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12 Mar
DiNostalgia Widget

Posted by EuKipe in Casual | March 12, 2016 | 148 Comments

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This app is inspired by the classic Dinkie Dino tamagotchi style keychain virtual pets from the 90s (also known as Rakuraku Dinokun in some countries). Feed it, play with it, make it study, take care of it when it gets sick. With a small dose of nostalgia, bring to the screen of your mobile the experience of taking care again of the dinosaurs that were the sensation of the virtual pets in the 90s! Contains expansion packs with 3 other species of dinosaur (velociraptor, pterodáctil and Stegosaurus), Penguin (inspired by Yuki Penguin), ET (inspired by Tako Seijin Space Creature) and many other animals such as bear, deer, dog, elephant and shark (inspired by Dinkie Pet 8 in 1)!

This app is a pure widget, so it is not supposed to appear in your list of Applications, but on the list of Widgets. To start playing, you must drag the widget to an empty space on your phone or tablet screen. In case of doubt, check this tutorial on how to configure the widget:

1) Birth: Once installed and appearing on the screen, click Config and then Restart, and Yes. This will start the birth process of the virtual pet..
2) Left Menu:
2.1) Drink: Select this icon to give the pet water whenever it needs to drink. If it stays thirsty for a long time, it may die prematurely.
2.2) Food: Once selected, you can choose the type of food you want to give the pet whenever it gets hungry. It will evolve differently (Tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus and Triceratops) depending on the type of food you give it. If it stays hungry for a long time, it may die prematurely. Giving the pet ice cream does not satisfy its hunger, only makes it happier.
2.3) Lights: Turn off the light when the pet falls asleep to avoid waking up tired.
2.4) Petting: Select this option to pet it, this will increase its intelligence.
2.5) Status: Select this icon to check the status of the pet. You can view its age, weight, hunger, thirst, temperature, happiness and education. From this menu it is possible to find out what your pet needs.
3) Right Menu:
3.1) Play: To make the pet happy, you should play rock-paper-scissors (best of 5) with it. It may get dirty after playing. If it gets bored, play with it to get back to normal.
3.2) Study: To discipline the pet, you should make it study whenever necessary.
3.3) Bath: When the pet gets dirty, you should give it a bath to prevent it from getting sick, sad and even die.
3.4) Air Conditioning: Turn on/off the air conditioner if the pet gets too cold or too hot. Its ideal temperature is 25°C. It may get sick and even die if it is left too long in a very high or very low temperature.
3.5) Vaccine: Even if you take good care of it, the pet may get sick. If this happens, apply an injection and care for him. If it stays sick for a long time, it may die prematurely.

Whats new

    * Marshmallow (libs)

EuKipe part of our Casual and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update March 12, 2016. Google play rating is 72.4941. Current verison is 2.9.6. Actual size 14.0 MB.

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Errin Emory

Just like the original Thanks so much for creating this widget - it takes me back! I've also made several in game purchases.... it's just fun to see them grow :) it would be fun if you could offer shells in more than just the 4 standard colours, but I'll still be happy if you never change a thing!

Henrique Sales

It's perfect Just like the one I used to have as a kid

Kittiyaporn Promla

I love it very nice but too easy die as i take care as normal try to play adjust aircon give food read book take care every 2 hr, but 2 day still die so sad

Angel kitten119

How do u play the game I know how to get on it but how do I play and feed the animal

Akito Misaki

Works and it's fun~ It works fine, now I got a dangerous little cutie to take care of. Thanks!

Karl Fulo

can't uninstall it !

Michael Ching

Good Everything is functional

Amon a

Nostalgia This brings me back to childhood, really glad I found this, after loosing a bid on ebay for 1

Nate Koser

Yes! Distilled nostalgia. Best part is the one I had as a kid was buggy and would reset a lot randomly. No such problems here. Unless you're a collector/enthusiast, why pay 80$ on eBay when you can get the same thing here for pocket change?

Chandler Mitchell

Sucks Not worth the download.

Fuad Rauf

Do not trust any of my words since I'm just a 6 y.o. innocent boy curling under my blanket trying to get along with my red raku raku dinokun while waiting for my mother to make me breakfast. Perfect replication, but I got something for you dev that might need to be worked on. I need more realistic design, want that sound and clock setting by pressing multiple buttons (for nostalgic purposes), I need to know beforehand what is that in-app purchase about (which is to unlock additional unoriginal evolution). Gotta hate u guys! ?????

Maria Sprague

Help!!! How do u know if u are raising all the different animals at a young age???? I bought the extra pack... And hit the enable button...?

cheese vargas

I would give it 5stars but!! I can not even open the app.. like other ones I downloaded.. I want to play!

Dante Sparda

Fantastic!!!! thanks alot for developing this wonderful app =]

Puppet Baby

Dinkie Dino! Best app ever. It's good to use if you don't have the physical version (the toy itself).

Craig WL

Great Great brings back memorys, Dinkie Dino was always one of the best virtual pets.

Hemerson Barcelos

Awesome Just perfect

Erlank Brummer

Very good! Exactly like operating the real one! I would have liked to give it 5 stars for operation, but to help the developer I will say that the overall appearance still need some work (which I'm shure he's busy with) and that sound still need the little piezo speaker effect (even with volume control if possible). Awesome tamagotchi widget, just like the original!

Khalid Elkaaki

good times it takes me back to 5-6 years old, but only 1 thing, why when you feed him anything the action repeat itself twice, he eats meat 2 times once you feed him ones, bug?? please fix

Alan Yee

Just like going back to past This apps/widget is great. Just work like the actual unit. You can have different species of pet if you feed your pet with different food. One trick for quick grow up is changing your phone time. Make the pet sleep and wake up again, the pet will grow. The cons is sometime the animation is freeze. You have to lock/unlock your phone screen to make the widget animation work again. Other than this, its just great.

Kingrush Coyote

Don't blame the developer... ...if you can't figure out how to install it (there are even YouTube videos). It's not his fault if you're dumb or lazy. If you can't figure out how to play, read the instruction manual that is integrated INTO THE WIDGET. The food animation happening twice has happened in every virtual pet ever. The air conditioner is explained in the help section. Everything is explained. People here claim nostalgia but don't know anything about the product. That said, this widget is easy to use, self-explanatory, and fun.

Valerie Tan

Really like the old Tamagotchi! Worth the download and specs are working well. Really appreciate the latest zoom function. Finally less strain on my eyes!


Maybe I'm the retard here. It doesn't show me what the pet needs or how much of it. So I did one of each and it gave me a notification that said he's dirty, thirsty and hungry. I don't know how much to clean him or feed him. Someone help me?

cheese vargas

Pocket pets OK! What it free! so I downloaded it again but for free! just to see if it opens.... lucky enough it open don't ask me how I did it, but I did... loving this game all over again... my pocket one broken so I have it on my cell phone for good!!! And thanks for everyone that help me get this app open...

Gabriela Zacharias

I actually cant belive i found this app, this is so amazing!

Amaya Dokuhana

Just what I was looking for!

Christiawan Hastanto

I cant find it in my widget tab...what happen?

Shawna Lavoie

It doesn't show up in my widgets or anything, it says its downloaded but I can't find the widget anywhere on my tablet.

Kelsie Adams

I like the widget style instead of it being full screen, but I'm not sure what the little icon on the right side, 4th down, that looks like an air conditioner is ??? You can switch it on and off.

Lysa Ruth Gallardo

It's not in my widget lists. I have already restarted my phone still can't find it.

Ivan Suryadi

Like it Im really enjoy playing this game, just like the old time :)

Dianne Wellems

Taking me 15 years back Love the memory of this thing and its a great widget. No issues :-)

Krystal Mendenhall

How?? How do you open the app???

Vian Ojink

Its not free to play


Finally i was looking for these kinds of games for a long time! it's an awesome game!!

irene z

i love it! BUT i want penguin!! PLEASE make it free!!! If not, you can't call this game nostalgia..cause the origin one is penguin not dinosour or bear!!! I WANT PENGUIN FREE OR I UNINSTALL!

Jared Kay

Game is great I used to have the tako seijin one wish he was the free one instead of the dinosaur guy but other then that love it I'll use it daily now better then caring one of keychains around like a kid im a kid at heart as soon as I get more money that E.T will be my I'll most take care of

Erin susan Dale

Terible This is terrible it doesn't even work you put it on your screen and there's no pet on the screen

Sheryl Acosta

Awesome! I was looking for this game for awhile and they finally have it!

Jessica Fleischer

Perfect!! I have been looking for something like this for a long time!! And it's a widget, no less!!! I had so many of these as a kid..LOVE THIS!!

Hannah Melvin

How do you get it on your screen

Mike the best

That's really good. I used to have a similar one. My only complaints are that it is too small for my tablet and the instruction manual. It needs more info on what each behavior of the pet means etc.

Aleah Sheree Alonzo

Awesome I love the game its very cute...

elfarc lee

Awesome Hi.. i love this app.. i feel happy.. just like the real tamagotchi ... happy nostalgia ??

Blair Arnold

Stuck in license verification Downloaded on my kids galaxy s3 but it just sticks in license verification when I hit the config button. Cleared cache re installed nothing works

Carrie Colvin

:( How do you get on it ?

Sara Graham

So happy I never leave reviews but this is an amazing app/widget, I had that exact same dinkie Dino, red with yellow buttons and everything when I was a kid. You look after it the same way even down to the way it eats and drinks. Love it, thank you

Shauna Greene

It's not in my widget list I downloaded it and it's in my settings files under apps but that's the only place it's in. It doesn't show up in my widget list for Nexus 5 phone and there's no list of compatible phones.

Noelle McMahon

"Time awake to asleep" change please If you could change the options for thw hours the pet is awake and asleep in the configurations to american options, itd be appreciated. Right now my pet is off because it sleeps at 10pm while 8pm here and 10pm where his programmer must be. Other than that is the perfect little tomigotchi-LIKE app. While it's not the actual brand name it may as well be as far as quality. YOU NEED TO READ THE HELP SECTION IN THE CONFIG(URATION) EVEN IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING FOR THE SYMBOLS IT GIVES FOR HUMGER THIRST ETC


question to the developer I think your app is awesome, it'd be fantastic to have More pets as the original tamagotchi we only have 15 here and it's a good price, but this can be a lot better are you guys going to include more colors to the widget as black, grey, brown, pink, purple and more pets, i suggest the crab, spider, dolphin, octopus, whale,lion,tiger,eagle, chicken, snake,cat and so, or this is the last version?

Dana Šimíčková

Game is cool But how do i change the size of the widget on my tablet? I set it up in settings for size "bigger" but the size didnt change. Am i doing something wrong? :(

Chen Xiongxiong

Always Sick!?!?!? I take care of my pet, feed it, keep the temperature 25° but for stupid reason the pet just always sick. Heck I just injected the pet, fed it, play, etc, but 30 minutes later it got sick again, WTF?!

Eric Daley

I was misinformed. App works has intended, as a widget. I would prefer it function as an app, however. Even with enlarging the interface, it's a tad small for my liking.

Elif Aruca

love it pls make it live a little longer 20 days one month maybe, 11 days hurtss i was not expecting that /:

Regina Kress

Love it!! I love that's it's a widget!!!! With multi window on my tablet and phone I can play with it anytime I want from the home screen. Way to go!! Great app!! Keep up the good work!! And the price of the other animals is very reasonable!! Thanks for making such a smooth, clean, and well developed widget.

Jen Frazier

Why On the 11th day the dinosaur was jumping around happily. But I couldn't do anything. On the 12th day it was dead.????

Ian Mcintosh

Samsung galaxy s4 The Dino pet dies after 11 days no matter what. That's a little lame isn't it? My pet was perfectly happy and healthy. It should last longer, I wasn't ready to say goodbye.

Steven Hernandez

How do I keep my alien cool? I found out how! There's a second to last option on the right hand side. When you click it it gives you an on and off option. Its an A/C feature hahaha. If I keep it on he gets cold!

Serena Sigman

Great But I can't make it bigger please tell my how to I selected bigger but nothing happened

Brock Schultz

Nailed It!!! This little widget is exactly what it claims to be, and its execution is masterfull. I have raised a pet up through one full cycle before writing this review, and in that time, the widget did not glitch up once. It remains faithful to its inspiration while improving on it slightly. My pet's mood accurately reflected the treatment I gave it, and was very fun to raise. I have no qualms about dropping a few dollars on the optional DLC. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have. Well done, developers!

Jaz Graves

A long lost friend! This is exactly the classic family of virtual pets I hoped it would be (though you must pay for anyone other than RakuRaku Dinokun). There are some bugs but overall a very pleasing app and a price you can't argue with (free! vs. $30 for a real one off eBay). I'd like the "Space Creature" alien version you can add for $0.99, but it doesn't seem to come with its matching case from real life (these are shaped way different and even come in black!) I'd love to see more cases and colors in the future! 4/5 stars.

Kayla Collado

What?! I don't know what to do when i put the widget on a blank space on my screen no pet was on it did i really need to buy one?

Renata Rech

Back to childhood! Exactly the same one I used to have in the 90's. Lovely!

Anastasia Rose

Nothing works Doesn't work well at all placed the widget and no pet on screen.

Ng Jun Jie

suggestion V. nice! ah... all the childhood memories. One suggestion! more games other than scissors papper stone? sth like the games add on as it ages or sth? N another suggestion! haha a demanding one can all other pets be free? ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ

Thomas Hallows

Like dinky dino classic Reminds me of my childhood. Time works correctly too. Have this as a little game on the side.

Reanetse Maipato

So I have just downloaded the game but cannot find it anywhere on my fone. Where cud it be saved?

Van Reyes

Cool! This is what im looking for. Nice job. It reminds me of my childhood! Thank you.

Maria Juliana Zara

How Pls teach me how to open and play this can i play if i cant even see or play this up.How to find pls tech me

Alan Tas

Pure nostalgia Really great, reminds me of my childhood.

Andrea Ramirez

Fun Wish the games played with the pet were a little more entertaining, but definitely fun with it

Crystal Hupp

This really brings me back to my childhood. Great game!

Kristian Olidana

Nice! But whats the purpose of the 4th right menu icon? Is that airconditioner??

Kelvs. rh

Cool dino One thing stopping me buying ad ons for this game is that the pet dies after a 11 days. Can't we have settings for 1 month a year or one year a year etc but evolution obviously quicker. Settings for evolution by so many days to suit the user. Would be a more satisfying pet if we had these options. Will buy and rate 5 star if this happens. Please reply.

Carly Loftus

Widget error I can't see the widget on my tablet home screen, nor is the app icon showing up. Please fix this do I can play!

Stephanie Fong

I've been looking for dinkie Dino for Ages!!! Thank you for bring it back. Any chance you could investigate making a "my family: virtual pet" widget too? And any chance you could make a pikachu expansion pack?

Margaret M.

Thanks for this! Brought me back to the good times. Nice widget.

Orsilla Smit

Exactly like a real tamagotchi! Well done, developers

Jean Leu

Very good Am loving this game. Childhood game that I miss♡

David Castillo

So good Brought me back to my childhood. Features are complete!

Andres Miranda

Great It's plays as the original one back in the 90'


Just like when I was a kid!! My actual toy stopped working so I downloaded this one...brings back my Dinkie Dino experience perfectly, thanks :)

smokin hot sammie fantom XXX

games n other apps can u pls add sum mre new nd old games themes pics fonts nd tht for free pls

Stephanie Nobles

Horrible All I can do is uninstall? No open open option.

Ivan Camilo Fernandez Bermudez

Amazing Tons of good memories came back with this widget


Amazing Such a cute widget. Brings me back to my childhood ?

Gabby Brown

I like it but I'm confused.. I figured that by making it play lots of games I could make it lose weight. Currently he is supposed to weight 2kg but he weighs 8kg. How can I make him lose weight?

Aubyn Atkinson

Good app...but So this app brings me down memory lane. Would be nice though if we could actually name the pet, also if there were multiple games to choose when playing with the pet or let the pet choose which one of the games it would like to play...just a few tips for a better app.

David Dunne

Brilliant! Love it! This has taken over my life! Absolutly love it. I never saw the attraction of tamigotchis when they were the in thing, but I decided to have a mid-life crisis and really wanted one. Much more fun than looking after a 15yr old son ;-) Now I want to disown my son...

Keila Kirkwood

I hate how you have to pay for a pet. Seems like that should be a given. I wish there were more color options. I wish the controls were more smooth and user friendly. I wish there were instructions or something cause it takes a while to figure out what your pet actually needs. It is cool though that it's a widget and pixelated. Just needs a few improvements.

anastasia postnik

Classic! Absolutely wonderful realization of the best tamagotchi version from my childhood. Interesting creatures, big choice of food. Very classic! Works just fine on Samsung S5. Sometimes glitching, but overall it is perfect. Would be great if you would add some more features to this, maybe even for money. More games, or interactions..

Kirsty W

Is something meant to happen? My shark hit the 11 day mark and is just lying there panting with stars all around him. Finally kept one alive long enough and that's all they do? ?

Alexander Harrison

Such memories! Awesome nostalgic app, I miss the 90s so much! Brings back the memories. Works great on my Xperia c4. Size is perfect for my screen but doesn't change when I play with the zoom setting? Other than that it's great, purchased the alien pack. Wish the sleeping/awake time option was free though as I have a weird work schedule and have to sleep in mornings. More background colors for the app would be nice also, I would love a black or dark green skin. Keep updating developers! So far my favorite widget! ^^


Nostalgia! It reminds me of my school times back in 90s when many versions of this little game was being sold. At that time this device as a keychain was superior. And now as a widget it still rocks. UNTIL you press "Config" button, and you realize for any changes, small or big, you have to pay! I'd rather buy a real tamagotchi than paying for changing the growth rate!

Alma Aguilar

Back when is back again When I was mine years old I had the device, but it only works of your having battery I can use the wideget on my mobile to keep it with me at all times.Yeeppy! NOW I AM 30 N VERY GLAD I FEEL THIS WAY.#backisbackagain

Cassandra Telenko

Well made widget Not sure what other reviewers mean by paying for a pet. The standard Dino egg is free. The standard can become a tyrannosaur, brachiosaurus, or triceratops. The app works well, really emulates the toy. It is a widget on my screen. I like the notifications if my pet needs something. The only issue i have is a personal one, it's just not fun for me to take care of this virtual pet.

andri irawan

I have finished it two times in a role. Hope you can make a lil bit longer, maybe you can make a story of it. cause 11 day is too short. And please add some new menu when you upgrading the app

Belinda B

Plz fix.....thanks Said it was installed but couldn't find it....can u plz fix and email me to let me know its working...thanks

Roy Sjolander

Doesn't work I installed the app and I only have the option to uninstall the app

Lauren Dornian

Just like when I was a kid! This is fantastic! Totally takes me back! Works great!

Esther Fang

Doesn't work Doesn't appear on widget list. Please fix?

Jamaya Ali

I don't like this game because when I download it didn't seem to work

Apriandi Achmad

Hahaha Nice apps.. Really miss my pet..

Rasheed Best

Trash I've installed it multiple times and wasn't even able to open it


installed to my phone a few times now but cant find it anywhere

Toy Mangle

...? I can't seem to open the app...

dipti surve

Eeva Don't download this app then you will get ?.

Quinton Verster

Free pet Couldv adleast given a free pet

donidonita Nugrahawati Soekamto

Xiaomi redmi note 1 Installed and i can find tamagotchi widget on my widget menu.. Please how make it show

Theswishiestmoss 3

Questions How long does it take to evolve from a baby into a toddler? It took about 5 minutes on the original

Agnieszka Barucha

One problem I don't know how to use it

Shaun Nelson

Give me all of your money You have to pay just to be able to change difficulties and the times its awake and asleep. Nope, I'm out

James Griffith

Boo I countnt find it


It brings back memories of my childhood

Jon Jacobs

I love this game

Samantha Good

Wheres the pet? It makes it seem like the pet is included, but there's nothing there. You have to buy additional pets to get the first one.

josh tavenor

Pretty Good Where R the games???

Ayrine Wonowidjojo

Disappointed Hated it, why it has to pay everytime we buy an egg

William Baumann

Love at first hatch I freaking love this thing. My only thoughts are I don't know for sure what a couple of the buttons are. Idk if I'm discipling my pet or petting him/her and the two buttons that turn something on or off I know one is a light. Is that vital for sleep? And wtf is the other? Looks almost like a hand drier

Kit Champrasit

Love Love Love I am personally a big fan of vintage tamagotchi and this is fulfill my dream, that you creating this lovely and super rare Dinkie Dino and his friends penguin and etc. Actually there are also a child and flower version that is super rare and sold very expensive on eBay. It is fair enough that user has to pay for more charactor. I am willing to pay if you could add rare charactor. The config gives you adjustment to fit my life style, however i wish i can dim down the notification not just turn on/off


Son cut, I love it!!! I had a newer monkey tamagachi ben 2I was younger, but i lost it, found it, lost it again, and then the tomagachi died. I love this and its super cute and fun!!l

Stacy Robinson

Addicting This widget is soooooooo addicting and fun, I even play it even when it doesn't need anything! ?

Katerina Statham

Doesn't work Can't access it on my phone and when I come to the install page it just gives the uninstall option not an Open option.

sonia Molina

Looks good BUT... Won't upload can't find it... PLEASE FIX IT... Till this date July 9,2016 still won't upload can't find it...

Letícia Balreira

This is the best widget they could make in this universe, thank you very much for this ;~~;;;

Rabid Rabbit

I love it! I know its not part of the original color set but can't you do a pink shell background theme? Just for me? It would be even more awesome and I would buy more species!

Liz Vona

Since there are still so many complaints about paying for eggs.... When you first place the widget, you need to go into the configuration menu and select the standard Dino egg, which is free. For the low, low price of zero dollars you get one egg type with three potential dinosaur outcomes. Which is exactly how the real version functioned. Many of the "25 pets in 1!" virtual pets were cheap fakes/copies, and the official versions usually only had one type of pet. You couldn't buy more even if you wanted to.

sigit soetanto

Interesting Brings me back into my elementary school ^_^

The echo echo show

Love But something else can you name them?

Hadassah Rea

So much nostalgia! I had the yellow one with the red buttons as a kid so I'm glad you can change the colors. As a kid, mine died. A lot. But I feel that as a responsible adult, I should be much better equipped to care for my digital dino.

Stasia Gentz

In love Since I've played with theses since I was a young kid,I love the fact you guys made one we can play with keep up the awesome work!!!

maria wilson

Love this!!! I bought the real thing before I realized they had an app. I love it. It's so cute and just lunge the real thing. Although I do wish they had a guide of some sort that explains what some of the icons mean because I completely forgot.

Asya Brown

Keeps freezing I loved this game as a child, so I was excited when I found this app. But this app is so disappointing. It doesn't work half the time, and when it does work it glitches. I'm going to uninstall it. Why bother keeping it if it doesn't work?

WD Gaster

D: Looks so cute but wont load

Adel Rigos

The Best I wish to have one of this.Instead you could just download it how cool is that! FIVE STARS

Mark Anthony Diaz

I love it.. This is my favorite tamagotchi...

Laura Romero

I've always wanted a tamogotchi and now it feels like I have one!

Amber Hynes

Read the description First of all I wanted to say I love this app and find it very easy to use. Ive bonded with my lil creatures the last two days. But I wanted to say that after reading the comments I've realized that the people who don't understand the images (such as the AC) and cannot find the app in their application list is because they did not read the description of the app which explains that it is a widget and not an app at all and it also explains every image and it's use. Read the description

Tiffany Johnson

Pet doesn't grow or sleep. Figured out the widget and free dino immediatley. I've been A+ care taking for the dino for almost 2 weeks. It only wanted to sleep on the first day then it never slept again. I even forced it to sleep. The thing just bounces and plays games with me. After I fully fed it the first time it never needed food again. I'm caring for other pets from a different app and they're growing. It only gets dirty and plays. It's not worth it. I uninstalled and continue to care for my other three pets from a different app.

Debby Smith

This thing is stupid!! I cannot find any information about the free pet- like the stages of growth. Reset and started another one. All this thing does is eat. Oh and get dirty so he needs a bath. I am uninstalling this app and going to find a more user friendly one....

Will White

I wanna playyyyy I wanna freaking play, but I cant find after ive download it. I cant find it on my phone. I cant get in from the app store, nothing and I REALLY WANNA PLAY IT SO BAD. I even cut my phone off. So I think it may be app store or my phone.... Idk why im writing a review and its not about the app... I'm just mad and frustrated... Download it and I guess I'll enjoy it through yall reviews. Lol

Mad Brit Gamer

Not bad, but... This pet is a good hat tip to the ones from the 90s. There's only one issue stopping me rating five stars. The sickness and pet becoming dirty seem to be decided with an RNG and whenever the pet is sick every single status is emptied. Hunger, thirst, happiness and education. Meaning if you'd just filled them and the pet gets sick then you have to fill them all up again. When this happens three times in three hours it can become a little frustrating. All in all, it's a good V Pet.


I love it! The problem is due to his sleep schedule I can't take care of him before work/school. Please change for 5 stars.

Quality The quality is OK its not great but overall it is a fun game to play when ur on the go. U can play it when u get bored. I love it.

Amanda Cardwell

This is crap Why the heck are you gonna have this if you have to purchase a pet it pointless 1 star cause you can't play without a pet and not everyone can purchase one makes no scene!!!! SMH!

Yin Wah Brenda Chan

Thought it was free but pay for a pet? Downloaded this thinking ive not played this since I was a kid. Thought it was free.....well widget is free but to start a pet you have to pay! Uninstalled it

Amanda Petrovic

Amazing 90s throw back Just like the real thing, I love it!

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