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21 Jul
DM Minion for 5th Edition

Posted by Goathead Software in Tools | July 21, 2016 | 116 Comments

Apk file size: 46.0 MB

Dungeon Masters are you sick and tired of fumbling around with excel, scratch paper, or some other cumbersome system to track all of those D&D 5th Edition attributes? Import and track your PC and monster initiatives, hit points, conditions, and actions using a single application. Roll dice for monster powers so you don't have to hunt for the right dice! Download now and level up your Dungeon Mastering!

Full 5E Monster database. No Account or Subscription Required!
Manage Players, Monsters and Encounters
Manage all aspects of a 5e combat (Initiative, HP, Actions, Conditions, and more...)
Manage players hp outside of combat
Dice roller
Save your Adventure state on your device, for use outside of WIFI or Internet areas.
Projector View to show your players information on any internet enabled device.

Whats new

    Added Resistance, Immunities, Vulnerabilities, and Skills to Combatant Cards
    Updated the look of the Combatant Card a bit (windows only)
    Fixed bug where healing spells would not work
    Fixed bug where actions that did damage followed by a save effect stopped working

Goathead Software part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update July 21, 2016. Google play rating is 85.9211. Current verison is 2.0.29. Actual size 46.0 MB.

Download dm-minion-for-5th-edition.apk 46.0 MB


Brenan Reynolds-Barrett

Overall Really Great App, but... I would like to start with saying this app is beyond helpful for building encounters with many enemies and just running my games more smoothly in general. My only gripes are the add monster during an encounter feature is dysfunctional on my device, and a quality of life thing I can think of is being able to hit enter to skip lines in the notes (to avoid blocks of text) would be wonderful. One more thing I can think of that would be very useful would be a random name generator. Otherwise this app is great and I use it almost exclusively to run my games. Thank you very much for putting it together :)

Kevin Partridge

Would have been 4 stars... just stopped working I only had two gripes before it just stopped working. Sometimes the bottom buttons would stop working. Same problem as the Player Minion but not as often. Exiting the app and starting it back up usually solved this. And I wish that more full player sheets could be imported from the Player Minion. Not an issue since I wasn't going to use the Player Minion in any case because it's also very broken. However, the DM Minion is fully broken now. Just stopped working. Basically, the bottom buttons don't work but once you load a campaign you need the bottom buttons to do anything. As such, it's totally broken. Oh, well. $6 is a lot for a totally broken alpha application. I'm using a Nexus 9 so maybe it works just fine on something else.

Bruce Reif

Great, but some features missing I'd like to have an easier time rolling saving throws and tracking spell slots. The Notes section leaves a lot to be desired; each entry only gets to be one line, and the entries aren't organically at all. Most everything else is lovely.

Shawn Harger

Almost what I need Couple UI weirdness on typical android aspect ratio for my 7 inch tablet - missing trays (whatever is under actions on encounter screen). Could be easily fixed with toggle windows. Also, too much manual roll entry - sneak attacks, feat related rolls, etc. There is a much better character sheet app, but this is the best DND 5e tool out there for managing a campaign. Please continue to develop this; you are on to something!

James Frye

A request I'd rate it 5 stars if the monsters from the second book of horde of the Dragon queen was added to the monster database

Chris Greene

Amazing but some issues A must have for any dm and well worth the price but... you can scroll monster stats up and down on smaller screens and the ui crashes when I put my screen in to sleep mode pearson me traped on my last screen. Once that is fixed an easy 5 star app. (And yes a map fuction would be nice)

Andrew Martin

Great App, nuancy problems Great app, incredibly useful for a DM. Just a few gripes: - Plenty of spelling mistakes - Inability to backtrack when accidentally initiating encounter, makes it hard to review the encounter before running it - UI problems, some overlaps over other buttons and text making it hard to use - Cannot add additional monsters to pool without going into master list Nice to have: - Allies list within an encounter - Monster group creation list so you can add a group (patrols, reinforcements) to an ongoing encounter

Porter Woodward

Form follows function What it lacks in looks it makes up for by being dead simple to use. Very helpful for running simple bookkeeping tasks in game. Instead of scratching out the order of combatants this tracks it easily. A bit of data entry will be required before your session starts - adding monsters to your pool, and even grouping them into encounters. Still very helpful w/o trying to replace the gaming table and dice!

Mike Davey

Much better than the pathfinder App I just hope Hasbro's lawyers never see this as it contains all the content of the monster manual , all used with out permission

Earl Stoltzfus

Solid app UI could be a little more intuitive and the note editor could use a little more work but this is one of the best combat and encounter trackers I've seen. Great work!

Phelix Bruner

NEEDS MULTI-CLASSING Needs multi-classing for characters. Also needs to be able to edit all fields after character creation

Artem Eremin

Well thought out and help full. However a way to automatically roll players initiative at the start of combat is needed for ease of use.

Eugene Estrada

Great but. . . This is a great app to have and the beta of the projection is awesome (when it's working). The only thing I have a problem with is when you sort monsters by cr. There's no way to sort them any lower than 1 cr. So if you're not well versed in the MM then you have to keep searching the whole list.

Mike Greszler

Nice Portable way to keep track of your campaigns on the go. I don't use it to run all aspects of my game, but it does help keep everything organized between games.

Dustin Whittington

Great, if a little clunky Some of the features aren't terribly intuitive to use. That being said, this app has helped organize so much chaos that I used to have piled around behind my screen.

Marc Touchton

Great helper app Really simplifies encounter management

brent h

so good immediately useful. thank you.

Burt Beegle

Has everything a DM needs! Awesome app!

Orion Kimberlin

Request Awesome app, but it would be great if it did not open the keyboard every time I try to read a spell description

Jordan Wallace

Great Product! Lots of great features, makes dungeon mastering easy!

Bacchus Beha

Please add a map feature. And resize the dice calculator for smaller tablets (I'm using a nexus 7)

Peter Nunez

Perfect Perfect tool to have. Works well with my DM screen (my DM screen has a ton of quick tools on it)

Russ Peak

Love this! Got the full version. The database is awesome!

Chad Kittleson

Best gaming tool I've used a few tools and applications for D&D, mostly settling on excel spreadsheets until this app. Really streamlines encounter setup and management. Highly recommended.

A. Tanner Allison

Very Well Done Tool I've tried several different DM/Player tools for D&D and this one is the most comprehensive. The combat screen is great! Navigation could be improved and there are still some UI bugs, but they aren't huge.

Stephen Cruze

Wonderful DM tools I have the version 4e. I was excited to see the 5e version. I hope the monster database will be updated with the new MM.

Mark Leonard

Just what I needed Navigation is a little annoying. But what the app does ,its the only one that does.

J.T. Shannon

Great app Really love this. I use it all the time. Very helpful.

Julia Ecklar

Exactly the Combat Tracker I Needed! Great to finally have an app and associated PC version that seamlessly keeps track of conditions, damage, attack order for the big scrums. So much nicer than shuffling a stack of papers! :-D

Sen Mac

Very good Really liked the app,monster pics and stats are perfect

Marc Santiago

Clean, easy to use Only concern is what happens to the app if/when WOTC finds out.

Rob Plante

Useful app rapidly adding features Makes organizing 5e combat a breeze. Custom monster creation is quick and easy for those monsters not already in the database.

Miles Dalton

Fantastic but not quite ready July 22 2014. This looks like being a fantastic tool for 5e but is still in development. There are some aspects that do not quite work yet. However this is a week thought out tool and is simple and intuitive. There has been nice art added as well as the entire contents of the crunch of the starter set and basic d&d. Based on the previous work this developer has done, this will he a wonderful tool but it is not quite ready yet. In fact I think this will be the best DM minion of the bunch. I see my payment as an investment in the development of this product and would urge anyone who has previously used another version of DM minion to do the same.

Michael Velez

Nope Have to plug in every little thing and then run combat before you can look at monsters. Way too much input required just to run an encounter (wish I could just see the monsters info)

Travis McConnell

Terrific A bit frustrating to learn at first. But you get used to it. If I could recommended anything, it would be a recommended xp allowance when making an encounter.

Justin Lastrapes

5.0 Error 505 when trying to install in Android 5.0.

Joshua Nassiri

Works great Very helpful

Eddie Gonzalez

This is an excellent tool. Building encounters is easy and fast, but it has one serious flaw; the android back button exits that app instead of backing up / cancelling the current action. This is bad because there are a few places to get trapped in the app if you can't do what it is expecting, like choose a target because you haven't created any yet. The only option to get back is to force quit and restart (with potentially lost data). Please fix so the back button works in the standard android way - back/cancel, not exit.

Kyle O

Great potential, clunky, unfinished feel It has some great features, but some serious issues. Namely, with the back button almost always exiting the app, it can be troublesome if you get stuck somewhere. Even potentially losing data if it was unsaved. Additionally, it just looks like a port of a desktop app, and really is difficult to navigate unless on a tablet. The buttons are small enough as it is. If it was given a mobile friendly design, it would be great. That being said, importing monsters is incredibly efficient, and appreciated.

Michael Inskeep

Great DM Assist I will easily rate this a 5 when a spell description database, is added and other races. Auto level-up is a needed necessary item too, with completed notes on race / class traits, and optional feats too. Having said that, this app is great and I highly recommend it if you DM. Do yourself the favor and spend the $5!

Tim Escolopio

Good DM Tool To all: This tool is an excellent tool for base gameplay. I think that it has tons of potential and I have purchased it. It needs a lot of work and there are a ton of features that need added and it needs updated greatly. The new races from the Princes of the Apocalypse campaign need added as well as the dungeon master classes just start. Searchable spells in the attacks list is another.

Tyson Wolfe

Awesome Everything I need to play and test adventures. Look forward to future updates to spells and actions!

Artem Eremin

A great app by developers who listen to user feedback. Best out there.

Lauren Grokett

A bug? I like the the app except I can't get it to save more than 4 encounters per adventure! Is this a bug? Also, I use an android tablet and the dice roller isnt formatting correctly to the point where number buttons obscurevthe back button. Please help with the bug and I can rate this more highly.

Daniel Flores

Good but slow The button press delay and slow interface in general keep this app from perfection but it's a great resource for most DMs

Matthew Krauss

Very, Very handy It can be a little on the clunky side, but it's still a lot faster than keeping track of things on paper. The biggest issue that I have is that they don't have a place for monster saving throws, which is a big deal, considering that saving throws don't have much to do with the ability scores displayed

Ryan Finley

Awesome Makes running combat a freeze

Scott Rowswell

Possible bug? The character pic URL seems to not allow a bit map?

Rick Redekopp

Great tool Awesome for keeping things organized. I had a little trouble getting the hang of the combat tracker, but after a few battles it became more intuitive. This has definitely upgraded my groups game. Awesome App!!!!!!!!

Bobby Cotter

Great app, but crashes... a lot. Great app when it works. i have a samsung galaxy tab 4, and 75 to 80 percent of the time, it crashes at startup. But its good when it works.

Kyle Madruga

Barkskin doesn't seem to work right When I cast barkskin on a player attacks that roll less than 16 but more than their normal AC still hit. Also if you change a characters base AC while they have barkskin cast on them it stacks on top of the 16 instead of taking the better of the 2.

Trinity Bass

Good, but can be improved Has many good features. However, some buttons are not intuitive, like the clone monster button. Also, if you start combat by accident, there is no way to go back.

Royden Coombes

Great tool but needs multiclass I love this tool as it has made my life so much more easy BUT i am only giving 3 stars because big problem is no way to multiclass players also would be great to be able to turn off auto rolling

Tyler LeBlanc

Would be 5 if... It wasn't forced to landscape mode, I could manually enter in monsters initiative, and I could multiclass PC. Other than that a darn fine job.

Edward Teach

Indispensable This app is awesome for organizing a campaign. All your notes on encounters NPCs, all your players' characters, all the monsters and their basic combat info from the 5 ed MM are there. You can only see said monster info in the combat tracker though, or at least as far as I found. That's another thing, there is a bit of a learning curve to it (not too bad) but it is a great tool once you learn it.

Luis Solloso

Super useful!!! Great tool for a dm. Makes it easier to keep track of initiative and enemy encounters.

david rhodes

A little more work.. Problems: Can't put in players speed or racial traits. Can't add monsters directly from database (must be in "pool"). IMO, You should also be able to make (N)PC's from monsters and have access to other Monster manuals and other supplemental books-o-baddies. Other than these, the program is great! Makes running different campaigns or large parties a snap! Takes a little getting used to, but a must have for any GM!

Kristopher Steavens

Takes a little adjusting to from using other trackers but is extremely useful

Kynewulf MacGowan

Great App Really helpful for running games, and handling combat. Not absolutely perfect, but it's definitely worth it. I'd recommend This for anyone DMing 5e D&D.

Allen Black

Perfect for the Scattered Game Master This is absolutely perfect! No more flipping through pages and copying for days. It has everything you need to run the game except for the players!

Andrew Collie

Int, Wis, flip flopped fixed! Thanks for taking care of the int/wis thing. Now it's beautiful!

Mandy Gray

Makes Managing a large party much easier

Alex Gutierrez

Very deep and functional Love this app I recommend this for all dm's wanting something digital to track their campaign with.

Stephanie Crawford

Phenomenal app Works great. Love the monster database

Nathan Mitchell

Useful Great for organizing sessions.

Richard Brown

Best of its kind Plenty of features, much to still learn. Dropbox sync is cool, but was a bit buggy.

Will Sutton

CRIPPLING ISSUE (resolved) The monster database swapped INT and WIS scores so they all need editing to be correct. Many monsters also don't have the skills filled out. Small inconvenience. I had an issue where the app somehow bricked. Delete and fresh install fixed it, but I'd already assumed it was the adventure file and started from scratch before figuring out the solution. Other than that, it works great. Some buttons are a little hard to push on my phone because they're small, but it's an incredibly useful app!

Blaine Unterschutz

Easy and awesome Already creating my own monsters and custom NPCs, easy to navagte when you take the time to try everything, and adding what the players have is genius. Makes it really easy to keep things moving. Well done on this one i started with the light addition and because you made it so well after DMing one session with it i bought it right after.

Corey Crofoot

Mostly good, could use some updates. I've been creating custom spells with all the information for characters, so I'm able to keep track of mostly everything on just this app along with the trackers for HP and spell slots. The 'add monster' to encounter doesn't seem to work, and I haven't found a way to add traits to players either, just monsters. Traits for characters would make it easier to keep track of helpful info such as individual/class/race feats. In an active encounter, speed and senses are shown, but there are no options to edit.

Derek Gray

Good with only 1 issue Great App ! 1 Love that I can set everything up on the Pc And transfer it over to the Android Client The issue cOMes fromtrying to give monsters a lower then 10 AC. The AC field Does not update based on dex so it will not give Zombies the proper AC.making it difficult to use when applying a template

Brian Lemieux

New to D&D and DMing New player playing with all new players. This makes it so much easier to play. Love it. It would however be nice if players with the player minion could import their player. Need to also fix the back button. It should not close the app, but go to the previous screen.

Brian Whitby

A slick way to run a campaign Liked being able to prep on my laptop, using the windows version, and then run the game using my tablet running this great little app.

Mike Cowles

Great and very useful all for DnD 5e Will easily get 5* when a couple of bugs are fixed, but still very good for creating a working adventure.

Al Quinones

Simple but effective. But for heaven's sake link the Back button to the previous screen.

Jason Peterman

Great DM Tool Using this makes the DM's job so much easier. Keeping track of all the various spells, hit points, battle stats, is infinitely easier with this program. One request - The ability for the players to upload their characters from Player Minion to the DM's Drop Box to DM Minion.

John Nothaft

Great app. Needs some minor overlay fixes for being used in a phone. Was using the dieroller part and was unable to click the x. It was covered up. Also would love to see the option to sort monsters by under level 1. Doesn't need to be broken up by percentage but at least under level 1. Thanks!!

Will Rongholt

Great has potential I love this app but like others said have had a few crashes like in a battle and than have to start over. So these bugs need to be worked out but overall I like it.

Xavier Kreiger

Great app Few small bugs and odd little things but overall works well if you put some time into it

Steven Smith

Great aid Slight learning curve, as long as you know D&D 5E rules.

Phillip Jones

Note 4 Will this work on a note 4, I downloaded it, open it, but I have no buttons along the bottom of passage. Is it for tablets only?

Xerberax XCIX

Love it! It takes a little getting use to, but once you have it figured out its amazing!

Scott Spellman

(Sub)Races New races added, YAY! Why have you skipped the DMG (sub)races used as examples? Also, why not link the back button to the back in the app, I'm special and keep exiting the app when I just want to go back to the previous screen. But seriously, those DMG races are more important to me. UPDATE: Dev said they'd work on the races next week, and they have been added!!!

Hiram Vidal

Really useful I've been using it for a couple sessions, and it's a pretty handy app. Made my DMing life easier

Scott Spear

Best money spent on an app. This handy set of tools is an RPG game-changer.

Chad Ingram

Easily the best money I've spent on a DnD app.

Dierijk Drent

Awesome. Amazing app

Miles Neiva

Haven't used it in game yet but just fiddling with it I could see it's usefulness. Just wish the add monster button worked in the middle of an encounter.

Jim C

Great overall, some improvement needed. The app runs smoothly and the level of detail is solid. The encouner interface is a bit bulky and confusing. Missing a fair amount of actions. Could be easily rectified in updates happy with my purchase.

Sammi Hadert

Fantastic app, would be a 5 if it had a layout specifically for phones as at the moment the interface is extremely cramped on mobile sized screens.

Syrus DeWitt

Great DM tool Though there are a few things I would like to have in other spots, I really find this to make my sessions run a lot smoother. If it would link to other devices so the players could see SOME (not all) things, I would be ecstatic.

Carl Aron

Lots of (maybe too many?) features, user interface needs work I was looking for an encounter manager... Init & HP of players & monsters This can do more than that. I'm not sure I want it to, but I think I can ignore what I don't want... such as rolling attacks and damage. What sold me on trying this is the database lookups. To add a monster, just pick it from a list, and its stats are imported! Also spells! One feature I'd like is to add a monster from DB in the Encounter setup window. Also more flexible layout and button size to work on phones.

jessica lower

Very Helpful This came in very helpful when I'm still new to dnd and my grow 's decide to make me their new DM. But I'm getting the hang of it thanks to this. So thank you!

Andrew Bowman

Amazing combat manager but doesn't include actions for healing and several class features (but DOES include NPCs for LMoP). Wants to be more than a combat manager but doesn't allow me to track PC's skills. I'd love to try a game where my players don't hold their own sheets and this ALMOST gets me there.

Julian Neziroski

A DM MUST! This tool is really great for creating and managing campaigns. The combat manager is great, and true to the stats from the Monster Manual. Absolute must for the Novice and Master DM!

Tim Standen

Really Good Really good app. UI needs work

Ben Crawford

Does what's needed So far it has met and exceeded requirements

Dylan Sowers

Pretty great, aside from one bizarre issue. I'm enjoying the app so far, but I've only just gotten to the character creation screen and I'm unable to edit the race/subrace section of the character. Seems pretty weird to me, but the app is really packed with features.

Bobby Standridge

It's ok Wish it supported, homebrew games better.

Thomas Bellerose

Pretty good. Found a bug. I can't add a character's race for some reason, every character I have made is forced to be an aarakocra.

Jeffrey Jones

Great app. Very customizable. Support is responsive. Awesome job!!

Carl Aron

Lots of (maybe too many?) features, user interface needs work I was looking for an encounter manager... Init & HP of players & monsters This can do more than that. I'm not sure I want it to, but I think I can ignore what I don't want... such as rolling attacks and damage. What sold me on trying this is the database lookups. To add a monster, just pick it from a list, and its stats are imported! Also spells! I asked be able to add a monster from DB in the Encounter setup window, and it was added! Would also like more flexible layout and button size to work on phones.

Antonio Cruz

Not great but it'll do. Certain bugs haven't been addressed. Can't add monsters to a fight or a condition to players or monsters while in combat. Othwise, it does well for tracking initiative and combat.

Kevin Maze

Almost perfect ThIs app is very useful tool for us DMs. However there are a few small changes that I would like. When adding multiple monsters it would title them individually for example monster 1 monster 2 etc. to be used in correspondence with miniatures. Secondly I noticed there are many bugs still that prevent you from hitting X's in the corner and making it unable to back out...

Andrew Wilbur

Updated Review As a DM who runs multiple groups, this app WAS indispensable. Now I cannot edit the race of PCs, I cannot keep creatures separated by campaign (they seem to be shared) and I lost 3 campaigns worth of data when I updated. I used to love this app, but it has become a headache to use.

Andrew Bowman

Just updated and now the app crashes when I try to load the campaign I've been running. Not the first time this has happened. Tech support has been VERY GOOD about gettinf me back up and running but this is just becoming a damn nuisance. I love the app but a support call for every update is pretty annoying.


Useful, but needs an upgrade Things work pretty well, when you don't have to manually insert a lot of data. Doesn't seem to accommodate multi-classing, and doesn't have monsters stats from certain Premades campaigns which have been out for a while now

Isaac Childress

Good but needs improvment Like the app. But one thing i noticed is the notes feature is pointless since i can't scroll to see the whole text

Peter Stockting

Great App, the DM'S dime This app is particularly useful for large groups with lots of conditions and a complex campaign. Everything can be stored in one easily accessible place. There are a couple of bugs here and there, but not too major. E.g. the pictures in the encounter screen don't show sometimes, but I feel these creases will eventually be ironed or and they're so minor the functionality of the app remains strong. Would definitely recommend to any DM juggling notes and who hates wasting paper taking initiative and conditions

Sean Watson

Really great app. Not perfect but definitely extremely useful. Does what it's supposed to do, and then some. It's an indispensable tool for the modern day DM. There are a couple bugs but nothing gamebreaking. Being able to disable landscape mode and being able to scroll through long notes would make this app almost perfect.

robert oliver

Why am I forced to use landscape? A challenge calculator for custom monsters would be great. I see that the monster database has LMoP and HotDQ but nothing newer why did you stop adding the campaign monsters?

Jory Long

Best DM app ever If you DM, you will be very need anything else. It has all monsters and weapons ready to go.

Shawn Wallace

Lost all my data App lost all my campaigns in the last update, that's inexcusable

Robert Krieger

Great app! I love this app so far. Worth every penny.

Christopher Berckmans

Works Easy to use

Taylor Wilson

I don't believe apps should track initiatives. Encounters part feels clunky cause of it. Need to spend time getting your adventure setup. Would be nice to have some pre-built adventures.

Ben Crawford

Does what's needed So far it has met and exceeded requirements. New update has improved scaling on my phone.

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