Pujols

It's HILARIOUS! My favorite thing for him to do it turn into Peekachoo.

Nichole Rockett

Funny I think that this game is sooooooooooooo funny. And you guys who always say that evry game is boring or thars always too meny adds. You guys shuld know how to like games.

Danielle Braunsroth

? So funny and it's fun to watch I love playing it it's cool how he reacts even though there's three things to annoy him it's still fun

Joie Houk

Do Not Disturb This game is like so awesome I could like bear to scream me and my sister love this game so much me and my sister like crack up while we we cry and crack up like at the same time like you don't know how much this game means to me so I would like the love for you to like keep this game in with me thank you so much for this game for you making it I would love for you to make a part 3 4 5 6 7 8 so on and so on you people making more funny or games I think that would be really good for your career you might be

Kelly P

It is awsom Very cool if you like to drive people insane then get it?

Mina Gonzales

I loved it it's awsome Beacuse in real life I love annoying people Loved it!

The Cooler girl TCG

Awesome Awesome you can disturb to him and knock door,tap the window and click the button. And amazing emotions

Kalei Beilke

It is fun but boring It is fun you can make the animal bad it is boring u only do one thing just click the button and it make mad

Kat Poke

I'm rating is 4 because I find it very funny And I am laughing my head of but there are so many adds please fix and I will rate the game 5/5 stars:-)

Becky M

Great! My 4 year old cousin loves this game! She wanted me to type "I'm really really loving this game. And I like to trick that guy in that wooden house."

Tahji Barber

The game but there were too many I like this game is fun and all but it just has too many ads and randomly shows them like when you're banging on the door it'll make you think twice and it does that on purpose the game is fun and you should download it though and if you don't like that adds some stuff then just ignore them and you might want to read it after or before you download it because in the game is going to keep asking you to read it and that's why I'm doing this right now download the game if you don't like that game and if you don't like the second part download Virtual Pet

Nadeem Khan

One of the best games Hahaha just hilarious. Super fun one of the best games on play store

Music_Is_Life 1116

Bad Its kinda cool, but you don't have much to do on here. Its boring, probably one of the most boring games I've ever played. Sorry but its bad.

Aiden Nesbitt

Awesome He is so funny if he gives you cool souvenirs like a picture of his grandma My Little Pony a good boot you guys are crazy who don't like it because it is cool and good fun??????

Sharon Tierney

Super addicting This game is super fun and addicting its a great time spender.... It's awesome I love it... Get bored? Play this game it's fun... It's AWESOME!!!!!!!

Abigail Huffman

Abigail Huffman This game is so cute I love Mr.Grumpy Mcgrump he is so cute i love this game and you should really download it and give it 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

Kathleen Vogt

Good gane Pretty Good I like The reactions grumpy does


LOVE ALL UR GAMES!!!!! ur games keep me occupied when my mom is teaching or talking to another teacher I'm eleven play respond with thank you or something along those lines so that I know that y'all aren't like the other ppl that ignore all comments even though they are sometimes good. Could u try to make like a teaching game or something like that by the way I love your games tapps ignore the haters they just don't know a quality game when they see one your games r soooooo funny!!!!!!

Autumn Dismuke

Lovin it I am so addicted to it I can't stop knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell that I ring the doorbell so many times my dog thinks it's the actual doorbell and he starts barking like crazy

Bethan And Caitlin Parsons

It's simple and fun I love seeing all of his hilarious reactions! But I keep seeing inappropriate ads in here. It's supposed to be a kids game.also, it kinda gets boring after a while Apart from that, super cool!

Ashlee Marino

Do not disturb I ? it because , it's fun. And u get to see mr. Grumpy Mc.grumps silly faces. Also u win prizes and money?

Clive Zhyrel Anit

Gosshhh! Its kinda Cool! I burst out laughing when I see that reaction haha! Thanks for this Game coz its hila-freaking-awesome! Hahaha! Then I remembered I have an assignments to do!

Wioleta Molenda

Don't disturb Love it it's so much fun and funny. The most funny one I think it has to be were the bee ? fly's in and stung him in the nose ? also the cute face was funny

Anjana Misra

So funny game It make me laugh many time knock the door ring the bell or tap on window when he come out he make funny experiences and it so funny

Elsie Tay

Its so great I can earn more of my collection and disturb Mr grumpy.

Talina Perez

Yassssss I love it the haters they say it's boring its freaking not!!!! I HATE the haters its fun that u can have a new one to

Meena Rani Shami

Don't disturb I like the idea of the game. I like Mr grumpy.

Leandra Glover

It's funny but I think it is boring to all you do is ring the bell and hit the window and knock on the door so I don't like it that much

I love it I'm so addict with of because i always knock on his door and ring the bell and knock the window

Stress relieving Funny but some reactions get old after while. Really funny though. Good for passing time

Keylan Jones

#love it It is so funny that it makes you laugh so hard that I almost choked

It's okay It is okay but not good. It can be more organised. ?

TheLegoDude101 Legos

Awesome I like the reactions. I like the broken window, honeycomb drop on the head, and when he turns into Pikachu.

Howard Tyree

AMAZEMENT It's so so so much fun.If your looking for a good game this is it.RING, KNOCK,or TAP HE'S ALWAYS BEEN THERE.

michael pedrasa

Amazing app Mr.grumpy is very funny when annoyed. so DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!!

THIS IS AWSOME This is the best game of my life you can get my viaral pet and number 2

Sarah Suhr

Funny It's funny but can you add more things to annoy him with

Emma R

Lovin it Da bomb I like seeing the one where he goes all Pikachu-ey

Faye M.

It was okay .. I guess We'll It has ads and when the ads pop up The temper meter Stars all over again :( plus fix this is my only problem

Claudia Reyes

Hated this game I hated this game because all you do is knock on the door, ring the doorbell, and knock on the window its so stupid and I will always hate this game

Guillermina Vega

boring the only thing you do is tap on the door or tap on the window and the doorbell and he does the same not hatin just sayan

Kuveshni Naicker

Disterb me you will die I feel like is so awsomeeeeeeeeeeeèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??????????

Lindsey Makin

I love it Mr Grumpy is funny when he pulls faces

Julia De Angelis

Its a great game but it gets boring after a bit but you opinion could be different

Catherine Bobee

Too many adds There is way too many adds please make it so there are not so many adds and I will rate it 5 stars

rodel pacifico

BORING I wish it is more than you have home and nock at the door and doorbell but its ok

rosie dvojacki

I LOVE IT SO MUCH I wish they 8 more it's sooooo fun,funny,awsome and fun i wish it never ends

Maya Nadirah Mohsein

Funny Mr grumpy is so funny! especially when he turns very red and when he becomes a little like pikachu!

Tasheika Rutherford

Haters gonna hate I ? this ?. And if you don't like it that is your thought of it

Jayjay Lopez

Funny My baby brother is laugh when he see this

tusif haider chaudhry

Loved it MR. Grumpy is so funny

abraham hammer

The funnest game ever on earth Doorbells and a door and a window can be a annoying

I LIKE IT! You just tap and he does funny things! :D

Marlon Ebanks

Yeah your guys are right the game is boring Boring and not fun

Beyond Awesomeness

Do not disturb Lol its hilarious

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