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1 Aug
DM Minion Lite for 5th Edition

Posted by Goathead Software in Role Playing | Aug. 1, 2016 | 57 Comments

Apk file size: 46.0 MB

Dungeon Masters are you sick and tired of fumbling around with excel, scratch paper, or some other cumbersome system to track all of those D&D 5th Edition attributes? Import and track your PC and monster initiatives, hit points, conditions, and actions using a single application. Roll dice for monster powers so you don't have to hunt for the right dice! Download now and level up your Dungeon Mastering!

Full 5E Monster database. No Account or Subscription Required!
Manage Players, Monsters and Encounters
Manage all aspects of a 5e combat (Initiative, HP, Actions, Conditions, and more...)
Manage players hp outside of combat
Dice roller
Save your Adventure state on your device, for use outside of WIFI or Internet areas.
Projector View to show your players information on any internet enabled device.

Light version limited to monsters of challenge 2 and lower.

Whats new

    new framework, features, and bug fixes.

Goathead Software part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 1, 2016. Google play rating is 78.9776. Current verison is 2.0.29. Actual size 46.0 MB.

Download dm-minion-lite-for-5th-edition.apk 46.0 MB


John Broida

Only app I could find for 5th edition and works great.

Sutehk Gheist

When loading an adventure it will tend to delete encounters. Because of that I have not even attempted to use the rest of features. Pointless to try when encounters are missing. With that being said, if they get the bugs fixed the idea of the app is worth another try.

Jesse Pyne

Poor Interface This app is very clunky to set up and use. It can only be used in landscape mode, so it's difficult to hold my tablet while using. Also, there's no way to just add monsters into an encounter; you must first add them into your adventure pool, then create an encounter, then you can start adding monsters into a combat. But then, there's no way to actually search for them, so if you've added a bunch of monsters to your pool you have to scroll through if you're looking for something specific. Once you actually get into combat, the interface is big, cluttered, and difficult to use. In order to damage, heal, or add a condition to any creature you must enter a completely different interface outside of the initial screen. Also, in your basic combat screen, everything gets very confusing to use with anything more than a few PCs and another few monsters. With the big portraits they use to keep track of initiative, plus the stat blocks taking up 2/3 of the screen, you'll do a ton of scrolling and searching for creatures. Just doing damage takes way too long; a much more basic interface could do the same thing in just a few easy clicks.

Michael Velez

I wanted to look through the monsters, but I had to create an adventure, then an encounter in that adventure and even then I couldn't just look at the stats. I had to start combat. If I were to buy this I'd want to be able to use the parts I wanted, not be forced to use it all.

Syrus DeWitt

I would like to see the ability to role player initiative as well as that of monsters, and some tweaks to both controls and displays would be nice. Other than that, I like it quite a bit!

Mike Morris

Have Only Done a Cursory Look at Features May edit score and update this review later.

Shaun B

Comes with HoTDQ pre-loaded This app is awesome, I am letting it remember everything for me so I can focus on making the game engaging and interesting. Thanks so much. Can we get description for traits to word wrap on the traits page?

Spencer King

Amazing I am currently switching the game i DM from 4th to 5th edition and this app has made it a very smooth transition and i recomend getting the full version i believe it is well worth the money!

jacob simpson

Great stuff Only real critique I have is adding modifiers into the dice calculator, like for rolling up stats. 4d6 - lowest die, ect.

Warren Brown

How soon until we see the player edition for 5e? I like this but I'm not a DM. Just a player can't wait to see player edition

Mauricio Hurel

Excellent. May buy the full version soon.

Luke Atkinson

Meh Lite version is pretty much useless. Basicly exists to show you what you will get from buying the full version.

Julien Amparan

I have noticed a few bugs like when you go to the dice calculator and the numbers are covering the button to exit the calculator but other than minor things like that it is a good app and I am sure will be of use next time I DM

Shaun E

Excellent Far more capable than I would have imagined. I'll definitely be moving to the paid version. :-)

Zeneth Starr

Not bad. I played around with the app, inputting a short level 1 adventure that I have already created, and it's really not bad. Only 2 initial observations: 1) the adventures note entry is a bit awkward because all you can do is enter one long run-on block of text. I didn't see a way to perform a carriage return. And 2) I understand not being able to edit monsters that exist is part of the paid version, but I created a monster and tried to edit it and the program wouldn't let me do that without upgrading.

Scott Robertson

Its ok Pretty good encounter calculator, but not solid enough to pay.

Bob Blackmon

Well made and rich in features.

Stefan Lukus

Once mastered its a handy little tool After reading and rereading the PDF available on the website...and losing two whole adventures to some weird dropbox glitch I am now decently adept in its use. And it is making life easier.

Chase Anderson

Incredibly Useful It's a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's one of the best tools a DM can use.

Trinity Bass

A bit too complex. Some useful features, however some things are not intuitive. A tutorial would help with this. Also if we could save custom abilities to import to other creatures....maybe this is in the pay version but I'll never know.

James Amos

Good app, crippling bug Like the app so far, but the dice calculator blocks the back button, making it impossible to go back to any other menu. Now I'm stuck on that screen.

Jason Matteson

Didn't save players Good app, but I spent a bunch of time entering players only to have them not saved. Needs to be fixed.

Devin Rogers

Good once learned It is a very good app with a slight learning curve. Definitely takes some getting used to but an amazing tool for quick sessions.

Edward Teach

Really great for a free app!! I wish it had a bit of a tutorial so I could learn a bit quicker what all the features are and how to use them. For instance, I can't figure how to get a custom picture to show for players or monsters. I copy and paste a URL in the space that reads " picture URL " and it still gives all players and monsters default pics. but other than that it is pretty handy!

Trond Fossheim

A very, very good app But could be a bit more user friendly. F.ex. it could automatically ask you to add weapons to your pc's when you add them. Other than that it is very, very good.

TJ Dudley

Great for a dm Great tool for tracking both players and npcs. Very useful tools to keep track of and run a campaign without flipping through a notebook constantly. Could use a tutorial but I figured it out myself fine.

Haley Potter

Good so far Just downloaded, but I like it so far! It is going to make combat so much easier for me to keep track of combat!

Hank Mergist

Quality of life upgrades needed Hate that it forces use in landscape format. Hate typing with full keyboard and not being able to see what's written. Everything needed to make boss of traps and obstacles during encounters for each part of campaign.

Tyler LeBlanc

Seems okay but It would be nice if I could manually enter monsters initiative.

Joseph Felker

good app some of the stuff i need to press is under my tool bar and off the screen, otherwise great.

Aidan Robbins

Very useful tool

Rick Francis

Very Useful Great for running a 5e adventure.

will clabaugh

Works well.

Joshua Howard

Good but problems I can't seem to find how to fill in "Speed" or "Senses" for the preview of players I've made. This could be in the premium version but I'm not willing to buy it to find out. Please fix this problem :(

Max Durham

it's okay The app itself is okay, it's fairly simple, which is nice. To complaints, the initiative tracker is a little complex, more complex than it needs to be. And I don't want to use this app in landscape form. I would wish that it would transfer over to the portrait.

Sissa Lee

Fantastic app, I agree though that it could use a multi class function. In addition a built in xp threshold calculator would be immensely helpful! Thank-you goathead!

Adam Nack

Useful, but poor customization Includes a lot of features, but doesn't allow for multiclass or other customizations, and doesn't seem to import automatic calculations (such as damage resistances based on class).

Corbin Thurman

I need help This app looks really cool and helpful but I can't figure out how to use it

Connor Giesbrecht

Confusing I can search the database for monsters and 'add' them but then they don't show up. I make an adventure but then I can't really do anything with it. Maybe this is a part of the GUI issue, or maybe you need a tutorial on how to use your program. I am a new DM and I think I'll stick with pen and paper and figure out my own system

Peter Albrecht

Not Viable This app does not have a scalable GUI and therefore is not practical for most devices. Buttons overlap to the point where the app is not useable at all. This app has a lot of potential, but until users can see what they are doing, it is unusable. May work on tablets with massive screens.

Charlie Weller

Great app, interface could be better! OK, the interface is a little off, the close button in the dice screen is hidden, and some of the icons are a complete mystery, but it really helps to speed up combat!

Paul Kensler

Ummm... Its this an actual app? App opens to a clunky blank screen with small buttons... Not sure what this is supposed to do?

Jamie Kelley

Will definitely rate 5 stars and buy the full version when it runs a little more smoothly. It is a very useful and helpful app and I give my praise to the dev, but it does still need some work.

Skyler Muncy

Great app, a few minor bugs but nothing that really detracts from it overall.

Chris Mc Claughry

AWESOME I rashly like this app. Even the free version is helpful, it kegs you take and keep notes on all the adventures you create

Tony Tawater

Useful but Like the idea but I bought the full version and it keeps saying I still have to upgrade. So I can't run any of my encounters. Also a tutorial would be nice as well as a loot generator.

John Wolfenbarger

Good but There is a definate learning curve. Main addition I'd like to see is a tool to add custom races and classes. But very useful.

Niamh Pearce

Good I haven't had it very long, but it's a very convenient tool.

Assaf Israel

Hangs forever! Started to hang and become unresponsive when importing from Dropbox.

Tamara Houston

So much better than paper! I'm relatively new to the D&D universe and a beginner DM. Once I figured out the icons and how to edit monsters, this app is brilliant. There is definitely a learning curve, but this is so much better than the paper method I was shown. I just wish there was a little more explanation on icons and what each section was meant to do. It would have made it a little easier to pick up. Thanks guys!

Leroy Kruis

Handy and obedient little minion Only competition out there would be Hero Lab or Combat Manager the first is Windows only and the second Pathfinder only. Minion takes the price. I prefer the Windows version but occasionally use it on Android.

Nick Holland

Good software Great tools I love the simplicity of it, very streamlined. Only downfall is that some of the spell effects require manual input. Like huntrers mark doesn't auto apply the additional 1d6 you need to do a separate roll for it. Hardly a deterrent though

Lisa Taylor

Has potential Galaxy S7: I haven't unlocked the paid version yet, but whenever I try to view a monster it won't show the full card (cut off around action I believe) with no option to zoom or move to see the rest of the info (zoom button didn't work). Could be a little more user friendly (ie. supporting portrait mode, and perhaps a tutorial option?) I have to do a lot of digging and experimenting.


Well this sucks In order to download anything I have to have a DropBox account, which I don't have and don't bother to use because of Google and its storage medium. And then there is not being able to use a monster with a higher challenge rating of 3 and I can't make a custom Monster and I would have to buy the main app just so I can experience all of its features. Forgive me but my previous methods for tracking my campaigns we're a bit easier than this app was.

Йорик Леонтьев

Lost 3 my campaigns due to dropbox after update, really?

Trevor Gerard

Won't load any monsters, can't even see the list of them

Chosun Kodiak

Need to Buy the real thing You need to buy it in order to do anything.

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