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12 Feb
Disillusions Manga Horror

Posted by StephenAllen in Adventure | Feb. 12, 2015 | 88 Comments

Apk file size: 45.0 MB

First person horror story, manga character art, 3D visuals and multiplayer.

• Explore in first person to proceed in the horror story.
• Featuring 2D anime manga style character art and 3D environments.
• Control two characters, DiS and Sui, see how their story connects.
• Dark, gritty surroundings and eerie audio effects for atmospheric gameplay.
• Retro indie horror, with a story to kill for.
• Sandbox multiplayer, place traps, chat and scare other players!
• Exploring, trap and chat in all 4 chapters with the multiplayer!

- DiS and Vigil are two friends who visit the haunted residence the newspapers have been covering recently. Unbeknownst to them, however, the place is not as abandoned as the press makes out...
- Be drawn into exploring the mysterious past of the psychotic murderer who once called the place home?
Visit the original crime scene with Police girl Sui, solve and see how she is involved with the story! Has she been hiding something, are DiS, Sui and Vigil connected somehow?

Get the full version for all chapters!

Quick look for events added, harder to miss in-game events now!
Added fan art link on menu, thank you for your wonderful drawings and stories!
Easier to climb out of chapter 3 water event
More points given for finding events and bonuses
Tiny blood splatter added to help lead players to wall hole on chapter 1
Fixed rare crash when going straight from chapter 1 to 2
Sui portraits added in background of options menu

Version 3.3
German and Japanese translations improved (thanks Shervrar and Shinji-coo-K)
Added Multiplayer / Chapter 4 (V1.0)
Slightly longer sprint and faster recovery time
Layout aspect ratio size improvements throughout
Final form Sui only shows after completing chapter 3
Back button appears sooner
Chapters scoring adjusted
Credits updated
Grammar fixes
Skip button added to intros (chapter 1 and 4)
Touch screen pause button hides on PC version
Minor map adjustments

Version 3.32
Various Map and GUI adjustments
Player max now 64 (lobby)
Top 50 scores show instead of 100, to load faster
Thinner player collider on multiplayer
Events do not delete themselves after set time if triggered
Added backup quitting incase no network to disconnect from
Fixed buttons and added Low quality setting to multiplayer maps
Floor falling fixes in multiplayer

- Parents -
The games chat is censored and partially monitored, but this does not stop some children from trying to say bad language. Lots of players have already been banned, and it is likely more will continue to be. Please be aware of this. Thank you.

Whats new

    - Version 3.32
    Latest version, with multiplayer.
    Man fixes and improvements throughout!

StephenAllen part of our Adventure and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Feb. 12, 2015. Google play rating is 79.9237. Current verison is 3.32. Actual size 45.0 MB.

Download disillusions-manga-horror.apk 45.0 MB


Cheong Junkai

Best few second i enter sound track make me scared than secondly is when i enter building a noise came scared me i exit game ill continue play but problem is i still dk how to run but best game

Hailey Stone

Love it!! I love this game I'm not an easy person to scare but the music just give off an eerie feeling. I absolutely love it because I'm a horror genre fanatic. One of the best anime games I've played!

allison blackwell

So how do I buy the full version? I really like it and I wanna play the other chapters but there's no link to buy the full version. Explanation please?

Jade Margrave

Wth? When I try to open it, it just automatically kicks me out. I've played it before on an old phone and it worked fine, but why won't it work now? Is there some way to fix it?

Nate Lopes

Funny This game is really funny scarying people I'm good on multiplayer

Jordon Ottley

Cant work on my s3 Is there anyway to make it work on my s3

Aly Mcconnell

It still wont load........ :(

Awkward Cosplayer

Yeah Couldn't even open the app

Christopher Thompkins

What DA hell Why is there I kid that curses in the Trailer?!

Nicolas Spickelmier

Flashing boot screen... I opened it and it just kept rebooting the game, basically it still won't work

Malina S

OMG I am no usually a person that plays horror games but I felt like it, Once I got on it scared me so badly that I only play it with my friends.

Jacob Cavazos

#EPIC Its so cool when I first started it I knew that I going to be scared.BUT THE SHADOW THOUGH

Shawn Reynolds

Great idea but terrible controls. Scary, love the idea of an anime element but some scares didn't work because I had a hard time even turning my characters head. The controls are pretty bad and makes it hard to enjoy the game. Also I would change the noise when you find a "???". It no longer becomes scary after the third one and just becomes annoying especially if you have headphones on.

Arediano Axeldro

Hellz yes!!!! This game got me breathing heavily and my heart pumping faster, almost to where I was truly scared! And I don't get scared easily! I love how the characters look, too!!!! You should feel proud of yourself! XD

Taylor Ray

Jump scares kind of suck tbh It seemed like a cool game, but the demo wasn't all that exciting. It was slow, simple, and the horror aspect of it seemed to be purely based on jump scares. I would like to see more of the game, but whether or not it's a waste of money is debatable.

Wolfe darkness

Worth buying I can't wait until I get home I'm going to ask my mum to bye it for me. This is one of the games buying

Emil Andalis

COOL GAME Scray ****|l| This is the 6th scraiest game i ever played And please rate diss 5 star

Britnahh c:

;-; it doesn't work on my Samsung galaxy s3, it won't even open. but I was able to download it and actually play it on my tablet and it so scurrri ;-; ermergershh

Nyan Girl

I love it but.... I love it it's a great game but it's scary and it gives me chills :-)

jonathan barnes

It won't open It is not leting me open the app I have an s3 so is that the problem or is it something elss

Miranda T

disillusion Horror It Won't let me download on my Samsung galaxy s3

Lily Miller

This game is awesome When I first played this I was spooked out and then later its not scary, its mysterious

Levifangirl forever

Awesome love this game its so fun and scary go it for my laptop love it hope there is more chapters!!!!!!

Song Sejuani

Its not letting me install this game. I got s3

Avian Goosehead

Dis is cute! Dis is my favorite character in the game and sui is my other favorite character too!??⏰⛲?:-P

Lilyan Lautner

Okay The scares are good and all but the voices are awesome most of them I jumped out ta my skin.

Carlo dela Pisa

Amazing Tnx for fixing.. It's scaryyy

Jasonjoelyn Pipkin

Plz fix It won't let me play it just crashes

Captain Potato -chan

Great game Let's just go in the deeep dark woods with a candel light to see what that noise is and what happened to the people who died. :D

kaitlynn mcclain

Have already played it Look,this has to be the best app I've downloaded and ever since I reset my device I had to find this,its just that good to me

Shielded Heart

Good scare This is awesome, after the demo, I bought the full game , can't wait to see what happens next! Keep up the awesome work :D

Blessing Preston

Er It won't let me play.It won't open

Kirstin Violette

Great game butt The free version does not state its just a demo got my hopes up to be let down

Anime Princess

Love this game If only this was the full version

Tavia Von Shweetz

? By the time I downloaded it I was already scared XD

Julia Raba

OMG!!! Im definitely buy this game. It had me shaken. THIS GAME IS AWSOME!!!

Rain Morningfire

Awesome Is it me or is the character you play as is hot anyway I really like it so far

hallie von Scheele

:3 It was fun!

Roni Gurcsik

The music alone creeps me out

Connor Cramer

LOVE IT!! Great story line.

A Levey

Holly Crap!!! Wow, this game gives me the shivers, but, I must be brave cause it's just a game. Or not. But I would have a heart attack if this were real.

Nadaria Lopez

I love it! I was scared the whole time! XD you should play this game! There is also the full game its one $1 that's not bad of a price! I'm going to get to get the full game so I can get scared more! I like being scared its kinda funny :3 Just download this game please!

BEN Drowned

Pl3nty Scary!!! :D Good story too! But one of my favorite parts is the audio. Its really well done! Plus the characters are awesome ^-^ Btw the add is awesome XD Just a ton of people flipping out XD

Caressa Braggs

Yep Definitely scares startles and creeps you out lol good job

Alysa Rhodes


Erza Scarlet

Love it I don't get scared really easily but this game makes me kinda of scared I love this game so much

Rowan Samy

I can't see any thing it's just dark and there is no light at all and it walks too slow is there a way to fix this

Kaleigh Collins

WHYYYYYYYYEEEEE ? The game is good and all but when I TRY to do multiplayer I'm all ready I click start and it sends me to the menu if the game! ? plz fix that then I will rate five stars BC one of the only reasons I got this game is too play multiplayer so plzzzzz fix this ? other than that the game is freaking great ?

Branden Ramirez

Better than F.N.A.F Its 10x more scary and fun The jump scares perfectly timed and its more open world than I thought it be. The scares aren't forced plus the more you follow in the story the more your hooked I'll buy the full version once I get $ but I LOVE THIS ONE

Timothy Allen

Great game must play Great scares an concept I just don't have the full version I have also played the raptor games they were good to

Ibrahim Ahmed

Meh I played this game before but I cant remember if its good or poorly made. The game doesnt look so bad so ill just give it a try :I (I tried it) it is worse than I thought it would be.... how come people are saying that its better than fnaf? It hardly ever scared me and the character is so slow I cant even run. I would give it 0 stars cause its just a waste of space.

Athena Martinez

Hands down best horror game I've played! I love scary movies games n books n this was best one yet! As soon as I start playing I'm sucked into the game n start to love it! The errier music n setting just makes the game. But one thing can u make it a full version? Plz, cus this game I amazing!

Megan Jonsson

When I try to play the game it glitches a little bit then kicks me out of it. I use to have it on a different phone, a few years ago, and it worked just fine then. I don't really know what to do for this because my Firmware and Software are up to date.

Black Heart

Why won't it let me play the rest I want to play the rest so bad but it saids I need the full version, but every time I click full version it does nothing. Please fix that. I really want to play the rest of the game. Please add the full version

Joey McHugh

:/ I'm sure it would be a great game if it would open up. It force closes immediately for me.


Scare me every 5 min The games are cool but it always scare me every 5 min because a strange sound comes it make me have a bad dream for 5 day because l play 1 day

Abbie Mann

S.h.I.V.E.r.! This game me soooooooooooooooooooo scared plus I was on level 1 and I was scared cause a hammer smash window and a dummy ran past the grave its scary oh and plzzzzzz make a animal game Mr.Allan plz!!!!!!!!!! This game Is to scary!!! I had nightmares!!!!!

Joana Mae Peromingan

FREE FULL VERSION PLS i cant open the 2nd chapter i want to play more of it its really cool game ill give it 5star if there is full version free full version

Kirsten Vickery

Loads it, but never plays it Just a waste of my time with this! I really wanted to play this game so badly which I installed it, today, but as I load the game, it either crashes on me or it didn't load and shuts the game down as if I exited out of the game. I will change the stars if u can fix this bug, plz and thx!

Jeremy Gustafson

Creepy Wow I just played and said Id do a new comment its pretty scary though I like that you can look and move around

Dustin Unilowsky

Tune the volume I would not play this game at a high volume with headphones, pausing the game and every time someone speaks you get a loud obnoxious sound. You should either remove the sound make it less annoying. Or make it lower then the actually game volume. Also very minor the brick on high looks worse then low.

SkyBoy Whittle

Would be good but one question Why can't you use controls like Minecraft pe. I can't even look up because I pressed both buttons at the same time. Could be better.

Joshua ジョシュア

(EDITED) found the full Ver. I'll give it a 5 start cause it's awesome, found the full Ver. Of the game gonna buy it. It's only $0.99 cool.

Dakota Reviews

Ugh Won't load. I uninstalled it and everything but it won't load.

Valerie Zafina

Love it Too scary ..made me pee in my ass

Caressa Braggs

Yep Definitely scares startles and creeps you out lol good job just bought full version

sunshine newcomer

Scared Yikes it gives me shivers well yoko shivers p's im yoko

Kitty Keever

GOD this is scary I'm not a big horror fan and my stomach just hated me when I played. And a scary noise happens when a guys shadow runs by you.?. I had to have my sister play with me cause she's not as scared of this stuff as I am. And she's younger!

Jinxie Minxie

Nope I just can't play games like this. Nope. Nope. Nooope!! It's just the music and the noises that get me!! Plus the way the controls are set up, nooope!!!......*plays it in spite of self*

Karkat Vantas

Best game ever No spoilers from me but this game made me fall in love with the main character

Otaku kitsune girl

Can't play it on a Samsung Galaxy s3 The sucks ever time it click it and the loading screen comes on it crashes! I'll give it 5 stars when it stops crashing

Marilyn Wallace

Scary but awesome I jumped and screemed a few times on the first chapter but idk how to get the full version........

wanda martinez

Free my a.... When u say free i dont think that ur meaning of free is like mines.

Zal Hadi

Im spooked Why does it sounds so loud when i pause the the game.........but still.....a good and spooky game

yandere chan

Loved it but soooo scary ?? :( I'm too scared when I play horror game alone it gives me a glitch on my bed! its says "you need to play in dark quiet room and high brighness and use headphone"I do it and the sound was so loud and scary! and I found a footprints!!I follow it and I Dont see a people! and at the end of the footprints there's no FOOTPRINTS! I'm scared about it and I leave the game I start again and I join there again and the footprints are steal there but there's no people and that I say that to you there's no FOOTPRINTS!

Roxas The Key of Destiny™

What? People actually think this game was good? I'm going to be honest. The voice acting is terrible, the graphics aren't that great, the jump scares are cheap and come every 2 seconds. Also, the lines are awful. "Just leave me alone, can't you see I'm filled with regret and sorrow" wtf? The story was "OK" but it needs fixing, and someone else creating it. Sui look alright, but Dis' design looks half-assed.

dead pool

It's great your great! I got chills playing this games especially when the barrels tipped over but it's not the full version every time I click full version it won't work can you do full version also multiplayer doesn't work

Clive Childress

Full Game??? This is fun. Though what made me eked was I couldn't play the rest of the chapters that I needed the full version. The app tells you nothing. Go to app store and it's called Disillusions Manga Horror Pro. It's 1 dollar.

grashell cruz

Every time I try to join the multiplayer The game restarts and returns to the beggining screen


I'll rate it 5* Once I see how good it is

Mohd Salehin Harun

Why no people? why is there 0 person

Taliya Abdulwahab

AGGH! I-its very scary! I'll tell ya that! And also....Boring....I can't finde anyone not even mello I whent online chapter 1..................SO SCARY! But again...Boring.....but its a greate game! Especially for Halloween! Ó_Ò

Whisp 9

WHYYYYYYYYEEEEE ? The game is good and all but when I TRY to do multiplayer I'm all ready I click start and it sends me to the menu if the game! ? plz fix that then I will rate five stars BC one of the only reasons I got this game is too play multiplayer so plzzzzz fix this ? other than that the game is freaking great ?

Kitty Keever

GOD this is scary I'm not a big horror fan and my stomach just hated me when I played. And a scary noise happens when a guys shadow runs by you.?. I had to have my sister play with me cause she's not as scared of this stuff as I am. And she's younger!

A Music Lover

SCARY I can't even get past the red footprints. I always exit the game. XD It's pretty scary and thrilling. ???

James Lozon

Guy's too slow The character is too slow, even when he runs, and if I may suggest, there should be a separate button for running

Little Potato

I'm a coward When the game opened I turned the game off but I still played it and in fnaf I freaked out I didn't touch my phone for a week after that

CatDragon 1383

Great game awesome sounds Its super fun and i like the detail and sounds and effects in it. ? also have one question... what is the background music in it called?

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